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D”pliant cancer buccal _A_


  Asking                      About the Ordre
                              des dentistes du Québec
                              The Ordre des dentistes du Québec
for advice                    is the professional corporation
                              representing all Quebec dentists.
                              Its primary mission is to protect the
    If you have any of        public. Among other things, the
                              Order ensures the quality of dental
                              services by maintaining high profes-
the symptoms listed inside,   sional and ethical standards, and
                              organizes activities to promote oral
    you should consult        health in Quebec.

   a health professional

   as soon as possible.

   Dentists are experts

       in oral health,        625 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
                              15th Floor

  so they know all about
                              Montreal, Quebec H3B 1R2
                              Telephone: (514) 875-8511
   oral cancer, its causes
                              Toll free: 1 800 361-4887
                              Fax: (514) 875-9049
      and symptoms.
Doctors can also advise you

  on this kind of cancer.
                                 In collaboration with
 So don’t hesitate to ask.                                            cancer
What is oral cancer?                                                                         What to watch for
We don’t tend to hear much about oral                                                        ✖ A sore on the lip or in the mouth, like
                                             Detecting oral cancer                             an ulcer, that lasts longer than two
cancer. But there are several places in
                                             right from the start                              weeks.
the mouth and throat where it can appear,
for instance on the tongue, lips, palate,    Your dentist can detect oral cancer as soon     ✖ A lump on the lip or in the mouth or
salivary glands and tonsils.                 as it begins, with a clinical examination, or     throat.
                                             screening, during your routine check-up.        ✖ A white or red patch on the gums,
                                             It’s a simple and painless examination            tongue or edge of the lip.
Oral cancer kills                            that takes only a few minutes.                  ✖ Difficulty or pain with chewing or swal-
Every year, more than 700 people in Quebec                                                     lowing.

learn that they have oral cancer. Close to                                                   ✖ Swelling of the jaw that causes den-
                                             Screening can save lives                          tures to fit poorly.
300 of them die of it—nearly one a day.
                                             The earlier oral cancer is discovered,          ✖ A change in the voice, a sore throat
In Canada as a whole there are some
                                             the better the chance of survival. Five years     that doesn’t go away or a feeling that
3,100 new cases every year, resulting in                                                       something is caught in the throat.
                                             after a diagnosis of oral cancer, eight out
over 1,100 deaths.                                                                           ✖ Unusual bleeding or numbness of the
                                             of ten individuals survive if the disease is
                                                                                               tongue, lip or face.
                                             detected early, as compared with only two
                                             out of ten if it is detected at an advanced
Knowing the risks
                                             stage (U.S. data).                              Don’t delay
✖ Smoking and heavy drinking are the
  most important risk factors. Although                                                      Many people put off consulting a dentist
  they can both cause oral cancer alone,                                                     or doctor, since most sores caused by oral or
  when combined they multiply the risk.                                                      throat cancer don’t hurt. But it’s important
✖ Men age 45 and older are two to three                                                      to act quickly, especially if you have a sore
  times more at risk for oral cancer than
                                                                                             that has lasted longer than two weeks.
  are women.
✖ Research suggests that a diet without
  enough fresh fruit and vegetables may
  also be a possible risk factor.

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