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On a typical day, Crisis Hotline volunteers might hear from an elderly woman who is house-
bound, alone, suffering from health problems and wondering if it’s worth going on, a Hispanic
teenage girl so distraught over her home life, she’s thinking of running away, or a young
Caucasian woman, from an affluent neighborhood, who believes she has no where to turn to stop
her husband from physically abusing her. These are just a few examples. Add a major disaster,
like a hurricane and both the call volume and array of needs dramatically increases.

In 2006, Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc. impacted the Houston community through:

-answering 60,000 Crisis Hotline Calls

-serving 10,000 teens through community education

-counseling 4,000 people through our crisis response team

- A collaboration with The Houston Aeros Foundation and BMC Software on providing education
to teens on issues including bullying and cutting

-A collaboration with Texas State University as the host for a crisis hotline for TSU students and

-Serving hundreds of clients through our Survivors of Suicide support groups

 “The story of the caller whose son was contemplating suicide for the third time, or the policeman
who wanted to practice his speech about fellow officers who were involved in illegal affairs that
he was getting ready to go the FBI with are just 2 of the thousands of stories that we have heard
over the years. CIH could not have ANSWERED THE CALL this year without the support of its
many friends, donors and sponsors.” Thank you to the many dedicated donors and volunteers who
have helped us to reach our goals.”

Tom Madonna


Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc

Board of Directors, 2005-2006

In 1970, Crisis Hotline was born with one phone line and a one-page list of referral
agencies, a small group of volunteers were determined to provide 24-hour telephone crisis
counseling and information. Both caller and volunteers were anonymous, one human
being to another in a moment of need.

Crisis Intervention of Houston continues to meet our mission to serve people in crisis by
providing 24-hour telephone and web-based counseling, suicide prevention and
intervention education, links to community resources, and community education.

The goal of CIH is to serve persons in crisis and overcome the barriers to help due to fear,
isolation, abuse, physical disability, health, language, age, income, location, problem type
or timing of the crisis.


Business Line: 713-527-9864
CRISIS HOTLINE Houston’s premier 24-hour telephone crisis counseling and
referral service provides crisis intervention, information and referrals as needed. National
collaborators include 1-800-SUICIDE, 1-800-YOUTHLINE and RAINN.
YOUTH OUTREACH Teenline, a 24-hour peer-to-peer hotline; Teenlink, an online,one-on-one
chat room for teens to discuss problems anonymously; School-Based
Education Programs, focus on youth suicide prevention and bullying; Youth Yellow
Pages, an informal resource of Houston-area services for teens.
HISPANIC OUTREACH Spanish Hotline, a specialized hotline staffed by bilingual
phone counselors helping people who best express themselves in Spanish.
SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE (SOS) A self-help support group designed to help
adult family members and friends of suicide victims.
FIRST CALL A 24/7 crisis hotline employee assistance program for managers and
supervisors, employees and their immediate families.
CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM A team of trained professionals and volunteers who
provide the clear thinking, support and expertise required to help community groups
and businesses recover from a traumatic event.
COMMUNITY EDUCATION Educational workshops and seminars presented
to various groups to teach crisis intervention and suicide prevention techniques. Crisis
Intervention of Houston also provides ASIST training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills
Training). This training teaches a concise face-to-face suicide intervention model.
COMMUNITY PARTNERS Crisis Intervention of Houston partners with more
than two dozen agencies.We provide around-the-clock hotline services to Adopt 2000,
HPD/911 and FIRE/EMS.
Population Served: Crisis Hotline provides phone counseling for any one in any type of crisis 24-
hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. Any individual in the greater Houston area, with
access to a phone or computer, will receive services free of charge. Last year, Crisis Hotline
counselors responded to 52,538 calls from individuals in crisis seeking support, information, and
referrals. Based upon current demographics, most callers in crisis are between the ages of 13 and
60+ years of age, reside in Harris County, and call seeking support regarding issues of personal
conflict and/or depression and loneliness.

                                 2005/2006 Accomplishments
-Collaboration established with The Houston Aeros Foundation and BMC Software to promote
-New staff position – Hotline coordinator
-Presented community education to over 10,000 students in HISD
-Recruited a Teenline celebrity spokesperson - -produced a video on bullying being shown on
HISD intranet
- More than 2,000 teenagers turn to Teenline or in times of crisis
-Collaborated with Interfaith Ministries for aid to Katrina and Rita victims through the
Neighbor to Neighbor Crisis Hotline
-Served over 550 people through our Survivors of Suicide Support Groups

Donor List

United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast
Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation
Holthouse Foundation
Foley’s (Macy’s) Department Stores
The Salners Foundation
Houston Endowment
First Congregational Church of Houston
Houston Jewish Community Foundation
The Cameron Foundation
Interfaith Ministries
Speedstar Inc
The Fish Foundation
St. Lukes Episcopal Health System
Link2ealth Solutions
The Jewish Communal Fund
Exxon Mobile Foundation
The Simmons Foundation
The Powell Foundation
Chevron Texaco
BMC Software
Texas Southern University
Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Houston Texans Foundation
Tila’s Restaurant
El Paso Corporation
The Frees Foundation
The Gregory Fund
Fiesta Mart Inc
Network for Good
Heritage Behaviorial Health Consultants
Perry Homes
Apache Corporation
Depelchin Childrens Center
River Oaks Rotary
Memorial Hermann Hospital System
Bridgeway Capital Management
Hercules Drilling Company
Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation
The Swalm Foundation
The Houston Community Foundation
Ziegler Cooper Architects
The Menninger Clinic
Gardere, Wynne, Sewell, LLP
Harris County Hospital District
West Oaks Hospital
Cypress Creek Hospital
Moody Rambin
Room Redo
Port of Houston Authority
Constellation NewEnergy
Bank of Texas
Burlington Resources
Chubb Insurance Group
The Carbonara Group
The Plaid Group
O’Rourke Petroleum Products
The Gadabouts
Intercontinental Hotel Houston
Tradition Bank
Schecter, McElwee & Shaffer
Thompson & Knight Foundation
Sterling Associates

Mission Statement

The mission of Crisis Intervention is to help people in crisis. This volunteer based organization
provides 24-hour telephone and web-based counseling, suicide prevention and intervention
services, support to those affected by suicide, links to community resources and community
Board of Directors List

Charles G. Fertitta, Jr.
Moody Rambin Interests

Holly Montalbano

John Moody Jr.
Moody Rambin Interests

Tom Madonna
The Menil Foundation

David M. Bates
Gardere, Wynne, Sewell, LLP

Ron Brandt
Bank of Texas

Fred Caldwell
AIG Valic

Michael Desmoreaux
Grant Thornton, LLP

Julie Summers Frisbie
Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants

James Pavlik
Avalon Advisors, LP

Andrew Simpson
Business Consultant

Norman Spalding
GE Energy Financial Services
Elizabeth Ozden
Junior League of Greater Houston

George D. Santos, M.D.
Texas West Oaks Hospital
University of Texas Medical School

Elizabeth H. Yant

Shari Koziol
Executive Director
Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc.

Since 1970, Crisis Intervention
Oldest Age 83 Youngest age 15
Top 5 Reasons for Hotline Calls
1. Relationship Problems/Conflict
2. Hunger, Shelter, Financial, Unemployment
3. Mental Health
4. Drugs/Alcohol
5. Depression/Suicide
The Mission of Crisis Intervention of Houston is to help people in crisis.
This volunteer-based organization provides 24-hour telephone and web-based counseling, suicide
prevention and

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