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The Shepherds Corner


									“The Shepherd’s Corner”
                                Volume 6, Issue                                        January 2011

                                          A Word From Our
                                            Senior Pastor
Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

        Happy New Year to all of you in the warming love of God the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I pray the Lord Almighty bless you and
keep you in His grace through the New Year and into eternity.
        This New Year brings on new challenges for each of us as we
work hard to remain faithful in a time where faith is not in style. But as
we are led by Christ Himself no challenge is too big for us. God sees
each day as a wonderful opportunity for our love relationship to grow
with Him and flow out to others.
        One of my great opportunities this year is to work with the new Christ Based
Leadership (CBL) Board. This team of leaders is committed to making sure all that we do at
Shepherd of the Valley is founded in the beautiful inerrant word of God. Over the next three
months they will be ‘Believing, Learning and Sharing His Word’. They are also given the
task to review the values, mission, and vision of Shepherd of the Valley. Once that is done
they will prayerfully discover the fruit that the Lord wants this congregation to bear.
        Once this fruit is discovered they will share with the staff and volunteers of SOTV.
The staff and volunteers are determined to bear the fruit that God has in store for us by the
power of the Holy Spirit. As the plan unfolds we discover God’s resources for us to live out
His plan and put it into action. God is with us as we live out our faith to His glory.
        It is with great joy that I can say that the Pastors, staff, and lay-leadership are
dedicated that SOTV continue to be grounded in Scriptures, grow in faith, stewardship and
worship as we see each member as a missionary for the sake of Christ.
        Because of our values I am motivated with great tenacity and conviction. At SOTV
we see our core values as God’s inerrant Word, worship in Spirit and truth, lifelong spiritual
growth, missions, outreach and stewardship. We will continue to ‘Believe, Learn and Share
God’s Word’. I am so thankful for so many overwhelmingly faithful people to Christ Jesus
and His mission for us at Shepherd of the Valley. But I am even more thankful to a Savior
that forgives me, loves me and saves me. What joy fills us with this God ordained message!
                                                       Wednesday Nights at
                                                      Shepherd of the Valley

                                             Jesus-centered. The content is very Jesus-centered and Bible-
                                                 based. The children are challenged to take their faith into
                                                 everyday applications.

                                             Learning with fun. The lessons use active learning methods
                                                 utilizing multiple senses. It will probably feel like VBS at

                                             Building on relationships. The teachers are not responsible
                                                  for all the teaching. A large group presenter teaches the
                                                  Bible event in a creative manner. The teachers, now called
                                                  shepherds, focus on connecting with the kids relationally
                                                  and helping them apply God’s truth to their lives rather
                                                  than just giving them information.

 Pre-K-4th Grade                             Connecting with parents. Kids also bring home sheets called
                                                 “God Talk at Home.” Use these for family devotions or
      6:30-7:30 pm                               even one-on-one time with your child to talk about last
                                                 week’s lesson.

Jan. 5th          Feb. 9th
Jan. 12th         Feb. 16th
Jan. 19th         Feb. 23rd
Jan. 26th         Mar. 2nd
Feb. 2nd

                              A Baptismal Workshop
 Diane Hensley will lead an age appropriate two session course exploring the
     reason we need baptism, what God’s Word says about baptism and
       how we as families can live out our baptisms in our daily lives.

                       For Kindergartners and their Parents
                           January 16th and 23rd, 2011
                                9:15– 10:15 a.m.
                         (during the Sunday School hour)
                              S.O.T.V. Youth Center

            Questions??? Contact Laurie Scieszinski at 225-1623 ext.
                         21 or Laurie
                                        RSVP to

             Sunday, January 30, 2011
                      2:00-4:00 pm
hot cocoa and snacks afterwards at Dee and Tom Marlett’s
                820 S. 26th Street, WDM

   Val Lanes on Ashworth Rd in WDM
             Sunday March 6
                1:00-2:30 pm
   $10/person includes 2 games of bowling,
           your shoes and snacks
              Movie with a
                                                   1:00-3:00 p.m.
                                                   March 15, 2011
                                                    In our Youth

                                                    Join us for an afternoon
                                                     during Spring Break to
                                                     watch a movie and see
                                                     how we can learn some
                                                      very valuable lessons,
                                                     such as: God has a plan
                                                     for us, Give thanks for
                                                   everything, and All things
                                                    work together for good.
                                                     Popcorn and beverages
                                                     will be provided, other
Shepherd of the Valley                                snacks available for a
  Lutheran Church                                           small fee.
3900 Ashworth Road
  West Des Moines
                                                        BREAK FUN!
                                                        INVITE YOUR
Questions??? Call Laurie Scieszinski, Children’s           SCHOOL
Ministry Coordinator at 225-1623 ext. 21 or               FRIENDS!
email her at
WINTER JAM is a Christian music concert where several professional recording artists come
together for an evening of worship for a very low cost. The concert will be in Des Moines at
Wells Fargo Arena on FRIDAY, January 21, 2011. Those attending the WINTER JAM will
meet at the church and then we will car pool down to the arena together. (Meet 4:45pm) Be
sure to bring $10 for your ticket and $$$ for any food/drink. At the end of the night we will
return to the church for parents to pick up.

                          Scrip is an ongoing way for you as ACTers
                          (AND members of the congregation)
                          to raise funds for ACT without asking
                          people to put out any extra cash.
                          Here is how it works:
                          ACT purchases a $100 HyVee card. For that $100 HyVee card we
                          pay $97. We then sell the cards to anyone who shops at that store
                          for $100. They use the cards to purchase items and are out no $
                          at all. ACT uses that $3 for scholarships to help youth attend
                          events, fund National Youth Gathering and/or mission trips, and
                          other various service projects.
                          Its an easy way to raise funds for the youth program at SOTV.
                          Hundreds of stores are available along with HyVee, Dahl’s and
                          Fareway grocery stores.
                          You can buy scrip cards on Sundays in the narthex
                          from    Jodi   Parrott    or   go    on-line   at
  Jan. B-days
  9th– Katy Richardson
  14th– Lindsey Hohl
  17th– Kristin Hohl

  Feb. B-days
  7th– Dan Sales
  9th– Ashley Bauer

  March B-days
  13th– Conner Schramm
  17th– Lauren Gingerich
  21st– Mercedes Steffensen
  29th– Jessica Overturf

  April B-days
  6th– Angela Jolly
  7th– Erica Stevenson
  22nd– Hunter Churchill
  27th– Eric Stacy (& Mark Belden)      March 9 is Ash Wed. and
  28th– (Sonja LeSher)                  the beginning of the
  29th– (Angie Spann)                   Lenten season. The Ash
                                        Wed. church service will
                                        begin at 6:30pm and will
ACT to Run Annual                       include “being marked
                                        with the cross of Christ”
Easter Egg Hunt-                        with ashes on the fore-
April 23                                head of each believer.
All Acters should meet at church at
                                        Lent is a time to take a
9:00 am Saturday morning. We will       clear look at our sin, a
hide eggs, divide jobs, & go over in-   time to come before God
structions. We need all the help that   in repentance and a time
                                        to see the great sacrifice
we can, so be there and bring your
                                        of His Son.
friends!                                    Join us for worship!
30 Hour Famine-

The 30 hour famine is where thousands of youth from around the world gather to
learn about
hunger, experience hunger and then help raise funds to STOP hunger. It is
sponsored by World Vision.

Sun. night Jan. 30 those participating in the Famine will be given their own Survival
Guide. This booklet has all the information to answer your ?s. You are encouraged
to talk with friends, neighbors and family telling them about the Famine. If they feel
that God is calling them to give to hungry children this is an opportunity for them to
do so, through you and World Vision.

The Famine will take place on February 25 & 26. We will join with at least 3 other
 area churches for this Event. Watch for more details to unfold as we get closer to
the date. ACT would love if anyone in the congregation wants to participate in this
30 hr famine event. Contact any of the youth or Angie if you are interested. It’s not
too late to join us!

            Act will be holding a youth service auction immediately following the 10:30 service on Sunday, April 3rd!
             Do you have projects you have been putting off around home, need some babysitting or yard care help?
                                         Let’s put our high school youth group to work!
                                                                to Get Into the

                                                          Opportunities for Men:
 Opportunities for Women:                                 Join the men’s breakfast bible study
 Evenings: Watch the weekly Shepherd’s                    group that meets the 1st and 3rd
 Corner for which evening and time this                   Mondays of the month out at the Iowa
 group will meet.                                         Machine Shed (11151 Hickman Rd.) from
                                                          6:30am—7:30am. This group is currently
 Thursday mornings: Join us Thursday                      studying the New Testament book of
 mornings from 9:30am—11:15am.                            James. Come and “get fed” by the chefs
 Childcare is provided. This class is led by              and through the Word of God.
 Marie Rickert and studies different sections             Please join us at any time as new
 of the bible, characters and current events              discussions and encouragements
 in the lives of women. Come to this class                occur each meeting.
 filled with laughter and wisdom for all.
                                                          For more information, contact KenSetkorn
                                                          at 252-6868 (work) or 979-1032 (cell).

                           Chairman - Dorman Otte
                        Vice Chairman - Mark Bottelson
                           Secretary - Gloria Schulte
               Board Members - Karla Gierstorf and Travis Ouverson.

            ALTAR CIRCLE will meet the second Saturday of January (8th) and March (12th) at 9:30 a.m.
            If you are interested in serving with this group and would like more information, please plan to
            attend. Also, if you are interested in becoming a partnership team member and would like to help
            with communion one month of the year, please contact Barb
              Monson with any questions at 987-1655.

Are you age 18—30? Single? Married? It
doesn’t matter...join our FACEBOOK page
and connect with others your age once a
quarter throughout the year. We had close
to 15 meet at El Rodeo last time and we
are looking forward to our next event in
Feb/March. For more information contact
Angie Spann, ( or
Mark or Deb Belden
( Spread the             A New Kind of Ministry for those 18-30 years of age
               Sunday, April 24th
              Family Life Center
                7:30 – 10:30 AM
             FREE BREAKFAST!!!!
 In honor of all of your support, A.C.T. would
like to “treat” all families on Easter morning
             to a FREE breakfast.
Getting to Know YOU!
This February, Shepherd of the Valley would like to focus on
facilitating fellowship and new relationships between our
members. This may be done in homes, in a favorite coffee shop,
at an event, or wherever the Lord may lead you. We have done
this for several years, and it has been very rewarding for the
people receiving a visit, the team making the visits, and the church as a whole. We
will need several teams to make as many visits as possible. This ministry is truly a
reflection of the ministry of Jesus here at SOTV.

Please contact Pastor Krueger if you are willing to help.

The Art of Marriage:
   A Time of Discovery.
    A Lifetime of Love!
     Marriage usually starts off “perfect”:
the perfect ceremony; the perfect day; the
perfect dress; the perfect reception. But as time
passes, life can begin to erode that perfection. Pressures such as the
responsibilities of raising children, the struggle to get ahead in our careers, and
perhaps caring for aging parents all compete for our time, energy and attention.
We may be left drained, unable to muster the energy it takes to really invest in our
partner’s needs and our relationship. In short, our marriage suffers. Just like the
photographs of that perfect wedding day, our marriage can grow brittle and fade if
we don't care for it properly. We can lose “us” if we don’t make time to focus on
each other.
     We invite you to join us for a weekend to celebrate your marriage. Take this
opportunity to focus solely on your spouse: the most important person God has
placed in your life. Learn about a carefully conducted process that places
God at the center of your married lives, and will give you powerful tools to use in
communicating -- with each other, within yourselves, and with our
Lord Jesus Christ.
Join us Friday evening*, Feb. 11, 2011 and Saturday
morning*, Feb. 12, 2011 at Shepherd of the Valley
Lutheran Church
Child Care Will Be Provided                                     *Times TBA
                                                  LWML ARTICLE – JAN-APRIL 2011

                                      The LWML is most commonly known for its “mite” offerings
                               throughout the world, and in that vein the SOTV chapter of Lutheran
                               Women’s Missionary League remains committed to the LWML pledge of
                               “We consecrate to our Savior our hands to work for Him, our feet to go on
                               His errands, our voice to sing His praises, our lips to proclaim His redeem-
    Lutheran Women’s           ing love, our silver and gold to extend His kingdom…” (excerpted from
    Missionary League          LWML Pledge).
                                      LWML members meet on the third Tuesday of each month, with
the main focuses being Bible Study, fellowship, and mission project planning in the forms of tying quilts
and many various service projects. “Mite offerings” are collected at each meeting. Occasional salad sup-
pers and “dinners out” are enjoyed by all.
        An annual highlight is sponsorship of the Advent by Candlelight evening. Warm sharing and
prayer concerns through the regular and special events result in lasting friendships through Christ.
There are two main sources of income for LWML, and those are the annual Christmas Tree Sales, and
sponsorship of a “Cookie Sunday” each month during Sunday morning Bible Study. All profits realized
are committed to mission projects. Some of those projects have been/are supplemental funding for the
ELC, improvements in and around SOTV (sanctuary enhancement, kitchen, nursery), support for Vicars
and seminary students, and (community projects) the Agape Pregnancy Center, Hope Ministries, Mission
Central, and scholarships for youth for mission trips.
        LWML membership is open to all ladies of SOTV. Plan to visit and join the group in the ongoing
effort to expand His Kingdom “so that all may know Jesus.”

Watch the “Shepherd’s Corner” for details of upcoming activities!

                                        MEANING OF CHURCH

            If you are a current member of the SOTV family or considering becoming one, please join us on
                Wednesday, February 9th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Ephesians 9 room.

                        Pastor Krueger will be leading a discussion and presentation on
                          “What it means to be a member of SOTV Lutheran Church.”
       This class will give you an opportunity to learn more about the fundamental beliefs of the Lutheran Church
                        Missouri Synod, Policies and Practices of SOTV, and make new friends.

    Please join us as we grow closer to each other and our Lord as we serve together as Disciples of Christ.

   If you would like to register or have any questions, please contact Pastor Krueger at 515-225-1623, Ext 28.
                              FOUNDATION Children’s Choir is starting
 Worship Service Schedule
                                                              Foundation Choir is for all
                                                              children entering 1st—4th
Ash Wed. March 9 —6:30 p.m.
                                                              grade.    We will meet on
    Mid-Week Services—
                                                              Wednesday evenings be-
 March 23,30 April 6,13,20                                    fore the B.L.A.S.T. hour
          6:30 p.m.                                           from     6:00pm—6:30pm      in
                                                              the Sanctuary. This choir
  HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE                                          provides music during our
                                                              10:30 a.m. worship services
  Palm Sunday Services                                        throughout the school year.
         April 17th                                           This time will also be used
  8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.                                      for the Christmas program
(Adult Bible Class & Sunday                                   which will start practicing in
     School will meet.)                                       November. Contact Angie
                                                              Spann for more info.

 Maundy Thursday Service
       April 21st
        6:30 p.m.
                                            Would you like to provide

   Good Friday Services                      SPECIAL MUSIC
       April 22nd                                  ( solos, duets...)
                                         for any of the upcoming services?
        1:00 p.m.                             Please contact Angie at
        6:30 p.m.                                225-1623 ext. 27.

    No Saturday Service

     Easter Services                 BE A PART OF THE ADULT CHOIR
         April 24th
 Sunrise Service 7:00 a.m.          Please join us in singing praises to our Lord and
   Traditional 8:30 a.m.            Savior. If you have any questions or would be
                                    willing to help direct, please call Angie Spann
 Contemporary 10:30 a.m.            at 225-1623 ext. 27.
(Communion at all services)

  Easter Breakfast served
                                                SUNDAY NURSERY SCHEDULE
                                  SHEPHERD OF THE VALLEY LUTHERAN CHURCH
                         3900 Ashworth Road, West Des Moines, Iowa 50265 | Phone: (515) 225-1623
              And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:16

                             January 2011                                      February 2011
                        Sunday’s @ 10:30 a.m.                               Sunday’s @ 10:30 a.m.
                                       1/2                                               2/6
                     Shawn & Kendra Limback – 225-2726                     Dave & Nicole Swain – 457-7711
                                       1/9                                              2/13
                        Jeff & Renae Lindsey - 224-2022                  Darin & Billie Bergmann – 987-0209
                                       1/16                                             2/20
                      Mark & Beth Pottebaum – 267-0063                   Doug & Kaylene Crouch – 327-8915
                                       1/23                                             2/27
                         Josh & Tina Ridgely 290-5273                     Gaylon & Janet Dayton – 267-1037
                           Dannie Spann - 225-6527

Take a look at the Church Nursery article that’s on the back…it’s so true! If you have any questions or
have anyone in mind that might be interested in helping out in the nursery, please call me @ 987-0209
or email me at Please remember to call around to find a replacement if you
are unavailable the day you’re assigned. Thanks!

  Scheduled Nursery Volunteers - -
 Darin & Billie Bergmann – 987-0209                           Brian & Angela Heldt – 965-8309
 Doug & Kaylene Crouch – 327-8915                             Shawn & Kendra Limback – 225-2726
 Gaylon & Janet Dayton – 267-1037                             Jeff & Renae Lindsey - 224-2022
 Joe & Michele Dworak – 267-0903                              Mark & Beth Pottebaum – 267-0063
 Andy & Sheila Fehn – 986-4136                                Josh & Tina Ridgely 290-5273
 Jen Foster-Krueger - 221-3440                                Dannie Spann - 225-6527
 Russ & Rosemary Gibson - 401-1109                            Dave & Nicole Swain – 457-7711

   Substitute Nursery Volunteers - -
 Gary & Julie McFarling – 252-6166                            Robert & Mary Churchill – 224-2941
 James & Jennifer Fennessey - 208-5218
   Regular Nursery Attendants
 Allison Binder
 Other Contact – Laurie Scieszinski at the church 225-1623
Calendar of Events For January – April:

ELC Sunday
Celebrate the ELC – 19 years of this faithful mission
Come worship with us! Visit with the teachers! Enjoy refreshments!
January 9, 2011

Spring Break - No School
Friday, March 11 - Friday, March 18

In-service Day - No School                                            

Friday, April 8

Twice Blessed Consignment Sale
Friday, April 8 9:00 am-7:00 pm * New extended hours!

Conferences for T/Th, M-Th
No School
Thursday, April 28

Conferences for MWF, T/Th/F, M-F, Kdg.
No School
Friday, April 29
He is not here;
for he is risen,
  as He said.
Matthew 28:6
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
3900 Ashworth Road
West Des Moines, IA 50265

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