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									Following Photography Lighting Techniques

It is said that a painter uses paint, a sculptor uses clay and a photographer uses light. Light, it is the
element that is the most important thing for both aspiring and professional photographers to perfect.
Photography lighting techniques can make or break the perfect shot that every photographer aims to

There are different sources of light that a photographer can use. For location photographers, it is
basically natural light, or the sunlight. It is very difficult to master this light source but is an amazing
technique once mastered. Playing with the shadows and the angles that the rays hit the subject or
landscape is an amazing thing to perfect. Once a photographer gets the hang of it he or she can consider
themselves really close to becoming a professional photographer.

In natural lighting, one of the tricks that a photographer has to focus on is the time of day that the photo
shoot will commence. There are certain places that the sun is in that would complement the subject
really well while there are instances where one would just encounter over and under exposures.

The time of day is one thing; another is the settings that the camera will be on. One of the key elements
in photography lighting techniques is to ensure that the aperture and shutter speed is properly set. The
aperture is the size of the opening of the lens of the camera. The higher the aperture is, the smaller the
opening will be and the less light to enter the camera and expose the photograph. So when one is
shooting a place where the sun is at its peak and everything is really bright, it is best to raise the
aperture level. When one is working where the sun is about to set, it is advisable to lower the aperture
so that more light will go in the camera and under exposure can be prevented.

Shutter Speed on the other hand is the time that the photograph will be exposed. It can either be a
fraction of a second or much longer than that. For instance, if the shutter speed setting is 1/2000, the
length of time that the shutter will be open will be really fast as compared to when it is set to 1/60, the
shutter will be open for a rather longer time. It is best that a tri-pod used when shutter speed is lower
than 1/150 in order to prevent blurred images.

There are different aspects that photography lighting techniques can be utilized, one just has to be in
control of both the surroundings and the camera being used.


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