An Introduction to EFT

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					            An Introduction to
      Emotional Freedom Techniques.

            A Simple Overview on EFT

                       Compiled and Edited by Fiona Crane

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An Introduction to EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques are a wonderful self help tool however EFT is very powerful
and makes changes to your body and your thoughts.

It is therefore strongly recommended that anyone suffering from diagnosed
psychiatric disorders, takes psychoactive medication or is under ongoing any kind
of medical or psychological treatment should always first consult with their care
providers before starting any new form of treatment, including EFT Emotional
Freedom Techniques.

In studies, about 60% of people using EFT for the first time experience
a real sense of release and the feeling that "something important has changed"

Another 20% of people feel noticeably better and continue to use the Emotional
Freedom Technique in order to experience more benefits.

If your problems are complex or very deep rooted you may benefit from seeing a
trained Energy Therapist to get the results you desire

If you are unsure or do not understand the above, please do not use EFT until you
have first consulted with your care providers.
          EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
                        Overview & Introduction

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in brief:

     EFT is a meridian energy therapy very similar to acupuncture and it works
      on the meridian system in the body in the same way. However instead of
      using needles the main meridian points are stimulated by tapping or lightly
      rubbing with the finger tips.

     Despite being so powerful EFT is in fact very gentle and where there are
      difficult issues a good practitioner will work with you in such a way that you
      do not have to talk about it until you feel safe to do so.

     EFT is a mind/body healing technique, combining the physical effects of
      meridian treatments with the psychological effects of focussing on and
      working with the pain or problem at the same time.

     EFT is a self help tool and the basics are easy to learn and use so that
      everyone can benefit without expert knowledge.

     EFT was designed and developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer.

     Sometimes, the reasons and causes for problems, anxieties and fears are
      difficult to reach for a single person working on their own. It is natural for
      the mind to protect itself from pain and in these cases it is advisable to seek
      help from a trained practitioner.

     You can use use the basic EFT protocol for yourself at anytime you find
      yourself in a situation that makes you nervous, fearful or stressed with no
      training at all.

     You can do EFT on yourself anywhere and at any time – all you need are your
      finger tips - making it a remarkable self help tool.

     EFT can be used for a whole range of physical and emotional problems and
      Gary Craig has coined the phrase;

                    “Try it on Everything!”
             EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
                          The EFT Discovery Statement

Gary Craig's Discovery Statement:


A Negative Emotion Is Caused by;

                           A DISTRESSING MEMORY OR THOUGHT

This in turn causes;


This in turn causes;

                                   THE NEGATIVE EMOTION

Perhaps an easy way to understand what is happening would be to imagine if you
removed the back from your television set and jiggled around inside with a
screwdriver. You would of course expect to experience some disruption to the sound,
picture and general performance. This is essentially what happens to your body
when the energy flow is disrupted; this is known as the “Zzzzzzzzt” effect and
manifests as disturbance in emotions and as physical effects such as nausea,
trembling etc.

This is how a negative emotional or physical reaction is caused;

            STEP 1                             STEP 2                           STEP 3

Distressing memory or trauma        “Zzzzzzzzt” Disruption in the      Negative emotional or
                                       body’s energy system              physical response
Psychotherapy and counselling      EFT and all other energy          Normal medical procedures
aim at step one but do little to   therapies aim directly for step   aim for step 3 and try to mask
neutralise the “Zzzzt” effect.     2.    They    neutralise    the   or eliminate the manifested
They may even intensify the        disruption and therefore break    symptoms. As they do nothing
present time emotion by            the link between a memory         about the real cause of the
amplifying the “Zzzzzt” effect     and the emotion generated.        symptoms (the Zzzzt effect) the
and make things worse.                                               symptoms often recur or pop
Progress will be slow.                                               up in some other form.
            EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

                               The EFT Procedure
      Identify the emotion or issue you want to work on.
      Estimate the current intensity from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. This is known
       as the SUDS level.
      Apply the entire basic recipe
      Check the intensity after the round of EFT.

If there is a drop in intensity you have made a difference. Occasionally you will be able to
reduce a problem to 0 in one round, generally however the drop will be less, from 10 to
perhaps 6 or 7, if this is the case more rounds are necessary.

                              “Wash, rinse, repeat.”

                                       Apply Basic

                  No Relief           Partial Relief        Complete Relief
                                                            Test and reapply
                                                            if necessary

                                    Apply adjusted
                                    basic recipe
           EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

                         The EFT Basic Recipe
   1. Identify the problem for example Anger at my husband

   2. Estimate the current intensity on a scale of 1 to 10 ( SUDS level)

   3. The Set Up ~ Frame the problem into the standard affirmation and repeat 3
      times while tapping on the Karate Chop Point.

“Even though I have this anger at my partner for not taking out the rubbish I deeply
and completely accept myself”

   4. The Sequence ~ Tap approximately 5 to 7 times on each of the following
      points repeating the reminder phrase “Anger at my partner” at each point.

Top of Head
Eye Brow
Side Eye
Under Nose
Collar Bone
Under Arm

Thumb            Index Finger         Middle Finger    Baby Finger    Karate Chop

   5. The 9 Gamut Procedure ~ Continually tap on the
      Gamut Point while carrying out the following 9

      Eyes closed                                   Hum a couple of bars of a song
      Eyes open                                      (Happy Birthday)
      Eyes hard down right                          Count to 5
      Eyes hard down left                           Hum song again
      Roll eyes in a circle
      Roll eyes in other direction
   6. Repeat the tapping sequence above remembering to repeat the reminder

   7. Estimate intensity again ~ If it has dropped or the nature of the problem
      seems to have changed then you have made a difference. Repeat more

Note; In following rounds the affirmation and reminder phrases are adjusted to
bring in the fact that you are addressing the remaining problem.

For example; Even though I STILL have........ Etc.

Bear in mind that you may sometimes find that your emotion towards the problem
has changed.

For example where you felt fear over a car accident you may find after a couple of
rounds that the emotion has changed to anger at the other driver.

Each of these different emotions is a separate aspect of the same problem so don’t
worry that you’ve done something wrong, it’s perfectly fine. Simply work with this
new aspect in the same way as the previous one. Do try, however to clear one before
moving to the next.

When working with pain or some other physical problem use exactly the same
method described above but be as descriptive as you possibly can. Use your own
words to describe the feeling, give it an emotion, texture, colour, shape, size, and
even turn it into an animal or something if you like.

For example; This great big angry black hammer banging away in my head.

As you work you will find that the picture changes, so just keep working with the
new picture until you gain relief.

Alternatively have a think about how you already describe the problem to other
people and use those words.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and use your imagination; be as specific and
descriptive as you like. Remember these are YOUR feelings so use YOUR words.

Please feel welcome to mail me at if you feel stuck or
need advice.

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