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                     Colorado Knights                      of    Columbus
                                                                                                                            Volume XVII Issue V
                                                                                                                                November, 2011

                                                                      tis     the         season                  of   Being thanKful!
       State OfficerS                                                     As we progress through the month of November, we will be celebrating
State Chaplain                                                         Thanksgiving. This is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for during
   Rev. Robert D. Fisher                                               the past year and what we can look forward to for the next. As I reflect on
State Deputy                                                           my past year, I think of my family and being blessed with multiple families.
                                                                       I am thankful that I and my family have been able to go through another
   Roger G. Muller, Sr.
                                                                       year with some trials and tribulations but in general we have been able to
State Secretary
                                                                       survive the bad and the good.
   Charles K. Page                                                        I made mention of families, more than one, because I have been blessed
State Treasurer                                                        with more than one. I have my own family of children, grandchildren,
   James D. Caffrey                                                    nieces, nephews and grand nieces and nephews. Then there is my law
State Advocate                                                         enforcement family that I have developed over the years of employment
   John J. Doherty                           with the City of Greeley and now with Weld County and Aims College. And finally there is my
State Warden                                 Knights of Columbus family. Over the years and especially over the past 10-12 years in my various
   Christopher J. Foley                      state positions from District Deputy to that of being State Deputy, I have been able to survive some
Immediate Past State Deputy                  very trying times that we all experience in our lives. But without my families, I am not sure how that
   Foster J. Sauter                          would have turned out.
Colorado District Master                         Over the years, there have been many people who have stepped up in various ways to help both
   Claude A. Trujillo, Jr.                   myself and this state to achieve our many goals, resulting in our state being recognized as a leader
                                             amongst the Order. We were only able to achieve this by working together. When we were in the
  S tate L adieS a uxiLiar y                 need of help, we have asked and in most cases, we do not even have to ask, there is someone or group
          O fficerS                          there to help and support us. Last month, my message had to do with us, individuals and the state,
                                             working toward moving forward and away from our old ways of doing things. I believe that this will
President                                    come, though not overnight. It is important that we move away from the shortcuts of doing things
   Sharon Hernandez                          and some of our old habits that can and have led to problems.
Vice President                                   We must step up and take our roles as leaders in the Order seriously. In one e-mail listing I sent
   Barb Heumann                              a reminder to some District Deputies, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries about their councils
Secretary/Historian                          being in danger of suspension from Supreme due to the owing the council’s per capita. It was not my
   Ginny Lopez                               intention to embarrass any one person or council but to emphasize the importance of our financial
Treasurer                                    responsibilities to the Order and that we are not alone. It also serves to inform councils that maybe
   Rose Higgs                                Supreme has misplaced our check or form and we should check our files to make sure we have met
Immediate Past President                     our obligations. I believe we should be there to assist one another; whether it is a need for training
   Dolly Castle                              or assistance in what is necessary to meet our obligations to both Supreme or the State or just a “how
                                             to” with regard to an operational task. If we need to draw on a neighboring council or district for
          c OOrdinatOrS                      information and assistance, let us do so and help each other.
                                                 Help can come in many forms. We all could use some help and ideas as they pertain to recruitment
Executive Secretary                          and retention. In general, we really are not doing a very good job at retaining our members. I hear
    James VonFeldt                           that is so hard to get rid of members in a council. We might want to ask ourselves “why” we are
Program Coordinator                          trying so hard to get rid of members. Shouldn’t we be looking at ways to retain our membership
    John Eiler                               rather than assess blame to the system? The system was put in place specifically to give our members
Membership Coordinator                       every opportunity to be a part of our Order for the long term. Let’s use the system to retain our
    Jon Herskovits                           members and have them experience the self actualization that can be realized by a man who belongs
District Deputy Coordinator                  to the Knights of Columbus. If we would work half the time to retain our brothers that we spend on
    Robert Sherman                           trying to suspend them, we would experience real growth.
Knights Call Editor/PR Chairman                  I continue to enjoy and be blessed with my membership in the Knights of Columbus. I want to
    Bruce Tawson                             share that experience with others, and I hope that all of my Brothers want to share their experience
                                             too. In this season of being thankful, let us move forward in our caring and sharing to grow the                  Order in Colorado. Let us reach out and invite the Catholic men of our parishes to be a part of our
      Knights Call is a publication of the   caring and sharing. Let us reach out and assist members who just need a little assistance to continue
    State of Colorado Knights of Columbus
             all rights are reserved.        to be part of our caring and sharing. Let us work together in an effort to grow and be thankful. I wish
                                             that each of you receive many blessings on your family, friends, Brother Knights and
                                             councils as we move into the holiday season. I hope that each of us will be thankful
                                             for what we have and share with others who are not as fortunate during this season of
                                             giving. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
                                                                           Vi va t J e s u s , Vi va t M a ri a
                                                                           Roger Muller
                                                                             Roger G. Muller, Sr.
                                                                            Co l o ra d o S t a t e D e p u t y
                         W hat Do you Do                         DistriCt Master report
                       W ith t hanKsgiving ?                    Sir Knights and Brother Knights:
                       December 4, 1619. That was the first       The fall is upon us and the mountains are
                    day of giving thanks on this continent.    full of fall colors. It is beautiful down here
                    It was established because it was the      in the Valley with all the red, yellow, gold
                                                               and green mountains around us. I hope that
                    date of arrival of our pilgrim ancestors
                                                               you Knights are having a wonderful fall.
                    on that which we now call Cape Cod.
                                                                  To start off business, we did have our
                    By code of charter, the new colony         Provincial meeting in Albuquerque, NM. It
                    was required to remember this day in       was a very interesting meeting. Our main
thanksgiving to God. But that was not to be the only           discussion was how the State Council can help the Fourth
or last date established, nor was it to be set before it got   Degree with the financial issues. We also discussed two
dipped in the political process.                               Resolutions that will be rewritten and brought to the State to
    There have been several dates established by several       be voted on.
entities; declared by several Presidents; debated                 The other main issue was the Fourth Degree pin. Sir Knights,
over and protested against by several concerned                you have been sending me emails about this Fourth Degree
parties, organizations and interested groups; adapted,         pin. Let me remind you that all of us in our Second, Third and
adopted and variously incorporated into State and              Fourth Degree vouched to follow our leaders’ decisions. Some
Federal calendars. George Washington created the               of you are saying you will wear whatever pin. Let me explain
first Thanksgiving Day designated by the national              to you how Supreme describes how we should wear our Fourth
                                                               Degree pin. Our official Fourth Degree pin is the PG-113 Pin.
government in 1789. He did it again in 1795, but it was
                                                               This pin is to be worn with our members’ Official Regalia
an occasional annual declaration, not perpetuated from
                                                               Dress. The Members’ Official Regalia Dress is defined as a
year to year. Beginning with Abraham Lincoln in 1863,          Black Tuxedo (jacket and slacks), White Pleated Tuxedo Shirt,
the day of giving thanks was set as the last Thursday          Black socks, Black Shoes, Cummerbund, Bow Tie and Social
in November, but was declared as such on an annual             Baldric. The PG-113 Official Fourth Degree Pin is supposed to
basis. It wasn’t until 1939 when Franklin Roosevelt            be worn with the Official Regalia Dress – Members Only. No
broke the tradition and established the fourth Thursday        separate Flag Pin.
as the dedicated day because some Novembers had four              The National Flag pin is the pin that is combined with the
Thursdays and some five. December 26, 1941 Roosevelt           Fourth Degree and the flag. That pin is supposed to be worn
signed the fourth Thursday into federal law after joint        with the Official Regalia Dress – Color Corps / Honor Guard,
congressional resolution and amendment.                        which is the Black Tuxedo (jacket and slacks), White Pleated
    Politics aside, Thanksgiving Day has always been           Tuxedo Shirt, Black Bow Tie, Black Cummerbund, Black Shoes,
observed as a day of prayer and feasting to give thanks        Service Baldric, Cape, Sword and Chapeau. I know you Sir
to God for abundant blessings. Since its inception             Knights know what the Honor Guard Regalia contains. That
                                                               is how our pins are to be worn. I still have to buy the Fourth
facets such as vacation, travel, parades (11 major ones),
                                                               Degree official pin PG-113 to give to our new members.
and of course the “Thanksgiving Classic” football                 Brother Sir Knights, I am caught between a rock and a hard
(approximately 20 games played on Thursday, Friday             place regarding wearing two pins. In order to keep with
and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend). Many other              our Supreme Master and our Supreme Knight’s wishes, this
sports contribute to the celebration including pumpkin         is what we have to do. Yes, Patriotism is the meaning of the
chunking. Then there is always Black Friday, the retail        Fourth Degree. There is no one more patriotic than myself. I
sales bonanza on the day after Thanksgiving.                   love my country, I love my flag. But send me some positive
    But, what do you do with Thanksgiving? I suspect           emails on how to handle this challenge. Until Supreme comes
your celebration will include many facets mentioned            out with the official ruling regarding which pin to wear, this is
above. I ask you to please remember four things: First, if     the way we will handle the pins in Colorado. I hope that you
you do nothing else, give intentional and prayerful thanks     Sir Knights understand my position. Supreme has the final say
to God for all you have received. By comparison it is a        in this matter and I am the one that has to enforce it. So thank
lot. Second, make an effort to join with others for your       you Sir Knights for your understanding.
celebration whether simple or elegant. Third, remember            I also have a letter that was sent to me and the State Deputy
                                                               to start the program on the new Military Chaplin Scholarship.
… as you reach for “seconds” … those who are lacking
                                                               They want the Fourth Degree and the Third Degree to work
“firsts” at the table. Last, make a commitment to give         together to raise $20,000.00 in the jurisdiction of Colorado over
someone else a reason to be grateful next year.                a five-year period. This is $4,000.00 per year. We are going to
                   Happy Thanksgiving!                         handle this through State Charity. Please see the letter posted
                                                               on the website, We need to start this
                Robert D. Fisher                               immediately. With this my Brother Knights, I leave you with
                    Father Bob Fisher
                 Colorado State Chaplain                       this thought; IT IS NOT THE NAILS THAT HOLD JESUS TO
                      303-789-0007                             THE CROSS BUT THE LOVE THAT HE HAD FOR US.
                                                                                        Led by the Spirit,
                                                                               Claude A. Trujillo,Jr
                                                                                    Claude A Trujillo, Jr., PSD
                                                                                    Colorado District Master
                                                      s tat e a Dvo C at e a l e rt
                                                              Practical Catholicity
“I do not judge as people judge. They look at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart ~ (1 Samuel 16:7).”
     This phrase, extracted from the First Book of Samuel, helps frame the issue for this month’s newsletter and more
importantly, should help guide our actions. Over the last few months I’ve had several questions concerning Practical
Catholicity. The issue, needless to say, is complex.
     Section 101 of the Laws and Rules of the Order requires that, “Only practical Catholics in union with the Holy See shall be
eligible to and entitled to continue membership in the Order.”
     How do we know and how should we assess if a member or prospective member is a practical Catholic in union with
the Holy See? The Supreme Advocate Officers’ Desk Reference helps guide our decisions.
     Practical Catholicity means that an applicant or member accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on
matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church and is in good standing in the Catholic Church.
It is important for us to understand that the “practical Catholic” requirement is an objective, not subjective, requirement. The standard for the
practical Catholic requirement is the Church’s teaching on faith and morals, not a member’s own personal interpretation of that teaching.
     The critical inquiry is: can the applicant or member fully participate in the sacramental life of the Church?
     When questions arise about whether a member is a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See, the Knights of Columbus generally relies
on the answers provided by the applicant or member’s local chaplain, pastor, or bishop, as these questions are essentially pastoral. The
Knights of Columbus will give substantial weight to the judgments made by the applicant or member’s clergy in addressing the applicant or
member’s “practical Catholicity.”
     The requirement that an applicant be a “practical Catholic in union with the Holy See” preserves the identity of the Order as a Catholic lay
organization, the primary purpose of which is to enable men to live out their Catholic faith more fully through charitable works and fraternal
activities and in loyal solidarity with the Holy Father, the bishops, and priests. Seek the guidance of your pastor, priest or bishop and please
don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss the issue; I am at your service.
     My family and I wish you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. This year, as in every previous year, my family and I
are thankful for the wonderful opportunity you’ve given us to serve the Knights and families of the great state of Colorado.
                                                                  YMHSIC & Vivat Jesus
                                                                  Jay Doherty
                                                                       Jay Doherty
                                                                      State Advocate

                                                       WA RDEN ’S WO RDAG E
                                                  Just What Does a State Warden Do?
                       My Brothers,
                              At the top level, the State Warden’s responsibilities are not that much different than those of the local Council Warden.
                       The State Warden has three main areas of responsibility, protocol, property and additional tasks as determined by the
                       State Deputy.
                              There are, of course, multiple detailed tasks that support these generalized statements of responsibilities and I will
                       spend time during the upcoming months to highlight some of them for you. This month I will focus on protocol which
                       includes all state events and Major Degrees and talk a little about how you influence what happens before, during and
                       after the Degrees.
                              Protocol is not designed to make the event or meeting complicated or “stuffy.” Rather, it is designed to properly care
                       for our guests much like we would if we invited someone into our home. The practice of protocol applies equally to the
                       event host as it does to the invitees. Major Degrees pull people from across council, district, city and county boundaries.
A standardized approach helps everyone participate in a solemn and dignified event. How does a major degree come about properly? In
general, once a council decides it wants to host the event, the Grand Knight informs the District Deputy who contacts the State Ceremonials
Director requesting approval. The Director implements the approval process; upon approval, he sends a ceremonials notification letter to the
host District Deputy, Grand Knight, Degree Team captain and Conferring Officer.
    At this point, the host GK sends a degree announcement to surrounding councils and districts inviting them to bring candidates to the
Degrees. He should also send invitations to the state Officers informing them of the event details and asking them to attend. Both these
invitations require a response by a specific date. Most often the request is stated as “RSVP by <month/date/year”. What does this abbreviation,
RSVP, mean? It is a French expression, répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “reply please” or “please respond”. Simple enough but routinely
misinterpreted or ignored. The correct response, at the earliest possible opportunity, is, “Yes, I will attend with xx number of candidates &
guests” or “No, I will not attend” or “I may attend”. If you choose the “I may attend” option you are required to provide a second response,
“yes” with details or” no,” by the RSVP date. Additionally, on the day of the event, respect the schedule. Show up during the registration
period. While protocol is intended to ensure everyone is treated in a courteous manner, it is not intended to be so absolute and rigid to prohibit
us from accommodating the unforeseen. So, if for example, while traveling to the event you encounter trouble on the way, call the host GK and
give him the opportunity to work a solution with you.
    Why is RSVP a big deal? A proper response sets the stage and timing of the events throughout the day. The number of candidates affects
the number of brothers required to work the registration table, size of the antechamber, setup of the chamber, length of each Degree, quantity
of supplies needed by each degree team, amount of refreshments for the candidates, and the number of Degree packages provided by the state.
The number of candidates and guests influence the seating space needed at Mass, number of tables at the banquet, number of table servers, and
the amount of food to purchase, prepare and serve. And yes, this also provides unexpected challenges to the planned ladies activities.
When the host GK gets incomplete or inaccurate responses, he and his team spend the day revising the plan to accommodate the number of
participants that walk through the door. From that point onward, everything is off plan and delays set in. Unfortunately, all this extra work
to revise and recover presents opportunities to adversely impact the dignity of our Degree Exemplifications and pushes the teams up against
a hard stop – the beginning of Mass.
    So, a proper RSVP is a big deal. It draws us in as active stakeholders in the event. It gives us the opportunity to help our Brothers conduct successful
Degrees and enjoyable banquets. It also ensures our candidates, as well as ourselves, experience unhurried meaningful Exemplifications.
                                                                  Vivat Jesus & Ut Prosim,
                                                                   Chris Foley
                                                                        Chris Foley
                                                                       State Warden
        CounCil neWsletters
    Communication with Council members is one of the most
important functions of a Grand Knight and his officers and chairmen.
One form of communicating with your members is through a Council
newsletter, which can review past events and cover pending future
Council activities and deliver messages to hopefully inspire members.
Of the 142 Councils in Colorado only an average of 10 per month                        2011 Colorado State
submit their newsletters to Bruce Tawson, editor of Knights Call, the
state newsletter. Hopefully, many more Councils are taking advantage
of the Internet to communicate with their members. By emailing
                                                                                        Soccer Challenge
newsletters or Council communications to those members that have
Internet access, a Council can correspond faster and cheaper than in                Sunday November 19th
the days of mailing Council communications and it is more efficient
than telephoning the membership (although it lacks the human touch)                                                          Trailwinds Sports
by reaching a greater number of members in a shorter period of time.
Some of the newsletters submitted to the state are quite elaborate                                                                Complex
and artistic; others are more simply communications from the Grand                                                          13500 Holly Street
Knight, or his directors, providing important information to the                                                            Thornton, CO 80233
membership. However, all are important in supplying information to
                                                                                                                            On the corner of Holly Street and
the State Council regarding your council activities, which can then be
posted in the Knights Call. If you have a newsletter please insure that                                                     136th Avenue in Thornton.
you send copies to Bruce Tawson and me in order to insure that your                                                         Sponsored by Archbishop Fulton J.
Council receives credit for having a newsletter. If you do not have a                                                       Sheen Council # 7502
newsletter please consider starting one to help keep your members
more informed, in particular those that do not attend Council meetings                                         Registration begins at 11:15 am
on a regular basis, even if is simply a one page Word document.                                                and ends at 12:15 pm
                                                                              Competition begins after each registration
                    Frank Humpherys
                          Frank Humpherys
                   State Council Activities Chairman                          Awards ceremony will be immediately following the Competition
Editor’s note:
Email Council newsletters to:
Frank Humpherys –
Bruce Tawson –                                                  CoMMunity aCtivities septeMBer
                                                                                Charity is at the heart of Church’s and the Knights
                                                                           of Columbus’s social doctrine. With this emphasis on
             ChurCh prograMs aBounD                                        our Order’s Principles as guides, let us not forget those
     This is a great time for Church Programs. John Lopez and the          in our community who need our support during the
Vocations teams are rounding up support for 19 incoming Seminarians.       up c o ming Thanks giv ing and C hris tmas seasons. Even
They have a big job to do, so read the Vocations Article and look at       though our economy is slowly improving, there are many
your council finances to see if you can help out one of the 12 young       in our communities who do not have sufficient means
men that still need support.                                               to provide for their families or themselves. The Knights
     The Marian Hour of Prayer, the Icon Program, is moving along.         of Columbus Food for Families program is designed to
John Brown and his team of John Arpad, Tony Valdez, and Robert             meet this need. Charity is more than providing monetary
Montgomery are working to get the new Icon, Our Lady of Guadalupe          s up p o rt fo r p hys ic al ne e ds . C harity encompasses
rolled out. John and team are still waiting on support material from       physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We can
Supreme. The schedule for the Marian Hour of Prayer for the next           provide this by conducting or supporting food basket
two months is as follows:                                                  programs; supporting giving tree programs; helping
     Icon 1 will be with District 7 from October 28th to November 19th     with food banks, soup kitchens and missions; visiting the
and District 37 from November 19 to December 11th.                         sick and distressed; providing solace and transportation
     Icon 2 will be with District 6 from October 24th to November 29th     for those who need it. Do not be trappe d by traditional
and District 31 from November 29th to December 26th.                       p ro grams ; ide ntify diffe re nt ways to he lp those in need to
     Icon 3 will be with District 21 from November 21st to November        enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please report all Food
29th and District 9 from November 29th to January 1st.                     Family ac tiv itie s to me at s unde e _j e rry@msn .com using
     Finally, Brian Thibodeaux has been working with the Christ in         the fo rm at http ://c o lo rado ko fc -p ro g r ams.or g/f or ms/
Christmas folks about getting the promotional material for Keep            Sup re me _Fo o d_fo r_Familie s _Re p o rt_Fo rm.pdf .
Christ in Christmas out to all of the councils. If you have not received        We are also starting our Coats for Kids-Coats for
your material yet, please contact Brian at         Colorado Program this month. A flyer and report form
Brian has done a great job of getting the Keep Christ in Christmas         are availab le o n the State We b Site at http://color adokof c-
information on line at:         p r o g r a m s . o r g / f o r m s / B u l l e t _ P o i n t _ F l ye r _ C o a t s _ f o r _ K i d s -
It is not too late to order your Keep Christ in Christmas Material.        C o ats _fo r_C o lo rado .p df. Please report Coats for Kids
     Thanks again for all that you are doing to support both local and     ac tiv itie s to K e ith Lo we ry at the addre s s in th e Coats f or
state church programs, keep up the good work.                              K ids -C o ats fo r C o lo rado p ro gram info rma tion .
                       Chris Kennedy                                                                        Je rry Sundee
                            Chris Kennedy                                                                           J e rry S u n d e e
                         State Church Director                                                           S t a t e Co mmu n i t y D i re ct o r
    Keep Christ                in    ChristMas neWs                                    ColoraDo Knights of ColuMBus
    Well folks, it’s that time of year again. The air is getting colder and
                                                                                          s tat e C o n v e n t i o n 20 12
winter is almost upon us, but the time is coming to send Christmas            Brothers:
cards and greetings to everyone. Remember that Christ is the reason              Mark your calendar! The 2012 State Convention will be held
for the season, and the best way to remind friends and family as well         Thursday April 26th thru Sunday April 29th at The Embassy Suites
as all that we meet of this fact is to be proud and show that we believe      Hotel in Loveland, Colorado. The hotel room rate is $119.00/night
in CHRIST. We, as Knights, should be proud of who we are and lead             plus tax. This includes a full hot breakfast and a Manager’s Hospitality
our families and friends by the way we live. The KEEP CHRIST IN               Hour each night that you stay at the hotel.
CHRISTMAS program is one way we can do this. By sending religious                Plan to attend the Convention and enjoy the fraternity with your
Christmas cards, we can show that we believe in CHRIST. There are
                                                                              Brothers. Those of you who attended the June Organizational Meeting
many other ways to do this, but this is our way of helping to make sure
                                                                              know what a great facility the Embassy Suites is!
that our faith is kept alive and strong at this glorious time of year.
    The KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS program is just a small way                     Convention Packets will be available at the January Mid-Year
for councils to raise a little money and help to make sure CHRIST is          Meeting
remembered properly. This program has been in our state for several                                           Vivat Jesus
years now. It has really taken a giant leap in the last couple of years,                                   Paul Patricca
due to having a real leader in our faith, Sonny Zander. He was a real                                        Paul Patricca
Christian and led by example showing us what it really meant. I am                           Convention Chairman/Special Events Coordinator
now in this position because of his leadership and want to continue                         2012 M IDYEAR M EETI N G
this great program that he worked so hard and lovingly on. Thanks to
Roger Muller for allowing me to step into such a great program.                  The Midyear Meeting for 2012 will be held on the first weekend in
    As I stated before, KCIC is a great program. I would like to extend       January, the 6th, 7th and 8th, 2012, at the Embassy Suites in Loveland.
to all councils the opportunity to be a part of it. All that you need to      Mailings will be sent to State Officers, District Deputies, Program and
do is call me at 970-586-2109 or email me at           Membership personnel, and the Grand Knights of each Council during
for information; or you can go to the state website and there is a link       the first week of November. Also, this information will be found and
to some of the cards that we have access to. We also have brochures           can be downloaded from the State website after November 1, 2011.
that I can send out to you. We are presently dealing with 2 companies,           If you need any additional information, please contact me.
Barton Cotton and Christ is Christmas. Both have websites to view                                              Thanks
the available items. Barton Cotton’s website is                                        James Von Feldt
and Christ is Christmas website is These sites                                         James Von Feldt
provide a way to see the cards that we offer. Please feel free to call or                                       303-822-8908
email me with your request. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks                            
to the councils that are already participating; and an invitation to those     COATS FOR KIDS/COATS FOR COLORADO
that are not and to those that may be curious to please contact me.                The “Coats for Kids” program is part of the Knights’ “Help a Child in Need”
     In closing, let us be the ones that show everyone that we stand          campaign, which began in 2006 with a nationwide appeal during the Christmas
united and strong in Christ our Lord and with Him we can bring the            season for donations to charities that support the needs of children. The initiative
Light of Christ to all.                                                       began as an effort to help families with children living in colder climates who have
                                                                              been severely impacted by the sharp and sudden downturn in the economy.
                             Together in Christ
                                                                                   I. The intent is to collect and provide “easy used” coats to children and families
                   Brian A. Thibodeaux                                        in need in Colorado in conjunction with the “Coats for Colorado” program which
                            Brian A. Thibodeaux                               has been an ongoing program since 1982.
                            KCIC State Chairman                                    II. All corners of our state have children in need of coats to keep warm during
                                970-586-2109                                  the winter months. The more populous areas of Colorado do have commercially
                                              recognized channels for collection and distribution of these items thru programs
                              970-586-2456 Fax                                such as Coats for Colorado.
                                                                                   III. People to get involved: As many councils as possible!
           STATE MEMBERSHIP REPORT                                                 Assign a committee chairman in your local council who in turn will need the
                                                                              help of other council members for advertising, collection, and drop off.
    Our Supreme Knight has stated, “It is our moral obligation to make             Contact your local Department of Human Services for information on who their
available membership in the Knights of Columbus to every eligible             “partners” that provide these charitable distribution channels are. This helps to
catholic man.” Have you fulfilled your moral obligation? Now is               ensure that collections you make STAY IN YOUR COMMUNITY helping your local
a good time to start. The simplest way to gain more members is to             neighbors that need it most!
ask. Who should you ask? Start with your prospect list. If you don’t               Talk to your local Boy Scout and Girl Scout Councils as this is a great opportunity
                                                                              for them to earn badges and recognition for community service. Many parishes
have a prospect list then you should create one. The easiest way to           around the state have Boy/Girl Scout Councils that are within the parish community
get started with this is to refer to your parish directory. Cross off         and may even meet at the parish. The Knights of Columbus can lead this effort by
the current Knights, and the remaining men are your list. Now, you            spreading the word in your own community.
should personally invite each man to find out more about the Knights               Parish you belong to – contact the parish for permission to advertise in the
of Columbus and all the wonderful works we do in the community.               bulletin, ask the pastor to announce collection times at masses and ask for permission
                                                                              to use the parking lot for collections before and after Mass.
Send each of these men an invitation from the Grand Knight to attend          At Masses, be sure to have brother Knights and/or Boy Scouts in the” drop off zone”
an information night. Supreme has an invitation and envelope that             at least ½ hour prior to Mass and be prepared to stay for at least ½ hour after Mass.
you can order from the supply department (Number 2599). A personal            There may be people that forget to bring their items to the early Mass, but may come
touch goes a long way. Have a 1st degree scheduled shortly after the          back everything you can to not miss them.
informational meeting. Until next month, Happy Prospecting!                   Make arrangements to drop off these coats, gloves, hats, etc to your local Dept. of
                                                                              Human Services partner the following Monday morning or as coordinated with this
                              Vivat Jesus                                     local charity.
                        Jon Herskovits                                             IV. Make a big deal out of this. Brothers, this is important work that we can and
                                                                              should do. As a council, take note of what you do for this program. Photos, coat
                            Jon Herskovits                                    count, community service hours worked, etc. This program can easily be handled in
                    State Membership Coordinator                              a way to submit your results to our next State Convention!
                                                                              For further details/questions – contact Keith Lowry at 303-870-2827 or email: Keith@
                                                                     I am happy to help any of you find out whom to contact
                                                                              or help in organizing your efforts. Just ask me!
                                                                                                              Keith Lowry
                                                                                                                  Keith Lowry
                      s tate v oCations
   Brother Knights, we on the Vocations committee have been greatly
gratified by the support we have seen so far this month in support of our new
                                                                                  SuPREME FAMILIES OF THE MONTH
Seminarians. Since we obtained the names of the new Seminarians we have                   September, 2011
received commitment to support approximately 10 Seminarians, we do still
have some more to support.                                                                THE FAMILIES OF
   The Seminarians from the Diocese of Pueblo (and the Seminary they are
attending) that still need support are:                                              WOLFgANg & MARY RAuE
      Cody Blankenship – Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary                          earL c. Bach cOunciL 3340
      Skye Sarnow – St John Vianney Seminary
                                                                                             LittLetOn, cO
                                                                                         gENE & JuDY FuCHS
   The Seminarians from the Archdiocese of Denver (and their Seminary they
attend) that still need support are:
      Andrew Marrow - St John Vianney                                                   BurLingtOn cOunciL 5768
      Derek Curnow - St John Vianney
      Jose Antonio Inigo - St John Vianney
                                                                                            BurLingtOn, cO
      Josh Meier - St John Vianney                                                     EugENE & JOAN DEgES
      Tomas Croghan - St John Vianney
      Dakota Lane – St John Vianney College - MN
                                                                                      BiShOp evanS cOunciL 10133
      Daniel Wolbach –St. Gregory the Great - NE                                              aurOra, cO
      Justin Doerr – St John Vianney College - MN                                           congratulations to these families
	 	 Luke	Hoffman	–	St	John	Vianney	College	-	MN                                                  representing Colorado
      Tim O’Connell – St John Vianney College - MN
                                                                                        s upreMe K night h onoreD in D enver
   If your council can support one of these young men please send an e-mail to       Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, was
one of the member of the Vocations Committee or just fill out the form on the    presented the “Archbishop Chaput Leadership Award” during the
first page of                                                  Archbishop Gomez Gala at the downtown Sheraton Hotel in Denver on
   If your council is already supporting Seminarians we would greatly            October 21.
appreciate if you could check on to make sure          Nearly 50 Knights were among the more than 400 people attending
that our records of which Seminarians you are supporting is correct. With        the Gala, which benefitted Centro San Juan Diego – the Hispanic Ministry
                                                                                 Office for the Archdiocese of Denver. The Supreme Knight also offered the
over 100 Seminarians being supported by more than 70 councils we are always
                                                                                 keynote address for the event.
concerned that we have all of the information correct.
                                                                                     Archbishop Jose Gomez, former Auxiliary Bishop of Denver and now
   One way those councils can help insure that we will continue to have a high   Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, was the honored guest for
number of Seminarians for years to come is to support the Discernment retreats   the gala. He thanked Carl Anderson and the Knights of Columbus for their
that the Archdiocese of Denver runs every month. The schedule for the retreats   dedicated service to the Church. Apostolic Administrator and Auxiliary
is at if your council would be interested in       Bishop James Conley was also a presenter at the Gala.
providing lunch to the young men attending the retreat please contact Natalia        Doug Parsons, regional field agent for the Knights of Columbus, was
Schumann at or (303) 282-3429.                      also a guest at the event. He was the successful bidder during the silent
   Finally we have resumed Mass and Dinner at Redemptoris Mater, the first       auction for a group dinner with Bishop Conley at Piatti’s Restaurant in
dinner of the year was in September and was well attended. Our next Mass and     Cherry Creek.
Dinner will be November 28th. If you are interested in attending and meeting         Also honored at the Gala were Walt Imhoff, and his beloved wife
some of the Redemptoris Mater Seminarians please contact a member of the         Georgia who died last year. An outstanding Catholic couple, the Imhoffs
State Vocations committee.                                                       have provided millions of dollars in charitable support for Catholic causes
                                                                                 across Colorado. Walt is the founder of the investment banking firm,
      John Lopez                                                                 Hanifen Imhoff.
      State Vocations Chair
      Chris Kennedy
                                                                                      C o lo r a D o K n i g h t           of the         Month
      State Vocations Committee – Denver                                             The State Knight of the Month for September 2011 represents the                                                             many unsung members of our Order who spend countless hours
      Allan Eckert                                                                 planning and preparing meals for various K of C and community
      State Vocations Committee – Denver                                           events. Sir Knight Earnest Cushing of council 12228 in Colorado
                                                                                   Springs is a choice representative of this group.
      Joe Musso                                                                      Brother Earnest participates in all three cooking teams of his
      State Vocations Committee – Pueblo
                                                                                   council. During September, he supported council and parish
                                                                                   events every weekend with his culinary efforts and was the lead
                            John Lopez                                             chef for the Sisters’ picnic. He followed that event the next day
                                 John Lopez                                        by cooking for a pancake breakfast. Additionally, he led the St.
                            State Vocations Chair
                                                                                   Francis Parish team preparing the Saturday noon meal at the
                                                                                   Marion House soup kitchen.
 COLORADO FAMILY OF THE MONTH                                                        In addition, Brother Cushing currently serves his council
                                                                                   as its Chancellor and participated in its first Tootsie Roll event
       September 2011                                                              this year.
                                                                                     The State Council is happy to name SK Earnest Cushing its
        THE FAMILY OF                                                              State Knight of the Month for September, 2011 in recognition of
                                                                                   his commitment, initiative and selfless giving of his time to the
 JuLIuS AND ELEANOR PERINO                                                         Order and community.

              Archbishop James V Casey                                                                      Joe McAleer
                                                                                                             Joe McAleer
              Council 9349, Littleton, CO                                                           Knight of the Month Chairman
   You might think this column reads like a broken record; I am urging everyone, once again, to act in defense
of traditional marriage. This time marriage is being attacked at the federal level. There is a bill in Congress
that would repeal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). Repealing DOMA would put every state constitutional
marriage amendment at risk and would open the door for the courts to force same-sex marriage on the whole
country. The bill will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee in early November. Please take a few mo-
ments to email or call our two Colorado Senators and ask them to OPPOSE any legislation that would repeal
DOMA. The contact information and a sample message for the Senators can be found below:
SAMPLE MESSAGE: Send the following or similar message:
I support marriage as the union of one man and one woman and oppose the repeal of DOMA.
I urge the Senator to oppose any attempt to repeal DOMA.
CONTACT INFORMATION: To reach your U.S. Senators:
Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at: 202-224-3121, or call your Senators’ offices:
   Senator Mark Udall                                                           Senator Michael Bennet
   United States Senator                                                        United States Senator
   DC Phone: 202-224-5941                                                       DC Phone: 202-224-5852
   DC Fax: 202-224-6471                                                         DC Fax: 202-228-5036
   E-mail:                            E-mail:
   Website:                                         Website:
   Toll Free for Coloradans
                                                        Jennifer Kraska
                                                      Executive Director
                                                Colorado Catholic Conference
                 The Colorado Catholic Conference is the state-level, public policy agency operated jointly by the
                       Archdiocese of Denver, the Diocese of Pueblo and the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

Major    degree exeMplifications                                      fourth    degree exeMplifications
rich roth state cereMonials chairMan                                  claude a. trujillo, jr. colorado district Master
go to for complete details on degrees                 go to for complete details on degrees
Date:     November 5, 2011                                            Date:     November 5, 2011
Council: 3434 – Loveland                                              Assembly: 3290 – Sacred Heart
Location: 1730 W. 12th St.                                            Location: Alamosa, CO
            Loveland, CO 80539                                        Contact:  Frank Hudson 719-588-4490
Contact:    Mike Stearns 970-669-8087                                 Date:     January 28, 2012
Date:       February 19, 2012                                         Assembly: 2616 – St. Augustine
Council:    1559 – Sterling                                           Location: Brighton, CO
Location:   421 S. 11th Ave.                                          Contact:  Jim Herrera 303-637-7718
            Sterling, CO 80751                                        Date:     March 3, 2012
Contact:    Dale Wise 970-580-2266                                    Assembly: 2409 – Harold J. Stansell, S.J.
Date:       February 25, 2012                                         Location: Arvada, CO
Council:    3340 – Littleton                                          Contact:  Bob Buljung 303-438-6554
Location:   St. Mary’s Catholic Church                                Date:     April 22, 2012
            6883 S. Prince St.                                        Assembly: 96 – Holy Family
            Littleton, CO 80120                                       Location: Security, CO
Contact:    George Stragand, GK 303-794-8753                          Contact:  Walt Parsons 719-963-9163
                                                                      Date:     May 19, 2012

     Councils Schedule
                                                                      Assembly: 90 – Bishop Joseph C. Willging Froegel
                                                                                2977 – St. Paul the Apostle
                                                                      Location: Pueblo, CO
                                                                      Contact: Alfred Duran 719-545-4495
     an Exemplification!                                                        Al Manzanares 719-647-2453
  2nD annual ColoraDo Knights                     of   ColuMBus spiritual retreat sCores                      as   suCCess
    For forty hours beginning with the opening
candlelight service direct from the Knights to
Christ daily meditation book Friday evening,
until the close with the Sunday Liturgy, thirty-
four Colorado Knights of Columbus, representing
20 Councils and 14 Assemblies from 17 Colorado
municipalities, concentrated on developing their
individual deeper relationship with our Lord
Jesus Christ under the spiritual direction of Father
Ed Kinerk, S.J. Following the end of Mass Father
Ed made the welcome announcement that the 3rd
Annual K of C Spiritual Retreat, based on the four
principles of our Order, is scheduled next year for
the same week-end in October; i.e. October 19-21,
2012 which was met with applause.
    The group photo and this announcement is the
first in a two-part series that will appear in Knights
Call describing in more detail the activities and
responses to the this week-end spiritual event held
in Sedalia, CO at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat
House. The Steamboat Springs Council No 4462 at Holy Name Parish had the single largest representation and Colorado Springs
collectively the largest representation.
    Meantime, all Colorado Councils and Colorado District Assemblies in the John H. Reddin Province are asked to immediately post
the dates above relative to the 2012 3rd Annual Colorado K of C Spiritual Retreat on the 12-month planning/events calendars.

 Knights           to    christ
 November 23rd

 UNITY is living in Harmony
 Live in harmony with one another; do not be haughty, but associate
 with the lowly; do not claim to be wiser than you are. Do not repay
 anyone evil for evil. But take thought of what is noble in the sight of
 all. If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all
 ~ Romans 12:16-18
 We can spread peace, not discord, wherever we go. We can try
 to b e part of the cure of every situation, not part of the problem.
 We can work patiently to make things better. We can always
 try to build up, not tear down. We can show others by example
 that happiness comes by living the right way. The power of our
 example is greater than the power of what we say.
 ~Fr. Pat Umberger
                                                                                    To order Knights to Christ books,
 Pray that we might try to bring something good into every                         contact Rich Casias, 303-988-5967
 situation today. Pray that we may be constructive in the way                  
 we think and speak and act today.
 Of the commands listed in the verse above, which are the easiest
 for you to keep? Which are the most difficult?
 We cannot do evil to others without doing it to ourselves.
 ~Joseph Francois Edward Desmahis
                                                         OUR LADIES VOICE

                                                                Together Everyone Achieves More
                                                                                                                   November 2011
            Dear Ladies,
            November is a special month for all of us. Veterans Day falls on November 11 and I have
            a special request that you tell each and every Veteran that you run a crossed “Thank
            This month is also thanksgiving for most people they associate the month of November
            with turkey. After all it is home to one of the most heartwarming and delicious holidays
            of the year but let us not lose sight of being thankful for everything that comes along our
            paths. Spend time with your loved ones and friends who mean so much to you. Let us
            not forget to pray for the less fortunate and our soldiers that are away from home.

                                             The State Auxiliary Today……

            Annual Snowball Presenting Diamonds & Pearls January 21, 2012
                                                              May God Bless You All
                                                              Sharon K. Hernandez

                                                                    State President
      HOW LONG HAS THE CHURCH BEEN                                                           Duties        of the     s tat e a D v o C at e
           AGAINST ABORTION?                                                           The State Advocate is the legal representative for the State Council
“For us, murder is once and all forbidden; so even the child in the
                                                                                   in all matters pertaining to the State or to those referred to him by the
womb, while yet the mother’s blood is still being drawn to form the
human being, it is not lawful to destroy. To forbid birth is only to
                                                                                   State Deputy. The State Advocate is the compliance officer for the
murder the sooner. It makes no difference whether one takes away the               State Council and he ensures that all councils, assemblies, chapters
life once born or destroys it as it comes to birth. He is a man who is to          and home associations comply with all laws, rules and by-laws.
be a man; the fruit is always present in the seed.”                                    Additionally, the State Advocate ensures that each council,
~Tertullian. 220- Apology, 9:8                                                     assembly and home association provides a copy of their
Editor’s note: Tertullian (160-220 AD) was a founding church father and
                                                                                   EIN and by-laws to the State and Supreme Councils. He is
apologist. He is often called “the father of Latin Christianity” He is the         the chairman of the State Resolutions committee and is responsible
oldest extant Latin writer to use the word “Trinity.”                              for ensuring councils are advised of deadlines for submission of
                                                                                   resolutions to be considered by the delegates at the state convention.
                2011 SUPREME CONVENTION                                                The State Advocate is also the historian for the state council and
     Wouldn’t you like to own a piece of Colorado Knights of Columbus history?     is responsible for ensuring historical documents are updated and
We have available for purchase the Colorado commemorative coin that was            preserved. Such documents include but are not limited to: names
struck for the Supreme Convention, 2011, held in Denver. This is a beautiful       of past state deputies, former state chaplains, past state secretaries,
coin that contains the logo for the convention on one side and the Rocky           treasures, advocates and wardens; list of current and past
Mountains and our state flower, the Columbine on the other. It would make          councils, assemblies, Columbian Squire circles, Ladies Auxiliaries.
a nice gift for Christmas or some other special occasion or just to have as a
commemoration of this great event. The coin may be purchased through our
country store at any event where they are in attendance. But if you cannot wait,
it can be ordered through the country store and shipped to you. The cost of
buying one at the store is $10. If you would like it shipped, the cost is $10 plus
$2 for the shipping. Don’t hesitate and miss out. Fill out the order form at left Name
and send to: Colorado Knights of Columbus
                % Country Store                                                    Address
                PO Box 610
                Byers, CO 80103                                                    City                             State                 Zip

                                                                                 Phone                              email

                                                                                 Number of Coins ordered
            To be included in “Knights
                                                                                          Knights in
           in Action”, send your council                                                 olorado                     Knights in Action- District 32, CO- Helping out in Jopli
          newsletters to: Bruce Tawson,

                            Fr. Larry Solan, Chaplain for
                            council 9998, Colorado Springs,
                            dances to the OOMPA at the
                            Council’s Octoberfest.                                              Knights from c ouncils 1408 – Durango; 7560 – Pagosa Springs;
                                                                                                14407 – Ignacio, under the leadership of DD32 Jay Glassmaker
                                                                                                collected donations of much – needed baby supplies from area
                                                                                                churches, including $2232 in cash and delivered them to the Joplin
                                                                                                Outreach House & Catholic Charities in Joplin, MO on October 17-18.
                                                                                               Knights from Councils1408 Durango); 7560 (Pagosa Springs); 14407 (Ignacio)
                                                                                                Unity, Fraternity and Charity in action! Courtesy of Bob Sherman
                                                                                               #32 Jay Glassmaker collected donations of much-needed baby supplies from
                                                                                               $2232 in cash) and delivered them to the Joplin Outreach House & Catholic C
                                                                                               October 17-18.

                                                                                               Unity, Fraternity and Charity in action! (Courtesy of Bob Sherman)

       Big Thompson a sseMbly 2615 – Estes Park, CO with c ouncil 12063
       Chaplain & Pastor, Father Joe Herman after the Assembly and Council
       Memorial Mass (Our Lady of the Mountains)
Big Thompson Assembly 2615, Estes Park, CO, with Council 12063 Chaplain & Pastor, Father Joe
       Knights raise Money for pgK’s widow-council 10205, centennial, co      On August 20th and 21st members of c ouncil 2160 helped put on
Herman after the Assembly and Council Memorial Mass (Our Lady of the Mountains)
                                                        KNIGHTS hundred the all night event which offered Catholic youth from around
       Colorado State Chaplain, Fr. Bob Fisher, joined severalIN ACTION GREELEY WORLD YOUTH DAY-COUNCIOL 2160, GREELEY, COthe
       Knights on Sept 30th for a Steak and Cigar Night at St. Thomas More    Colorado area an alternative experience to actually attending World
       to raise money for the Kelly Dowell family. Nearly $3000 was raised    Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. Approximately 400 young people
       for Past Grand Knight Kelly’s family. Stories were exchanged about     participated in the all night event which included a rock band concert,
                                                         On August 20th and 21st members of Council 2160 helped put on the all night event whic
       this great Knight’s life and a good time was had by all.               adoration, satellite broadcast of closing Mass with Pope Benedict XVI,
                                                                                          Colorado five languages and experience to Mass with
                                                        Catholic youth from around theof Rosary inarea an alternative a concelebrated actually attendi
       gourMet spaghetti dinner at our lady of the pines, council 14479,
       conifer, co
                                                                               Spain. Approximately 400 young people participated in the all
                                                        Youth Day in Madrid,three priests in attendance. Special thanks to the over 60 Knights who nigh
                                                        included a rock band helped with different aspects of this successful event from planning,
       All Knights and friends are invited to this dinner on November 19th concert, adoration, satellite broadcast of closing Mass with Pope Ben
                                                        recitation “persons    five languages and a cleanup. May Mass with three
       after the 5pm Mass, where checks will be presented to theof Rosary inband set-up security andconcelebrated God bless you all. priests in attend
                                                        thanks to the over 60 baby shower- council 3340, littleton, co
       with special needs teachers” from the Conifer-Aspen Park schools. Knights who helped with different aspects of this successful event fro
       Call Joe Spurgeon at 303-697-9792 to RSVP for this delicious dinner!
                                                        band set-up security and cleanup. of Littleton, CO will host a baby shower and will donate
                                                                              Council 3340
                                                        May God bless you collected items to the Gabriel Project House. What better way to
       Rose Hill House Golf Tournament a success-Council 13621, all.
       Grand Junction, CO                                                     support our daughters who choose life for their babies? Baby clothing,
       Knights at Council 13621 in Grand Junction, CO raised $ 3,024 at the   blankets, feeding supplies, etc. are needed. Call Joe Wuest to donate:
       Annual Rose Hill House Golf Tournament benefit held at the Book        303-904-o117 or
       cliff Country Club. Rose Hill House at St. Mary’s hospital provides                      altar servers honored, council 4699, colorado springs, co
       free rooms for relatives of patients in the hospital who cannot afford                   42 Altar servers and their families were honored with a dinner
       to stay in other accommodations.                                                         at Divine Redeemer Catholic Church in Colorado Springs on
                                                                                                October 21. The gathering of 60 individuals was “enthusiastic and
                                                                                                very much appreciated.”
                                                                                                            Knights in
Knights in Action-Council 1062, Grand Junction, CO                                                        olorado

 L to R, Rudi Hoecker, Myra Hoecker, Trula Mayes, Tim Stern-GK,
 Billie Kaye Huber, and Jerry Huber
    Rudi and Myra are the Chairpersons for Council 1062
L to R, Rudi Hoecker, Myra Hoecker, Trula Mayes, Tim Stern - GK Council 1062, Billie Kaye Huber, Jerry
 “Bottles for Babies” campaign at St. Joseph’s, Jerry and Billie
Rudi and Myra are the Chairpersons for Council 1062 "Bottles for Babies" campaign at St. Joseph's, Jerry
 Kaye manage the “Bottles” program at St Anne’s Parish in
and Billie Kaye manage the "Bottles" program at St Anne’s Parish in Palisade.
Bottles for Babies is a program where we hand out empty plastic baby bottles on Mother’s day, asking                 Rich Boespflug toast Spirit of Christ – c ouncil 12979 10th
 Palisade. Bottles for Babies is a program where we hand out
people to put their spare pocket change into the bottle, and bring it back to us on Father’s Day. It naturally
                                                                                                                 Anniversary Celebration. On August 31st, 2001, a group of men came
 empty plastic baby bottles on Mother’s day, asking people
takes longer than that, as a matter of fact, if we have them back by Labor Day we're doing good!
The beneficiary is the Pregnancy Center, because they counsel pregnant women to carry their baby to              together to form a new Knights of Columbus council in Arvada, CO.
 to put their spare pocket change into the bottle, and bring it
term, and future adoption, rather than abortion.
                                                                                                                 This council would be chartered as Spirit of Christ, Council 12979, in
 Myra and Rudi take the bottles of change to the banks every other day or so and cash in the coins. We
 back to us on Father’s Day. It naturally takes longer than that,
have been raising over $3,000 a year for the Pregnancy Center since the program’s inception. During              District 22. Greg Collette would be elected as the first Grand Knight,
 as a matter of fact, if we have them back by Labor Day we’re
Reed Wyat’s term as Grand Knight This year, we presented over $3,800.00!
This program was first introduced to the Grand Junction area by Council 1062, and has since been picked          David Dudden, the Deputy Grand Knight and Ed Lindeman as
 doing good! The beneficiary is the Pregnancy Center, because
up by other organizations too, but no one else raises as much money as Council 1062!                             Treasurer. Ed still holds that office today. That year, the council would
 they counsel pregnant women to carry their baby to term, and                                                    go on to earn their first Star Award.
 future adoption, rather than abortion.                                                                            10 years later, the council has grown to over 220 members and has
    Myra and Rudi take the bottles of change to the banks every                                                  earned the Star Award from 2001 – 2008, Double Star Award in 2009
 other day or so and cash in the coins. We have been raising                                                     and 2010, State Knight of the Year for 2008 and 2009, has won the
 over $3,000 a year for the Pregnancy Center since the program’s                                                 Supreme Award for Family Activity in 2007, Youth Activity in 2008,
 inception. During Reed Wyat’s term as Grand Knight This year,                                                   Pro-Life Activity in 2009, Council Activity in 2010 and was chosen as
                                                                                                                 the number one Council in the State of Colorado in 2010.
 we presented over $3,800.00!
                                                                                                                   On Saturday September 24th, the Council came together to celebrate
    This program was first introduced to the Grand Junction                                                      our 10th Anniversary. The evening began at the 5:00 pm Mass
 area by Council 1062, and has since been picked up by other                                                     celebrated by Father Jacob, Council Chaplain, A section was reserved
 organizations too, but no one else raises as much money as                                                      for all the Knights and Families. After mass, the evening continued
 Council 1062!                                                                                                   with an Oktoberfest Party in the Spirit Center put on by our very own
                                                                                                                 Ed Lindeman and Pat Dougherty. Of course, they were joined by a
 “scrooge the Musical” coMing to johnstown, co-asseMbly 1966,
                                                                                                                 large group of our wonderful Ladies Auxiliary. The meal consisted
 Northglenn, CO
                                                                                                                 of Brats, Sour Kraut, German Style Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, German
 Assembly 1966 of Northglenn CO will host a fun-filled Sunday
                                                                                                                 Dumplings and Gravy, Apple, Cheese and Cherry Strudel and for the
 afternoon at the Candle Light Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown, CO.
                                                                                                                 adults, Cold Beer served in large mugs designed by Ed and Pat.
 Neighboring Assemblies and Councils are invited to dinner and the
                                                                                                                     Joining the Council in celebrating the event were Worthy State
 play Scrooge the Musical” to be held on Nov. 20, 2011. Contact:
                                                                                                                 Treasurer, Jim Caffrey and his wife Pat; Worthy State Secretary,
 Christopher Gaul, FN:
                                                                                                                 Chuck Page and his mom Mabel; and Worthy District Deputy, Bob
 “soups on” for guadalupe center – council 2160, greeley, co                                                     Buljung and his wife, Bernadette. Pat Dougherty was the MC for the
 Knights at Greeley’s Council 2160 have been active in raising                                                   night and kept everyone entertained with his usual good humor. Door
 money and donations of goods for the Guadalupe Center for the                                                   prizes were given out and the kids enjoyed a friendly game of Musical
 homeless in Greeley. The Council’s “Soup’” benefit raised over $9,000                                           Chairs. A contest to guess how many Gummy Bears were in the jar
 and then donated another $1500 from council funds. Way to go                                                    also took place. The final number we found out was 350ish. That is a
 Brother Knights!                                                                                                lot of Gummy Bears!
                                                                                                                 A DJ was brought in to play all of our Favorite Polkas, Waltz’s and of
                                                                                                                 course, the ever favorite line dances such as the Electric Slide and the

              Ve te r n s Day                                                                                    Macarena‖. The dance floor stayed full thru out the night. It was a
                                                                                                                 great celebration and a good time was had by all. Congratulations to
                                                                                                                 the Spirit of Christ Knights of Columbus, Council 12979!
              November 11th                                                                                      Editor’s note- we add our hearty congratulations to this outstanding council
                                                                                                                 of exemplary Knights!
Knights	of	Columbus
PO	Box	610
Byers,	CO	80103

               Doug Parsons agency                                                                                    B rian B runette – a lyssa
                                                                                                                      13667 W. MarloWe ave.
                                                                                                                                                             M ike k isting – s ally
                                                                                                                                                             2354 s. sand Creek Ct.
               general agent                                                                                          Morrison, Co 80465                     Bennett, Co 80102
               d oug P arsons – J ennifer    g reg a rChunde – B eCky       C arl a rnold , fiC, lutCf – M ary l ou   303-807-3267 (Cell/offiCe)             303-944-7494 (Cell/offiCe)
               11160 huron st., suite 200    16823 Blue Mist Cir.           311 Catalina dr.                      
                                             Parker, Co 80134               Colorado sPrings, Co 80906                CounCils served: 3799, 5757,           CounCils served: 2160, 5237,
               northglenn, Co 80234
                                             720-985-5753 (Cell/offiCe)     719-527-1161 (offiCe)                     6905, 7640, 12567, 13021,              10961, 11851, 13221, 13559,
               offiCe 303-657-2910                                                                                    13205, 14045
                                         1-800-864-4419 (toll free)                                                       13729, 14877
               toll free 866-610-8402                                                                                 ernest Cienfuegos-BaCa – tanya
                                             CounCils served: 1498, 4079,   719-576-0330 (fax)                                                               k evin l undy – a My
               fax 303-657-0603                                                                                       7829 Whitetail Cir.
                                             4647, 12336, 14688                                                                1440 s. filBert Way
                                                                                    Wellington, Co 80549
               CounCils served: 625, 7520,                                  CounCils served: 582, 4699,                                                      denver, Co 80222
                                                                                                                      970-310-4670 (offiCe & Cell)           720-470-4574 (Cell/offiCe)
               8200, 10937, 11514, 11730,                                   11634, 13099, 13981             
               12228, 12718, 14436, 14715                                                                             CounCils served: 3434, 8220, 
                                                                                                                      11140, 11575, 12145, 12831,            CounCils served: 539, 1183,
                                                                                                                      13200, 13489                           6769, 8539, 9597, 11641, 13205
                                                                                                                      l anCe C ollins – C heryl              B randon n elson – s arah
                                                                                                                      60719 kansas rd.                       2039 Carlee dr.
                                                                                                                      Montrose, Co 81401                     PueBlo, Co 81005
                                                                                                                      970-275-1201 (Cell/offiCe)             719-565-8896 (Cell/offiCe)
                                                                                                                      CounCils served: 681, 1062, 1188,      CounCils served: 1072, 1161,
                                                                                                                      2185, 2308, 2731, 11731, 11803,        1296, 2139, 3325, 4286, 7752,
                                                                                                                      13253, 13621, 14006                    9456, 14347
                                                                                                                      P atriCk f eldMan – M iChelle          J ayMe s anford – k arol
                                                                                                                      10926 livingston dr.                   23071 Cleveland dr.
                                                                                                                      northglenn, Co 80234                   Parker, Co 80138
                                                                                                                      303-915-2776 (Cell/offiCe)             720-384-6090
                                                                                                                      CounCils served: 7502, 10205, 12979
                                                                                                                                                             CounCils served: 3319, 7880,
                                                                                                                      k en h uard , fiC – M elanie
                                                                                                                      3036 MaveriCk dr.                      8909,11918, 12763, 12800,
                                                                                                                      Colorado sPrings, Co 80918             13131
                                                                                                                      719-232-3265 (Cell/offiCe)             t oM s itzMann , fiC – r ené
                                                                                                                             P.o. Box 2187
                                                                                                                      CounCils served: 9993, 12335, 14338,   PueBlo, Co 81004
                                                                                                                      14785, 14806                           719-564-5336 (offiCe)
                                                                                                                      s teve h uard , fiC – a My             719-564-5336 (fax)
                                                                                                                      2302 CliPPer Way             
                                                                                                                      fort Collins, Co 80524                 CounCils served: 557, 1225,
                                                                                                                      970-231-0257 (Cell/offiCe)             2553, 4636, 12020,
                                                                                                                                                             12243, 12720
                                                                                                                      CounCils served: 1214, 1313, 12063,
                                                                                                                      14898                                  J eff s Mith , fiC – l inda
                                                                                                                      f rank h udson – B eatriCe             10125 W ioWa ave.
                                                                                                                      6647 hWy 112                           lakeWood, Co 80232
                                                                                                                      del norte, Co 81132                    303-332-6252 (Cell)
                                                                                                                      719-588-4490 (Cell)          
                                                                                                                              CounCils served: 3340, 4844,
                                                                                                                      CounCils served: 1408, 2096, 2620,     9349, 14398, 14443
                                                                                                                      2645, 2688, 4209, 5512, 6396, 7560,    l ee W agner , fiC – d onna
                                                                                                                      12425, 14407
                                                                                                                                                             951 ursula st.
                                                                                                                      J oe J aCkson , fiC – C arie
                                                                                                                      Po Box 21661                           aurora, Co 80111
                                                                                                                      denver, Co 80221                       720-425-0708 (Cell)
                                                                                                                      303-487-0277 (offiCe)        
                                                                                                                            CounCils served: 3268, 4796,
                                                                                                                      CounCils served: 1559, 2742, 3115,     5064, 6257, 12392, 13961,
                                                                                                                      3519, 3549, 4131, 4237, 4462, 4627,    14688
                                                                                                                      10275, 11732, 12426                    g erald W hiPPle
                                                                                                                                                             1290 thoMPson st.
       Douglas J Parsons                                                                                                                                     liMon, Co 80828
                                                                                                                                                             719-775-0770 (offiCe/fax)
                                                                                                                                                             719-771-2260 (Cell)                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                             CounCils served: 2099, 3247,
                                                                                                                                                             3252, 5161, 5768, 10122, 12831,
                                                                                                                                                             13221, 14235

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