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									                            Williams Township Board of Supervisors
                                       October 11, 2005

       The regular monthly meeting of the Williams Township Board of Supervisors, 655
Cider Press Road, Easton, PA 18042 was held on the above date and called to order at 7:10
PM by Chairman John Cusick. John led the audience in the pledge to the flag. Others
present were Supervisors Robert Doerr and Robert Helm, Township Solicitor Brian Monahan,
Township Engineer David Harte, Township Manager Deborah Patterson, Public Works
Director, Michael Strawn, and Township Secretary, Jennifer Freidl. Zoning Officer Richard
Adams was absent.

      John announced to the audience that an Executive Session was held on both
September 20, 2005 and October 11, 2005 concerning pending litigation. John also
announced that the next Chrin Curative Amendment Public Hearing will be held on October
12, 2005 at 7:00 P.M.

      John asked for approval of the September 13, 2005 minutes. Bob Doerr made motion,
second by John, carried 3-0.

      Debbie presented the expenses for the month. John asked for motion to approve
expenses in General Fund in the amount of $235,835.08; Subdivision Expenses in the
amount of $7,003.00; Driveway Escrow Releases in the amount of $3,000.00; and Sewage
Expenses in the amount of $1,950.00. Bob Helm made motion, second by Bob Doerr, carried

Treasurer’s Report

      Debbie provided the Treasurer’s Reports for June, July and August. John asked for
motion to approve the Treasurer’s Reports for June, July and August. Doerr made motion,
second by Helm, carried 3-0.

Manager's Report

       Debbie stated that Williams Township was approved for a grant from the Delaware
River Joint Toll Bridge Commission in the amount of $430,590 for the purchase and
installation of two traffic signals at the I-78 Interchange. Debbie stated that Williams
Township should thank John Cusick for his suggestion to apply for the grant and to Dave
Harte for putting together a fantastic proposal that virtually had little to no mistakes. Debbie
stated that she was waiting for confirmation of the award so that this project could move

       Debbie stated that at last month’s meeting, during discussions regarding the War
Memorial, Mr. Frank Korpics stated he would donate $2000.00. He presented the township
with a check for $2000.00 a week later. Lou and Sue Gonsalves have also donated $100.00
to this project. Williams Township thanks these residents for their generosity. Debbie stated
that she has had several conversations with regard to the problem putting together names of
the soldiers that were killed in action that were from Williams Township. Debbie suggested
that we honor all of those that served or were killed in action, rather than trying to locate all
Township residents who were veterans. Mr. Kram indicated that it is just too hard to locate

everyone as he said that the victims are listed by county, not by address. Pete Thompson
indicated that construction of the Memorial is ready to begin.

        Debbie stated that last month she attended a COG meeting on September 21, 2005.
For that meeting, it was requested that at least one Supervisor attend. Debbie said that she
did attend that meeting and there will be additional information forthcoming as to
revitalization of the COG. Debbie indicated to the Board that Williams Township passed an
Ordinance in 1999 which includes a Joint Municipal Agreement of Intergovernmental
Cooperation which states that “each member municipality shall be officially represented by a
member of its legislative body, its elected executive if any.” Debbie recommended that one
Board Member be designated to attend these meetings of COG due to voting issues. If an
issue were to rise, Debbie stated that as Township Manager, she did not have the ability to
vote on issues. It was stated that a supervisor will be designated at the reorganization

       Ordinance 1999-1 relative to the township participation in COG expires December 31,
2005. Debbie suggested that this Ordinance be renewed prior to the expiration to continue
our involvement with the Two Rivers Council of Government. John asked for motion to
advertise the amending of this Ordinance. Helm made motion, second by Doerr, carried 3-0.

      Debbie said that at the last Zoning Ordinance Review Committee meeting, which was
held September 30, 2005, the committee suggested that the Township adopt an Official Map
per the Municipality Planning Code, Article IV, Section 406. Debbie recommended that the
Board approve moving forward with the process to adopt an Official Map of Williams
Township. John asked for motion to move forward with the process of adopting an official
map. Doerr made motion, second by Helm, carried 3-0.

      Debbie stated that the next Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for November
8, 2005 which is also Election Day. She recommended that the meeting be moved to
November 9, 2005. John asked for motion to move the November 8, 2005 meeting to
November 9, 2005. Helm made motion, second by Doerr, carried 3-0.

       Debbie stated that she was asked by Jeff McGuire to schedule a workshop/meeting
with Fritz Brock of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission to give a presentation regarding
the LVPC’s Natural Areas Inventory and how the Township might use this resource in its
planning. This meeting has been scheduled for November 21, 2005 at 7:00 P.M., which is the
regular meeting day of Land Preservation Board. Debbie requested that all Supervisors,
Planning Commission members, Zoning Hearing Board members, Land Preservation Board
members, Township Engineer, Solicitors and Municipal Staff attend, as well as any residents
that are interested.

       Debbie stated that on October 7, 2005, John Cusick, Jennifer Freidl, Michael Strawn,
Sally Hixson and herself attended the yearly Northampton County Supervisors Convention
which was held at the Morgan Hill Golf Course. There were a few speakers and presentations
as well as golfing and dinner. Over all this is always a good function to attend as you get to
mingle with other Northampton County Municipalities to hear and see what is going on

      Bob Doerr, John Cusick, Bob Helm, Jeff McGuire and Debbie attended a meeting with
the Wilson Area School District to request that they impose a freeze on millage as it pertains

to preserved land within Williams Township. Bob Doerr and Jeff McGuire gave a presentation
and the Board will be addressing this issue at their next School Board Meeting.

      Debbie stated that back in August, Jeff McGuire approached the Board regarding
Grant Money that is available for stream crossing signs. Upon Jenn Freidl meeting with Kate
Brandes of the Conservation District, it was discovered that the application cannot be
processed because of the misspelling of Fry’s Run on all USGS (United States Geological
Survey) maps. Jenn was in contact with various people and submitted an application to
USGS for the purpose of a Name Change, changing “Frya Run” to “Fry’s Run”. It will take a
few months until we hear back from USGS. As soon as we do, we will then reapply for the
grant money for the stream crossing signs.

      Debbie stated that she received an e-mail from Sergeant Wilson of the Pennsylvania
State Police requesting information with regard to development in Williams Township. The
Pennsylvania State Police are currently looking to build a larger facility, possibly in the
southern region of Northampton County.

      Debbie said we received a letter from the Wilson Area School District requesting a
meeting with all the local government officials for a special meeting to be held November 7,
2005 at 6:00pm in the Administration Building. The purpose is for discussion regarding
future demands and future growth of the School District. The School District has also
requested that the Township consider increasing our minimum lot size requirements in order
to manage future growth within the District.

       Debbie gave an update with regard to the new Public Works Facility. A meeting will be
scheduled within the next two weeks with Bob Toedter. Mr. Toedter is currently working
with Mike Strawn to determine where and how equipment is to be stored. Updates will be
given on this project.

       Debbie recommended that William McAuliffe be terminated from employment from
Williams Township Public Works Department effective October 1, 2005. She stated that Mr.
McAuliffe has been on Workers Compensation since July 2003. According to the Collective
Bargaining Agreement between Williams Township and the United Steel Workers of America,
Section 5, # 9, it states that if an employee is on workers’ compensation leave for more than
twenty-four months the employee will be deemed terminated. John asked for motion to
terminate Williams McAuliffe from the Public Works Department. Helm made motion, second
by Doerr, carried 3-0.

Zoning Office Report – Jenn Freidl gave the report for September 2005.

Fire Report – No report was given.

Emergency Squad Report – Kyle Sherman gave his report for September 2005.

Planning Commission Report – Sally Hixon gave the report for September 2005.

1.    Elmer Horvath – Resolution 2005-22

       The Planning Commission moved to recommend approval to the Board of Supervisors
of this Minor Subdivision. A representative from Lehigh Engineering indicated that he

received Dave Harte’s letter and stated that all of Dave’s recommendations would be met.
The representative also indicated that they are waiting for a PennDOT permit, which they will
have before recording of the plan. John stated that he did not like the irregular shape of the
lot. Debbie indicated that prior to recording, a recreation fee of $2,000.00, an Emergency
Services fee in the amount of $200 and Road Improvement fee of $300.00 must be paid.
John asked for motion to approve Resolution No. 2005-22. Doerr made motion, second by
Helm, John opposed, carried 2-1.

2.       Joseph and Jane Fili – Resolution 2005-23

         The Planning Commission moved to recommend denial to the Board of Supervisors of
     this Minor Subdivision. The time for such has expired. It was stated that Mr. and Mrs.
     Fili were aware of the time deadlines. John asked for motion to reject this Subdivision.
     Doerr made motion, second by Helm, carried 3-0.

3.      Carl W. & Joanne Brostedt – Agricultural Security Area

   The Planning Commission requested that the Board of Supervisors move to deny this
matter as this land is not in Williams Township. Brian indicated that there should be some
discussion with regard to allowing land outside of Williams Township to be enrolled in
Williams Township’s Agricultural Security Area. Discussion occurred with regard to Lower
Saucon Township covering the expenses in allowing this land to become enrolled in Williams
Township Agricultural Security Area. John’s sense is that we move to deny and direct
Debbie to approach Lower Saucon and try to figure this issue out. John also asked for
motion to direct the Township Manager to begin dialog with Lower Saucon Township with
regard to the Agricultural Security Area. Helm made motion, second by Doerr, carried 3-0.

Recreation Board Report – No one appeared.

        John suggested that we contact Ashley Development with regard to the Painter
property and possibly asking for a donation of some land for a soccer field and a baseball
field in lieu of recreation fees. Sally Hixson indicated that she would ask.

Land Preservation Board Report – Jeff McGuire gave the report for September 2005.

1.      James Koch/DCNR Grant

      John asked the status of the re-appraisal.     Jeff indicated that DCNR wants public
access but Mr. Koch refuses to give access.

Engineer Report

1.      Stoudts Creek – Bond Reduction

      Dave stated that no action is needed this evening. He said that he did an inspection
and that there are some items that need to be completed.

2.    Cider Press Road Culvert -

       Dave indicated that he has the bid packet ready. Dave asked for a motion to advertise
this for bids. John asked for motion to put out bid for this project. Doerr made motion,
second by Helm, carried 3-0.

3.    Fry’s Run Stream Restoration

      Dave indicated that the Contractor will be installing pre-cast blocks tomorrow (October
12, 2005) weather permitting. Dave indicated that some barriers were lost in the creek
following this past storm.

4.    Bougher Hill Estates III – Draw Release #2

       Dave indicated that we are in receipt of a draw request from Knipe Building Group for
this Subdivision. Dave indicated that he has performed an inspection and authorize a Letter
of Credit for the amount of $176,029.68 be further reduced by $30,445.61, which leaves a
balance to complete of $100,770.49.

       Mr. Kram addressed the Board relative to the issues he was having regarding flooding.
John suggested that the Conservation District perform an inspection. Debbie indicated that
there were stipulations addressed directly relating to Mr. Kram.

      John asked for motion to reduce the bond in the amount of $30,445.61, leaving a
balance of $100,770.49. Doerr made motion, second by Helm, carried 3-0.

5.    Flow Meter Update

    Dave indicated that we selected ISCO open channel flow meter. He said that Bethlehem
Township is using these meters successfully. He said that we are in the process of changing
into these meters. He indicated that he is checking with representatives to see if we need
our own manhole. John said that cooperation is needed among all of the landowners.

Correspondence - None

Old Business

1.    Revised Grading Ordinance

      On March 8, 2005, the Board of Supervisors adopted Grading Ordinance No. 2005-2.
Included in Ordinance No. 2005-2 was earth disturbances on a lot in excess of 10 acres.
Brian prepared an Ordinance eliminating Section 2C, of which must be advertised. John
asked for a motion to advertise the Revised Grading Ordinance. Helm made motion, second
by John, carried 3-0

2.        Crivellaro – Sale of Sewer Capacity

       We received a letter from Fred Crivellaro and Helen Wilkenson’s attorney requesting a
meeting with regard to the sale of sewer capacity. Brian and Debbie met with Mr. Crivellaro,
Mrs. Wilkenson and Attorney Alfred Pierce. The Township made an offer of $140,000. This
offer was not accepted and Mr. Crivellaro and Mrs. Wilkenson came back with $6.68/gallons
or $204,000. It was not recommended that this matter be decided on until we know if there
is a buyer. Debbie suggested tabling this matter until next agenda.

New Business

1.        Lorraine Groller – Tax Exoneration

      John asked for motion to approve tax exoneration in the amount of $22.50 and the
penalty in the amount of $2.26. Doerr made motion, second by Helm, carried 3-0.

2.        Sky King Fireworks – Request for Sewage Allotment

      Sky King Fireworks requested sewage allotment in the amount of 6,500 gallons per
day. Debbie asked that this matter be tabled until we get the Crivellaro issue figured out.
John made motion to approve the sale of 6,500 gallons a day of sewage capacity contingent
upon the gallons that are provided from any source including the Crivellaros. Doerr made
motion, second by Helm, carried 3-0.

3.        2006 Budget Schedule

The following will be the 2006 Budget meeting schedule:

          October 18, 2005 and November 1, 2005 at 4:30 P.M. – Preliminary Budget

          November 9, 2005 – Preliminary Budget submitted to the Board of Supervisors.

          November 14, 2005 at 4:30 P.M. – Executive Budget Workshop (if needed)

          December 5, 2005 – Special Board of Supervisors Meeting for preliminary approval
          and authorization of notice for public inspection.

          December 29, 2005 at 4:00 P.M. – Public hearing conducted prior to consideration of
          adoption of budget by the Board of Supervisors and to conduct all year end business
          as presented.

     John asked for motion to approve and advertise the 2006 budget calendar. Helm
made motion, second by Doerr, carried 3-0.

Audience Comments

     1.      Richard Kram – Addressed that Board again with regard to flooding issues

   2.     Pete Andreson - Addressed that Board about his recent flooding. He stated that
          the culverts are still blocked. Because the culverts are clogged, it runs out and
          runs along 611. He stated that the culverts have to be cleaned out. John stated
          that he isn’t sure whose responsibility it is to unclog the culvert. Debbie stated
          that she thinks it is PennDOT’s responsibility. This issue will be checked into.
   3.     David Brotzman – Expressed his concerns with regard to the ball field lights.
   4.     Richard Lutz – Address that Board about the recent storm that again flooded his
          property. A meeting will be set up between Dave Harte, Ed Vogel and Debbie to
          discussed this issue.

John asked for motion to adjourn. Helm made motion, second by Doerr, carried 3-0.

9:45 PM
                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                Jennifer L. Freidl
                                Township Secretary
                                Williams Township Board of Supervisors


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