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					  ON THE DRIVE                 Published by the Westview Bowling Club
JU N E 2 0 1 1

The Ladies All-Cape is now behind us - and yes, we all survived! I would like to express my
thanks to all the ladies who made themselves available to help, also to Fred & Jim for being the
tournament officials and the members who shared the umpiring duties.
                                                 th     th
The Men’s All-Cape is being played between 4 and 11 June. Our club is one of the host clubs
and therefore we are looking for helpers for these dates - if you are able to help for any of these
dates please put your name on the list on the notice board - thank you.
‘Pub ‘n Grub’ will be on the Wednesday 15 June and Chicken Trips will be played on Sunday
19 June -
If one wishes to play chickens and not be carded for competition put your name in the leave book
with chickens beside it and it won’t be counted as leave.

The winner of the 100 Club draw in May was Barry Boichat with number ? and Rod Parker won
the bottle of whisky.

For anyone who missed the announcements, Gwen Nel - our blind bowler - was successful in
retaining her World Champion Singles Title and she also picked up a Silver Medal in the Mixed
Pairs, making Geoff Newcombe - her director - very happy. Well done Gwen.
The Nomad Bowlers are organising a bowls awareness morning on the 12 June at our club and
we are appealing to our members for the loan of as many sets of bowls as possible. We will be
hosting approx two greens of new, potential bowlers and will be needing help in giving these
players some direction. The players are all retiring Provincial Hockey Players(Ladies) that are
looking for a new sport.

The Etiquette of Bowls

The game of bowls, whether competitive or social, is played in an atmosphere of fellowship and
sociability. This atmosphere is maintained by a traditional code governed by common courtesy
and gentlemanly behaviour between opponents, team-mates, club officials, club members and
Etiquette is therefore concerned with preserving the essential spirit and character of the game.
There is no place in this magnificent game for the use of foul or abusive language before, during
or after the game.
Every game should be played in a sporting and friendly manner. Always be proud to participate
regardless of the position you have been selected to play in.
It is customary to place your opponent’s bowl alongside the mat when he is centering the jack
also for the second of the team playing first, to place the third’s bowl on the mat and in turn the
third places the skips bowl on the mat.
Leads and seconds should not offer advice to the third or skip, unless they are asked. There is
nothing worse than to see a lead or second indicating behind the third or skip’s back.
Leads and second should show interest in the result of the head without interfering. A quiet
intimation that the third may be overlooking a shot will be welcomed by the third.
Do not move any bowls in the head before the thirds have decided the result - this will avoid any
arguments and unpleasantness.
More next month ………………………………....

For everyone’s info the club now has a website - - newsletter, tab
duties, competitions etc can now be viewed on line.

NB If you have an email address and you are not already on my mailing list, please let me have
your details as this will help cut down the printing costs - thank you.

                           What’s on at the club

Wednesday 1st June                              Friday 3rd June
Social bowls in morning                         Cutthroat bowls in morning

Saturday 4th June                               Sunday 5th June
Social bowls in afternoon                       Social bowls/bum bowlers in morning

Wednesday 8th June                              Friday 10th June
Social bowls in the morning                     Cutthroat in morning

Saturday 11th June                              Sunday 12th June
Social bowls in afternoon                       Social bowls in morning
                                                Nomads awareness morning

Wednesday 15th June                             Thursday 16th June
Social bowls in the morning                     Public holiday
Pub ‘n Grub in evening                          Social bowls in morning - civvies

Friday 17th June                                Saturday 18th June
Cutthroat bowls in morning                      Social bowls in afternoon

Sunday 19th June                                Wednesday 22nd June
Chicken Trips in morning                        Social bowls in morning

Thursday 23rd June                              Friday 24th June
Warwick mixed Classic - all day                 Cutthroat in morning

Saturday 25th June                              Sunday 26th
Social bowls in afternoon                       Social bowls in the morning

Wednesday 29th June
Social bowls in morning

Let me leave you with this thought;

I believe….That sometimes when I am angry, I have the right to be angry, but that doesn’t give
me the right to be cruel!

Yours in bowling,

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