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					                                                                    Campaspe Primary Care Partnership

Integrated Chronic Disease
  Management Newsletter

                             Autumn 2008                                                                               No. 4

Special points of
interest:                    A word from the Project Coordinator
                             Welcome to the Autumn             ences, resources and informa- quarterly for distribution within
                             ICDM Newsletter.        It has    tion that you may find useful your agencies.      If you would
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    Conference               ing opportunities, confer-

                             Project Update
                             •   Flinders Model of Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop held in Echuca 17-
                                 18 October 2007. 24 Health Professionals trained in the care planning process and
                                 currently in various stages of attaining their competency certificates to use these
                             •   Better Health Self Management leader Training held in Kyabram 13-15 November
                                 2007, facilitated by Arthritis Victoria. 16 health professionals attended and are now
Inside this issue:               able to co-lead a 6 week self-management program for people with chronic condi-
                                 tions. Campaspe PCP has been offered a licensing agreement on behalf of all mem-
Home Medicines
Reviews                  2       ber agencies and is finalising these arrangements with Stanford University for agen-
                                 cies to run these programs across the catchment.
Rural Health                 •   9 member agencies participated in the DHS Self Management Mapping Exercise
Conference               3       conducted during December 2007. The SM Mapping aimed to provide greater un-
International Congress           derstanding of the sector by identifying the type of activity occurring across the
of Chronic Disease       3       catchment, service capacity, barriers and enablers and training needs in relation to
                                 self management. It is anticipated that DHS will provide summary feedback to each
Health Coaching
Network Workshop         3       PCP early in 2008 to inform future ICDM Planning. A big thank you to all those
                                 agencies who completed the template during such a busy end to the year, your ef-
Useful Resources                 forts are much appreciated.
                             •   Future Work will be concentrating on the development and implementation of a
PD Opportunities
                         4       Campaspe/Regional Diabetes Pathway. It is envisaged that a Forum will be con-
                                 ducted in May 2008 to commence this work and all relevant agencies will be con-
                                 tacted to participate.
                                                                                                 No. 4
Home Medicines Reviews
 Why HMRs?
 140,000 Australians are admitted to hospital each year because of medication
 related problems.
 Up to 69% are considered avoidable.
 Older people are particularly at risk of drug related problems.
 What is HMR?
 HMR is a consumer focused collaborative service involving a GP referral to the
 community pharmacist of the patient’s choice, a pharmacist interview with a
 consumer, (preferably in the consumer’s home), and a clinical assessment with a
 written report back to the GP.
 Who needs a HMR?
 If you, or someone you know;
 •     Is confused about their medication (eg generics)
                                                                                      Australians are
 •     Doesn’t always remember to take their medication.                                 admitted to
 •     Is concerned about their medication (eg, adverse effects or drug interac-   hospital each year
       tions).                                                                            because of
 •     Takes more than 5 medications a day or;                                     medication related
 •     Has recently spent time in hospital.                                                 HMR Factsheet

 Consumer benefits and feedback
 Many consumers have already benefited from HMRs simply by a pharmacist;
 •     Showing them how to take their medicines correctly.
 •     Explaining why, when and how they should take their medication.
 •     Explaining where medication should be stored.
 •     Checking their equipment is in working order and checking they are using
       the correct technique (eg, asthma inhalers or nebulisers)
 Consumers have reported that having an HMR provided;
 •     Better understanding and self-management of their condition and reduced
       visits to GPs.
 •     Better understanding and self-management of their medication.
 •     A plan that enabled them to know when they actually needed to see their
 Further information can be obtained from your Division of General Prac-
 tice or the Pharmacy Guild of Australia

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                                                                                                                     No. 4
Rural Health Conference
   Wednesday 30 April—Friday 2 May 2008                Professor Kerin O’Dea, Dr. Peter O’Leary,
                      Bendigo                          Professor Boyd Swinburn and Sandra Slat-
  The third biennial Rural Health Conference will
  focus on chronic disease, including current is-      Workshops
  sues and strategies for rural health services.       Workshops will be held on the conference

  Who should attend?                                   • The role of health services in health
                                                           promotion and      the   prevention   of
  Board members and senior manager of rural
                                                           chronic disease.
  health services, consumers, policy makers,
  health professionals , academics and peak or-        • How to respond to chronic disease as a             The Australian
  ganizations-anyone with an interest in the pre-          coordinated health system.                  Institute of Health
  vention and management of chronic disease.           For more information, registrations and                and Welfare
  Keynote speakers                                     a b s t r a c t    s u b m i s s i o n s               projects that
  Speakers will include Professor Andrew Morris,
                                                       www.ruralhealth2008.com.au/program.php                  government
                                                                                                           expenditure on
                                                                                                          Type 2 diabetes
International Congress on Chronic Disease Self-Management                                                      will need to
  26th to 28th November 2008         ease self-management pro-       • Health literacy: the founda-      increase by over
                                     gram content and delivery.
  Grand Hyatt, Melbourne                                               tion of self-care and self-           600 per cent
                                                                       management support.
  ‘Chronic Disease Self- • Optimising the role and im-                                                     between 2001
                               pact of primary care.                 • Introduction of innovation-
  Management : Innovation                                                                                       and 2031
  and evidence of effective- • The needs of indigenous                 making chronic disease self
  ness.’                                                               management sustainable.
                               people and those from cul-
  Conference themes:           turally and linguistically di-
                               verse backgrounds.
  • The workplace-an untapped                                        This conference is hosted by
    opportunity for chronic • Chronic dis ease self-                 the University of Melbourne,
      disease self-management.       management for young peo-       for more information email
                                     ple.                            conference@union.unimelb.edu.au
  • Innovations in chronic dis-

Health Coaching Network Workshop
  The Chronic Disease Self-Management Special Interest Group and Kinect Australia are facilitating a
  workshop to explore establishing a Health Coaching Network..

  The Workshop will be held :            Tuesday 15 April, 2-4pm

                                         Room G04 City Campus, La Trobe University

                                         215 Franklin Street, Melbourne

  RSVP to cwalker@chronicillness.org.au or Christine Walker, Chronic Illness Alliance

      03 9882 4654.

  Who should attend:

  •       Health professionals from hospitals and community health services working with people
          with chronic illnesses

  •       Interested consumers with chronic illness and carers.

  •       Researchers in self-management.
                                                                                                                 Page 3
                                        Service Coordination Steering Committee

                                                                 2008 Meeting Dates

                                         Monday 14th April              9:30am    Echuca Shire Offices, Tower Room

                                         Monday 16th June               9:30am    GVH Waranga Campus, Meeting Room

                                         Monday 18th August             9:30am    Kyabram District Health Services
Campaspe Primary Care
    Partnership                          Monday 20th October            9:30am    Echuca Primary Care, Meeting Room
         Emma Brentnall
          PO Box 164
                                         Monday 15th December           9:30am    Campaspe Shire Council, Rochester, Chamber Rooms
         Rochester 3561
            5484 4489
                                      Useful Resources
  Integrated Chronic Disease             National Heart Foundation
      Management Project                 Updated resource ‘Living Well With Chronic Heart Failure’
                                         The booklet can be ordered from the Heart Foundation’s heart health information service on
          Di Roberts                     1300 36 27 87. A summary version of the booklet (Information Sheet “Living Well With Heart
             58570243                    Failure”) is also available in English with other languages available by mid year.
                                         If you would like to receive further updates on the Heart Foundation’s work in chronic heart
                                         failure, be notified of the launch of other language versions or for any queries, please email clinical-
                                         issues@heartfoundation.org.au or visit the website www.heartfoundation.org.au

                                         Better Health Care in Gippsland Chronic Disease Management Resource Kit

                                         This resource is now available on the DHS Community Health website. The resource has a dia-
                                         betes focus and contains some great tools and information useful for agencies looking at models of
                                         care for diabetes. You will find the resource at


                                      Professional Development

     Respiratory Nurse Course                    Diabetes Australia—Victoria &                     Introduction to Health Coaching
                                                 International Diabetes Institute                      for Health Professionals
                                                         Professional Symposium                   16 & 17 April 2008
Wed 20-Fri 22 Aug & Wed 17-Thur18
Sept                                           Diabetes Management: a team sport                  Rendevous Hotel, Melbourne
Ashley Ricketson Centre, Caulfield             Friday 23 May 2008                                 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Presented by Lung Health Promotion             Sofitel Hotel                                      Presented by Health Coaching Australia
Centre at the Alfred                                                                              Early bird $625
                                               Collins Street, Melbourne
Cost $425                                                                                         Full Price $695
                                               Cost $240
Contact: Sue Reiff       03 9076 2382                                                             Contact: Registration enquiries
                                               Early bird $220 before 5 April
Or visit www.lunghealth.org                                                                          hcaoffice@optusnet.com.au
                                               Visit www.dav.org.au for more informa-
                                               tion                                               Or visit