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        Annual Report 2005
...a new Arc   In 2005, the leaders of Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-Carver unveiled a new vision: one metro-
               wide Arc uniting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families across the
               Twin Cities. Members voiced their support of that vision by approving a merger between the two
               chapters in December. On January 1, 2006, Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-Carver became Arc
               Greater Twin Cities.

               The merger was the top story of 2005 for Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-Carver. It was a year of
               tremendous change as the two chapters determined how to integrate programs, services and resources
               to best serve individuals and families throughout the new seven-county service area.

               However, some things have remained constant. Arc is still about making a difference in people’s lives.
               That is the real vision of Arc Greater Twin Cities: to create more connections among more people so
               more of their stories have happy endings.

               Arc’s Mission
               To secure for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families the
               opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they live, learn, work and play.
                        Sixty years ago, a small group of parents and educators came together
A Letter to the Community

                        to create more opportunities for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They
                        realized that by working together, they could be more powerful, more persuasive and more
                        effective. From that group, Arc was born.

                        Arc chapters sprang up across the Twin Cities and then, over time, these small chapters began to
                        unite until just two chapters remained in the Twin Cities: Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-
Kim Keprios
                        Carver. In 2005, these two organizations began merger discussions. Now, in 2006, we are one
                        Arc: Arc Greater Twin Cities.

                        The merger was a tremendous endeavor for both Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-Carver.
                        Many people spent many hours delving into issues and figuring out countless details to make the
                        merger a success.

                        At the same time, Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-Carver continued to provide their full
Gail Hoffmann           spectrum of programs, services, information and assistance to people with intellectual and
                        developmental disabilities and their families. Together, the two chapters served more than
                        21,000 people in 2005.

                        This special combination annual report covers the separate accomplishments of Arc Great Rivers
                        and Arc Hennepin-Carver as well as the creation of Arc Greater Twin Cities. It’s an apt reflection
                        of 2005 for the two organizations – some efforts in tandem, others distinct to each chapter.

                        The reasons for creating one metro-wide Arc are essentially the ones that first brought our
Tom Judd                founders together. There is strength in numbers, and in the last 60 years, we have made great
                        progress in establishing human rights and bringing people with disabilities into community
                        life. But we still have far to go. To create a world where people with disabilities are accepted,
                        included and valued, we must take the power of connections to the next level. That is what Arc
                        Greater Twin Cities is: a new Arc with a new vision.


                            Kim Keprios                              Gail Hoffmann                                Tom Judd
                            Chief Executive Officer                  Board Co-Chair                               Board Co-Chair

Arc Greater Twin Cities at a Glance

• Arc Greater Twin Cities was             • Arc is driven by the people we             • Arc provides information and                             • Arc improves the lives of people
  created in 2006 by the merger             serve. The active participation and          assistance to people of all ages,                          with disabilities and their families
  of Arc Great Rivers and Arc               leadership of our members ensure             from birth through the senior                              through public policy advocacy
  Hennepin-Carver. We serve                 that Arc reflects the changing needs         years. We connect people with                              at federal, state and local levels.
  individuals and families in Anoka,        of individuals and families.                 community resources and help                               We work to secure, preserve and
  Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey,                                                      them navigate service systems in                           enhance services essential to a safe
  Scott and Washington Counties.                                                         such areas as early intervention,                          and fulfilling life in the community
                                                                                         education, transition to adulthood,                        by engaging people in the political
                                                                                         housing, employment, health care,                          process and mobilizing action on
                                                                                         guardianship and recreation.                               key legislative issues.

Core Programs and Services                                              Arc by the Numbers                                                             2005
Information and One-to-One Advocacy                                     Children, adults and caregivers served by individual                           13,692
Family Connections                                                      programs and services (information and assistance,
       • Parent/Caregiver Connections                                   one-to-one advocacy, Arcshops, support groups, etc.)
       • Sibshops
       • ArcShops                                                       Persons engaged in public policy advocacy and                                   8,171
       • Forums                                                         community collaborations to achieve systems change
       • GetSet! Training for Special Education Success
Public Policy Advocacy/Systems Change and                               Persons receiving information through Arc’s Web sites,                        185,094
   Action Alert Network                                                 newsletters, e-newsletter and other public awareness
People First                                                            activities

                                                                        Persons who volunteered at Arc and Arc’s Value Village                          4,953
                                                                        Thrift Stores

                                                                        Total people served and outreach activities                                   211,910

                                                                        Note: Statistics are combined for Arc Great Rivers and Arc Hennepin-Carver.

                                                                                                           H   appy Endings
                                                                                                           and Brighter Futures
                                                                                                           The best way to understand Arc is through the
                                                                                                           lives we touch. Every year, Arc helps thousands
Arc Greater Twin Cities Board of Directors                                Honorary Board
                                                                                                           of people with intellectual and developmental
Co-Chairs               Gail Hoffmann*                                    Sharon Sayles Belton             disabilities and their families overcome
                        Thomas Judd,* Moss & Barnett                      Bill Bieber
                                                                                                           challenges and take their place in community
First Vice Chair        Dan Froehlich,* Airline Pilots Association        Karen Bohn
Secretary               Lynda Ihlan,* Farmington Middle School East       Jerry Caruso
                                                                                                           life. On the following pages are just a few of
Treasurer               Kathy Kozak Roberts, Wells Fargo                  Judith Corson                    the stories with happy endings – individuals and
Directors               Alcenya Ajayi,* State of Minnesota,               Dr. Stephen England              families who have a brighter future because they
                           Office of Justice                              Jim Frey                         connected with Arc.
                        Rod England, Jr.,* GMAC RFC                       Mary Frey
                        Steve Hayes,* BBDO Minneapolis                    Bob Gunderson
                        Amy Hewitt,* Ph. D., University of Minnesota      Rev. Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall
                           Institute on Community Integration             William Hibbs
                        Lorna Wiskerchen Hoffrogge, Anoka County          Tom Keller
                           Developmental Disabilities Unit                Robert Klas, Sr.
                        Debbra Howlett,* Edina Realty                     Jim Klobuchar
                        Tom McMahon,* Denticare                           John Lavander
                        Patrick Moore, Clark A. Joslin Law Office, P.A.   Lee Lynch
                        Scott Price,* Babcock, Ltd.                       Mary Meuwissen
                        David Saltzman, Clark Consulting –                Tom Miller
                           Healthcare Group                               Kathy O’Connor
                        Hunter Sargent,* University of Minnesota          Paul Omodt
                           Institute on Community Integration             Michael Opat
                        Peggy Smith*                                      Todd Otis
                                                                          Nancy Owen
                                                                          Bob Roepke
                                                                          Jim Smart
*Is a self-advocate or has a family member with an intellectual
                                                                          Ed Spencer
 or developmental disability.                                             Valerie Spencer

Yeefeng Lee
is a five-year-old boy who needs    questions. After they interviewed
a lot of help with his everyday     me, they cut the hours even
activities. Yeefeng has severe      further. My son needs a lot of
developmental disabilities and      assistance – an hour and a half
physical challenges that include    was just not enough.”
visual impairment, seizures,
behavior disorders and disturbed    Yeefeng’s county social worker
sleep patterns.                     asked Arc to get involved.
                                    Learning that language barriers
Before his family connected         had been part of the problem, Arc
with Arc, Yeefeng was receiving     requested a new evaluation by the
five hours of daily assistance,     screening agency. The nurse who
which was not enough to meet        conducted the second assessment
his needs. Things went from         saw immediately that the family
bad to much worse when a            needed more help. Based on the
screening agency reassessed him     new evaluation, Yeefeng’s services
and cut his services to just 90     were increased to almost 12 hours
minutes a day. The screening        a day – more than double his
agency‘s communications were        original service hours.
all in English, further confusing
and complicating the situation      Now Yeefeng has personal care
because Yeefeng’s parents do not    assistants to help him with his
speak English.                      daily activities. His parents have
                                    more time and energy for their
“With all my son’s problems, I      entire family of six children.
couldn’t understand why he was      They know Yeefeng may need
not allowed more services,” said    assistance with other issues in the
his mother, Ying Yang, through an   future – but they also know Arc is
interpreter. “We were not given     there to help them.
the opportunity to ask any

“Arc has helped us come a long way. Yeefeng’s
personal care assistant is able to do a lot more
for him than she could before. Things are
better now for our family.”

– Ying Yang, mother of Yeefeng Lee
For          Thomas and Rochelle      the last presidential election, I
Turan, decisions made at the state    decided I wanted to do more than
capitol are more than newspaper       just think about my concerns, so I
headlines. Two of their three         attended an Arc workshop on how
sons, Taylor and Marshall, have       to work with legislators,” Rochelle
intellectual and developmental        said. “Before that training, I didn’t
disabilities that require             feel I had the skills or the courage
extraordinary levels of care. The     to go to a legislator and say, ‘Look,
Turans are determined to keep         this is important to my family, and
their children living with them,      you need to listen to me.’”
and government-funded support
services such as the Consumer         Today, Tom and Rochelle feel
Directed Community Supports           confident telling their story and
(CDCS) option of Medicaid             have done so many times. They
waivered services are essential to    have met with legislators, testified
them.                                 at legislative hearings, appeared
                                      at a press conference and spoken
In recent years, however, the state   at an Arc Town Meeting. In
has placed growing restrictions       2005, their family was featured
on services for people who have       in a Twin Cities Public Television
disabilities and has also raised      (TPT) documentary produced
user fees. Families already facing    for the University of Minnesota’s
tremendous challenges are left to     Children’s Summit.
struggle even more as they cope
with these cutbacks.                  Their efforts are making a
                                      difference. “We saw parental
The Turans have responded by          fees lowered last year, and CDCS
becoming exceptional advocates        is still around,” said Rochelle.
for their own children and            “Obviously, we didn’t do that
for individuals and families          alone, but we feel we contributed
throughout the state. “During         to it. We didn’t feel powerless,
                                      and that’s important.”

“What Arc really did for us was to bridge the gap
between lawmakers and ourselves. The training
and assistance we received empowered us to go
out and speak on our own behalf.”
– Rochelle Turan
Busch has been                        a real difference for Kendra, Julie
beating the odds all her life.        immediately called Arc, which
Born six weeks prematurely, she       had assisted her previously with
started life with multiple medical    Kendra’s education services.
conditions and spent most of her
first three years in the hospital.    An Arc advocate reviewed the
                                      CDCS evaluation with Julie and
Now seven, Kendra has                 found several inaccuracies. At
developmental delays and needs        Arc’s insistence, the county
constant care for a number of         conducted another assessment.
medical conditions. Nevertheless,     The result was an increase in
she’s an active and talkative first   Kendra’s CDCS budget rather than
grader who has regained much          a decrease.
of the ground she lost early in
life. Support services such as the    “I was worried about what would
Consumer Directed Community           happen if Kendra’s budget was
Supports (CDCS) option of             cut, and I was very happy when
waivered services and special         we got the good news – it was a
education services have played a      huge relief,” Julie said. “Now I
big role in her progress.             can restructure some of Kendra’s
                                      services, and I don’t have to
Problems arose recently when          worry about losing her personal
Kendra’s mother, Julie Erickson,      care attendants. I feel like we’re
was notified that Kendra’s CDCS       moving in the right direction, and
budget would be cut by nearly         I’m really grateful to Arc. They’ve
two-thirds in 2006. Afraid of         been a big help.”
losing supports that are making

“For a long time, I didn’t know what Arc was or how
it could help me. I was thrilled to find out about the
advocacy that parents can get from Arc. Whenever
there’s something I’m not sure about, whether it has
to do with the county or the home health agency or
the school district, it’s nice to have one contact point
to help sort things out.”

– Julie Erickson, mother of Kendra Busch
In many of Arc’s                      and dinner,” she said. “It’s a lot of
success stories, individuals and      planning.”
families overcome challenges or
better their lives because of help    The conference theme is
from Arc. But sometimes it is Arc     “Freedom,” and Janne tackled
that is strengthened by the people    the job of finding a word for
who believe in its work. Jane         each letter to symbolize – F for
Harris and her daughter Janne         Flexibility, R for Rights, etc. “I
Charbonneau are one of those          gave her a little help with some of
success stories.                      the words, but I didn’t have any
                                      ideas for O,” Jane said. “I asked
Jane and Janne are veteran Arc        Janne what word we could use,
volunteers. They have volunteered     and she said ‘Opportunity.’”
many times at the Tapemark
Charity Pro-Am and Arc Classic        The family’s connection to Arc
golf tournaments. Jane chairs         dates back to Janne’s childhood
Arc’s silent auction committee        in Oklahoma. Unsatisfied with
and helps out at the Rose Sale.       educational services for kids with
Janne is a whiz at handling Arc       disabilities, Jane went to the local
mailings, a job that’s right up her   Arc chapter for help in forming a
alley. She was the first person       parent group. “I was impressed,”
with a developmental disability to    she said. “Any time I needed
be hired for a clerical position by   Arc’s help, I got it. So when
Anoka County, and today she still     we moved back to Minnesota, I
holds that job – and loves it.        became a volunteer. Now
                                      when Arc calls on us, we’re
Janne is also on the organizing       happy to help.”
committee for the 2006 Putting
People First Conference. “The
conference will go on all day
long, and then we’ll have a dance

“Arc is especially important now, when services for
people with disabilities are being cut. Many kids
with disabilities don’t have anyone to go to bat for
them, so those of us who can do it, must do it. Any-
thing we can do to support Arc’s advocacy work is of
prime importance.”

– Jane Harris
Arc Great Rivers
Highlights of 2005                                                                        Arc Great Rivers
                                                                                          2005 Board of Directors
• Public policy advocacy was a top priority in 2005. Arc Great Rivers mobilized
                                                                                          Gail Hoffmann*
  families to speak at hearings, share their personal stories and attend Town Meetings
  to help legislators understand the importance of support services and the first-hand    Secretary/Treasurer
  impact of cuts to these services.                                                       Peggy Sherman,
• Cutbacks in Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), a state program
                                                                                          Vice President
  supporting consumer control and choice, were a huge blow to Arc’s constituents.
                                                                                          Hal Hardel,*
  Arc supported families with the appeals process and worked with other                      K&H Services
  organizations to resolve this crisis.
                                                                                          Past President
• Arc Great Rivers launched a pilot program to support Latino families who have           Jean Bender,*
  children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program offers              Ramsey County Early Childhood Information and Referral

  leadership training to Latino parents, who use the knowledge and skills they learn to
  assist and mentor other Latino families through informal support networks.              Alcenya Ajayi,*
                                                                                            State of Minnesota Office of Justice
• Support and advocacy for caregivers of adults with disabilities was a growing           Phil Briggs,*
  service area for Arc Great Rivers. With Arc’s assistance, caregivers obtained needed      Old Navy
  services, resolved issues arising from their caregiving responsibilities and met with   Gerald Glomb,
                                                                                            The Cooperating Community Programs
  others for support and information.
                                                                                          Lorna Wiskerchen Hoffrogge,
                                                                                            Anoka County Developmental Disabilities Unit
• Arc Great Rivers played an important role in helping adults with disabilities develop   Debbra Howlett,*
  self-advocacy skills through its affiliated People First chapters and workshops on        Edina Realty
  self-advocacy and community participation. People First groups co-sponsored Town        Lynda Ihlan,*
  Meetings to help self-advocates share their stories with legislators and planned          Farmington Middle School East
                                                                                          Nancy Janes,*
  informational meetings.
                                                                                            Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts
                                                                                          Tom McMahon,*
                                                                                          Scott Price,*
                                                                                            Babcock Ltd.
                                                                                          Mario Salinas,*
                                                                                            The Toro Company

                                                                                          *Is a self-advocate or has a family member with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Arc Great Rivers 2005 Financial Information
Statement of Unrestricted Activities for the Year Ended December 31, 2005
Contributed Support                                          Expenses
  Contributions and Grants                      $272,589       Systems & Individual Advocacy and Family Support   $709,604
  United Way                                     392,720       Total Program Services                             $709,604
  Special Events                                  94,975
  Total Contributed Support                     $760,284       Management and General                              $41,832
                                                               Resource Development                                118,284
Earned Revenue                                                 Total Support Services                             $160,116
  Membership                                     $27,328
  Program Service Fees                            13,221     Support to State Organization                         $85,278
  Investment Income, net                          30,403
  Rental Income                                    3,600
  Miscellaneous                                       26
  Total Earned Revenue                           $74,578

Reclassified Net Assets
  Net Assets released from restrictions
  due to satisfaction of program restrictions
  or expiration of time restrictions            $126,716

Total Revenue and Support                       $961,578     Total Expenses                                       $954,998

Arc Great Rivers Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2005

Assets                                                       Liabilities
  Current Assets                                $150,403        Current Liabilities                                $19,373
  Investments and Other Assets                   643,529        Long-term Liabilities                                    -
  Building and Equipment, net                      9,168        Total Liabilities                                  $19,373

                                                             Net Assets
                                                               Board Designated                                   $742,573
                                                               Temporarily Restricted                               41,154
                                                              Total Net Assets                                    $783,727

Total Assets                                    $803,100     Total Liabilities and Net Assets                     $803,100
Arc Hennepin-Carver
Highlights of 2005                                                                    Arc Hennepin-Carver
                                                                                      2005 Board of Directors

• Arc Hennepin-Carver rallied members and friends to urge legislators to preserve     President
                                                                                      Patrick Moore, Clark A. Joslin Law Office, P.A.
  services and supports crucial to people with intellectual and developmental
  disabilities and their families. Throughout the legislative session, Arc provided
                                                                                      1st Vice President
  people with information, inspiration and support to participate in the political    Tom Judd,* Moss & Barnett
  process. In addition, Arc held three Town Meetings giving families a chance to
  tell their stories to legislators.                                                  2nd Vice President
                                                                                      Dan Froehlich,* Airline Pilots Association
• To help Minneapolis voters make informed choices in November elections,
  Arc Hennepin-Carver teamed up with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits,
                                                                                      Peggy Smith*
  the Metropolitan Alliance of Community Centers, the Confederation of
  Somali Community and other community organizations to co-sponsor four               Treasurer
  candidate forums. These community partnerships enabled Arc to promote civic         Kathy Kozak Roberts, Wells Fargo
  engagement among a wider, more diverse audience.
                                                                                      Immediate Past President
                                                                                      David Saltzman, Clark Consulting – Healthcare Group
• Arc Hennepin-Carver launched its GetSet! Training for Special
  Education Success with support from the McKnight Foundation and the                 Director-at-Large
  Medtronic Foundation. GetSet! is a new and user-friendly update of the              Jim Odland,* Thrivent Financial
  What’s the Big IDEA? program, revised to reflect changes in the Individuals
  with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004. GetSet! is for parents of      Directors
  school-age children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and covers     Deen Ajibola,*                                    Thomas Moberly,*
  the full spectrum of special education topics from birth to age 21.                    Amas, Inc.                                         G & K Services (retired)
                                                                                      Karen Brantner,                                   LuAnn Panning*
                                                                                         Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres                       Suzanne Renfroe*
• Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina victims
                                                                                      Rod England, Jr.,*                                Bob Roepke,*
  through a partnership with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army distributed                                                             Community Consultant
                                                                                         GMAC RFC
  vouchers redeemable at Arc’s Value Village and Salvation Army Thrift Stores to      Richard Grimm, III,*                              Hunter Sargent,*
  provide winter clothing for refugees staying in Minnesota. Nearly 100 people           University of Minnesota                            University of Minnesota
  used the vouchers at Arc’s Value Village.                                              Institute on Community Integration                 Institute on Community Integration
                                                                                      Steve Hayes,*                                     Jill Holte Weldin,
                                                                                         BBDO Minneapolis                                   St. David’s Child Development
• Best-selling author Lorna Landvik was featured at a book discussion evening for
                                                                                      Amy Hewitt, Ph.D.,*                                   and Family Services
  friends of Arc Hennepin-Carver in September. The event was part of the Artists
                                                                                         University of Minnesota
  for Arc series, which raises funds for Arc’s programs and services.                    Institute on Community Integration
                                                                                      Larry Kugler,*
                                                                                         KKE Architects

                                                                                      *Is a self-advocate or has a family member with an intellectual or developmental disability.
Arc Hennepin-Carver 2005 Financial Information
Statement of Unrestricted Activities for the Year Ended December 31, 2005
Contributed Support                                          Expenses
  Contributions                                   $236,262     Systems & Individual Advocacy and Family Support $1,672,602
  Capital Campaign Contributions                     4,820     Public Awareness                                    250,143
  Bequest                                            1,000     Membership Services                                 110,114
  Corporate, Foundaton and Government Grants        44,102     Volunteer Services                                   24,115
  Greater Twin Cities United Way                   535,532     Total Program Services                           $2,056,974
  United Way Designated Funds                       42,631
  Value Village Thrift Stores, net               1,245,549     Management and General                            $193,668
  Used Goods Pickup Service, net                   195,211     Resource Development                               260,883
  Autos for Arc, net                                 8,921     Capital Campaign Expenses                            3,244
  Total Contributed Support                     $2,314,028     Total Support Services                            $457,795
Earned Revenue
                                                             Support to State Organization                        $86,534
  Membership                                      $20,850
  Program Service Fees                             26,042
  Investment Income, net                           75,475
  Total Earned Revenue                           $122,367

Reclassified Net Assets
  Net Assets released from restrictions
  due to satisfaction of program restrictions    $344,918

Total Revenue and Support                       $2,781,313   Total Expenses                                    $2,601,303

Arc Hennepin-Carver Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2005

Assets                                                       Liabilities
  Current Assets                                  $916,520      Current Liabilities                              $436,714
  Investments and Other Assets                   1,801,139      Long-term Liabilities                             124,093
  Building and Equipment, net                      585,249      Total Liabilities                                $560,807

                                                             Net Assets
                                                               Board Designated                                $2,076,294
                                                               Undesignated                                       134,488
                                                               Temporarily Restricted                             531,319
                                                              Total Net Assets                                 $2,742,101

Total Assets                                    $3,302,908   Total Liabilities and Net Assets                  $3,302,908
  Arc’s Thrift Businesses

  More than half of the funding for Arc Hennepin-
  Carver’s programs and services came from its three
  thrift businesses: Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores in
  Brooklyn Center, New Hope and Richfield; Arc’s Used
  Goods Pickup Service; and Autos for Arc. In 2005, they
  generated over $1.4 million.

  Arc’s thrift businesses raise more than money – they
  also raise awareness of Arc and its work. Together, they
  connect Arc with hundreds of thousands of people every
  year. The blue trucks of Arc’s Used Goods Pickup Service
  make about 145,000 stops at homes annually to collect
  donations of clothing and household goods. Arc’s three
  Value Village Thrift Stores serve more than half a million           Thrift Business 2005 Highlights
  shoppers and donors every year. And Autos for Arc, the                                                                       • Arc’s Used Goods Pickup Service and Autos
  newest thrift business, gives local residents an opportunity         • The second annual “Celebration of Sorts,” co-           for Arc expanded service into Anoka, Dakota,
  to support Arc by donating their used vehicles.                        sponsored by United Way Caring Connection,              Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties.
                                                                         drew 340 volunteers to Arc’s Value Village
                                                                         Thrift Store in Brooklyn Center, where they           • A grant to Arc’s Value Village from the Solid
  Arc extends its gratitude to everyone who supported
                                                                         contributed 829 volunteer hours during a                Waste Management Coordinating Board funded
  Arc by donating, shopping or volunteering at its thrift                                                                        a variety of activities encouraging people to
                                                                         one-day sorting marathon in September.
  businesses in 2005. Thanks to you, people with                         Community involvement in the event was up               reuse and recycle. They included a popular

Thank you
  intellectual and developmental disabilities and their                  significantly over 2004, with a 49% increase in         new series of workshops on topics such as
  families have more help, hope and opportunity.                         volunteers and a 20% increase in participating          Felting for Thrifters, No-Waste Holidays and Get
                                                                         organizations. Halloween items and clothing             Clean, Green and Organized.
                                                                         processed by the volunteers generated about
                                                                         $118,000 for Arc’s services.                          • 3,302 volunteers gave 60,276 hours of service
                                                                                                                                 in 2005 at the three Arc’s Value Village stores.
                      Photo: Volunteers are the hands and heart of
                      Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores. Individuals   • Arc’s Value Village in Brooklyn Center                  Volunteers make up nearly 75% of the work
                      and groups help keep the stores well stocked       celebrated its fifth anniversary. In its first five     force at Arc’s Value Village. Because of their
                      by processing hundreds of thousands of             years, the store sold more than $4 million in           support, more proceeds from the stores can
                      donated items every year.                          new and gently used clothing and household              support Arc’s programs and services.
Arc Greater Twin Cities thanks all        Leadership Donors                                Knights of Columbus                               Edina Realty Foundation
                                                                                           - Council 5141                                    - Maplewood Office
of its contributors for their valued
                                                                                           - Council 9141                                    - Grand Avenue Office
support during the past year. Through     Platinum – $50,000+
                                                                                           Lions Club – Midway                               Enrich, Inc.
                                          The Earl & Doris Bakken Foundation
their generosity, Arc is helping people                                                    Maxwell and Denise McGee                          Entegris, Inc.
                                          Blue Cross and Blue Shield
                                                                                           The MENTOR Network                                Michael and Debbie Finn
with intellectual and developmental          Foundation of Minnesota
                                                                                           Metris Companies                                  Jack and Bessie Fiterman Foundation
                                          Bieber Family Foundation/Kathy O’Connor
disabilities and their families build                                                      The Minnesota Governor’s Council on               Richard Giertsen
                                          Frey Foundation
                                                                                              Developmental Disabilities                     Granite Foundation
better lives. Gifts of $100 or more       Greater Twin Cities United Way
                                                                                           Moss & Barnett                                    Hazen and Kathy Graves
made in 2005 to Arc Great Rivers          The McKnight Foundation
                                                                                           National Association of Tax Professionals, Inc.   Guidant Foundation
                                          Medtronic Foundation
and Arc Hennepin-Carver and gifts                                                          The Patch Foundation                              Robert and Elizabeth Gunderson
                                          Tapemark Charity Pro-Am
                                                                                           The Pentair Foundation                            Rev. Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall
of $100 or more to Arc Greater Twin       Whitney Arcee Foundation
                                                                                           Renee and Fred Pritzker                           Laurel and Brian Hansen
Cities made through March 2006 are                                                         Rahr Foundation                                   Paul and Deb Harder
                                                                                           RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation                      William and Marie Heiland
recognized here. Gifts of all sizes are   Gold – $25,000 - $49,999
                                                                                           Margaret Rivers Fund                              Jack and Kate Helms
appreciated.                              Ameriprise Financial
                                                                                           St. Croix Area United Way                         John and Sandy Hey
                                          Dakota County Community Services
                                                                                           Sam’s Club                                        John Hill
                                          Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
                                                                                           Royce and Janice Sanner                           International Dairy Queen
                                          The Jay and Rose Philips Family Foundation
                                                                                           Peggy and Larry Smith                             JJJ Charitable Trust Teamster Joint Council 32
                                                                                           Ed and Valerie Spencer                            William and Debra Jenkins
                                                                                           US Bank                                           Richard Johnson
                                          Diamond – $10,000 - $24,999
                                                                                           Wal-Mart Foundation                               Thomas and Susan Judd
                                          Alliance Health Care
                                                                                           Wendy and Warren Watson                           Karlsson Consulting Group, Inc.
                                          James and Mary Frey
                                                                                           Jeff and Sheri Wright                             John and Paula Kelly
                                          Michael Israel and Laura Beth Landy
                                                                                                                                             KKE Architects Charitable Foundation
                                          Mains’l Services, Inc.
                                                                                           Pearl – $1,000 - $2,499                           King Solutions, Inc.
                                          Miller Chevrolet
                                                                                           Able Property Management                          Knights of Columbus
                                          The Doug & Martha Miller Foundation
                                                                                           ACR Homes                                         - Council 4374
                                          The Kathy and Tom Miller
                                                                                           American Express Foundation                       - Council 4381
                                             Family Foundation
                                                                                           American Legion Auxiliary #102                    - Council 4914
                                          Minnesota Department of Education
                                                                                           Margaret Argall                                   - Council 5569
                                          Tom and Yvonne Moberly
                                                                                           Sam and Desiree Ashkar                            - Council 8367
                                          Owen Lavander Fund of
                                                                                           BAE Systems                                       Lake Elmo Jaycees
                                             The Minneapolis Foundation
                                                                                           Mary Louise Beardsley                             Leonard Street & Dienhard
                                          Helen Silha
                                                                                           Steve Beddor and Gail Dorn                        Lifeworks
                                          Tiger Woods Foundation
                                                                                           Edward & Markell C. Brooks                        Lions Club
                                          Wilma Wakefield
                                                                                              Family Fund of                                 - Blaine
                                                                                              The Minneapolis Foundation                     - Cottage Grove
                                                                                           Citizens Independent Bank                         - Dayton
                                          Ruby – $2,500 - $9,999
                                                                                           Community Living, Inc.                            - Ham Lake
                                          The Bayport Foundation of Andersen Corporation
                                                                                           The Cooperating Community Programs                Lutheran Social Services
                                          William and Bea Beddor
                                                                                           Judith and Richard Corson                         Lee Lynch and Terry Saario
                                          Best Buy Children’s Foundation
                                                                                           CNA Surety                                        Bonnie Marshall
                                          Jerome and Linda Carlson
                                                                                           Courey, Kosanda & Zimmer, PA                      Dorothy and Bernard McGuire
                                          Jerry and Sarah Caruso
                                                                                           DeCare Dental                                     James Melville
                                          Guzman Law Firm, PA
                                                                                           Delta Dental                                      Metropolitan Center
                                          The Hartford
                                                                                           Dungarvin Minnesota                                   for Independent Living
                                          Max Horn
                                          Kim Keprios and John Everett

The Minneapolis Foundation -           American Legion                        - Spring Lake Park                           Community Bank Chaska
   The Walter D. Boutell Camp and      - Post 102                             - Vadnais Heights                            Community Living Inc. Main Office
   Santa Anonymous Kids Camp Fund      - Post 303                             - Victoria                                   Compass Capital Management Inc.
Minnesota Habilitation Coalition       - Post 424                             Charles Loux                                 Richard Dahl
Minnesota Teamsters Joint Council 32   Anchor Bank, N.A.                      Minnesota Council on Nonprofits              Dakota Electric Association
Minnesota Vikings                      Baldinger Baking Co.                   John Nelson & Associates                     Lynn Dale
Patrick and Ruth Moore                 Blaine Jaycees                         Wayne and Mary Neubarth                      Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Mount Olivet Rolling Acres             John Bredemus                          Dick and Connie Nickel                       Marcella and Henry Dwyer
New Guidance Counseling Clinic         Cabin Fever Sporting Goods             Dennis Nisler and Cheryl Hommen-Nisler       eBay Foundation
New York Life Foundation               Dr. Harold Cahoy                       Old Dutch Foods                              Equity Services of St. Paul
Nordstrom                              Canterbury Park                        Michael Olson                                First National Bank of Waconia
Northern Star/Michael’s Foods          Paul and Pam Carlson                   Opportunity Partners                         John and Debbie Fox
James Nystrom                          The Chanhassen Bank                    Padilla Speer Beardsley                      Dan and Elizabeth Froehlich
Jim and Sonja Odland                   CNA Surety                             Partners In Community Supports (PICS)        Erin Geiser and Michael Schrock
Pals                                   Burt and Rusty Cohen                   Dr. James Pattee                             Rodney Gerdes
Polka Dot Dairy, Inc.                  Coon Rapids High School                PGI Companies Inc.                           Diane Girdler
Prairie West Companies, Ltd.           Coon Rapids Rotary Foundation          David and Pam Pokorney                       Hartman Communities
Estate of Irja S. Pratt                Eagan Rotary                           Property Resources Management Company, LLC   Dee Hemgren
RCIS/Norwest Bank Anoka                   Community Service Foundation        Marianne and Greg Reich                      Amos Hewitt-Perry
Residential Funding Corp.              Connie and Rodney England, Jr.         Fred and Annette Rengel                      William Hibbs
Riverplace Counseling Center           Enventis Telecom                       Ridgeview Medical Center                     Houlihan’s Restaurant & Bar
Rural Community Insurance Company      Beth Fondell and Charles Shreffler     Dave and Mary Robertson                      Hugh and Jean Huelster
St. Paul Foundation                    John and Mary Foss                     Rogers Drug & Grocery                        John and Alice Hulbert
David and Cherri Saltzman              Steve and Kathy Goldsmith              St. Croix Area United Way                    Mary Hurley
Joseph and Peggy Schierl, Jr.          Margaret Gunther                       The St. Paul Companies Inc. Foundation       Paula Jacobs
Lisette Schlosser                      Rick and Deb Hammergren                David and Karen Sebesta                      Karen Jacobson
E.C. Stratton                          Steven Hayes and Maureen Laird Hayes   SuperShuttle International                   Charles Jensen
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans       Randy Hohbein                          TCF Foundation                               Erik Johnson
- Carver Hennepin Chapter              Holy Family Catholic High School       The Toro Foundation                          Margi Klas Johnson
- South Anoka County Chapter           HVH Auto Parts                         Victoria State Bank                          Bruce and Linda Kennedy
TVI Inc.                               John’s Auto Parts                      Waste Management, Inc.                       Kloos Electric
Wakefield Charitable Foundation        Peter Komarek and Elizabeth Nelson     Wells Fargo Community Support Program        Knights of Columbus
H.E. & Helen R. Warren Foundation      Jeff and Anne Langaard                 West St. Paul Commercial Club                - Council 2506
Howard and Gloria Weisskopf            Alan and Mary Klein                    Marikay Wolf                                 - Council 3657
Xcel Energy Foundation                 KleinBank                              Keith Wolff                                  - Council 5268
Van Zandt and Liz Hawn                 Knights of Columbus                    Zwart Accounting & Tax Service               - Council 9585
                                       - Council 2400                                                                      - Council 12140
                                       - Council 3656                         $250 - $499                                  Lawrence and Susan Kugler
Contributors                           - Council 6374                         1st National Bank of Elk River               Charlie Lakin
                                       - Council 7604                         Gary and Patrice Alkire                      Lanigan & Kolb, LLP
$500 – $999                            - Council 10138                        Altron Inc.                                  Steven and Joan Larson
ABC Publishing                         - Minnesota State Council              American Legion Post 102                     Dave LeMieu
A Bergee Corporation                   Kopp Family Foundation                 Dr. Robert Anderson                          Krissa Lietz
Acordia                                Virginia Krones                        Alison Bakken                                Lions Club - Fridley
Action Plastics                        Lenzen Chevrolet Buick                 Mike and Paige Bingham                       Marco
ADC Foundation                         Lions Club                             Karen Bohn                                   Gene and Anita Martinez
Allegra Printing                       - Burnsville                           Carol Bort                                   Karen Mellem
Allina Health Systems                  - Maplewood/Oakdale                    David and Nancy Brown                        Midwest Special Services
American Iron                          - Ramsey                               Camp Snoopy                                  Minneapolis Jewish Federation
                                       - St. Paul Park-Newport                Roger and Lois Carlson                       Mike Montero

Leeann Murphy                                     Thomas Allen Inc.                 Marilyn Ehline
Northeast State Bank                              American Legion                   M. Louise Eisworth
Kathy Nystrom                                     - Post 48                         Elks Club - Stillwater #179
Gail Olson                                        - Post 334                        Cheryl Ellefson
Opportunity Partners                              - Post 513                        Gary Ellis and Diane Kozlak
Original Pancake House                            Dr. R.K. Anderson                 Kenneth Erickson
Rick and LuAnn Panning                            Atlantis Pools, Inc.              Lyle and Jane Fahning
Parents in Community Action PICA Headstart        Atlas Staffing                    David Felker and Linda Bachman
Bruce and Merry Jo Parker                         B & B Carpet One                  Kyle Fitzwater
Graham and Rosamonde Peters                       William and Alexandra Bartolic    Richard Ford
                                                                                                                                 “When our oldest daughter Francis was
Donna Peterson                                    William Baxter                    John Henry Foster Minnesota, I
Richard Peterson                                  Judy Bell                         William and Ann Fox                          born disabled, there was nowhere to
Lesley Perg                                       Paul and Jean Bender              Michael Freeman                              turn with an unexpected, devastating
Thomas Perron                                     Michael and Lynn Bjork            Rick and Jackie Garlick                      situation. Now we can measure the value
Noel Rahn                                         Muriel Bochnak                    Gen Financial Management Inc.                of Arc by simply imagining the hole that
Frederick Matthew Ralph and Anna Kuxhausen        Boston Homes & Healthcare         Woody and Gig Ginkel
                                                                                                                                 would be left in our society if the programs
Ramsey Lions Club                                 Jim and Ann Boulay                Rosemary Gleason
Denise Rauk and Deena Bartley                     Tom and Sue Brakke                Gerald and Mary Glomb                        of Arc and the political influence that it
Edie Reiman                                       Karen Brantner                    Mark Goin                                    represents did not exist.”
Dave Regel Construction, Inc.                     Sally Bredchoft                   Golden Kiwannis – Fridley/Columbia Heights
The John Roberts Company                          William and Anna Marie Brooks     Bob Golike                                   – Sandy and Robert Klas, Sr.
Robert and Kathleen Roepke                        Thomas Brunberg                   Nancy Gonzalez
Ken Rosenblum                                     The Brunsvold Family              Philip Gonzales
Jeffrey Schmidt                                   William Burback                   James Gotfredsen
Shreffler Law Firm, PA                            Joseph Byrne                      Great Garage Products, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Sam and Sylvia Kaplan
Mike Seeland                                      Connie Cameron                    Margaret Grekoff
                                                                                                                                 Jaclynn Kastendieck
State of Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services   Patricia Cannon                   Larry Griffith and Ginger Sisco
                                                                                                                                 John and Diane Kelly
Steve and Sue Stenbeck                            Cardinal of Minnesota             Lori Guzman, Esq.
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Kepner
Eric and Caroline Stevens                         Paula Casmey                      Jerry and Mariann Hacker
                                                                                                                                 George and Dorothy Keprios
Douglas and Kathleen Swanson                      Ceridian                          John Haeg
                                                                                                                                 Ronald and Angela Kimmel
Talent Software Services, Inc.                    Joan and John Christoffel         James Haen
                                                                                                                                 Kathleen Kirchberg
TCF National Bank                                 Brian and Lisa Citak              Jerald and Chloette Haley
                                                                                                                                 Kiwanis Club
Teamsters Local 471                               Patricia Clayton                  Handi Medical Supply, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 - Columbia Heights
Nancy Torell                                      Susan Coleman                     Sheryelann Hanuman
                                                                                                                                 - West St. Paul
Steven Turbenson                                  Coon Rapids VFW Auxiliary #9625   Haugland Company
                                                                                                                                 Robert C. Klein & Associates
Ann Verme and Andrew Martin                       George and Margaret Crolick       Sally Helmerichs
                                                                                                                                 Koch School Bus Service Inc.
VET Interchange                                   Denise and Stephen Cronin         Barbara Hemberger
                                                                                                                                 William and Thelma Koehler
Brookstyn and Marty Wallace                       Cub Foods                         Megan Herdendorf
                                                                                                                                 Margaret Kohner
Dale and Maureen Waltz                            Patricia Cummings                 John and Kathe Hetterick
                                                                                                                                 Christine Cole Koop
Hal Weldin and Jill Holte Weldin                  Dakota Communities                Amy Hewitt
                                                                                                                                 Richard and Sharon Lanigan
William and Doreen West                           Anthony and Nina DiAngelis        Mary Hilgert
                                                                                                                                 Barbara Lemke
Terry Williams                                    Richard and Jarie Dittrich        Susan Hines
                                                                                                                                 Brett and Claire Levay-Young
Caleb Wright                                      Thomas and Roslyn Dobrick         Debbra and Thomas Howlett
                                                                                                                                 Life By Design
                                                  Kathleen Dockter                  Margaret Hughes
                                                                                                                                 Philip and Barbara Lindblad
$100 - $249                                       John and Colleen Doyle            Betty Ice
                                                                                                                                 Ronna Linroth
3M Foundation                                     Beth Dryden                       Lynda and Jeffrey Ihlan
                                                                                                                                 Diane Loeffler
Christina Adams                                   Tom Dupont                        Patricia Jacobs
                                                                                                                                 Teresa Luedtke
Deen Ajibola                                      Eric Duvall                       Bradley and Karol Johnson
                                                                                                                                 Hertha Lutz
Allianz Life Insurance Company                    eBid Auction$                     Charles and Jeanne Johnson
                                                                                                                                 Everett and Mary Ann MacLennan
Barry and Cynthia Alper                           Karl Egge                         Larry and Sue Johnson
                                                                                                                                 Steve Mahler

Kathleen Mackowick                          Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Smith                                In-Kind Gifts                           HOM Furniture Inc.
Richard Majewski                            Source One Federal Credit Union                                                                 Kathy Honey
Marc Manderscheid                           Erin and Brad Sperling                                  Accord Financial Resources LLC          Ideal Printers, Inc.
Ivan Marusic                                Fred Stalley                                            Acme Comedy Company                     Ike’s Food & Cocktails
Ann McCalley                                Gerald and Judith Steffens                              Adsoka Inc.                             Illusion Theater and School
Kevin McCloughan                            Robert and Cynthia Stevens                              And Inc.                                It’s Greek to Me Restaurant
Robert and Susan McMullan                   Eric Stratton                                           Anoka County Parks and Recreation       It’s Totally You Designs
Marjorie Meffert                            Robert Stryk                                            Anonymous printer – Arc Times and Arc   J. D. Hoyt’s
James Mickus                                Dick Stutz                                                 Hennepin-Carver 2004 Annual Report   Jackpot Junction
Mid-County Coop                             Thomas and Diane Swallen                                Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar     Joe’s Garage
Katherine Miller                            Anne Swenson                                            Arthur Murray Dance Studio              A. Johnson & Sons Florists
Susan Mitch, M.D.                           Pat and Bob Sykes                                       Awada’s Grille                          Nicole Jorgenson
Mobil Foundation Inc.                       TaxPrep Solutions, Inc.                                 Axel’s Charhouse                        Jungle Theatre
Ella Molnau and Suzanne Honebrink           Dr. & Mrs. B. Ross Taylor                               Reni and Frank Barr                     Kid’s Hair
Margaret Mountin                            Teamsters Local 289                                     Best Buy                                Le Meridien Minneapolis
North Suburban Consumer Advocates for the   Barbara Thompson                                        Big City Tavern Banquet Center          Lexington Floral
   Handicapped, Inc.                        Colleen Timbers                                         Billy’s Bar & Grill                     Lions Tap Inc.
Oak Grove Foundation                        Marsha Travis                                           Greg Bissen                             LivINN – Fridley
James Olson                                 Michael and Doreen Trucano                              Border Foods                            The Malt Shop
Kristen and Matthew Parrish                 Mary Tuomela                                            Brave New Workshop                      Major’s Sports Café
Pate Bonding                                Steve and Sue Turbenson                                 Shirley Bren                            Marriott Minneapolis Southwest
Charles Pechmann                            VFW                                                     Broders’ Cucina Italiana                Maynard’s Restaurant
Nancy Peregrine                             - Post 6316                                             Buca Di Beppo                           Minnesota Children’s Museum
Jerry and Jayne Carey Peterson              - Post 9433                                             Cabin Fever Sporting Goods              Minnesota Sun Newspapers
Mary Peterson                               - Post 9625                                             Caribou Coffee                          Minnesota Timberwolves
Rob Peterson                                Vadnais Heights Firefighters Relief Association         C. H. Carpenter Lumber Company          Minnesota Vikings
Kate Pettit                                 Daniel VanLanen                                         Chanhassen Dinner Theatres              Minnesota Wild
Diana Poppitz                               Carolyn and Paul Vavrin                                 Chaska Town Course                      Minnesota Youth Symphonies
Chris and Cyri Prescott                     Jeffrey Vierkant                                        Davanni’s Pizza & Hoagies – Woodbury    Minnesota Zephyr Limited
ProAct                                      Darian and Amy Vietzke                                  Deer Run Golf Course                    Mixed Blood Theatre Company
Dan Prom                                    Zsolt Vincze                                            Dixie’s On Grand                        Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
Ruth Rademacher                             Robert and Cathy Vold                                   Dorsey & Whitney Foundation             Old Log Theater
Michael Radmer                              Greg and Lesa Voss                                      Downtowner Car Wash                     Original Pancake House
Sharon Rasmussen-Sprague                    Dr. & Mrs. William Walsh                                Edina Grill                             Palay Display
Frank Reiter, Jr.                           Washtenaw United Way                                    Embassy Suites Downtown Minneapolis     Paper Warehouse, Inc.
Frank Reiter, III                           Mary Welch                                              Entertainment Publications              Park Square Theatre
Debbie Reynolds                             Robin Westling                                          Exodus Design                           The Park Tavern
Mary Richards                               Stefni Westphal                                         Fabulous Fern’s Bar & Grill             Pathway Books and Gifts
Riverview Community Bank                    Bob and Beth White                                      Floyd’s Restaurant & Bar                Patty’s Cookbooks & Gifts
Kathy Kozak Roberts and Paul Roberts        Gwen Whitmore                                           Giorgio’s                               Pazzaluna
Rosemount Lions Club                        Walter Wilder, M.D.                                     Grand Casino                            Keri Pickett
Hamilton Ross                               John Williams                                           Grand Ole Creamery                      Plymouth Playhouse
Gary Rue                                    Dr. Barbara Wolfe                                       Grandma’s Restaurant Company            Print Plus
Lisa Bergren-Salinas and Mario Salinas      Mary Ann Wolters                                        Graves 601 Hotel                        Q. Cumbers Restaurant
Lois Santoorjian                            Lynelle Wood                                            Great American History Theatre          Renaissance Festival
Andrew Schmidt                              Terry and Charlie Yanish                                Haskell’s                               Ritz Camera Centers
James and Carolyn Schwantes                 Robert and Jeanne Zaske                                 Jon Hassler Theater                     The John Roberts Company
Donna and Patrick Seng                                                                              Haworth Marketing and Media             Rocky Rococo Pizza & Pasta
James and Celia Shapland                    Please accept our apology if your name is misspelled                                            Sheila Ronning
                                                                                                    Historic Murphy’s Landing
Isabel Slator                               or missing in any of the lists in this annual report.                                           St. James Hotel
                                            Call Arc at (952) 920-0855 to correct our records.      Holiday Inn Select

                                                                                   Special Occasion Gifts
St. Paul Grill                            IBM                                                                            - Thomas Bird and Catherine Shreves
St. Paul Saints                           ING ReliaStar Foundation                                                       - Philip Bither and Kathleen Gavin
Sam’s Club                                Jostens Our Town Foundation                                                    - Charles and Katherine Bodger
Sam’s Club #6254                          Metris Companies                                                               - James and Elsie Clubb
Sam’s Club Bloomington                    Mobil Foundation Inc.                                                          - Russell and Alvera Fahlgren
Sharp Upswing                             New York Life Foundation                                                       - Beth Fondell and Charles Shreffler
Spalon Montage                            The Prudential Foundation                In Memory Of                          - Friends and family of the Froehlichs
Stages Theatre Company                    RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation             Angela Amrhein                        - Edward and Kerry Froehlich
Stems and Vines                           Residential Funding Corp.                   by Rick and LuAnn Panning          - Mr. & Mrs. James Grotta
SteppingStone Theatre                     The St. Paul Companies Inc. Foundation   Helen Anderson by Joanne McGibbon     - Michael Gulden and Jacolyn Nelson
Sunsets Wayzata                           SRI                                      Sandy Bickford                        - Charles Haelig and Heather MacKenzie
Talbots                                   Thrivent Financial for Lutherans            by Dennis and Margaret Anderson    - Eric Haugen
Tangletown Gardens                                                                 Margaret Bogueka                      - John and Terri Hawthorne
Target                                                                                by Desiree and Sam Ashkar          - Tim Johnson
- Apple Valley                                                                     Marguerite Bogucki by:                - John and Joyce Kegley
- Brooklyn Center                                                                  - Kim Keprios and John Everett        - Kim Keprios and John Everett
- Eagan                                                                            - Karen Sebesta                       - Vera Krause
- Knollwood                                                                        Lillian Brandenburg                   - Elsie, Kevin and Thomas Kurth
- Roseville                                                                           by Rick and LuAnn Panning          - John and Jeanne LeFevre
Tavern on Grand                                                                    Marilyn Broady by:                    - Virginia LePage
Tejas                                                                              - Abdo and Abdo, P.A.                 - Helen Lerud
Theatre de la Jeune Lune                                                           - Doris and Bruce Broady, Jr.         - Rebecca Lerud
Timber Lodge Steakhouse                                                            - Joanne Broady                       - John and Deborah Lilly
Toro Company Giving Program                                                        - John and Doris Broady               - Bonnie Marshall
Treasure Island Resort & Casino                                                    - Keith Broady                        - Eileen McCormack
Tryg’s Restaurant                                                                  - Phyllis Fink                        - Jean McGuire
UnderWater World at Mall of America                                                - Mary Ann Krinkie                    - Dorothy Nonnweiler
Valleyfair                                                                         - Bruce and Deborah Lindgren          - Jean Olin
Valvoline                                                                          - Meg McAlister and co-workers        - Eleftherios and Jane Papageorgiou
Victoria House                                                                     Julie Cary by Timothy Cary            - James Peterson and Lisa Lange
The Vineyard Restaurant                                                            Linda Marie Christofferson            - Lee Powers
Walker Art Center                                                                     by Amy Omodt                       - Lisette Schlosser
Wal-Mart #3498                                                                     Leslie Cooper by Amy Omodt            - Steven and Mary Schmalz
Wild Mountain Excursions                                                           Clarice Coulter by:                   - Peggy Smith
The Wilds Golf Club                                                                - Desiree and Sam Ashkar              - Daniel Steen and Jane Belgum
YMCA - Northwest Branch                                                            - Paul and Pam Carlson                - Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Tierney
                                                                                   - Kim Keprios and John Everett        - Harold and Marlene Truax
                                                                                   - Karen Sebesta                       - Carroll Vomhof
Matching Gifts                                                                     Robb Eidelbes                         - Franklin and Genevieve Walker
                                                                                      by Tiina and Lyle Eidelbes         - George and Mary Lou Wilbur
3M Foundation                                                                      Louise Minnie Eilers                  - Stephen and Judy Witebsky
ADC Foundation                                                                        by Donita Sue Soucek               Bill Geiermann by Amy Omodt
Allianz Life Insurance Company                                                     Dermont Fabel by Amy Omodt            Mark Haverberg
American Express Foundation                                                        Claude Friendshuh                        by Stanley and Mary Ann Ervasti
Best Buy Children’s Foundation                                                        by Rick and LuAnn Panning          Jeff Hemberger
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota                                            Andrew Froehlich by:                     by Paul and Pam Carlson
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation                                            - Airline Pilots Association Int’l.   Bradley Hill by:
CNA Surety                                                                         - Bruce and Linda Anderson            - Michael and Jilldeane Connolly
Dorsey & Whitney Foundation                                                        - Leland and Georgia Anderson         - Bruce and Marlene Hill
eBay Foundation                                                                    - James and Ruth Barnett              - Kim Keprios and John Everett
The Home Depot Foundation                                                          - Joan Bettenburg and Martin Duda     - Jean Lansing
Special Occasion Gifts
- Richard Weatherman                      Vince Meyer                            -   Eugene and Ramona Kretchmer                    - Staff and Diane Sterner
- Nancy Woodhouse                           by Rick and LuAnn Panning            -   Annette and Timothy Kuck                       - Dick and Anne Stutz
Donavan Hinrichs by Claire Hinrichs       Pastor John Miskowiec                  -   John and Sandy LaVahn                          - Doug and Lissi Weiss
Merrill Hutton by Frank J. Hutton Trust     by Linnea Miskowiec                  -   Doris Lee                                      - World Emblem International
Esther Jaros by Amy Omodt                 Brent Miller by Pat Anderson           -   Leef Services                                  - Kathy Young
Dick Kuxhausen by:                        Antoinette Mlekoday by Grace Dow       -   Marybelle Lindberg                             - Daniel Zelman
- David and Sue Astin                     Thomas Moberly by:                     -   Nila Luby                                      Marion Mulvihill
- Cheryl Berge                            - Michael Allen                        -   Tom and Darlene Lund                              by Jerry and Mariann Hacker
- Robert and Lois Brandt                  - Gary and Patrice Alkire              -   Marty and Lisa Lunde                           Jim Nelson by Ardyce Moos
- Wachong and Xie Cha                     - Harold and Ruth Amdahl               -   Steve Mahler                                   Leroy Northfelt
- Gail Flickinger                         - Mary Anderson                        -   Rich and Carol Marcantonio                        by George and Dorothy Keprios
- Richard and Patricia Fogal              - The Baszucki Family Foundation       -   Bonnie Marshall                                Virginia Pavlik by:
- Mary Ball Hammill                       - Larry and Marian Bistodeau           -   Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand                  - Patricia Pavlik family
- Joanne Harris and James Gable           - John and Karren Bloom                -   Heidi Millner and Julie Robolie                - William and Susan Pelton
- Leah Heimdahl                           - Susan Borszich                       -   Jeryl Millner and Duane Evans                  Clara Pearson by:
- Ronald and Bonnie Hergenrader           - Patricia Brown                       -   John and Susan Millner                         - Thomas and Bonnie Darsow
- Kenneth and Bobbie Johnson              - Delores Camp                         -   Mountville Mills Inc.                          - Robert and Lois Johnson
- Richard and Merna Kuxhausen             - David and Connie Carter              -   Mike and Karen Norman                          - Daniel and Darlene Levens
- Harrison and Margaret Lin               - J.D. and Sue Clarkson                -   David and Teresa Ocar                          - Diane O’Brien
- Daniel Littman                          - Marie Deaven                         -   Romie Ogle and Dave Stewart                    - Thomas and Julie Theiringer
- L.J. Maynard                            - Bruce and Vicki Duncomb              -   Alicia Paradeau                                - Brian and Julie Tommerdahl
- Garrit and Mary Memelink                - Bill and Nancy Dunning               -   Mike and Michele Perpich                       Tom Popp by Kay Fredericks
- Charles and Barbara Muhr                - Marlys Dunning                       -   Alan and Kristina Perry                        Eve Prytz by Cheryl Keynes
- Erlene Nelsen                           - Mark and Amanda Escen                -   Jeff Peterson and Kathy Donovan                Dorothy Reute
- Bruce and Nancy Pedersen                - Lee and Ginny Fawbush                -   Daryll and Carol Pierce                           by Deb and Michael Whitman
- St. Olaf College                        - Beth Fondell and Charles Shreffler   -   Ron and Terry Prill                            Nelson Scott by James Scott
- Charles and Sandra Steiner              - George Golden & Deanna Louie         -   Doris Rehl                                     Thomas Sigerseth by Linda Hoppenstedt
- Kenneth Theisen                             Charitable Fund                    -   Lisette Schlosser                              George Sisson by:
- Akiyoshi Yonehara                       - Mark and Julie Goodlund              -   Charles and Luetta Schultz                     - David and Karol Andreasen
    and Carol Anderson                    - Dave and Janine Gramling             -   Jeremy Schultz                                 - Arvilla Brown
George Lang                               - John and Anna Hall                   -   Robert and Jan Scott                           - Eileen Champeau
   by People’s Bank of Commerce           - Russell and Betty Hall               -   John and Barb Seaberg                          - Ronald and Suzanne Engelhart
Nellie Langer by:                         - Denis Halleron and Julie Golden      -   David and Karen Sebesta                        - Nerl and Mary Jo Evans
- Carol Fain                              - Rick and Jan Hanson                  -   Bob and Shirley Shearer                        - Anna Finstrom and Sharon Jenson
- Edith Ferber                            - Lynelle Harms and Family             -   Col. Guy and Cynthia Shields                   - Michael and Diane Grande
- Lillian Indeck                          - Cecelia Healy                        -   Richard and Linda Skeie                        - Patrick and Laura Grande
- Dr. & Mrs. Paul Royce                   - Zach and Peggy Heard                 -   Harlen and Grace Skjefte                       - David and Ardyth Hedberg
- Nathan and Darlene Schwartz             - Kenny and Betsy Hillyard             -   Peggy Smith                                    - Richard and Sharon Hyrkas
Angeline Lilligren by Glen and            - Janet Holland                        -   Thomas and Deb Stealey                         - Dean and Karin Kaihoi
   Carol Fuerstneau                       - Viktor and Linda Jegers
Thomas Martin by Joni Bennett             - Craig and Gay Rose Johnson
Adrienne McMillan                         - Jerry and Dona Johnson                                       Thomas Moberly
   by Preston and Betsy McMillan          - Jim and Marty Justus                                         Arc was saddened by the loss of board member Thomas Moberly, who passed
John McMullan by:                         - Kim Keprios and John Everett
                                                                                                         away March 3, 2006. Tom was inspired to make a difference for people
- Harold and Joan Cahoy                   - Victor and Mary Kirsch
- Brady and Colleen Flowers               - Kleen-Tex Industries, Inc.                                   with intellectual and developmental disabilities by his brother, who had a
Cecilia Mendenhall                        - Kleen-Tex Canada, Inc.                                       disability. He joined Arc Hennepin-Carver’s board in 2003 and was the first
   by Thomas and Debra Nelson             - Phil and Kris Knapp                                          chair of its Annual Fund Campaign, where his leadership brought fundraising
                                          - Lester Koppang                                               to new levels of success. Tom was a generous and supportive friend of Arc
                                          - Greg and Candy Kramer
                                                                                                         who will be deeply missed.

- Ronald and Jane Kalin                    - Duane and Arlene Matye              In Honor Of
- Annabelle Kons                           - R.E. and M.A. Olson
- Luke and Ann Kusie                       - Gary and Shirley Peterson           George Borer by Paul and Jean Bender
- John and Janet Lazar                     - Gertrude and Chester Pikus          Cedar Island Elementary School by Kathleen
- Don and Laurette Loobeek                 - Christine Poague                       Dockter
- Linda Lorentzen and Joseph Hedburg       - Kelly Putney                        Katie Cohen by Miles and Cheryl Cohen
- Muriel Lorentzen                         - Kenneth and Kathryn Raines          Suzanne Hofrenning by Kim Keprios and John
- Jeffrey and Renee Mueller                - David and Marlys Ranney                Everett
- Rex and Cindy Newman                     - Debra and Daniel Saplis             Sam Gill by Leonard and Beatrice Getzkin
- Georgette Paquette and Jerry Hullerman   - Michael and Marlene Schuele         Suzy Gray by Sherry Gray and David Blaney
- Christine Poague                         - Joann Sutton                        Kevin Johnson by Jim and Joan Mickus
- Dale and Marjorie Roth                   - Chuck and Tootie Terry              Kim Keprios by MAP Leaders’ Circle
- Charles and Lois Sechler                 - Wilfred and Suzann Voss             Alex Lindblad by Martha Stadther
- Judith Sisson                            - Brookstyn Wallace                   Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ryan by F. James Ryan, Jr.
- Thomas and Barbara Sisson                - Donna Watz                          Michael Sullivan by Joseph Sullivan
- Jeffrey and Mary Skaare                  - William and Ghitiann Worcester      Fernando Traviss by David McKiernan and
- Leonard and Stephanie Tallman            - Richard and Jane Zimmerman             Colleen Maiers
- Brookstyn Wallace                        Roger Sweetman                        Peggy Smith by Joni Bennett
- Scott and Renee Zinken                      by Ridgeview Medical Center        Ivan Zwart by Alvin and Janice Westfall
Agnes Smith by Amy Omodt                   Joan Tanzer by Amy Omodt
Gabrielle Courtney Smith by:               Michael Timmers
- Desiree and Sam Ashkar                      by Colleen Timmers Haag            In Celebration Of
- Beth Fondell and Charles Shreffler       Ludmilla Tuma
- Kim Keprios and John Everett                by Robert and Claudia Tuma         Pam Carlson‘s birthday
- Lawrence and Susan Kugler                Frank Wassing by:                        by Kim Keprios and John Everett
- Karen Sebesta                            - Jane Harris and Janne Charbonneau   Marriage of William Hibbs and Billie Kruger by:
- Peggy and Larry Smith                    - Gladys Wassing                      - Kim Keprios and John Everett
Thomas Stenberg by:                        Adrienne Weinstein by:                - Patrick Rice
- Robert and Jane Fellerer                 - Paul and Pam Carlson                - Robert and Pat Scheuble
- Rev. Theodore and Betty Homdrom          - Michael and Carol Berde             Alice Osterud‘s birthday by Nancy Jo Hoelzel
- Wayne Roberts and                        Lee Westfall by Helen Coupal          Eleanor Ostlund‘s birthday
  Ann Demoski-Roberts                      Dominic Zapia                            by Robert and Ann Strachota
- David and Susan Stenberg                    by Paul and Pam Carlson
Darlene Sutton by:
- Michael and Delores Ashworth
- Bradley Betlach
- Audrey Blanske
- John Doll Studio Coworkers
- Christopher and Lorrie Evans
- Teresa and Peter Floistad
- Glenn and Marjorie Gates
- Halleland Lewis Nilan &
  Johnson P.A.
- Randall and Sandra Hansen
- Lisa Healy
- Joseph and Louise Hill
- William Hittler
- Josephine Jakala
- Don Kjonaas
- Francis and Dorothy Lair

Community Colleagues

Agency Partners                                                        Minnesota Council of Nonprofits                                 Thrift Business Partners
                                                                       Minnesota Vikings
Many organizations joined forces with Arc Great Rivers and Arc         Minnesota Department of Education                               Arc gratefully acknowledges the following businesses,
Hennepin-Carver in 2005 to improve services available to people        Minnesota Department of Human Services                          organizations and groups that donated merchandise, held donation
with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.   Minnesota Disability Law Center                                 drives or provided volunteer service to Arc’s thrift businesses in
We thank them for sharing their resources and talents with us for      Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities      2005.
the good of the community.                                             Minnesota Habilitation Coalition
                                                                       Minnesota Recreation and Park Association                       3 Bald Guys Coffee
Acceptance Beyond Commitment for People with Abilities                 Minnesota Technical Assistance for Family Support               3M
   – Flexible Case Management Services (ABCA-FCM Svs.)                 MnDACA                                                          ACNielsen
Advocating Change Together (ACT)                                       MNASH                                                           American Express
Alliance for Full Participation                                        Oak Grove Middle School                                         AmeriCorps
Anoka County Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)           Opportunity Partners                                            Ameriprise Financial
   and Family Resource Committee                                       PACER Center                                                    Anne Sullivan Communication Center
Apple Valley Parks and Recreation                                      People First Anoka                                              Anoka-Ramsey Community College
The Arc of Minnesota                                                   People First Bloomington                                        Anthropologie
Arc Southeastern Minnesota                                             People First Carver                                             Anwatin Middle School
ARRM                                                                   People First Central                                            Aprés Party and Tent Rental
Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services                                   People First Minnesota                                          Armstrong High School
Bloomington Human Services                                             People First Ramsey                                             ATK
Church of the Open Door                                                People First Scott                                              BAE Systems
City of Bloomington                                                    People First Suburban                                           BBDO Minneapolis
Confederation of Somali Community Minnesota                            People First Washington                                         Best Buy
Dakota Area Referral and Transportation for Seniors                    People’s Rights of Hastings                                     Bet Shalom Congregation
Dakota Communities, Inc.                                               PICA Head Start                                                 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Dakota County Community Transition Interagency Committee               Pillsbury United Communities                                    Border Foods
   (CTIC)                                                              ProAct                                                          Breck School
Dakota County Developmental Disabilities Unit                          Ramsey County Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)   Bridging, Inc.
Dakota County Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)             and Family Support Committee                                 Byerly’s
   and Family Support Committee                                        Riverside Plaza Tenants Association                             Calvary Christian High School
Disability Awareness Ministries, Inc.                                  St. Stephen’s Church                                            Campbell Mithun
Direct Support Professional Association of Minnesota                   Scott County Human Services                                     Capella University
East Side Neighborhood Services                                        Scott County Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)    Cardinal Stritch University
ElderCare Rights Alliance                                                 and Family Support Committee                                 Cargill
Faith and Light                                                        Shakopee Community Center                                       Pam Carlson/Pat Jacobs Birthday Group
Fraser                                                                 Shakopee Transition Program                                     Casual Corner/Petite Sophisticate
Greater Twin Cities United Way                                         Somali Action Allliance                                         CBR Inc.
Guzman Law Firm, P.A.                                                  Suburban Ramsey Community Transition Interagency Committee      Centennial School
Highland Friendship Group                                                 (CTIC)                                                       Central Middle School
Independence, Productivity, Self-Determination,                        United Cerebral Palsy                                           Champlin Park High School
   Integration & Inclusion                                             United Church of Christ – Disabilities Ministries               Chaska County Library
Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area                   University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration      Chipotle
Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis                    University of Minnesota – Minnesota Children’s Summit           Christ Presbyterian Church
Joni and Friends                                                       University of St. Thomas MBA Program                            Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Jordan New Life Community Church                                       Washington County Community Transition Interagency              Conwed
JRG Ministries                                                            Committee (CTIC)                                             Courage Center
The Learning Exchange                                                  Washington County Developmental Disabilities                    Cummins Power Generation
Merrick, Inc.                                                          Xcel Energy                                                     Dancin’ on Broadway
Metropolitan Alliance of Community Centers                             YWCA of Minneapolis                                             Diversified Brokerage Services Inc.
Minneapolis CAN Network                                                                                                                Eagle Ridge Academy
The Minneapolis Observer                                                                                                               Edina High School
Elk River High School National Honor Society   Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota           Select Sales
Emerson Process Management                     Maple Grove Evangelical Free Church            Single Volunteers of the Twin Cities
Entertainment Publications                     Marshall Field’s                               South View Middle School
The Episcopal Parish of St. David              McKesson Corporation                           Southwest High School
Fab Babz                                       Memorial Blood Centers                         Star Choice Credit Union
The Find                                       Methodist Movers                               Supervalu
First Presbyterian Church                      Midwest ISO                                    Taco Bell
G&K Services                                   Minneapolis Jewish Federation and Day School   Talbots
Gantz Wiley Research                           Minnesota Historical Society                   Target
GE Fleet Services                              Minnesota International School                 - Blaine
General Mills, Inc.                            Minnesota Life College                         - Distribution Center
GfK Custom Research                            Minnesota Vikings                              - Headquarters
Giggle Group                                   Minnetonka East Middle School                  - Northeast
Girl Scout Council of Greater Minneapolis      Minnetonka Public Schools                      - Plymouth
GMAC-RFC                                       MTS Systems                                    - Rogers
Grace Fellowship Church                        Muscatine Catholic Community                   TBI Metro Services
Great Ideaz Inc.                               National Premium                               Temple Israel
Greater Twin Cities United Way                 Nature’s Harvest                               Transition Plus
Half Price Books                               New York Life                                  Tree Trust
Mary Haller Group                              NJH Compass                                    Turnstyle
Haworth Marketing and Media                    Northeast Community Education                  Unitarian Universalist Church
H.B. Fuller Company                            Northview Junior High School                   United Behavioral Health
Hennepin County Environmental Services         Nu Look Consignment                            United Health Systems
Hennepin County - STS                          Oak Grove Middle School                        University of Minnesota
Hennepin County VSP                            Off Price Sales                                University of St. Thomas
Hennepin Technical College                     Old Dutch                                      University of Wisconsin – Stout
Holy Name of Jesus Church                      Opportunity Partners                           UPS
Holy Nativity Church                           Our Lady of Grace School                       Upward Bound of Normandale Community College
Homegoods                                      Padilla Speer Beardsley                        Vans Inc.
Honeywell                                      Partnership Resources                          Vector
Hope Chest for Breast Cancer                   P.E.O. Group                                   Volunteer Resource Center
Hope Presbyterian Church                       People First Central                           VOS
Hopkins High School                            Diane Peters Birthday Group                    Wayzata High School
Hosterman/STRIVE Program                       Philip Morris USA                              Wells Fargo
ING                                            Pizza Hut                                      Wooddale Church
Inn Kahoots                                    Plymouth Middle School                         Woodlake Lutheran Church
Intermediate District 287                      Pollack Landstrom Associates                   Woodridge Church
International Dairy Queen                      PricewaterhouseCoopers                         YMCA
The International School of Minnesota          Rave                                           Zion Lutheran Church
Kaposia, Inc.                                  LaDonna Reynolds
Kennedy High School                            Richfield High School
Krispy Kreme                                   Rise
Lake Harriet Community School                  Rosemount Inc.
Land O’Lakes                                   St. Gerard Catholic Church
Jennifer Victor Larson Birthday Group          St. Hubert Catholic Community
Liberty Diversified Industries                 St. James Church
Life’s Missing Link                            St. Norbert Alumni
Longfellow Book Shop                           St. Olaf College Educational Talent Search
Lord of Life Lutheran Church                   St. Paul Public Schools – TTI
Lundquist Family                               Schwirtz Family


Agency Volunteers                        Sarah Caruso                     Steve Hayes                  Philip Lindblad
                                         Maryann Case                     Barbara Hemberger            Sandi Lorenz
Volunteers are the heart and hands of    Andrea Casey                     Annaelise Herbst             Jeff Luzano
Arc! We extend our deepest thanks        Centennial Women of Today        Nicolette Herbst             Lee Lynch
to the following individuals for their   Janet Charbonneau                Kris Herdine                 Lynn MacDonald
volunteer service to Arc Great Rivers    Janne Charbonneau                Amy Hewitt, Ph.D.            Shelly Madore
and Arc Hennepin-Carver in 2005.         Mary Chisley                     William Hibbs                Brad Madson
We also thank the many people who        Judith Corson                    Amy Hightower                Anna Matthew
participated in Arc’s Action Alert       Debbie Cotterman                 Doug Hoffmann                Maureen McElrath
Network in the past year.                Kris Cotterman                   Gail Hoffmann                Judi McFarlane
                                         Rick Cotterman                   Lorna Wiskerchen Hoffrogge   Tom McMahon         “Arc is a valuable source of
Alcenya Ajayi                            Pat Cummings                     Kenneth Houdek               Susan McMullan      information for my family as our
Deen Ajibola                             Kari Dahlstrom                   Louise Howe                  Melissa Metzdorf    son turns 18. With Arc’s help, we’re
Angela Amado                             Chris Davies                     Debbra Howlett               Mary Meuwissen      assessing services that can provide
Julie Anderson                           Bill Davis                       Hugh Huelster                Barbara Miller
                                                                                                                           living and employment options for
Maren Anderson                           Beth DePoint                     Lynda Ihlan                  Doug Miller
                                         Kathleen Donahue                 Michael Israel               Kristine Miller     him. Another reason we support Arc
Susan Anderson
Tim Anderson                             Tom Dupont                       Pam Iverson                  Tom Miller          is the role it plays in public policy
Dan Armstrong                            Jean Dutcher                     Nancy Janes                  Thomas Moberly      at both state and national levels. At
Melissa Arnold                           Arnold Eldal                     Dana Jensen                  Yvonne Moberly      a time when services are being cut,
Samad Asarbi                             Rodney England, Jr.              Jodi Johns                   Eduardo Montes
                                                                                                                           Arc helps people with disabilities
Desiree Ashkar                           Dr. Stephen England              Carol Olson Johnson          Patrick Moore
                                         Wendy Evertz                     Earl Johnson                 Angie Morgan        get the resources they need.”
Travis Bachman
Donald Barta                             Mary Fenske                      Faye Johnson                 Ann Myhre
                                         Gloria Finneman                  Jocelyn Johnson              Heidi Myhre         – Jerry Caruso
Faye Barta
                                         Beth Fischer                     Karol Johnson                Barbara Neal         Honorary Board Member
Tandreia Bellamy
Sharon Sayles Belton                     Richard Ford                     Lennard Johnson              Lynn Nelson
Jean Bender                              James Frey                       Rick Johnson                 Darla Nemec
Darlene Bergerson                        Mary Frey                        Tom Judd                     Mary Neubarth
William Bieber                           Sarah Frey                       Irene Kadry                  Wayne Neubarth      Cliff Poetz
Greg Bissen                              Dan Froehlich                    Susan Kane                   Katherine Nielsen   Jan Potasnak
Mary Bjorneby                            Carlos Gallego                   Mary Ellen Kaul              Dennis Nisler       Scott Price
Carrie Blom                              Bill Garlick                     Tom Keller                   Eric Noonan         Kathleen Quast
Joni Bloom                               Len Geiser                       Jean Kes                     Shalon Novak        Barb Rabe
Antonia Boelter                          Joseph Gilman                    Lisa Kimlinger               Maxine Nystrom      Dale Rasmussen
Karen Bohn                               Gerald Glomb                     Robert Klas, Sr.             Kathy O’Connor      Mike Raymond
Jim Boyle                                Steve Goldsmith                  Nathan Klinkhammer           Jim Odland          Brandey Reas
Karen Brantner                           Jane Gorance                     Jim Klobuchar                Paul Omodt          Irene Regan
Angela Brekke                            Cheryl Green                     Timothy Kramer               Michael Opat        Suzanne Renfroe
Shirley Bren                             Laura Green                      Joan Kruse                   Melba Ortiz         Fred Rengel
Phil Briggs                              Thomas Green                     Larry Kugler                 Todd Otis           Gretchen Ribbe
Ererika Brown                            Richard Grimm, III               Judith LaBissoniere          Nancy Owen          Ralph Richardson
Jacqueline Bruno                         Robert Gunderson                 Lorna Landvik                LuAnn Panning       John Rischmiller
Phil Callen                              Lori Guzman                      Jean Langlois                Rick Panning        Sharon Ritter
Tom Carey                                Melvin Haagenson                 Wayne Larson                 S. Pauly            Kathy Kozak Roberts
Jack Carlsen                             Rev. Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall   Lynn Lash                    Corky Peters        Robert Roepke
Scott Carlson                            Hal Hardel                       Summer Latham                Demian Peterson     Kathy Roland
Jerome Carlson                           Jean Hariman                     John Lavander                Howard Pieri        Amy Rowe
Paul Carlson                             Jane Harris                      Matt Lee                     Jane Pieri          Gary Rue
Jerry Caruso                             Maria Harris                     Al Liestman                  Sarah Pink          Lisa Bergren Salinas
                                         Nancy Hartzler                   Barbara Lindblad             Tom Pinkerton
Mario Salinas         Arc’s Value Village                         Ginny Damskey        Barb Herbers
David Saltzman                                                    Mary Davidson        Joan Hermanson
Lisa Sanders          Volunteers                                  Sharon Dax           Michelle Herry
Royce Sanner                                                      Sandra Degroat       Victoria Herry
Hunter Sargent        Thanks to the dedication and                Ann Delmont          Mikaela Herzog
Kristen Schifsky      generosity of volunteers at Arc’s Value     Carol Dieckhaus      Harriet Heutmaker
Carol Schmidt         Village Thrift Stores, Arc is able to put   Sharyn Doll          Frances Hey
Barbara Schnichels    more of the stores’ proceeds back           Bert Duffy           Margaret Hoenack
Carol Schmidt         into our work in the community. The         Barbara Dyer         Carol Hove
Joan Schonning        following individuals volunteered           Mena Dyste           Dennis Hove
Millie Schubel        regularly at the stores in 2005. We         Diane Edstrom        Fran Howley
Paul Schultz          also thank those who volunteered            M. Louise Eisworth   Diane Hughes
Fred Seagren          on a more occasional basis or as part       Donna Eldred         Tonya Hunt
Peggy Sherman         of a group.                                 Margaret Elsner      John Jackson
Cindie Smart                                                      Mabel Emde           Gerri Jantscher
Jim Smart             Marian Aaker                                Karen Engle          Augustine Jappah
John Smith            Helen Acker                                 Mary Ann Ervasti     Karen Jelcic
Karel Smith           Sally Ackerman                              Nancy Farahani       Sweta Jena
Peggy Smith           Annette Alderson                            Betty Fasching       Gladys Jepson
Scott Snyder          Barbara Anderson                            Donald Fern          Alice Johnson
Kam Soine             Donna Armbruster                            Colin Ferrell        Betty Ann Johnson
Priscilla Speakman    Mary Bachmann                               Jan Ferrell          Diane Johnson
Ed Spencer            Pat Bailey                                  Jayne Ferry          Elaine Johnson
Valerie Spencer       Doris Barrett                               John Finley          Irene Johnson
Claude Stevens        Donald Barta                                Gloria Finneman      Millie Johnson
Glenn Stewart         Faye Barta                                  Lois Finseth         Ruth Johnson
L’orien Stewart       Gail Barth                                  Janet Fisher         Sally Johnson
Glenn Stolt           Ivone Bautch                                Julie Fletcher       Laura Jordan
Jean Thomlinson       Edward Bebo                                 Marie Foley          Sue Jorgensen
Audrey Thompson       Joan Belanger                               Joan Fosseen         Sharon Kane
Millie Thompson       Karen Berge                                 Evelyn Frahn         Lucy Klettenberg
Colleen Timbers       Margie Bergren                              Georgina Frana       Calvin Kline
Terri Vandercook      Robert Bergren                              Marcy Freitag        Jeffry Koepp
Jodi Hofer Van Ness   Lisa Bestrom                                Janet Fristrom       Rosemary Kostek
Ann Verme             Soma Bhattacharjee                          Lucy Gabriel         Betty Krause
Bev Vokovan           Mildred Billingsley                         Marjorie Geer        Blanche Kreutzian
Patty Walczak         John Blixrud                                Jane Gharbi          Helen Krisko
Shawn Walsh           Anne Booker                                 Kim Goebel           Linda Kubinski
Gladys Wassing        Jenny Borchardt                             Ann Grapp            Bill Kunze
Warren Watson         Marilyn Bostrom                             Stanley Grapp        Ruth Kunze
Jill Holte Weldin     Elda Bothun                                 John Gronemann       Jerry LaMaack
Kim Wells             Richard Braun                               Lillian Gross        Barbara Lampert
Chris Wilhoit         Alex Buckland                               Lori Gross           Rosann Lanners
Kari Wold             Sue Buckland                                Ruth Grote           Lederdo Lao
Lynelle Wood          Yvonne Butak                                Barry Guck           Mike Laposky
Richard Woolery       Mary Lou Carlson                            Gordon Gustafson     Priscilla Larsen
Amara Yeager          Millie Carlson                              Gretchen Haase       Link Larson
Brett Yeager          Maryann Case                                Kay Hann             Ginny Lebus
Al Ynigues            Delores Chupka                              Geneva Hanvik        Alice Lehn
Bob Zaske             Georgia Clark                               Jan Harms            Doris Letofsky
                      Michael Culhane                             Summer Henley        Maythean Lewis
                                       Alex Lindblad        Pat Pepin            Erica Steffer
                                       Jim Lubach           Sue Peters           Patti Stegner
                                       Ken Lukes            Joann Peterson       Kathleen Stouffer
                                       Lynn Lundeberg       Ruby Peterson        Marge Stresemann
                                       Ruth Lundeen         Lauren Phelps        Beverly Strombeck
                                       Hertha Lutz          Patricia Phelps      Sharon Stutelberg
                                       Mary Jo Luzius       Harvey Phillips      Darlene Sutton
                                       Tom Lynch            Stuart Pierce        Arlys Swentek
                                       Agnes Madson         Howard Pieri         Sybil Swift
                                       Robert Madson        Jane Pieri           Willow Terry
                                       Katie Magill         Christine Polis      Gloria Thompson
                                       Susan Malakowski     June Polo            Janelle Murphy Thompson
                                       Cathy Malkovich      Jan Potasnak         Bonnie Thorson
                                       William Malmo        Irene Pratt          Doris Thorson
“As an individual, I don’t feel can    Sue Marks            Margarete Prawdzik   Meredith Torres-Walsh
go out on my own and change the        Donna Mayotte        Jean Priller         Fran Trueman
world. But when you volunteer at       Adeline McCurdy      Jane Rademacher      Anabel Tucker
Arc’s Value Village, you’re part of    Louise McDaniels     Nita Raquet          George Tucker
                                       Virginia McDonald    Lorraine Reinhart    Jewell Turpin
a larger group that’s pulling          Mary Phyllis Meyer   Jane Ristola         George Udseth
together, and that’s neat. You do      Barbara Mielke       Chris Rohling        Judi Vanhauer
something that’s fun and rewarding     Evelyn Mikolai       Karen Rohling        Helene Vigdahl
for you, and it also helps people      Deanna Miller        Ramona Romero        Lisa Voller
in the community. It’s just a really   Helen Nelsestuen     Diane Rooney         Rich Vosepka
                                       Margaret Nelson      Gary Rue             Victoria Ward
good experience.”                      Mary Nemec           Lois Rue             Nicole Warner
                                       Kay Ness             Marshall Rygh        Doris Wasti
– Mary Sanford, Volunteer              Julie Newberg        Joan Salisbury       Pat Webber
  Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store,    Pat O’Brien          Mary Sanford         Mary Weiss
  New Hope                             Chris Olien          Chad Schaschl        Bonnie Wells
                                       Diane Oliver         Elizabeth Schech     Cassell Wherland
                                       Mary Olson           David Schoeder       Luella Wilkerson
                                       Sandi Olson          Joan Schonning       Joann Williams
                                       Shirley A. Olson     Jean Schultz         Carole Young
                                       Shirley K. Olson     Richard Schultz
                                       Alice Osterud        Elnora Setering
                                       Linda Osterud        Verna Shephard
                                       Leslie Ostrem        Sharon Shimomura
                                       Karen Ouren          Kathleen Shipp
                                       Bertha Overman       George Sisson
                                       Esmeralda Panaijo    Florence Sivanich
                                       Latha Pandian        Georgia Skjold
                                       Jacqueline Parenti   Evelyn Skoog
                                       Norma Parker         Isabel Slator
                                       Dan Pate             Daniel Smith
                                       Mary Pate            Eleanor Smith
                                       Wendell Paulson      Muriel Snider
                                       Delores Paynter      Carole Snobeck
                                       Betty Pechelunas     Pearl Stack
                                       John Pechelunas      Frances Stark

Arc Greater Twin Cities
Diamond Hill Center                                                     Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores
4301 Highway 7, Suite 140                                     
Minneapolis, MN 55416
                                                                        Arc’s Value Village Richfield
Phone: (952) 920-0855                                                   6528 Penn Avenue South
Fax: (952) 920-1480                                                     Richfield, MN 55423
E-mail:                                   (612) 861-9550
Web site:
                                                                        Arc’s Value Village New Hope
                                                                        2751 Winnetka Avenue North
Arc Great Rivers – 2005 Locations                                       New Hope, MN 55427
                                                                        (763) 544-0006
Blaine Office
1201 89th Avenue NE, Suite 305                                          Arc’s Value Village Brooklyn Center
Blaine, MN 55434                                                        6330 Brooklyn Boulevard
                                                                        Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
Burnsville Office                                                       (763) 503-3534
1526 East 122nd Street
Burnsville, MN 55337                                                    Arc’s Used Goods Pickup Service
                                                                        (612) 866-8820
St. Paul Office
770 Transfer Road, Suite 26                                             Autos for Arc
St. Paul, MN 55114                                                      (612) 866-8820

Arc Hennepin-Carver – 2005 Locations

Minneapolis Office
4301 Highway 7, Suite 140
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Chaska Office                                                           To volunteer at Arc Greater Twin Cities or Arc’s Value Village Thrift
106 Chestnut Street North                                               Stores, call (952) 920-0855.
Chaska, MN 55318
Arc’s Thrift Businesses

Arc Greater Twin Cities is an affiliate of The Arc of Minnesota and The Arc of the United States and a partner with Greater Twin Cities
United Way and the Metropolitan Alliance of Community Centers.

Arc Greater Twin Cities is committed to ensuring equal access to its programs, services and employment opportunities regardless of race,
color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, positive testing for the HIV virus,
disability, sexual orientation, age or legally protected status.

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