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                     HOMECOMING 2006
              Coronation 2006
On October 2nd at 7:00 pm, the masses filed into the small gym with anticipa-
tion to watch St. Clair’s 2006 Homecoming Coronation.

The Junior Honor Guards: Eric Linnell, Beamer Flowers, Breanna Hawkins and
Heather Lynch marched in as the official 2006 Homecoming Coronation
Ceremony begin.

Guiding the crowd through the ceremony were juniors, Kacie Finch and Megan
Steel After greeting the crowd, they introduced the candidates: Chelsie Goebel,                  Congrats
Kathleen Ireland, Kirsten Meyer, Mallory Schweim, Maita Trahms,Tyler Goettl,
AJ Huxford, Brian More, Jordan Weyhrauch, and Tyler Woitas.                                        King
                                                                                                Tyler Goettl
Following the introduction of the 2006 candidates, the High School Choir sang
“Invocation.” The crowd then listened to Jeff Tiejte, our Head Football Coach,                   & Queen
give a brief talk about Homecoming Activities, as well as, our football and vol-                  Mallory
leyball teams. After Mr. Tiejte’s talk, the Royalty participated in a very interest-
ing competition involving socks and cooking mittens. Everyone was a winner!                      Schweim

Then it was time for 2005 King Jake Strobel and Queen Chelsey Seys to crown
the 2006 Homecoming King and Queen. Congratulations to King Tyler Goettl
and Queen Mallory Schweim.

The Crown Bearers, Hunter Zuehlke and Aaron Stuve presented the flowers to
our new Queen.

After coronation, students enjoyed an other successful Sock Hop with DJ Josh
Hennek. Hopefully everyone enjoyed Homecoming 2006!


                                                                                          A Blast
                                                                                       From the Past!
                                                                                                      Page 1
Homecoming Candidates
              Queen Mallory Schweim
              Mallory Schweim is the daughter of Myron and Liz Schwiem and sister to Ryan, Andrew, and
              Chelsea. She is involved in volleyball, yearbook, and Student Council. She enjoys shopping,
              reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and playing sand volleyball. She spends
              most of her free time hanging out with Brian. Her dream job is Queen of England. Her dream
              car is a purple Beretta. The class she has the most fun in is Computers and You because of
              Alicia and Kyle. If she could meet one person, she would like to meet Condoleezza Rice.
              Mallory says the word that describes her best is “rambunctious.” Her favorite saying is
              “butthead.” Her favorite homecoming memory is all the dances.

              Chelsie Goebel
              Chelsie Goebel is the daughter of Wayne and Molly Goebel and sister to Laura and Erin. She
              is involved in volleyball, softball, Student Council, NHS, Mock Trial, Spanish Club, and
              Knowledge Bowl. She loves to play volleyball, coach the 6th grade volleyball teams with Amy
              Opsal and Erin Goebel, and watch the Twins. She likes to spend her free time with friends and
              family at her grandma’s or friend’s house. Chelsie’s dream job is a lawyer. Her dream car is
              Taylor’s sweet, brand-new Buick; “it has to include the three-day-old Chinese food too!” The
              class she has the most fun in is Computers and You because she sits next to Kyle. Chelsie says
              the one word that describes her best is “bubbly.” Her favorite saying is “I know, right!” If she
              could meet one person she would want to meet Patrick Demtsey (McDreamy) from “Grey’s
              Anatomy.” Her favorite homecoming memory is all of the activities on Thursday and Friday.

              Kathleen Ireland
              Kathleen Frances Ireland is the daughter of Frank and Abby Ireland and
              sister of Margaret, Elizabeth, and Bridget. She is involved in Mock Trial, NHS, Newspaper
              Staff, Knowledge Bowl, and Ballet. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, and hanging out
              with friends. She likes to spend what little free time she has sleeping. Her dream job is “one
              that makes [her] happy.” Her dream car is an Audi TT (or Pedro’s Cousins Car). The class she
              has the most fun in is government, because “the people (including myself) are generally
              weird.” Kathleen says the one word that describes her best is “zany.” Her favorite saying is
              “Hmm. Lovely.” Her Favorite homecoming memory was junior year beefcake and making tee-
              shirts with all the girls the night before.

              Kirsten Meyer
              Kirsten Meyer is the daughter of Mark and Julie Meyer and sister to Kendra. She is involved
              in SADD and enjoys hanging out with friends and riding around in the “bret bret.” Kirsten
              says she likes to spend her free time anywhere, as long as her friends are there. If she could
              meet one person, she would like to meet Allen Iverson. Her dream job is “a job where she can
              make lots of money!” Her dream car is a “Kelso Van”. The class she has the most fun in is
              Tutoring because it easy and she likes the kids she gets to work with. Kirsten says the one
              word that describes her best is “luscious.” Her favorite saying is “Do what I want!” Her
              favorite homecoming memory was “building floats” at Terry’s every year.

              Maita Trahms
              Maita Martha Trahms is the daughter of Cindi Jo and Dave Trahms and sister to Jo, Drew,
              David, Jae, and Ni Shuan. She is involved in Drama Club, FCCLA, dance, football cheerlead-
              ing, and competition cheerleading. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, cooking, and play-
              ing soccer. Maita likes to spend her free time outside playing soccer, hanging out with friends,
              or listening to music. If she could meet one person dead or alive, she would want to meet
              Matthew McConaughey because “he’s pretty much a hottie!” Her dream job would be a chef.
              Her dream car would be a Z28 Chevy white Camero with orange racing stripes. The class she
              has the most fun in is Culinary Arts, because it’s something she loves. Maita says the one word
              that describes her best is “crazy.” Her favorite homecoming memory was making the “Git-R-
              Done” shirts last year at Mal’s house with a bunch of junior girls.

Page 2
                                                                     Homecoming Candidates
King Tyler Gene Goettl
Tyler Gene Goettl is the son of Gene (his dad) and Kathleen (his mom) and brother to
Nikki, Shane, Matt, and Mick. He is involved in NHS, Student Council, SADD, Knowledge
Bowl, drama, football, wrestling, baseball, and his church youth group. Tyler likes the
Twins, women, football, and “chillin’ with [his] G-thug friends.” He likes to spend his free
time at the HHH Metrodome, his basement, Kyle’s cabin, and his bed. His dream job
would be a MLB player. His dream car is Miah’s mint condition Toyota Corolla. The class
he has the most fun in is Chemistry because “Coddy and I make up stupid sayings.” Tyler
says the one word that describes him best is “cool-beans” and his favorite saying is
“M’kay!” The one person he would like to meet would be Jesus Christ. Tyler’s favorite
homecoming memory was “just hanging out with everyone, especially dressing up for vol-
leyball games with Jordy.”

A.J. Huxford
A.J. Huxford is the son of Todd and Meleah Huxford and brother to Erik,
Kelsi, and Karissa. He is involved in baseball, wrestling, and soccer. He enjoys paintball,
hunting, fishing, poker, going to the movies, and hanging out with friends. He likes to
spend his free time anywhere with friends. He says the class he has the most fun in is
Culinary Arts because it deals with food. A.J’s dream job is a sports analyst for ESPN. His
dream car is a 1969 Pontiac GT0. If he could meet one person, A.J would choose Jackie

Brian More
Brian More is the son of Steve and Noreen More and brother to Sara and
Melissa. Brian is involved in football, wrestling, and NHS. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and
being outdoors. Brian likes to spend his free time at home or with friends. His dream job
would be the owner a sports team. His dream car is a Cadillac Escalade. Brian says art is
the class he has the most fun in because “it is easy and you can talk the whole time.” The
one person he would like to meet would be Reggie Bush. Brian says the one word that
describes him best is “outgoing” and his favorite saying is “if you’re not the winner, you’re
the loser.” His best homecoming memory was Terry being dragged behind a car.

Jordan Christopher Weyhrauch
Jordan Christopher Weyhaurch is the son of Kathy and Randy Weyhrauch, brother to
Nick, and owner of a dog named Tucker. He is involved in football, basketball, and track.
He enjoys having fires, going to Woitas’ cabin, sports, music, and being on the lake in the
summer. Jordan likes to spend his free time at Woitas’ cabin. His dream job is a sports
announcer for ESPN. His dream car is a Bentley. The one person he would like to meet
would be Tupac. He has the most fun in his 6:00 weight training class with Coach Burnett
Walton. “I love the feeling of my body being sore all day afterwards and then having to
practice after school.” Jordan says the one word that describes him best is “easygoing” and
his favorite saying is “pry not.” His favorite homecoming memory was Homecoming ‘O3.

Tyler Woitas
Tyler John Woitas I is the son of Ken Woitas and Lisa and John Kuether. He is also the
brother of Kyle and Matthew Woitas. He is involved in football and track. He enjoys hav-
ing fires, riding 4-wheelers and dirt bikes, snowboarding, and playing sports. He likes to
spend his free time at his cabin. His dream job is not to have a job: “I’m banking on win-
ning the lottery and being set for life.” His dream car is upgrading to a ’99 Oldsmobile
Cutlass Supreme. If Tyler could meet one person dead or alive, he would choose Steve
Erwin because he “misses him already.” The class he has the most fun in is weightlifting
because he “gets to lift with the best there is-Terry Glamm.” Tyler says the one word that
describes him best is “outgoing” and his favorite saying is “pry just pry.” His best home
coming memory was winning the best hallway in 10th grade.

                                                                                                Page 3
      Monday                          Days                               Tuesday
    Formal Day                                                        Blast From the
                            of the Week                                  Past Day

                                Spirit Day

                             Congratulations to Benji
                            Thoennes for winning the
   Wednesday                Homecoming Button Design                       Thursday
 Village People                     COntest!                              Minnesota
      Day                                                                 Sports Day

                                Powder-Puff: A Junior, Senior Rivalry
                                                          By Kayla Zelasney

                         After the pep fest on Friday, the juniors and seniors hit the football field to play
                         some “two-hand touch” football that turned into a little bit of a game of tackle. The
                         game started with the junior girls kicking off to the seniors. The senior girls unfor-
                         tunately lost a player within the first few minutes of the game when Megan Haus
   Juniors Powder-Puff   got hurt, but the game continued.

                         The senior girls, with some help from a few sophomores tried to play a running
                         game handing the ball off to Sara Peters (aka Bambi) every few plays, but the jun-
                         ior defense didn’t allow too many rushing yards. Jenny Geariety was the QB for the
                         seniors, and she did a good job of passing. Maita and a few other of the senior girls
                         got some nice catches during the game too. The juniors stuck mostly to a passing
                         game, although Taylor Polchow got quite a few yards. Jessica Huber made a few
                         complete passes as QB for the junior girls. She threw the touchdown pass to Kayla
                         Zelasney in the first half.

                         The game was back and forth, and it was a lot of fun. In the end, the junior girls
                         earned the bragging rights and won 6-0. Thanks to everyone who played, and
  Seniors PowderPuff     thanks to the guys for trying to coach us girls.

Page 4


   Congratulations to the
 Homecoming Float Winners:
1st Place - Class of 2009 -
2nd Place - Class of 2010 -
3rd Place - Class of 2012 -

 Thanks to the Athletic Backers
  for their generous Donations.

                        10th                 9th
                       Grade                Grade


                                                           Page 5

Senior Sketches
                       Meghan                                     Jenny                                        Terry
                        Haus                                     Geariety                                     Glamm
                      By Meghan                                 By Cassandra                                 By Meghan
                        Miller                                     Hytjan                                      Miller
Meghan Susanne Haus was born on            Jennifer Lynn Geariety was born on        On June 17th 1988, Terry Eugene
October 15th 1988 to Susan and Loran       November 27th 1988 in Waseca, MN          Glamm was born to David and Cindy,
Haus at Immanuel St. Josephs               to the proud parents of Chuck and Sue.    at ISJ Mankato. Terry has a sister
Hospital. Meghan has two siblings,         Jenny has two older brothers Mike         named Tammy (24) and a brother
Brooke (28) and Dan (21). As far as her    and Charlie. Some of Jennifer’s nick-     named John (21). His nicknames
hobbies outside of school go, you prob-    names include Jenny, Starburst, and       include Sexy, Dux, Texy, Patches and
ably already guessed what it is, Hockey!   Otis. Jenny is involved in Knowledge      Lunchbox. During school Terry is
                                           Bowl and French Club at school and in     involved in Football, and outside of
Favorites:                                 her spare time Jenny enjoys 4-wheel-      school he likes to play sports, hang out
                                           ing, restoring a ’69 Camaro, going        with friends, play pool, and go bowl-
Foods: Chicken and rice                    fishing, going to auctions and hanging    ing.
Place to Shop: The River Hills Mall        out with her boyfriend, Dylan.
Actor & Actress: Paul Walker                                                         Favorites:
                 & Halle Berry             Favorites:
Movie: The Notebook                                                                  Foods: Pizza, Steak
Color: Purple                              Foods: fried potatoes and chicken         Place to Shop: Scheels
Sport to Watch: Hockey                     Actor & Actress: Brad Pitt                Actor & Actress: Adam Sandler &
Sport to Play: Hockey                                        & Rachel McAdams                            Jessica Alba
Musician: AC/DC                            Color: Pink!                              Movie: Varsity Blues
Board Game: Life                           Sport to Play: Softball                   Color: Red & Blue
Sports Team: MSU Mavericks                 Board Game: Life                          Sport to Watch: Football
Athlete: David Backes                      Sports Team: Twins                        Sport to Play: Football
Reality Show: The Real World               Number: 9                                 Musician: Korn
Number: 12                                 Smell: Apple Pie                          Board Game: Monopoly
                                           Quote: “A friend is a second self .”      Sports Team: Raiders
Meghan’s pet peeve is people that judge                                              Athlete: Steve McNair
others before they even know them. Her     Currently Jenny is employed at Best       Reality Show: Survivor
most embarrassing moment is when           Buy in Mankato. Jenny wants to            Quote/Saying: “It’s not the size of
she slipped and fell in the hallway when   become an RN when she gets older.         the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the
she was going to tutoring. Her best        Her pet peeve is two faced people, and    fight in the dog.”
school memory is winning the hallway       her most embarrassing moment is
decorating contest in 9th grade. Her       every time she has to speak in front of   Terry is currently employed at BP. His
mom has influenced her the most            people. Jenny’s advice to younger         pet peeve is people that come over
because she always believes in her and     classmen is to have fun and work hard     uninvited. His most embarrassing
knows that she can do anything that she    in school… time goes by fast! Good        moment is having to do the cheerlead-
puts her mind to.                          luck Jenny in everything you do!          ing event after being dragged behind
                                                                                     Megan’s car.
Meghan has gotten detention before,
and it was because she was talking in                                                Terry’s best school memory is our class
math class. Her advice to younger class-                                             winning the hallway decorating. His
men is to wear deodorant and shower                                                  dad has influenced him the most
everyday!                                                                            because he has taught him everything
                                                                                     he knows. He has gotten detention
In five years, Meghan sees herself fin-                                              before, because he was late to class.
ishing up with her degree in Athletic
Training or Sports Management.                                                       Terry owns a Saturn SL2 and he says
                                                                                     that he drives to fast. In five years,
                                                                                     Terry sees himself in the U.S. Navy
                                                                                     and living in Hawaii.

                                                                                                                      Page 7
    Foreign Exchange Students
                        Philipp                                    Jeanett             Bulletin Board Notes
                        Fritsch                                    Hansen
                            By                                        By               Accuplacer Test
                          Kirsten                                   Meghan
                         Callahan                                   Miller             Sign up now to take the Accuplacer
Philipp Fritsch was born on the 20th       Jeanett Hansen was born on July 10,         Test on Friday, November 17th at
day of June 1989 to his mother and         1989 in Norway. She is currently living     12:34 in the Tech Rich Room.
father in Germany. His temporary           with John and Lynnell Pemble. Her
family here in the United States is the    family includes her mom Nina, her           If you are a Junior or a Seniors and
Thorstad’s. Phillip’s hobbies include      dad Kenneth her brother Glenn Andre
                                           (14), and her sister Kristina (9). She
                                                                                       planning onattending a Technical
playing the guitar, listening to music,
riding bike, and playing soccer.           also has a bird named Tygo and a cat        or Community College upon gradu-
                                           named Fia.                                  ation, you will have to take the
Philipp’s Favorites:                                                                   Accuplacer Test. Sign up with Ms.
                                           Jeanett’s hobbies include scrapbook-        Tanke by November 3rd.
Music: AC/DC, Turbonegro, EODM             ing and playing sports. Jeanett’s
(and many, many, many, many more)          favorite kind of music is slow songs,
Food: Cookies                              like her favorite song, “You’re             National Honor Society
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean            Beautiful” by James Blunt. Her
Book: Angels & Demons                      favorite foods are fruit, spicy foods and   There will be a National Honor
       by Dan Brown                        fish. Girl Next Door and Angel Eyes         Society Meeting on Wednesday,
Color: blue                                are her favorite movies, and her
                                           favorite book is “A Child Called It.”
                                                                                       November 1st at 7:30 am in the
Pet Peeve: Cookies that taste bad
                                                                                       Guidance Office.
Philipp’s best school memory was           Jeanett’s favorite colors are red and
when he first saw his school locker, but   blue and her pet peeve is gossip. Her       Open Gym
wishes he could bring his fender           best school memory from Norway was
Stratocaster. He also says that the        when she got to go to Poland and
                                           Germany to see the concentration
                                                                                       Open Gym will be held on Sundays
biggest difference between America
and Germany is that Germany has a lot      camps and Berlin.                           from 3:00 - 5:00 pm for Basketball
of public transportation.                                                              and from 5:00 - 6:00 pm for
                                           The biggest difference between              Baseball and Softball Pitching and
Philipp would also like everyone to        Norway and America to her is the pub-       Catching.
know that NO ONE will make him cut         lic transportation. In Norway they use
his hair, and that he’s looking for peo-   the public transportation several times
ple to start a band.                       a day according to Jeanett. She says        SADD Members
                                           that here everybody has had their driv-
Welcome to America, Philipp!               ing lessons by the age of 16, in Norway     If you would like to order a SADD
                                           you can’t take the lessons before you’re    T-Shirt...see Mrs. Pierson in the HS
                                           18 years old.
                                           The one thing about Jeanett that she
                                           thinks everyone should know is that         Help up Stuff a Truck!
                                           she is stubborn. She says that if she
                                           really wants something, she wants it        The Stuff a Truck Contest is spon-
                                           and she doesn’t give up.
                                                                                       sored by the NHS and has begun!
                                           Welcome!                                    Remember to bring in non-perish-
                                                                                       able food items by November 9th.
                                                                                       The Structured Study Hall with the
                                                                                       highest point total will win a donuts
                                                                                       and juice!
  Spirit Day Fans!
Page 8
 Foreign Exchange Students
                        Mathias                                 Matthias
                        Boinski                                 Lippold                                        Schell
                                                                 By Kirsten                                By Kirsten
                        Justin Day
                                                                  Callahan                                  Callahan

Mathias Boinski was born on April          German-born Matthias Lippold was        Oliver Scheel was born on July 30th,
13th, 1989 in Germany. Mathias has a       born July 1st, 1989 and is currently    1990.    Oliver is originally from
sister, Annelies 12, and a brother, Nils   staying with the Finch’s. He has one    Germany, but is staying with Brian
16. Mathias likes to go to sporting        sister, Wiebke, and his host siblings   and Linda Lynch. Oliver’s only sib-
events, hang out with his friends, go to   Erin, Spencer, Kacie, and Jarret.       lings are his host ones—Nicole,
movies, and swim. Mathias is staying                                               Marcus, and Danielle. His hobbies are
with the Lynda and Steve Kruse             In his spare time, Matthias enjoys      playing sports, listening to music, and
family.                                    playing sports (like handball) and      playing on the computer.
                                           watching movies.
Mathias Favorites:                                                                 Oliver’s Favorites:
                                           Matthias’s Favorites:
Music: Rock                                                                        Music: Rap, pop
Food: Italian food, pizza                  Music: Rock                             Food: Pizza
Movie: Lord of the Rings                   Food: Cookies                           Movie: The Fast and the Furious:
Color: Blue                                Movie: Forest Gump                      Tokyo Drift
Best School Memory: Having a               Color: Blue                             Book: Harry Potter and the
party with my whole class, before the      Pet Peeve: People that don’t give             Half Blood Prince
last day of school.                        him cookies….                           Color: Blue
                                                                                   Pet Peeve: Stupid people!
What is one of the biggest differ-         Matthias’s  most    embarrassing
ences between America and your             moment was when he jumped into a        Oliver’s best school memory was the
home country?                              pool and his swimsuit came off.         first football game he came to—where
                                                                                   he first learned about school spirit.
The school system, in Germany no           Matthias thinks that all foods are
one cares about what is going on in        sweeter in America, and that everyone   His most embarrassing moment was
school.                                    here has a car.                         when he jumped into a wall and broke
                                                                                   his arm, which he still laughs at.
If there was one thing from your           Good to have you here, Matthias!
home country to America, what                                                      Oliver loves the fact that everyone he’s
would it be?                                                                       met in America is nice to him, but he
                                                                                   wishes he could bring Germany’s
Saturday soccer games on T.V.                                                      warm weather to the US.

Any other information you’d like                                                   Nice to meet you, Oliver!
to share:

My E-mail address is mathiasboins-

Welcome to St. Clair!

Ms. Lair on the birth of
     your daughter!

                                                                                                                    Page 9
                                                                                          Student Life
     Students Against
  Destructive Decisions –                           The Great Minnesota State Fair Cleanup
         (SADD)                                            St. Clair Folks Help Out!
           By: Melissa Steel
                                                                           By Beth Ireland
This month it is seat belt awareness
month and we did a seat belt chal-           It was one of those precious last days of summer. Sunny, not too hot, and
lenge. The seat belt challenge is a four-    breezy. So why, do you ask, did over one hundred people volunteer to clean up
week program that is designed to             garbage and manure at the State Fair?
increase seat belt use among high
school students. The seat belt chal-         Answer: To help our school. The Athletic Backers have been organizing this
lenge was created by the Hennepin            fundraiser for a number of years, and each year it helps our school with more
County        Community          Health      and more. The State Fair pays people to empty garbage, pick up trash, and
Department when they found out how           clean barns. By volunteering, we can raise money for St. Clair.
many high school students don’t use
their seat belts.                            The actual cleaning part is not as bad as it sounds, but that depends on who
                                             you ask. Every crew was assigned a different route to clean.
The Community Health Department
started doing the seat belt challenge in     The volunteers didn’t just work all day, though. They also got to enjoy the fun.
the spring of 1998.                          Whether they chose to work in the morning or evening, everyone got a taste of
                                             the fair (and possibly some deep-fried candy bars).
People in our SADD group counted the
number of people that wore their seat        Thanks to all the volunteers, the fundraiser was a huge success, and Athletic
belt at school in St. Clair. Then there      Backers can give awards for the best homecoming parade floats (and other
was a seat belt demonstration at             things). Woot woot!     Thanks, volunteers!
school. We will count people wearing
seat belt again to see if the demonstra-
tion was helpful in increasing seat belt
                                                                       The Clever Clovers is a 4H Club in Blue Earth
Drive safe and stay drug free.                                         County. Before they were the Clever Clovers they
                                                                       were the Husky Helpers.

                                                                       The Clever Clovers 4H Club has been building and
                                                                       helping the St. Clair community since 1982.

                                              The members of the club meet at the St. Clair Fire Hall on the second
                                              Sunday of every month at 5:00 p.m.

                                              There are new and exciting adventures every month. Come and join the fun.

                                              If you have any questions you can contact Marilyn Lynch at 245-3265 or
                                              Laurie Hawkins at (507) 234-5574.

                                                                 Welcome New Students!

                                            7th grade: Alissa Schlie, Jae Trahms, Brennan Wills

                                            8th grade: Taylor Amundson, Zachary Froderman, Justine Ruble

                                            9th grade: Brittany Barr, Ashley Miller, Joe Neid

                                            11th grade: Adrianne Halis, Stephen Johnson, Maria Ruble, Jeff Stevens

Page 10
New Teacher Profiles
                       Becky                                       Carrie                                         Leah
                      Wilfahrt                                    Carstens                                        Tanke
                  By Cassandra Hytjan                           By Meghan Miller
                                                                                                              By Meghan Miller

One of the many new faces you’ll see       Carrie Carstens, as you probably            Leah Tanke is our new school coun-
around school this year is Becky           already know is the new Spanish             selor, and she was born on February
Wilfahrt. Mrs. Wilfahrt who previous-      teacher. She was born on August 4th,        21st. Ms. Tanke attended school at
ly worked at New Ulm Cathedral,            but that’s all she’s letting us know. She   Aquris High School, which is in
Sleep Eye St. Mary’s, New Ulm High         attended High School at Cook High, in       LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She went to the
School and Mankato West is also this       Cook, MN, and she attended college at       College of St. Benedict for her under-
year’s varsity volleyball coach. Mrs.      Bemidji State University. Her family        graduate and the University of
Wilfahrt is married to her husband         consists of her parents Aug and Sue,        Minnesota Twin Cities for her gradu-
Dave and has two sons David and            who live in Cook, MN, and her brother       ate. Her family includes her mom, dad,
Jevan. In her spare time Mrs. Wilfahrt     Trevor and his wife Ann who live in St.     her brother Sam (23), and her sister
enjoys sports, boating, traveling,         Peter.                                      Emily (21). Some of her hobbies are
working out, outdoor activities and                                                    board games, running, snowboarding,
trying to put together scrapbooks.         St. Clair is her first teaching position,   traveling, cooking, and reading. Her
                                           and some of her hobbies include read-       favorite band is the Counting Crows,
Favorites:                                 ing, whitewater rafting, cooking and        favorite food is popsicles, favorite
                                           traveling.                                  movies are Shag and The Thing Called
Music: Most everything                                                                 Love. Her favorite book is Walk Two
Food: Italian & real mashed potatoes       As far as her most embarrassing             Moons, and her favorite color is yel-
Color: dark colors                         moment goes, she says that she has          low. Her most embarrassing moment
Pet Peeve(s): two faced people,            had too many to mention.                    was a rollerblading accident in college.
drama queens, attention seekers, and                                                   She was rollerblading with friends
loud girls                                 Favorites:                                  down a gravel hill, she started to pick
                                                                                       up momentum and wasn’t able to stop.
Mrs. Wilfahrt is always trying to take     Music: Salsa, Pop, Rock, and Country        She was about to fly out into the mid-
something from everyone she meets,         Foods: Chocolate, Mexican, Italian,         dle of a busy intersection so she ran
so there isn’t one person in particular           & Chinese                            into the grass in front of the Rec. cen-
that has influenced her. But, she does     Movie: American President,                  ter to stop herself. She was going too
try to learn from the lessons of others.           Ever After and Harry Potter         fast, tripped and did a nose dive and
She decided to come to St. Clair           Book: Harry Potter &                        slid face first across the lawn. The
because she likes the small school               Janet Evanovich books                 baseball team was walking out of the
atmosphere, and she wanted to be able      Color: Blue                                 Rec. center and started clapping . She
to teach and coach at the same place.      Pet Peeves: Bad Drivers, Loud Music         says that she hasn’t been rollerblading
In the future she would like to receive    and Smokers                                 since. Her best school memory was
her Ph.D. (which she is currently                                                      going to the athletic events and the
working on).                                                                           dances. The people who have influ-
                                                                                       enced her the most are her parents and
                                                                                       her close friends, because they have
                                                                                       always encouraged and supported her.
                                                                                       She said that she choose St. Clair
                                                                                       because it is a great school. It has great

                                                                                       community support, excellent staff,
                                                                                       and strong academics. As a school
                                                                                       counselor she was excited about the
                                                                                       opportunity to have a lot of student
                                                                                       contact. Her plans for the future are to
                                                                                       continue helping students as a school

                                                                                                                    Page 11
Student Life

                       Principal                                        Superintendent
                        Dustin                                                Keith
                       Bosshart                                               Klein
                          By Tiffany                                          By Tiffany
                          Steinhaus                                           Steinhaus

Our new principal, Mr. Dustin Bosshart was
born onAugust 2nd. He is not married but
                                                  Our new interim superintendent Mr.
                                                  Keith Klein was born on April 7th. His
                                                                                             ExCEL Award
has four brothers and two sisters. He attend-
ed Jackson High School and St. Cloud State
                                                  family consists of his wife Barb, his
                                                  daughter Lori and son Steve. He has
                                                                                             - Open to Juniors
University. He has taught at Ft. Madison in       attended schools in Minneota, MN,
Iowa, Pipestone, Wabasso, and Truman.             Augustana, University of South             The ExCEL Nomination
                                                  Dakota      and    Minnesota     State     forms are now available in
Mr. Bosshart’s hobbies and interests include:     University. Schools that Mr. Klein has     the HS Office. To be eligible
sports, collecting sports memorabilia, and        been employed at include: Sioux Falls,     for the ExCEL Award,
reading.                                          South Dakota, Belview, MN as the high      students must:
                                                  school principal, West Concord, MN
Favorites:                                        also as the high school principal,              Be a junior in HS
                                                  Kiester, MN as the superintendent,
Music: anything but rap                           and finally Pelican Rapids, MN also as      Make satisfactory progress
Foods: seafood and pasta                          the superintendent                             toward graduation
Movies: Young Guns,                                                                                 requirements
         Animal House, &                          Mr. Klein’s hobbies and interests con-
         Remember the Titans                      sist of golfing, and watching any sport-    Participate in a League -
Books: any books written by                       ing event.                                 Sponsored Fine Arts and/or
        Dean Koontz or Stephen King                                                               Athletic activity
Color: green                                      Favorites:
                                                                                             Hold a Leadership position
As do most of us, Mr. Bosshart has many pet       Music: anything but country                     in their school
peeves but his top ones would have to be          Foods: not much that he doesn’t like
when people say, “I don’t know” and also          Book: Civil War Era                          Work voluntarily in their
when people say, “we have always done it                                                             community
this way.” His most embarrassing moment           Mr. Klein’s best school memory would
would have to be during section wrestling         be when he was serving as superinten-        Applications are due on
when he ran across the mat to receive his         dent during the time of which his               November 23rd.
award and he fell flat on his face. His best      school won a state basketball and a
school memory would be his friends, team-         state football championship.                   Stop in the HS Office
mates, and his school’s state football champi-                                               to pick your application up!
onship.                                           The people that have influenced him
                                                  would have to be his parents. He also
The person that has influenced Mr. Bosshart       chose to come to St. Clair because we
the most would be Tyrone Wacker, his High         have a great reputation for doing what
School Football coach and also his dad. He        is best for students.
chose to come to St. Clair because he liked
the direction the school is heading in and felt   Welcome!
it was a perfect fit for him. His plans for the
future are to keep building a positive atmos-
phere here at St. Clair.


Page 12
                                                                    Cartoon Laws of Physics
Cartoon Law I                                           Cartoon Law VII
Any body suspended in space will remain in              Certain bodies can pass through solid walls painted to resemble tunnel
space until made aware of its situation.                entrances; others cannot. This trompe l’oeil inconsistency has baffled gen-
Daffy Duck steps off a cliff, expecting further pas-    erations, but at least it is known that whoever paints an entrance on a wall’s
tureland. He loiters in midair, soliloquizing flip-     surface to trick an opponent will be unable to pursue him into this theoretical
pantly, until he chances to look down. At this          space. The painter is flattened against the wall when he attempts to follow
point, the familiar principle of 32 feet per second     into the painting. This is ultimately a problem of art, not of science.
per second takes over.
                                                        Cartoon Law VIII
Cartoon Law II                                          Any violent rearrangement of feline matter is impermanent.
Any body in motion will tend to remain in motion        Cartoon cats possess even more deaths than the traditional nine lives might
until solid matter intervenes suddenly.                 comfortably afford. They can be decimated, spliced, splayed, accordion-pleat-
Whether shot from a cannon or in hot pursuit on         ed, spindled, or disassembled, but they cannot be destroyed. After a few
foot, cartoon characters are so absolute in their       moments of blinking self pity, they reinflate, elongate, snap back, or solidify.
momentum that only a telephone pole or an out-
size boulder retards their forward motion               Corollary: A cat will assume the shape of its container.
absolutely. Sir Isaac Newton called this sudden
termination of motion the stooge’s surcease.            Cartoon Law IX
                                                        Everything falls faster than an anvil.
Cartoon Law III
Any body passing through solid matter will leave        Cartoon Law X
a perforation conforming to its perimeter.              For every vengeance there is an equal and opposite revengeance.
Also called the silhouette of passage, this phe-        This is the one law of animated cartoon motion that also applies to the physi-
nomenon is the speciality of victims of directed-       cal world at large. For that reason, we need the relief of watching it happen to
pressure explosions and of reckless cowards who         a duck instead.
are so eager to escape that they exit directly
through the wall of a house, leaving a cookie-          Cartoon Law Amendment A
cutout-perfect hole. The threat of skunks or mat-       A sharp object will always propel a character upward.
rimony often catalyzes this reaction.                   When poked (usually in the buttocks) with a sharp object (usually a pin), a
                                                        character will defy gravity by shooting straight up, with great velocity.
Cartoon Law IV
The time required for an object to fall twenty sto-     Cartoon Law Amendment B
ries is greater than or equal to the time it takes      The laws of object permanence are nullified for “cool” characters.
for whoever knocked it off the ledge to spiral          Characters who are intended to be “cool” can make previously nonexistent
down twenty flights to attempt to capture it            objects appear from behind their backs at will. For instance, the Road Runner
unbroken. Such an object is inevitably priceless,       can materialize signs to express himself without speaking.
the attempt to capture it inevitably unsuccessful.
                                                        Cartoon Law Amendment C
Cartoon Law V                                           Explosive weapons cannot cause fatal injuries.
All principles of gravity are negated by fear.          They merely turn characters temporarily black and smoky.
Psychic forces are sufficient in most bodies for a
shock to propel them directly away from the             Cartoon Law Amendment D
earth’s surface. A spooky noise or an adversary’s       Gravity is transmitted by slow-moving waves of large wavelengths.
signature sound will induce motion upward, usu-         Their operation can be wittnessed by observing the behavior of a canine sus-
ally to the cradle of a chandelier, a treetop, or the   pended over a large vertical drop. Its feet will begin to fall first, causing its
crest of a flagpole. The feet of a character who is     legs to stretch. As the wave reaches its torso, that part will begin to fall, caus-
running or the wheels of a speeding auto need           ing the neck to strech. As the head begins to fall, tension is released and the
never touch the ground, especially when in flight.      canine will resume its regular proportions until such time as it strikes the
Cartoon Law VI
As speed increases, objects can be in several           Cartoon Law Amendment E
places at once. This is particularly true of tooth-     Dynamite is spontaneously generated in “C-spaces” (spaces in which cartoon
and-claw fights, in which a character’s head may        laws hold). The process is analogous to steady-state theories of the universe
be glimpsed emerging from the cloud of alterca-         which postulated that the tensions involved in maintaining a space would
tion at several places simultaneously. This effect      cause the creation of hydrogen from nothing. Dynamite quanta are quite large
is common as well among bodies that are spin-           (stick sized) and unstable (lit). Such quanta are attracted to psychic forces
ning or being throttled. A ‘wacky’ character has        generated by feelings of distress in “cool” characters (see Amendment B,
the option of self- replication only at manic high      which may be a special case of this law), who are able to use said quanta to
speeds and may ricochet off walls to achieve the        their advantage. One may imagine C-spaces where all matter and energy
velocity required.                                      result from primal masses of dynamite exploding. A big bang indeed.

                                                                                                                                  Page 13
Student Life
                                                               Question of the Month
                           Crackers                                    What is your favorite
                                                                       Homecoming Activity?
                            By Melissa Steel                                By: Victoria Nett

Ingredients:                                               9th grade:
1 C oil                                                    Lindsey Nissen- I like staring at the hotties during
1 tsp garlic powder                                        beefcake volleyball.
1 tsp lemon pepper                                         Ryan Strobel- I like float building.
1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, dry
1 (20 oz) pkg oyster crackers                              10th grade:
                                                           Rachel Cords: I like the dress up days and the dance.
Directions:                                                Josh Hennek: DJing the dance.
Warm oil in microwave 30 to 60 sec. and add ingre-
dients, pour over oyster crackers. Stir thoroughly.        11th grade:
                                                           Jessica Huber: Powerpuff football.
Enjoy this great snack!!                                   Jeff Stevens: Not participating in anything.

                                                           12th grade:
Take Note........Juniors & Seniors!                        Maita Trahms: Powderpuff football because I love
                                                           goofing around.
                                                           Tyler Goettl: Beefcake volleyball is pretty fun.
Thursday, November 2 - Rasmussen College Rep. in the
Guidance Office at 9:52 a.m. during SSH.

Thursday, November 2 A representative from South
Central College will be here on at 10:30 in the Guidance
                                                                        2006 October
Office.                                                                   NewsFlash
Tuesday, November 7 - Minnesota State University -
Mankato Rep. in the Guidance Office at 8:30 a.m.
                                                                        Staff Members
Thursday, December 7 - Bethany College Rep. in the                            Kathleen Ireland
Guidance Office at 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                Amy Opsal
                                                                              Kayla Zelasney
                       *See Miss Tanke to                                        Reporters
                           sign up for                                       Kirsten Callahan
                          college reps.                                          Justin Day
                        and to receive a                                     Cassandra Hytjan
                              pass.                                          Elizabeth Ireland
                                                                                  Joni Lillo
                                                                                 Eric Linnell
College Open Houses and Preview Days                                          Meghan Miller
                                                                                Victoria Nett
November 3        Minnesota State University, Mankato
                                                                             Tiffany Steinhaus
November 4        College of St. Catherine,                                    Melissa Steel
                  University of Minnesota - Crookston
                  Winona State University                                  Advisor Mrs. Opsal
November 5        Bethel University

   Page 14
Student Life
                                                               My Untitled
                                                                 By Kayla Zelasney

Hey guys! Wow..it’s almost November, football season is over, and volleyball is in playoffs. School’s been going by way too
quickly for me! I guess I don’t really mind because I want summer to come as much as everyone else, but still the year’s
flying by!

Homecoming this year was a blast! Finally being a junior and being involved in the whole senior vs junior rivalry was pret-
ty fun. I have to say that powder-puff football rocked, and I, along with a lot of other people, think that our school needs
to get a girls football team. Even Megan Steel would go out for a girls’ football team. What are we waiting for?

Ok speaking of Megan Steel, she got a huge, titanium, 15 inch rod taken out of her leg..ouch! Yet she’s still walking around
like nothing happened. Wow! She’s pretty tough. It must have been all that extensive weight lifting she did this summer.
I mean seriously have you seen this girl’s arms? She’s RIPPED!!! Ok, I’m embarrassing Megan, so I guess I’ll write about
someone else.

I can’t write this first article of the year without saying something about last year’s seniors. It was really weird the first few
days of school to not have them in school, and I’m still trying to get used to it. It’s funny to see them outside of school
though because you always ask the same, “How’s college? Or How have you been?” in a way that makes it sound like they’ve
fallen off the edge of the earth. Seriously it’s like we see our graduates from last year, and it seems as if we haven’t talked
to them in a year or so. Jacki Anderson pointed that out to me that everyone makes a big deal about seeing them.

Story time! I went to Iowa over MEA with Kenny and Matt (my brothers for those of you who don’t know already).
Anyways, we were on our way to Treynor on that Thursday, and we’d been driving for a few hours. We were in Sibley, Iowa
when Kenny decided we needed to stop to get some breakfast/lunch. We’d left early, so we were hungry. As we pulled into
Subway, Kenny said he was hearing this noise coming from the engine. I thought he was just imaging things. After he came
back out of subway, he checks under the hood just to be sure, and it turned out one of our belts had fallen off of some part
of the engine. I know nothing about cars, all I know is that it had something to do with the water pump, and if Kenny had-
n’t of caught it, we would have broken down somewhere else. Anyways, we ended up having to take the car to some shop,
and after explaining the situation to the guy there, he said he could have the car done by 5. It was about 11 when we took
it in to the shop. There we were, Kenny, Matt, and I stuck in some town in the middle of nowhere with no car and nothing
to do. The town wasn’t big enough to have a mall, but it did have a dollar store and a library. We spent a little bit of time
wandering around, but spent most of the day at the library on the computers just messing around and stuff. I never want
to spend that much time alone with my brothers again! They’re pretty crazy, and kept fighting over something or other.
At one point, I’m pretty sure they were yelling at squirrels…Finally my dad showed up and took us to pizza hut, and by that
time the car was done. So we finally left for Treynor at about 5:30ish. It took a while to get there, but we finally did. That’s
my story. Pretty long, but it was a crazy day!

Ok, I’ve given you my great story, and I have nothing else to say. Until next month, see ya around!

                                                      Get Involved in your Local Government!
                                     Youth Voice in Local Government is looking for area youth to serve on government com-
                                     mittees in Blue Earth and Nicollet counties.

                                     Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply and must be residents of the area in which
                                     the committee serves. There are a variety of committees from which you can choose, and
                                     this is a great way to get involved in an area thatinterests you.

                                     If you would like more information, talk to your social studies teacher to get an applica-
                                     tion booklet.

                                                                                                                      Page 15

 2006 Cyclone Volleyball Team                                             Seniors:
                                                                     Mallory Schweim &
Front Row: Chelsie Goebel & Mallory Schweim. Second                   Chelsie Goebel
Row: Sara Peters, Joni Lillo, Kelsi Huxford, Kendra Kruse,
                                                             Congratulations to Erin Goebel and
Cassandra Hytjan. Third Row: Arielle Drummer, Nicole
Dorn, Taylor Polchow, Erin Goebel, Amy Opsal, Ericka         Amy Opsal for being selected KEYC
Shaw. Coach: Becky Wilfahrt                                     Prep Athletes of the Week!

     St. Clair Cyclone Varsity                St. Clair Cyclone Varsity Football Team
      Football Cheerleaders
Front Row: Colleen Bade, Meghan
Miller, Maita Trahms. Second Row:
Kacie Finch, Brenna Hawkins, Heather
Lynch. Coach Erin Freitag

St. Clair Cyclone Varsity Football Seniors:
Front Row: Tyler Woitas, Kody Schendel, Benji
Thoennes, Jordan Weyrauch, Pat Hiller. Second
Row: Jeremiah Nicolai, Tyler Goettl, Coty
Kopishke, Terry Glamm, Brian More
 Page 16
                           Spotlight on Football Captains
                                                       By Eric Linnell

                                  Tyler Goettl and Brian More
How long have you been playing?
TG: Since 7th grade.
BM: Contact football since 7th grade

Why did you start?
TG: If you’re a real man, you play football
BM: I liked to play it in elementary and I like to watch it.

Who’s the best opponent you have ever faced?
TG: Blooming Prairie
BM: A defensive tackle from New Ulm Cathedral

Do you plan to continue with this sport later in life?
TG: PN= probably not
BM: I plan on playing or coaching

Most memorable sports moment:
TG: Catching the ball… for my first touchdown at Loyola in 2005.
BM: Going 5-3 my freshman season

TG: Jordy (Jordan Weyhrauch) and Kyle Voitas (Tyler Woitas).
BM: Family

What is the best part of game days?
TG: We get to wear our sweet, awesome new jerseys.
BM: Playing

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions?
TG: I prefer to pay close attention to Terry Glamm’s inspirational messages and apply them to myself.
BM: No

If you could be the coach for one day, what would practice be like?
TG: We wouldn’t stop hitting until 2/3 of the team was bleeding.
BM: we would play mini-football and do fumble drills

Describe your coach in one word:
BM: Intense

What is your favorite piece of sports equipment?
TG: My Click-clack cleats
BM: Helmet

        Best of Luck Seniors!
  Thank you for sharing your talents!
                                                                                                        Page 17
                                       Spotlight on Volleyball Captains
                                                       By Cassandra Hytjan and Joni Lillo

                                      Mallory Schweim, Amy Opsal and Chelsie Goebel

How long have you been playing volleyball?

MS: Since 5th grade
AO: 8 years
CG: Since 7th grade

Why did you start?

MS: Because everyone else was playing and it was fun!
AO: I watched while Joni managed the team and I thought it was
cool, and my sister played.
CG: I wanted to play since 5th grade, and so my mom said I could go

What is your most memorable sports moment?

MS: Winning against Maple River in 3 games last season
AO: Watching Erin Goebel hit a girl in the face
CG: Just watching my sister play with her beautiful, non-gaudy red
and black mouth guard.

What is your inspiration?

MS: My family and my teammates
AO: The love of the game
CG: Watching Misty May and Carrie Walsh play sand volleyball. They’re

What is the best part of the game days?

MS: The excitement and rush of running onto the court
AO: The anticipation
CG: Getting presents from your secret volleyball sister

If you could be coach for one day, what would practice be like?

MS: To on the 1st try get 20 set-ups in 5 minutes and to get 60 passes in 5 minutes.
AO: Hard, lots of serving, passing, setting, and hitting, maybe some running too
CG: Well, we wouldn’t spend it doing one passing drill for an hour! That’s right, an hour. I
would probably make them do circuit training and then we’d eat Joni’s cupcakes for all the
hard work.

What’s your favorite piece of sports equipment?

MS: Erin’s mouth guard
AO: My Jersey! It has my favorite number, 18, and I just like it!
CG: Umm… probably the solo-spike hitting machine

Page 18
                                    Spotlight on Cheerleading Captains
                                                                    By Meghan Miller

                                                   Kacie Finch and Brenna Hawkins

Whats is your sport?
KF: Cheerleading                BH: Cheerleading

How long have you been playing?
KF: 4 years               BH: 4 years

Why did you start?
KF: My sister was a cheerleader and it seemed like a good time.
BH: I thought it would be fun and I’m not good at sports.

Who’s the best opponent you’ve ever faced?
KF: Le Center Wildcats
BH: Manarantha Christian Academy

Do you plan to continue with this sport later in life?
KF: Absolutely             BH: Probably not

Most memorable sports moment?
KF: When “they came to take” Heather away at Loyola last year.
BH: Competition

KF: When I see what other squads can accomplish, an I want my
squad to accomplish it too.
BH: Knowing what our team could do and that we will achieve it.

Goals for the season?
KF: Get a double down.          BH: Getting our basket tosses.

What’s the best part of game days?
KF: Our tasty meals. Kudos to Heather and Meghan on that jello.
BH: “BONDING” before the game.

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions?
KF: We don’t do it yet, but I’m gonna start playing Whoopsie Daisy very loudly.
BH: I put on my tye-dye socks when it gets cold.

If you could be the coach for one day, what would practices be like?
KF: I would get $10 for every jump I did, and everyone would pile into the car and
go to pumkinland.
BH: It would be way fun.

Describe your coach in one word.
KF: Enthusiastic           BH: Mellow

What’s your favorite piece of sports equipment?
KF: Pom Poms
BH: My uniform

                                                                                       Page 19
                   Spotlight on New Volleyball Coaches
                         Coach Wilfahrt                                                 Coach Schroepfer
                        Varsity Volleyball                                              B Squad Volleyball
                              By Joni Lillo                                                     By Joni Lillo
Mrs. Wilfahrt coaches the varsity volleyball team this        Emily Schroepfer coaches B-Squad volleyball this year in
2006 season. She attended and graduated from St.              St. Clair. She attended St. Mary’s High School where she
Mary’s University, but she also attended St. Cloud State      played basketball, volleyball, and softball. Currently Emily
and Mankato State. She has coached at St. Mary’s High         is currently attending at MSU.
School and New Ulm High School. When she was in
high school, Becky was involved in volleyball,                Favorites:
basketball, softball, and track.
                                                              Sports: Volleyball
Favorites:                                                    Music: Everything
                                                              Food(s): Italian, Mexican
Sport(s): Volleyball, football, baseball,                     Movie(s): Benchwarmers, A Time To Kill
            College Basketball                                Book(s): She’s Come Undone by: Wally Lamb
Music: all kinds’ except rap                                  Black and Blue by: Anne Quinel
Food(s): Italian and Real mashed potatoes                     Pet Peeve(s): Fork scraping against teeth/plates,
Movie(s): When a Man Loves a Woman & The                      people not listening to what I say (eye contact)
Book(s): She’s Come Undone by: Wally Lamb & The               Emily’s most embarrassing moment was when she was get-
Things They Carried by: O’Brien                               ting murdered in a game during her varsity year, so we (her
Pet Peeve(s): two-faced people, people who waste              setter and herself) thought we would end with at least with
their talent, and drama queen attention seekers.              a wow, so they decided to do a shoot to the outside…
                                                              ‘Perfect pass, perfect set (I’m all excited), I go up big and
Becky’s most memorable sports moment was playing in           completely miss the ball. I didn’t even touch it.’ Emily’s
the section championship for the first time as a coach,       inspiration is that it’s all with in. No one can do it for you,
and as a player: the first time she scored over 20 points     but you can do anything! Emily has no superstitions.
in a basketball game. They came back from an 18 point
halftime deficit to win. Becky had superstitions before       In an athlete Emily looks for a personl who is hard work-
games such as: she use to always pray during the              ing, confident, receptive to constructive criticism,
National Anthem and before playoff games she used to          wants/desires to improve. The reason why she became a
throw up, (but she thinks she had gotten over that, or at     coach is that she really loves the sport and she just wants to
least she hopes she has.)                                     be able to share my knowledge of the game with younger
                                                              girls so that they can grow into great players. Emily’s goals
Coach Wilfahrt’s inspiration is “players who never quit       for the rest of the season are to win the rest of the matches,
and always have a great attitude regardless of their role”    or at least see confidence and growth in the girls. Emily’s
by John Wooden, Coach K. What Becky looks for in her          favorite thing about volleyball is the girls are absolutely
athletes is hard workers who play to their potential,         wonderful. ‘I feel the relationships growing!
strive to make themselves and their teammates better,         They’re so cute!!’
positive attitudes, accepting of role, encouraging, and
most important- never quit. The reasons why she
became a coach are she loves sports; she always wanted
to continue to be a part of sports and share her love with
others, and also help to develop young people and help
them to reach their full potential.

Coach’s goal this season is to win in the playoffs. Her
favorite thing about volleyball is it is a true team sport.
You cannot run out a clock or stall, you have to play to
they very last point.

Page 20
Sports & Organizations
   Cheerleading Coaches                                        St. Clair School Presents
                                                                     the Fall Play!
                           Coach Freitag
                            By Meghan Miller

 Erin Freitag is our new coach for fall, winter, and com-
 petition cheerleading. She attended the Mayo School
 of Health Sciences and she also attended our very own
 St.    Clair     and     while     in     school     she
 participated in cheerleading.

 Her favorite sport is soccer, her favorite foods are tacos
 and watermelon. She likes all different kinds of music,
 her favorite movie is Ten Things I Hate About You,
 and her favorite book is The Outlander Series.

 Erin’s most memorable sports moment is winnng 1st
 place at the state competition, the first year St. Clair
 ever competed. What she looks for in her athletes is a
 positive attitude. They must also be good role-models,
 because there are a lot of people who look
 up to cheerleaders.

 Her goal for the season is to improve on everything
 they do. Erin’s favorite thing about coaching cheer-
 leading is working with all of the girls on their
                                                              November 3rd & 4th at 7:30 pm
                                                                November 5th at 2:00 pm
                                 Coach Wunderlich
                                     By Meghan Miller                   Admission:
                                                              $5.00 Adults and $3.00 Students

Jen Wunderlich is our other new cheerleading coach this       “It has received Great Reviews!”
year, she will be coaching for winter and competition
cheerleading. She went to Bethany College where she
cheered for, and coached Basketball. She also attended
MSU where she cheered for Football and Hockey. She
                                                                                   Just a reminder:
also                                            played
Volleyball.                                                                      If you’re approaching
                                                                                  your 18th birthday,
Her favorite sports are Baseball and Hockey. She likes                             and you’re a male,
any kind of music, besides country. Her favorite food is                               you need to
cherry cheesecake, favorite movie is The Matrix. Her                                 register for the
favorite type of books are Mystery.                                                 selective services.

Jen’s most memorable moment is competing at College                                     Stop by
                                                                                        and see
Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.Jen looks for Hard
                                                                                      Ms. Tanke
work, dedication, and a good attitude in her athletes.                                or log onto
Her favorite thing about coaching cheerleading is the
teamwork that the girls learn.

                                                                                                Page 21
                                        FUN PAGE
B   X   X   Q   B   Y   E   P   E   S   E   Y   U   D   J
C   T   T   L   W   O   N   R   K   C   I   R   T   E   T
G   O   B   L   I   N   O   Q   I   C   S   Y   U   T   Q
B   G   D   E   T   F   X   M   A   P   K   P   E   N   P
T   O   U   P   C   G   S   N   T   O   M   R   H   U   P
Y   S   A   S   H   T   D   M   O   M   A   A   M   A   C
B   L   O   G   Z   Y   Z   P   T   C   G   P   V   H   G
Z   Z   G   H   T   J   S   O   S   S   K   U   Z   J   W
Z   A   V   Z   G   M   A   K   M   I   T   R   E   A   T
T   Y   M   Q   K   H   Z   Y   N   B   K   L   Y   Z   T
J   X   F   V   C   X   R   H   L   A   I   E   P   L   J
L   E   M   C   E   M   U   T   S   O   C   E   Z   P   K
Z   P   D   A   X   R   L   U   W   L   S   T   Y   M   V
T   X   S   Y   Z   R   K   G   M   I   I   X   F   F   S
K   J   F   Q   A   P   Q   L   Q   V   W   Y   R   I   S


                                                                     Q: When does a skeleton laugh?
                                                            A: When something tickles his funny bone.

                                                                 Q: Why do witches wear name tags?
                                                        A: So, they would know which witch is which!

                            Q: What is evil and ugly on the inside and green on the outside?
                                                          A: A witch dressed as a cucumber

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