Mayor Lund and Councilmember Barnette Re-elected

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                                                                                                                                                                DECEMBER 2008
                                                                                                                                                                      No. 155

                                                                                                            C O M M U N I T Y                                   R E P O R T

                        A report to
             the citizens of Fridley
                                                        Mayor Lund and Councilmember Barnette Re-elected
          phone: 763-571-3450                           Incumbent Mayor Scott Lund and Councilmember-at-
                                                        Large Bob Barnette won re-election on November 4 by
                         website:                       margins similar to their margins of victory in 2004. Scott
                                                        Lund won by 64.2% of the 12,392 votes cast for Mayor.
                          This compares with 64.2% of 12,751 votes cast in 2004.
                                                        His challenger, Pam Reynolds received 35.8% of the votes
                          e-mail:                       cast in both 2004 and 2008. Scott carried all thirteen                        Fridley precincts. The distribution of the 2008 results
                                                        among precincts is displayed in the maps.

                                                                 Bob Barnette won 56.8% of the 11,524 votes cast
                                                                 for at-large council candidates. His challenger,
                                                                 Rick Wolfe polled 43.2% of the votes cast. This
                                                                 compares with 61% of the votes cast for Bob                turnout was 77.9%, Fridley’s 2008 voter turnout was
                                                                 Barnette in 2004 when his challenger was Tim               78.6% of its 18,202 registered voters. This compares with
                                                                 Byrne. Bob also carried all thirteen precincts. The        80.2% voter turnout in 2004 and 74.8% voter turnout in
                                                                 distribution of the 2008 results for this race is          2000.
                                                                 displayed in the accompanying map.
                                                                                                                            While presidential elections require considerable planning,
                                                                 Fridley voters also followed the national and              cooperation, and a lot of hard work on and after Election
                                                                 statewide trend in voting for Barack Obama as the          Day, the 2008 election in Fridley generally went very
                                                                 country’s 44th President. Fridley’s support for            smoothly. Although there were problems with tabulating
                                                                 Obama was 58% to John McCain’s 39%. This                   machines at two different precincts, the problems were
                                       Mayor                     compares with a 54% to 44% Obama victory                   quickly fixed. There was also a challenge in one precinct to
                                       % Lund                    statewide and a 52% to 46% Obama victory                   one voter that was ultimately resolved in favor of the voter.
                                              54% - 58%          nationally. Senator Obama was victorious in all            Lines were initially long at most of the thirteen precincts.
                                              58.01% - 62%
                                              62.01% - 66%
                                                                 thirteen Fridley precincts by margins greater than         Even under these circumstances, voters generally got to
                                              Greater Than 66%   55%. This compares with the nine Fridley                   vote within thirty to thirty-five minutes.
                                                                 precincts that John Kerry carried by 55% or more
                                                                                                                            More than 200 election judges did an outstanding job
                                                                 in 2004, and four precincts that Al Gore carried by
                                                                                                                            processing voters, including the handling of 2,972 same
                                                                 this amount in 2000.
                                                                                                                            day registrations. Two of them, a Democrat and a
                                                                                                                            Republican also participated in the counting of 1,029
                                                                 Unlike the state as a whole, Fridley voters provided
                                                                                                                            absentee ballots. Other City employees were involved in
                                                                 a clear majority of their votes to U.S. Senate
                                                                                                                            quickly setting up and taking down the ten voting booths
                                                                 candidate Al Franken. He received 46% of the
                                                                                                                            and two voting machines at each of the thirteen precincts.
                                                                 Fridley vote compared to Norm Coleman’s 36% of
                                                                 the Fridley vote. Independent candidate Dean               Congratulations to City Clerk Deb Skogen and the
                                                                 Barkley received 18% of the Fridley vote. Franken          election staff for their hard work and leadership in
                                                                 carried twelve of thirteen Fridley precincts. As of        working with a large number of election judges to
                                                                 the writing of this article, the outcome of the state-     administer what, by all appearances, was a very successful
                                                                 wide vote for the two U.S. Senate candidates had           presidential election process in Fridley. I
                                                                 not been determined. Both Franken and Coleman
                                                                 polled 42% of the statewide vote to Barkley’s 15%.
                                       City Council
                                       % Barnette
                                              49% - 53%         While there were no local ballot issues in this year’s
                                              53.01% - 57%      election, there was a statewide constitutional
                                              57.01% - 61%
                                              Greater Than 61%
                                                                amendment on the ballot that would increase the
                                                                State sales tax by .375%. A third of the money
                                                                raised would be dedicated to clean drinking water

                          We wish you a
                                                        projects. Another third of the money would be spent for
                                                        maintenance of wild life trails and natural habitat. Parks
                        Happy and Safe
                                                        and trails will receive 14.25% and 19.75% will be devoted

                        Holiday Season.
                                                        to the arts and culture. Minnesota voters approved the
                                                        amendment by a margin of 56% to 44%. Fridley voters
                                                        approved the amendment by a margin of 58.8% to
            Fridley City Hall Holiday Hours:
                                                        41.2%. Voters in all thirteen Fridley precincts supported                      President
     December 24 - open from 8 am - 2 pm                                                                                                                                 U.S. Senate
                                                        the amendment.                                                                 % Obama                           % Franken
                      December 25 - closed
                                                                                                                                           53.5% - 56.50%                    41% - 44%
                      December 26 - closed                                                                                                 56.51% - 59.50%
                                                        As in past elections, relatively high statewide voter turnout                                                        44.01% - 47%
     December 31 - open from 8 am - 2 pm                                                                                                   59.51% - 62.50%                   47.01% - 50%
                                                        was mirrored by Fridley residents. While statewide                                 Greater Than 62.5%
                          January 1 - closed                                                                                                                                 Greater Than 50%

Mayor – Scott J. Lund                                     City of Fridley                                                                                             PRESORTED STD
                                                          6431 University Avenue NE
Councilmember-at-Large – Robert L. Barnette
                                                                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                          Fridley, MN 55432
Councilmember 1st Ward – James T. Saefke                                                                                                                               Permit No. 2886

Councilmember 2nd Ward – Dolores M.Varichak
                                                                                                                                                                       Minneapolis, MN

Councilmember 3rd Ward – Ann R. Bolkcom                                                                                      ECRWSS
City Manager – William W. Burns
                                                                                                                          Postal Customer
page 2                                                                                              Fridley Community Report

                                                         Pumpkin Night Was a Great Success, Again!
                                                         Notwithstanding a less than profound “Pete the
                                                         Pumpkin,” the 2008 Pumpkin Night in the Park was
                                                         again a huge success. More than 3,500 people attend-
                                                         ed the event on what turned out to be a beautiful
                                                         Saturday, October 18. As in past years, Pumpkin
                                                         Night provided a wide variety of outdoor and indoor
                                                         activities in a beautiful, but spooky setting.
                                                         Upon arriving, participants were guided to the
                                                         “Enchanted Outdoor Trail,” where they were greeted
                                                         by a gaggle of ghosts standing around a gigantic,
                                                         suspended circle of fire. Next they walked across a
Fridley’s Very                                           moat to the “Troll’s Castle” where they encountered a
                                                         “Shrek-like” troll and a beautiful, friendly dragon
                                                                                                                  rays, and eels. They also encountered a very heavy,
                                                                                                                  giant squid who also kept an eye on the artwork.
Valuable Volunteer                                       who delighted in having their pictures taken with
                                                         participants. They also had an opportunity to talk
                                                                                                                  Having braved both the outdoor and indoor trails,
Diane Savage came to Fridley with her husband                                                                     many participants were ready to dance in their
                                                         with Pete the Pumpkin who typically would render
Wade in 1984. As she prepares to leave Fridley for       profound advice on all matters of life. This year,       Halloween costumes to music and exotic lighting
her new downtown residence, we would like to             however, Pete’s conversations were limited to talking    provided by DJ, Rick Mros of Northern Lights at
recognize her for her many years of service to           about the participants’ costumes, the weather, and the   an event called “Dancing in the Pumpkin Patch.”
various City commissions.                                fact that he doesn’t hear very well without ears.        Others, who did not satisfy their hunger at the
                                                                                                                  Roadkill Café (that includes almost everybody),
Her career as a commission member began with                                                                      moved on to the Springbrook Foundation’s food
her appointment to the Charter Commission in                                                                      pavilion where they had their choice from a menu
1985. In 1986, she left the Charter Commission                                                                    that included pizza, hotdogs, brats, chips, caramel
after being appointed to the Appeals Commission.                                                                  apples, and nachos. Others feasted on kettle corn.
With her rise to the chair position on the Appeals                                                                Still others played Bingo, and some even won some
Commission in 1989, she became an automatic                                                                       nifty prizes
member of the Planning Commission. In 1996
she was appointed Chair of the Planning                                                                           As is always the case, there are many people to
Commission and served in that position until her                                                                  thank. We’d like to start by thanking the eight indi-
final meeting on October 1, 2008.                                                                                 viduals who worked very hard beginning in August
                                                                                                                  making props for the event. Then there are the 516
According to Vice Chair Dave Kondrick, “Diane
has been an outstanding contributor to the                                                                        people who carved 750 pumpkins and another 159
Planning Commission and has served very fairly                                                                    volunteers who worked the day of the event setting
in her role as Chair. We will truly miss her                                                                      up, selling tickets, taking down, and a variety of
knowledge and good judgment as well as her               While disappointed that Pete was not willing to          other tasks. We also want to thank the Police
friendship on the commission.”                           render advice on what to do with their 401Ks, par-       Reserves and Community Service Officers as well
                                                         ticipants moved on, undaunted, to the “Roadkill          as firefighters who did a great job directing traffic.
In addition to her valuable service on the Planning      Café” where they met a friendly, but odd bunch of
Commission, Diane has served the public through                                                                   Thanks are also in order to several individuals. These
                                                         folks that included “Dot the Waitress,” “Billy Bob,”
her position as criminal prosecutor for the Anoka        “The RKC Hostess,” “The Head of the Table,” and          include Charles Martin who spent more than 500
County Attorney’s Office. In this role, which she        many others. Before participants could catch their       hours painting the twenty-two marine life posters
served between 1976 and 2007, she has                    breaths from the smell of freshly cooked road kill,      for “The Trail of Spooky Delights.” Thanks also to
prosecuted a wide range of adult felony crimes,          they moved on to the “Pirates of the Wetland,”           Vicki Reynolds for finding bingo prize donations
including thefts, forgeries, burglaries, assaults,       who, along with their “Captain” were stuck on a          and to Mark Foster from the City garage who
criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, and murder.         ship that had run aground. From there they moved         coordinated event parking. Additionally, we’d like to
                                                         into more tranquil territory where they walked a         pay thanks to the “Up North Kettle Corn” ladies
Diane holds a BA Degree from Oberlin College,
                                                         beautiful path lined with more than 750 carved           Cheryl Lemler and Brenda Baker from Cohasset,
an MA Degree from the University of Iowa, and a
                                                         and lighted pumpkins. After the serenity of the          Minnesota for donating $375 in kettlecorn sales
JD Degree from the William Mitchell College of
                                                         trail, they moved to another not so serene setting       receipts to the Springbrook Nature Center.
Law. In addition to her academic accomplish-
ments, she reports that she has seven grand              where they were treated to a return (from the dead)
                                                                                                                  Congratulations to Siah St. Clair, Tara Rogness and
                                                         performance by Elvis and another character known
children who are a joy, and two Rhodesian                                                                         Jan Swanson of the Springbrook Nature Center
                                                         as “Teen Wolf Elvis.”
Ridgeback dogs that she and Wade run with in                                                                      staff for another outstanding job in coordinating all
Locke Park. She also enjoys spinning, yoga, and          There was also an “Indoor Trail of Spooky                aspects of the event. They, in turn, want to thank
Pilates classes at Lifetime Fitness. Additionally, she   Delights” where visitors first wound their way into      all of the residents who joined them this year in
enjoys biking in places like Croatia, Holland,           the “Nocturnal Forest Room.” Here, they encoun-          making the 2008 Pumpkin Night the best and
Ireland, Belgium, Italy, France, New Zealand, and        tered three live hooting owls that were played by        most enjoyable Pumpkin Night ever. I
Morocco. She and Wade also enjoy going to the            teen volunteers Stephanie Rathsack, Jennifer
theater, movies, concerts, opera, and fine dining.       Rathsack, and Rebekah Milks. After leaving the
                                                         lively forest, they were greeted by dozens of spiders
Diane says that she became active on City
                                                         and their webs. Finally, they met King Triton who
commissions because she wanted to be a part of
                                                         was portrayed by seasonal naturalist Todd Miller.
the community that she lived in and to play a role
                                                         He interacted with participants, and watched over
in developing a vision for the City. She also says
                                                         newly painted scenes of sea life that were painted by
that she has sought to improve Fridley’s livability
                                                         local artist Charles Martin. These included paint-
and image as well as to enjoy the challenge of
                                                         ings of lionfish, sea turtles, hammerhead sharks,
applying professional land use standards in a fully
developed community. She has also pursued a
strong interest in developing multiple housing
that is both affordable and an asset to the commu-
nity. Additionally, she says that she has really
                                                         Don’t Trash Your Can!
                                                         Everybody needs a trash can and a place to set out trash for collection. Did you
enjoyed her role on the Planning Commission and          know that Fridley City Code allows residents to set large, bulky items at the
characterizes her fellow commission members as           curb on your trash collection day for a maximum of 24 hours? It’s true. Next
knowledgeable, thoughtful, well-prepared, and            time you have a couch, mattress, or kitchen sink that you need picked up, call
always respectful to each other.                         your trash company to make arrangements. Trash companies may charge fees
As Diane leaves her role as Planning Commission          to collect large, bulky items. Maintain the 24-hour allowance at the curb and
Chair, we thank her for her many hours of                code enforcement staff – and your neighbors – will thank you. Still curious
dedicated service and for her many contributions         about trash collection guidelines? For more information about solid waste
to the community. I                                      collection, view Chapter 113 of the City Code or call 763-572-3592. I                                                                                                                                               page 3

Cummins Power Generation
Celebrates 40th Anniversary
On September 12, Cummins Power Generation                  more fuel efficient and 50% quieter than tradition-
celebrated the 40th anniversary of their                   al generator sets.
manufacturing of power generation equipment in
Fridley. More than 800 people attended, including          Other recent developments include sound attenuat-          2008 Street Improvements
Cummins Power Generation employees from the                ing enclosures for generator sets, and low kW range
Fridley plant on Old Central Avenue, other                 generator sets that ensure continuous and safe oper-       Draw to a Close
                                                                                                                      The 2008 street improvement work in Fridley is
employees from satellite offices in the area, and          ation during and after disasters. Cummins
                                                                                                                      probably the most ambitious (and expensive) that
Onan retirees. Presentations by Tony Satterthwaite,        researchers have also developed digital controls and
                                                                                                                      the City has ever undertaken. It consisted of three
President of Cummins Power Generation, and                 automatic transfer switches that allow for remote
                                                                                                                      different projects. These included a 4.0 mile street
Mayor Scott Lund preceded a tour of the plant              access to their generators from any location via the
                                                                                                                      reconstruction program that was aimed at
and a “stroll down the Historical Walkway.”                Internet.                                                  completing Fridley’s multi-year reconstruction of
                                                                                                                      more than thirty miles of local streets that had only
There are many historical benchmarks that punctu-          Cummins Power Generation has 1,945 employees               asphalt curb construction. The second project was
ate the history of the Onan Corporation and its suc-       in the United States, including 1,735 who are locat-       the 2008 mill and overlay project on Gardena
cessor Cummins Power Generation. The company               ed in Minnesota. Of this latter group, 141 live in         Avenue. This project also included replacement of
was started in 1918 by David Warren Onan who               Fridley. In addition to increasing its workforce,          water lines between Old Central Avenue and
                                                           Cummins Power Generation has achieved financial            Matterhorn Drive. The third project was the seal-
                                                           growth over the last four years. It had sales of $3.0      coating project that occurred in the northwestern
                                                           billion in 2007, the third record year for financial       part of Fridley in an area west of the railroad tracks
                                                           performance for the Cummins’ Division, and is              and north of Locke Lake.
                                                           expected to have a fourth record year in 2008. This
                                                           growth has been occurring increasingly in foreign          As of mid-November, streets in all four
                                                           markets where sales now comprise about two-thirds          construction areas had received the initial layer of
                                                           of all sales.                                              asphalt, and with one exception (Ashton Avenue)
                                                                                                                      had also received the final layer of asphalt. All of
                                                                                                                      the backfilling and boulevard restoration had also
                                                           Cummins’ strong financial performance has gener-
                                                                                                                      been completed. Additionally, the contractor had
                                                           ated discussions about the expansion of the Fridley
                                                                                                                      excavated seven rain gardens for six Fridley
                                                           facility as well as the evaluation of various off-site
                                                           local alternatives for additional space. No perma-
                                                           nent decisions, however, have been made yet on             According to Assistant Public Works Director
developed and sold tools he invented for mechanics         expansion. According to Cummins Power                      Layne Otteson, there were no significant problems
while continuing to work for a motor car company.          Generation President Tony Satterthwaite, Cummins           associated with this year’s project. Most of the
Onan then established his own company in 1920,             Power Generation will move toward the future with          citizen input has taken the form of questions about
and designed his first electric generator set in 1926.     a strong emphasis on producing generators that are         assessments, construction practices, driveway
The set was designed to provide 300 watts of power         increasingly energy efficient, increasingly quieter,       access, boulevard restoration, and parking on the
for a friend’s cabin. The following year he began          and much less obtrusive in urban areas.                    street. When problems did arise, our field
manufacturing generator sets for summer cottages.                                                                     inspector or the project engineer met with
By 1931, he was building 500-watt generator sets           The City congratulates Cummins Power                       residents to resolve the person’s concern or issue.
and by 1943, he had sold more than $50 million             Generation for their achievements in building              As in all years, there were unexpected challenges
worth of generator sets to the armed forces. In            increasingly improved generators as well as for their      that resulted in $40,000 in change orders. These
1968, C.W. Onan, D.W. Onan’s son, moved his                success in tailoring their products and services to        included unexpected utility repair, removal of
generator manufacturing facilities from 2515               meet customer needs. As they move forward, the             unstable soils (muck), and the installation of a 4’
University Avenue in Southeast Minneapolis to the          City will work hard to facilitate Cummins Power            wide concrete cap over a large diameter gas line on
current Fridley site. In 1992, Onan, Inc. became a         Generation’s future growth and development in our          Ashton Avenue.
wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins,                        community. I
Incorporated.                                                                                                         The Gardena Avenue project was completed in
                                                                                                                      September. While City staff and the contractor did
Since the Onan acquisition, Cummins has placed                                                                        need to restrict traffic movements to one-way on
a high priority on developing new products.                                                                           the section of Gardena Avenue between Old
Millions of dollars are invested each year in                                                                         Central Avenue and Matterhorn Drive while the
research and development. One example of the                                                                          water line was being replaced. Although they ran
                                                                                                                      into some very difficult clay soils in this section of
fruits of these research and development efforts in
                                                                                                                      the project, the project in general, went very
Fridley has been the development of a hybrid gen-
                                                                                                                      smoothly. There were no change orders.
erator that can draw a portion of its power from
the batteries of recreational vehicles. This allows                                                                   During construction of the summer street
for smaller and lighter generator sets that are 20%                                                                   improvement projects, the City used three
                                                                                                                      engineering students from the University of
                                Fridley Community Calendar                                                            Minnesota to assist staff with surveying and
                                                                                                                      inspection on more than five miles of
December                                                    January
  1   Parks & Recreation Commission                           1 City offices closed – New Year’s Day
                                                                                                                      construction. This allowed staff to deliver the
  4   Housing & Redevelopment Authority                       5 City Council
                                                                                                                      projects to completion with minimal assistance
  8   City Council                                              Parks & Recreation Commission
                                                                                                                      from consultants.
  9   Environmental Quality & Energy Commission               7 Planning Commission                                   As we look forward to 2009, the scope of street
 10   Appeals Commission                                      8 Housing & Redevelopment Authority                     improvements will be narrowed substantially. The
 15   City Council                                           13 Environmental Quality & Energy Commission             projects will include the 85th Avenue bicycle trail,
 24   City Offices Closed at 2 p.m.                          14 Appeals Commission                                    another sealcoating project and the milling and
 25   City Offices Closed – Christmas                        19 City offices closed – Martin Luther King Jr. Day      overlaying of the West University Avenue Service
 26   City Offices Closed – Christmas                        21 Planning Commission                                   Drive. Project costs for 2009 have been budgeted
 31   City Offices Closed at 2 p.m.                          26 City Council                                          at $1,253,000 vs. the $3,476,000 that was
                                                                Charter Commission                                    budgeted for this year.
                                                             28 Appeals Commission
NOTE: City Council Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. All other meetings start at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the
                                                                                                                      If you have questions about street projects, please
Municipal Center, 6431 University Avenue, NE.The public is welcome.
                                                                                                                      contact Layne Otteson in the City’s Public Works
                                                                                                                      Department. You may reach him at 572-3551 or
Hearing impaired persons who need an interpreter or other persons with disabilities who require auxiliary aids, and   email him at I
would like to attend a meeting, should contact Roberta Collins at 572-3500 at least one week in advance.
 page 4                                                                                               Fridley Community Report

Municipal Center                                         Utility Rates Restructured to
Energy Improvements                                      Meet Conservation Requirements
As energy costs escalate, the City has programmed
new technologies to make its buildings more energy
efficient. A good case in point is the Fridley           The 2008 state legislature approved legislation that         expenses that fall evenly on all customer classes
Municipal Center, where we have added power              requires public water suppliers to adopt conserva-           regardless of their water usage. Additionally, the
generation capacity, joined Xcel Energy’s rate           tion rate structures. Under this mandate, water              new rate structure will not provide for what is now a
savings program, changed out more than 600               users who use more than average amounts of water             25% discount for low income seniors and families.
conventional fluorescent lights to newer lights          should pay higher rates for increasing levels of
that are 30% more energy efficient, installed            water usage. These structures are to be in effect            Another objective of the new rate structure is to
programmable thermostats, and sealed doors,              prior to January 1, 2010. The Department of                  provide funding for debt service on numerous
windows, and roofs. Future energy savings                Natural Resources will monitor the progress of               water system improvements that were deferred
improvements include the replacement of                  municipal utilities.                                         until 2008 due to Charter-imposed rate restrictions
incandescent exit lights with LED lights,
installation of photo sensors on parking lot lights,     The proposed conservation rate structure for                 that limited annual rate increases to the rate of
continued replacement of older fluorescent bulbs         Fridley incorporates most of what the state is ask-          inflation or 5%, whichever was less. These
with newer, more energy efficient bulbs, and             ing for. It also includes other changes designed to          improvements include painting and repair of the
changing out HVAC (heating, ventilation and air          meet the City’s utility revenue needs as well as to          City’s overhead storage tanks and major repairs to
conditioning) units. The first two items are likely to   improve the billing system. The product that will            the Commons Park Water Treatment Plant.
be completed this year. We will begin changing out       be brought to City Council for approval on
the sixteen, twenty-year old HVAC units in 2010.         December 15 establishes four residential rate tiers          Additionally, the new utility rate structure aims at
One of the major improvements of 2008 was the            and five commercial/industrial rate tiers.                   restoring cash balances for the water and sewer util-
installation of a new 200 horsepower generator with      Multifamily residential property and non-profit              ities to positions whereby there is sufficient cash to
a 150 kW output, which can operate the entire            organizations, such as churches, will be treated as          cover a year’s operating costs for both utilities. Last
Municipal Center in the event of a power failure.        residential customers.                                       year, while still encumbered by the Charter restric-
The new generator ensures that fire and police calls                                                                  tions, the City was projecting that it would have
can be processed as usual, that lighting will be         Residential customers who use less than 20,000 gal-
                                                         lons of water per quarter will be charged at the low-        exhausted all but $121,000 of the Water Fund cash
maintained, and that heating and air conditioning as
well as computers can be kept running.                   est rate of $1.08 per 1,000 gallons of usage. Usage          balances and all but $2,432,374 of the Sewer Fund
                                                         above 20,000 gallons and less than 40,000 gallons            cash balances by the end of 2008. The rate increases
The new generator also gives the City the ability to     will be charged at the rate of $1.19 per 1,000 gal-          for 2008 together with the proposed increases for
join Xcel Energy’s “Electric Peak Controlled Tier 2
                                                         lons (about 10% more). Usage between 40,001 and              2009 are aimed at cash balance restoration to levels
Rate Savings Program.” Under this program, the
                                                         60,000 will be charged $1.30 per 1,000 gallons.              equivalent to annual operating costs (approximately
City, at Xcel’s request, runs entirely on its own
generated power during peak demand periods.              Finally, usage above 60,001 gallons per quarter will         $2,000,000 for water and $4,000,000 for sewer).
Generally this happens only about twice a year for       be charged at the rate of $1.41 per 1,000 gallons.
about six to eight hours. In exchange for helping                                                                     The rate restructuring will have different impacts
                                                         Commercial/industrial rates begin at $1.30 per
Xcel Energy manage their peak demands, the City                                                                       on different customer classes. Much of this has to
                                                         1,000 for those customers using less than 40,000
receives monthly energy reductions that amount to                                                                     do with the disparate impacts of the proposed fixed
                                                         gallons per quarter and rise to $1.46 per 1,000 gal-
$3,500 a year.                                                                                                        rate portion of the new billing system. The average
                                                         lons for amounts in excess of 40,000 gallons, but
The change out of the fluorescent bulbs allows an        less than 250,000 gallons per quarter. Usage above           water user, using 21,000 of water quarterly will see
energy savings of about $290 per year for every 500      250,000 gallons per quarter, but less than 500,000           his/her water bill rise from $124.80 per year to
bulbs. Additionally, we save another $531/500            gallons per quarter will be charged at the rate of           $146.74 per year, or by 17.5%. This same water
bulbs through an Xcel Energy rebate on the bulbs.        $1.62 per 1,000 gallons of water usage per quarter.          user will see annual costs for sewer rise from
Installation of eight programmable thermostats,          Usage between 500,000 gallons per quarter and                $144.48 to $160.19, or by 11.3%. His/her total
which automatically allow thermostats to be              1,000,000 gallons per quarter will be charged at the         cost for water/sewer service will increase from
cutback on off hours, will save the City about 10%       rate of $1.78 per quarter. Finally usage over
each year on its heating and cooling costs. This will                                                                 $269.28 for the year to $307.66, or by 14.2% for
                                                         1,000,000 gallons will be charged at the rate of             the year. The annual increase for both utilities
amount to about $2,700 a year.
                                                         $1.94 per 1,000 gallons.
                                                                                                                      amounts to $3.20 per month.
By far the most expensive of the energy saving
improvements for the Municipal Center is the             The new rate structure also includes several other
                                                                                                                      If you have questions or comments about the pro-
replacement of the sixteen HVAC units that were          changes. In place of a minimum usage charge of
                                                         12,000 gallons per quarter the proposed rate struc-          posed rate structure, please forward them to
installed more than twenty years ago. These units
heat and cool both the upper and lower levels of         ture for 2009 will include a fixed rate charge of            Finance Director Rick Pribyl or Assistant Finance
the Municipal Center and Fire Station #1. The            $9.50 per quarter for all water customers and a min-         Director Al Folie. They can be reached by calling
City anticipates changing out three or four of these     imum charge of $7.12 per quarter for all sewer               572-3533. Alternatively, email your question/
units each year beginning in 2010 at a cost of           accounts. The fixed rate is based on administrative          comments to I
between $20,000 and $25,000 a year. The new
units are expected to save the City up to 30% in
heating and cooling costs as well as considerable
savings in repair and maintenance costs. The new         Quiet Zone Activated
units will be programmable in a manner that
allows staff to balance the system from computers        It’s done. It’s over. It’s finished. It’s complete, and it   an Anoka County reimbursement for a portion of
rather than call in outside contractors to make          has been activated. The activation date was                  the median on the west side of the Osborne cross-
adjustments to meet the heating and cooling needs        Saturday, October 18 at 12.01 a.m. The train horns           ing. In conjunction with the installation of the
in the various sections of the Municipal Center.         for the Osborne Road and 77th Way                                      Quiet Zone, the Anoka County
The City expects to implement similar energy             Crossings are now silent, except when                                  Highway Department resurfaced the
savings improvements in other City facilities            there are emergency circumstances or                                   Osborne Road crossing.
where savings can be expected to pay for costs over      in certain other circumstances related
a reasonable period of time without unreasonable         to train movements where horns are                                     Thanks to our residents for their
compromises in building security. With the               still required.                                                        patience with this project. There
exception of HVAC replacements, staff expects                                                                                   were many players, including the
these improvements to be concluded within the            As you approach the crossing from                                      Federal Rail Authority (FRA), the
next two years.                                          either direction, you will notice signs                                Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
If you have comments or questions about the              that advise that “Trains Do Not                                        (BNSF), the Anoka County Highway
City’s energy savings efforts, please direct them to     Sound Horns.” For most people these                                    Department, MnDOT, and the City.
Jeannie Benson, Engineering Administrative               are welcome additions to the neighborhood.                   Lynne Leibfried from BNSF and Tammy Wagner
Assistant, Municipal Center Maintenance                                                                               from the Federal Railway Administration in
Operations at 572-3552. Alternatively e-mail her         The contract cost for the project was $128,400.              Chicago were particularly helpful in keeping our
at I                           Staff expects to receive approximately $10,000 as            project moving. I                                                                                                                                         page 5

Fire Department Hosts Open House
More than 800 people attended the 2008 Fire
Department Open House on a beautiful, sunny
October 4. As was the case last year, this year’s
exhibits and events included a burn room demon-
stration, rides on the aerial truck, a vehicle extrica-
tion demonstration, a kids’ jumping room, and
rides on Columbia Heights’ antique fire engine.
There was also, for the first time, a Sprinkler Demo
Trailer provided by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
This demonstration was there to emphasis the
importance of sprinkler systems in residential con-
struction. The timing of the demo coincided with
the inclusion of sprinkler requirements in the latest
version of the residential building code.                 Buffet, Freedom Value Center, Shorty’s Towing,          B: Bob Barnette, Scott Lund, Mel Manley,
                                                          LeMasters, CenterPoint Energy, Home Depot, The          F: Robert Christenson, Char Fitzpatrick, Bob Cook
As is always the case, there is a long list of contrib-
                                                          Greater Twin Cities Dalmation Club, Take Heart
utors to the Fire Department Open House. The list
of private sector sponsors includes General Mills,
                                                          Anoka County, the American Red Cross, and               Fridley Historical
Chris & Rob’s Pizza, BoB’s Produce, Dunn
Brothers, Grandpa’s Ice Cream, Old Country                Other contributors include the Anoka County             Society Inducts 2008
                                                          Library, the Anoka County Sheriff ’s Department,
                                                          the Fridley Police Department, and MnDOT.               Hall of Fame Members
                                                          Volunteers from the Fridley Senior Program were         The Fridley Historical Society held their annual
                                                          also there to staff the booths.                         Hall of Fame banquet at North Air Banquets
                                                          Hat’s off to Captain Dave Lenzmeier for once            (formerly the Knights of Columbus) on Saturday,
                                                          again doing an outstanding job in organizing the        November 8. This year’s inductees were honored
                                                          event. Captain Lenzmeier extends his thanks             for their contributions to the City of Fridley
                                                          “…to the citizens of Fridley for being so support-      through their dedication, hard work, and
                                                          ive of their Fire Department over the past fifty-six    accomplishments.
                                                          years.” I                                               Those honored included Bob Barnette, a former
                                                                                                                  teacher, counselor, coach, and Assistant Principal
Police Citizens’ Academy Focuses on Policing                                                                      at Fridley High School. Bob has also served more
                                                                                                                  than twenty years on the Fridley City Council, and
This is the third year that the Fridley Police            Officers Andy Todd and Jenny Markham, and               was the founder of FRIDFANS, an organization
Department has offered a Citizens’ Academy that           Captains Bob Rewitzer, and Brian Weierke.               dedicated to providing scholarships to Fridley
focuses on police policy and practices. Participants                                                              youth. Additionally, he is a member of the Fridley
must be eighteen years of age or older and either         Those who complete the Academy curriculum are           American Legion and Values First.
live or work in Fridley. There is no charge for the       treated to dinner and a graduation ceremony where
Academy, which met every Wednesday night                  they are presented with Police Academy certificates.    Another honoree, Bob Cook, was a long-time
between September 10 and October 29. Each of              While each of the participants is given information     Fridley police officer who was once wounded in
the eight sessions began at 6:00 p.m. and ended at        about volunteer opportunities within the Police         the line of duty. He is also known for his more
9:00 p.m. Once again, they were held in the lower         Department, the Academy is a “no strings                than forty years of membership in the Fridley
level meeting rooms of the Fridley Municipal              attached” program. Participants are not expected to     Lions Club and for his role as announcer at the
Center. Participants were largely recruited through       provide future service as Police Reserves, Block        annual ‘49er Days Parade. Additionally, Bob is a
National Night Out parties, the Police Department         Captains, or serve any other voluntary role. The        long-time member of both the Fridley American
Open House, and through word of mouth by past             objective is simply to help educate citizens about      Legion and the Fridley VFW.
participants.                                             the workings of the Fridley Police Department.
                                                                                                                  The third honoree, former Fridley Council-
The Academy topics include the history of the             Judging by the very favorable comments that we          member Ed Fitzpatrick, was represented by his
Fridley Police Department, police recruitment and         hear each year, the organizers of the Police            wife Char. In addition to serving on the City
training, line-of-duty deaths, criminal laws, vehicle     Academy are accomplishing their objectives.             Council, Ed was Chairman of the Fridley
pursuit policy, the use of K-9 units, use of force, use   According to Ward 2 Councilmember Dolores               Parks and Recreation Commission, a Fridley rep-
of tasers, shoot and don’t shoot scenarios, personal      Varichak, who attended this year’s Academy and          resentative to the League of Minnesota Cities, a
safety, gun safety, DWI enforcement, use of the fire      even volunteered to be tased, “The Police Academy       Fridley School Board member and a charter mem-
arms range, vehicle extrication, traffic enforcement,     was a very special educational event. I learned a lot   ber of the Anoka County Mental Health Board.
narcotics enforcement, and community policing.            and am very grateful to our Fridley Police
                                                          Department for offering this opportunity to learn.      The emcee, newly re-elected Mayor Scott Lund
Sergeant Jim Mork of the Fridley Police                                                                           was there to add his brand of humor and
Department organizes the presenters for each of the       I’m sharing my experience with everyone I know.
                                                          It’s very beneficial.”                                  leadership to the occasion. He called each of the
classes and oversees the overall operation of the                                                                 honorees to the platform where they were
Academy.                                                  Thanks to Dolores and the other twenty-four             presented with personal Hall of Fame plaques and
This year’s presenters for the Academy include            2008 Police Academy participants for making             larger plaques that will be on display at the Fridley
Spring Lake Park Officer Mark Bonesteel, Blaine           this learning opportunity possible. The Fridley         History Center. Others involved in the ceremony
K-9 Officer Greg Rowe (and his pooch Gunner),             Police Department looks forward to meeting              include former Fridley Historical Society Chair,
Anoka Police Officer Mary Wellman, and Fridley            more Fridley residents at their 2009 Academy. If        Robert Christenson, who gave opening and
Firefighters Renee Hamdorf and Todd Messer.               you have an interest in participating, contact          closing remarks, and Mel Manley, Chair of the
Presenters also included Public Safety Director           Sergeant Jim Mork by e-mailing him at                   Fridley Hall of Fame Committee. Pianist, Jim
Don Abbott, Sergeant Jim Mork, Fridley Police    I                               Shannon, provided entertainment.
                                                                                                                  The Fridley Historical Society wishes to thank All-
                                                                                                                  Temp Distribution and the Fridley Lions Club for
                                                                                                                  their support. They also want to recognize the Hall
                                                                                                                  of Fame Committee, which organized the Fridley
                                                                                                                  Hall of Fame selection process and dinner. The
                                                                                                                  members include Pete Bonesteel, Robert
                                                                                                                  Christenson, Dorothy Gargaro, Jerry Manley, Mel
                                                                                                                  Manley, and Sue Meyers.
                                                                                                                  Next year’s Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on
                                                                                                                  Saturday, November 14, 2009. I
 page 6                                                                                                Fridley Community Report

                                                           Foreclosure Workshops
                                                           Generate Grateful
                                                           Anoka County Community Action Program
                                                           (ACCAP) and the cities of Fridley, Columbia
                                                           Heights, and Spring Lake Park jointly sponsored the
                                                           Foreclosure Prevention Workshop held on September
                                                           17, 2008, at the Fridley Community Center.
Juvenile Arson Is a                                                                                                  As we report the happenings of the Foreclosure and
                                                           The thirty-three families who attended the                the Financial Fitness Workshops, we also want to
Problem in Fridley                                         Foreclosure Workshop were grateful to have received
                                                           face-to-face help. They began their participation by
                                                                                                                     describe a new Federal program that became available
                                                                                                                     on October 1. The program was defined by the
On August 11 and again on September 4, the                 listening to a group presentation offered by Jan          “Hope for Home Owners Act of 2008” that was
playground equipment at Woodcrest Elementary               Backlin of ACCAP. Ms. Backlin discussed the               passed by Congress late this summer. Under this act,
School was set ablaze causing in excess of $50,000 in      various stages in the mortgage default process and        homeowners who are currently in default on their
                                                           pointed out the rights of the homeowners who were         mortgages, or who are in danger of default, may be
damage. The two suspects have been accused of
                                                           in various stages of default. From there, participants    able to refinance an existing unaffordable mortgage
setting several other fires as far back as 2006. In this
                                                           were escorted into a separate room where they had         that will be insured by the FHA.
case they have been charged with arson, a felony, by       the opportunity to sit down with certified
the Fridley Police Department and appeared in the          Foreclosure Prevention Counselors from ACCAP,             In order to qualify for these refinanced mortgages,
Anoka County District Court in November.                   Loan Mitigation Personnel from Wells Fargo and            you must have a mortgage that was issued between
                                                           Village Bank, and a realtor representative with the       January 2005 and June of 2007. The property must
The charges against these individuals serve to             North Metro Realtors Association.                         be your primary place of residence, and you may not
illustrate that juvenile arson is a major problem.                                                                   have an ownership interest in any other property. You
According to a 2006 report by the U.S. Fire                The purpose of the individual participant meetings        must also be able to verify your income and prove
Administration, 54% of all arson arrests in the            with the Foreclosure Prevention Counselors was to         that you will not be able to continue to pay your
United States involve children under 18 years of age.      talk one-on-one in a non-threatening environment          mortgage without refinancing.
The average cost of these fires exceeds $20,000. In        with trained counselors. In these sessions, the
                                                           counselors and the participants sized up the              You should also understand that your existing lender
Fridley there are typically fifteen to twenty cases
                                                           circumstances, questions were addressed, and an           is under no obligation to participate in this
each year where juvenile fire setters are suspects in
                                                           action plan was developed. In at least nine cases, the    refinancing and the lender’s agreement with mortgage
arson fires. According to Fire Chief John Berg,            action plan included a second meeting with the            concessions is strictly voluntary. Among several other
without rapid intervention, there is an 80% chance         ACCAP Counselors. The ACCAP Counselors                    things, the lender must be willing to write down the
that these individuals will continue to set fires.         helped families facing foreclosure by using               existing loan in a manner that leaves the new loan at
                                                           negotiation and loss mitigation tools with lenders        no more than 90% of the current appraised value.
In order to address the need for intervention, when        with the goal of saving their home.                       Any late fees and penalties must also be waived by the
juvenile fire suspects are discovered, they are                                                                      existing lender and the borrower must agree that he
interviewed by firefighters or police officers who         The next evening, representatives of ACCAP were           or she will not take out a home equity loan for five
then make a decision as to whether or not the              back at the Fridley Community Center to conduct a         years from the closing on the new mortgage.
juveniles will be referred to the Minnesota Juvenile       Financial Fitness Workshop for five participants who
Firesetter Intervention Program (MN JFIP).                 had signed up the night before. The workshop              If you are interested in talking to a FREE Foreclosure
Referrals may also come from the Juvenile Court or         focused on how to cope with and correct credit            Prevention Counselor about this new opportunity or
                                                           problems through savings, budgeting, and debt             to simply discuss your mortgage situation, you may
from school officials. The program consists of a
                                                           reduction. They were taught through an interactive        do so by contacting ACCAP’s Foreclosure Prevention
sequence of intervention techniques. These
                                                           process where participants solved problems jointly        Hotline at 763-783-4880 or visit their website at
techniques begin with a thorough individual and            and shared their experiences.                    I
family interview. Following the interviews, and with
the cooperation of families, fire setters are
encouraged to participate in a fire safety education
course. The education course provides the family
                                                           Fridley Seniors Enjoy Senior Safety Camp
with the tools they will need to prevent future            About fifty Fridley and Columbia Heights seniors
incidents of fire setting and includes treatment of        attended the Senior Safety Camp on October 8
social expectations, consequences of fire setting,         between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. In contrast to the
character building, decision-making, peer pressure,        kids’ Safety Camp that is held in June, the senior
and survival skills.                                       safety program was much more law enforcement
                                                           and personal safety focused. There were no t-shirts,
In some cases, the fire setters will also receive an       baseball caps, counselors, outside games, and water
immediate referral to another agency for mental            safety instruction.
health or social service counseling. Most juvenile fire
setters must also complete a restitution program.          The morning began with an introduction of the
The exact intervention decisions depend upon the           new Columbia Heights Police Chief, Scott
                                                           Nadeeau. Fridley Police Officer Jeff Potter, who has      After lunch, at the Senior Dining program,
findings of the initial interview, past history, and the
                                                           recently completed service on the Anoka-Hennepin          Sergeant Jim Mork talked about personal safety.
level of cooperation displayed by the juvenile and
                                                           Drug Task Force, then provided a very interesting         Lino Lakes Police Officer Dale Hager and his
his/her family. In all cases, representatives of the       presentation on the work of an undercover nar-            canine companion, Recon, ended the day with a
MN JFIP Program will complete follow-up contacts           cotics officer. Bloomington Police Officer Steve          very interesting demonstration of Recon’s skills.
with the juvenile fire setters’ families at three, six,    Meskan and Ramsey County Sheriff ’s Deputy Paul
and twelve-month intervals after the intervention to       Meskan followed Jeff Potter by entering the room          According to Crime Specialist Liz Chevalier,
evaluate success of the program.                           in their full “turtle gear” to talk about their experi-   who co-organized the event with Senior
                                                           ences providing security for the Republican               Coordinator Connie Thompson and Columbia
If you have questions about the Juvenile Firesetter        National Convention in St. Paul. They displayed           Heights Senior Coordinator Karen Moeller, the
Intervention Program, call Fire Chief John Berg at         the equipment they used and talked about being on         participants thoroughly enjoyed learning about the
572-2612. I                                                the skirmish line and the arrest detail.                  different aspects of law enforcement. I                                                                                                                                           page 7

                                                                                                                     ‘49er Days To Be
Northstar Station On Track                                                                                           Moved and Shortened
The uncertainty over whether there will or will not        the tunnel, by taking another elevator or stairs up
                                                                                                                     Fridley ‘49er Days has always been a five day event
be a Fridley station as part of the Northstar              to the station platform. Once on the platform,
                                                                                                                     that ran between Wednesday and Sunday during
Commuter Rail project has recently come much               there will be three shelters for waiting as well as       the second week in June. According to Pete
closer to resolution. As with most projects, funding       separate ticketing shelters. The platform will be         Borman, the 2008 President of the ‘49er Days
was the main hang-up. With the recent announce-            425’ long and 35’ wide.                                   Committee, the 2009 ‘49er Days will begin with
ment that the Fridley station site will be funded                                                                    the parade on Thursday of the fourth week in June
from the first distribution of a newly established         Through Access – If you are not taking the train,
                                                           but simply want to get to the other side of the           and end on Saturday of the same week. The
¼% sales tax that is being assessed in a five-county                                                                 actual dates for the 2009 ‘49er Days events will be
area, the wheels were put in motion to complete            tracks, the tunnel will enable this access. Those
                                                                                                                     June 25 through June 27.
the station design and to prepare the bidding doc-         with bicycles must rely on stairs or elevators at both
uments for the construction of the Fridley station.        ends of the tunnel.                                       There are several reasons for the change. First, the
                                                                                                                     fourth week in June is statistically a dryer week.
On October 29, the Counties Transit Improvement            The Shelters – There are to be three 8’ x 20’             Not only is there less chance of rain, it was easier
Board announced the allocation of $9.921 million           shelters that are enclosed by glass walls on four sides   to book a new carnival company for the new dates.
for the Fridley station. They also approved $6.95          and two ticketing shelters that will also be enclosed     Additionally, since many of the events occur on
million for the Apple Valley BRT station, and              by glass walls on three sides. While the shelters will    Fridley High School and Middle School property,
$26.1 million for the Central Corridor Light Rail          have “on-demand heating” to take the chill out            the moving of ‘49er Days also gives District #14
Transit project. The Central Corridor funding will         of the shelter, they will not provide comfort for         staff more time to wrap up end of the year activi-
cover preliminary engineering, right-of-way acqui-         an extended time. There are no restrooms in the           ties before becoming host to ‘49er Days activities.
sition, final design, and utility relocations.             shelters. There are, however, restrooms on the
                                                           trains. The roofs on the shelters will protect about      Other news from the ‘49er Days Committee
The final design for the Fridley project was to have                                                                 includes news of the selection of a new carnival
                                                           half of the platform area.
been completed by the end of November. Much                                                                          company. After a very disappointing experience
of what remained to be done revolved around                Security – There will be security cameras located in      with the 2008 carnival company, the ‘49er Days
updating existing plans to tie the new construction        the housing for the elevators and stairs on each side     Committee has selected Minnesota Magic
to the existing tunnel.                                    of the tracks as well as in the tunnel. There will also   Midway. Most recently, they provided the carnival
                                                           be two security cameras on the platform that will be      for the 4th of July celebration in Richfield. They
Bidding for the Fridley station by the Anoka                                                                         also do the Robbinsdale Whiz Bang Days and sev-
County Rail Authority (ACCRA) will occur                   focused on the ticket vending machines. The park-
                                                           ing lots will also be equipped with security cameras.     eral other Minnesota city and county celebrations.
between mid-December and mid-January. The bid
will be awarded in early February. According to an         Landscaping – The parking lots on both sides of           As the ‘49er Days Committee deals with schedul-
ACCRA spokesperson, the timing of the bidding              the tracks will include a mix of coniferous and           ing and the hiring of a new carnival company, it is
should allow a favorable bidding environment.                                                                        also struggling with funding for ‘49er Days. While
                                                           deciduous trees that will be arranged so as to guide
While bid results for other Northstar stations have                                                                  much of the funding from the ‘49er Days festival
                                                           people to the “head houses (elevator and stair
generally been very favorable, the prices of steel,                                                                  typically came from carnival revenues, 2008 car-
                                                           enclosures)” and to separate the parking area from
concrete, and asphalt in the currently volatile mar-                                                                 nival revenues fell more than $9,000 short of what
                                                           BNSF property. On the east side there will be             they were in previous years. The Committee also
ketplace will be major determinants of the ultimate        additional landscaping that will be designed to
price of the Fridley station. The project is being bid                                                               received many fewer community donations in
                                                           protect nearby properties from vehicle lights.            2008 than they had in previous years. The bottom
as a single unit rather than through separate bids
for project components.                                    Fencing – There will be fencing on the track side         line is that the quality of service provided by the
                                                           of both parking lots to discourage grade level            2008 carnival company together with the slow
Here are a few descriptions that we have received                                                                    economy have, more than likely, had a negative
                                                           crossings. There will not be any fencing on the
regarding the different station features and facilities:                                                             impact on Committee resources.
Parking – There will be 612 surface level parking                                                                    In order to make up for the financial shortfall, the
spaces. Of these, 275 will be accessible from East         Other features – There will be drive isles on each
                                                                                                                     ‘49er Days Committee has had to plan a number
River Road. The remaining 337 spaces will be               side of the tracks to allow for smooth bus drop-off       of community fundraisers. The first of these
accessible from Main Street.                               and pickup. Both parking areas will include storm         fundraisers was held on Saturday, September 27, at
                                                           water retention ponds.                                    Commons Park. The event, called Oktoberfest,
Station Access – Those using the station may
                                                           If you have questions or comments regarding               included music, brats, sauerkraut, a silent auction,
approach the station from parking lots on the east
                                                           this update, please contact the Northstar                 a beer garden, and a variety of entertainment. The
(Main Street) and west (East River Road) sides of
                                                           Corridor    Development       Authority      at           committee is also working on other fundraisers
the station. Once you park your car, you get to the
                                                                                                                     and is seeking small donations from individuals
station platform by taking an elevator or stairs           763-323-5700, or visit the Northstar website at
                                                                                                                     and community organizations.
down to the tunnel and then, at the mid-point of  I
                                                                                                                     The shortening of the 2009 festival will result in
                                                                                                                     moving the Miss Fridley Pageant from Sunday
 Winter Festival                                                                                                     night to Saturday night. Pete Borman also
                                                                                                                     indicates that the Committee is also considering
 Saturday, January 31, 2009
                                                                                                                     several other changes in the lineup and timing of
 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
 Enjoy a wild winter afternoon at Commons Park with the
                                                                                                                     2009 ‘49er Days events.

 entire family. Sleigh rides, ice games, dog sled rides, and                                                         If you would like to be involved in planning
 snowball launching are just a few of the many outdoor                                                               these events, we welcome you to become a
 activities you can participate in. Or, challenge yourself and                                                       member of the 2009 ‘49er Days Committee. It
 your family to a medallion hunt with a $100 cash prize.                                                             meets the third Wednesday of each month at
 Afterward, keep warm at the huge bonfire while enjoying
                                                                                                                     6:30 p.m. If you are interested or want more
 s’mores, crafts, refreshments, BINGO, games, and dancing
                                                                                                                     information, please contact President Peter
 located indoors at the Fridley Community Center.
                                                                                                                     Borman at I                                                                                                                                                    page 8

State Enacts Climate Control Legislation
In addition to new requirements for municipalities to       The Minnesota legislation was co-authored by
enact water conservation rate structures by January 1,      Representative Kate Knuth (House District 50B) and
2010 (described in the Utility Rates article on page        Senator Ellen Anderson (Senate District 66). The
4), the legislature also passed the Green Solutions Act     legislation authorizes several studies aimed at setting
of 2008. The act establishes principles for the             up a cap and trade system in Minnesota. The results
operation of a cap and trade program to reduce              from these studies are to be submitted in a report to
greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota, establishes          the legislature by January 1, 2009.
some basic parameters for the program, and
                                                            The first study would be aimed at analyzing options
authorizes the expenditure of up to $500,000 for
program-related studies.
                                                            for a decision-making structure and process for redis-            Senior Program
                                                                                    tribution of revenues from
The legislation is directed at meet-                                                the sale of carbon emission               Once Again Conducts
ing the green house gas emission                                                    credits.
reduction goals contained in the                                                     The second study authorized              Rake-a-thon
Midwestern Greenhouse Gas                                                            by the 2008 legislation is a
Accord, a regional agreement                                                         cost benefit analysis of the             The Fridley Chores & More Program, a grant-
signed by the Governors of                                                           cap and trade program.                   funded program, operates in conjunction with
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois,                                                      Among other things, this
Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, and the                                                                                               the Fridley Senior Program. They do a variety of
                                                                                     study will seek to identify the          home maintenance projects throughout the year
Canadian Province of Manitoba in                            ideal cost of carbon credits, estimate the energy price
November of 2007. The accord aims to establish                                                                                for seniors and the handicapped. This year, they
                                                            impacts that will be generated by these costs, and
greenhouse reduction standards and time frames,             analyze ways to avoid putting those businesses which              once again conducted a fall “Rake-a-thon” for
develop a multi sector cap and trade system, establish      are under the cap at a competitive disadvantage to                senior and handicapped persons living in eighty-
a tracking and crediting system for controlling the         industries that are not subject to carbon limits.                 five Fridley and Columbia Heights properties.
release of greenhouse gasses, and develop steps to                                                                            They not only rake lawns, but placed the leaves in
achieve reduction targets.                                  The third focus of the study will be on the likely
                                                            impacts of different alternative expenditures of cap              bags and put them out for the trash haulers.
Similar efforts to control carbon emissions have been       and trade revenues. These include direct per capita
adopted by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative           rebates, grants and incentives to consumers to invest             The raking was done by individual Chores &
in ten northeastern states, and by the Western              in energy efficiency, financial incentives to businesses          More workers as well as by a host of volunteers of
Climate Initiative in seven western states and four         that install green house gas reduction technology, and            all ages from community organizations. These
Canadian provinces. Additionally, the State of              investments in public infrastructure that reduces                 organizations included the Fridley and Columbia
Florida has enacted its own cap and trade program. A        greenhouse gas emissions.                                         Heights High School Key Clubs, the Fridley and
national cap and trade bill was also introduced at the
national level earlier this year by Senators Barbara        There are many sharp divisions on the desirability of             Columbia Heights High School National Honor
Boxer, Joe Lieberman, and John Warner. Moreover, it         cap and trade programs. Ben Lieberman from the                    Societies, the Fridley Church of Christ (adults
is very likely that cap and trade will become a major       Heritage Foundation, for example, describes cab and               and youth groups), the Immaculate Conception
national issue in 2009.                                     trade by saying, “Cap and trade bills are nothing                 Catholic Church (youth), Girl Scouts from
                                                            short of government reengineering of the American
                                                                                                                              Hayes Elementary, the Fridley Police Explorers
While there are many variations in the state and            economy.” He also sees cap and trade as putting the
                                                                                                                              (led by Officer Zak Chlebeck), the Fridley Rotary
national cap and trade initiatives, the basic idea is       nation on the path of serious economic harm not
that government can more successfully regulate              justified by any benefits.                                        Club, Fridley Cub Scout Pack 20, Boy Scout
carbon emissions by selling permits to emit carbon                                                                            Troop 167, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church of
                                                            Representative Kate Knuth, on the other side of the               Columbia Heights, First Lutheran Church of
than by taxing the entities that emit them. Under this
                                                            issue, indicates that cap and trade “… will help us to
system, an increasingly more stringent cap is placed                                                                          Columbia Heights, Calvin Christian School,
                                                            get the market right, to make sure that it actually
on the amount of carbon emissions (or theoretically                                                                           Christ Life Evangelical Church of Columbia
                                                            reflects the cost of emitting carbon into the
other greenhouse gases) that can be emitted from                                                                              Heights, and Cub Scout Pack 66 from
                                                            atmosphere.” As for economic impact, Kate offers
sources, such as power plants, refineries and factories.                                                                      Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of
                                                            that improving energy security and solving climate
These polluters may then buy credits to emit carbon
                                                            change is one of the greatest economic and job                    Columbia Heights. Employees from Capitol
or other greenhouse gases from whatever governmen-
                                                            creation opportunities we have. Jobs in the 21st                  Beverages in Fridley also raked several lawns.
tal agency is requiring them. Since it will be easier
                                                            Century will reflect these realities, and, by leading,            Most of the raking occurred between October 15
and cheaper for some polluters to reduce their
                                                            Minnesota can expect to capture more of the benefit.              and November 5.
emissions below the required limits, those that have
purchased excess credits may sell them to others who        Obviously, there is much more that can be said on
find it more difficult to meet the emission standards.      both sides of this issue, including a debate on                   Terri Brooke, Coordinator for the Fridley Chores
                                                            whether cap and trade is more appropriately a func-               & More Program, reports that it is a privilege to
It is also true that governmental cap and trade             tion of national rather than state government. The                work with each household and each volunteer
systems provide for the redistribution of the revenues      purpose here is not to take one side or the other, but
that will be collected through the sale of emission                                                                           group. “We could not do this without our
                                                            to highlight one of the most significant issues on the
credits. This redistribution may take the form of tax       state and national political horizons. Like the state’s           volunteers from the many community
credits to individuals or businesses to offset the          water conservation policy, cap and trade will                     organizations. Thanks also to the Chore workers
higher cost of electricity and fuel. They may also take     undoubtedly have huge impacts on individuals,                     who helped with the raking as well as all year long
the form of credits for use of green energy alternatives    businesses, and local government. Doing nothing,                  with numerous maintenance projects for seniors
as well as subsidies for mass transportation.               however, may have even more serious impacts. I                    and the handicapped.” I

Skating Rinks                                                LOCATION                                         GENERAL RINK       HOCKEY RINK
                                                             Briardale - 6171 Rice Cr. Dr.                              3
                                                             Commons - 555 – 61st Ave. NE                              oval          3 (2)
The City of Fridley will be providing 12 general skating
rinks and 7 hockey rinks throughout the city this
winter. There will be one warming house facility             Creekridge - 1380 Creek Park Ln.                           3
located at Commons Park.                                     Flanery - 1487 Onondaga St. NE                             3              3
Warming house hours will be: weekdays 3 p.m. to              Hackmann - 1071 Hackmann Circle                            3
                                                             Hayes Elementary - 615 Mississippi St. NE                  3
9 p.m.; weekends, holidays and school-out days

                                                             Logan - 155 Logan Pkwy.                                    3
12 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New
Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The City of Fridley attempts to have safe, skateable ice     Madsen - 735 – 73rd Ave. NE                                3              3
available in mid-December, however, it requires 7 – 10       Ruth Circle - 9160 Ashton Ave. NE                          3              3
consecutive days of temperatures below 32° while             Stevenson Elementary - 6050 E. River Rd.                   3              3
                                                             Summit Square - 5201 Capitol St. NE                        3
putting the water down to get a 3-4” layer of ice. Please
remember that warm conditions, freezing rain and even
snow can slow down this process. I                           Sylvan Hills - 6205 Jupiter Dr.                            3

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