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					South African
   Fair Trade
 Luthando Embraces Fairtrade Premium                                                           Volume 1, Issue 2

 Situated in the Sundays River Valley, Luthando Farm is the first successfully                 July 2009
 completed BEE land reform project. In October 2003, the Luthando Farm Trust was
 given 75% of the shareholdings with the option of buying out the other 25% after 5
 years.                                                                                       Inside this Issue:
 The Joint Body has utilized the profits from premiums to implement various
 empowerment and development projects, annual and ongoing. The Joint Body’s                   Marketing Partner 2
 2009 project involved sponsoring the uniforms of a church choir in Moses Mabida, a
 local township near Kirkwood.                                                                WFTD Lucky           2
                                                                                              Draw Winners
 Other projects include 2 self catering guest houses with plans to expand in 2010
 and are maintained with trained staff; a fully equipped training hall with kitchen,          Fairtrade Market     3
 which is also used for conferences and meetings; a crèche on the farm, including             Growth
 meals and snacks, for seasonal and full time workers’ children; a hostel for
 seasonal workers equipped with kitchen and recreation hall; ABET training for                Producers to the     3
 workers; training for the crèche teacher; full sponsorship of school tuition, school         Fore
 supplies, and uniforms for the workers’
 children, and finally a donation to a                                                        Trustee ID           4
 crèche in Moses Mabida for
 equipment. For more information
 contact Zelda @                                                                     Photo: Farm workers’
                                                                                             children receive
 Fairtrade premiums have improved the
                                                                                             school supplies and
 livelihoods of not only farm workers but
 also the communities in which they                                                          uniforms along with
 live. Luthando is a prime example of                                                        fully paid tuition (2008
 how fair trade can bring change to                                                          & 2009).
 people’s lives!

         9 out of 10 Stores Want to Sell Fairtrade Products - Klarissa Joemath
          A recent survey carried       already sell Fairtrade products         products should be easily
          out at ten specialty food     and all specified conditions            accessible to retailers, products
 stores in the Cape Town area           whereby they would sell fair trade      should also have separate
 showed minimum knowledge of            products in the future. Reasons         characteristics in addition to
 Fairtrade, but an interest to learn.   for not currently stocking              Fairtrade (e.g. organic), they
 Michaela de Verdier, Swedish           Fairtrade products are the low          should have competitive prices
 volunteer at FTSA during April         availability of the products, lack of   and good quality, consumers need
 and May 2009, interviewed              knowledge of Fairtrade and low          to be made aware of Fairtrade,
 specialty store managers around        consumer interest and demand.           and finally, store managers need
 Cape Town to research their            Though only two stores were             to be supplied with information on
 knowledge of and interest in           interested in all products              Fairtrade and how to obtain
 Fairtrade. Stores ranged from          available, others had to limit the      Fairtrade certified products.
 fresh food to gourmet stores, and      product range to suit the store.        ———————————————-
 were randomly picked.                  Stores noted the following points       Look out for Fairtrade products
 The survey showed that four            as important to them as retailers:      at a store near you!
          Page 2        South African Fair Trade Newsletter

            Fairtrade Labelling Freedom                                                - Boudewijn Goossens

             27 April is an important    South Africa is the
day for South Africans as we             first FLO producer
celebrate Freedom Day                    country with its
demarcating the day of the first         own Fairtrade
free elections in 1994. This year        labelling
Freedom Day was even more                organisation. A
special because on this day              big step for us, but
Fairtrade Label South Africa             also for FLO. Our
signed an historical agreement           main challenge is
with Fairtrade Labelling                 to develop the
Organisations International (FLO).       market for
The agreement gives the                  Fairtrade labelled
organisation freedom in facilitating     products. The
                                                                                  Boudewijn signing the Fairtrade
and promoting the use of the             challenge for FLO is to ensure
                                                                                  Marketing Organisation agreement with
Fairtrade label in South Africa. No      that the traditionally European          FLO. L - R: Sarina Rahn, Adrian Sym,
longer will the Fairtrade label be       Fairtrade concept transforms             Matthias Kuhlmann, Laura Barrington,
managed by the FLO head office           into a true global system which          Boudewijn Goossens, Tuulia Syvaenen,
in Bonn but by a local office in         also suits our African reality.          and Simon Hunt.
Cape Town.
                                           Companies that wish to use
                                                                                   you sell your product to, as there
                                            the Fairtrade label in South
                                                                                   is no longer a need for an
Did you know… more than                     Africa can contact the office
                                                                                   overseas licensee. This applies to
                                            in Cape Town. Also certain
6,000 products have been                    FLO registered exporting
                                                                                   finished products such as bottles
licensed to carry the                                                              of wine and packets of tea or
                                            companies can benefit. As a
Fairtrade Mark, globally?                   licensee you gain the
                                            freedom in choosing who                We hope to hear from you!

Big Bang Lucky Draw Winners                                                             - Klarissa Joemath

Fair trade prizes arrived just in time   support fair trade. 9 May 2009             Many thanks to participating
for Mother’s Day this year. Nadia        dawned with Fair Trade                     donors: Daddy Long Legs Hotel,
Benadie, one of 14 World Fair            Organisations from the Western             Grootbos Nature Reserve,
Trade Day lucky draw winners, was        Cape area displaying and selling           Bulungula Lodge, Coffee Shack
elated when she won a dinner with        their fair trade certified products at     Backpackers, Tswalu Kalahari
whiskey tasting for two at the Cape      the Blue Shed, V&A Waterfront.             Reserve, the Cape Grace Hotel,
Grace Hotel. Prizes ranged from                                                     Vineyard Hotel, Umtha, African
fair trade product hampers to a                                                     Home, Original Tbag Designs,
weekend away at a FTTSA                                                             Township Patterns, Turqle
accredited lodge.                                                                   Trading, Fairhills Craft, Thandi
                                                                                    Wines, Sonop Wines, Bean There
Cape Town’s Big Bang celebrations                                                   Coffee Company, and Heiveld
launched with an evening cocktail                                                   Tea.
on the 8th of May at the Vineyard
Hotel where speaker Sheryl                                                          ———————————————
Ozinsky, former CEO of Cape                                                         Did you miss the event? Join us
Town Tourism and Cape Town                                                          every year, 2nd Saturday in May.
Routes Unlimited encouraged                                                         For more information visit
                                  J. Booysen receiving a fair trade hamper
guests to get involved and                                                
                                  from Klarissa Joemath at the WFTD
                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 2      Page 3

Get Fairtrade Pretty!           Fairtrade Market Growth                                 - Arianna Baldo
The UK Labelling
                                The economic recession    and Sweden and                     cotton, whose
Initiative, Fairtrade                                     averages of around 50%             growth ratios
Foundation, boasts with         was expected to be of
                                significant influence on  in other countries. In the         increased by
over 57 Fairtrade               the fair trade market and last 5 years, global sales         112% and
licensed beauty products        on the resulting cost     of Fairtrade certified             94% from the previous
on the UK market!               minimizing patterns of    products grew by                   year. These impressive
                                the global consumer.      approximately half a               results are translated into
Ranging from lip balms to                                 billion Euros per year,            more continuous benefits
shower gels, consumers          The Fairtrade Labelling
                                Organizations             reaching the record figure         for Fairtrade producers
can now purchase beauty         International (FLO)       of €2,9bn in 2008. These           and workers, and into a
products with a clearer         recently published the    values confirm the status          positive kick for local
conscience.                     2008 values of the global of Fairtrade as a                  initiatives.
                                production and sales      successful emerging
                                                          market, whose market               With a potential local
For more information see        collected from the 20
                                                          share more than doubled            market and a booming
Fairtrade Foundation            Labelling Initiatives (LIs),                                 number of licensees (find
                                which show how global     in the last 4 years and
website                                                   never showed negative              out more on            commitment to fair trade                           
                                is not crunching along    growth. The historical
                                                          commodities coffee and             South Africa is becoming
                                with banks (and                                              a pioneer in the
                                bankers).                 bananas have
                                                          reconfirmed their                  development of Fairtrade
                                Despite the negative      prominent place on the             within the South. With the
                                downturn of the global    Fairtrade sales podium             establishment of Fairtrade
                                economy, Fairtrade sales with respectively €1,2bn            Label South Africa (FLSA)
                                grew by an impressive     and €0,5bn retail value,           as a Marketing Partner of
                                22% in 2008, with peaks although surprising                  FLO we hope we will
                                of over 70% in Australia/ record growth is seen in           contribute to such figures
                                New Zealand, Norway       the race of tea and                in upcoming years!

   Producer Voices to the Fore                                                              - Benjamin Gatland

   In May this year the Southern          we can collect producers’ views          commercial banana and small
   African Fair Trade Network             and send them back to FLO.               scale rice producers from
   (SAFN) joined their East and                                                    Mozambique, and a potential
   West African counterparts for          Furthermore, the networks are            coffee cooperative in Angola.
   training at the Fairtrade Labelling    able to submit price and product         Exciting opportunities like these
   Organisations International (FLO)      request forms on behalf of               represent a growing Fairtrade
   head office in Bonn, Germany.          existing or potential producers.         influence in the region and send a
   The meeting and training were          This means we can take                   positive message to the world that
   greatly significant as they showed     advantage of opportunities               southern Africa trades on fair trade
   a strong commitment from the           quicker as potential producers           terms.
   FLO Standards Unit to listen to        can contact the SAFN office and
   Producer Networks like the             we will send a request form              The more Fairtrade producers in
   African Fairtrade Network (AFN)        directly to the Standards Officer in     Southern Africa the more we
   when making their decisions.           charge of the product. In less           assert ourselves as a Fairtrade
                                          than a month SAFN has been in            region!
   AFN will now be playing a more         contact with
   significant role in the consultation   potential
   of standards, meaning whenever         Rooibos
   FLO is reviewing an existing           producers from
   standard or creating a new one         South Africa,
                                                      Trustee ID: Jaco Marais
    FTSA hosts their next AGM
      on 28 October at the           Home City: Born and raised in             responsibility and marketing
      Sustainability Institute,      Johannesburg                              practice, Fairtrade provided an
      with a workshop on 29          Current City: For the past 12 years       excellent opportunity whereby
      October                        residing in Tzaneen, Limpopo              growers, farm workers and their
                                     Studies: Horticultural Degree at          families not only receive returns for
    Mona El-Sayed was
                                     Technicon of Pretoria, Marketing          their products but are also
     elected as independent
                                     Management at University of               positively impacted by the benefits
     director of WFTO Board
                                     Pretoria                                  of Fairtrade and social premiums.
    Fair Trade Original turned       Work: Jaco is the Managing                Katopé was FLO certified in 2004.
      50 this year                   Director for Univeg Katopé South          Jaco on fair trade in southern
                                     Africa, specializing in the               Africa: Jaco has been an active
    AFIT holds their AGM on
                                     production and marketing of               regional participant since the
      20 November 2009
                                     subtropical fruit for local and           development of Fair Trade in South
    If you would like to             international markets. Organic and        Africa. He feels that through FTSA,
       volunteer or intern in the    Fairtrade are an important part of        South Africans have been able to
       Fair Trade House, please      the operation. Katopé was part of         voice their opinions and concerns
       send us an e-mail at          the pioneering work done in               with one voice and that establishing         establishing Fairtrade standards for      FTSA has been a natural necessity
                                     avocados and litchis for South            for all stakeholders. ―A journey of a
    The Global South                                                           life time starts with a single step.‖
                                     Africa back in 2003 and the first
      Exhibition & Conference
                                     organization to produce and market        What is your favorite fair trade
      has been postponed to
                                     Fairtrade certified avocados and          product? ―Besides avocados and
      March 2010
                                     litchis internationally. Due to their     litchis… definitely bananas!‖
                                     commitment towards social
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