PSI 2007 21 immigration foreign nationals ver 2 by NIQe3C


                                   Prison Service Instruction

                                            (Amended version)

                                                      PSO 4630

                              Immediate                                    9 May 2008


For Action                                 Monitored by

Governors, Directors of Contracted          Area Managers & Regional Offender Managers
Prisons, Discipline/Custody Office staff   (for Contracted Prisons)

For Information                            On authority of

All Prison Staff                           Prison Service Management Board & NOMS
                                           National Commissioning Support Bureau

Contact Point

IND Criminal Casework Directorate:
Operational Policy Unit: Tony Watson
Offender Policy and Rights Unit, NOMS – 0207 035 1543/ 1541

Other Processes Affected

PSO 6300 Release on Temporary Licence

Governors and Directors of Contracted Prisons must ensure that all staff are familiar with
this PSI and the mandatory requirements of them.

PSI 16/2007 is revoked and replaced by this version. All existing copies of PSI 16/2007
must be destroyed. Copies of PSOs 4630 and 6300 must be amended in accordance with
the instructions printed in this PSI.

                                                                       Issued    10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                Page 1


Policy and Output

This PSI clarifies the arrangements for liaising with the IND Criminal Casework Directorate and
updates PSO 4630 Immigration and Foreign Nationals in Prison issued 17/07/06 and amends PSO
6300 Release on Temporary Licence to incorporate the changes in procedure agreed with CCD.

This PSI should be read in conjunction with PSO 4630.

Policy on Foreign National prisoners may be subject to further changes during 2007 with the
introduction into parliament of the Immigration and Asylum Bill. This PSI amends the PSO to take
account of those changes to current arrangements already made.

Mandatory Action

Governors and Directors of Contracted Prisons must ensure that all staff who deal with foreign
national prisoners are familiar with this PSI and the mandatory requirements.

Resource and Impact assessment

Minimal: The changes are alterations to forms and criteria for referral and involve no additional

Revisions to PSO 4630 Immigration and Foreign Nationals in Prison

Immigration and Foreign Nationals in Prison

Replace para 1.2 with:

1.2    All dual nationals must be referred to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, as in very
       exceptional cases, a person who has been naturalised may be considered for deprivation of
       British citizenship. Annex J, a sample questionnaire is included that can be used to help in
       establishing nationality. At Annex K, there is a letter which should be given to any prisoner
       that meets the criteria in 1.8, warning that they will be considered for deportation. Anyone
       who refuses to confirm British Nationality, or about whose nationality there is doubt, should
       be referred to CCD to make further enquiries.
       See PSO 0500 – Reception and PSO 0550 - Induction

Insert new para 1.5a
        Except for prisoners who are the subject of a court recommendation for deportation or
        where there are exceptional circumstances see annex L, Irish prisoners (including those
        with dual nationality) should not be referred to Criminal Casework Directorate (CCD) for any

Insert new para 1.6

1.6    CCD will require additional information to ensure they are able to proceed with the
       deportation of those offenders who are EEA nationals and who meet the higher criteria
       introduced in recent EU legislation. They will request this information from Offender
       Managers (OMs). CCD may sometimes need to ask prison establishments for help in
       identifying the relevant OM. CCD will ask OMs for an assessment of "propensity to re-
       offend"; where there is no OASys assessment available, OMs may need to consult prison
       staff in order to provide such an assessment. The arrangements are set out in more detail
       in Probation Circular 37/2006 'Information Exchange between the IND, Prison Service and

Order ref. 4630                                                            Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                   Page 2

       NPD Regarding Licences and Bail Hearings'. (which is due to be revised soon) issued to
       Chief Officers of Probation and will be available to Offender Managers.


To reflect the changes in referral of Irish citizens and introduce the new CCD2, replace para. 1.8

1.8    Once convicted and sentenced, unless the prison is already holding a copy of form IS91,
       the following categories of foreign nationals must be referred to IND CCD using form CCD2
       (insert to revise Annex A) :

                 All those recommended for deportation by a court:
                 All prisoners whose nationality remains unclear;
                 All EEA nationals sentenced to 24 months or more except Irish citizens (see 1.5a
                 All non-EEA nationals sentenced to 12 months or more; in respect of the current
                  sentence; and
                 All non-EEA nationals sentenced to less than 12 months but where the current
                  sentence plus one or two previous sentences within the last 5 years (taking account
                  of the most significant sentences during the period) total 12 months or more.

Allocation and Categorisation of those detained under the Immigration Acts

Replace paragraph 5.1 with the following:

5.1     Population Management Section liaises with the Immigration Service population managers
        (DEPMU) to determine the most appropriate location for the detainee to be held after
        expiry of a custodial sentence, should immediate removal not be possible. A protocol is in
        place between NOMS and IS Detention Services which sets out the criteria for allocation.

       In general terms, Immigration Detainees will only normally be held in prison
       accommodation in the following circumstances:

                 National Security – where there is specific (verified) information that a person is a
                  member of a terrorist group or has been engaged in terrorist activities.
                 Criminality – those detainees who have been involved in the importation of Class A
                  drugs, committed serious offences involving violence, or committed a serious sexual
                  offence requiring registration on the sex offenders’ register.
                 Security – where the detainee has escaped prison or immigration custody, or
                  planned or assisted others to do so.
                 Control – engagement in serious disorder, arson, violence or damage, or planning
                  or assisting others to so engage.

       The above criteria is an initial guide to indicate the suitability of detainees for the IRC
       estate. It must be recognised that the behaviour of ex-FNP detainees will be the key factor
       as some who would be excluded by the above criteria may be sufficiently well behaved to
       merit transfer.

       It must be assumed that regardless of the guidelines any ex-prisoner who had been
       deemed suitable as a Cat. D will be acceptable for the IRC estate.

       When a detainee meets the above criteria they should be referred to PMU who will consider
       their allocation to a prison.

Order ref. 4630                                                              Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                  Page 3


Add the following sentence to the end of para 10.5

Irish prisoners remain eligible for repatriation under the Repatriation of Prisoners Act.

Home Detention Curfew

Add the following sentence to the end of para 11.2

        Irish prisoners who otherwise meet the Home Detention Curfew (HDC) eligibility criteria set
        out in PSO 6700 (as amended), may be considered for release on HDC unless there is a
        court recommendation for deportation or there are exceptional circumstances (as defined
        in Annex L) that merit referral to CCD.

Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) PSO 6300

Mandatory - Delete Paragraphs 12.2 to 12.5 Of PSO 4630.

Paragraphs 5.5.2- 5.5.8 of PSO 6300 Release on Temporary Licence must be deleted and
replaced with the following
              Where there is a court recommendation for deportation or
              The prisoner has been served with a Notice of Intention to Deport or
              A deportation order is in force

        The final decision to grant release on ROTL is at the Governor’s discretion. However,
        CCD’s comments must be sought and taken into account in the risk assessment before
        making a final decision. The amended Form ROTL 9 (in Appendix B) must be used when
        asking CCD for comments and CCD will respond using their own proforma.

.5.3    In all other cases when considering temporary release for a prisoner who meets the criteria
        for referral to CCD, unless CCD have made a decision not to deport, the presumption must
        be that deportation action will follow on completion of the sentence. There is no requirement
        to seek comments from IND on the proposed release in these cases. The decision to grant
        release rests with the Governor

5.5.4 Each case must be considered on its merits; however, the need to protect the public is
      paramount. Therefore, when assessing the suitability of a prisoner who has been referred
      to CCD for temporary release, the presumption that deportation will take place will be a
      significant factor for Governors and Controllers in determining the risk of failure to comply
      with the licence. Where the nationality of the prisoner remains unclear, this will be an
      additional factor in determining the risk of failure to comply with ROTL.

5.5.6   When considering Irish prisoners for Temporary Licence or for open conditions, unless
        there is a court recommendation for deportation in place which has not been assessed by
        CCD, Governors should assess risk without any presumption that deportation action will
        follow on completion of sentence.

Order ref. 4630                                                              Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                 Page 4

Release Arrangements

PSI 28/2006 Foreign National Prisoners Liable to Deportation sets out new arrangements for how
a determinate sentence Foreign National Prisoner should be released and the mandatory actions
that must be undertaken.

Facilitated Returns Scheme

This scheme was introduced on 12 October 2006 and is available to non-EEA FNPs only who
volunteer to return home. It is operated by the Facilitated Returns Scheme team in IND in
conjunction with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) an independent international
organisation. Eligible prisoners are:

       Those who have completed the custodial part of their sentence and are being detained
        solely under immigration powers (time served);
       Those eligible for the Early Removal Scheme (ERS);
       Non-EEA nationals from countries with whom we have a Prisoner Transfer Agreement.

The amount of assistance available varies according to the stage in the sentence at which the
prisoner volunteers to return. The only cash given to prisoners qualifying for the scheme is the
equivalent of the discharge grant given to British prisoners. The rest of the support is given in kind
in their own country. This is likely to take the form of education, accommodation, healthcare,
training, or assistance with starting a business. Copies of a leaflet explaining the scheme have
been issued to all establishments and is available on the Prison Service intranet.

Mandatory Actions

       indicate on relevant ERS form when a prisoner wishes to apply
       If they want to apply for the scheme, facilitate a phone call.
       Release the prisoner in line with usual arrangements when collected by immigration escorts
        for removal

Transfers to hospital under the Mental Health Act

AND 48 OF THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT 1983 covers procedures for the transfer of prisoners to a
secure hospital. In addition to the procedures set out in the PSI, when the prisoner is a Foreign
National, the prison should ensure that the hospital is informed about the prisoner’s immigration
status and made aware of any additional risks this may present.


Michael Spurr
Director of Operations

Order ref. 4630                                                             Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                  Page 5


It is important for the effective management of foreign national prisoners that the correct nationality
of a prisoner is established as early as possible. This is not an easy task but it is an increasingly
important one. Accurate information on nationality is vital for deportation decisions and with the
move towards a greater presumption on deportation for non-EEA nationals, it will also become
increasingly important for sentence planning purposes. Accurate statistics are also needed for
Ministers, Parliament and the public.

The Home Secretary’s Eight Point Plan includes actions to improve the recording of nationality by
other agencies in the criminal justice system but these may take some time to put in place. In the
meantime we need to do what we can to improve the quality of the recording of nationality on

The following sample questions are intended to provide some guidance on ways in which you may
be able to establish nationality more accurately, in cases where there is some uncertainty. They
are based on questions that Immigration staff use for the same purpose.

[Following on from standard reception/induction questions]

What is your family name?

Do you use any other names?

Where were you born?

What was your last address outside the UK?

Do you have a passport?

If yes: number, issuing Government, place and date of issue, valid until?

If no: do you have any other evidence/documents that establish your nationality or identity?

What is your mother’s/father’s name?

Where were they born?

Who was your last employer in your home country?

What schools did you attend?

Do you have a doctor in your home country? Address?

What is your religion? Where is your place of worship – in the UK?
                                                       - in your home country

Order ref. 4630                                                             Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                Page 6

       Criminal Casework Directorate, 10th Floor, Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR9 2BY


This letter is to tell you that you face removal or deportation from the United
Kingdom at the end of your prison sentence. The letter also includes important
information on ways in which you may be able to reduce the time that you spend in
custody in the UK.


At present the United Kingdom government can deport you if:
(a) The court, when sentencing, makes a recommendation that you be deported; or
(b) For non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals: you received a custodial sentence of
    12 months or more, either in one sentence or as a combination of 2 or 3 sentences over
    a period of 5 years; or
(c) For EEA nationals: you received a custodial sentence of 24 months or more. (Countries
    in the EEA are listed in Annex A)

If you are a non-EEA national and meet the above criteria the presumption is that
you will be deported.

If you are deported you will not be able to return to the UK for as long as the
deportation order against you remains in force.

Administrative removal

If you are not deported, the Home Office will normally take action to remove you at the end of your
prison sentence.

Re – documentation

The Home Office will ask you to prove your nationality and identity in order to
obtain a document for your home country allowing you to return there. Any attempt
to obstruct or delay this process will not stop your removal and may extend your
stay in prison. You must provide information about your identity and any papers
you have such as a passport or identity card. If you do not do so you may be
prosecuted: failure to assist us to obtain new travel documents for you, without a
reasonable excuse, is a criminal offence punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment.
This is on top of your existing sentence.

Options for reducing your time in custody in the UK

There are ways to reduce your time in UK custody by returning to your country of origin during your
sentence. You may qualify for repatriation. This would enable you to serve the remainder of your
sentence in your country of origin.

If you do not qualify for repatriation you may qualify for the Early Removal Scheme (ERS). If
you qualify for this scheme you will not remain in custody under immigration powers at the
end of your criminal sentence pending further action towards deportation or administrative
Order ref. 4630                                                           Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                           Page 7

removal. You would leave the UK directly from Prison and you would not have to go to
prison in your home country

For details about either of these schemes please ask prison staff or refer to the ‘Information
and Advice for Foreign National Prisoners’ booklet.

You may wish to seek legal advice so that this letter can be explained to you more
fully. Prison staff may be able to help.

EEA nationals are nationals from the following countries:

         Austria                            Hungary                      Norway
         Belgium                            Iceland                      Poland
      Czech Republic                         Ireland                    Portugal
         Cyprus                                Italy                    Slovakia
        Denmark                               Latvia                    Slovenia
         Estonia                         Liechtenstein                    Spain
         Finland                           Lithuania                    Sweden
         France                          Luxembourg                    As of 1/1/07
        Germany                               Malta                     Romania
         Greece                          Netherlands                    Bulgaria

Order ref. 4630                                                       Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                  Page 8

                                                                                             Annex L

Deportation of Irish Prisoners

       Deportation of Irish prisoners will only be appropriate in exceptional circumstances. These
       cases, by definition, will be rare. However, as a guide, the following may be appropriate for
       deportation and should therefore continue to be referred to IND using CCD2:

       Where an offence involves national security matters1 or crimes that pose a serious risk to
       the safety of the public or a section of the public. This might be where a person has been
       convicted of a terrorism offence, murder or a serious sexual or violent offence and is
       serving a sentence of 10 years or more (a custodial period of 5 years or more). This would
       include life sentences and those serving other indeterminate sentences for public protection
       with a tariff of 5 years or more.

 Offences committed under the Terrorism Act 2000, Crime and Security Act 2001, the prevention of
Terrorism Act 2005 and the Terrorism Act 2006.
Order ref. 4630                                                              Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                         Page 9

ANNEX A                                                             Criminal Casework              CCD2

                                           Protecting the public, removing foreign criminals
 Referral from                                                        Date of referral

 Name and contact telephone                                           Offender Manager Contact
 number                                                               number

 All boxes must be completed. If the question is not appropriate put N/A, if the
 information is not known, put Not Known.
 Prisoner Details                                              Actual                               Alias

                     Other names

                      Date of birth

                     EEA National                              Yes/No

        Earliest date of release

       Place and country of birth

     Claimed current Nationality

              Date of arrival in UK

 Claimed length of residence in
                        the UK

                                          Prison number

                       C-NOMIS Number (where known)

  Any known IND Reference Numbers (ie Home Office
                      Reference or Port Reference)
                           PNC Reference Number

              National Insurance number (where known)

          Is this person subject to a confiscation order ?          Yes/No

Order ref. 4630                                                                     Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                   Page 10

              Conviction, Offence and Sentence Details

                              Details of current offence (s)

                        Sentenced to (state years/months)

                                            Conviction date

                                             Sentence date

                            Recommended for deportation                     Yes/No

                                       Court of sentencing

End of imprisonment (Date on which custodial element
                                     of sentence ends)
  Earliest date prisoner could be removed under Early
                                     Removal Scheme
           Will the prisoner become eligible for parole?                    Yes/No

                                              If yes, when?

                         Is the subject a MAPPA nominal?                    Yes/No

        Does the prisoner have an EPP, an IPP or an                         Yes/No
                 extended sentence under CJA 1991?
     Does the Prisoner have any previous convictions?                       Yes/No

                  Is this case being referred exceptionally?                Yes/No

                                                If so, why?

Order ref. 4630                                                Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                   Page 11

                                    Documentation held

              Does the prisoner have a passport in their                  Yes/No
             Any other official documents (ID card/ birth                 Yes/No
         certificate/ marriage certificate/ driving licence)

                       Enclosures (to be sent by post)

                                   Photocopy of passport

                         Photocopy of official documents

                                      Nominal Index Card                  Yes/No

                                            Court Warrant                 Yes/No

                                   Order of Imprisonment                  Yes/No

                                Clear copy of fingerprints                Yes/No

                                               PNC report                 Yes/No



Order ref. 4630                                                Issue date 10/05/07
   PSI 21/2007                                                                          Page 12

Notes on completion

All boxes must be completed. If the question is not appropriate, put N/A in the box. If you
do not have the answer, put Not Known.

                             Referral from                                  Insert Prison/YOI name
                            Date of referral
       Name and contact telephone number           Name and telephone number of person sending
          Offender manager contact number
                                    Surname             Prisoner's surname and any known aliases
                                Other names            Prisoner's forename and any known aliases
                                Date of birth          Claimed date of birth and any known aliases
                     Earliest date of release
                                EEA national                                                      Y/N.
              The place and country of birth
                 Claimed current nationality         The nationality the prisoner claims to be - give
                                                                      details of any evidence of this
                        Date of arrival in UK
           Claimed length of residence in UK
                              Prison number
            C-Nomis number (where known)                Once C-Nomis is rolled out, the system will
                                                               produce a number for each record
              Any Known IND Reference nos         includes Home Office Reference numbers or Port
                     PNC reference number
  National insurance number (where known)

      Is this person subject to a Confiscation           Y/N Outstanding confiscation orders only.
                    Details of current offence      What offence was the prisoner imprisoned for?
                                 Sentenced to         What was the sentence given by the court?
                               Conviction date
                               Sentence date
                 Recommended for deportation                                                      Y/N
                          Court of sentencing

        End of imprisonment (Date on which          What is the earliest date the prisoner could be
        custodial element of sentence ends)                        release (conditional release date)
                       Earliest date for ERS      What is the earliest date that the prisoner may be
                                                             eligible for the Early Removal Scheme
                            Eligible for parole        When will the prisoner be eligible for parole
                           MAPPA nominal                                                          Y/N.
             EPP, IPP or extended sentence                                                        Y/N.
   Order ref. 4630                                                       Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                          Page 13

     Does the prisoner have any previous    If a PNC report is not being submitted then this
                             convictions section must be completed with details of previous
                                                            convictions and sentence given

                   Referred exceptionally                                                Y/N.
                              If so, why? A reason for exceptional referral where the subject
                                          lies outside CCD’s normal criteria – for EEA
                                          nationals these are:

                                                  Where the court has recommended
                                                  Where the prisoner has been designated a
                                                   MAPPA nominal (if tier is known, tiers 2 and
                                                   3 only)
                                                  Where the prisoner is serving an Extended
                                                   sentence for Public Protection (EPP), an
                                                   indeterminate sentence of Imprisonment for
                                                   Public Protection (IPP) or an extended
                                                   sentence under the Criminal Justice Act
                                                  Where the prisoner has a previous
                                                   conviction for a sexual or violent offence that
                                                   attracted a sentence of 2 years or more.

Does the prisoner have a passport in their If no passport ask prisoner where current passport
                                 property?                           now is and record below.
             Any other official documents                                                  Y/N.
                   Photocopy of passport             Submit photocopy of passport - ensure all
                                                reference numbers, place of issue and date of
                                            issue visible. Record location of passport if not in
         Photocopy of official documents Submit copies of all official identification and state
                                                                                 what provided
                     Nominal Index Card                                                    Y/N.
                            Court Warrant                                                  Y/N.
                   Order of Imprisonment                                                   Y/N.
                Clear copy of fingerprints                                                 Y/N.
                                PNC report                                                 Y/N.
                             Photographs State if 2 photograph supplied or give reason if not
                                    Other                        State what is being submitted

Order ref. 4630                                                       Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                             Page 14

                                                                                         Annex M

Country Codes

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) codes for representation of names of
countries as used by the Immigration Service.

           AFGHANISTAN                                                         AFG
           ALBANIA                                                             ALB
           ALGERIA                                                             DZA
           AMERICAN SAMOA                                                      ASM
           ANDORRA                                                             AND
           ANGOLA                                                              AGO
           ANGUILLA                                                            AIA
           ANTARCTICA                                                          ATA
           ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA                                                 ATG
           ARGENTINA                                                           ARG
           ARMENIA                                                             ARM
           ARUBA                                                               ABW
           AUSTRALIA                                                           AUS
           AUSTRIA                                                             AUT
           AZERBAIJAN                                                          AZE
           BAHAMAS                                                             BHS
           BAHRAIN                                                             BHR
           BANGLADESH                                                          BGD
           BARBADOS                                                            BRB
           BELARUS                                                             BLR
           BELGIUM                                                             BEL
           BELIZE                                                              BLZ
           BENIN                                                               BEN
           BERMUDA                                                             BMU
           BHUTAN                                                              BTN
           BOLIVIA                                                             BOL
           BOSNIA AND HERZEGOWINA                                              BIH
           BOTSWANA                                                            BWA
           BOUVET ISLAND                                                       BVT
Order ref. 4630                                                          Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                           Page 15

           BRAZIL                                            BRA
           BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY                    IOT
           BRUNEI DARUSSALAM                                 BRN
           BULGARIA                                          BGR
           BURKINA FASO                                      BFA
           BURUNDI                                           BDI
           CAMBODIA                                          KHM
           CAMEROON                                          CMR
           CANADA                                            CAN
           CAPE VERDE                                        CPV
           CAYMAN ISLANDS                                    CYM
           CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC                          CAF
           CHAD                                              TCD
           CHILE                                             CHL
           CHINA                                             CHN
           CHRISTMAS ISLAND                                  CXR
           COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS                           CCK
           COLOMBIA                                          COL
           COMOROS                                           COM
           CONGO, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire)         COD
           CONGO, People's Republic of                       COG
           COOK ISLANDS                                      COK
           COSTA RICA                                        CRI
           COTE D'IVOIRE                                     CIV
           CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska)                    HRV
           CUBA                                              CUB
           CYPRUS                                            CYP
           CZECH REPUBLIC                                    CZE
           DENMARK                                           DNK
           DJIBOUTI                                          DJI
           DOMINICA                                          DMA
           DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                DOM
           EAST TIMOR                                        TLS
           ECUADOR                                           ECU

Order ref. 4630                                        Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                             Page 16

           EGYPT                               EGY
           EL SALVADOR                         SLV
           EQUATORIAL GUINEA                   GNQ
           ERITREA                             ERI
           ESTONIA                             EST
           ETHIOPIA                            ETH
           FAROE ISLANDS                       FRO
           FIJI                                FJI
           FINLAND                             FIN
           FRANCE                              FRA
           FRANCE, METROPOLITAN                FXX
           FRENCH GUIANA                       GUF
           FRENCH POLYNESIA                    PYF
           GABON                               GAB
           GAMBIA                              GMB
           GEORGIA                             GEO
           GERMANY                             DEU
           GHANA                               GHA
           GIBRALTAR                           GIB
           GREECE                              GRC
           GREENLAND                           GRL
           GRENADA                             GRD
           GUADELOUPE                          GLP
           GUAM                                GUM
           GUATEMALA                           GTM
           GUINEA                              GIN
           GUINEA-BISSAU                       GNB
           GUYANA                              GUY
           HAITI                               HTI
           HONDURAS                            HND
           HONG KONG                           HKG

Order ref. 4630                          Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                            Page 17

           HUNGARY                                            HUN
           ICELAND                                            ISL
           INDIA                                              IND
           INDONESIA                                          IDN
           IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)                         IRN
           IRAQ                                               IRQ
           IRELAND                                            IRL
           ISRAEL                                             ISR
           ITALY                                              ITA
           JAMAICA                                            JAM
           JAPAN                                              JPN
           JORDAN                                             JOR
           KAZAKHSTAN                                         KAZ
           KENYA                                              KEN
           KIRIBATI                                           KIR
           KOREA, REPUBLIC OF                                 KOR
           KUWAIT                                             KWT
           KYRGYZSTAN                                         KGZ
           LAO PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC                   LAO
           LATVIA                                             LVA
           LEBANON                                            LBN
           LESOTHO                                            LSO
           LIBERIA                                            LBR
           LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA                             LBY
           LIECHTENSTEIN                                      LIE
           LITHUANIA                                          LTU
           LUXEMBOURG                                         LUX
           MACAU                                              MAC
           MADAGASCAR                                         MDG
           MALAWI                                             MWI
           MALAYSIA                                           MYS
           MALDIVES                                           MDV

Order ref. 4630                                         Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                 Page 18

           MALI                                    MLI
           MALTA                                   MLT
           MARSHALL ISLANDS                        MHL
           MARTINIQUE                              MTQ
           MAURITANIA                              MRT
           MAURITIUS                               MUS
           MAYOTTE                                 MYT
           MEXICO                                  MEX
           MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF                    MDA
           MONACO                                  MCO
           MONGOLIA                                MNG
           MONTSERRAT                              MSR
           MOROCCO                                 MAR
           MOZAMBIQUE                              MOZ
           MYANMAR                                 MMR
           NAMIBIA                                 NAM
           NAURU                                   NRU
           NEPAL                                   NPL
           NETHERLANDS                             NLD
           NETHERLANDS ANTILLES                    ANT
           NEW CALEDONIA                           NCL
           NEW ZEALAND                             NZL
           NICARAGUA                               NIC
           NIGER                                   NER
           NIGERIA                                 NGA
           NIUE                                    NIU
           NORFOLK ISLAND                          NFK
           NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS                MNP
           NORWAY                                  NOR
           OMAN                                    OMN
           PAKISTAN                                PAK
           PALAU                                   PLW
           PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, Occupied         PSE

Order ref. 4630                              Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                              Page 19

           PANAMA                                               PAN
           PAPUA NEW GUINEA                                     PNG
           PARAGUAY                                             PRY
           PERU                                                 PER
           PHILIPPINES                                          PHL
           PITCAIRN                                             PCN
           POLAND                                               POL
           PORTUGAL                                             PRT
           PUERTO RICO                                          PRI
           QATAR                                                QAT
           REUNION                                              REU
           ROMANIA                                              ROU
           RUSSIAN FEDERATION                                   RUS
           RWANDA                                               RWA
           SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS                                KNA
           SAINT LUCIA                                          LCA
           SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES                     VCT
           SAMOA                                                WSM
           SAN MARINO                                           SMR
           SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE                                STP
           SAUDI ARABIA                                         SAU
           SENEGAL                                              SEN
           SEYCHELLES                                           SYC
           SIERRA LEONE                                         SLE
           SINGAPORE                                            SGP
           SLOVAKIA ( Slovak Republic)                          SVK
           SLOVENIA                                             SVN
           SOLOMON ISLANDS                                      SLB
           SOMALIA                                              SOM
           SOUTH AFRICA                                         ZAF
           SPAIN                                                ESP
           SRI LANKA                                            LKA
           ST. HELENA                                           SHN

Order ref. 4630                                           Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                      Page 20

           ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON                      SPM
           SUDAN                                        SDN
           SURINAME                                     SUR
           SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN ISLANDS               SJM
           SWAZILAND                                    SWZ
           SWEDEN                                       SWE
           SWITZERLAND                                  CHE
           SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC                         SYR
           TAIWAN                                       TWN
           TAJIKISTAN                                   TJK
           TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF                 TZA
           THAILAND                                     THA
           TOGO                                         TGO
           TOKELAU                                      TKL
           TONGA                                        TON
           TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO                          TTO
           TUNISIA                                      TUN
           TURKEY                                       TUR
           TURKMENISTAN                                 TKM
           TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS                     TCA
           TUVALU                                       TUV
           UGANDA                                       UGA
           UKRAINE                                      UKR
           UNITED ARAB EMIRATES                         ARE
           UNITED KINGDOM                               GBR
           UNITED STATES                                USA
           URUGUAY                                      URY
           UZBEKISTAN                                   UZB
           VANUATU                                      VUT
           VATICAN CITY STATE (HOLY SEE)                VAT
           VENEZUELA                                    VEN
           VIET NAM                                     VNM
           VIRGIN ISLANDS (BRITISH)                     VGB

Order ref. 4630                                   Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                           Page 21

           VIRGIN ISLANDS ( U.S.)            VIR
           WESTERN SAHARA                    ESH
           YEMEN                             YEM
           YUGOSLAVIA                        YUG
           ZAMBIA                            ZMB
           ZIMBABWE                          ZW

Order ref. 4630                        Issue date 10/05/07
PSI 21/2007                                                                                Page 22

                                                                            Appendix B to PSO 6300


From Governor

       Tel No
       Fax No

To     Immigration Officer/
       Criminal Casework Directorate

Dear Sir/Madam


The prisoner/Young Offender below has applied for temporary release on resettlement
day/*overnight/*special purpose/* childcare resettlement and this is now being considered.
As part of my consideration of the application, a risk assessment will be carried out before
a decision is made. The prisoner was court recommended for deportation/ *served with a
Notice of Intention to Deport/ *has a deportation order in force. We require your comments
on this application, before making a final decision.

 Re Surname                                    Forename(s)

 DoB                                           Prison Number

 Date(s) of Sentence(s)                        Court(s)

 Sentence(s)                                   Offences

Please provide comments by (date)…………………………………………..

If no reply is received by this date, it will be assumed that there is no IND contribution to the risk

Your assistance is appreciated.

Yours faithfully


Order ref. 4630                                                             Issue date 10/05/07

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