"Morphotectonic Map of European Lowland Area" by NIQe3C


									      "Morphotectonic Map of European Lowland Area"
   within the Marie-Curie programme "Transfer of Knowledge"
               in the Sixth Framework Programme

   First Circular of the Conference

Conference will be held on 18–21 May, 2008 in
              Międzyzdroje , Poland

                       organized by:

                Polish Geological Institute,

                               Pomeranian Branch

                                      Scientific focus

The Conference in Międzyzdroje is the final conference of the MELA Project, No MTKD –
CT-2004-003108. A large number of the scientists from various countries have taken part in
the Project.
During the Conference, results of the studies on the methods of the morphotectonic map
preparation will be presented. It will be a summary of the investigations carried out within the
whole European Lowland’s area, from the Netherlands up to Lithuania as well as on the sea
coast zones, and the lowland’s border areas with its uplands and mountains.
There will also be presented an attempt to identify the morphoindicators connected with the
endogene processes, to sort them out, and to arrange them in the form of legends for the two
following maps: a map for specialists –geologists, and a synthetic map readable by others –
namely, the regional land planning people.
The one day oral presentations session will be supplemented by a poster session.
During the consecutive days, there will be an opportunity to continue discussions at the
outcrops/researched places on the Wolin and Ruegen Islands.

Conference venue
Conference will be held in Międzyzdroje, a small town on the coast of Baltic Sea, located 80
km north of Szczecin

Conference fee
The conference participation fee amounts to 220 euro, that will cover accommodation, meals,
the excursion, conference dinner, and conference materials. The amount of places is limited.
The invited persons will not have to cover the conference participation expenses.

Bank account:

Details about bank account- number – 43 1060 0076 0000 3210 0010 4948
IBAN – PL 43 1060 0076 0000 3210 0010 4948
Swift – BPH KPL PK
Address of bank:

ul. Szczerbcowa 4

Preliminary schedule for the Conference

February 29, 2008 – deadline for registration
March 15, 2008 – final circular and conference programme
May 18, 2008 – arrival to Międzyzdroje, and registration
May 19, 2008 – oral presentations and posters sessions
May 20, 2008 – field trip across the Wolin Island
May 21, 2008 – field trip across the Ruegen Island

Excursion route and stops
   1. Wolin Island and adjoined area
   2. Ruegen Island and adjoined area

Organizing Committee:

Chairman:   Dr. Andrzej Piotrowski, co-ordinator of MELA project,
             e-mail: andrzej.piotrowski@pgi.gov.pl, tel. +48 91 4323434
Co-Chairman: Prof. Marek Graniczny
             e-mail: marek.graniczny@pgi.gov.pl tel. +48 22 849 53 51 ext. 518

Secretary of organizing committee: Małgorzata Klimczak, mela@pgi.gov.pl, tel. +48 91 4323434

Members: Msc. Aneta Bącik

            Msc. Magdalena Dobies
            Msc. Ryszard Dobracki
            Msc. Marcin Mazurowski
            Msc. Piotr Fuszara
            Prof. Ralf-Otto Niedermayer
            Dr. Jonas Satkunas
            Msc. Małgorzata Schiewe
            Prof. Hilmar Schröder
            Dr Karsten Schütze
            Prof. Anna Świerczewska
            MSc. Justyna Relisko-Rybak
            Prof. Witold Zuchiewicz
            Dr Karsten Obst
            Dr Hilmar Schnick
            Prof. Antoni Tokarski

Scientific Committee:

            Dr hab. Fritz Brose
            Prof. Marek Graniczny
            Prof. Johanes Schroeder
            Prof. Wilhelm Dominik
            Prof. Ralf-Otto Niedermayer
            Dr hab. Michael Schneider
            Prof. Hilmar Schröder
            Dr. Werner Stackebrand
            Dr Andrzej Piotrowski

            Dr hab. Szymon Uścinowicz
            Prof. Witold Zuchiewicz

Conference format

The language used at the conference is English.

Oral presentation: 15-20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion. The conference room will be
equipped with a notebook computer with data show, a 35-mm slide projector, and an
overhead projector.
Poster session: Poster size: 1 x 1.5 metre, 5 minutes for presentation of the main ideas for
each poster.

                             INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS

Preparation of text. Abstracts will be published in English. Authors are strongly encouraged
to submit manuscripts in English. A length of the abstract should not exceed 2-3 normalized
pages (A4), including references, illustrations and tables. One paper copy of abstract should
be submitted to the Publication Department. The author(s) should clearly state their name(s),
addresses, phone, fax and e-mail on the manuscript title page.

The abstract should include key words (3-5) and references. The abstract should be printed on
one side of A4 paper with a 4 cm left margin and double line-spacing, single column and not
exceed 1500 words. Paragraphs must be separated by a single blank line, without
indentations, right-margin justification and hyphenation. Use a common, plain font e.g. Times
New Roman 12 pt., number text pages consecutively. Use SI units only. Citation of references
must be placed in parentheses with the author's last name and year of publication e.g.
(Kowalski, 1993). The heading hierarchy, including at most three-four levels, should be
indicated in the margin. Figure captions should be prepared on separate sheets. The main
body text should not include tables and illustrations.

One 3.5" diskette should be attached with the text format in MS Word. Please supply the
following information with the diskette: author's name, title of paper. word processing
program, drawing program, compression program.

Key words. List 3-5 key words that describe the subject matter of the work; they should be
placed after the title and authors.

References. References should include positions cited in the text and in the explanations of
figures. References should be listed at the end of the main text alphabetically by senior author.
Abbreviations of journals and series according to Geological Bibliography of Poland and to
editorial requirements.


ALLEN P.A., ALLEN J. R., 1990 - Basin analysis. Principles and applications. Blackwell
Scientific Publications. Oxford.

KIERSNOWSKI H., MALISZEWSKA A., 1985 – Coarse-clastic Rotliegendes sediments of
the Siewierz -Olkusz region in the light of new data [Eng. Sum.]. Prz. Geol., 33, 4: 181–192.

MALEC J., 1993 – Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian in the western Holy Cross Mts. Geol.
Quart., 37, 4: 501–524.

POSAMENTIER H.W., JERVEY M.T., VAIL P.R., 1988 – Eustatic controls on clastic
deposition, I - conceptual framework. In: Sea-level changes: an integrated approach (eds.
C.K.Wilgus et al.). Soc. Econ. Petrol. Miner. Spec. Pub., 42: 109-124.

For books, it is necessary to give publisher's name and place of publication. References in
Cyrillic alphabets must be transliterated to Latin alphabet.

Tables. Tables should be prepared as separate files in the MS Word format with a single
paper copy, or as camera-ready print-outs (A4 maximum).

Illustrations. Originals of drawings and photographs should be submitted in a camera-ready
format, along with one paper copy and, if available, in electronic form. Suitable drawing
programs include CorelDraw, Illustrator, and Designer. The maximum publication size of
illustrations is 175 x 245 mm. Explanations of graphic elements (map patterns, symbols, etc.)
should be included on figures. Where appropriate, all figures (maps, etc.) must have a scale

Illustrations are usually reduced in size for publication; thus, lettering must be large enough to
permit reduction of up to 30 or even 50 percent. Photograph prints must be on glossy paper,
sharp, with high contrast. Plates should be prepared on a white paperboard in a format of 175
x 245 mm. All illustrations should bear the name(s) of author(s) and figure number written
with a soft pencil. The approximate position of text-figures and tables should be indicated in
the manuscript margin.

It is possible to publish colour illustrations as well as scanned photographs. Colour
illustrations are accepted in exceptional circumstances, only.


Manuscripts fulfilling the above editorial requirements will be accepted for publication after a
thorough peer-review procedure. A review is submitted to the author to consider and revise
the manuscript. It should be returned in strictly determined time, otherwise it will change its
position in the publication queue. The authors of accepted manuscripts will receive a proof-
copy which should be returned to the editors within two weeks. Substantial revisions of the
work are not accepted at the proof stage.

In the case of any doubts as to the formal editorial requirements, authors are asked to check a
recent issue of the series volume or consult the editors.

Abstracts and Papers publications

Extended Abstracts will be printed prior to the Workshop as a separate volume, and
enclosed to the workshop materials. Deadline for submitting Abstracts is March 31, 2008.

Please send your abstract     before   March,   31,   2008   by   e-mail   to:

                           APPLICATION FORM

               Third MELA Conference in Międzyzdroje

                           18th – 21th May 2008



Phone no.:                                  fax:

Please send the application form by fax +48 91 4323448 or by e-mail


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