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									Project Kraken Newsletter
Crime and Counter Terrorist Strategy                                   Spring 2009

“Protecting the waters of Suffolk ”
Welcome to the first Suffolk Project Kraken newsletter - giving you updates about crime and
a summary of local, national and international incidents that might be of interest, specifically
around the marine environment that you work in, live or enjoy.
This newsletter will be produced quarterly (to coincide with each of the seasons). Please let
us know if you have any news items or features to include. Perhaps you have an in-house
magazine and would allow us some ‘column space’ to promote Project Kraken? Simply email or telephone 01473 613500 and quote ‘Project Kraken’
to speak to a member of the team.

c  It gives us great pleasure to
                                             Special Branch Ports Unit
                                             Based at Felixstowe Docks, we are a unit of police officers
   welcome you to Project Kraken             whose role is to gather intelligence to counter the threat
                                             of terrorism and serious crime. We have responsibility for
   – an initiative aimed at keeping          marinas, rivers and the Suffolk coastline, together with
   the waterways of Suffolk safe             small airfields and landing strips.
   and free from terrorist and               Although we work closely with partner agencies such as the
   criminal activity. Not only is            UK Border Agency, our main source of intelligence is through
   our coastline a beautiful                 members of public who work in and use the maritime
                                             environment. This can include lorry drivers at ports, Harbour
   environment to enjoy; it also             Masters, Marina staff, owners and users of yachts and
   provides the county with many             pleasure cruisers - the list is endless. Basically, if you have
                                             information about suspicious activity on or around the
   employment opportunities at               waters of Suffolk, we would like to know about it!
   the three main ports and
                                             So what do we do with the information when we get it?
   associated businesses. By                 Well, it’s researched through the many databases we
   working together and                      have access to and once completed, is passed to other
   understanding more about                  Police or Government agencies as appropriate. Perhaps
                                             a well-used cliché, but that small piece of information
   suspicious behaviour and how              you pass to us may well be the missing piece of a much
   to confidently report it, we can          larger jigsaw.

   all ensure that Suffolk                   So please report anything you consider suspicious, no
   continues to be safe.                     matter how small, to us by calling (01473) 613500 and
                                             quoting Project Kraken or via email
 Jacqui Cheer
 Deputy Chief Constable - Suffolk Police

 Gulshan Kayembe                                         Reporting line: 01473 613500 (quote Project Kraken)
 Chair - Suffolk Police Authority                        w:
Project Kraken Newsletter
Crime and Counter Terrorist Strategy                                        Spring 2009

“Protecting the waters of Suffolk ”
Examples of the need for                                 Counter Terrorism
Project Kraken:                                          Security Advisors
Hampshire Constabulary have successfully run             Covering the whole of Suffolk and based at police
Project Kraken since summer 2007. Here are some          headquarters, Martlesham Heath, we are a team of
examples of suspicious activity reports they have        four who have responsibility for three main areas
received:                                                of work – to assist in the protection of our critical
    Reports of suspicious people around a                national infrastructure, the protection of
    sensitive sight resulted in the recovery of a        hazardous sites and dangerous substances and the
    stolen RHIB and the improvement in the site’s        protection of crowded places.
                                                         We offer a range of services including site surveys
    Several reports of a vehicle acting                  and the delivery of presentations and briefings
    suspiciously around an isolated slipway              covering protective and personnel security. We are
    have resulted in a detailed investigation and        also responsible for the local delivery of a national
    useful intelligence being found.
                                                         initiative called Project ARGUS, which takes its
    RHIBs continue to cause the highest number           audience through a simulated terrorist incident,
    of reports in relation to running without lights     exploring how such an incident might be
    and suspicious behaviour, especially in the          prevented, but if the worst were to happen, how
    charter market.                                      we can prepare for it.
    Reporting on some suspicious activity                To speak to a Counter Terrorist Security Advisor,
    resulted in some excellent drug related              please call 01473 613500 and ask to speak to the
    information being passed to another force.
                                                         CTSA or email us at
We hope that in the next edition of Suffolk’s
Project Kraken newsletter, we can report back
some of the suspicious activity reports we have
received locally.

Op Kraken Requirements
Vessels using Suffolk’s waterways should be alert
for persons filming, photographing, drawing or
loitering in areas of critical infrastructure. These
areas include (but are not limited to) bridge
footings, anchorages and elements of maritime
related structures such as power plants, refineries,
iconic structures and transportation facilities.
Terrorist surveillance and reconnaissance of critical
infrastructure is an integral part of attack planning.
Reports of any suspicious behaviour are essential
in identifying potential criminal activity. At this
time, there is no way of knowing how many                      Reporting line: 01473 613500 (quote Project Kraken)
suspicious incidents go unreported.                            w:
Project Kraken Newsletter
Crime and Counter Terrorist Strategy                                     Spring 2009

“Protecting the waters of Suffolk ”
What can Kraken do for you?                            Key facts about the RNLI
With more people actively looking out for, and         The RNLI charity saves lives at sea. Its volunteers
reporting suspicious behaviour within the marine       provide a 24-hour search and rescue service
environment, it should naturally follow that crime     around the United Kingdom and Republic of
in general may reduce as offenders and those           Ireland coasts. The RNLI operates over 230 lifeboat
thinking about committing crime are less               stations in the UK and Ireland and has more than
motivated to do so, for fear of being caught. The
                                                       100 lifeguard units on beaches around the UK. The
likelihood of offenders being bought to justice is
also increased as a result of greater community        RNLI is independent of Coastguard and
vigilance and intelligence.                            government and depends on voluntary donations
                                                       and legacies to maintain its rescue service. Since
In forthcoming issues, we aim to bring you a           the RNLI was founded in 1824 its lifeboat crews
general round up of crime within the coastal and       and lifeguards have saved over 137,000 lives.
inland waterways. By working together to combat
the threat of terrorism and organised crime an
impact can be made upon other crime types that
cause frustration and upset amongst our                Lowestoft Lifeboat helps
                                                       injured fisherman
                                                       A French fisherman with a suspected broken arm
Felixstowe Volunteer Coast                             needed the help of Lowestoft Lifeboat to reach
Patrol Rescue Service                                  medical attention.
                                                       The volunteer crew were called out to the 55m
(FVCPRS)                                               French fishing vessel, the Halten Bank, which was
Established in 1997, FVCPRS’s mission is to            about six miles north east of the harbour on
promote sea safety awareness through education         passage to its fishing grounds.
and to protect and preserve life at sea by the
                                                       The fisherman was brought into Lowestoft and
provision of a volunteer coast patrol rescue service
within the surrounding areas of Felixstowe or          taken by ambulance to the James Paget Hospital
whosesoever, as tasked by the HM Coastguard.           for treatment.

Licensed by the local authority, FVCPRS works          Great Yarmouth Coastguards co-ordinated the
closely with all emergency services and maintains      rescue, and this is another example of all the
a ‘rapid response team’ mainly for tidal               agencies successfully working together to help a
emergencies.                                           seaman in trouble.
Run totally by volunteers, FVCPRS has at its
disposal extensive rescue and first aid equipment
including a Toyota 4x4 mobile rescue/support
vehicle, mobile incident/first aid tow-van and
rescue equipment trailer with small inflatable and
engine. All units are fitted with communications
direct to the Coastguard.
The service has just been awarded the Suffolk
County Council Search & Rescue Award for 2009.              Reporting line: 01473 613500 (quote Project Kraken)

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