World War II Test by dandanhuanghuang


									                                     World War II
1. Fascist leaders in the interwar years blamed Jews, Poles, and Chinese for

     A. high trade tariffs.
     B. lost territory.
     C. economic depression.
     D. influenza epidemic.

2. The Battle of _______ was the turning point of World War II in the Allies' favor in
   the Eastern European front.

     A. Midway
     B. Warsaw
     C. Stalingrad
     D. Iwo Jima

3. Which of the following statements is true about the outbreak of World War II in

     A. World War II began as a result of the struggle between Catholics and Protestants.
     B. World War II began as a result of the struggle between Communism and Capitalism.
     C. World War II began as a result of the growth of fascist dictatorships in Europe.
     D. World War II began as a result of competing royal monarchies struggling for power.


     Which of the following statements is true about American women during World
     War II?

     A. Women could only participate in the war effort by serving as nurses.
     B. Women were instrumental in the war by working in heavy industry.
   C. Women did not play a large role in the war effort.
   D. Women served in all parts of the military during World War II.

5. Which nations made up the Axis powers during World War II?

   A. Germany, Japan, Italy
   B. Germany, Japan, China
   C. Germany, Russia, Japan
   D. Germany, China, Russia

6. During World War II, which of the following events marked a turning point in
   fighting on the European front?

   A. the battle of Midway, in which the Allies won a decisive victory in 1942
   B. the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945
   C. the D-Day Allied invasion at Normandy, France in 1944
   D. Hitler's invasion of Poland and France

7. What military goal did President Harry S. Truman accomplish with the decision to
   drop the atomic bomb?

   A. He forced the withdrawal of Japanese troops from China.
   B. He forced the surrender of Italy without a ground invasion.
   C. He forced Germany and the Soviet Union to become allies.
   D. He forced the surrender of Japan without a ground invasion.

8. What did the Nazis primarily use concentration camps for during World War II?

   A. to hold American POWs
   B. to manufacture new weapons
   C. to exterminate Jewish citizens
   D. to train new German troops

9. What happened to Japanese-Americans during World War II?

   A. They were forced to join the army.
   B. They were forced into internment camps.
   C. They were forced to work for the U.S. as spies.
   D. They were forced to leave the United States.
10. Troops from which of the following countries led the D-Day invasion of Normandy
    on June 6, 1944?

      A. Germany, Canada, and Italy
      B. the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and Poland
      C. France, Italy, and Spain
      D. the United States, Great Britain, and Canada

11. What action caused the United States to enter World War II?

      A. formation of the German, Italian, Japanese axis
      B. German invasion of Poland in 1939
      C. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941
      D. German bombing blitz on London

12. Which World War II battle marked a turning point for fighting in the Pacific?

      A. Battle of Stalingrad
      B. Battle of Midway
      C. Battle of Iwo Jima
      D. Battle of the Bulge

                                          Philippines
                                          Hawaii
                                          Guam

      The territories above contributed to hostility between _____ and ______ during
      the interwar years.

      A. Soviet Union, United States
      B. Japan, Soviet Union
      C. United States, China
      D. Japan, United States

      How did President Roosevelt communicate with Americans during World War II?

      A. by traveling all over the country
      B. newspaper editorials explaining the state of the war
      C. televised speeches from Washington
      D. radio speeches called "fireside chats"

15. During the Holocaust, _______ Jews lost their lives.

      A. 2 million
      B. 12 million
      C. 16 million
      D. 6 million

16. What is one reason the United States emerged from World War II a clear world

      A. The United States had the largest population in the world at the end of the war.
      B. The United States took over the most land in Europe after the war.
      C. The United States suffered the most loss of life of any country during the war.
      D. The United States suffered fewer casualties during the war.

17. Because of a treaty with Poland, _____ was immediately drawn into World War II
    with Hitler's invasion.

      A. France
      B. America
      C. Norway
      D. Spain
18. How did the United States end up at war with Germany in 1941?

   A. The U.S. declared war on Germany and Italy at the same time it declared war on
   B. After America came to Britain's aid with the "lend-lease" program, Germany declared
      war on the U.S.
   C. After the U.S. declared war on Japan, Germany declared war on the U.S.
   D. The United States declared war on Germany after the London blitz.

19. The Nazi Party promised to protect Germans from

   A. democracy.
   B. propaganda.
   C. communism.
   D. blitzkrieg.

20. Which Allied Power was initially on Hitler's side after a mutual non-aggression

   A. Great Britain
   B. Soviet Union
   C. the United States
   D. France

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