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NHS Research Scotland


									NHS Research Scotland
Permissions Coordinating Centre
(NRS Permissions CC)
Coordinating faster permissions for Scotland

A guide to who we are and what we do



                                    nrs              cc
                                                        Foreword from Professor Alison MacLeod,
                                                        Director of R&D for NHS Grampian and of
                                                        the NRS Permissions Coordinating Centre

                                                        Scotland has a justly deserved reputation for clinical research
                                                        excellence. Supporting such high quality research is one of the main
                                                        objectives of the NHS in Scotland. Achieving this requires an effective
                                                        and responsive infrastructure to encourage researchers to bring
                                                        studies to Scotland and to ensure that obtaining NHS R&D permission
                                                        is a smooth and rapid process.
                                                        At the NHS Research Scotland Permissions Coordinating Centre
                                                        (NRS Permissions CC), we act as a central point of contact for all
                                                        non-commercial investigators and industry wishing to carry out
                                                        multicentre studies in Scotland, and we link closely with all of the
                                                        R&D offices. The Centre facilitates feasibility assessments across
                                                        Scotland and manages and tracks the streamlined process for
                                                        obtaining NHS R&D permission in all Scottish sites; only one set of
                                                        project documents need be submitted. It can also assist organisations
                                                        wishing to access Scotland’s world-leading clinical academic
NHS Research Scotland Permissions Coordinating Centre   investigators, who have expertise across a wide range of
(NRS Permissions CC)                                    health-related research fields, by putting them in touch with
Research & Development Office                           the right person.
Foresterhill House Annexe                               Already through the work of the Centre and the Health Board R&D
Foresterhill                                            offices, significant improvements have been made in the time taken
Aberdeen                                                to gain permission to undertake multicentre research within NHS
AB25 2ZB                                                Scotland. Maintaining this performance and standard of service to
                                                        researchers and industry will remain a key priority going forward.
Tel: +44 (0)1224 552690

                                                                            Professor Alison MacLeod, November 2010

NHS Research Scotland (NRS)                                                Scotland’s Health Boards

NRS is an initiative implemented by the Chief Scientist Office of
the Scottish Government and Health Boards to streamline the
NHS R&D management permission process for multicentre1 research
in Scotland.

The NRS network consists of:
• Fourteen Scottish Health Boards (with eleven R&D offices),
  including four Boards with medical schools active in
                                                                                                                                 NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  clinical research.
                                                                                                                                 NHS Borders
    Experienced staff within R&D offices carry out the technical reviews                                                         NHS Dumfries & Galloway
    to enable permission to be given for research projects by the
                                                                                                                                 NHS Fife
    relevant NHS organisation.
                                                                                                                                 NHS Forth Valley
• NHS Research Scotland Permissions Coordinating Centre                                                                          NHS Grampian
  NRS Permissions CC based in Aberdeen has a dedicated                                                                           NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  administrative team responsible in the main, for managing the
                                                                                                                                 NHS Highland
  NHS R&D management permission process across Scotland, for
                                                                                                                                 NHS Lanarkshire
  commercial and non-commercial multicentre research projects.
                                                                                                                                 NHS Lothian
• National Database                                                                                                              NHS Orkney
  NRS Permissions CC team uploads project documents into a single
                                                                                                                                 NHS Shetland
  web-based informatics system called the Scottish Research
                                                                                                                                 NHS Tayside
  Database Application (SReDA), to help manage the permissions
                                                                                                                                 NHS Western Isles
  process and increase efficiency.
• Members of the Chief Scientist Office (CSO)
  Responsible for NHS research infrastructure and policy.
                                                                              The Health Boards are organised into four nodes:
                                                                              • NRS North – Grampian, Highland, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles.
    Multicentre = more than one Health Board in Scotland or one
                                                                              • NRS East – Tayside, Fife, Forth Valley.
                  Scottish Health Board when part of a UK-wide study.
                                                                              • NRS South East – Lothian, Borders.
                                                                              • NRS West – Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Ayrshire & Arran,
                                                                                Dumfries & Galloway, Lanarkshire.

2                                                                                                                                                       3
NRS Permissions Coordinating Centre                                  NRS Permissions Coordinating Centre

What we do                                                           Benefits
• Manage the streamlined process to obtain NHS R&D                   • Access to helpful, friendly, informed staff by phone, email
  permission for multicentre research projects in Scotland.            or in person, to help guide you through the NHS Scotland
                                                                       multicentre R&D permissions process and to answer
• Act as a single point of contact for industry and investigators.
                                                                       any queries.
• Handle commercial and non-commercial research projects
                                                                     • A single point of entry for multicentre permission applications.
  (Phase I-IV).
                                                                     • Project documents need only be submitted once.
• Collate the national document set for multicentre research
  project applications and upload onto SReDA.                        • Centralised project coordination and management.
• Link with equivalent centralised offices in England and            • Improved efficiency due to NRS streamlined and best
  Wales to coordinate the global governance checks for                 practice procedures.
  UK-wide studies.
                                                                     • Improved efficiency and compliance through use of the
• Actively manage the R&D permissions process to deliver               web-based database for all projects - SReDA.
  on time.
                                                                     • Reduced time to gain permissions which fully satisfy all
• Facilitate feasibility assessments across Scotland.                  governance and regulatory requirements.
• Maintain a register of clinical researchers in Scotland.           • We maintain oversight of NRS R&D permission peformance.
• Business development role to attract commercial research           • Project tracking: we can tell you where your project is in the
  to Scotland.                                                         system at any time.
• Act on customer feedback.

4                                                                                                                                       5
NHS R&D Management Permission
- when is it required?                                                How Do I Apply?

NHS R&D management permission is required if a project is             Apply for NHS R&D management permission using the
‘research’ (rather than service evaluation or audit), and if it       Integrated Research Application System (IRAS).
involves NHS patients (including tissues, organs, data), NHS staff,   Application for R&D permission may be made at the same time
NHS resources (facilities, equipment). It is required at each site    as application for ethics approval.
before research can begin.                                            1. Complete an IRAS R&D Form.
To help you decide if your project requires R&D permission
                                                                      2. Send the authorised IRAS R&D Form to NRS Permissions CC
and other approvals, visit the National Research Ethics Service
                                                                         with supporting submission documentation.
(NRES) website (, and the IRAS
website (                       3. Send completed Site-Specific Information (SSI) Forms to
                                                                         participating Principal Investigators (for authorisation prior to
Before I apply                                                           submission to local R&D offices).

1. Establish whether the project is ‘research’.                       Final R&D permission will be confirmed only after a favourable
                                                                      ethical opinion has been given.
2. Assess whether the research requires R&D permission.
3. Confirm participation of staff at all sites/Health Boards.
4. Determine if the project requires ethical review.
5. Assess if other approvals are required (eg. MHRA).
6. Contact NRS Permissions CC for a checklist of the required
   submission documents.

                NRS R&D Permission Process for
              Scottish Sites (Multicentre Research)                               Project Tracking and Management

                       Applicant notifies NRS Permissions CC of new               NRS has project management systems in place to monitor and
                               multicentre research project                       successfully progress projects through the permissions process.
                                                                                  Key dates are recorded to allow visibility of project status.
                                                                                  Key initiatives that are in place to help achieve efficient
                    NRS Permissions CC sends checklist of documents               multicentre R&D permission include:-
                              for submission to applicant
Commercial                                                                        • Two-weekly NRS teleconference with key R&D office staff.
Agreements set                                                                    • Circulation of a regular ‘Project Alert Report’ to R&D offices
up as required                                                                      highlighting projects that have passed a given permission
                    Applicant sends IRAS R&D Form with supporting                   timeline: NRS staff prioritise action for these projects to
                  documentation (electronically) to NRS Permissions CC;             achieve subsequent prompt local management permission(s).
                        and SSI Forms to Principal Investigators
                                                                                  • Escalation procedure, to resolve project issues that require
                                                                                    action by NHS senior management.

             *     NRS Permissions CC checks / uploads document set
                    into SReDA; notifies participating R&D offices of
                          availability of documents for review
                                                                                  NRS Permissions CC
                                                                                                           NRS R&D North

                                                                                                                                       NRS R&D East

                      Generic Review                    Local Reviews

                  Certificate of Compliance issued

                  Local management permission letter issued by R&D
                  offices to Principal Investigators/Chief Investigator/
                                   NRS Permissions CC                             NRS R&D West                                    NRS R&D South East

        *    NRS Permissions CC will confirm when they have a full document set
                                                                                                         Chief Scientist Office
Performance: R&D Permission Times                                    NRS Metrics
                                                                                                         Commercial studies: R&D permission times (May 09-Sep 10)
R&D permission time is measured from receipt of a full                                              60
document set to issue of local management permission at                                                                                                             Median

each participating Health Board R&D office.                                                         50

                                                               R&D permission time (working days)
We aim to deliver R&D permissions within 30 calendar days.
How are we doing?                                                                                   40

In the 17 months since NRS Permissions CC began to accept
commercial studies, a median R&D permission time of 15
working days has been achieved. For non-commercial                                                                      21
studies, there has been an equally positive trend in reduced                                        20                                        18
times for gaining R&D permission with medians as follows:
• July-December 2008: 41 working days                                                               10

• January-June 2009: 24 working days
That’s a reduction in median permission time of 41%                                                              May-Dec 09             Jan-Jun 10                Jul-Sep 10
                                                                                                                                      Time Period
• July-December 2009: 24 working days
                                                                                                         Non-commercial studies: R&D permission times (Feb 08-Sep 10)
• January-June 2010: 20 working days                                                                60
NRS is constantly striving to improve it’s performance                                                                                                              Median

                                                               R&D permission time (working days)

                                                                                                                                         24             24
                                                                                                    20                                                                            16


                                                                                                           Feb-Jun 08    Jul-Dec 08   Jan-Jun 09     Jul-Dec 09   Jan-Jun 10   Jul-Sep 10

                                                                                                                                      Time Period
How Can I Help Speed Up the Process?                               NRS Permissions CC Service Offerings

There are a number of ways that research applicants can            In addition to managing the NHS R&D permissions
help gain quicker NHS R&D permission:-                             process for multicentre research in Scotland, an
                                                                   important part of our work is to:-
• Apply for NHS R&D permission in parallel with ethics approval.
                                                                   • Coordinate feasibility assessments.
• Documents sent to ethics, also send to NRS Permissions CC.
                                                                    • NRS Permissions CC will provide a Scotland-wide response of
• Use the Document Submission Checklist.                              Scottish Investigator interest and patient recruitment
• Send correct versions of all necessary documents to NRS             capability within 2 weeks.
  Permissions CC electronically.                                   • Coordinate global governance checks for UK-wide studies.
• Employ Scottish model contracts “as published”.                   • If the Chief Investigator leading a UK-wide study is based in Scotland,
• Obtain Principal Investigator’s support prior to sending out        NRS Permissions CC will receive the project application and coordinate
  Site-Specific Information (SSI) Forms and let them know the         the global governance checks on behalf of the UK. As soon as the NRS
  SSI Form is on it’s way.                                            Certificate of Compliance is available, NRS Permissions CC will forward
                                                                      it to the equivalent UK centralised office(s) in England and/or Wales.
• Submit amendments sent to an ethics committee, to NRS
                                                                    • If the Chief Investigator is based in England or Wales, either the NIHR
  Permissions CC at the same time.
                                                                      CSP Unit or the RMG office will receive the project application initially.
                                                                      They will send email notification along with the IRAS R&D Form to
Commercial customers should also:-                                    NRS Permissions CC, so that we may promptly contact the researcher to
• Employ the UK CRN Costing Template as a basis for costing           progress R&D permissions within Scotland without delay.
  the study for Scotland.                                          • Coordinate amendments for multicentre studies.
• Get in touch with NRS Permissions CC early to discuss the
                                                                   • Coordinate the addition of new Scottish sites.
  need for Confidentiality Agreements – if applicable.
• Get in touch early to initiate contract/budget discussions
  with the Commercial Manager of the lead R&D office.              Please contact NRS Permissions CC if you would like to
                                                                   know more about the above processes.

12                                                                                                                                            13
Access to Investigators and Patients

NRS Permissions CC has an important role to help put you in
touch with key clinical academic researchers and their patients.

NRS Permissions CC holds a register of clinicians who
conduct clinical research in Scotland.

The Permissions CC team can also assist companies with access
to Scottish Investigators and patients by direct links with the
Scottish Topic-Specific Research Networks:-
• Cancer (
• Dementia (
• Diabetes (
• Medicines for Children (
• Mental Health (
• Primary Care (
• Stroke (

We also have access to UK Clinical Research Network National
Institute for Health Research Speciality Groups through
twenty-six Scottish Leads, maximising potential interest from
Scottish Investigators for feasibility for disease-specific trials.

14                                                                    15
Addressing Customer Challenges: Q&A

Q: How can NRS lessen the burden of the regulatory               Q: How can I get help sourcing investigators who are keen
   requirements, multiple permissions and multiple contacts?        and able to recruit eligible patients into clinical trials?
A: Via streamlined R&D permission processes across Scotland      A: NRS Permissions CC provides a quality feasibility assessment
   for multicentre studies delivering faster permission times,      service and can put you in touch with potential Scottish
   and a Coordinating Centre acting as one point of contact.        investigators, via direct links with commercial managers in
   In addition, by reviewing R&D applications in parallel with      the Health Boards and with Topic-Specific and Primary Care
   ethics.                                                          Research Networks.

Q: How can NRS help researchers understand the various           Q: Although addressing R&D permission, is NRS focusing on
   processes?                                                       study set up and patient recruitment?
A: NRS Permissions CC booklets, leaflets and website are         A: Members of an NHS Scotland/Industry Partnership Forum
   available.                                                       are working together to improve study start up times and
                                                                    patient recruitment delivery across Scotland. In addition,
Q: How can NRS simplify the process of study costing and            new dedicated staff and resources to support commercial
   contract negotiations?                                           study feasibility, initiation and patient recruitment are being
A: By encouraging use of model agreements, and adoption of          put in place in each of the four nodes in Scotland.
   the UK CRN Costing Template.

Q: How is NRS working at a national and UK-wide level to
   ensure a consistent approach to multicentre R&D
A: By establishment of an NRS Best Practice Operational Group
   and active participation in the UK-wide Compatibility Group
   for UK harmonisation.

Why Do Research In Scotland?
Patients                                                             Clinical Science
• Stable population with a positive attitude to clinical trials.     • World class clinical and academic expertise in key therapeutic
• 5.3 million patient records linked to unique patient identifiers     areas which mirror those diseases prevalent in Scotland.
  - Community Health Index (CHI) Number.                             • World leading research continues to be conducted by
• Well characterised, comprehensive medical patient information.       Scotland’s clinical academic research community within
                                                                       NHS Scotland and Universities, in:-
• 20% patients involved in clinical trials.
                                                                     •   Cardiovascular Disease      •   Dermatology
• Patient Disease Registers for numerous conditions including:
  Diabetes, Renal Disease, Stroke, Mental Health, Child Health.      •   Gastrointestinal Disease    •   Infectious Disease
• Scotland holds a family-based bio-banking resource unrivalled      •   Inflammation/Immunology     •   Metabolic Disease
  in Europe.                                                         •   Neuroscience                •   Oncology
• High incidence and prevalence of diseases matching key             •   Ophthalmology               •   Psychiatry
  therapeutic areas of focus in pharmaceutical/biopharm              •   Respiratory Disease         •   Stroke
  clinical development:-                                             •   Tissue Research             •   Women’s Health
•   Cardiovascular Disease                    •   Neuroscience       • Extensive imaging infrastructure and latest biomedical
•   Inflammation/Immunology                   •   Diabetes             NMR imaging techniques.
•   Reproductive Medicine                     •   Oncology           • Landmark clinical trials eg. West of Scotland Coronary
•   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease     •   Stroke               Prevention Study (WOSCOPS).
Network / Support / Collaboration

• State of the art equipment, research facilities, technologies.
• Scottish Topic-Specific and Primary Care Research Networks.
• Collaborative spirit across Scotland between clinicians and the
  NHS, delivering a framework for a “fully-connected” network.
• Government investment to create a world class clinical
  research infrastructure in key areas, eg. advanced imaging
  capability, tissue banking, clinical research resource.
• The Scottish Academic Health Sciences Collaboration
  (SAHSC) is a partnership involving four of Scotland’s largest
  Health Boards and their partner university medical schools in
  Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  Supported by a £10M investment, it offers a strong platform
                                                                    The NRS Permissions CC Team based at Foresterhill, Aberdeen.
  for patient-oriented research collaborations with industry.

                                                                    NRS Permissions CC is funded by the Chief Scientist Office
                                                                    and Scottish Enterprise.


                  nrs         cc

NRS Permissions Coordinating Centre
       (NRS Permissions CC)
     Research & Development Office
       Foresterhill House Annexe
               AB25 2ZB
        Tel: +44 (0)1224 552690

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