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									An Insider’s Guide to Building Customer Trust

Have you ever lost a sale and you weren’t sure why, when everything seemed to be going as it
should? The key to closing a sale, has little to do with the product or price, and far more to do
with whether the customer trusts you. Improve your sales by learning how to build trust with a
potential customer.

1.    Watch Your Body Language
Your body language speaks much louder than your actual words. Uncross your arms, uncross
your legs, smile, and show your palms. Watch your facial expressions, your muscle tension, and
your repetitive motions (tapping your pen). Develop a keen sense of what your body is saying,
and learn to create an inviting, positive, body language that will leave your potential customer
feeling like they can trust you.

2.     Always Make Eye Contact
Make sure you are engaging your potential customer using eye contact. You will not be received
favorably if you are looking elsewhere, answering text messages, or shaking your head in an
absentminded manner. When you make eye contact with the customer, he/she knows you are
listening, and that you are focused on what their needs are, and they will be much more likely to
trust you.

3.     Dress Professionally
First impressions really do count. You might not think it’s fair, but we are most certainly judged
on our appearance. Research has shown that a lasting impression is made within the first few
minutes of seeing you, long before potential customer even talks to you. So look your best.
Dressing professionally will elicit feelings of trust.

4.    Mirror Your Customer
Match and mirror your customer to create harmony. There’s a lot of power in mirroring your
customer. It creates a feeling of being grounded, and it encourages trust. Research has shown that
when two people disagree their body language is at odds, and when two people agree they share
body language.
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5.     Learn to Listen
Don’t be too quick to talk. Instead, give the customer a chance to speak. Listen to what they have
to say and ask questions that are relevant to their requests or answer their questions. Listening is
a great way to build trust.

6.    Build Trust at the Company Level
Building trust starts at the company level and you can begin to build trustworthiness by posting
credentials. Certificates and credentials build instant trust. For example, let’s say you have a
company that offers heating services. If you post your business license, your Better Business
Bureau certificate, and your HVAC license you’ll build trust.

7.     Build Trust in Your Industry
Collect articles, statistics, research, and whatever other material you come across to help build
trust in your industry. Many times the industry itself does work in the form of advertisements to
promote their industry, and this has an excellent trickledown effect. Let your industry help you
build trust in your company.

There are many things you can do to build trust within your organization. You should take every
opportunity to build trust within your company. You should also ensure that the entire workforce
understands how important their individual actions are to building that trust, and what the
company’s expectations are for individual employers

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