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									Lincolnland District Exchange Clubs                                                              Volume MMXI, Number 3

 INSIDE                           2013 District Convention
                                  by Scot Warren                                 separate banquet facilities capable of seating
                                                                                 a minimum of 200 attendees for meal
                                  As you may know, next year’s Lincolnland
                                                                                 events, and at least two breakout rooms for
                                  District Convention will be held in
                                                                                 board and committee meetings.
                                  Springfield on June 21st – 24th, 2012. So,
                                  where will our 2013 District Convention be     Lincolnland has a fine history of having
                                  held, you ask? Well, you can help determine    informative, entertaining, and fun district
                                  the site. We are looking for Lincolnland       conventions, and we’d like your club to
 North Chicago’s Swap-O-          clubs who are interested in hosting our        consider being our 2013 host. If you’re
 Rama and Farmer’s Market         2013 convention. According to our district     interested, please contact Lincolnland
 open for business                by-laws, proposed convention sites must        Immediate Past President Scot Warren at
                      Page 11     have a minimum of 100 guest rooms, a           (630) 527-9130 or swwarren@att.net by July
                                  convention room that can seat a minimum        31st. Thanks for all you do in the Spirit of
                                  of 150 attendees for general sessions,         Exchange!
 Find out what outstanding
 individuals and
 Exchangeites earned
 awards at the District
                                  National Exchange Convention
                      Page 9
                                  Detroit GM Renaissance Center
                                  This should be one of the best and most
                                  exciting National Conventions ever! I don't
 MISSION                          know how you can top the chance to attend
 Exchange, American               the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the
 Premium Service Club,            founding of the National Exchange Club.
 working to make our              The headquarters has a wonderful
 community a better               convention planned and every Exchangite
 place to live.                   should make plans to attend if at all
 New core values -                                        Continued on page 4
 Family, Community
 and Country                      Celebrating 2011-2012 100th Anniversary Issue
                                  We will continue our fun at the District and National Conventions
 INDEX                            by Mike Oster
 President’s Letter . . . . . 2
 New Members . . . . . . .4       The National Exchange Club Convention at
 Around the District . . . 6      Detroit is just around the corner. Make your
 ABF Auction . . . . . . . .10    plans now.
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    President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Johnson
                                                                            If You Don’t Go After What You
    President-elect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Helen Cook
    Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donna Givens
                                                                            Want, You’ll Never Have It
    Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patti Molitor    One person, one idea, that’s all it       Have you shared in activities and
    Immediate Past President . . . . . . . . . . Scot Warren                takes. One person, gathering others Programs of Service that made you
    Division 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mike Oster
                                                                            to the cause, brought Exchange into feel really, really good? You bet!
    Division 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cynthia Lee
                                                                            making the Prevention of Child            So, where are those people you
    Division 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Janet Jocobs
    Division 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John B. Hughes         Abuse our National Project. One           know would benefit both
    Division 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Susan Murphy         person, one club, cared                          themselves and us by
    Division 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Johnson      enough to make                                   joining Exchange? We all
    Division 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Hummel          GIVEAKIDDAFLAGTO                                 know tens of people who
    Division 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Smith      WAVE a National                                  would be good
    Division 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William VanKeuren            Program of Service.                              Exchangites. Do yourself,
    Division 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dennis Koch         Community Service
    Division 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Teresia Mueller
                                                                                                                             your club, your District,
                                                                            happens because one                              and National the very good
    FOUNDATION FOR YOUTH                                                    person sees the need                             deed of bringing ONE into
    Youth of the Year Award . . . . . . . . . . . Paul Zollner              and brings in others to    Kathy Johnson
                                                                                                                             Exchange before June 30th.
    ACE Award Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Teresia Mueller             help meet it.                District President
                                                                                                                             The District has a goal of
    Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patti Molitor
                                                                            If you don’t step forward,                     three new members per
    Trustee Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim Ruzon
    Trustee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dennis Koch
                                                                            you’re always in the same place.       club. What a statement if we have
    Trustee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lou Molitor     As individual Exchangites and as       1000, 1200, or 1400 new members
    Trustee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Calvin Wright     Exchange Clubs, we cannot rest on      to celebrate.
    District President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Johnson          its laurels. No matter how great we    Can we do it? You bet.
    AWARD COMMITTEE CHAIRS                                                  have been in the past, we must step    YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!
    5As . . . . . . . . . . . . Janet Jacobs/Sandy Southworth               forward with hope and faith that       JUST ASK.
    ACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Teresia Mueller     the decisions we make and the
    All-American Volunteer . . Marge Keenan-Denniston                       actions we take will benefit our       If you don’t ask, the answer is
    Best Club Bulletin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mike Oster           communities, our youth, and those      always no.
    DSA/CSA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lou Molitor        children so in need. If we don’t do    Come to Lincolnland District
    Exchangeite of the Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim Ruzon             it, who will?
    Kremer-CLarkson-Krause . . . . . . . . . . . Mike Oster                                                        Convention June 24-26, 2011 at
    Rookie of the Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Johnson          If you don’t ask, the answer is        the Holiday Inn in Rock Island.
                                                                            always no.                             Renew old friendships, make new
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS                                                                                               friends, and enjoy the fun and
    District Convention . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stan Rochush              Who did you talk with today?
                                                                                                                   camaraderie of celebrating our 100
    Exchange Education . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Johnson                Would he or she make a good
                                                                            Exchangite? Did you invite him or      Years of Service by Shining the
    Finance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patti Molitor
    Inter-Club Fellowship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Max Jaeger            her to a meeting? What? No?            Light of Exchange.
    Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lisa Alsip       Opportunity lost! It is every          Come to our National Convention
    New Club Building . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frank Alberico              Exchangite’s responsibility, duty,     in Detroit July 6-10, 2011. The
    Past District President Support Group Dennis Koch                       and PRIVILEDGE to Share the            programs, the educational
    Public Relations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dennis Koch           Exchange Experience.                   opportunities, the meeting, the
    Save Abandoned Babies . . . . . . Dr. Michael Oster
                                                                            Someone gave you the opportunity       meals, and the entertainment will
    Strategic Planning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathy Johnson
    Website . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. Michael Oster         to become part of America’s            be first class. Take the opportunity
                                                                            Service Club.                          to vote for Lou Molitor, VFR, past
    LINCOLNLAND LINK                                                                                               Lincolnland President and District
    Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mike Oster   Do you benefit from membership?
                                                                                                                   Secretary, and past Region 3 Vice
    34555 North Red Oak Lane, Gurnee, IL 60031                              You bet!
                                                                                                                   President to be National President-
    oster.michael@sbcglobal.net (847) 244-0678
                                                                            Have you learned and grown as an       Elect.
    Reporter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pat (Fergal) Gallagher
                                                                            individual? You bet!
    2404 Stallion Drive, Grayslake, IL 60030                                                                       CELEBRATE 100 YEARS OF
    fergal@gallagher.us                                                     Have you made new friends? You         SERVICE BY SHINING THE LIGHT
    Next Link Deadline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9/1/11         bet!                                   OF EXCHANGE.
 District Information                                                                                                             3

From Region 3 VP
As I sit here and reflect on what            history of our country."                      Not only that, look how our National
Exchange means to me and how                   In 1941 Exchange backed the war effort      Anthem is being song, how we no longer
Exchange, over these past 100 years, has       and supported the U.S. Savings Bond         stand when our Flag passes, or have the
affected the lives of our Members, our         Program. In 1949 The Freedom Shrine         courtesy to take off our hats and place
Communities and even our Nation, one           project, which originated from the 1947     our hand on our hearts. Look how we
thought continually comes to mind,             Freedom Train, was adopted. The purpose     have to fight to ALLOW our children to
GOD, COUNTRY & COMMUNITY.                      of the Freedom Shrine was to show proof     say our Pledge of Allegiance or offer a
Our Exchange organization may                             to our young Americans, that     prayer in our schools. Our Nation's
have started as a group of men                            the freedom and greatness we     Capital is not allowing tour guides to
forming a booster club to                                 enjoy in our country today       reference the religious significance of the
exchange Business ideas, but we                           were not purchased easily and    national symbols on our government
have grown to be so much more                             reminds them that these gifts    buildings.
then that. Our Covenant of                                must be cherished and            Folks, we do have strict guidelines for
Service spells out our deep                               protected. We lobbied hard       flying our flags, saying our Pledge of
seeded principles. Our projects                           along with the Knight of         Allegiance and yes addressing (whether
                                       Kate Smith
and programs spell out our               Regional VP
                                                          Columbus and the Boy Scouts      listening to, or singing,) our National
intent and our slogan "Unity for                          of America in 1954 to have the   Anthem. But we have run-a-muck.
Service" indicates how we apply                           words "UNDER GOD"
our principles. Principles inspired by the     included in our Pledge of Allegiance.       We need to start respecting our country
133 Psalm.                                     Then in 1964 Exchange adopted the One       and our nation's symbols again. I would
                                               Nation under God project, once again        love for Exchange to once again take a
My burning question is...who is minding                                                    stand as we have in the past. We need to
the store? If we as Exchangites really         committing our allegiance to both God
                                               and Country.                                focus on America. Focus on what made
believe these American principles, then                                                    us an American Nation; focus on what
why are we not raising our voices in         In 1972 came the Milestones of Freedom        has kept us an American Nation.
unison once again to support these           to be used as an adjunct of the Freedom
principles? I am not implying that our       Shrine project. In 1976, in celebration of    I think we would all agree that when we
clubs and members are NOT doing this,        our Nation's Bicentennial Year, we            are in a room where there are a large
but it is time that we as a National         adopted the Proudly We Hail program.          number of Exchangites and we all say
(American) organization step forward         We wanted to encourage the proper             the Pledge, how it makes us feel
and instill the passion in America we        display of our American flag, and to          overwhelmingly emotional and proud.
once had.                                    recognize those who regularly fly it.         Proud of what it stands for and proud
                                                                                           that we are among a group who support
In the early 20's Exchange worked closed     Project GIVEAKIDAFLAGTOWAVE was
                                                                                           these principles and beliefs.
with the government in the development       adopted in 1981. Again encouraging our
of our country's air transportation. We      youth to be proud to wave our American        We still have many young men and
were the pioneers in establishing            flag with respect and honor and remind        women fighting for these beliefs, we
permanent and emergency landing fields       them it is part of being a good citizen,      can't let them down. We can never
and flight direction indicators. We were     thus in 1983 The Young Citizenship            forget that Freedom is not Free and the
also the first to advocate the use of air    Award. We have encouraged citizens to         principles that this nation was founded
transportation for mail, freight and         vote with our Get Out the Vote project.       on are still more relevant today then ever
passengers.                                  And more recently, September 11, 2001.        before.
In 1933 Exchange was called upon by          Out of this national tragedy, came our        Take a stand fellow Exchangites, take a
President Franklin Roosevelt to help fight   Healing Field project. How can we ever        stand. Then let's take it to the rest of the
the Depression, thus the National            forget how we felt during this sad time in    nation just as those fellow Exchangites
Recovery Crusade. In the words of            our Nation? There was a resurgence of         before us. Now is the Time for Exchange.
Exchange's 1933-34 National President,       Americanism across the country.               Let's go into our next century waving our
John H Awtry, The Recovery Crusade was       American flags were flying again and          Nation's Flag high putting Americanism
"one of the greatest accomplishments in      people were rallying around our Country       back in America.
the history of Exchange...The Exchange       and the Freedoms we are so fortunate to
                                                                                           Yours in the American Spirit of Exchange,
Clubs of America have met in true            enjoy. And then...a complacency once
American style the greatest crisis in the    more.                                         Katie
4                                                                                                        Lincolnland LINK

                                            Presidents-Elect Planning Process
                                            As part of the planning process for the       activities to help enhance public
                                            2011-2012 administrative year,                awareness of Exchange.
                                            Presidents-Elect should be having their
                                                                                          For additional information on
                                            Club Program Development Meetings
                                                                                          publicity, refer to the National
                                            this month. To prepare for that meeting,
                                                                                          Exchange Club’s Public Relations
                                            the incoming Presidents should be
                                            consulting with his or her committee
                                            chairs to develop the strategy for a        If you’ve been following along for the
Attention Region 3                          successful new year. In addition to other   past year or so, you’ve got your
                                            suggested and required committees, the      marketing plan in place, have been
Members that are                            National Exchange Club recommends           making adjustments along the way, and
                                            that each club and District have a          your PR committee is now putting the
Attending the                               Public Relations and marketing              finishing touches on next year’s plan. If
                                            Committee that focuses on Publicity. An
National Convention                         excerpt from the Club Leader’s Monthly
                                                                                        you’re a new club, or new to the PR and
                                                                                        Marketing aspects of promoting the
in Detroit!                                 Planner reads:                              great things your club does, check out
                                              Each club should have an ongoing          our archive of past issues and the PR
We’ve developed a Region 3 shirt to                                                     Guide for the basics of putting together
                                              public relations program, regularly
show our Unity for Service at the                                                       a marketing plan. Either way, be sure to
                                              sending news releases to area
Convention. The shirts will be your                                                     include the marketing of Exchange in
                                              media on service and fund-raising
choice of a Tee-Shirt ($12.00),               projects, and engaging in other           your planning for a great 2011-12.
Inexpensive polo shirt ($17.00), or a
better quality polo shirt ($28.00) with
this design on a royal blue shirt. Here’s
the catch - I need your order this week
in order to have them by the
convention. Send your order to me and
tell me the size and quantity that you
would like. I’ll bring the shirts to the
convention and they will be available
in the  Region 3 hospitality room.
Payment can be made at the time you
pick up your shirt. We need at least 24
shirts to be ordered to make this
happen, though, so don’t delay!

    Continued from page 1
possible. The convention will be a lot
less expensive than last year's in Palm
Springs and a lot easier to get to also.
Rooms are $122 for a single, double or
triple. The central tower is 73 stories
with magnificent views of Detroit,
Windsor, Canada and the Detroit River.
here are four movie theatres in the
Renaissance Center along with a GM                   This summer with all the parades and holidays, be sure to share
Showroom and Shopping Mall. Mark                      your Americanism by giving kids their flags. The kids are your
your calendar now and plan to attend.                             most important future Exchangites.
 District Information                                                                                                                  5

Lou Molitor for National President
To all my Lincolnland District Exchange
Club friends:
My Name is Lou Molitor and I want to be
Exchange’s Next President Elect!
It’s official! I am a candidate for President-
Elect of the National Exchange Club
(NEC). The NEC is America’s service club
celebrating 100 years of making
communities a better place to live. I have
been an Exchangite since 1989...it is an
organization that is part of my soul! I
hope that many Exchangites will make it
to Detroit for the convention in July and I
hope that they will vote for me for NPE!
Today is a great day to be an Exchangite! I
firmly believe this and have spread this
message throughout the country as a              Membership Growth and Club Building.           Executive Director of a Chamber of
Regional Vice President, Volunteer Field         Should I be successful in being the next       Commerce, a member-based business
Representative and Leadership Excellence         President of the National Exchange Club,       association, I know a lot about providing
Trainer. Our best days lie ahead. Every          I will set specific goals for both in all of   value to members. I am and will continue
community is made better with the                the Districts and Regions, and hold            to use this knowledge to help Exchange
service provided by its Exchange Club.           District Presidents and Regional Vice          realize that we need to provide value to
And if a community does not have an              Presidents (and National Presidents)           all of our members to keep them as
Exchange Club in it...we can remedy that         accountable for these goals.                   lifetime Exchangites.
situation!                                       The second “magic wand” that you will          Last, but certainly not least, the fourth
Many people know that I am a big                 wield as you R.S.V.P. to my invitation to      “magic wand” that you will wield as you
Mickey the Sorcerer fan; in fact, I collect      be a part of the Magic of Exchange Club        R.S.V.P. to my invitation to be a part of
Sorcerer items and have them on display          is Service. Exchange Club is all about         the Magic of Exchange Club is Passion. I
at my house. I advocate Disney’s Magic           service second to none. Our four pillars       am a passionate person, often wearing my
as well as the Magic of Exchange. In fact,       of service (Americanism, Youth Projects,       emotions on my sleeve. I firmly believe
I will promote the theme of “Celebrate           Community Service and Child Abuse              that no child should ever be abused and
the Magic of Exchange” across the                Prevention) are critical and fundamental       that we must rid this scourge from our
country because wonderful and awesome            components of our Exchange                     society. I firmly believe that America is
things happen when Exchange Clubs are            Renaissance. Our exceptional service           the greatest country on earth, despite its
working their magic!                             projects help us grow as long as we            flaws. I have experienced and heard
                                                 spread the word and let everyone know          about the alternatives...there is no
And today, I ask each one of you to              about the awesome and wonderful things         alternative to the freedom that we have in
R.S.V.P. to my invitation to be a part of        that we do for our communities.                American! 
the Magic of Exchange Club. Your R.S.V.P.
will allow you to wield my four “magic           The third “magic wand” that you will           I firmly believe that Exchange is a family
wands” for Exchange Club: Renaissance,           wield as you R.S.V.P. to my invitation to      affair. My wife Patti is an Exchangite, my
Service, Value and Passion.                      be a part of the Magic of Exchange Club        son Andy was an Exchangite and will be
                                                 is Value. We (local Clubs) are doing a         again as a charter member of the new
As more and more Exchangites R.S.V.P. to         poor job in retaining our members. This        Exchange Club of Kenosha that I am
my invitation, we will experience an             has to improve as retention is also a          building. My daughter Samantha is 14
Exchange Renaissance, a rebirth of               critical and fundamental component of          years old and has been to 15 National
Exchange in numbers and stature.                 our Exchange Renaissance. As an
Exchange needs a Renaissance in                                                                                     Continued on page 6
 6                                                                                                             Lincolnland LINK

Short History of the National Exchange Clubs
The first half of Exchange’s history          In the latter half of the century, Exchange   The first Exchange Club was formed in
concentrated on promoting the new             became more heavily involved with             Detroit, Michigan in 1911. The second
technology of aviation and supporting         women, children and family. Exchange          was the Exchange Club of Toledo, Ohio
America through patriotic programs            focused on promoting strong families for      formed in 1913. Subsequently, two
during the Great Depression and World         a stronger America.                           others were organized in Grand Rapids,
War II.                                                                                     Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. These
                                              In 1979, the National Exchange Club
In 1929, The National Exchange Club                                                         four clubs were the first to be chartered
                                              adopted Child Abuse Prevention as a
sponsored the National Women’s Air                                                          by the National Exchange Club after it
                                              national project at the urging of Dr.
Derby, the first transcontinental race ever                                                 was organized as a nonprofit,
                                              Edward R. North, national president.          educational organization in 1917 and its
held for women. Exchange sponsored Lt.        Subsequently, The National Exchange
Walter Hinton for a year-long national air                                                  headquarters established in Toledo,
                                              Club Foundation is established.               Ohio.
tour in 1930 to promote aviation.
                                              The first Exchange Club Center for the        Founder Charles Berkey was elected as
In 1933, Exchange is called upon by
                                              Prevention of Child Abuse opens in Fort       the first national president and Harold
President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help
                                              Pierce, Fla., on March 22, 1981. On July      Harter was named national secretary.
fight the Great Depression. Harter
                                              4, 1985, delegates voted to allow women       Harter held this position until 1961.
traveled 40,650 miles on the National
                                              membership in Exchange. Exchange was          Exchange is the oldest exclusively
Recovery Crusade.
                                              one of the first service club organizations   American service club organization.
Starting in 1941, Exchange strongly           to do so. Assisted by Exchange Clubs, the
backed the war effort and the U.S.            National Exchange Club Foundation             Famous Exchangites: Former President
Savings Bond program. Exchange                                                              George H. W. Bush, Former President
                                              reached its goal of distributing 1,000,000
adopted the Freedom Shrine project in                                                       Calvin Coolidge, Former President
                                              Shaken Baby Syndrome brochures in
1949. The first Freedom Shrine is                                                           Warren G. Harding, Former President
dedicated on May 26, 1950 at Santa                                                          Franklin D. Roosevelt, Former President
Monica High School in California. To          Exchange launched Believe in the Blue         Harry Truman, Rear Admiral Richard E.
date more than 12,000 Freedom Shrines         in April 2007 during Child Abuse              Byrd, Chief Justice Earl, Warren Aviator
have been presented to schools and            Prevention Month. This popular project        Orville Wright, Aviator James “Jimmy”
other public locations around the             promotes strong, healthy families through     Doolittle, Aviator Amelia Earhart, Dr.
country.                                      positive parenting.                           Norman Vincent Peal.

 Continued from page 5

Conventions starting as a six-week old in     over 50,000 men and women working to          for-National-Exchange-Club-President-
San Diego. Exchange is a family affair for    make our communities better for our           Elect/115975618468980. My blog can be
the Molitor family!                           children. This is the Renaissance of          accessed athttp://www.lou4necnpe.blog
                                              Exchange that I have in my mind. It will      spot.com/. My email address for my
I firmly believe in the Magic of Exchange.
                                              take a lot of work, with many hands and       campaign as a candidate for National
I celebrate this magic with others as I
                                              heads, and will need years to accomplish.     Exchange Club President-Elect is
already have my 25-member pin and am          My goal is to take the first steps. My goal
working towards my 50-member pin. As I                                                      lou4necnpe@wi.rr.com.
                                              is to have all Exchangites R.S.V.P. to my
have travelled across the country I have      invitation to be a part of the Magic of       I ask that you R.S.V.P. I ask that you
seen the Magic of Exchange celebrated in      Exchange. My goal is to have all              support my campaign to be the next
many different ways-some similar, some        Exchangites wield the “magic wands” of        President-Elect of the National Exchange
different-but always with the same end in     Renaissance, Value, Service and Passion       Club. And I ask for your vote in Detroit in
mind: Exchange Club is making a               as we grow our organization. My promise       July at the 100th Anniversary Convention.
difference in our country!                    is to model the way!                          Thank you and God bless.
My vision of the National Exchange Club       I have a Facebook page for Lou Molitor
                                                                                            In service,
is a thriving, growing organization of over   for NEC NPE that is at http://www.face
1,000 local Exchange Clubs comprised of       book.com/home.php#!/pages/Lou-Molitor-        Lou
 District Information                                                                                                                 7

All About Joe Johnson, District Director
I have been asked to tell about me and         are many knowledgeable Exchangites out          As I moved on in my life I wanted to do
what I am made of.                             there that can help you every step of the       something for me and give back to the
Let’s start at the beginning and tell you      way.                                            Community.So for the next 18 years I
that I joined my local Exchange Club in          Moving right along after my three years       was an Election Judge and felt very good
1993 and 2 years later I became                  in office I stayed on the board as an         about it.
President-Elect and then on to the               officer of the Board for the Lincolnland      Finally, for the biggest part of my life I
position of President. From that                             Foundation. Three years later I
                                                                                               have wondered why there are people
point on my experience with                                  took over as Director of
                                                                                               homeless in this rich Country of ours. So
Exchange just kept getting better.                           Division 6 because my wife
After my three year commitment                               became President in 2010 and      not being able to wave a magic wand
I became District Director of                                that is where we stand at the     and solve the homeless problem I did the
Division 6 which was my first                                present time.                     next best thing I joined Habitat For
experience on the Lincolnland                                                                  Humanity and for 10 years I helped build
                                                             Exchange has been my life and
District board of Directors. It                                                                homes in the Quad Cities. I was also on
                                                             my passion for the past 18
took me some time to learn how          Joe Johnson years and I hope it will be for            the Habitat Board of Directors for 6
things on the board were run.           District Director    many years to come.               years. I must say that if it were not for
Once I became more                                                                             what I learned through the Exchange
                                               Aside from spending time working with
comfortable as District Director of                                                            Club I would not have been able to
                                               Exchange I have been involved in many
Division 6 and became much more                                                                handle being on the Habitat Board. I
                                               things in my Community. To begin we
familiar with how the District Board was       have to go all the way back to my high          worked for 6 more years and then my
run I felt it I was ready to take on bigger    school days. I helped form a Teens For          health slowed me down and I had to
and better tasks. In 2005 I put my name        Crippled Children’s Organization and in         give up many of the things I loved doing
in the ring as President-Elect and then        one fund raiser we raised $22,000 to            for our Community.
District President and finally Past District   help buy wheel chairs and other things
President.                                                                                     Now you come to the present time. I am
                                               for the handy capped.
                                                                                               still very involved in Exchange but, all
I must say that I had a lot  of fun and        Moving on in my life I then became an           the other things I was involved in well,
learned even more about Exchange. I not        adult and was in the Army for 6 years
only learned more about Exchange but, I                                                        someone else has taken over.
                                               and the Illinois National Guard for 10
learned how to type, how to write a            years. After all that I spent 5 years           That is it in a nut shell and I hope you
speech and last but, not least how to          involved with the Knights of Columbus           have enjoyed the beginning and the
speak better in public.                        through my church. At about the same            almost end of my life story. Thanks so
Bottom line you just walk away feeling         time I joined the J C,s chapter of young        much for all you do for Exchange and
very good about yourself. So if to want to     people. After becoming an exhausted             your Communities.
move on and take the next step these are       rooster I then joined the local chapter of
                                                                                               SHINNING THE LIGHT OF EXCHANGE
just some of the things you can learn by       the Moose Lodge in Davenport. I was a
taking the next step. Remember, there          very active member for 11 years.                Joe

Lincolnland District Trading Pins
What better way for Ol' Abe to                              are available by contacting        based on the response we get. If you are
go to National Convention in                                Dennis at                          planning on attending the Centennial
Motown than driving a 1940                                  exchange@adams.net at last         Convention in Detroit, get in on the pin
Lincoln convertible?                                        year's prices - 20 pins for        trading action!
The pin committee has                                       $25. Reserve your pins             Let Dennis know how many pins you'ld
selected this design for the                                today!                             like; you may pay him and collect your
2011 convention pin and they                                We'll place the order soon         pins at the District convention.
 8                                                                                                Lincolnland LINK


Lincolnland District
Presented at District Convention in Rock Island
All American Volunteer                        Nancy Schreiber, Breakfast Gurnee      Honorable Mention
                                              Sandra Southworth, Naperville          Amanda Brady, Breakfast Gurnee
Ron Hoenes, Beardstown
                                                                                     Koren Cooper, Gurnee
     Honorable Mention                     Contributing Service (CSA)                Forrest Erickson, ALL
     Art Awerkamp, Quincy                  James Blockinger, Breakfast               Erin Gehn, Quad Cities
     James Cook, Belleville                                                          Michael Harris, Waukegan
     Richard “Dick” Meyers, Mattoon
                                                                                     Raven S. Jackson, Round Lake
     Barb Richardson, Breakfast Gurnee        Honorable Mention                      Cole Johnson, Beardstown
                                              James Hermetet, Beardstown             Timothy Laurenzo, Naperville
Best Club Bulletin                            Teresa (Teri) Koch, Quincy             Kevin Miko, Belleville
(Less Than 50 Members)                        Rosalee Myers, Mattoon                 Kyle Miller, Mattoon
Champaign, The Champaign                      Michelle Rocush, Naperville            Samuel Porter, Alton
  Exchanger, Editor Tom                                                              Claire Sculley, Quincy
                                           Exchangite of the Year                    Brett Trefren, Rantoul
                                           Dr. Michael Oster, LMV
     Honorable Mention                        (Libertyville, Mundelein,           Youth of the Year
     Beardstown, River Rat Chat,
     Editor Mary Ella Hermetet
                                              Vernon Hills)                       Emily Pritchett, nominated by
     Quad Cities, Exchangeitems,              Honorable Mention                     Belleville
     Editors Lois Dixon and Carol Murphy      Jerry Beaumont, Mattoon                Honorable Mention
     Waukegan, The Waukegan                   Jim Cerbie, Alton                      Blair Baugher, Aledo
     Exchangite, Editor Kathy Fontana         Gerald “Sonny” Christner, Quincy       Adrianne Bishop, Rantoul
                                              Faye Hoenes, Beardstown                Kelly Callen, Waukegan
Best Club Bulletin                            Millie Lang, ALL                       Rex Colgrove, Mattoon
(50 or More Members)                          Emy Trotz, Naperville                  Samantha Danguillan, Round Lake
Quincy, Exchangite,                                                                  Grace Holthaus, Quincy
  Editor Rick Gengenbacher                 Kremer-Clarkson-Krause                    Ryan Hulet, Naperville
                                           Roberta Pfeiffer, Gurnee                  Rebecca Miller, Quad Cities
     Honorable Mention
     Belleville, Belleville Newsletter,
                                             Breakfast                               Maya Patterson, Urbana
                                                                                     William Remmes, Galesburg
     Editor Phil Ballas
     Grayslake, Grayslake Newsletter,
                                           Rookie of the Year                        Jolene Stoller, Gurnee
                                           Craig Richardson, ALL (Antioch,           Jessica Trone, Beardstown
     Editor Wendy Petera                                                             Zach Turner, Joliet
     Mattoon, Newsviews,                      Lake Villa, Lindenhurst)
     Editor Keith Lynch                       Honorable Mention                   Membership Net
     Naperville, Naperville Newsletter,       John Gehlhausen, Belleville
     Editor Mary Howenstein                   Doug Morris, Beardstown
                                                                                  Numerical Increase
                                              Bill Saunders, Mattoon
                                                                                  (6/1/10 – 5/31/11)
Distinguished Service (DSA)                   James (Jim) Totsch, Quincy          Grayslake, +5
Dr. George Stone, Mattoon                                                            Other Clubs Positive
     Honorable Mention                     ACE                                       North Chicago, +4
     Donna Givens, Beardstown              Alexandria Hoehn, nominated               Champaign, +2
     Dennis Koch, Quincy                      by Aurora                              Aledo, +1
                                                                                     Mattoon, +1
 District Information                                                                                            9

Award Recpients
Membership Net
Percentage Increase                        Dear Mike,
(6/1/10 – 5/31/11)
North Chicago, +15.4%                      Congratulations! I am please to inform you that the Lincolnland
   Other Clubs Positive                    District Exchange Clubs’ bulletin, Linconland Link, has won the
   Champaign, +14.3%,                      2011 Edit Award for Best District Bulletin in the category of
   (not eligible, 25 member minimum)       districts with 800 or more members.
   Grayslake, +7.8%
   (not eligible, numerical winner)
   Aledo, +2.3%                            Sincerely,
   Mattoon, +1.6%
                                           Peverery Hormann
Best Percentage Attendance                 Editor, Exchange Today
Champaign, 63.9%
   Others above 50%
   Beardstown, 61.3%                    District Convention                  Website Winners
   Quincy, 53.3%                        Spirit Award                         The Exchange Club of
   Quad Cities, 52.1%                   To Be Determined                        Martinsville, VA
   Mattoon, 50.3%                                                               (martinsvilleexchangeclub.org) in the
                                        National Service Award                  category of clubs with 49 or fewer
100 % Award                             (As of 5/31/11)                         members.  
To Be Determined                        Alton                                The Exchange Club of West
   Beardstown, Mattoon, Naperville,     Beardstown
   and Quincy meet critieria c and d.
                                                                                Chester, PA
   Potential winners are dependent on
                                        Belleville                              (exchangeclubofwc.org) in the
   attendance at district events        Champaign                               category of clubs with 50 or more
                                        Grayslake                               members.
5AS                                     LMV                                  The Florida District Exchange
Level I: Champaign                      Mattoon                                 Clubs
Level II: Beardstown                    Naperville                              (floridadistrictexchange.com/default.
           Belleville                   Quad Cities                             aspx) in the district category.
           Quad Cities                  Quincy
Level III: Grayslake                    Urbana
           Mattoon                      West DuPage County
Level IV: Naperville
           Quincy                       Individual Membership
   Thanks for Sumittal                  10 Member Pin
   Waukegan                             Mike Oster, LMV (Libertyville,
                                           Mundelein, Vernon Hills)
                                        Millie Lang, ALL
10                                                                                                     Lincolnland LINK

                                           Save Abandoned Babies
                                           Foundation Fundraiser
                                           by Dawn Geras • President of Save Abandoned Babies Foundation
                                           The holiday weekend over
                                           and it seems summer has

Changes to                                 arrived! It is also time to
                                           think of summer parties
                                           especially our fund raiser. If

Illinois' Safe                             you haven’t yet made your
                                           reservations, do it now. Also
                                           be sure to send the
                                                                            One Pair of Tickets (two) to Attend
                                                                            The Richard H. Driehaus Summer Party

Haven Law                                  invitation to all your
                                           contacts. Remind them that
                                           it is a fun event and for a
                                                                            July 30th, 2011
                                                                            You are cordially invited to participate in a
                                                                            very special auction to benefit the Save
                                           good cause!
House Bill 106 amends the Abandoned                                         Abandoned Babies Foundation — and get your
Newborn Infant Protection Act to           It’s a chance to win great       hands on a set of two (2) tickets to a
include campus police and Illinois State   prizes and help save lives of    legendary summer party that’s the social event
Police stations as safe havens! The Bill   innocent newborn babies!         of the year! Go to:
passed.                                    Compete in the Texas             http://www.ubid.com/charity/?hp=L1
                                           Hold’em Tournament for
This is the 10th Anniversary of the SAB                                     This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to
                                           great prizes like 2 American
Safe Haven Law. We have saved 66                                            get the hottest ticket in town! This renowned
                                           Airline round trip tickets to
babies since then.                                                          summer party is attended by a long list of
                                           anywhere in the continental
Thanks for your support!                                                    Chicago’s “Who’s Who’ and Lake Geneva’s
                                                                            elite — you too can be a part of the exclusive
            Need help?                     Or come to have fun even if      invitation list. Join Richard H. Driehaus,
      Call (888) 510-BABY                  you don’t play poker! Magic      businessman and generous philanthropist, for
                                           Dave will be there to            his annual summer celebration this hear hosted
For more information, call the Save        entertain, Victoria the          at his Lake Geneva Estate. In 1998, Richard H.
Abandoned Babies Foundation at 312-        Psychic to tell you your         Driehaus purchased the century old estate and
440-0229 (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.           future, and Cash Dash from       restored the mansion, its garden and grounds
Central Time).                             the Secretary of State’s         to their original elegance. Resting on over 35
                                           office to help you recover       acres on the Lake Geneva lakefront, this
                                           money you didn’t know you        historic estate is an experience unto itself.
                                                                            In years past, this glorious estate has been
                                           It’s a causal summer’s           transformed to the likes of an authentic circus
                                           evening under the stars          fair, the Emerald City, a docking station for a
                                           (actually a LARGE tent).         pirate ship, Route 66 and so much more! Each
                                           Enjoy the great food and         year this exclusive party had featured and
                                           drinks. Buy something fun        evening of thematic adventures including a
                                           at the Silent Auction. And       cocktail reception, a gourmet dinner, a
                                           you will be helping to           fireworks display to rival that of Chicago’s 4th
                                           prevent another baby from        of July, and entertainment into the wee hours
                                           needlessly being abandoned       of the night.
                                           by increasing awareness of
                                                                            Don’t miss the opportunity for you and a guest
                                           the Save Haven law. Saving
                                                                            to attend this spectacular summer party and
                                           babies AND having fun. A
                                                                            support the Save Abandoned Babies
                                           win-win evening! What
                                           could be better than that?
 District Information                                                                                                          11

Food flows fast at new
North Chicago bazaar
by Judy Masterson • News Sun Correspondent

NORTH CHICAGO — In the middle of             her first name, was
the food desert that is North Chicago, the   selling what might be
sun beats down on a big parking lot          found at any garage
outside the city’s last and long-vacant      sale: clothes, books,
grocery store. A predicted thunderstorm      VHS tapes, some
has not materialized, and Manny Hanna,       barely worn shoes.
organizer of the North Chicago Swap-O-       Selling at the swap
Rama and Farmer’s Market, is grateful.       site was less hassle
The market, held at the corner of 14th       than doing it at        Jose Bonilla of Kenosha
                                                                                             weighs some vegetables
                                             home, she said.         Green Acres booth durin                        at the
Street and Lewis Avenue, which first                                                         g Saturday’s Swap-O-R
                                                                                                                   ama and
                                                                     Farmers Market in North
opened on a rainy May 21 and again on        “I’ve been waiting for                           Chicago. | Brian
                                                                     O’Mahoney~For Sun-T
a rainy May 28, will run every Saturday      something like this for                       imes Media
through Oct. 29 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.        30 years,” she said.
“This location’s been dead for years,”       Members of Light of the World Church in
Hanna told a crowd gathered for the          Waukegan rushed about under a large
grand opening on June 4. “We’ve got          tent preparing steak tacos and rice and
109 spaces. That’s 109 people who can        elotes — grilled corn — to raise money
make some extra income. Anybody who          to help pay off the mortgage.
thinks this isn’t a good idea — they need    “He’s got a good idea here,” said North
their head examined.”                        Chicago 7th Ward Ald. Charles January,
About 40 vendors arrived to do business      who was eating a cup of creamy corn
at the most recent market. Green Acre        and who urged vendors to “invite 10”
Farms in Kenosha County and Kap Farms        people.
in Algonquin brought fresh produce,          Officials including state Rep Rita
including lettuce, melons, green beans                                                    Angel Cruze of Waukegan serves tacos
                                             Mayfield, D-Waukegan, and North              at the Light of the World Church booth
and asparagus, and sold out early.           Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham spoke          during Saturday’s Swap-O-Rama and
But other vendors — candle sellers,          during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.            Farmers Market in North Chicago.
jewelry sellers, people hawking              “Let’s start tweeting and texting and
everything from flowing cotton dresses to    letting people know this is a positive for   “It’s getting both Hispanics and African-
tacos to massages — stayed through the       North Chicago,” Rockingham said.             Americans together and understanding
afternoon as new shoppers continued to
                                             “By the end of summer, this place will be    that we live in this community —
trickle in.
                                             packed!” Mayfield told a crowd that first    together,” she said.
Denise Allen of North Chicago,               gathered in a circle to pray that God        “We just need more people to come out
proprietor of Jewels 4 Life, a handmade      would send more bargain hunters their        and support us,” Hanna said.
beaded jewelry business, said she            way. “We’re going to bring the small-
appreciates the opportunity to sell close                                                 If you go ...Admission to the North
                                             business community back, and vendors
to home and at an affordable fee. She                                                     Chicago Swap-O-Rama and Farmer’s
                                             like you are going to help.”
paid $15 for a space.                                                                     Market is free. For more information, call
                                             North Chicago Exchange Club President        Manny Hanna at (847) 322-9317 or visit
“You pay $50 on Maxwell Street,” Allen       Paula Carballido, who praised Hanna for      www.ncswaporama.com.
said, referring to an outdoor market in      “doing something positive,” said the
Chicago. “And the drive is so long.”         Swap-O-Rama was having another effect.
Mary from Zion, who would only give
12                                                                                                         Lincolnland LINK

Call for Exchange                            Investing in America’s Future
Club volunteers for                          Campaign Meets $3 Million Challenge!
Naperville Ribfest                           We have met the challenge! This $5.5
                                             campaign was launched with five
                                                                                          The first phase of Investing in America's
                                                                                          Future supports our national project,
by Regina Rogers, LCPC, NCC                  individuals posing a $1 million              with four specific goals:
Executive Director of Project H.E.L.P.       challenge: NECF must raise an
                                             additional $2 million by spring of 2011.     1. Sustain child abuse prevention
I want to personally thank you for your                                                      efforts through perpetual
                                             Today we celebrate the courage and
commitment to the mission of the                                                             endowment
                                             leadership of those first five individuals
Exchange Club and your volunteerism.
                                             who believed these unprecedented             2. Establish proactive leadership role
Nationwide, there were 3.2 million
                                             campaign goals for the prevention of            in contributing to the prevention
reports of suspected child abuse
involving more than 5.8 million children     child abuse could be achieved. We
made to Child                                also thank the 49 others who gave
                                             generously in the past 24 months, to         3. Evaluate and research programs
Service                                      help us raise just over $3 million in           and impact
agencies in                                  cash, pledges, and estate gifts.
                                                                                          4. Restore and expand network
2007. That same year, there were             Our next challenge: Raise another $2.5          resources
approximately 794,000 substantiated          million to meet the $5.5 million overall
cases of child abuse or neglect. Over        goal for Phase One, which will put The       We know there are others who care
73% of perpetrators of child abuse were      National Exchange Club on the map as         about NEC's national project, child
parents (National Exchange Club              not only the premier service club, but       abuse prevention and want to see the
Foundation,http://preventchildabuse.com      also the leader in this effort to prevent    goals of this campaign met.
/abuse.shtml).                               child abuse. NEC is the only service         For more information, please contact:
Nurturing and effective parenting is         organization in the nation that has this
essential to the health and well-being of    type of hands-on project, and this           The National Exchange Club
children. Your hard work allows Project      campaign will reinforce our position for     Foundation 800-924-2643
H.E.L.P. to strengthen and support           years to come.                               development@nationalexchangeclub.org
families in DuPage County by providing
mentoring and educational support
services to parents. We are all dedicated
to the belief that strong families are the
basis of healthy and safe homes and the
foundation of strong communities.
That being said, please email me the
dates and specific shifts (e.g., family
area, beer tent; 1st or 2nd shift) you
wish to volunteer for the 2011 Exchange
Club Ribfest.
Note: Only Naperville club members
can order shirts.
If ordering shirts, please email me your
preferred shirt size;
• Men  - sm, md, lrg, xlrg
• Women - short sleeves or sleeveless,
  sm, md, lrg, xlrg
 District Information                                                                                                            13

Support Exchange                                                                                     Believe in
                                                                                                     the Blue
Know that your                                                     Charleston                        The Blue Ribbon
support is needed                                 James Painter                                      Child Abuse
for the National                                                                                     Prevention
Foundation, the                                                                                      Campaign had
                                                  Roberta Thomas                     Cynthia Lee
Lincolnland                                                                                          its early
                                                  Mitchell Jones                       Judy Haga
Foundation and                                                                                       beginnings
                                                  Dave Oberg                          Bob Wegge
your local                                                                                           following the
                                                  Sara Bott                         Michael Pruitt
foundations that all support prevention of                                                           death of a very young child.
child abuse and community programs of                                  Joliet                        In spring 1989, Bonnie
service.                                          Marc Reid                         Jim McFarland    Finney, a Virginia
Understand that you God given blessings                                LMV                           grandmother, received the
comes with responsibility. We each have a         Diane Oster                          Mike Oster    devastating news that her
responsibility for the communities, the           Sandra Riordan                       Mike Oster    beloved grandson had died of
country, our neighbors, friends and families                                                         injuries inflicted by his
                                                                    Mattoon                          parents.
as well as our national project of service;       Gary Hurst                        Michael Craig
"the prevention of child abuse".                  Carol Jean Dudley                    Laura Sells   In an expression of her grief
NEC has bult a strong reputation over the         Tad Dudley                           Laura Sells   and outrage, this
past 100 years for "passing it on."                                                                  grandmother did something
                                                                   Naperville                        that has given us a symbol,
                                                  Ann Vincent                            Emy Trotz   around which we rally for the
                                                  Monica Schlieszler                     Emy Trotz
Welcome our new members:                          Mark Thurow                          Kenn Miller
                                                                                                     cause of child abuse
                                                                                                     prevention. She tied a blue
                    Aledo                         Lynne Wolfe                            Emy Trotz   ribbon to the antenna of her
William Taylor                  Bryan Murdock     Patrick Wolfe                          Emy Trotz   van as a way to remember
                     ALL                          Omar Habeeb                            Emy Trotz   "the bruised and battered
Joyce Dever                         Millie Lang   Theresa Stone                 Sandra Southworth    body of her grandson" and to
                                                  Tiffany Letcher                   Dawn Portner     alert her community to the
                    Aurora                        Raymond Adkins
Kelleen Mortenson                  Marva Cross                                                       tragedy of child abuse.
                                                  Mike Lhotka                          Emy Trotz
Tim Rater                       Christine Weber   John Krummen                         Emy Trotz     In Bonnie's own words: "The
                  Beardstown                      Michele Cutala                 Matthew OKaley      blue ribbon serves as a
Melody Foley-Glidden               Sally Moore    Daniel Cutula                  Matthew OKaley      constant reminder to fight for
Deanne Roegge                      Ron Hoenes                                                        protection of our children.
                                                                  North Chicago                      Please wear a blue ribbon.
                   Belleville                     Antoinette Weatherspoon   Yvonne Evans             Put one on your car. Give
Diane Megahy                       Helen Cook     Mary Henderson          Robette Williams           one to your friends. Tell them
Joann Syzdek                       Helen Cook                      Quad Cities                       what it means. You may save
                 Bloomington                      Karl Adlon                     Ralph Wilshusen     a child's life!"
William Schulz                    Earl Kingman                       Quincy                          The act of one grandmother
                                                  Russel Nutt                        Curtis Moore    thousands of miles away
              Breakfast Gurnee                                                                       leads us to this day. Just think
                                                  John Bright                        Curtis Moore
Lisa Jazdzewski                  Yvette Brandes                                                      what could happen if each
                  Champaign                                         Rantoul                          one of us helped spread the
                                                  Kevin Kellogg                      John Vasquez    word to a few of the people
Robert Decker                    Tom Williams
Susan Connelly                  Nancy Williams                    West DuPage                        we come in contact with
Donald Trulock                   Tom Williams     Cheryl Weber                      Linda Johnson    each day.
 14                                                                                                        Lincolnland LINK

First Row (left to
       right): John
      Lawson, Jim
 “Boomer” Bain,
     Al Volk (U.S.
 Bank), and Rev.
    Clyde Masten
     (First Baptist
 Church. Second
         Row: Max
     Jaeger, Brent
    Holmes, Kent
   Heller (Heller
    and Holmes),
  Bernie DeBhur,
 and Laura Seils.

                          )))       Around the District ) ) )
ALEDO: The club is preparing     State at noon on the 1st & 3rd   DeKalb & Sycamore City            were given to 6  students
for the annual Dr. Charles       Thursday of each month. )        Councils acknowledged the         from five schools plus
Ford / Exchange Club Frog        BELLVILLE: Helen Cook is         club’s 100th birthday with        4  students of the year from
Races on July 4th in Central     soon to be President.The         proclamations this March. The     two high schools. )
Park, Aledo. )                   Belleville Club gave the Book    club held a successful            GURNEE BREAKFAST: The
ALL: The club postponed their    of Golden Deeds to Mark          fundraiser in April at a local    club had a successful soup
Freedom Shrine until the fall    Kern, St. Clair County           pizza parlor.  Portions of        and Salad in May, and will do
on Veteran’s day. They also      Chairmen. We also had a very     dollars spent one day went to     our version of Ribfest in
rolled over the officers since   successful Gold Tournament       the Club.  The pizza fundraiser   August. With Gurnee Noon,
they were only in place for 7    with the proceeds for the        dollars were used for this        the clubs are in a 3 year
months. Similar to Herman’s      Quarters for Kids Foundation.    year’s ACE Award. Our             transition to turning in a
Hermits “Henry the VIII”,        )                                Proudly We Hail Award was         charter and becoming one
“2nd Verse same as the first.                                     given to Parkway Restaurant in    club for Gurnee. This year’s
                                 CHAMPAIGN: Tour de
                                                                  Sycamore in June. )               President Elect will be the
ALTON: The club sponsored a      Exchange April 30th Interclub
baseball team for Godfrey        event. They have a new           GALESBURG: The club               President of the new single
Park and Recreationand held a    website                          disbanded as the longest          entity club. )
candy sale. )                    www.champaignexchangeclu         surviving IL Exchange Club. )     GURNEE NOON: Just had
BEARDSTOWN: The                  b.com. They have a new           GRAYSLAKE: Our Book of            their Annual Golf Outing with
Exchange Club of Beardstown      president replacing Tom          Golden Deed Dinner had 99         52 golfers in attendance.
#2559 has changed the place      Williams....Thomas Williams      in attendance.  We gave out       Beginning July 1st the two
of meetings.  We now meet at     Jr. )                            12 awards with some being         Clubs in Gurnee are going to
the Methodist Church at 5th &    DEKALB/SYCAMORE: Both            very surprised.  Youth awards     form one Club.  This will take
 District Information                                                                                                         15

a period of 3 years to              QUINCY: Planting of the East
complete. Stay tuned for more       Moline Garden. )
information. )                      ROUND LAKE: The annual
LMV: Mike O gave a talk on          Roses delivered were 176
the huge increase in heroin         dozen for Administrative Day.
overdoses and deaths in Lake        The Hometown Heroes
County. The club is rebuilding      program is well received in
due to many lost members.           the community and they
We are co promoting with            honor parents with a plaque
several area groups including       and send out a box a
Mundelein community                 month. )
                                                                                             John Krummen
connections. We will march          URBANA: Had a seminar on
in the Libertyville Parade          Oil and gas, geologic
again, do a Freedom shrine in       microphones and fractures in
the fall and work with the          the earth. Also updated on
other 7 Lake County Clubs on        periodic cicadas. )
projects of service until we
grow bigger. We did our first       WAUKEGAN: The club will
student of the year and first       have a golf outing on June
ACE award. )                        28th with installation dinner.
                                    The club had a successful
MATTOON: Exchange Club              bowlathon this spring. )
of Mattoon participated in
                                    NOTE FROM PAT
pool tournament. They made
                                    GALLAGHER who does what
$2,700 in a football pool
                                    he can to help with Around
fundraiser. $5,500 made in
                                    the District column. If the
May 31 golf
                                    Presidents and Secretaries
tournaments. Their membershi
                                    would write to their district
p has grown by 3 members
                                    director what they want in        President: Tom Williams; President-Elect: Thomas Williams,Jr.
with the addition of Carol
                                    and if they then write the          Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Williams; Directors: Richard
Jean Dudley, Anthony
                                    material and send it to the       Adkins, Wally Lehman; Directors: Bill Dieker, Dottie Mikucki;
Dudley, andGary Hurst to
                                    editor; the 8-10 hours that it            Directors: Anne Johnston, Frank Scantlebury
their club. George Stone is the
                                    takes to read all the
District winner of the DSA. )
                                    newsletters, decide what
NAPERVILLE: Exchange                should go in and write it
Club of Naperville is planning      instead of editing it would
for their ribfest. This club will   make the process a lot more
once again have one of the          tolerable. Most Issues, Mike
best 5 A’s reports. )               O does not have an entire day
                                    to sift through all the
                                    information and write just one
Rama Indoor/Outdoor Swap
                                    of the items in the newsletter.
Meet in North Chicago and
                                    If everyone would help. Each
anti-bullying program has kept
                                    issue would not take 20-30
them busy. Their +4 ties them
                                    hours to produce. If your club
with Grayslake for 1st in the
                                    does not put out a bulletin,
District in growth and is #1 in
                                    please send me a copy of your
percentage growth. )
                                    monthly secretaries report of
QUAD CITIES: February               your board meetings. That will     On hand for the dedication of the Freedom Shrine are from
Hobo Chili night. Tour de           give me info on all clubs for      left: Andy Richmond, Superintendent of Eagle Ridge School,
Exchange April 30th Interclub       the column. Thanks, Mike           Marissa Troche, Student Council President, Ralph Wilshusen,
event.  May 6th Plant Sale. )       Oster )                           and Jon Schweppe, from Representative Bobby Shillings’ office.
                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                  GURNEE, IL
                                                                                                  PERMIT #51
          Postmaster: Please send address corrections and returns to:

          National Exchange Club
          3050 Central Ave.
          Toledo, OH 43606-1700

Calendar of Events
July 2011
July 1       Administrative Year Begins
July 15      Program Development Meeting & Training Report Due to National
July 31      Club President Distinguished Club Secretary & Treasurer Forms Due

August 2011
Aug 5        District President Report Due                             National
Aug 15       District Director Report A due                         Lincolnland
Aug 18       Save Abandoned Babies 10 yr                        Illinois Region
Aug 30       Plan Ahead Patriot Day, National Day of Service,
             National Crime Prevention, Fire Prevention Week      Lincolnland

September 2011
Sept 1       Link Deadline
Sept 11      Patriot Day
Sept 15      District President’s Report
Sept 29      Rosh Hashanah

October 2011 - National Crime Prevention Month
Oct 5        District President Report
Oct 9        National Fire Prevention Week
Oct 22       National Day of Service
Oct 31       District Director Club Report B                                      Welcome to 2010-2011!

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