This is a follow-up questionnaire directed towards attorneys practicing in the Pilot Project Districts
(1st, 3rd and 8th Judicial Districts). Results will be compiled For use in the final report of the Statewide
Alimony Guideline Committee, which is anticipated will be produced in the spring of 2006. You may have
completed an initial questionnaire in 2005, however, the Committee appreciates your assistance in
completing this final questionnaire and returning it at your earliest convenience to Statewide Alimony
Guideline Committee, PO Box 11008, Albuquerque, NM 87192-1008.
1.   Did you complete and return the initial questionnaire sent to you in February 2005 by the Alimony
       Guideline Committee? Yes___ No___

2.   Are you familiar with the Alimony Guidelines and Commentaries?
       (        Yes ___ No ____
3.   Approximately how many cases did you have in the last year that resulted, either through settlement or
       litigation, in one party paying alimony to the other?
           1- 2 ____
           3- 5 ____
           6-10 ____
           More than 10 (estimate) ____

4.   Is it currently your practice to consult the Alimony Guidelines and Commentaries
        in your alimony cases?
            Yes ___ No __

5.   Is it currently your practice to refer to the Alimony Guideline Worksheet in:

               ____ advising your clients in alimony cases

               ___ settlement negotiations

               ____ considering the amount to request for alimony in litigation
6.   In how many of your cases in the last year resulting in an alimony award was the alimony award or
       settlement amount consistent with the percentage formula (worksheet) contained in the Guidelines
       (i.e., within 10%) ?

                       1-5 ____

                       6-10 ____

                       More than 10 (estimate) ____

7.    In how many of your cases in the last year resulting in no alimony award was the result consistent with the
        Guideline calculation?

                       1-5 ____

                       6-10 ____
                       More than 10 (estimate) ____
8.    Overall, what is your opinion regarding use of the percentage formula? (If you answered the initial questionnaire
        and your answer to this question has changed, please indicate how and why.)

        Favor ____                  Disfavor ____

9.    Do you favor the use of Guidelines for

        Settlement negotiations?
        Yes ____ No___

        Mandatory use by the court?
        Yes______ No___

        Use as a factor in determining an award of attorney fees?
        Yes _____ No____

Additional comments on use:

10. Should there be a cap on payer's gross income for purposes of determining guideline support?

Yes __ Why

No ___ Why Not

11.     Should guidelines include a durational factor?

             Yes___ Why

             No___ Why Not
             Please provide any additional input/comments you wish the Committee to consider. [You may use
             the reverse or a separate page] Thank you.

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