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empower (PDF)


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									Empower network is it a scam?
I wanted to first offer a REVIEW of the entire EMPOWER NETWORK, my opinions and truthful critique
for anyone looking to join a moneymaking enterprise like this:

First of all I have been a full-time Internet Internet marketer for 12 years. I know the value of a REAL
REVIEW as they are so hard to find.

Like many of us I had been wondering just what David Wood and David Sharpe were doing with a brand
new project, as whispers and rumors began.

The Empower Network was started on Halloween. This seemed like a strange launch date, and like most
MLM based programs I was immediately skeptical. I had been seriously burned by USANA, (another MLM
not associated with these two) and I already had a successful SEO company, so seriously I did not want to
check this out and went thinking this was just going to be another watered down soft scam.

One of my IM buddies from the Warrior Forum was twisting my arm to take a serious look at this and i was
intrigued that this was based on 100% commissions, so i said what the hell.

To be able to access the Empower Network 100% commissions system I needed to pay $25 (which is
charged monthly). It was for that basic membership which was immediately followed up (OTO) with a
$100.00 upgrade, another IMMEDIATE turn off.

Upon entering the membership site I had been welcomed with a warm welcome message from the two
Dave’s and an immediate list of to do stuff-

My Business Tab

My Tools Tab

My Training

The layout was well thought out and intuitive; the laid back attitude of both Dave’s was actually enjoyable
and made learning the content simple.

Here is the core concept of this program and why it is so powerful -The Dave’s have blended solid internet
marketing concepts with ready made “products” that are designed to build a solid “membership style”
income for you. It is ridiculously simple to get started and in order for others to make money they MUST
subscribe to your downline!

One HUGE turnoff was a complicated set of instructions with a company called First Data to create a
merchant account. This was actually being phased out and Paypal is now being used as another merchant
system is going to take its place.

This caused a lot of confusion. The Dave’s had a long teleseminar concerning this (which is part of the
support they do each Monday, they call “Empower Monday”) and I got the feeling this was no big deal to
the over 10,000 members.

Obviously inside the membership you are asked to commit your time, to promise to buy all of the products
as this makes you a better leader and attend all of the events (at your expense of course).

This all felt like another laid back version of the typical MLM structure, where you are asked to commit
your time, energy, money and life. While I do agree you need to do this in any endeavor if you are serious,
this was always a big turn off to me.

Still this model is intriguing, and it is based on sound internet marketing principles. I believe this system
could just be one of the best blends of MLM and IM.

As you grow with this program it is almost impossible NOT to make money. I already make a good living
online and have seen every marketing offer under the sun and I am telling you this is the best offer I have
seen to date particularly if you are new to internet marketing and see the potential of MLM without all the
selling to your friends and family crap.

The Empower Network 100% commissions product is something which this industry hasn’t seen before. It’s
also something which this industry continues to be requiring. It’s incredibly tough to scale an internet
business if you’re constantly awaiting your affiliate commissions and the few marketers that see their
downline is PAID IMMEDIATELY is golden. empower network is it a scam?

I think no and if you want more information click the link below:

Empower Network Get Your Info Here

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