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 Mountain- an elevated landform
 characterized by steep slopes; it is usually
 part of a chain of mountains.
 Mountains  form in different ways-
Strong movements in the earth under the
  ground form mountains. The force of these
  movements pushes rock layers upward and
  this forms mountains and mountain ranges.
 Hill- Moderately high landform whose slopes
  follow a gentle incline.
 Cliff- A steep and fairly smooth slope.
 Peak- mountain whose summit forms a cone
  or point. (triangle-like)
 Summit- The highest point on the mountain.
 Ridge- Long narrow section at the highest
  point on a mountain.
 Older  Mountains- lowers, more flattened,
 Newer Mountains- higher, rigid, rocky
 Why do you think you can see a difference
  between older and newer mountains?
 The reason is because of erosion and
  weathering. Overtime the older mountains
  have been worked down, and slowly become
  flat and/or smooth.
Which mountain is older? Why?
 Mountains   can be found through out the United
 There are a total of 75 mountains in the United
 There are TWO main mountain ranges:
1)The Rocky Mountains which run from the
  Western United States through Canada.
2) The Appalachian Range which runs from the
  Southeast U.S. and northward to Canada.
 Does anyone know if Alabama has a mountain? If
  there is one, do you know the name of it?
Mt. Cheaha
A view from Mt. Cheaha
Alabama in located at the very beginning of the Appalachian Range.

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     Rocky Mountains                              Appalachian Range
 The  Appalachian Range runs through
  Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky,
  Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, South
  Carolina, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
 Activity- each student is given a copy of a
  U.S. map, with each state name shown and
  outlined. The students will color in the states
  the Appalachian range runs through in red.
   The Rocky Mountains span over 8 states: Arizona,
    Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,
    Utah, and Wyoming.

   Rocky Mountain Activity- each students is given a
    map of the united states and they will color in
    the Rocky Mountain States. In blue.
 Mt. Rushmore is located in South Dakota. Locate
  South Dakota on your map. Now label it with the
  color green.
 During the early 1900’s, the U.S. was growing
  very fast. People were traveling from the East
  Coast to the West coast. Many were passing by
  North and South Dakota, not stopping.
 The people in South Dakota wanted a tourist
  attraction that would bring in more tourists that
  were passing through the state.
 The South Dakota Historical Society decided they
  should build a huge memorial carved from rock
  and it would bring more visitors to the area. The
  increased number of visitors would bring in more
  money also.
 Mt. Rushmore is made out of a type of rock
  called granite. Granite is especially good for
 The carver Gutzon Borglum decided to carve
  president’s faces onto the side of the
  mountain. He decided that George
  Washinton, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham
  Lincoln, and Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt
  should be carved on the mountain.
 George  Washington- 1st president & leader of
  our country.
 Thomas Jefferson- purchased land from
  France, which doubled the size of the U.S.
 Abraham Lincoln- he led the country during
  the Civil War.
 Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt- he had the U.S.
  build a waterway in Central America, the
  waterway is called the Panama Canal. He
  also was from South Dakota.
George Washington

                    Thomas Jefferson

                                       Teddy Roosevelt   Abraham
 As a review of what we just learned about
  the presidents, can someone raise their hand
  and tell me if the presidents were good
  citizens? Also give me an example of why.
 How can we be good citizens? Raise your
  hand and give me an example.
 Do you remember that we said weathering
  and erosion caused mountains to become
  more smooth and to flatten out? What can
  we do as “good citizens” to make sure Mt.
  Rushmore isn’t damaged? How can we
  protect Mt. Rushmore?
 Each  year Mt. Rushmore is cleaned and
  checked for cracks or damage. Rock wears
  away over time from weathering and erosion.
 Also some people leave trash around the
  mountain or spray paint it.
 Do you think these are examples of showing
  good citizenship or bad citizenship?

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