Google Apps for Teachers by xiaopangnv


									                                  Google Apps for Teachers
                                   Webinar March 7, 2011

Goals for today:
   Google Search: tips, tricks, bells &whistles
      Google Search Lesson Plans
      Search features
      Google Search Calculator Cheat Sheet (simply type the equation into the
      Google search box and the answer will be calculated automatically)
      Ten Steps to Better Web Research-PowerPoint

      Reading Indicator 5: Students can access, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate informational

      Educational Technology Strand #5 - Information Literacy
      Indicator 1: Students use technology to locate and acquire information.
      Indicator 2: Students determine the reliability and relevancy of Information

    Google Docs: getting started
     Google Docs Lesson Plans
     Google Docs Overview PowerPoint
     32 Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom-PowerPoint
     How to Create a Self-Correcting Quiz with Google Forms
     Google Apps and Web 2.0 Permission Slip
     Google Apps Interactive Tutorial

       Educational Technology Strand #3 - Information & Communication Technology Tools
      Indicator 1: Students recognize and demonstrate skills in operating      technological systems.
      Indicator 2: Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and
      promote creativity.
      Indicator 3: Students evaluate and select information tools based on the
       appropriateness to specific tasks

      Educational Technology Strand #4 - Information & Communication Technology
      Indicator 1: Students understand the purpose of information technologies to
      communicate with a variety of collaborators.
      Indicator 2: Students exchange information and ideas for an identified purpose
       through Information Technologies.

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