The DeviceNet DetectiveSM by yurtgc548


									     DeviceNet                                                                FACTORYCOMM-TOOLS

     D ET E C T I V E
Comprehensive DeviceNet diagnostic
& configuration technology designed
specifically for factory floor personnel
The DeviceNet Detective quickly solves network problems and
eliminates the need for expensive notebook computer tools for
DeviceNet. Designed for the plant floor, it is one of the products in
the family of FACTORYCOMM TOOLS for fieldbus support by
Grid Connect.

Fast Troubleshooting, Very Simple Operation
To use the DeviceNet detective, simply plug it in to any DeviceNet
network. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the functions shown
on the menus on each screen. The Detective quickly and easily
reveals critical data that previously was hidden. Simplicity of
operation is the key feature, as the Detective has only a minimal
number of keys: Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Escape, and two “Soft
Keys” that are defined at the bottom of each screen.

Informative Menu-Driven Display
A 2-inch x 3-inch LCD display presents the detailed diagnostic and
configuration information needed to support DeviceNet network
installations. Using FACTORYCOMM TOOLS new SNOOP
MODE, the DeviceNet Detective provides a complete listing of            Superior Features and Powerful Diagnostics For Less
all devices on the network and provides easy to understand
                                                                        ♦  Detect network node configurations On or Off line
information about all nodes such as address, baud rate, error
conditions and messaging attributes. The Bus Diagnostics feature        ♦  Off line editing of network node configurations
provides a wealth of information about the dynamics of the network,     ♦  Display High, Low and Present network supply voltage
and helps users focus on solving network node problems.                 ♦  Display of High, Low, and Average CAN bus voltages
                                                                        ♦  Reference Help for Detective Menus, Plus DeviceNet
A Major Improvement
                                                                           Wiring Pinouts and LED Function Screens
Until now, the features and capability of the DeviceNet Detective
were only available from complex, PC based OEM software tools.          ♦  Report CAN Errors/Second and Total CAN errors detected
Providing plant floor applications with portable diagnostic tools       ♦  Logs CAN Frame Errors detected at each node
required the application of a notebook PC, expensive diagnostic         ♦  Critical error LOG BOOK menu
software, and a PCMCIA card. Personal computer notebooks were           ♦  Detects the percent of Traffic Load on the network
never intended for the plant floor, and are easily damaged or stolen.   ♦  Scans and reports current Node Object data on the network
The DeviceNet Detective was specifically designed to comply
                                                                        ♦  Monitors and identifies group 1, 2, 3 and 4 traffic
with IP65 / NEMA 12 specifications with High Shock Load
Capability at a price well below computer based tools for plant floor   ♦  Context sensitive Help wherever possible
applications.                                                           ♦  One year warranty
                                                                        ♦  IP 65 / NEMA 12 protection
Ten Times Faster Than a PC-Based Tool
PC based DeviceNet support tools can waste up to 5 minutes booting      Complete Package
Windows, starting specific diagnostic software applications and         Each DeviceNet Detective is delivered with 3 different types of
locating the appropriate menus. Automotive assembly facilities          DeviceNet cables/connectors that may be required by your network, and
calculate downtime at $15,000 per minute. This 5-minute delay in        a rugged carrying case. A one-year software/firmware service contract
launching a PC based tool has an estimated downtime cost of up to       is offered for feature upgrades, as they become available. Contact Grid
$75,000. The reality is that PC-based solutions increase the time       Connect direct at 630.245.1445. For more information on the DeviceNet
required to debug problems, increase costs, add frustration, and fail   Detective and other FACTORYCOMM products, please visit our
to provide basic, necessary information such as network voltages.       website at
The DeviceNet Detective boots instantly, and can provide the critical
information you seek in only 60-90 seconds!

       1841 Centre Point Circle, Naperville, IL 60563     Phone: 630.245.1445 or Fax: 630.245.1717       WEB:

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