The Job Application

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					The Job Application
         January 8, 2009
Power Up:
 Why would it be important to have a
  completed resumé before filling out a job
  An employer may ask you for it when you fill
   out the application
  It has all the pertinent information you will
   need to fill out the application
  It focuses on your positive traits more than an
   application so it would be advantageous to
   give it to an employer with the application,
   even if she/he doesn’t ask for it
 Students will be able to:
  Explain how employers use job
  Discuss how applications can be used to
   screen people
  Compare an application that was not
   filled our acceptably to one that has been
   filled out acceptably
  Practice filling out a sample job
Why do employers use applications?

  They provide a summary of important
  One person can look through many
   applications quickly, instead of spending
   valuable time interviewing many applicants
  The application give the prospective employer
   a first impression, often without ever having
   met the applicant
  The application can be used as a screening
   device, ruling out applicants before an
Why do employers use applications?
 Let’s discuss how and why employers use
   applications as screening devices.
    Many people may apply for a job,
     applications allow employers to determine
     which applicants they won’t need to
    It is important to note that a job
     application won’t determine who will get
     the job
How do they do this?

    The application helps the employer spot
     a lack of experience or education, and
     get a general impression of the
     candidate—ability to follow directions,
     neatness, etc.
Why Some People Don’t Get the Job

 Read Why Some People Don’t Get the Job
  Do you think Ron would have been
   screened out? Why or why not?
  What did he do that left a bad impression
   on an employer?
  What should he have done differently?
Comparing Acceptable &
Unacceptable Applications
  Class Reader #49
  Are there any problems with the way this
   application has been filled out?
  What corrections would you make?
  What is better about the second
Filling Out a Job Application
    What helpful hints can you remember
     when filling out an application?

  Copy of your resumé

Filling Out a Job Application

  Let’s go over the Application Checklist to
   make sure we are ready to fill out our
   applications (Class Reader #59)
  Fill out your job application neatly and
Journal Write

    As a busy employer, you have 100
     applications, and 3 openings. What
     would you look for on the applications to
     make decisions about whom to interview
     and whom to screen out? What would
     you consider the most important
     questions on the application? Why?
     What things, positive or negative, would
     you look for?

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