The Day Pictures Were Born

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					The Day Pictures Were
  How Art Made the World
        Episode 2
 The Day Pictures Were Born
Questions to Consider:
• What is the argument that Dr. Nigel
  Spivey is making in this episode?
• What evidence does he use to support his
• Can you accept this argument? – if not,
  why not? … if so, why?
 The Day Pictures Were Born
More questions to consider:
• When and where did humans begin to
  create pictures?

• What did they mean?
    The Day Pictures Were Born
This episode is divided into the following
  sections– be sure to take some notes over each
  to help you answer the earlier questions…
•   Discovery at Altimira
•   The San People of South Africa
•   Altered States of Consciousness
•   The Turkish Megaliths at Gobeki Tepe
    and the Agricultural Revolution
  The Day Pictures Were Born
• Today’s Assignment:
• As a class, video theories will be listed
• A discussion leader for each theory will be
  selected (5 to 7 minutes)
• Students will divide into groups led by the
  “theory leaders” and will discuss their theory
  and list all relevant evidence articulated in the
  video– group should evaluate the evidence and
  the theory (determine if it is convincing in light
  of the evidence presented – not everyone in the
  group has to concur) – 15 to 20 minutes
 The Day Pictures Were Born
• Theory leaders will report group’s
  findings – be sure to mention any
  dissenting opinions (5 to 7 minutes)
• Once all of the reports have been given,
  students may ask questions/discuss
  findings (evaluations) (? Minutes)
• Everyone will receive a grade
  The Day Pictures Were Born
• How will today’s grade be determined?
• Did student contribute to group discussions?
• Did student behave appropriately during group
• Did student contribute to culminating class
  discussion by asking or answering questions (in
  an appropriate manner)? OR
• Was student attentive during culminating

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