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                                             Course Syllabus
Mrs. Nicolle Chesshir
Phone: 830-769-2350
Course Information: The study of Geometry includes math vocabulary, organization of proofs, points,
lines, planes and angles, parallel lines and planes, transformations and congruence, congruent triangles,
similar polygons, right triangles, circles, areas of plane and solid figures, volumes and surface areas of
solids, using formulas in solving problems, visualizing geometric situations, and using geometric ideas in
real situations.
Text: McDougal Littell Geometry: Texas Edition.
List of Topics to be learned:
        Chapter 1 – Essentials of Geometry                Chapter 7 – Right Triangles and Trigonometry
        Chapter 2 – Reasoning and Proof                   Chapter 8 – Quadrilaterals
        Chapter 3 – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines      Chapter 9 – Properties of Transformations
        Chapter 4 – Congruent Triangles                   Chapter 10 – Properties of Circles
        Chapter 5 – Relationships within Triangles        Chapter 11 – Measuring Length and Area
        Chapter 6 – Similarity                            Chapter 12 – Surface Area and Volume
Required Supplies for Success:
           1” 3-Ring Binder
           Notebook paper (college or wide ruled)
           Binder dividers
           Pencils and erasers
           ___________________________***For Extra Credit***

Grading: You will earn points for the following types of work:
      Major Grades 60%
              Quizzes (worth 50 points each)
              Tests, Papers, Projects, & benchmark exams (worth 100 points each)
                Corrections: Corrections are only offered on tests (not quizzes). A second similar, but
                different, test is given. I will select which questions you need to complete for the retest.
                The additional earned points will then be added to your original test grade. The highest
                grade earned on corrections is a 70%. There are no corrections for the corrections. So
                please study/review/attend tutorials before completing.

        Minor Grades 40%
               Lesson assignments and Notebooks (worth 100 points each)

                Notebooks will be turned in for a grade after each chapter (see calendar). This syllabus is
                the first item in your notebook.
                Everyone’s notebook must be divided into the following sections:
                          1. Warm-ups
                          2. Notes
                          3. Lesson Assignments
                          4. Journal Entries
                          5. Quizzes and Tests
Absent/Late Work:
       School related absences (co – and extra-curricular): The student is responsible for
       notifying the teacher BEFORE to day of the absence. Work will only be given at this
       time – no exceptions. The work is due the class period after you return to school.
       Absences (excused and unexcused): Absent work will be available in your folder. Work
       is due by the date designated.
       Late Work: I will accept late work for 4 days (school days). If an assignment is turned in
       during this time the highest grade possible is a 70%. After the 4 day period, the grade
       will be a zero. No exceptions.

Classroom Expectations: My expectations for each class are as follows:
       1. Be Respectful.
       2. Be on time for class.
       3. Be prepared to learn.
       4. Be open to learning.
       5. Follow all of Jourdanton High School rules and ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST!!!!

             I am available in the mornings every day at 7:30. I stay after school several days a week
             from 3:30 to 4:30. My after school schedule changes so please check the tutorial
             calendar. Also, feel free to arrange a tutorial time with me.

   If you are interested in receiving friendly email reminders for geometry class, feel free to e-mail
   me at, include your name and your student’s name.

   When you have read this, please bring it home and review it with a parent or guardian. After
   he/she has carefully reviewed this document, have it signed and return it by Friday August 31,
   2010. This counts as your first homework assignment.

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   Parent/Guardian signature                                                                   Date

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