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									NEWS around the                                                    choose their own intelligent system through a competitive
                                                                   bid process.

                       INDUSTRY                                    “It’s refreshing to see the system work,” says Metrocommute
                                                                   CEO Evan Lemonides. “There was a groundswell of public
                                                                   and private support to promote changes to this legislation.
                                                                   We believe that open, competitive marketplaces benefit the
                                                                   public because they lead to more innovative, more cost-ef-
ITS Competitors Join Forces in Support of                          fective solutions.”
ITIP Part 2
Unique coalition aims to educate ITS officials about new            The challenge now is to educate state and municipal trans-
provisions, opportunities available in the Intelligent             portation officials about the benefits offered through ITIP
Transportation Infrastructure Program.                             Part II, and to help these key decision-makers identify the
                                                                   best ways to take advantage of these opportunities. The
Five successful and well-respected companies in the intel-         members of the ITIP2 coalition believe that each of their
ligent transportation industry have formed an alliance to          companies will benefit if transportation officials are well
educate decision makers about important opportunities now          informed, and they say this effort could mean greater op-
available under the SAFETEA-LU transportation act. These           portunities for the entire ITS industry.
opportunities are found in Part II of the Intelligent Trans-
portation Infrastructure Program, which removes many of            “Today’s advanced technologies allow public agencies to
the restrictions found in ITIP Part I and opens the program        be more selective in the approach they use to solve specific
to fair competition in several of the country’s most heavily       traffic data management and congestion issues,” says Frank
congested metropolitan areas.                                      Provenzano, Econolite’s director of ITS. “ITS leaders need
                                                                   to know that the new ITIP Part II provisions will ultimately
Econolite and Wavetronix, competitors in advanced traffic           save money for both the public and private sectors.”
sensor technologies, have joined Metrocommute, SmartRoute
Systems, and the TANN Travel Advisory News Network,                “ITIP Part II has leveled the playing field and will ultimately
competitors in the traffic data market, to spread the word          provide the most accurate and useful traffic information
about the benefits now available to cities under ITIP Part II.      available to the public,” says Jim O’Neill, vice president and
To accomplish this, the unique coalition has spearheaded an        general manager of Westwood One’s SmartRoute Systems.
effort to educate the ITS marketplace about the history of ITIP    O’Neill adds that there has been a lot of confusion over what
and the recent changes to improve the program. This effort         exactly is available to cities under SAFETEA-LU, and says
includes an informational brochure and website (www.itip2.         this group’s efforts will go a long way toward educating the
com), and an ITIP2 booth, which exhibits at industry shows         ITS industry about possible benefits. “Our intent in joining
and conventions, including the ITS World Congress, held in         this partnership is to help deliver a clear message as to what
San Francisco last November.                                       opportunities exist under this new legislation.”

“Wavetronix is thrilled to join these other companies in cham-     For more information about ITIP Part II, please visit www.
pioning the new ITIP Part II provisions,” says John Wasden, For more information about the companies in-
vice-president at Wavetronix. “Our goal is to maximize the         volved in the ITIP partnership, please visit: Econolite (www.
opportunities now available by educating state and local ; Metrocommute (www.metrocommute.
transportation officials about these opportunities and by           com); SmartRoute Systems (; TANN
encouraging their participation.”                                  (; Wavetronix (

TANN President John Cox agrees, calling the new provisions         Carmanah to Supply School Zone Flashing
a win-win for cities and for technology providers. “TANN           Beacons for Los Angeles County
is thrilled by the opportunities these new provisions give
us, but the ultimate benefit to the commuter will be a less-        Carmanah has been awarded a contract to supply Model
congested traveling experience,” Cox says. “The message of         R829 solar-powered school zone flashing beacons for place-
this partnership to transportation officials is that they now       ment at 31 school locations in Los Angeles County.
have the ability to choose the ITS technology that will best
serve their needs.”                                                Granted under the State of California’s Safe Routes to School
                                                                   (SR2S) Program, the total contract award is in the amount
The five companies first joined forces, along with other com-        of $329,061. This contract is a result of an extensive evalua-
panies and organizations, to lobby Congress for changes to         tion of Carmanah’s technology, including a comparison of
ITIP, a federal initiative created in 1998 as part of the TEA-21   hard-wired versus solar-powered school zone flashers that
legislation to promote ITS data collection, integration and        concluded Carmanah’s systems could be installed for a
distribution. ITIP Part I encourages a pre-selected group          significantly lower cost - thus allowing for more units to be
of heavily congested cities to use intelligent transportation      installed with the grant funds available for this project.
systems by offering $2 million in federal money for system
implementation. But Part I also carries restrictions over data     LA County has a history of dedication to enhancing school
ownership, and it creates a monopoly by identifying Traffic.        zone safety. This particular project will supplement existing
com as the sole source supplier. ITIP Part II removes owner-       school clusters with beacons on roadways with speed limits
ship restrictions, expands the number of cities eligible for the   of 35 mph or greater. Carmanah’s solar LED school zone
program and eliminates the monopoly by allowing cities to                                                    Continued on page 57
Page 56                                                                                                          IMSA Journal
NEWS around the                              products are built to the highest stan-
                                             dards and deliver a bright, uniform
                                                                                         has been field-proven to perform under
                                                                                         harsh weather conditions.
                  INDUSTRY                   light output.
                                                                                         For the FDOT Approved Vendor List-
Continued from page 56                       Carmanah’s LED illuminated signs of-        ing, please visit:
                                             fer the following advantages:               ficoperations/terl/apl2.htm
Carmanah . . .
                                               • Maintenance-free performance (no
flashing beacons will warn motorists              bulb replacement) for 50,000 hours      For more information, visit www.
that they are entering a school zone, and        (approximately 10 years);      or contact Carmanah’s
encourage compliance with the 25 mph           • Greater energy savings over incan-      Roadways Division at: Toll-free (North
speed limit when children are present.            descent or fluorescent signs;           America): 1-877-722-8877; Worldwide:
The units will operate on a calendar-          • Easy installation;                      +1 (250) 380-0052; Fax: +1 (250) 389-
based schedule that will activate the          • Built to UL-48 electrical standards     0040; E-mail:
lights when students are walking to               and designed to withstand Florida’s
and from school.                                  extreme environmental condi-
                                                  tions;                                 SmartSensor Advance™
The County of Los Angeles Department           • Rigid mount to the mast arms,
of Public Works provides maintenance
                                                                                         Debuts in Arizona
                                                  which is proven to be far more
services for many of the cities within its        effective for wind loading under       Wavetronix LLC, the world leader in
jurisdiction, and has extensive experi-           hurricane force winds;                 patented Digital Wave Radar™ traf-
ence with operating both rechargeable          • Measuring less than 1.5” thick,         fic sensors, has announced the first
battery and solar-powered systems.                Carmanah signs deliver extremely       permanent installation of the new
Transit authorities around Los Angles             bright, crisp, and even illumination   SmartSensor Advance™ device. The
have already installed nearly 1000 units          of the sign.                           city of Scottsdale, Arizona, will use the
of Carmanah’s solar-powered products.
                                                                                         innovative new sensor for intersection
Based on this background, longevity          Government agencies in Florida are          dilemma zone management in an effort
of Carmanah’s battery system and an          already specifying Carmanah’s LED           to reduce the number of intersection-
inclusive warranty were important            edge-lit signs, due to the significant       related accidents.
considerations when specifying the           reduction in maintenance and energy
Company’s R829 solar LED beacons.            costs over typical fluorescent illumi-       Scottsdale ITS analyst Bruce Dressel
Other important factors included the         nated signs.                                says the Advance sensors have been
technology’s compact, self-contained
                                                                                         installed on the city’s north side at the
design, user-friendly calendar pro-          Florida is recognized by other DOTs         intersection of Pima Road and West-
gramming, overall maintenance-free           across the United States as having the      land Drive. SmartSensor Advance uses
reliability and vandal-resistantance.        most demanding process for traffic          patented Digital Wave Radar technol-
                                             product manufacturers seeking ap-           ogy to detect vehicles for dilemma zone
Carmanah’s LED Internally                    proval. FDOT recognized that Carma-         and intersection control applications.
Illuminated Street Name                      nah has installed solar-powered LED
                                             lighting worldwide, and its technology                         Continued on page 58
Signs Approved by Florida
Department of Transportation

Carmanah is pleased to report that its
UL-listed, industry-leading LED signs
are now officially approved by Florida’s
Department of Transportation (FDOT)
and available on the Florida Approved
Product List (APL) under certification

Carmanah is currently the only manu-
facturer of LED edge-lit, internally-il-
luminated street name signs approved
for in the state of Florida.

Carmanah’s approval comes after
12 months of analysis and testing by
FDOT engineers to ensure that the
March/April 2006                                                                                                        Page 57
NEWS around the                                      Ring”, completed in December 2003. This
                                                     34 kilometer-long city freeway is situated
                                                                                                       to Nevada’s Freeway and Arterial System
                                                                                                       of Transportation (FAST) project. The addi-
                      INDUSTRY                       between the inner city ring (Garden Ring)         tional sensors are being installed as part of
                                                     and the freeway ring on the borders of the        the second phase of FAST, an aggressive ITS
                                                     greater Moscow area. The Third Ring has           implementation designed to reduce conges-
Continued from page 57                               four lanes in each direction of travel, 16 ac-    tion and improve incident management.
SmartSensor . . .                                    cess points and three tunnels, including the
The dilemma zone is the area near the in-            1800 meter-long Lefortjewo tunnel.                The new SmartSensors will be installed
tersection where a driver, when faced with                                                             along Interstate 15 between Interstate 215
a yellow light, must decide whether to stop          To improve the flow of traffic and road           and U.S. 95; and on CC 215 between Decatur
quickly and risk a collision with the vehicle        safety on the city freeway, Siemens is install-   Blvd and I-15. SmartSensor is the traffic
behind, or proceed through the light and             ing a comprehensive traffic control system.        detection component of the integrated
risk an accident in the intersection. Dressel        Above the traffic lanes, 94 detector systems       management system, collecting volume,
says SmartSensor Advance will monitor the            will be installed for acquiring data such as      occupancy and speed data for Vegas’ new
presence and speed of vehicles approaching           traffic density, speeds and vehicle classes.       traffic operations center. Last year, Wavetro-
the intersection, and will extend the green          The use of three different methods will           nix shipped 65 SmartSensors to Las Vegas
light for the intersection’s high speed ap-          ensure high data quality. 75 video cameras        as part of the project’s first phase; FAST is
proaches if traffic is heavy or if vehicles are       will monitor the traffic situation and au-         also using Wavetronix Click!™ products as
detected in the dilemma zone.                        tomatically detect congestion or accidents        part of its data collection and distribution
                                                     whereas four weather stations will measure        system.
“Our primary goal is to reduce accidents             temperature, precipitation or visibility and
by allowing the high speed approaches                will determine whether the road surface           Nevada Department of Transportation of-
more time, when needed, to clear the in-             is wet or covered by snow or ice. The data        ficials, in conjunction with engineers from
tersection,” Dressel says. “We hope this             thus collected will be recorded by 85 road-       TransCore (Salt Lake City, UT) and Kimley
technology helps reduce the severity of              way station units of the type SST 4, which        Horn and Associates (Las Vegas, NV), se-
accidents, and eliminates the incidence of           will subject the data to initial processing. A    lected the SmartSensor after evaluating the
angle accidents.”                                    high-speed communication system using             sensor’s reliability, ease of installation and
                                                     fiber-glass connections over a distance of         accuracy. Kimley Horn and Associates is the
Dressel says if the current SmartSensor              around 45 kilometers will transmit the data       designer for the project; TransCore is serv-
Advance installation operates as intended,           to the central traffic computer for further        ing as the System Integrator for Nevada’s
the city will consider future installations in       analysis. Information on the traffic situation     traffic management system. Wavetronix is
other parts of Scottsdale. The SmartSensor           and for speed control will then be gene rated     represented in the project by Advanced Traf-
Advance is designed and manufactured by              and passed on to car drivers with the help of     fic Products, Inc. of Everett, Washington, an
Wavetronix, and is one of the only patented          250 variable message signs and information        authorized Wavetronix dealer.
auto-configuring devices in the intelligent           panels. Road users will therefore be able to
transportation industry. Wavetronix is               obtain an overview of the general traffic          SmartSensor uses patented Digital Wave
represented in the Scottsdale project by Al          situation on the ring before they enter the       Radar technology to detect vehicle volume,
Valdez at J & J Inc. of Chino, California, an        freeway and will thus be able to adapt their      occupancy and speed in up to eight lanes
authorized Wavetronix dealer.                        route accordingly. The freeway approach           of traffic, and is the only device in the ITS
                                                     roads will also be provided with devices          industry with a patented auto-configura-
For more information about Wavetronix,               for controlling the flow of vehicles onto the      tion and auto-calibration process. For more
SmartSensor Advance and Digital Wave                 freeway (ramp metering). This will enable         information about Wavetronix, SmartSen-
Radar, visit                     better control of traffic density on very busy     sor and Digital Wave Radar, visit www.
                                                     sections of road.                        Visit TransCore at www.
Traffic Control System From                                                                   ; Kimley Horn and Associates
                                                     The traffic computer of the Third Ring will        at
Siemens for Moscow’s “Third                          be connected to the three tunnel control
Ring” City Freeway                                   centers and the traffic control center of the
Siemens has received an order from the city of       city of Moscow. This will enable integra-         Econolite ATC 2070L
Moscow to install a traffic control system for the    tion of the new traffic control system in the
“Third Ring” city freeway. The project includes      city’s overall traffic information system.         Controllers Approved for
a traffic-computer, video and meteorological          Siemens is also responsible for commission-       Caltrans QPL
control center as well as traffic and weather sen-    ing the traffic control system as well as for
sors, variable message signs and cameras plus        maintenance and servicing during the first         Econolite is pleased to announce that its
all the associated infrastructure. Completion of     year of operation. Civil engineering, steel       Model ATC2070L Controller submitted for
the traffic control system is scheduled for the end   construction and installation will be carried     Caltrans Qualified Product Listing (QPL)
of 2006 and the volume of the contract amounts       out by Russian companies. Because it is only      compliance has fully met the requirements
to approximately 27 million euros.                   possible to close the freeway for a short time    of the “Test Report EQ-QPL,” dated October
                                                     or in sections, most of the work will be done     10, 2004 and TEES August 2002, TEES 2002
Around ten million people live in Mos-               without interrupting the traffic.                  Errata 1 and TEES 2002 Errata 2 plus DAT
cow, the Russian capital. This number is                                                               Version 2.0 Rev 1.
augmented by the approximately three                 Further information at: http://www.sie-
million commuters who travel into the                                         Caltrans has long been respected as an agen-
city every day. The average speed of road                                                              cy that establishes the highest standards in
vehicles during rush hours is now only six                                                             the transportation industry and the Trans-
kilometers per hour. Moreover, according
                                                     SmartSensors™ Shipped for
                                                                                                       portation Electrical Equipment Specification
to an estimate by the Russian Ministry of            Vegas FAST Phase 2                                (TEES) is regarded by some as the most
Transport, the number of cars in Russia will                                                           stringent in the world. Econolite has been
double by 2020. To alleviate the pressure on         Wavetronix LLC, the world leader in pat-          committed to providing the highest quality
its main roads, the city of Moscow has built         ented Digital Wave Radar™ traffic sensors,         products to the 170 marketplace since first
a number of new expressways in the past              has expanded its presence in Las Vegas by
few years. These also include the “Third             shipping an additional 76 SmartSensors™                                Continued on page 59
Page 58                                                                                                                            IMSA Journal
                                            tunities to assist Caltrans in providing
NEWS around the                             safer and more efficient mobility to
                                                                                       Auburn Way South during the eight
                                                                                       concert events held this summer at
                  INDUSTRY                  California’s driving public”.              the White River Amphitheater. The
                                                                                       system was instrumental in allowing
Continued from page 58                      To find out more on how Econolite          Public Works staff to make real time
                                            can assist in your traffic management       changes to traffic signal timing based
Econolite . . .                             goals, please contact the Econolite rep-   on observed traffic volumes with traf-
rolling out the Model ATC2070 in 2000.      resentative in your area or visit www.     fic cameras. Other benefits included:
As part of that commitment, Econolite                             directing departing traffic from the
submitted the Model ATC2070 for                                                        concerts, maximizing traffic capacity
evaluation with the utmost confidence        Auburn, WA and Econolite are               without increasing the number of ve-
that Econolite’s drive for quality would    Changing Traffic at the Push                hicle lanes, decreasing commuter travel
present a controller that would un-                                                    time, reducing vehicle fuel consump-
doubtedly meet Caltrans’ specifications      of a Button                                tion, and reducing harmful pollutants
and requirements.                                                                      from heavy vehicle emissions.
                                            Econolite is pleased to announce that
The Econolite Model ATC2070 Control-        it has successfully completed another
                                                                                       The icons® system was developed to
lers are a family of controllers designed   installation of icons® Advanced Traf-
                                                                                       provide a centralized, integrated plat-
to meet the widest variety of Advanced      fic Management System (ATMS) at 11
                                                                                       form for traffic signal system control,
Transportation Controller specifications     intersections in Auburn, Washington.
                                                                                       information management, and graphi-
currently in use. The Econolite Model       This icons® system addressed the City
                                                                                       cal display. The Auburn icons® system
ATC2070 is easily configured to fit all       and Council members’ concerns about
                                                                                       currently communicates with ASC/2S
2070, 170, 170E, and NEMA TS1 and           the traffic impact to the driving public
                                                                                       2100 controllers at 11 intersections
TS2-Type 1 and Type 2 applications.         along Auburn Way South due to heavy
                                                                                       (expanding to 23 intersections in the
The base Model ATC2070 unit employs         morning and evening commutes and
                                                                                       future) via RuggedCom RS900 Ethernet
the preferred “lite” serial backplane       special events at the White River Am-
                                                                                       to fiber-optic switches. This system is
and chassis, along with an exceptional      phitheater. The icons® system eliminates
                                                                                       accessible and can be monitored by
8 x 40 LCD display. The “lite” chassis      the safety hazards faced by police of-
                                                                                       the City of Auburn Public Works, In-
                                            ficers having to flag traffic through the
also supports its own CPU module                                                       formation Services (I/S department),
                                            City due to heavy concert traffic. With
(2070-1B) and one of two optional                                                      Washington State Department of Trans-
                                            the implementation of icons®, Auburn
I/O modules – standard 170 cabinet                                                     portation, King County Department of
                                            police and residents have noticed a
interface or NEMA cabinet interface                                                    Transportation, and Econolite for sys-
                                            substantial difference in traffic flow on
(2070-2A or 2070-2B). In addition, this                                                                  Continued on page 60
series accommodates the TS1 cabinet
users with the option of the 2070-8 chas-
sis. The Econolite ATC2070 Controller
series will meet all applicable NEMA
TS1 and TS2 standards in addition to
specifications and joint AASHTO/ITE/
NEMA ATC standards.

Herasmo Iniguez, Chief, Communica-
tions and Control Software Develop-
ment Branch for Caltrans, remarked,
“After extensive QPL testing and
evaluation we can now congratulate
Econolite on being the first QPL com-
pliant 2070 controller manufacturer. In
addition, we have awarded Econolite
a bid to supply two-thousand Model
ATC2070L controllers. Caltrans is
fully committed to improving mobility
across California and quality-driven
companies like Econolite will help
make this happen”.

Craig Loyd, Econolite, Western Re-
gional Manager comments, “We were
originally awarded the contract for
two-thousand 2070 controllers back in
January 2004. It has been an extensive
and enlightening approval process and
we are all excited about the relation-
ships we’ve developed with the folks
at Caltrans and the foreseeable oppor-
March/April 2006                                                                                                    Page 59
NEWS around the                             ucts and services.                          clients the leading asset management
                  INDUSTRY                  The City of Santa Barbara’s parking,
                                            street operations, water distribu-          Vadim Software is a leader in the devel-
Continued from page 59                      tion and waste water divisions all          opment and delivery of fully integrated
                                            implemented CartêGraph software,            municipal financial management soft-
Econolite . . .                             including WORKdirector, CALLlink,           ware serving local government, special
tem support. The City of Auburn’s sys-      STORMview, SEWERview, WATER-                districts and utility clients across North
tem will be complete and operational in     view, VERSAtools and MAPdirector for        America. Vadim and CartêGraph will
2006 and will include a transportation      ArcGIS. In the first nine months, the city   jointly serve existing Vadim clients
management center (TMC), synchro-           has logged 6,018 work orders and 6,774      to provide a smooth transition and
nized signals and state-of-the-art traffic   work requests through the CartêGraph        integration with CartêGraph solutions.
cameras along S. 277th St. and Auburn       software. With CartêGraph, the city         Vadim clients will gain the benefits of
Way North.                                  has been able to track and maintain all     the CartêGraph solution including the
                                            of their assets, while becoming a more      controlling of assets and maintenance
The City procured a system that is in       efficient community.                         costs.
conformance with the most extensive
technical standards of NEMA TS-2            “Thank you very much for the award          “CartêGraph is pleased to announce
and emerging ITS technologies. These        and the recognition of all the hard work    our partnership with Vadim Software,”
standards and new technologies of-          that Santa Barbara City staff put into      said Scott Taylor, Present and CEO of
fer increased levels of functionality,      bringing this project to a successful       CartêGraph. “Over the past three de-
equipment interchangeability, diag-
                                            completion,” commented Rob Badger,          cades, they have demonstrated their
nostic capabilities, and an enhanced
                                            Santa Barbara’s Information Systems         commitment to local government.
user interface. With its simple to use
                                            Supervisor. “Our implementation team        We are excited to work closely with
map-based interface, the icons® system
                                            of Information Systems and Public           Vadim and assist in bringing mainte-
provides the City with a graphical dis-
play of the system area or intersection     Works staff champions did a great job       nance management solutions to their
related data, making it user-friendly       of bringing this project in on time and     clients.”
and easy to manage.                         within the budgeted funds. Our ‘cham-
                                            pions’ are now the city’s CartêGraph        CartêGraph and Vadim software
Ryan Johnstone, City of Auburn, Traffic      experts for their respective division.      solutions address the growing need
Operations Engineer remarked, “We           And thanks to CartêGraph for provid-        for municipal legislative and fiscal
are confident people will see positive       ing the professional staff that guided us   accountability. Working together they
improvements in traffic flow and travel       through this process.”                      combine their expertise and focus on a
time as we utilize the icons® system to                                                 vision of Better Government.
provide more efficient mobility through      The Excellence in Public Works Man-
the City of Auburn.”                        agement Award was introduced in 1999        For more information on partnering
                                            to recognize organizations in the public    with CartêGraph or on their software
Sandi Taylor, Econolite, commented,         works industry that are exceeding the       solutions visit
“As a proponent of advanced technol-        existing asset management standards.        For more information on Vadim Soft-
ogy in the transportation industry,         Organizations considered for this           ware visit
Auburn is demonstrating the benefits of      award has implemented technology
an icons® systems in the area to create a                                      Quixote Transportation
                                            to gain efficiency, while making their
regional system that will help commut-                                         Technologies, Inc. Awards
                                            communities better and safer places to
ers move throughout the entire region       live and work.
                                                                               M.H. Corbin, Inc. Top
                                            After such success, the Santa Bar- Distributor in FY2005
To find out more on how Econolite           bara Airport is now in the processes of
can assist in your traffic management        implementing the CartêGraph system.         Quixote Transportation Technologies,
goals, please contact the Econolite rep-    Santa Barbara joins the City of Denton,     Inc. (QTT) has announced M.H. Corbin,
resentative in your area or visit www.      TX; City of West Des Moines, IA; City of    Inc. as its top performing distributor                              Hudson, OH; City of Golden, CO; Clark       during fiscal year 2005, which runs
                                            County, NV; Riley County, KS; Sarasota      from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005.
                                            County, FL; and Miami Township, OH          M.H. Corbin, Inc. distributes products
Santa Barbara, CA,                          as past recipients of the award.            for each division of QTT – Highway
Honored With CartêGraph’s                   For more information on the solutions       Information Systems, Inc., Nu-Metrics,
Excellence Award                            provided for the City of Santa Barbara,     Inc. and Surface Systems, Inc.
                                            CA, visit
The City of Santa Barbara, CA, (pop.                                                    M.H. Corbin, Inc. is located in Plain
88,251) was the recipient of Cartê-         CartêGraph Partners With                    City, Ohio and specializes in tech-
                                                                                        nology- driven products to improve
Graph’s 2005 Excellence in Public           Vadim Software                              highway safety. The company offers
Works Management Award. The award
is given to a CartêGraph client that has                                                pavement marking materials and
                                            CartêGraph announces a new partner-
created a better community for their                                                    equipment, impact attenuating de-
                                            ship with Vadim Software of Kelowna,
citizens, council members and staff                                                     vices, signs and sign posts, delineator
                                            BC. Vadim and CartêGraph entered
through the use of CartêGraph’s prod-       into this agreement to offer Vadim                              Continued on page 61
Page 60                                                                                                          IMSA Journal
                                          Quixote Traffic Corporation                He has both a Bachelors and Masters
NEWS around the                                                                     Degree in Business Administration,
                                          Names Donald J. Dalfonso                  having attended Syracuse University
                                          Eastern Region Sales                      and California Coast University.
Continued from page 60                    Manager
                                                                                    Quixote Traffic Corporation is a lead-
Quixote . . .                                                                       ing manufacturer of products that
posts, traffic and weather monitoring      The Quixote Traffic Corporation) sub-
                                          sidiary of Quixote Corporation has        direct and inform, including intersec-
systems, and traffic control devices.
                                          named 20+ year traffic control technol-    tion control systems; advanced vehicle
                                          ogy veteran Donald J. DAlfonso as new     detection and classification products;
The company has been a distributor for
                                          Eastern Regional Sales Manager.           automated traffic monitoring and en-
various Quixote Corporation compa-                                                  forcement systems; directional display
nies since 1987, and began distributing
                                          In his new position, DAlfonso will be     panels; variable message signs; flash-
QTT products in July 2004. “The ad-
                                          responsible for sales of Quixote Traffic   ing beacons and safety lighting.
vantage of distributing QTT products
is that they easily integrate with each   Corporation’s entire product line from
                                          Illinois to New England and Louisiana     For info on Quixote Corporation visit
other, comments Mack Corbin, Sr., Vice
                                          to Florida. Quixote Traffic Corporation    their website at: www.quixotecorp.
President of M.H. Corbin, Inc. “RWIS,
                                          sells its products primarily through a    com.
messages signs, highway advisory ra-
dios and traffic control devices can all   distributor network.
work together in one system, offering                                               State of Delaware 100%
our customers a variety of options. As    In making the announcement of DAl-        Compliant on Crash
Quixote Transportation Technologies       fonso’s hiring, Mary Griffin, Quixote
grows, we plan to grow with them and      Traffic Corporation’s Vice President       Cushion/Safety Barrier
expand our territory of distribution.”    of Sales & Marketing, said: “DJ brings    Certification
                                          vast sales and company experience         All crash attenuators installed in the
Mr. Corbin credits much of their suc-     to the position given his background      state now meet National Cooperative
cess during FY 2005 on the expansion      and past association with U.S. Traffic     Highway Research Program (NCHRP)
of the Nu-Metrics/RWIS system in          and Peek Corporation before Quixote       350 TL-3 guidelines
Ohio. “We were able to build on that      acquired these companies. We look
system and supply the Ohio Depart-        forward to continued sales growth in      The state of Delaware is now 100 per-
ment of Transportation with the tools     the eastern part of the country under     cent compliant with the National Co-
they need for successful maintenance      DJ’s leadership and direction.”
and operations.”                                                                                       Continued on page 62
                                          DAlfonso most recent-
Mark Holland, Director of Sales and       ly served as Eastern
Marketing for QTT credits Mack Corbin     Regional Manager for
and his entire team for an outstanding    Optisoft Corporation,
job during the last fiscal year. “We are   a manufacturer of LED
extremely pleased with M.H. Corbin’s      vehicle and pedestrian
performance and proactive sales efforts   signal technology where
in FY 2005. We will continue to support   he secured a $1.8 mil-
their team efforts to provide the very    lion contract with Polk
best QTT products and services for our    County Florida’s Traffic
customers in their territory.”            Division for internal
                                          cameras and modems,
M.H. Corbin has been serving the          as well as the software
transportation industry for nearly        interface for traffic sig-
20 years and has built long-standing      nals, for the county’s
relationships with customers through      150 intersections.
quality products and customer service.
M.H. Corbin continues to expand and       Former sales and prod-
recently moved to a new location with     uct marketing positions
additional office space for its opera-     were with Viasys Cor-
tions.                                    poration where he was
                                          sales director from 2002
The company distributes products          – 2004; deMco Tech-
from each division of QTT – Highway       nologies; Traffic Control
Information Systems (HIS), Inc., Sur-     Technologies; Crouse
face Systems, Inc. (SSI®), and Nu-Met-    Hinds Co., as well as
rics, Inc. M.H. Corbin distributes SSI    PEEK Traffic and US
and HIS products in Ohio, Kentucky,       Traffic Corporation, two
Pennsylvania, New York and West Vir-      of the companies which
ginia and Nu-Metrics products in Ohio,    currently are part of
Pennsylvania and West Virginia.           Quixote Traffic Corpo-
March/April 2006                                                                                                  Page 61
NEWS around the                              QuadGuard® attenuators in
                                             various widths and bay sizes,
                   INDUSTRY                  Elites and LMCs.

Continued from page 61                       “We felt it was important be-
                                             cause media crossover fatali-
 State of Delaware . . .                     ties were on the rise on state
operative Highway Research Program           expressways, and certainly we
(NCHRP) 350 TL-3 guidelines for all of       wanted to stop that trend,” Ms.
its impact attenuators across the state,     Hardy adds. “So from 2002-
after an extensive upgrade program           2005 we inventoried all impact
was recently completed.                      attenuators, set up replacement
                                             schedules, evaluated systems
According to Quixote Transportation          and established a sole source
Safety, Inc. Regional Manager Tony           provider, Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. (division of Quixote Transportation
Capella, Delaware Department of              Safety, Inc.).
Transportation’s Donna Hardy, PE
began looking at the number of dam-          “Since installation of the upgraded systems, we have had a large majority of sys-
aged crash attenuators on Delaware’s         tems hit and no serious injuries or fatalities have occurred. In most cases the driver
Interstate highways in 2003 and what         and vehicle sustain little damage and drive off without notifying us of the impact.
was required to upgrade them after           We’ve added Impact Monitoring Systems (IMS), which now are often our first
a presentation was made to her by            indication that a crash has occurred which allows us to repair them quicker.”
Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. (divi-
sion of Quixote Transportation Safety,       Administered by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and sponsored by the
Inc.) distributor Enterprise Flasher Co.,    member departments (i.e., individual state departments of transportation) of the
Wilmington, DE.                              American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO),
                                             in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National
A cost/benefit and life cycle analysis        Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) was created in 1962 as a means
was then completed, and Ms. Hardy            to conduct research in acute problem areas that affect highway planning, design,
acknowledged the need for an upgrade.        construction, operation, and maintenance nationwide.
She ultimately decided to pursue an
upgrade on all attenuators to 350 TL-3       New products in many areas of highway safety undergo testing by FHWA to
compliance rather than simply repair-        determine if they meet the latest design and safety specification set forth.
ing those that were damaged. She
headed up the design and construction        Contact
of the upgrade initiative.

DDOT’s Brad Saborio, PE manages
                                             IST International
sanction funds for the State of Dela-        Rushes to Fill Orders
ware, used 402 sanction funds (152           for Hurricane Wilma
Hazard Elimination Program) for the
initiative. DDOT’s Pat Kennedy ap-           Rebuilding
proves use of FHWA funds and was
involved in the decision to upgrade and      IST International from Cincin-
fund the initiative as well. The DDOT        nati, OH has been rushing to fill
Maintenance Department has also es-          orders for South East Florida’s
tablished an annual budget of $100,000       communities without power at
to cover maintenance and repair of the       their traffic intersections and to
upgraded crash attenuator systems.           rebuild these facilities destroyed
                                             or left without power by Hur-
“All systems were upgraded to vari-          ricane Wilma.
ous models of our QuadGuard® crash
cushions over a two year period,”            In the days following the hurricane, IST International received orders for over a
explains Jeff Roehm, president of En-        million dollars for its solar-powered portable traffic signals. To meet the demand,
terprise Flasher, which is celebrating its   the company has diverted all of its inventory and production to the hurricane
30th year in business. “The cooperation      region, said IST International CEO, Sheldyn Armstrong. “ IST International has
from the state was outstanding and the       been in full production mode all week and has been shipping lights to South
process went smoothly for a project of       East Florida,” stated Armstrong. Some of IST International’s previous custom-
this magnitude.”                             ers like Seymour Johnson Air Force Base has volunteered their portable traffic
                                             signals to help out and all production are being rushed to the hurricane zone.
Seventy-two permanent impact at-             Also our overnight shipper DHL has been vital in all aspects of this effort and
tenuators statewide are now upgraded         getting our shipments to our customers. When we finish filling orders for hur-
and in compliance with NCHRP TL-3            ricane relief, we will be busy catching up on backorders for our distributors and
testing guidelines, consisting of a va-      manufactures rep.”
riety of Energy Absorption Systems’                                                                          Continued on page 63
Page 62                                                                                                           IMSA Journal
NEWS around the                             “These work zone tragedies can be
                                            prevented. We encourage employers
                                                                                          construction site – SC
                                                                                        • a flagger was struck from behind
                  INDUSTRY                  and the public to watch for the work          and killed by a truck intruding into
                                            zone employees even more during               a highway construction work zone
Continued from page 62                      this peak traffic time,” ASSE official          – WI
IST Rushes to Fill Orders . . .             John P. Spath, CSP, of New York, said       • a state Department of Transportation
                                            today. “ASSE members, occupational            worker died after being struck by a
Most of the orders have been for IST        safety, health and environmental prac-        motor vehicle – NC
International’s Portable 4-Way Intersec-    titioners, know that it is no accident      • a state Department of Transporta-
tion Traffic Signal “RCTL”, which has        when tragedies don’t occur. Employers,        tion highway maintenance worker
been sent to police department, early       employees and motorists in roadway            died after being struck by a car while
responders, emergency management,           work zones can be safe by knowing the         installing reflectors on a guardrail
and public work departments. The traf-      risks, providing and following proper         – NC
fic signals are a real lifesaver since the   training, using personal protection         • a 17-year-old part-time road con-
device is automatic and the officer is       equipment and more.”                          struction worker died after being run
not in the roadway. We have a history of                                                  over by a water truck – IN
officers getting hit and many close calls    To prevent roadway work zone work-          • a construction worker died after be-
before the units were deployed. Along       ers from being injured on the job, ASSE       ing run over and crushed by a grader
with the safety aspect offers and other     member George Wolff, CSP, writes in           at a road construction site – NC
personnel can perform other critical du-    the ASSE Construction Safety Manage-        • a roadway construction worker died
ties during this emergency and rebuild      ment and Engineering Book that employ-        after being backed over by a dump
activity with the limited manpower          ers and employees must be aware of            truck – VA
already working around the clock.           the many types of worker hazards and        • a highway worker died after being
                                            exposures to risk; the need for a tempo-      hit by a speeding vehicle while pick-
IST International signals have turn         rary traffic control work zone; the need       ing up cones on an interstate – CA
arrows and can be operated manually         to set up an advance work zone warn-        • in different incidences in different
or placed in automatic from up to 600       ing area and transition area; to be aware     places, construction workers were
feet with the handheld wireless remote.     of the hazards of installing, modifying,      killed after being backed over by a
They are completely self-contained, bat-    and removing work zones; how to best          truck – CA
tery systems that use renewable solar       equip a flag person; driver awareness;       • a city street worker was struck and
energy to operate them 24/7. They can       and, liability and litigation.                killed by a speeding car – IA
be installed anywhere in minutes and                                                    • a highway construction worker died
operate reliably without the need of        In addition to the risk from impaired         when struck by a semi-tractor trailer
external electrical infrastructure, pro-    drivers, Wolff states that roadway con-       – KY
viding long-term traffic signaling until     struction workers face a multitude of       • a police officer was killed when
the permanent traffic intersection can       hazards which include being struck or         struck by a motorist while direct-
be brought back on line.                    caught between equipment, injury from         ing traffic at a roadway work zone
                                            overuse and poor body conditions, and         – MA, and
For additional information call 866-        environmental exposures to heat, cold       • a worker died after being crushed
466-4784.                                   and sun.                                      between a rock spreader and a large
                                                                                          roller – MN.
Roadway Work Zone                           Recent incidents involving roadway
Tragedies Can Be Prevented,                 work zone fatalities from the National      In a roadway work zone, motorists
                                            Institute for Occupational Safety and       should pay attention to the orange
American Society of Safety                  Health (NIOSH) Fatality Assessment          diamond-shaped warning signs or
Engineers’ Say                              and Control Evaluation (FACE) reflect        electronic message boards posted in
                                            the different risks involved. Recently:     advance of a road construction project;
The American Society of Safety Engi-         • a roller operator and a work crew        minimize distractions such as chang-
neers (ASSE) encourage employers,             foreman died after they were struck       ing a radio station; watch for stopped
workers and motorists to be aware of          by a motorist in a highway work           or slowing traffic, don’t tailgate; keep
roadway work zone safety rules in an          zone – OK                                 an eye out for construction workers,
effort to prevent tragedy. Working in        • a construction worker died after a       their equipment and vehicles, as well
and traveling through a roadway work          water truck and a scraper collided        as the vehicles around you; and, watch
zone can be deadly, ASSE officials note        -- SC                                     for detours and lane diversions. For
citing the recent crash on Interstate        • an asphalt milling superintendent        additional roadway safety tips please
81 north of Binghamton, New York              was crushed under an asphalt milling      go to and
when a tour bus struck a motorcyclist,        machine – VA                              download the free ASSE brochure titled
a tractor-trailer, a cement mixer and        • a construction worker died after         ‘Roadway crashes are the #1 cause of
then hit three roadway construction           being struck by a front end loader        on-the-job deaths.’
workers from a paving company, kill-          – PA
ing all three.                               • a construction worker died after be-     Most states have passed laws doubling
                                              ing run over by an asphalt roller at a    the fines for speeding through a road-
In the U.S. in 2003, 1,028 people died in     highway construction site- VA             way work zone and other work zone
roadway work zones and several more          • a construction worker died after         safety legislation. As for the deadly
were injured.                                 compactor tipped over at a highway                           Continued on page 64
March/April 2006                                                                                                     Page 63
NEWS around the                             program. The network is scheduled to
                                            be operational in early 2006.
                                                                                   Lighting Research Center
                                                                                   Awarded Contract to
                                            “This technology will have an immedi- Redefine National Roadway
 Continued from page 63                     ate impact on the safety of Providence Lighting Guidelines
Roadway Work Zone Tragedies . . .           residents,” said Colonel Dean Esser-
                                            man, Chief of Police. “It puts the power                The Lighting Research Center (LRC)
accident on I-81 in New York, the New
                                            of our best crime fighting software on                   at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has
York Department of Transportation
and the New York State Police partner       the dashboard of every car.”                            been awarded a contract from the Na-
to make roadway work zones safer                                                                    tional Cooperative Highway Research
for both roadway workers and users.         “If we get a call for a structure fire,                  Program (NCHRP), a division of the
The New York State Police provide a         this will allow us to download the                      National Research Council’s Transpor-
dedicated presence on a number of           floor plans right to the fire truck en                    tation Research Board (TRB), to redefine
work zones throughout the state aimed       route,” said Fire Chief David Costa of                  national roadway lighting guidelines.
at enforcing the reduced work zone          the Providence Fire Department. “The                    The three-year, $800,000 project is de-
speed limits. New York law doubles          bottom line is it will make us faster, and              signed to improve the operational ef-
the minimum fine for drivers who do          speed saves lives.”                                     ficiency of roadway lighting and reduce
not observe posted work zone speed                                                                  automobile crashes.
limits.                                     The MDCN is a major upgrade from
                                            the existing Cellular Digital Packet Data               “The LRC will perform crash analyses
Providence, RI Chooses Mo-                  (CDPD) wireless data communications                     and lighting studies through site evalua-
torola’s Mesh Networking                    system, which is being discontinued.                    tions and computer modeling for a wide
Technology for City-Wide Wire-              The CDPD system transmits data at less                  range of conditions and roadway clas-
                                            than half the speed of a home dial-up                   sifications,” said John Van Derlofske,
less Communications                         modem.
Grants pay for $2M public safety                                                                    Ph.D., head of transportation lighting at
                                                                                                    the LRC and principal investigator on
communications system upgrade               “With this technology, Providence
                                                                                                    the project. “The research will be used
                                            dramatically advances the capability
                                                                                                    to develop tools to help roadway light-
Mayor David N. Cicilline and Mo-            of its public safety communications
                                                                                                    ing specifiers nationwide determine
torola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced          system,” said Chief Information Offi-
                                                                                                    when and where street lighting should
in August the purchase of a $2.3 mil-       cer for the City of Providence, Charles
                                                                                                    be installed.”
lion, state-of-the-art mesh networking      Hewitt. “We reviewed a whole range of
communications system for Providence        products and this was by far the best in
                                                                                                    According to Mark Rea, Ph.D., director
public safety departments. The secure,      terms of cost and functionality.”
                                                                                                    of the LRC and co-principal investiga-
wireless, roving network will enable
every mobile unit to access large           “Providence is demonstrating leader-                    tor on the project, the research will
amounts of data at a moment’s notice        ship with its visionary use of wireless                 ultimately result in more efficient road-
and from any location in the city. With     technology to improve public safety                     way illumination systems designed to
this technology, police reports, suspect    and the delivery of public services                     increase safety and benefit all roadway
profiles, building blueprints and medi-      across the city,” added Greg Brown,                     users—motorists, pedestrians, and
cal records can be instantly available as   president of Motorola’s Government &                    bicyclists.
a crisis unfolds.                           Enterprise Mobility Solutions (GEMS)
                                            business unit. “By deploying our high-                  As part of the project, LRC researchers
“We are giving our fine public safety of-    performance mesh networking solu-                       will produce user-friendly guidelines
ficials the best tools available to become   tion, Providence can rollout a single                   for roadway lighting and a calculation
even faster, smarter, and safer,” said      wireless network that provides secure                   tool to help determine what type of
Mayor David N. Cicilline. “Out on the       connectivity and bandwidth to multiple                  roadway lighting, if any, is required.
beat or at an emergency scene they’ll       municipal agencies. The resulting cost                  The calculation tool is intended to be an
be able to instantly access the kind of     saving and productivity gains realized                  algorithm that weights safety, cost, and
robust information they could previ-        will provide real benefits to the entire                 other impacts of lighting such as light
ously only get at headquarters.”            community.”                                             pollution, economic development, and
                                                                                                    security. The calculation tool will factor
The Mobile Data Communications               About Motorola Mesh Networks Products                  in details such as road geometry, traffic
Network (MDCN) being purchased               Motorola’s Mesh Networks technology was origi-         characteristics, number of pedestrians,
from Motorola will increase the speed        nally developed for the military battlefield in order   glare, and interactions between head-
                                             to provide instant, ad-hoc communication net-          lamps and streetlights.
of mobile data access by nearly 100          works where fixed infrastructure was not available
times. This capability will enable the       or deployable. As a result, users receive a robust
transfer of digital video and other high     mobile broadband communications network that           “The anticipated findings from this re-
bandwidth applications.                      is self-forming and self-healing. Motorola’s unique    search will pay dividends in the end to
                                             Multi-Hopping(r) technology turns every mesh-          state and local governments interested
The purchase is funded by a variety          enabled user into a router/repeater, so every user     in providing roadway lighting,” said
of grants. The largest sources of grant      makes the network stronger. It also allows users       Stephen C. Brich, director of operations
                                             to hop through each other and form instant ad          management for the Virginia Depart-
funding come from the Federal Depart-        hoc peer-to-peer networks among themselves.
ment of Homeland Security, and the           For more information:                                  ment of Transportation and panel
U.S. Department of Justice’s Commu-                              chair for the NCHRP project. “The new
nity Oriented Policing Services (COPS)                                                                                 Continued on page 65
Page 64                                                                                                                      IMSA Journal
NEWS around the                                        Solar Traffic Controls Furnishes Inter-
                                                       section Advance Warning Flashers to
Continued from page 64
                                                       The Phoenix metropolitan area continues to
Lighting Research Center . . .                         expand with the need for more traffic control.
guidelines will have state-of-the-art re-              Maricopa County Department of Transportation
search findings from around the world                   (MCDOT) chose Solar Traffic Controls to provide
to aid in determining when and where                   advance solar flashers for a newly signalized in-
to use roadway lighting to increase                    tersection: Loop 303 in west Phoenix; a high speed
safety while balancing the expenditure                 roadway connecting the area to I-10 across several
of limited resources.”                                 miles of farmland.

The LRC has partnered with research-                   Solar Traffic Controls provided a 24-hour dual
ers from the Pennsylvania Transporta-                  amber 12” flashing beacon system for the project
tion Institute at Penn State University                on each approach to the intersection. Each system
Park, who will receive a portion of the                is configured with a 130W solar array and three
funds to assist in performing traffic data              batteries. The system uses Precision Solar Controls
analysis for the project.                              second generation LED lamps, which have one of the highest optical outputs for
                                                       the electrical power consumed. Solar Traffic has furnished similar systems for
Students enrolled in LRC’s graduate                    use throughout the county on past projects as well.
education programs will also partici-
pate in the project, assisting in labora-              Solar Traffic Controls Provides
tory testing, data analysis, and on-site
evaluations.                                           Flasher for Advance Train Warning
                                                       System Project
The Transportation Lighting Group
at the LRC is committed to exploring                   Solar Traffic Controls has teamed up with Crossing
lighting and visibility issues associated              Safety Technologies of Scottsdale to provide solar
with transportation. The group exam-                   flashers for its Advance Train Warning System
ines roadway visibility by considering                 (ATWS) product line. The solar flashers provide
vehicle lighting, fixed roadway light-                  a dual 8” amber DC LED indication, using Preci-
ing, and signal and marking devices                    sion Solar Controls lamps, to warn motorists of an
separately and as an interactive system.               approaching train at a RR crossing. The flashers
More information on the group and its                  are activated with the ATWS radio link package, a
research can be found at www.lrc.rpi.                  special communications package developed by STC and approved for use in the
edu/programs/transportation.                           RR industry. The master radio unit, located at the rail crossing and connected to
                                                       the sensing equipment, transmits a signal to activate the flashers. Both the ATWS
About the National Cooperative Highway Re-             and the STC flasher contain detection methods to warn of a fault condition on
search Program (NCHRP)                                 the system thus offering the high reliability required of a flasher application. In
NCHRP is administered by the Transportation Re-        addition, the STC flasher unit includes an LCD interface to display system status
search Board, a division of the National Research      and a self-test feature to test the control logic that runs the flasher.
Council, which is the operating arm of the National
Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of
Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. NCHRP      Solar Traffic Furnishes Solar School
was created in 1962 as a means to conduct re-          Flashers Toronto Suburb
search in acute problem areas that affect highway
planning, design, construction, operation, and
maintenance nationwide. NCHRP is sponsored             Solar Traffic Controls and Fortran Traffic (Scarbor-
by the member departments of the American              ough, Ontario) recently completed the sale and
Association of State Highway and Transportation        installation of a large number of solar-powered
Officials in cooperation with the Federal Highway       school flashers in this Toronto suburb. The town
Administration.                                        had tried solar flashers previously and was disap-
                                                       pointed with the results. The customer sought out
About the Lighting Research Center                     Fortran after seeing an STC school flasher system
 The Lighting Research Center (LRC) is part of         in a neighboring town which Fortran had provided
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, N.Y., and    and installed.
is the leading university-based research center
devoted to lighting. Visit
                                                       The units used dual 8” amber DC LED lamps and
About Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                 a 2.5 inch confirmation lamp fixture on the rear of
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1824,    the pole. The solar flashers all used the STC-01
is the nation’s oldest technological university. The   time switch for control of the activation periods.
university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral   The STC-01 provides for 10 holiday skip periods
degrees in engineering, the sciences, information
technology, architecture, management, and the
humanities and social sciences.                                                                                     Continued on page 66
March/April 2006                                                                                                               Page 65
NEWS around the                            use. The controls for the system include self-test for each unit and an LCD screen
                                           user interface on the master unit. The LCD displays the system status in each
                  INDUSTRY                 mode of operation and allows the user to set the runtime per crossing from 20-105
                                           seconds. The S1-1 signs at the crosswalk were equipped with embedded LED
Continued from page 65                     lamps to aid raising driver awareness the location of the crossing.
Solar Traffic . . .
per year, 10 alternate schedule periods,   Solar Traffic Controls marks completion of trials for the STC-
and features a programmable memory         01 Time Switch
chip option which allows the user
to transfer programs using only the        The STC-01 time switch recently marked the completion of field trials which
memory chip with no cables or laptop.      proved its reliability and ease of programming with a variety of users. The STC-
Materials furnished also included an       01 is a solid-state time switch capable of providing up to 16 holiday skip periods
STC-01 desktop programmer package          per year, 12 alternate schedule periods per year, Daylight Savings Time, and leap
with a memory chip to allow the user       year correction with the most recent revision of the software. Two 10A relay
to program the year ’s schedule on         outputs come standard and there is one digital input available as well. The unit
the programmer, upload to the chip,        also features a backlit 4-line by 12 character display and a use- friendly style for
and then program the field units with       programming the annual schedule. All information is input using only 6 keys.
the chip. Standard STC school flasher
systems were configured with band           Each unit is capable of accepting a pre-programmed memory chip in lieu of enter-
type mounts to allow installation of       ing the program on each individual time switch. Memory chips are programmed
the equipment on existing street light     using an optional desktop programming package that requires no special cables
poles thereby minimizing the costs for     nor software for the user’s PC. The desktop programming package also serves
the project.                               as a training unit for personnel to learn how to use the STC-01 in the field thus
                                           saving on field costs. Other options include interface harnesses for connection to
Solar Traffic Controls Fields               existing NTC-17 or AP21 harnesses. Many users have commented on the ease of
Solar PED-X “Wireless”                     use in programming the STC-01 over other brands of time switches.
Crosswalk Flashers with                     Solar Traffic Controls
Sensor Activation                           For more information contact 480-449-0222 or email:

                                           Eltec’s NTC 2100 Wireless Radio
                                           Programmable Time Clock
                                           Eltec announces the release of its latest line of pro-
                                           grammable time clocks – the frequency hopping
                                           spread spectrum wireless radio programmable
                                           time clock, NTC 2100. This time clock is designed to
                                           operate on unlicensed radio frequencies employing
                                           frequency hopping technology.

                                           The NTC 2100 is used in conjunction with Eltec’s
                                           DLPRO 2100 PC software to control an entire
                                           system of school zone flashing beacons. The user
                                           develops the annual school program using Eltec’s
                                           DLPRO 2100 software, transmits it to the remotely
                                           located wireless radio NTC 2100 programmable
                                           time clock, and receives confirmation from the
                                           remote time clock that it has received the program.
STC recently completed installation        The user may also interrogate the remote time clock
and testing of a modified version of        for status including current relay state. The software
the Solar PED-X “wireless” crosswalk       contained in the remote unit will also advise the user if the program was not re-
system in Camarillo, California. The       ceived successfully; thus eliminating any guess work about whether the remote
system consists of 4 flasher poles at       device actually received and processed the transmitted program.
the site. Two configured as single 12”
advance flashers with S1-1 signs and        The NTC 2100 employs all of the existing functionality that is found in Eltec’s 2-
2 located at the crosswalk itself with     way paging programmable time clock. This includes the ability to transmit the full
modified S1-1 signs and pedestrian sen-     annual program with all the exceptions to the schedule (holidays, early dismiss-
sors. The system employs MS SEDCO          als) in one transmission, the ability to change the program for special operations
ultrasonic sensors to detect pedestrian    such as inclement weather, the ability to manually operate the relay for special
activity within a target area on each      circumstances, and the ability to have the remote time clock transmit to the user
side of the street. When a pedestrian      information about its current state and operation.
is detected all 4 poles are activated to
alert motorists that the crosswalk is in                                                                         Continued on page 67
Page 66                                                                                                               IMSA Journal
NEWS around the                                                              Gamewell Offers Its Extensive Voice
                   INDUSTRY                                                  Evacuation Product Line

Continued from page 66                                                       Gamewell a manufacturer of commercial fire alarm
Eltec’s NTC 2100 . . .                                                       control panels and emergency life safety systems,
                                                                             announces release of the industry’s most state-of-
The DLPRO 2100 software is menu                                              the-art voice (audio) evacuation system product
driver to assist the user in developing                                      line.
the annual program and exceptions. It
allows the user to address all remote                                        Gamewell’s fully digital and networkable audio
units in the system, a group of remote                                       evacuation systems are able to support up to six
units, or a single remote unit. It retains                                   channels of digital audio, including line paging and
records of all transmissions to remote                                       two-way telephone communications, plus various
units.                                                                       control functions, all operating simultaneously on
                                                                             a single pair of wires or fiber optic cables.
Information about Eltec’s NTC 2100
wireless radio programmable time              This new technology allows Gamewell to provide extensive portfolio of integrated
clock may be obtained from Eltec at           fire safety solutions for low- to mid- rise buildings and general areas of assembly,
800-227-1734, or via its web site at www.     in addition to digital audio solutions for high-rise and campus applications.
                                              In addition, Gamewell’s voice evacuation systems can be custom-configurated
IntelliStrobe AFADs Bring                     for unique buildings and floor plans, or to meet local requirements for voice
more Safety, lower Costs to                   evacuation systems.
the Work Zone                                 Gamewell’s voice evacuation systems provide prerecorded messages and emer-
                                              gency paging during a life safety emergency to facilitate orderly evacuation.
As you know, MUTCD Interim Ap-
                                              The system can be used to alert building occupants of imminent severe weather
proval allows one person operating
                                              events such as tornados.
Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
to replace two human flaggers in the           Gamewell voice evacuation systems are offered in two alternatives - integrated
work zone.                                    solutions and audio expansion solutions. Integrated solutions are those that are
                                              integrated directly with the panel, while audio expansion solutions are in ad-
IntelliStrobe provides a full line of         dendum to the panel.
AFADs that meet your work zone re-
quirements.                                   Integrated solutions include the IF602VE and the IF610VE alternatives, which
                                              are both available with SmartScan or XP-95 SLC protocols. The IF602VE Series
Two models of our portable AFADs              features a built-in 25-Watt voice system, which can be expanded to 150 Watts
— the Red/Yellow signal system...and          and distributed over 24 evacuation zones. The IF610VE Series features up to 200
the Stop/Slow paddle system — are             Watts of voice evacuation power in a single cabinet.
featured in the enclosed brochure.
Note, particularly, the important safety      Audio expansion systems range from 25-Watt to 150-Watt Audio Command Cen-
benefits of these quality AFADs from           ter (GW-ACC) to the GV System, Gamewell’s state-of-the-art networked multi-
IntelliStrobe.                                channel digital voice evacuation solution. The GV System supports up to 1,000
                                              evacuation zones, 256 distributed audio panels and 200 Watts of voice evacuation
Our portable AFADs are easily trans-          power per panel. Gamewell’s audio expansion solutions are compatible with all
ported either in the back of a pick-up        600 Series fire alarm control panels.
truck, or on our easy-to-use, specially
designed trailer. Large wheels make           Gamewell Offers Extensive Line
the units easy to move as a job pro-          of Input Devices and Output
gresses.                                      Appliances
                                              With Compatibility for Multiple Device
Trailer-mounted AFADs are also avail-
able from IntelliStrobe.                      Protocols and Notification Appliance
                                              Alternatives, It’s Clear That Gamewell’s Got It
Please check our web site, www.flag-           All for up-to-date informa-
tion on the full line of IntelliStrobe work   Gamewell, a manufacturer of commercial fire
zone safety systems...and for details on      alarm control panels and emergency life safety
our rapidly expanding dealer network.         systems, offers one of the industry’s most extensive lines of input and output
Or, call 417-883-7720. Ask for Darrell        devices. From smoke detectors and pull stations, to notification appliances, all
Crowell, our National Sales Manager.          of Gamewell’s input devices and output appliances are designed to effectively
                                              and efficiently communicate with any of its fire system panels to meet the critical
We look forward to serving your traffic        needs of the life safety industry.
management needs in the work zone.
                                                                                                            Continued on page 68
March/April 2006                                                                                                       Page 67
NEWS around the                            tions to the county’s homeland security, emergency management and public
                                           safety departments. The technology works by augmenting incident response,
                 INDUSTRY                  emergency preparedness, continuity of operations and major operational events.
                                           Codespear enables fully integrated two-way communications (voice and data)
Continued from page 67                     between multiple agencies, communities and first responders regardless of com-
                                           munication device, network or frequency.
Gamewell . . .
Gamewell’s input device portfolio is       “Codespear not only allows public safety officials in our communities to com-
extremely unique in that it offers the     municate and collaborate in a way never before possible, but it allows us to better
advantage of multiple protocols, there-    protect the public during emergencies,” said Wayne County Executive, Robert
by providing opportunity to satisfy a      Ficano. “Before choosing Codespear, 43 separate transactions were required to
multitude of market needs. Most fire        get a single message out to agencies in each of our communities. Now it’s one
panel manufacturers’ products are only     click of the mouse. While you can’t put a dollar amount on saving lives, the
compatible with one detector source,       Codespear system is the most comprehensive and cost effective we’ve seen.”
while Gamewell’s input devices work
with System Sensor and Apollo proto-       In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other emergency crisis inci-
col. Gamewell also provides signaling      dent, Wayne County residents will be notified via home and office telephones,
alternatives by offering appliances        mobile phones, text based devices or personal computers. The initiative is part
from System Sensor and Wheelock as         of a homeland security plan to improve interoperable communications and al-
well. This flexibility allows Gamewell’s    low public safety officials to send out targeted alert notifications to the public to
customers as much flexibility in the        improve coordination, and reaction time and efficiency. Codespear’s software
field as possible.                          allows residents, businesses and government organizations to create and maintain
                                           user profiles that identify the communication medium to be used for emergency
Gamewell is part of the Honeywell          notification.
(NYSE: HON) Life Safety Group, an
industry leader in providing commer-       Codespear’s solutions are available and in use today by public safety and govern-
cial fire alarms, advanced detection and    ment agencies. For more information please visit or email
notification products, and home patient     at
remote tracking.
                                                                           Silent Knight’s IFP Series: A Full
For additional information, please                                         Range of Fire Alarm Solutions to Meet
visit Gamewell,                                         All Budgets and Security Needs
part of the Honeywell Fire Group, is
a leading manufacturer of commercial                                       Silent Knight offers industry-wide compatible fire
fire control panels and emergency life                                      alarm solutions for small to mid-size institutions
safety systems. For more information                                       and commercial sites. Silent Knight now offers a
visit                                                    full range of fire alarm solutions through its ana-
Wayne County Michigan                                                      log/addressable IFP Series of Products. The series
                                                                           includes the IFP-50, IFP-100, IFP-1000, and the
Improves Homeland                                                          IFP-100/1000 VIP (Voice Integration Panel). The
Security with Interoperable                series also includes the IFP-Net Fire System Manager, a PC-based system that
Communications and Public                  monitors Silent Knight’s fire control panels. The IFP-Net features an easy-to-use
Alert System for Codespear                 interface that gives users the ability to graphically capture and display fire events
Public Alert System to Protect and         and conditions throughout a facility.
Inform Detroit Metropolitan Area
                                           The IFP series ensures that the end user’s requirements can be met with the most
Codespear LLC, the leading provider        appropriate and most economical fire alarm solution, regardless of application
of alert notification and interoperabil-    or facility size. For instance, smaller sites that require less addressable devices
ity software, announced in December        can use the IFP-50 while medium and large applications can use the IFP-100/
that Wayne County, MI has selected         IFP-1000.
its Codespear’s software platform to
establish direct emergency commu-          In addition, integrated voice panels are all-in-one products offering all of the
nications to the county’s residents,       features of Silent Knight’s well-known fire control panels, plus the added conve-
businesses and public safety agencies.     nience and utility of a voice evacuation system.
The software, currently being used to
establish complete interoperable com-      Silent Knight distributes the IFP Series of fire alarm panels and a wide range
munications and public safety alert        of accessories through its Farenhyt program of authorized Engineered Systems
notifications, will enhance the tradi-      Distributors (ESD). For more information on these products or to find your local
tional methods of television and radio     Farenhyt distributor, visit
for public alert notifications.
                                           Silent Knight is part of the Honeywell (NYSE:HON) life safety group, an industry
Wayne County, the eighth largest coun-     leader in providing commercial fire alarms, advanced detection and notification
ty in the nation with more than 2.2 mil-   products, and home patient remote tracking.
lion residents across 43 communities,
has deployed Codespear’s software          For additional information, please visit For more informa-
to provide interoperable communica-        tion on Silent Knight, visit
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