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					                                   The Times
   Published Monthly by First United Methodist Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida - November 2011

                                     Pastor's Message…
    That old Christmas song is not entirely true             a statement to the strength of a congregation.
when it claims, “It’s the most wonderful time of the         Attendance has been growing, and we note that
year!” For me, the most wonderful time of the                through the crowded parking lot and fuller sanctu-
year happens in November! Not only does the                  ary.
weather change,                                                                                     But one sinful
but so does the                                                                                 flaw in the hearts
attendance in wor-                                                                              of people is that
ship services.                                                                                  when things start
This rise in atten-                                                                             getting full in
dance gives evi-                                                                                church, there is
dence to the glori-                                                                             now someone to
ous things that                                                                                 take our spot.
God is doing in                                                                                 That thought goes
this church!                                                                                    for worship atten-
Certainly, the                                                                                  dance, working in
attendance contin-                                                                              ministry and sup-
ues to grow                                                                                     porting the church
through the Christmas season - but it all begins in          through prayer and offerings.
November.                                                          I am ready for snow in South Florida. Not just
    Attendance in worship makes a statement. It              the cold stuff - but for a snowball effect in the life
states that there are still faithful followers of Christ     of our church. People are coming. They are
who make a priority of their Sunday morning for              being fed spiritually. They are connecting to God
the purposes of worshiping God. It also stands as            and to others. And I want to see you continuing
                                                             your support by coming and worshiping God. The
            Find it here...                                  snow I am ready for is the snowballing effect of
                                                             filling the sanctuary up - not for our benefit - but
 Pastor’s Message        1   Health Issues          11       for God’s glory. It makes a statement that is pow-
                                                             erful and undeniable. We make that statement by
 Coming Events         2-4   Sponsors              12        voting with our presence - that God is worth our
                                                             time and our praise! See you Sunday!
 Stewardship             5   Transitions           13

 Schneider Wedding 6         PK Scribbles          14        In God's Love,

 Photo Gallery           7   Calendar              15
                                                                               Daylight Saving
 Ramblings/Mabel         8   Map/Phone/Web         16
 Tranportation           9                                                    Don’t forget to set your clocks
                                                                           back by one hour on Saturday
 After School           10                                   night, November 5 so that you can be at church
                                                           1 on time on November 6. Fall Back!
                                                               Donate Blood 11/6
                                                               Please donate blood on November 6th.
                                                            The Bloodmobile will be on the west side of
                                                            the church from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

                                                  All Saint’s Sunday 11/6
                                     On Sunday, November 6 in our 8:30 and 11:00 AM worship servic-
                                 es, FUMC will once again remember the lives of our loved ones who
                                 have passed away over the past year. We want to remember the lives
                                 of church members and also their immediate family members in these
                                 moving worship services. We have traditionally referred to this practice
                                 as the ‘Naming of the Saints’ and have marked their passing with the
                                 ringing of a chime and the laying of a flower in their memory.
                                     Please inform the church of the names you wish to have placed in
                                 the bulletin for that Sunday by October 30th. Also, please note that if
you have a special flower that you would like to bring in memory of a loved one, please bring it and be
ready to lay flowers as a congregation for all of those that we lovingly consider among the Saints in

                                            Potluck &
                                       Charge Conference 11/7
                                     First United Methodist Church will hold its 2011 Charge Confer-
                                 ence on November 7th at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. This will be
                                 the first time in several years that we conduct Charge Conference as
                                 a stand-alone event and not with our ‘cluster’ of United Methodist
                                 churches. District Superintendent Craig Nelson will be present and
                                 presiding over this meeting, so we hope to have an energetic turnout.
                                 The meeting will be preceded by a covered dish dinner at 6:30 PM.

                                         UMW Bake Sale 11/20
                    The United Methodist Women Tuesday Evening Fellowship will hold a Bake Sale
                 on Sunday, November 20. Prepare to stock up on goodies and avoid all that
                 Thanksgiving baking!

                              Decorate the Church for Christmas 11/20
                        We will once again be “Decking the Halls” - and the sanctuary - and the out-
                     side - with boughs of holly and ribbons on November 20th after the 11 AM worship
                     service. And we need your help! Lunch will be served at noon in the Fellowship
                     Hall and decorating will happen immediately after.
                              Seventh Annual
                          Thanksgiving Feast 11/24
            All are invited to a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner which will be served
        at 2:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, in the Fellowship Hall.
        Dinner is cooked from scratch and free to all. There will be cable TV for
        viewing football.
            For more information, call the Church Office at (954) 463-3758.

             Hanging of the Greens Service 11/27
     Join us on Sunday, November 27, 2011, for our “HANGING OF THE
 GREENS” Worship Service. The service will be filled with readings and special
 music as we complete the decoration of our Sanctuary and prepare our hearts
 for the Advent season. Advent means “Coming.” We celebrate these days of
 Advent in expectation and preparation for Christ’s arrival. This season is a time
 for reflection and anticipation for the arrival of Christ the King. Let us join togeth-
 er on this First Sunday of Advent as we prepare room for Him in our hearts, our
 lives and our homes!

          Christmas Concert 12/3
   Don’t miss the special concert on December 3rd. Look elsewhere in The
Times for more details!

         Senior Citizen Luncheon 12/8
       Our Annual Christmas Luncheon for seniors will be held on Thursday,
    December 8. The theme this year is Celebrating Our Senior Citizens. We will
    gather at 11:30 AM and lunch will be served at 12:00 Noon. The program will
    feature photographs from Helen Dennis’ scrapbooks of the 1990s and
    Christmas carols by the preschool children. You won’t want to miss it!
       This event is underwritten through donations in support of fellowship for
    FUMC Senior Ministries.
       For reservations, call the Church Office at (954) 463-3758. Please
  respond on or before Thursday, December 1.

             Baby Jesus’ Birthday Party
      On December 18 after the children’s message in the sanctuary, the children
  will celebrate the coming birth of baby Jesus at a birthday party in room 316.
  Approximate times: 11:15 AM to 12:00.

                           What's Up With Stewardship?
    Maybe you’ve been enjoying the baby faces in the bulletin. We hope so. And you may even agree
with some of the thoughts they raise about stewardship.
    Contrary to what the babies think, however, this second cam-
paign of 2011 is being held to help plan the 2012 budget.
    The Finance Committee works hard to make the most of our
tithes, offerings and gifts. They are not frivolous in spending, but
neither are they psychic. To plan for salaries, programs and
repairs (emergency and routine), they need an idea of the budget
they will have to work with for the coming year.
    Each one of us can be a good steward by prayerfully consider-
ing what he or she can give to the work of the church for the com-
ing year and by making his or her pledge during the Stewardship
Drive.                                                                        So what's the pitch this time?
    You recently received a letter along with a pledge card, asking
you to make a pledge for the coming year. Please pray about how you can help the work of the church
in the coming year, consider your finances and fill out and return the pledge card included in the enve-
    If you do not receive a stewardship package in the mail, please ask for one at the reception office.
Whether your pledge is for a tithe (a tenth of your increase) or some other combination of monetary
offering, material gift, gift of service or gift of prayer, we sincerely thank you.

                            Report For Charge Conference
    At our September 18 Church Council meeting, Pastor Mark announced the “Call to Action” report our
congregation is being asked to give at the November 7 Charge Conference (see “Checking Our Vital
Signs” in the September issue of The Times.)
    Seven volunteers, representing a cross section of our congregation, began meeting on September
25 to prepare the report: Ellen Van Sant, Sue Crogan, Susan Virtue, Patty Weidling, Len Strickland,
Larry Mosher and Bill Upchurch.
    The committee’s mission is to complete a historic/visioning questionnaire, outlining our church’s DNA
in the past and stepping out boldly in faith to set goals for the next 4 years. After all the questions have
been discussed, the completed questionnaire will be submitted to the District Superintendent on
November 7. Any congregation members with input ideas are invited to contact members of the com-

     United Methodist Women
              Our Tuesday Evening Fellowship
          and Wednesday Morning groups are
          continuing. Plan on joining us when
          you can. Call the church for dates &
                                                Schneider Wedding
                                               On October 7, 2011, family, loved ones and
                                           friends looked on as Greg Schneider and Cindy
                                           Parsons were married.
                                                     Congratulations Greg and Cindy!

                                           Upper left: For the 1st time, Mr. & Mrs. Schneider
                                           Below: The whole family; Beautiful roses and Bible

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.
                              Proverbs 18:22 (NIV)

               FUMC Youth Fundraiser
              In the Reception area is a Giant Soda Bottle you can hardly miss. Please
          bring in your aluminum cans for recycling and see how fast we can fill it up. The
          youth are raising funds for future adventures such as their most recent trip to
          Rock the Universe. You will not only be helping our youth, but the environment
          as well. The youth will truly appreciate your support in this endeavor.

              Congregation Members Lead Services
    Laity Sunday, which happens annually, gives congregation members a chance to lead our two wor-
ship services and gives the pastors a rest. On October 9th this year, Jean Ready and Tiffany Caldwell
led the Apostles' Creed, Jessamyn Hall gave the children's message, Lynn Mandeville and Diana
Upchurch read scriptures, Don Glenn gave the pastoral prayer, Susan Virtue prepared us for the offering
and Mary Jo Sluder gave the message. Some, but not all, of these individuals are in the accompanying
photograph. We thank all those who led us on Laity Sunday.
             Pictured Above, Bottom Row (Left to Right): Jean Ready, Tiffany Caldwell, Diana Upchurch
                                Top Row: Mary Jo Sluder, Don Glenn, Susan Virtue

                                                                  Photo Gallery
                                                                           October 16, 2011
                                                            Upper Left: Aurelia Elizabeth Birchard Baptism
                                                            Below Left: New Members Todd Wiley and
                                                                        Patty Weidling
                                                            Below Right: Haesook Grable blessed us with
                                                                         a beautiful offertory piano solo

Ryan’s Ramblings
              Pastor Mark and I have a longstanding disagreement.
          Mark is a fan of the Canadian rock band, Rush, and I am a
          devoted fan of the Irish rock band, U2. It is not enough, how-
          ever that we highly esteem our favorite bands. We must also,
          as surely as night follows the day, hold each other’s bands in
          scathing disdain. U2’s music speaks to the human condition with soaring melodies and tran-
          scendent lyrics supported by a solid and steady bass line and intricate percussion. Rush is the
          kind of band that will fill the background of their stage with washing machines, just because.
          This might be why U2 actually gets their songs played on the radio. By Mark’s own admission,
          the people who listen to Rush are all “dungeon masters and pizza delivery boys.”
              Mark and I were at a local eatery recently where we were waited on by a server of Irish
          descent. Never to miss an opportunity, Mark asked her what the Irish think of U2. I don’t real-
          ly remember her answer, but it resulted in another tense dialogue and the decision to hold a
          juke box showdown. The establishment’s juke box had some classic U2 songs and some
          Rush tunes. The test was to see which band would elicit the most favorable response from the
          other patrons. We each popped in our quarters, picked a favorite song, and sat back to wait.
              U2 was first. Nobody noticed. Seriously. Everybody else continued in their food and con-
          versations relegating the resplendent tones of my favorite band to the level of elevator muzak.
          Then the Rush song came on. No less than five different men - all of them looking respectable
          and normal, started drumming their hands on their tables. I hung my head in defeat.
    In each of our experiences in this walk of faith, we are touched and inspired by certain elements that
become like a favorite song for us. As we live our lives and talk about our faith, it can be like singing
that favorite song. So how do people respond to the Jesus tune that you are singing? Do others hear
the music? Are they inspired by the way we live our lives? Are people moved to drum their fingers and
sway along with the song? Sometimes we might need to take a moment to reflect on the effect we are
having on those around us. If we’ve been humming the same exact sounds with no response from peo-
ple - perhaps we might need to change our tune.

                                                        Dear Miss,
                   Ask Mabel...
                                                            So why are you buying into that line of think-
Dear Mabel,                                             ing? I find that a lot of people still respond well to
     I get to ride the bus a lot and                    kind attention - people generally like talking about
I am often struck about how people                      themselves and having someone take interest. I
            do not talk to each                         think a lot of the folks around us spend a lot of
            other. Most people are                      time feeling alone. The other night I was getting
            staring off somewhere or                    water from the machine outside the Winn-Dixie
            looking at the cell                         when there was a nice man with his boy. I kindly
            phones. I can remember                      remarked how strong his son was and the man
            when it was normal for                      smiled broadly. He didn’t speak much English,
            strangers to at least                       but with just a few words I had made a friend. It
share polite greetings and maybe                        is really quite easy. Talk about what you are
pass the time together in a little                      experiencing together, or what you notice. If you
light conversation. Nowadays it                         can’t think of anything, I am always amazed at
seems that the socially accepted                        how much people will open up to talk about the
thing to do is to ignore each other.                    weather. The art of conversation is simply the art
I don’t like that. What do you do?                      of building a bridge from your world to someone
                                                        else’s. Don’t be afraid to break the silence.
Signed,                                                 People can always use a friend!
Miss Talking
    Rock the Universe 2011
    Well, things started                                                              Saturday was won-
off great until the bus                                                           derful. We enjoyed
broke down about an                                                               Islands of Adventures
hour into the trip! So                                                            all day and then that
we missed the first                                                               night we went to
night of RTU, but the                                                             Universal for Rock the
Youth were great                                                                  Universe. The bands
sports about it and                                                               were very good and
hardly complained.                                                                the Youth really had a
After David Marshall                                                              terrific time.
so graciously got two                                                                 Thanks for all your
more vans so we                                                                   support through the
could finish the trip                                                             bake sales and car
(maybe we need a                                                                  wash!!!
new bus or van), we
                                                                                  In his service,
were on the road
                                                                     First United Methodist Youth Group

    If you drive to church, please give some thought to those in our congregation who are shut-ins or
who do not have a vehicle. If the church is holding an evening event, especially remember our seniors
who no longer drive after dark.
    Using the church bus involves complicated scheduling, vehicle maintenance, finding an available
driver (who has a commercial driver’s license) and increased insurance costs for the church.
    Individual congregation members can do a much more effective job transporting others to church
events. Here’s how to get the ball rolling.
                                   • If you need transportation, call Ellen Van Sant at (954) 476-
                                   9059 and leave a message, clearly stating your name, address,
                                   phone number and when you would like a ride (ex. 8:30 on
                                   Sundays and for Thursday noon prayer chapel).
                                   • If you are willing to pick up passengers, again call Ellen Van
                                   Sant at (954) 476-9059, leave your name, phone number, and
                                   the areas to which you can conveniently drive (ex. Plantation,
                                   Melrose Park).
    Ellen will match drivers to passengers and put them in contact with each other to make their

                                    UMW/CWU Bassinet
   UMW & Church Women United thank everyone who donated baby items for October CWU Bassinet.
   The November 4, 2011 World Community Day is at First Christian Ft. Lauderdale which is located at
201 SE 13 Street, Ft. Lauderdale and the reservation deadline is Monday, October 31, 2011. There is
an $8.00 charge. Please call the Church if you would like to attend this CWU program and luncheon.
   UMW attended the CWU Interfaith Luncheon & World Community Day on Friday, October 7, 2011 at
Mount Herman AME. The Program and Business Meeting started at 10 AM with speaker Rev. C.J.
Walters, Pastor of Cokesbury United Methodist Church.
                      First United Methodist After School Program
                                                  101 SE 3rd Avenue
                                              Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
                                           (954) 463-3758 •

Dear Parents:
We are pleased to inform you that, due to popular demand, First United Methodist Preschool now pro-
vides after school facilities. For children grades K through sixth, this is an “out of school” program for
when children have early release days, days off and for after school. The after school program is man-
aged by Mrs. Sharron Swart, originally from South Africa, who has 30 years of experience in this field.
The after school program provides students with the following:
  • A Child Care Program That Is Safe And Nurturing In A Comfortable Environment
  • Supervised Homework
  • An Afternoon Snack
  • Strictly Enforced Security
  • Participation In Scheduled Activities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Creative Play
  • The program will provide excellent care for your child. The fee charged will be $175.00 per month.
  • A reduced fee will be charged for children who require the after school facility only three times a
  • A standard registration fee of $30.00 will be charged to all parents.
Please indicate your interest in the program by filling out the form located below. Formal application
forms will be sent to all parents who have completed these forms.
Thank you for your help in making the after school program successful for parents and children alike.

                First United Methodist After School Program
I, ____________________________________________, am interested in sending my child to the after
school program and would like to be given an application form.

Contact Number: ______________________________ Email Address: ________________________

             Name of child                                                 Grade

             __________________________________________ ______

             __________________________________________ ______

             __________________________________________ ______

             __________________________________________ ______
                                 (Please return this form to the reception desk.)
                             Health Issues: Prescribing The Word
                                      by Jean Ready, RN, Parish Nurse
   A group of seniors have                                                                   prayer for 7 days”.
been working over the past                                                                       Those who are current-
few months to provide a new                                                                  ly serving in this ministry
ministry to those in our con-                                                                are: Fran Welch, Barbara
gregation who are ill. When                                                                  LeGette, and Richard &
the Parish Nurse visits a                                                                    Nona Holt. The prescrip-
member in the hospital,                                                                      tions are on display in the
rehabilitation center, long-                                                                 glass cabinet in the church
term care facility, or in their                                                              office. Our seniors will be
own home, she takes along                                                                    collecting more verses as
a prescription bottle filled                                                                 we offer prescription refills.
with Bible verses and                                                                        Photo: Richard and Nona Holt
labeled “Take once daily with                                                                holding prescription bottles.

                        Senior Adult Enrichment Days for 2012
    The kick-off date for our newest senior ministry program is tentatively scheduled for January. Senior
Adult Enrichment Day will be offered once a month during the week for those who wish to join a group
at the church for activities, educational classes, and support for seniors and their caregivers. We will be
offering health screening, book reviews, exercise classes, games, Bible study, and other activities
planned by seniors for seniors. This program is in keeping with goals set by the Spiritual Growth &
Outreach Committee chaired by Mary Harris. Should you wish to volunteer to help, please contact the
church office.

                           Thanks for the Flu Shot Opportunity
    Those of us who participated in this year’s Immunization Sunday wish to thank Ken Wisniewski, RP
and the CVS Pharmacy. Twelve members took advantage of this program held on Sunday, September
11. The injections were administered by Kathy Carrssell, Pharm D. We certainly appreciate CVS com-
ing to us at our convenience with no extra travel and no waiting. Thank you, Ken, for ministering to your
congregation in this special way!
  Left: Chief Fala Alailima receives a flu shot, Right: Trish (who works in the nursery on Sundays) fills out her paperwork.

   (Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries & Obituaries are usually placed in what we believe to be chronological order.
                       This information comes from the church rolls, not the men’s club calendar.
                If you do not see your special date, please contact the church membership secretary.)

Suzanne Boudreau             John Minor
Barbara Payne                Beth Bartholomew                        WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES
Jason Glenn                  Ann Marie Jacobsen                               Mark & Sally Judd
Noelle Smith                 Tom Walters                                   Ken & Linda Wisniewski
Greg Schneider               Evangeline Johnson                              Mark & Linda Bundy
Mark Bundy                   Autumn Osborn                                 Andy & Jayne Montross
Ruth Ludwig                  Grace Barney                                    Richard & Nona Holt
Dale Watts                   Bill Upchurch                                  Fred & Connie Lecher
Mimi Peale                   Joseph Boyce                                  Joel & Autumn Osborn
Legend Wilkerson             Nancy Long                                     Dale & Anna Bulman
Patsy Staletovich            Janet Miller
Susan Coe

                                                  A Tribute To Nancy McMillan
                                    Nancy McMillan died on September 25, 2011 in the Villages,
                                Florida. Nancy was a valued member of the FUMC staff for twenty-
                                three years. During those years, Nancy listened to member con-
                                cerns, provided information to ministerial staff and welcomed week-
                                day visitors to the church. Her quickness in learning new technolo-
                                gy led her from a Selectric typewriter to a word processor and into
                                the computer age.
    Nancy appreciated the value of Edna Howell’s Senior Citizen Christmas Luncheon: helping to
peel apples, slicing tomatoes and enjoying the Fellowship with all who attended. She was an
expert in arranging to send the Sunday altar flowers to members and friends who needed the com-
fort flowers brought. Nancy and Marian McAdams supervised Heritage Sunday when they
arranged for the event to be held in the city parking garage. Nancy lived her faith every day in her
work among us.
    Nancy was born in Syracuse, New York. She married her high school sweetheart, Chuck
McMillan, in Germany where he was serving in the U.S. Army. Surviving are her husband, Chuck;
her daughters: Melissa (David) Parry of Brandon, FL and Susan McMillan of Valrico, FL and grand-
children: Kelsey, Abigail, Anna and William Parry.

                                                                                         First United
                                                                                            101 SE 3rd Ave.
                                                                                           Fort Lauderdale, FL
                                                         12                                  (954) 463-3758
                                                    708 NE 42nd STREET
                                                    OAKLAND PARK,
                                                    FL 33334

   FUM Church Quilters & Sewers                                              COUNSELING
     Thursday 9 am ‘til 2 pm                                                     CENTERS
          Fellowship Hall                                                    Dr. John R. Wallis, LMFT
         cut, sew & quilt                                                          Director of Clinical Services

        everyone welcome                              Broward: (954) 463-6447, Ext 323 - Dade: (866) 221-2268, Ext 323
                                                            Cell: (305) 528-6156 - Email:
                                                                            Administrative Office
                                                            101 SE 3rd Avenue - Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

   The TIMES strives to be solely supported and paid for by the people who run business card
ads, scripture messages or personal messages in each monthly issue. We are looking for anyone
who would like to support the TIMES by placing an ad each month. The rates are as follows:

                     Business Card Ad                 $125 per year
   Ads must be placed by the 1st of the month to be published in the next month’s issue of The
   Your support is greatly appreciated. Please thank the people who run a business card ad each
month and be sure to use the services of these people.

                             PK Scribbles from the Preacher’s Kids
                        We just love our Sunday School class. There are crafts and Bible stories that
                    we hear from our great teachers and we are thankful for them all! Dad was just
                    talking about a Sunday School class called FaithLink that has been working on
                    some things that will provide some goals for us to achieve over the next few
                    years. I hope that we will meet these goals by the time we hit 9! He said that it
                    has been a lot of hard work for these people, but that their work will give us a tar-
                    get to shoot for. Speaking of that - we just got a new toy that shoots foam
                    arrows. I think we will try to knock Mom’s lamp over!

A man’s wisdom
gives him
patience; it is to
his glory to over-
look an offense.
 Proverbs 19:11 (NIV)

                                                                         Some rights reserved shaire productions

                                                                                                                   & Crocheters
                                                                                                                    1st & 3rd Tuesdays
            Contact: James LeGette                                                                                 4:30 PM in the Parlor
FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF FT LAUDERDALE                                                                NONPROFIT ORG
101 SE 3RD AVE                                                                                                US POSTAGE PAID
FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33301-1920                                                                               FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
                                                                                                                PERMIT # 259

                                    CURRENT RESIDENT OR

                                             Donate Blood 11/6

                                                                              (954) 463-3758

                                                    Sunday Schedule
                                                 Spirited Traditional Services .................... 8:30 & 11:00 AM
                                                 Sunday School for all Ages ................................... 9:45 AM
                                                  Nursery ..................................................... Sunshine Room
                                                  Pre-K - Grade 2 .................................................... Rm. 316
                                                  Grades 3-5 .............................................. 3rd Floor Alcove
                                                  Youth (Mid & Sr. High) .................................... Youth Room
                                                  M & M's .................................... 2nd Floor Conference Rm
                                                  New Day ............................................................... Rm. 314
                                                  FaithLink ................................................................... Parlor
         101 SE 3rd Avenue
        Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


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