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									Bodyweight Exercises

Are you shred on your upper body? Do you want to iron chiseled muscles in the chest, shoulders,
arms, back and abdominal muscles develop? If you're like most people out there, you will need.
I'm not talking about ridiculous "can not scratch his own back" style mass obesity. I am talking
about my athletic Adonis style mass. In the meantime, if you read many of my other articles, you
will understand the importance of the work the legs to help make this happen. Hormonal
increases indirectly through footwork to improve your upper body. That being said, I want to
take a moment to focus on five exercises that focus directly on the muscle groups mentioned
above. I'm trying to talk and tested the following upper body bodyweight exercises:

    Leg Raises

Before going too far in how each of these exercises is to dismember your body like never before
to get, it is important to mention a few important concepts. These fluctuations will change the
way you look at weight training and the results you get from him forever.

Variation No. 1:

Each of them can cope with extra weight! Whether you hold a dumbbell between your feet, use
resistance tubing, a plate have rested on the back or with a weight belt and chain, one thing
remains the same: increased resistance (weight) means better results are obtained if the form and
intensity are maintained . The addition of resistance is an excellent way to exercise at a typical
body weight in order to raise a new level and blast your lean muscle growth to a level off the

Variation No. 2:

Increase Range of Motion (ROM). You may be wondering, how do I increase ROM? Achieving
this depends on the exercise. Take, for example, push-ups. During a standard push-up lower your
chest to the floor and press, until arms are extended, period. This is an excellent move, but what
if you fall below your chest level and further extend the hand during movement Pecs? Well, I'll
tell you what that means. Increased ROM, if performed correctly means more muscle activation,
which leads to more results.

So, what do you need to take these variations? A collection of pull-ups, abdominal, dip, push-up
equipment is required. Better yet a combo that has all these features in one saves space and
money. There are a number of options, so choose the best. Good equipment can handle
placement and adjustability make the ROM and can treat larger body weight. This means you
can insanely effective ranges of motion to work with additional weight.

Okay, okay! Let us into what each exercise will get to do it for you.
First The pull-up: There is not much better than the old-fashioned for the lat pull-up. Perhaps the
only thing better be weighted pull-ups. The overhand wide grip activates the lats fully developed
and the cobra-like back, the V-taper that is. What's more is that the biceps a good job too. If you
work on your flexibility you a crazy pump in the rear shoulder muscles after your sets and
terminate. On the basis of coach you can work through an awesome ROM. A moving bar at the
top allows you to pull up directly on the center line, if you like without the head. You can also
use a standard pull-up in the normal arc pattern. In any case, the lats are strongly stimulated. In
addition, you can strap on extra weight when you get a regular pull-ups as easy to find for you.
Let me say it like that when you pull-ups are repeated for a total of more than 400 pounds, you're
ridiculous! Once you see the great results in your lats you want to make sure the same for the
biceps and middle back width to do.

Second The Chin-up: You ask: "What does make it different from the pull-up?" Among the
recruits handle greater activation in the biceps and back in the middle. The result is a thicker and
larger weapons back. Sound good? Well, if you mention us to develop the physique to the
beginning of the article should be! What would you need to improve on this goal? This leads us
to a chest to match your new back.

Third The push-up: One of the simplest yet most effective upper body exercises in existence.
This is the great granddaddy of breast development. More and more reps. That's what most
people think of to get more results. I would remind you, try to offer some resistance. You can
add a partner or a weight on the back stretch on the back of a resistance band and hold the ends
in your hands. Either way the extra weight changes in workload. You can also use the ROM, as
already mentioned.

4th Dips: This is the perfect exercise to work on the lower part of the breast. It also works the
triceps. As you may know, the triceps make up the greater part of the arm. What does this mean?
Well, that means if you are on the triceps you to experience a significant increase in arm size in a
relatively short time. To accelerate the results you some weight, add to the movement. Keep you
would a dumbbell between your feet or with a weight belt and chain for adding a disk. How ever
you do, you will feel the massive increase in work in the manner of a blasted chest muscles and
triceps. Also, we have not forgotten the impact of dips on the shoulders. The good ol 'dip also
helps shape the shoulder, thus adding to the V-Cone!

Well, if you have all of the above results, it is probably only one thing you are looking for in
your upper body - six-pack!

5th Leg Raises: Training the abdominal muscles brings tons of material debate. The most
important thing to remember is that the rectus abdominis muscles (The Six Pack) is responsible
for pulling the ribcage toward the pelvis and vice versa. So if you are to develop on your
six-pack, you can either move to the desired result. Leg raises are a good option. Personally, I
like hanging out with the pull-up bar if I'm starting fresh. Then, as I more tired I get on the back
or armrest release move. You can work bent leg or straight leg. Holding a weight between your
feet is another version to make it to another level. The most important thing here is to
concentrate on the pelvic obliquity. The basin must crunch on the chest. If you do this correctly
you'll activate rectus abdominis thoroughly and well on the way to develop your ripped six-pack.

There you have it. A list of the best and most basic bodyweight exercises to an upper body to be
Adonis. But what good is a list? It does not matter if you're not using and press to set your
absolute limit! How will you go to your limit? Will you work extra hard on your ROM, or you
want to strap on extra weight for added resistance? Do you want to increase your intensity of my
declining your rest periods between sets? These are all great ways! Use these tools to help you
achieve your goals to help ripped physique.

Example Workout


Push-ups: 5 × 10-30

Pull-ups: 5 × 50-20

Hanging Leg Raise: 5 × 5-15

Chin-ups: 5 × 50-20

Dips: 5 × 10-20

Knee raises: 5 × 10-20

These exercises are done with a 20-60 second rest between each set. This is a straight forward
way to traditional exercises. As mentioned in the article, feel free to add some weight to bring it
to a new level. With or without the extra weight when you are on solid shape with good ROM
and great intensity, you will get results. Gain solid muscle mass will lead to this type of exercise
and proper nutrition. If you want to look, increase your stamina and a metabolic boost, try the
following dual-circuit style routine.

Dual-circuit style

Group 1: (4 laps)

Pull-ups: 4 x 50-20

Push-ups: 4 x 10-30

Hanging Leg Raise: 4 x 5-15

Circuit # 2: (4 laps)

Chin-ups: 4 x 50-20
Dips: 4 × 10-20

Knee raises: 4 x 10-20

In the two-loop to move through each circuit with zero rest between exercises and only 60
seconds rest between each round.

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