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									       Liberty Elementary School Newsletter
  May 2009                                                                                  Pr inc ipal , T homas Gi ffo rd
  Volum e 3, Issue 10                                                              Ass is tan t Pr i nci pal, Bet Ko tow sk i

                                                          Liberty’s “Wish List”
                                            Dear Liberty Parents,
         DATES                              All schools in Charlotte County will be reducing our supply
                                            budgets and copy costs quite significantly for next year. We
May                                         began the process by submitting a priority list of what we must
1st – Western Day and PBS Dance for         have. We did some brain-storming at our School Advisory Council
                                            (SAC) meeting last Thursday night and decided we would try
grades K-2
                                            something new, a Liberty Wish List, beginning in August.
4th – 8th – Kindergarten Round Up

8th – PBS Dance                             The list below represents all of the supplies that our teachers will
12 – Dousing Day
                                            need next year but will probably not have the budget to purchase
                                            them: (These are “wished for” by priority as suggested by our
14th – PBS Dance for 5th grade
                                            grade level teachers.)
15th – Evening Chorus Performance

21st – Fifth Grade Field Day                              Case of white copy paper (about $25 per case)
                                                          Dry Erase Markers (about $4.00 a pack)
21st – PBS All Star Awards
                                                          Rubber Balls (the large red ones that students play
25th No School: Memorial Day                              Kickball with)
27th – Kindergarten Awards 8AM                            Construction Paper (about a dollar a pack)
28th – First Grade Awards 8AM
                                                          Large Chart Paper or Butcher Paper
29th – Second Grade Awards 8AM
                                                          Paper Clips
June                                                      File Folders
1st - Third Grade Awards 8AM
                                            I thought about dividing these by grade level but we can add some
2nd – Fourth Grade Awards 9AM
                                            of these items as additions to our annual “supply lists” by grade
3rd – Fifth Grade vs. Staff Kickball Game   level. We felt like parents are good at finding deals in the local
4th – Fifth Grade Graduation                stores and might be able to afford a donation, if the price is low
                                            enough, no matter what grade level their child is in. The items
4th - Students’ Last Day
                                            above may be discounted substantially in the months ahead – at
9th Summer Reading Camp Begins              least we hope so. If you can donate to our “wish list” cause,
July                                        please bring the items to the office. We will create our own
2nd – Summer Reading Camp ends
                                            Wishing Store for teachers to seek the items above.
August                                      Thank you!

                                                                              Liberty Elementary Where the
                                            Tom Gifford
                                                                              Freedom to Learn Prevails!
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                                                  May 2009

                      Order and Preparation Reduce Stress and Anxiety
As we proceed through the final five weeks or so of this school year, it is extremely important to continue
helping our children be organized and prepared for each school day. This includes getting to school on time,
having homework completed and ready to give to the teacher, and demonstrating an attitude of respectful
cooperation throughout the day.

Often, a child’s academic challenges are due to a lack of organization rather than intellectual ability.
Experts agree that organization is the most important key to success in school and in life.

Stress and anxiety become minimized or nonexistent when a person is well prepared and has things in order
for tasks/responsibilities at hand. Common tips that can help you assist your child with organization are
listed below:

   1) Get with your child each night and review his/her daily planner or folder. This exercise not only
      demonstrates your caring and love, but also helps your child understand how to “work in
      organization.” Additionally, your modeling for him/her further clarifies your expectations for

   2) Organize homework time and space. Make sure your child has all necessary materials to complete
      the assignments. Designate a quiet area space that is as free as possible from distractions. Try to
      have your child do homework during the same time slot each night.

   3) Before your child goes to bed each night, work with him or her to get all materials organized and
      placed into the bookbag/backpack. Place the bookbag/backpack by the door for quick pickup before
      heading out to the bus or car the next morning.

   4) Help your child learn how to lay out his/her clothes before going to bed each night. This includes
      every piece of clothing and accessory needed for the next day. Depending on the age of your child,
      the time you spend assisting with this activity will be variable. Continuing to hold the expectation
      for this discipline will help your child make it a healthful habit, over time.

   5) Help your child learn prioritization and time management. In your child’s planner or on a calendar
      kept in your child’s folder, help him/her track assignments and chunk the time needed to complete
      projects. This develops a sense of control over the schoolwork and promotes self-esteem as
      accomplishments are achieved. This way, the feeling of being overwhelmed can be kept at bay, and
      frustrations have less chance of developing.

Setting the foundation for organization early, helps children develop a discipline for order in their lives as
they continue to grow and mature. As the parent/guardian, you are in a position to have the most
significant impact for such development in your child.
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                                  KINDERGARTEN QUOTES:

Miles, on Jan. 30th, 2009, watching Mrs. Keegan on the daily Spaulding Phonics video:
             “She’s a robot or something if she does that every day!
               She’s been doing that since the first day of school!”

When the time changed this Spring, several students were confused about the darkness in the
            Hannah: “I feel like I should be home in bed.”
            Abbi: “Yes, me too!”
            Hannah: “Why is it so dark out?”
            Mrs. Delano: ”Because the time changed, and Daylight Savings Time is over.”
            Hannah, (aghast): “You mean it’s going to be DARK ALL DAY?”

                           Michael A. , excited about the arrival of his new baby sister:
                       “In 44 years my baby is coming out!”
                   Mrs. Delano: “Wow! That’s a LONG time to wait!”
                   Michael: “Yeah! It was in 20 years!”
                (rethinking): “uh, I think it was 4 years.”

       Mrs. Delano, greeting students at arrival:
“Good morning! Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday!”
Angelina: “Who’s Dr. Seuss???”
Alexi, (confidently): “Our President!”
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                Helping Pre-K Parents to Prepare
                Your Pre-K Child for Kindergarten

A special upcoming event is planned for your Pre-K parents – “Helping to Prepare Your Pre-K
Child for Kindergarten Math.” This enjoyable hands-on workshop for parents will be
presented on May 12, 2009 at Baker Center at 9:00 AM and again at Neil Armstrong
Elementary School at 6:00 PM. The workshop is presented by the Florida Partnership for
Parent Involvement in Education and Title I. Parents will learn engaging ways to help their
children practice math concepts over the summer.

Mary Jo Knarzer
Title I Parent Involvement

                  Drama Mamas and Papas Wanted

Are you a parent that has dancing/choreography experience? We are looking for parents with
such experience to volunteer their expertise. The Drama Department is always looking for kid
friendly direction to help our plays out. Contact Mrs. Harris (255-7515) if you have experience
in simple dances to add to our productions.
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                                 Back to School Supply Lists
                               LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                        2009 – 2010
Parents – Please keep in mind that these are general class needs. Each teacher will have a SPECIFIC list
available during Open House.
Teachers have requested the following:
        NO mechanical pencils
       NO backpacks with wheels in grades K-3

       Back pack--NO WHEELS, to be worn over the shoulder and regular size
       3 boxes of 24 count crayons
       pair of child's Fiskar scissors
       box of tissues
       2 boxes of wet wipes (antibacterial)
       1 box of #2 pencils
       1 pack of 4 dry erase markers
       2 packs of 8.5x11 copy paper
       1 box of bandaids

       1 Box of 16 crayons
       20 #2 pencils
       1 plastic school box
       1 pair of Fiskar scissors
       Back packs – to be worn over the shoulder and NO WHEELS
       1 – 4 oz. Bottle of glue – NO gel glue, glitter glue or glue sticks
       4 boxes of tissues

       Pair of Fiskars scissors
       2 Composition notebooks (marbelized front)
       Set of headphones (from the dollar store)
       Plastic school box (8"x5")
       Box of tissues (big box to share)
       Duotang folders, 3 prong, with pockets (4 different colors, no names on the folders please)
       2 dozen pencils
       Box of bandaids
       Wet Wipes
       Small ziplock bags
       Large ziplock bags
       One pkg. wide ruled notebook paper
       3x5 index cards
       Erasers, both cap size and large size
       Post It notes
       One ream of copying paper
       Magic Eraser(in the cleaning section)
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                                Back to School Supply Lists
                              LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                       2009 – 2010

Parents – Please keep in mind that these are general class needs. Each teacher will have a SPECIFIC list
available during Open House.
Teachers have requested the following:
        NO mechanical pencils
       NO backpacks with wheels in grades K-3

       1 Liberty planner
       24 #2 pencils (NOT mechanical)
       1 box of 24 crayons
       2 packs WIDE ruled notebook paper
       1 pair scissors
       1 large eraser
       1 box of tissue
       1 quart size Ziploc box of baggies
       1 gallon size Ziploc box of baggies

       #2 Regular pencils
       Student Planner (purchased from the LES school store)
       1 Box of tissues
       2 pks. Wide-ruled notebook paper
       glue stick
       red pen
       2 thin highlighters
       colored pencils
       1 and1/2” three ring binder w/pockets front and back
       Pencil pouch (3 hole punched)
       White board markers

       #2 pencils
       Wide-ruled notebook paper
       4-5 thin pocket folders
       Box of tissues
       Box of Bandaids
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                                   MUSIC NEWS

Hello Everyone…This has been one very fast year. It seems like just yesterday that
we were getting ready for the Christmas Concert. And now it is time for our final
Spring Concert. Everyone is invited to attend and there is no charge for a night that
everyone is excited about.

The kids have been preparing for both Band and Chorus selections. I know I have
heard and seen great progress in every area! Mr. Klispe will have the band ready to
show their stuff and chorus is doing a show called “Forever Free”.

The show has a wonderful Drug Free message with delightful songs and mini skits
which all contribute to making their point. You won’t want to miss this performance.

The concert is Friday night May 15th and the kids need to be here in concert dress no
later that 6:15pm. Chorus members will be wearing their Chorus T-Shirts along with
black pants or jeans and black shoes or sneakers.

Please plan on joining us for the fun of it!

                                     Musically yours,
                                     Mr. Szafranski aka Mr. S!
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                                   Third Grade Erupts!

Mr. Y's Third Grade Class recently "erupted" volcanoes that they had constructed at home with their parents' help.
Everyone agreed the culminating activity of the Science Unit was a big success. Here are some of the participants
with their parents.
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                       Fifth Grade Science Fair

Mr. "E's" Class Annual Invention Convention / Science Fair will be Tuesday and Wednesday,
May 19-20 from 9:30-12:00 each day in room D-119. The event is open to all students at
Liberty as well as the Public. Stop by anytime and check out all the cool projects!

                LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!!!
2009 YEARBOOKS are now on sale. If you'd like to buy your copy at this time, you may
   do so for only $15. Use the order form below to order your student’s copy today!

Student’s Name ______________________________________________

Teacher ____________________________ Grade__________________

Parent Name _____________________ Phone # ___________________

Number of Yearbooks ___________________

*** Please make checks payable to Liberty Elementary

***Free Family Portrait at JC Penney with every yearbook
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                                                    EARLY DISMISSAL
                                               Parents, please keep in mind that there is
                                              NO early dismissal after 1:15pm.
                                     Students are engaged in learning through 1:45p.m.every day.

 Liberty Elementary                 After School Transportation Policy
    370 Atwater Street
  Port Charlotte, FL 33954   For the safety of our children, Charlotte County Elementary schools have
         Phone:              implemented a procedure dealing with students after school. Telephone
      (941) 255-7515         calls will not be accepted as a means of changing your child’s way home
  Attendance Line:           after school. We simply cannot tell over the phone if you are the custodial
      (941) 255-7515         parent/guardian or stranger. You will need to send all requests to the
                             school in writing or come to the office. If the request is not done in writing
           Fax:              or in person, your child will be sent home after school the way he/she is
      (941) 255-7519         normally transported on a daily basis.

                             David Gayler
  School Hours               Superintendent
7:10 – 7:40 Breakfast
7:40 – Beat the Bell by
being in Class
7:45 – Late Bell

1:45 – Dismissal: buses,
parent pick-up and

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