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					                                                               Summer Camps & Programs
                                                                                                                       children’s MuseuM of phoenix
                                                                                                                       215 N 7th St, PhOENIx
                                                                                                                       (602) 253-0501

                                                                                                                       childsplAy, inc
                                                                                                                       900 S Mitchell Dr, TEMPE
                                                                                                                       (480) 921-5700

                                                                                                                       chyten tutors And
                                                                                                                       test prepArAtion of scottsdAle
                                                                                                                       13951 N Scottsdale Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
                                                                                                                       (480) 990-7374 /
                                                                                                                       Chyten and its distinguished group of Master Degree
                                                                                                                       educators are passionate about teaching all k-12 subjects;
                                                                                                                       including: English, latin, history, Calculus, Algebra, Physics,
                                                                                                                       Biology, Chemistry, etc. In addition, we prepare students for
                                                                                                                       standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, etc. Give us
                                                                                                                       a call and let us know how we can help you eiTher during
                                                                                                                       The academic year or The Summer time, when we run some
                                                                                                                       special reading, math and study skills programs.
   The Summer can be such an exciting time of year. But for kids who are used to a
      school and sports schedule, you might eventually hear “Mom... I’m bored!”                                        cyt phoenix - christiAn youth theAter
    In this section you can find something fun and enriching for the entire family!                                    locations in norTheast, west and east valley
                                                                                                                       (480) 778-1515
                                                            Asu school of Architecture
Education & Cultural Day Camps                              & lAndscApe Architecture
                                                                                                                       Classes, production and Summer Camps ages 6-18.

                                                            810 S Forest Ave, TEMPE                                    deAring Acting studio
A World of Music                                            (480) 965-3536                                             10806 N 32nd St, PhOENIx
50 S McQueen Rd, ChANDlER                                                                                              (480) 313-9901
(480) 963-7698                                              At teAch And plAy                                          Moving Making Camp, Theater Camp.
                                                            5827 N 35th Ave, PhOENIx
AcAdeMy of clAssicAl BAllet                                 (602) 973-1405                                             deer vAlley rock Art center
21501 N 78th Ave, Ste 100, PEORIA                                                                                      3711 W Deer valley Rd, PhOENIx
(623) 572-7222                                              Az dAnce group                                             (623) 582-8007
                                                            6450 E Cave Creek Rd, CAvE CREEk
Actor’s youth theAtre                                       (480) 215-1916                                             deer vAlley unified school district
7440 E Main St, Ste 10, MESA                                                                                           ANThEM, DESERT hIllS, GlENDAlE & PhOENIx
(480) 807-4055                                              BlAck theAtre troupe inc                                   (623) 445-5005
                                                            333 E Portland St, PhOENIx
All sAints’ episcopAl dAy school                            (602) 258-8128                                             deer vAlley unified school district
6300 N Central Ave, PhOENIx                                 Summer programs available. Call for more info.             coMMunity educAtion cAMp rising stAr/
(602) 274-4866                                                                                                         stArlight theAtre cAMp
                                                            Bricks studio                                              Boulder Creek high School
ArizonA AniMAl WelfAre leAgue And spcA                      4550 E Indian School Rd, PhOENIx                           40404 N Gavilan Peak Pkwy, ANThEM
30 N 40th St, PhOENIx                                       (602) 954-5200                                             (623) 445-5019 /
(602) 273-6852 x121
                                                            Brio fine Arts center                                      deer vAlley unified school district
ArizonA BroAdWAy theAtre                                    8340 E Raintree, Ste C-6, SCOTTSDAlE                       coMMunity educAtion Music rocks!
7701 W Paradise ln, PEORIA                                  (480) 941-8310                                             suMMer AcAdeMic enrichMent clAsses
(623) 776-8400                                              July only.                                                 Sandra Day O’Connor high School
                                                                                                                       25250 N 35th Ave, PhOENIx
ArizonA jeWish theAtre coMpAny                              cAMp BroAdWAy suMMer Arts progrAM                          (623) 445-5019 /
(602) 264-0402                                              ASU Gammage
                                                            Mill Ave & Gammage Pkwy, TEMPE                             deer vAlley unified school district
ArizonA MuseuM for youth                                    (480) 965-5062                                             coMMunity educAtion science rocks!
35 N Robson St, MESA                                                                                                   suMMer AcAdeMic enrichMent clAsses
Recorded Info: (480) 644-2467                               cAMp ceo-girl scouts                                       Sandra Day O’Connor high School
Customer Service: (480) 644-2468                            WilloW springs progrAM center                              25250 N 35th Ave, PhOENIx                               PRESCOTT                                                   (623) 445-5019 /
learn laugh Play! Arizona Museum for Youth (AMY) is a       (602) 253-6359
fine Arts organization designed to spark The imagination,   Girls grades 9-12. Business and how-to Workshops.          desert BotAnicAl gArden suMMer cAMp
stimulate The mind and captivate The eye.                                                                              1201 N Galvin Pkwy, PhOENIx
                                                            cAMp invention in ArizonA                                  (480) 941-1225
ArizonA science center                                      P O Box 7988, ChANDlER
600 E Washington St, PhOENIx                                1-800-968-4332                                             desert drAgon pottery
(602) 716-2028                                                                                                         25037 N 17th Ave, PhOENIx
Summer science Camp and seasonal classes. Ages 4-15.        cAsy preschool                                             (602) 690-6956
                                                            9350 E Cactus Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                               Art Based Classes.
ArizonA stAte university                                    (480) 661-1930
Tempe-Main Campus: 480-965-9011                                                                                        do re Mi school of the Arts                                                 chAllenger spAce center                                    Mountainview Presbyterian Church
                                                            21170 N 83rd Ave, PEORIA                                   8050 E Mountainview, SCOTTSDAlE
Art for fun! studio & gAllery                               (623) 322-2001                                             (480) 451-8233
2801A N 15th Ave, PhOENIx
(602) 274-6441

W W W.PARE NTSRE SO U R C EG UI D E. CO M                                                               Phoenix Metro Edition | 2011 | PARENT’S RESOURCE GUIDE                           29
                  Summer Camps & Programs
     doBson Montessori eleMentAry                                    kiddie AcAdeMy                                                        pArAdise vAlley coMMunity college
     & jr high school                                                17092 W Bell Rd, SURPRISE                                             18401 N 32nd St, PhOENIx
     745 S Extension, MESA                                           (623) 271-9646                                                        (602) 787-6804
     (480) 962-1432
                                                                     leAdership Workshops foundAtion                                       pArAdise vAlley cooperAtive school
     doBson Montessori kindergArten                                  3634 N Drinkwater Blvd, SCOTTSDAlE                                    6239 E Bell Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
     3249 S Birchett, TEMPE                                          (480) 882-6011 /                                         (480) 948-3330
     (480) 820-6122                                                  Afternoon and week-long Workshops instill self confidence
                                                                     and enable teens and pre-teens to handle peer pressure,               pArAdise vAlley unified school district
     dynAMite Montessori school                                      resolve conflicts and communicate effectively. Peer leaders           coMMunity educAtion MAscot cAMp
     28807 N 53rd St, CAvE CREEk                                     and mentors are used.                                                 (602) 449-2200 /
     (480) 563-5710                                                                                                                        Camps for children entering kindergArten through
                                                                     leArning rx                                                           completion of sixth grade. Art, swimming, computers, games,
     eAst vAlley children’s theAtre                                  565 W Chandler Blvd, Ste 116, ChANDlER                                field trips. MonDay-FriDay 6:30 am-6:30 pm June, July and first
     4830 East Main St, MESA                                         (480) 855-9099                                                        week of August. Three locations within Paradise valley Unified
     (480) 756-3828 /                                                                                                         School District.
     During The month of June each year, EvCT sponsors a             lindAMood-Bell leArning center
     Summer Theatre Camp for Youth age 8-16. The Camp provides       10617 N hayden Rd, Bldg B, Ste 101, SCOTTSDAlE                        phoenix country dAy school
     instruction in acting, singing and dancing with half Day and    (480) 922-5675                                                        3901 E Stanford Dr, PARADISE vAllEY
     all Day programs available. The Theatre also holds a half-Day                                                                         (602) 955-8200 /
     Camp for kids age 5-8 in musical Theatre performance skills.    MAster BAllet AcAdeMy
     Call EvCT at (480) 756-3828 or visit our website (www.evct.     3210 E Bell Rd, PhOENIx                                               phoenix filM institute
     org) for questions and details. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 8.           (602) 996-8000                                                        7117 E McDowell Rd, PhOENIx
                                                                                                                                           (480) 922-9267
     encore! youth drAMA                                             MesA Arts center
     valley CaThedral Church                                         1 E Main St, MESA                                                     phoenix pArks/recreAtion
     (602) 331-8522                                                  (480) 644-6500                                                        center for coMMunity Arts
                                                                                                                                           Performing Arts Building
     fire & friends z Art studio                                     MesA coMMunity college                                                1202 N 3rd St, PhOENIx
     8550 N 91st Ave, Ste 49, PEORIA                                 1833 W SouThern Ave, MESA                                             (602) 262-4627
     (623) 444-7918                                                  (480) 461-7575
                                                                     Musical Theater Workshops available.                                  phoenix theAtre’s cookie coMpAny
     first iMpressions preschool                                                                                                           suMMer cAMp 2010 kAMpAloozA
     3110 N hayden Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                                    Mission Montessori on the desert                                      100 E McDowell Rd, PhOENIx
     (480) 941-4094                                                  12990 E Shea Blvd, SCOTTSDAlE                                         (602) 889-5293
                                                                     (480) 860-4330
     fountAin hills coMMunity theAter                                                                                                      phoenix zoo, the
     11445 N Saguaro Blvd, FOUNTAIN hIllS                            Montessori AcAdeMy                                                    455 N Galvin Pkwy in Papago Park, PhOENIx
     (480) 837-9661 / / Email:            6050 N Invergordon, paradise valley                                   (602) 273-1341 /
                                                                     (480) 945-1121                                                        SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 4
     gAteWAy AcAdeMy
     7655 E Gelding Dr, Ste A-3, SCOTTSDAlE                          Montessori dAy school-lAkeshore                                       pueBlo grAnde MuseuM
     (480) 998-1071                                                  1700 W Warner Rd, ChANDlER                                            & ArchAeologicAl pArk
                                                                     (480) 730-8886                                                        4619 E Washington St, PhOENIx
     gAteWAy coMMunity college                                                                                                             (602) 495-0901
     108 N 40th St, PhOENIx                                          Montessori dAy school-MountAinside
     (602) 286-8672                                                  9215 N 14th St, PhOENIx                                               rAinBoW Montessori school
                                                                     (602) 943-7672                                                        6520 E Cactus Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
     greAsepAint scottsdAle youtheAtre                                                                                                     (480) 998-0024
     7020 E 2nd St, SCOTTSDAlE                                       Montessori internAtionAl school
     Registration: (602) 889-5293                                    202 S Gilbert Rd, GIlBERT       1230 N Gilbert Rd, MESA               rAncho solAno privAte schools
                                                                     (480) 890-1580                  (480) 890-1580                        discovery cAMp
     hAndWriting AcAdeMy, the                                                                                                              240 W Missouri , PhOENIx         5656 E Greenway, PhOENIx
     FOUNTAIN hIllS, MESA & SCOTTSDAlE                               Morning glory Montessori school                                       (602) 274-4124                   (602) 996-7002
     (480) 289-2468                                                  9659 N hayden Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
                                                                     (480) 388-9901                                                        7877 W hillcrest Blvd, PEORIA 1305 S Gilbert Rd, GIlBERT
     id tech cAMps                                                                                                                         (623) 581-1234                (480) 899-6877
     Arizona State University, TEMPE                                 MuseuM of northern ArizonA
     1-888-709-TECH (8324)                                           discovery cAMp for kids Ages 4-18                                     school of BAllet ArizonA, the
                                                                     3101 N Fort valley Rd, FlAGSTAFF                                      3645 E Indian School Rd, PhOENIx
     internAtionAl school of ArizonA                                 1-928-774-5213 /                                       (602) 343-6537
     9128 E San Salvador Dr, SCOTTSDAlE                              discovery 2011 is an exciting gateway into the wonders of the
     (480) 874-2326                                                  Colorado Plateau. Join experienced educators for a hands-on           scottsdAle AcAdeMy
                                                                     tour of the region’s traditions of fine arts, natural sciences, and   privAte school of the Arts
     into theAtre                                                    Native cultures during week-long classes. let your creativity and     6315 E Thunderbird Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
     1048 W Greenway Dr, TEMPE                                       curiosity run wild this summer! for more information visit www.       (480) 368-Arts (2787)
     (480) 707-8273                                        
                                                                                                                                           scottsdAle Artist’s school
     iQ ABAcus MAth & lAnguAge school                                Music MAker Workshops                                                 3720 N Marshall Way, SCOTTSDAlE
     430 W Warner Rd, Ste 103, TEMPE                                 3233 E Chandler Blvd, Ste 2, PhOENIx                                  (480) 990-1422
     (480) 763-8272                                                  (480) 706-1224
                                                                                                                                           scottsdAle coMMunity college
     joAnn etc                                                       noAh’s Ark preschool & kindergArten                                   Business institute
     21001 N Tatum Blvd, SCOTTSDAlE                                  2745 N 32nd St, MESA                                                  (480) 425-6920
     (480) 473-4744                                                  (480) 325-0687                                                        Computer basics, graphics, internet and multimedia.

30            PARENT’S RESOURCE GUIDE | 2011 | Phoenix Metro Edition                                                                                W W W. PA RE N TS RE S O U R C EG UI DE .COM
                                                                      Summer Camps & Programs
scottsdAle desert stAges theAtre                                  theAter Works                                                   deer vAlley unified school district
4720 N Scottsdale Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                                  8355 W Peoria Ave, PEORIA                                       coMMunity educAtion ësun’sAtionAl
(480) 483-1664                                                    (623) 815-1791                                                  suMMer cAMp
learn Theater skills in a fun, non-competitive environment.                                                                       20402 N 15th Ave, PhOENIx
                                                                  vAlley youth theAtre                                            (623) 445-5005
scottsdAle school, the                                            525 N 1st St, PhOENIx
14684 N Frank lloyd Wright Blvd, SCOTTSDAlE                       (602) 253-8188                                                  desert devil suMMer cAMp
(480) 451-9442                                                                                                                    1927 N Gilbert Rd, Ste 107, MESA
                                                                  Workshops for youth And fAMilies                                (480) 844-9600
scriBBle 2 script                                                 9797 E Union hills Dr, SCOTTSDAlE
hAndWriting suMMer cAMp                                           (480) 882-6011                                                  desert pAlMs eQuestriAn center
9151 E Bell Rd, Ste 103, SCOTTSDAlE                                                                                               28410 N 44th St, CAvE CREEk
(480) 513-2250                                                    yen-li chen BAllet school                                       (480) 239-4896
                                                                  635 S Alma School Rd, ChANDlER
sheMer Art center                                                 (480) 786-8820                                                  escAlAnte coMMunity center
5005 E Camelback Rd, PhOENIx                                                                                                      suMMer youth progrAMs
(602) 262-4727                                                    young chef’s AcAdeMy                                            2150 E Orange St, TEMPE
Two-week Art experience. Sessions in June, July and August.       16597 N 92nd St, SCOTTSDAlE                                     (480) 350-5800
Ages 7-12. Call for information about classes offered.            (480) 502-0303                                                  Call for dates and information.

siMply iMpressive cooking school                                  young MAsters suMMer Arts clAsses                               girl scouts of ArizonA
3345 E Downing St, MESA                                           West valley Art Museum                                          Cactus Pine Council, Inc
(480) 654-1981                                                    17420 N Ave of The Arts, SURPRISE                               PO Box 21776, PhOENIx
                                                                  (623) 972-0635                                                  (602) 253-6359
6722 E Avalon Dr, Ste 3, SCOTTSDAlE                                                                                               glendAle pArks And recreAtion
(480) 970-8232
Spanish Camp for preSchool and elementary students.
                                                                  Recreational Day Camps                                          5850 W Glendale Ave, GlENDAlE
                                                                                                                                  (623) 930-2820
                                                                                                                                  Call for information.
storyBook kitchen                                                 Boy scouts of AMericA
Tumbleweed Recreation Center                                      Grand Canyon Council                                            joy christiAn school
745 E Germann Rd, ChANDlER                                        2969 N Greenfield Rd, PhOENIx                                   21000 N 75th Ave, GlENDAlE
(602) 510-0959                                                    (602) 955-7747 /                         (623) 561-2000
                                                                  The Boy Scouts offer Day Camps and Overnight Camps for          Entering kindergArten-8th grade. Extended care available.
suMMer Art AcAdeMy                                                boys ages 7-20 and Young women 14-20. Sessions vary by
New hope Education Building                                       Camp but most start the end of May and run through mid-July.    kAchinA country dAy school
1380 E Guadalupe Rd, GIlBERT                                      Whether the cool pines of Payson or Flagstaff are what your     6602 E Malcomb Dr, PARADISE vAllEY
(480) 892-1581                                                    child fancies, kayaking and sailing on lake Pleasant. The Boy   (480) 951-0745
                                                                  Scouts of America have something to offer almost everyone.
suMMer in pArAdise                                                                                                                kindercAre knoWledge
PvUSD Community Education                                         Boys & girls cluB                                               childcAre centers
(602) 449-2001                                                    2645 N 24th St, PhOENIx                                         10850 N 90th St, SCOTTSDAlE
Elementary Summer Schools for enrichment activities and           (602) 954-8182                                                  (480) 451-0710
academic review. held at six elementary locations during June
throughout The Paradise valley Unified School District. variety   1405 E Guadalupe, Ste 4, TEMPE                                  4431 S Mill Ave, TEMPE
of sports Camps including basketball, football, volleyball,       (480) 820-3688                                                  (480) 839-3306
and wrestling for boys and girls, grades 2-12. held at all high                                                                   Three sessions full of fun-filled activities to create a spectacular
Schools in The Paradise valley Unified School District.           10515 E lakeview Dr, SCOTTSDAlE                                 Summertime for your child. Arts, crafts, music, movement
                                                                  (480) 860-5520                                                  classes, more. Unique programs at each location.
tesserAct school loWer school
4800 E Doubletree ranch Rd                                        cActus AQuAtic & fitness center                                 lookout MountAin school
PARADISE vAllEY                                                   7202 E Cactus Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                                    15 W Coral Gables Dr, PhOENIx
SEE OUR AD PAGE ON INSIDE FRONT COVER, 77                         (480) 312-7967                                                  (602) 896-5915
                                                                  kids Sports Camp available. Call for info.
tesserAct school Middle & high school                                                                                             phoenix Activity city youth progrAMs
3939 E Shea Blvd, PhOENIx                                         cActus dAy cAMp                                                 (602) 495-5302
(480) 991-1770 /                          16811 E El Pueblo Blvd, FOUNTAIN hIllS                          Sponsored by The City of Phoenix. Activities, field trips, etc.
A leader in education in the valley, Tesseract School prepares    (480) 836-2267
students to excel in college and beyond, lead lives of                                                                            phoenix country dAy school
purpose and become ethical and compassionate citizens             cAMelBAck desert school                                         3901 E Stanford Dr, PARADISE vAllEY
with a global perspective. Tesseract’s innovative educational     9606 E kalil Dr, SCOTTSDAlE                                     (602) 955-8200 /
approach engages students in learning, enabling them to           (480) 451-3130
master the basics and become critical thinkers. As a non-         PreSchool-8.                                                    sAfAri Adventures cAMp
profit, independent private school for students in preschool                                                                      Stairsteps to learning
through grade 12, resources are directed to recruit and retain    cAMp fire Boys And girls                                        2155 E Broadway Rd, MESA
outstanding educators and continually enhance the school’s        Council of Greater Arizona                                      (480) 962-7205
two campuses in Phoenix and Paradise valley. We invite            2345 E Thomas Rd, Ste 400, PhOENIx
your child to join us this summer for thematic, innovative        (602) 954-7544                                                  scottsdAle eArly leArning center
adventures in learning. Students learn in a challenging and                                                                       12630 N 48th St, SCOTTSDAlE
well-supervised environment, enjoying a variety of unique         coyote cAMp                                                     (602) 953-2530
and exciting activities. NAEYC and NCA accredited; member of      Pointe hilton Resort at Squaw Peak
NAIS and AAIS. Morning and evening extended care available.       7677 N 16th St, PhOENIx                                         tWin Acres school of riding
For information visit or call 480-        (602) 997-2626                                                  6407 E Cactus Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
991-1770. SEE OUR AD PAGE ON INSIDE FRONT COVER, 77               kids ages 4-12 can participate in outdoor activities, arts &    (602) 867-2215
                                                                  crafts, movies and swimming.

W W W.PARE NTSRE SO U R C EG UI D E. CO M                                                                      Phoenix Metro Edition | 2011 | PARENT’S RESOURCE GUIDE                                    31
                 Summer Camps & Programs
     yMcA                                                         unitAriAn universAlist
     various Camps every Summer at valley locations.              congregAtion of phoenix                                            Religious Overnight Camps
     AhWATUkEE                     ChANDlER/GIlBERT               4027 E lincoln Dr, PARADISE vAllEY
     (480) 759-6762                (480) 899-9622                 (602) 840-8400                                                     AMericAn BAptist churches
                                                                                                                                     of the pAcific southWest
     ChRIS-TOWN                     GlENDAlE/PEORIA               vAlley of the sun jcc                                              tonto riM christiAn cAMp
     (602) 242-7717                 (602) 588-9622                sheMesh dAy cAMp                                                   1-928-478-4630
                                                                  12701 N Scottsdale Rd, SCOTTSDAlE
     MESA                           SCTTSDlE/PARADISE vlY         (480) 483-7121                                                     ArizonA lutherAn outdoor
     (480) 969-8166                 (480) 951-9622                                                                                   Ministry AssociAtion (AloMA)
                                                                                                                                     PO Box 3, PRESCOTT
     (602) 276-4246
                                    (480) 730-0240
                                                                  Overnight Camps                                                    1-928-778-1690

                                                                                                                                     AsseMBlies of god
     vAllEY OF ThE SUN                                            Boy scouts of AMericA                                              2601 E Thomas Rd, PhOENIx
     (602) 257-5120                                               Grand Canyon Council                                               (602) 343-4011
                                                                  (602) 955-7747 /
                                                                                                                                     cAMp chArles peArlstein
                                                                  cAMp shAdoW pines
     Religious Day Camps                                          300 Arizona hwy 260, hEBER
                                                                  (602) 952-1312                                                     Only Jewish sleep-away Camp in AZ.
     ArizonA jeWish theAtre coMpAny                               Weekly sessions available for groups and organizations.
     (602) 264-0402                                                                                                                  cAMp yAvApAi
                                                                  cAMp WAMAtochick-prescott                                          PRESCOTT
     BArness fAMily jcc, the                                      2345 E Thomas Rd, Ste 400, PhOENIx                                 1-928-445-2162
     908 N Alma School Rd, ChANDlER                               (602) 954-7544                                                     One week sessions for ages 7-16.
     (480) 897-0588                                               Ages 8-17.
                                                                                                                                     sAlvAtion ArMy cAMp ponderosA rAnch
     Beth el congregAtion                                         friendly pines cAMp                                                hEBER
     1118 W Glendale Ave, PhOENIx                                 933 Friendly Pines Rd, PRESCOTT                                    1-928-535-5082
     (602) 944-2464                                               1-888-281-2267, 1-928-445-2128                                     Offering five Day sessions in heber for ages 6-17. Archery,
                                                                                                      academics, hiking, high Elements Climbing Tower, leadership
     BethAny leArning center                                      A Summer wonderland nestled in the tall, beautiful cool pines      development, music and religious activities, sports and
     6240 S Price Rd, TEMPE                                       near Prescott. 70 Summers of Camping experience for boys           swimming.
     (480) 838-2440                                               and girls ages 6-13. Campers choose from over 30 activities.
                                                                  Riding, water skiing, pets, tennis, swimming, fishing, climbing,   united christiAn youth cAMp
     cAMp hAveriM - teMple kol AMi                                crafts, sewing and more. Climbing wall. large heated pool.         1400 Paradise valley Rd, PRESCOTT
     15030 N 64th St, SCOTTSDAlE                                  Redwood cabins with full plumbing. low Camper/staff ratios.        1-928-445-0391
     (480) 951-9660                                               Request our color brochure.
                                                                                                                                     united Methodist church cAMps
     chABAd of the eAst vAlley                                    girl scouts of ArizonA                                             1550 E Meadowbrook Ave, PhOENIx
     3875 W Ray Rd, Ste 6, ChANDlER                               Cactus Pine Council, Inc                                           1-800-229-8622
     (480) 855-4333                                               (602) 253-6359

     eternAl life lutherAn school                                 nAu Music cAMp-overnight
     7025 E Main St, MESA                                         Northern Arizona University, FlAGSTAFF
                                                                                                                                     Sports Camps
     (480) 985-2131                                               1-928-523-2323
                                                                  Juniors seventh-ninth grade, Seniors ninth-twelfth grade           BaseBall
     gethseMAne lutherAn school                                   (including graduated seniors).
     1035 E Guadalupe Rd, TEMPE                                                                                                      BAseBAll cAMp yAvApAi college
     (480) 839-0906                                               orMe suMMer cAMp                                                   1100 E Sheldon St, PRESCOTT
                                                                  hC 63 Box 3040, MAYER                                              1-928-776-2239
     neW covenAnt kindergArten/preschool                          1-928-632-7601
     15152 N Frank lloyd Wright Blvd, SCOTTSDAlE                  Co-ed Camp ages 7-16. Western riding Camp. Summer School
     (480) 391-1264                                               if needed.                                                         BasketBall
     north scottsdAle                                             pAli overnight Adventures                                          high school BAsketBAll cAMps
     united Methodist church                                      1-909-867-5743                                                     coMMunity educAtion
     11735 N Scottsdale Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                            Weekly Camps in SouThern California.                               (602) 449-2200
     (480) 948-0529
                                                                  phoenix Boys choir                                                 chArli turner-thorne
     north vAlley christiAn AcAdeMy                               (602) 264-5328                                                     girls BAsketBAll cAMp
     39808 N Gavilan Peak Pkwy, ANThEM                                                                                               Wells Fargo Arena, ASU Campus, TEMPE
     (623) 551-3454                                               southWestern AcAdeMy                                               (480) 965-6086
                                                                  Beaver Creek Ranch Campus, RIMROCk                                 Grades 3-12.
     sMAll World villAge                                          1-928-567-4581
     At phoenix first AsseMBly                                    Co-ed for grades 7-12, June-August. (Summer School)                herB sendek BAsketBAll cAMp
     13613 N Cave Creek Rd, PhOENIx                                                                                                  ASU Campus, TEMPE
     (602) 867-1511                                               st joseph’s youth cAMp                                             (480) 965-6677
                                                                  Mormon lake, FlAGSTAFF                                             Boys, ages 7-18. held in June.
     solel dAy cAMp                                               (480) 449-0848
     6805 E McDonald Dr, PARADISE vAllEY                          One-week Summer Camp program available for all. Exciting           phoenix suns
     (480) 991-4545                                               programs for everyone ages 8-14. Non-profit Summer                 Thunderbird high School
     Join us for a fun Summer in a warm, safe, nurturing Judaic   program sponsored by The Arizona knights of Columbus.              1750 W Thunderbird Rd, PhOENIx
     environment. Accepting two year olds to first grade.                                                                            (602) 594-Camp (2267)

32            PARENT’S RESOURCE GUIDE | 2011 | Phoenix Metro Edition                                                                          W W W. PA RE N TS RE S O U R C EG UI DE .COM
                                                             Summer Camps & Programs
seAn Miller Boy’s                                         k & k cheer eMpire
BAsketBAll suMMer cAMp                                    952 W Melinda ln, Ste A, PhOENIx
U of A Campus, TUCSON                                     (623) 581-0883
Day and overnight Camps, 2nd-9th grade.                   little gyM, the
                                                          10 valley locations
toM kuyper BAsketBAll cAMp                                visit our website for more information
10020 N 15th Ave, PhOENIx
(602) 995-8877                                            My gyM children’s fitness center
                                                          My Gym Ahwatukee
                                                          4142 E Chandler Blvd, Ste 104, PhOENIx
FootBall                                                  (480) 940-4967

high school footBAll cAMps                                My gyM phoenix
coMMunity educAtion                                       21035 N Cave Creek Rd, Ste 3, PhOENIx
(602) 449-2200                                            (602) 992-5437

Mike stoops suMMer cAMp                                   My gyM scottsdAle
U of A Campus, TUCSON                                     9171 E Bell Rd, Ste 109, SCOTTSDAlE
1-520-621-4917                                            (480) 483-5936
One week in June. Call for more information.
                                                          oAsis gyMnAstics & sports center
sun Angel foundAtion footBAll cAMp                        8643 W kelton ln, Ste 110, PEORIA
ASU Campus, TEMPE                                         (623) 977-6399
(480) 965-5053
held in June; 5th grade-12th grade.                       phoenix gyMnAstics AcAdeMy
                                                          1926 W Monona Dr, PhOENIx
                                                          (623) 582-5293
                                                          scottsdAle gyMnAstics
AhWAtukee coMMunity                                       9321 N 94th St, SCOTTSDAlE
sWiM & tennis center                                      (480) 951-0496                                           nAu soccer cAMp
4700 E Warner Rd, PhOENIx                                                                                          FlAGSTAFF
(480) 893-3431                                            ultiMAte gyMnAstics                                      1-928-523-5353
                                                          7812 N 12th St, Ste B, PhOENIx                           Indoor/Outdoor at Walkup Skydome.
Asu golf cAMp                                             (602) 248-4212 /
karsten Golf Course                                       SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 36                                    phoenix sports centre
ASU Campus, TEMPE                                                                                                  3839 W Indian School Rd, PhOENIx
(480) 921-8070                                                                                                     (602) 269-6766
Golf programs available.                                  karate
                                                                                                                   sun devil soccer cAMps
junior golf AcAdeMy                                       kArAte for kids                                          655 S Rural Rd, TEMPE
kent Chase Golf Academy                                   29850 N Tatum Blvd, Ste 105, CAvE CREEk                  (480) 965-6973
3636 E Baseline Rd, PhOENIx                               (480) 575-8171
(602) 243-0931
                                                          6065 W Chandler Blvd, Ste A1, ChANDlER                   soFtBall
junior golf cAMp                                          (480) 961-3634
Coronado Golf Course                                                                                               Asu softBAll cAMp
2829 N Miller Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                              MArtiAl Arts AcAdeMy                                     ASU Campus, TEMPE
(480) 947-8364                                            1058 N higley Rd, Ste 201, MESA                          (480) 965-3973
learn all facets of golf from PGA and lPGA instructors.   (480) 430-3016                                           E-mail for more information.

                                                          pArAdise vAlley school of kArAte
Gymnastics                                                13647 N 32nd St, PhOENIx                                 sports oF all sorts
                                                          (602) 867-9204
ArizonA sunrAys gyMnAstics                                                                                         Brophy sports cAMpus
And dAnce center                                          southWest center for the MArtiAl Arts                    Brophy Preparatory, PhOENIx
3110 E Thunderbird Rd, PhOENIx                            7735 E Evans Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                              (602) 264-5291
(602) 992-5790                                            (480) 443-2550                                           Summer programs and lessons available for all ages, as well as
                                                                                                                   recreational teams.
ArizonA tWirling Athletes
PhOENIx                                                   skatinG                                                  huBBArd suMMer sports cAMp
(602) 997-0522                                                                                                     (602) 971-4044
                                                          ice den
Asu sun devil gyMnAstic cAMp                              9375 E Bell Rd, SCOTTSDAlE                               kicks kids
ASU Campus, TEMPE                                         (480) 585-RINK /                      9260 E Desert Camp Dr, SCOTTSDAlE
(480) 727-6974                                                                                                     (480) 585-7684

desert storM elite                                        soccer                                                   lA cAMArillA rAcQuet, fitness & sWiM
8455 N 90th St, Ste 3, SCOTTSDAlE                                                                                  5320 E Shea Blvd, SCOTTSDAlE
(480) 391-0164                                            fountAin hills soccer cluB                               (480) 998-3388
                                                          PO Box 18096, FOUNTAIN hIllS
gold MedAl gyMnAstics                                     (480) 837-3038
255 W Warner Rd, ChANDlER
(480) 857-7335

W W W.PARE NTSRE SO U R C EG UI D E. CO M                                                           Phoenix Metro Edition | 2011 | PARENT’S RESOURCE GUIDE                          33
                  Summer Camps & Programs
     sullivAn proforMAnce                               tiger volleyBAll cAMp                                           city of peoriA
     Fischer Sports Facility                            Gilbert high School                                             AdAptive recreAtion progrAM
     5750 S 32nd St, PhOENIx                            1101 E Elliot, GIlBERT                                          8401 W Monroe St, PEORIA
     (480) 247-3910                                     (480) 497-0177 x128                                             (623) 773-7436
     Year-round sports Camps.                           Grades k-12.
                                                                                                                        city of scottsdAle
     yAvApAi college sports cAMp                                                                                        AdAptive recreAtion progrAM
     1-800-922-6787 /
                                                        Special Needs Camps & Programs                                  7340 E Scottsdale Mall, SCOTTSDAlE
                                                                                                                        (480) 312-2234 Disabled/non-disabled Summer Camp.

     swimminG                                           AMericAn cAncer society                                         depArtMent of speech
                                                        dAy And overnight cAMp                                          And heAring science At Asu
     AlohA AQuAtic center                               4550 E Bell Rd, Ste 126, PhOENIx                                Arizona State University, TEMPE
     1011 N val vista Dr, GIlBERT                       (602) 952-7548                                                  Arizona State University, GlENDAlE
     (480) 786-0703                                     Three-week Summer program for ages 3-7 who have or have         (480) 965-2373
                                                        had cancer. Siblings in The same age group welcome. 8:30 am
     AhWAtukee coMMunity                                - 1:30 pm at Encanto Park.                                      foundAtion for Blind children
     sWiM & tennis center                                                                                               1235 E harmont Dr, PhOENIx
     4700 E Warner Rd, PhOENIx                          AMericAn diABetes AssociAtion                                   (602) 331-1470
     (480) 893-3431                                     AzdA overnight                                                  ShARP (Summer habilitation & Recreation Program), for
                                                        (602) 861-4731                                                  children. Summer program runs for five weeks.
     suMMer AQuAtics                                    Ages 12-16. Activities at Friendly Pines in Prescott include
     kiWAnis pArk recreAtion center                     horseback riding and archery.                                   foundAtions developMentAl house
     6111 S All American Way, TEMPE                                                                                     1815 E Queen Creek Rd, Ste 1, ChANDlER
     (480) 350-5201                                     AMericAn lung AssociAtion                                       (480) 219-3953
     Swimming available all Summer.                     cAMp not-A-Wheeze
                                                        102 W McDowell Rd, PhOENIx                                      gAteWAy AcAdeMy
     sun devil AQuA sport cAMp                          (602) 258-7505 /                            7655 E Gelding Dr, Ste A3, SCOTTSDAlE
     Mona Plummer Aquatics Complex, TEMPE               June 5-June 11, 2010. For children ages 7-14 with moderate      (480) 998-1071 /
     (480) 965-3636                                     to severe asthma. held at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott.
     Week Camp; ages 7-13.                              Academics, Arts, asthma education courses, and sports.          gilBert pArks/recreAtion
                                                                                                                        90 E Civic Center Dr, GIlBERT
     sWiMkids usA, inc                                  Arch (ArizonA recreAtionAl                                      (480) 503-6202
     2725 W Guadalupe Rd, MESA                          center for the hAndicApped)
     SE corner of loop 101 & Guadalupe                  1550 W Colter St, PhOENIx                                       lions cAMp tAtiyee
     (480) 820-9109 /                (602) 230-2226                                                  PO Box 6910, MESA
                                                                                                                        (480) 380-4254
                                                        cAMp cAndlelight                                                For children and adults.
     tennis                                             Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona, hEBER
                                                        (602) 406-3581                                                  MusculAr dystrophy AssociAtion
     ArizonA BiltMore resort & spA                      A Camp for boys and girls ages 8-15 with epilepsy.              10235 S 51st St, Ste 195, PhOENIx
     2400 E Missouri Ave, PhOENIx                                                                                       (480) 496-4530
     (602) 381-7684                                     cAMp civitAn                                                    Overnight Camp for ages 6-17, one week during June. Free.
                                                        3509 E Shea Blvd, Ste 117, PhOENIx
     AtA tennis cAMp                                    (602) 953-2944                                                  neW WAy AcAdeMy
     GIlBERT/ChANDlER, SCOTTSDAlE/PARADISE vAllEY       Camp for physically and mentally challenged, includes eleven,   1300 N 77th St, SCOTTSDAlE
     (480) 970-0599                                     one-week sessions near Williams. Ages 5 and up.                 (480) 946-9112

     AhWAtukee coMMunity                                cAMp courAge                                                    pediAtric speech & lAnguAge speciAlists
     sWiM & tennis center                               333 e virginia ave, ste 204, PhOENIx                            6865 E Becker ln, Ste 101, SCOTTSDAlE
     4700 E Warner Rd, PhOENIx                          (602) 230-2041                                                  (480) 991-6560
     (480) 893-3431                                     Sponsored by The Foundation for Burns and Trauma. One-
                                                        week Camp for ages 6-15 who have suffered a burn injury         sirri
     villAge rAcQuet & heAlth cluB                      resulting in a hospitalization. Camp in Prescott.               4515 S McClintock Dr, Ste 208, TEMPE
     4444 E Camelback Rd, PhOENIx                                                                                       (480) 777-7075
     (602) 840-6412                                     cAMp cruz
     Junior Tennis Clinic. Ages 4-16.                   (602) 264-7679, 1-800-477-7679                                  zetA 21 internAtionAl
                                                        Five Day residential Camp for ages 7-16 who have some form      the ArizonA MAgic of Music & dAnce
                                                        of juvenile Arthritis.                                          15555 E Bainbridge Ave, FOUNTAIN hIllS
     VolleyBall                                                                                                         (602) 653-8702
                                                        cAMp honor
     Asu sun devil volleyBAll                           PRESCOTT
     ASU Campus, TEMPE                                  (602) 955-3947
     (480) 965-7178                                     Week-long Camp for children and siblings ages 7-17 who
                                                        have hemophilia, von Wilebrand’s or hIv. (Chauncy Ranch)
     dAve ruBio’s volleyBAll cAMp
     U of A Campus, TUCSON                              children’s center, the
     1-520-621-2856                                     5430 W Glenn Dr, GlENDAlE
     volleyball Camps meet in July; all ages.           (623) 915-0345 x301

     high school volleyBAll cAMps                       city of chAndler
     coMMunity educAtion                                PO Box 4008, ChANDlER

                                                                                                                             Visit us online!
     (602) 449-2200                                     (480) 782-2709
                                                        Camp Challenge - six weeks. 8:30am-3pm for The
                                                        developmentally disabled. Ages 5-21.

34             PARENT’S RESOURCE GUIDE | 2011 | Phoenix Metro Edition                                                            W W W. PA RE N TS RE S O U R C EG UI DE .COM

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