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“Inclusion is the understanding that ALL students will have access to the
  knowledge, skills and values necessary to lead productive lives.”

                                       January 6, 2006

                         Meeting the Needs of Children with Special Needs
                                        in the General Classroom

                        Developing adaptations and accommodations for a child with
                        special needs is a continuous process that involves each child's
                        collaborative team. That team includes the IEP team in addition
 to other staff that helps to meet the needs of the child. The first step is to assess
the child's abilities and the environment where the child will be spending time. Once
the goals and objectives are identified and expectations for the child's participation
in that environment are established, the team selects or creates adaptations and
accommodations that address those needs. This should be reflected in the students IEP.
This is only one part of the process. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the
adaptations or accommodation. If they are too restrictive or provide assistance beyond
what is needed for the child to be successful in the classroom, then the team should
reconsider. Once implemented, their effectiveness should continuously be assessed on
an ongoing basis and revised, as needed, to ensure student progress.

~ Information retrieved from University of Kansas, Circle of Inclusion Project,

  Questions regarding Inclusive Practices contact Mary Bennett @ 980-343-2715 or
PBIS In Action: Camp Kennedy

“All this time, I thought that I never could change, but you have taught me who I really am. That’s what I’ve
learned in Camp Kennedy.”

                                                         . . . Excerpt from a student’s Camp Kennedy exit essay

Initiated in January of 2005 by Kennedy Middle School Principal, Johnnie Gordon, to address those students in
need of targeted intervention, Camp Kennedy provides a highly structured environment for intense academic
and behavioral instruction.

Camp Kennedy has proven to be successful. In the first months of operation, Camp Kennedy was full with as
many as 15 students in the program for each 10 day session. For the first quarter this year, only 4 students
have needed this intervention. Students who have completed Camp Kennedy gained about 10-15 points on
their EOG scores.

As part of the continuum of behavioral support provided to Kennedy Middle School’s students, Camp Kennedy
has contributed to a 40% drop in the number of office disciplinary referrals (ODRs). Last year 30% of Kennedy
Middle School’s total enrollment had been to the office at least once to meet with an administrator concerning
inappropriate behavior. Administrators dealt with 5.18 referrals a day. This year Kennedy Middle School
administrators spend more time on instructional leadership and less time on discipline, as they now see 2.62
referrals per day and only 17% of all students have visited them.

Camp Kennedy is not a boot camp. It is neither time out nor in-school suspension. Camp Kennedy is not
punitive. Camp Kennedy is the last stop in Kennedy Middle School’s disciplinary hierarchy before referral to
other district discipline or educational programs. Students spend their days completing class work, remedial
academic tasks, learning the school-wide expectations of Kennedy Middle School, and practicing appropriate
behavior in a respectful and peaceful environment.

Students are assigned to Camp Kennedy for a 10 school day period. During this time they receive grade level
specific instruction in all core subjects as well as computer technology, study, and social skills. Instruction is
provided by certified teachers who teach at Camp Kennedy as part of their assigned instructional day.
Students must also complete all assignments and projects for their regularly scheduled classes. The program is
tightly managed by Adaryl Beasley, who establishes a relationship with each student as he directs them
through the expectations, procedures, and requirements of Camp Kennedy. Mr. Beasley acknowledges that he
has a challenging job working with students in Camp Kennedy. “I get great support from everybody in the
school, the principal, other administrators and all of the staff,” he stated. “It makes my job easier and I enjoy
seeing the students grow and change.”

Mr. Beasley credits the success of Camp Kennedy to building relationships based on respect and trust. “All of
the Camp Kennedy students, no matter how frustrated they have been with school, still manage to find a way
to say thanks for the Camp Kennedy experience”, said Mr. Beasley. Programs like Camp Kennedy
demonstrate that students don’t care to learn until they learn that we care about them.

Questions regarding PBIS contact Marjorie Wunder @ 980-343-2780 or
                                               NCAAP Update
Attention all teachers completing the NCAAP. We have new information regarding the alignment of IEPs
and portfolio tasks! There will not be an emphasis on IEPs this year. So . . . you will not need to do split
year IEPs, just continue taking data on the goal started at the beginning of the year (as long as not
mastered). Also, if you get a new student, you can set up the NCAAP with goals that align with the
essences but they do not have to come from the IEP. Remember, although the goals do not have to come
from the IEP, they do need to align to the essences, and the IEP is a good tool to use to find useful and
functional goals for that student. If you have any questions, please email
Training correction- There will NOT be training at the PDC on January 11th. If you need any assistance with
the NCAAP, please contact Bree Jimenez.


               Kathy Fallin
               Laura Norris
               Ginevra Courtade-Little
               Sarah Johnson
                Sarah Lockhart
               Bree Jimenez

                      Creating Access to the General Curriculum in Math for
                                Student with Significant Disabilities
The Reading, Writing, Math and Science Grant is a U.S. Department of Education directed research project, is a
partnership effort between UNC Charlotte, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, and Life-Span Services.
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of teacher training in use of a math lesson plan template with
self-monitoring on delivery of math instruction that uses grade-appropriate ALGEBRA instruction!

                     Congratulations and thank you to the following teachers and
                              principals who are part of this project:

               Heather Schenning – Dr. Candice Williams                AG Middle
               Pat Wright – Denise Comeaux                             Metro School
               Debbie Taylor – Mark Nixon                              East Mecklenburg HS
               Michael Jurney – Katherine Rea                          Vance HS
               Claudio Ortiz – Joel Ritchie                            Butler HS

For questions regarding the RWMS grant, please contact Bree Jimenez @ 980-343-2682 or
                                              The Fletcher Forum
                                             on Learning Disabilities
                                              Dr. Edward Hallowell
                                           “Delivered From Distraction”
                                              Tuesday, February 7, 2006
                                                   7:30-9:00 p.m.

                                          Presbyterian Hospital Auditorium
                                               200 Hawthorne Lane
       Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist, founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and
        Emotional Health in Sudbury, MA, and member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hallowell is a
        world expert both on raising happy children and adult ADHD.

       Lecture is free and open to the public.
       Space is limited; register early.
       Visit our web site for more information:
    To register call or e-mail: Judy Cooke 704-365-9845, ext. 107 or email:
                                        8500 Sardis Road Charlotte, NC 28270

                                         The Fletcher Forum Teacher Workshop
                                          “The ABC’s of ADD in the Classroom”
                                                 Wednesday Feb. 8, 2006
                                          The Harris Conference Center, CPCC
Registration and payment required: $125 payable to The Fletcher School, or $100 early registration if received on
or before January 6, 2006 (Early registration for CMS staff extended through the 16th).
Contact Betsy Strowd 704-365-4658/ with questions
Program: Will clarify the confusion surrounding the world of attention deficit disorder and describe a comprehensive
strength-based approach to teaching children with ADD. Dr. Hallowell will share specific, concrete, and practical ways to
manage ADD in the classroom without medication, and address the pros and cons of medications now available. This full
day experience with Dr. Hallowell offers an in-depth look at the human experience of ADD with strategies that can be
applied to the regular classroom, special education classrooms or home settings.
Audience: Educators

Occupational Course of Study
Job Coach Meetings
All meetings begin at 1:00pm
January 19, 2006        Morgan (Rita Gaines hosting)
February 16, 2006       Garinger (Gervonnie Ellerbe)

All job coaches must attend these meetings. Please contact Laura if you are unable to attend.

Questions regarding OCS please contact Laura Norris @ 980-343-2632 or
                                 CHADD of Mecklenburg County
                                 P.O. Box 690753               Charlotte, NC 28227-7013

                              Voice Mail: 704-551-9120 E-mail:
                                  Web Site:
                                    Parent/ Teacher/ General Meetings 2005-2006
                         All meetings are free and open to the public as a community service.

                                                   7:00-9:00 P.M.
         Date       Topic                                    Speaker                        Location
       1/9/2006     “Assistive Technologies For Students     Linda Schilling                Carolina
                    With ADHD And Learning                                                  Computer
                    Disabilities”                                                           Access Center
       2/13/2006    “BANG, CRASH, POW: 12 Strategies         John Willson, M.S.,            Coca-Cola
                    To Unlock The Super-Hero For The         TRS/CTRS, SOAR NC/
                    Student Diagnosed with ADHD And
                    Learning Disabilities”

Coca-Cola: 4100 Coca-Cola Plaza (next to Piedmont Natural Gas formerly 1900 Rexford Rd. behind South Park Mall)
Carolina Computer Access Center: Housed In First Ward Elementary School; 401 East Ninth Street
The Adult Share & Support Group: Meets with the general meetings when the topic applies to both groups.
CHADD: Available to present the CHADD Nationally developed CHADD In-Service about ADHD to your local
school, library, PTA or other civic group. Just contact us for more information.

                              Dates:          Thursday, February 2, 2006
                              Location:       Marie G. Davis Middle School
                                              Media Center
                              Time:           4:00-5:00
           Questions regarding these meetings contact Staci Levi 980-343-6164 or

                             High School Department Chair Meetings 2005-2006
               DATE                                        LOCATION                           TIME
              January 12, 2006                               PDC                            2:30-4:00
              February 9, 2006                               PDC                            2:30-4:00

     Questions regarding these meetings contact Valerie Morgan 980-343-2679 or
A Reminder to all SAC Teachers or teachers of Autism
To access an online tutorial for learning more about how to use “Classroom Suite”: Go
to the website and click on Intellitools Classroom Suite. Along the right-hand column, click on tutorials and documentation
for on-line support.

To access online activities utilizing “Classroom Suite”: www.intellitools.comDon’t have the time to make
you own grids from scratch for use with the “Intellikey”? Many rely on the pre-made learning activities and
templates to take advantage of what has been shared by others at the Classroom Activity Exchange. Become a
member at: Intellitools

To access an online tutorial for learning more about how to use “Clicker 5”: - Please note, our schools have an earlier version
“Clicker 4”, but many of the procedures are the same.
To access online activities utilizing “Clicker 4”:
Don’t have time to make your own grids from scratch for use with “Clicker 4”, “ClozePro” or “Wordbar”?
Many rely on the pre-made learning activities and templates available at the “Learning Grids” website. Become
a member at: To access an online tutorial for learning more about how to use “Classroom Suite”: Go to the website and click on Intellitools Classroom Suite. Along the right-hand column, click on
tutorials and documentation for on-line support.

Questions regarding Autism contact Kathy Fallin @ 980-343-2680 or

                                  All Exceptional Children forms will be completed
                                 Electronically using EasyIEP effective January 2, 2006.

Effective Jan 2, 2006 the Fee for Service documentation site will merge with the EasyIEP site so that
therapists no longer have to log on to two separate sites. EasyIEP users will experience no change
to their use of EasyIEP. Those who document for services will experience a new sense of ease and
comfort with the process of documentation.

Questions regarding IEP contact Beth Warren @ 980-343-2722 or

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