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HowTo Interwrite Pad


									                                InterWrite SchoolPad

You must charge your SchoolPad and pen for about 3 hours prior to use. Resources
that might be helpful:

Interwrite Educator Resources:
lInterwrite Pad Getting Started Guides:

Downloading the Software and Connecting the SchoolPad:
  1. Connect to the following site to download the latest version of the Interwrite
     SchoolPad Software (Up to version 8.0):
         a. If you are prompted for a product key, you may enter in the following key
            code: A N A T     IK8       K51

   2. Plug in Bluetooth USB Adaptor. This adaptor “talks” to the SchoolPad. Once the
      adaptor is plugged into the computer, it should be automatically recognized and
      no additional driver is necessary.

   3. Turn “on” the SchoolPad.

   4. You must now make sure that the adaptor detects your SchoolPad. Click the
      “Interwrite Workspace icon” to open the Device Manager.

   5. Click “Device Manager.”
          a. After you have read the
             information on this screen, click
             the “x” to close this window.

   6. Click the green plus sign and then choose “Add
      Bluetooth Device.”

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   7. Enter the last 4 characters of the SchoolPad
   8. Click “Connect.”

   9. While the software is searching, you will see a spinning question mark.

   10. Once your device has been detected, you will see an icon similar to the one
       shown here:

Getting To Know Your SchoolPad:

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 Getting to know the
                                                             Using The Pen Tool:
 WorkSpace Toolbar:

Benefits of the SchoolPad:
 The SchoolPad works with any LCD projector, a normal projection screen (or wall)
 No more turning your back to students! The teacher can be in the best position to
  communicate with students while still maintaining control over the lesson,
  presentation and classroom
 Students and teachers can interact with the applications or images from any location
  in the classroom
 Robust software allows students and teachers to annotate, edit, highlight and even
  interact with computer applications including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
 Increased audience participation and attention
 Bluetooth wireless connectivity
 Up to 7 wireless pads can be passed around the classroom for classroom activities

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Ideas for Using InterWrite:
 Save lessons to present to students who were absent
 Create video files to teach a software application, a lesson, or as a review to be
   posted to the server or web. Example- How to create a graph in Excel or how to
   burn a project to cds
 Use the built-in maps to teach continents, oceans, countries, or states and capitals.
 Present presentations created by student or teacher
 Have students create e-folios including samples of their work and narration
 Digital storytelling
 Teach whole group computer or keyboarding skills
 Brainstorming
 Take notes directly into PowerPoint presentations
 Reinforce skills by using on-line interactive web sites
 Creating a project calendar
 Teach editing skills using editing marks
 Use in the 6-trait writing process
 Use highlighter tool to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
 Use it with Kidspiration or Inspiration
 Teaching students how to navigate the Internet
 Illustrate and write a book as a class. Use the record feature to narrate the text.
 Use the Interwrite software to create lessons in advance, at home or at school. Then
   save them for future use or to be shared with other teachers
 Diagramming activities
 Teaching steps to a math problem.
 Have students share projects during Parent/Teacher/Student conferences
 Graphics and charts with ESL learners and special ed students.
 Teaching vocabulary
 Electronic Word Wall
 End each day by having students write one thing that they learned

The SchoolPad has three modes:
Whiteboard Mode – This works just like a whiteboard so you can write or draw on a
plain white screen.
Office Mode – This mode integrates with Microsoft Office projects, such as embedding
annotations into the PowerPoint presentations.
Interactive Mode – You can open a document and interact with it. The original
document will not change.

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