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Bunco Babes_


									                                                             Hui Spirit
                                                        Bunco Babes!
In This Issue:                   Happy October!                        reminder of how long our club has
                                                                       been active in the community
Luncheon Flyer           2       The Hui O’Wahine started the          AND it was delicious.
                                 2011-2012 year of with an
Reservation Policy       3       exciting Bunco luncheon in
                                 September! While some of us had
President’s Pen          5       to be reminded of the rules, no one
                                 had to be reminded of how to have
Voice of the Vice        5       a good-natured competitive spirit.
                                 Lots of laughter was shared and
Thrift Shop              6       fun prizes were awarded to some
                                 very lucky ladies! I hope a good
Club News                7       time was had by all.

Save the Date:                                                         October is going to be a busy
September 28– October 2 Hale                                           month for the Hui. Please read
Koa Oktober Fest                                                       further for information about our
                                                                       upcoming luncheon, activity clubs,
October 13– Roaring 20’s                                               and the Susan G. Komen “Race
Luncheon; 1030-1300; Hale                                              for the Cure” 5K.
                                                                       And, as always, we encourage all
October 15– Polo Pa’Ina @ Palm                                         of our lovely members to visit and
Circle, Fort Shafter 1100-1700                                         shop at the Fort Shafter Thrift
                                 Thanks to all of those who joined     Shop on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s,
October 22-Joint Spouses         us for our 80th birthday              and Friday’s. Of course, we
Conference @ Hickam AFB          celebration as well! The cake         would appreciate any volunteer
                                 provided was a wonderful              time too! Stop by and say “Hi”!
Want to list your event here?
Send it to
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 2
Hui Spirit                                     September 2011                                       Page 3

                Hui Luncheon Reservation Policy                          Childcare is available for Hui
  Luncheons are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the                    Luncheons
Hale Ikena (Unless otherwise specified). Doors open at 10:30 am
  and lunch is served around 11:00 am. Reserve your spot at the      All CDC reservations can be made
luncheons by calling or emailing in your reservation each month.     no earlier than 2 weeks in advance.
                                                                     Spaces go fast, so call in as soon as
Reservations are accepted by phone or e-mail until 3:00 pm on the
                                                                     possible. Reservations can be made
 Tuesday of the week prior to the luncheon. Any calls or requests
                                                                     starting at 7:00am.
 made after the reservations deadline are placed on a waiting list
   on a “first-come, first-served "basis the day of the luncheon.    Aliamanu Military Reservation CDC
 Cancellations made after the deadline (after 3:00pm on Tuesday      Bldg. 1783
   the week prior to luncheon) and “no shows” are filled by the      Phone: (808) 833-5102
                  waiting list whenever possible.
                                                                     Fort Shafter CDC
                  Reservation cancellation Policy:                   Bldg. 900
  All reservations are FINAL nine days prior to the event. People    Phone: (808) 483-1151
   holding reservations that do not attend the luncheon are still
responsible for payment. The Hui O’Wahine is responsible for full NOTE: ALL children must already
payment to the Hale Ikena based on the number of reservations. A be registered with the CYS central
                                                                  registration system in order to use the
          letter of Payment will be mailed to “no shows.”
                                                                     CDC hourly care whether you choose
                                                                     AMR or Fort Shafter.
               To make reservations please email Tracey at
    or call 744-9736.
Hui Spirit                                       September 2011                                                Page 4

Hui O’Wahine Honarary Members                    Editorial Policies                    Members, this is your
Honorary President– Cathy Terry                  The Hui Spirit is published in the    Newsletter!
Honorary Advisor– Rosylan Hunt                   interest of the Hui O’Wahine          Maybe you would like to
                                                 Club comprised of all branches of     practice your journalistic
Hui O’Wahine Executive Board Members             service to include DOD and
                                                                                       capabilities or let our members
                                                 retiree spouses serving Oahu
President– Nicole Roames                                                               know about a Hui activity. If
                                                 Community. The Hui O’Wahine
1st Vice President– LaKisha Canady-Toussaint     is not connected with the             so, submit your articles, along
2nd Vice President– Candice Cartwright           Department of the Army and the        with pictures, to
Treasurer– Pam Johnson                           opinions expressed in this  
Secretary– Janell Coker                          publication are those solely of the   no later than the 20th of each
Parliamentarian– JoAnne McPherson                writers.                              month.

Hui O’Wahine Standing Committee Chairpersons     Articles, Advertisements, and         Every effort will be made to
Membership– Sabina Dooley and Connie Kadetz      other submissions may be              include every article
Reservations– Tracey Koast                       submitted up to the 20th day of       submitted, but due to limited
Historian– Maria Gelperin                        the month prior to publication.
                                                                                       space, it may be held over for
                                                 The Newsletter will be available
Ways and Means– Paula Scott and Etie O’Connell                                         another publication.
                                                 two weeks prior to the luncheon
Thrift Shop Representative– Krysstyna Schmitt    each month. Submissions may be
Retiree Representative– Mary Cho                 e-mailed to                           Articles not pertaining to the
Hospitality– Stacy Cain                             Hui Club and that are
Volunteer Coordinator– Amanda Dixon                                                    considered general community
Publicity/Advertising– Karyn Phillips            Please address any corrections,       news , will be printed at the
Newsletter/Webmaster– Jenny Martin               questions, or suggestions, to the     discretion of the Hui Board of
Welfare– Christine LeClerc                       Hui Spirit Editor at the e-mail       Directors.
Scholarship– Eva Taylor                          above.

                                                                            Spooky (But Fun) October Holidays!

     October Birthday’s                                                  1– World Vegetarian Day
                                                                         3– Virus Appreciation Day
                                                                         4– National Golf Day
                                                                         5– World Teachers Day
                          Jeannine Wiercinski         Oct 6              6– Mad Hatter Day
                                                                         7– World Smile Day
                          Jody Garcia                 Oct 8              10– National Angel Food Cake Day
                          Cindy Johnson               Oct 8              11– It’s My Party Day
                                                                         12– Moment of Frustration Day
                          Jenny Martin                Oct 12             14– National Dessert Day
                                                                         17– Wear Something Gaudy Day
                          Renea Wyen                  Oct 12             21– National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
                          Nicole McConnell            Oct 16             23– Make A Difference Day
                                                                         25– World Past Day
                          Laura Boles                 Oct 17             27– National Tell A Story Day
                                                                         30– National Candy Corn Day
                                                                         31– Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

                                                                         Michelle Chance               Oct 18
                                                                         Sandy Timbrook                Oct 19
                                                                         Eva Taylor                    Oct 20
                                                                         Martin Ragano                 Oct 26
Hui Spirit                                              September 2011                                                      Page 5

                                           President’s Pen
Happy October Hui members!                 The sign up deadline to join the Hui O’      looking for more volunteers, an hour a
                                           Wahine team for the Susan G. Komen           week can go a long way. So drop by the
I hope everyone enjoyed Bunco last         run is coming up. See later in the news-     Thrift Shop and lend a hand!
month. I was able to meet a lot of new     letter for information on joining us in
members and had a great time. It was a     supporting a great community organiza-       Make sure you visit our Ways and Means
awesome 1st luncheon for talking, visit-   tion. I want to encourage everyone, if you   table at the luncheon. Paula and Etie have
ing and meeting new people!                can’t make the run you can still support     been hard at work finding some fabulous
                                           the Hui O’ Wahine team by making a           items for the Hui members.
I am looking forward to our next lunch-    donation or cheering us on at the finish
eon; it is going to be an amazing pro-     line.                                        Have a great month and see you in the
gram. And I always love our October                                                     fabulous Roaring 20’s!
luncheon; no matter what we do we al-     If you haven’t been by the Fort Shafter
ways get to dress up! I hope to see some Thrift Shop, stop by. The deals are too        Nicole
amazing flappers and gangsters out there. hard to resist. Our Thrift Shop is always

                                           Voice of the Vice
Aloha and what a fabulous wrap up          such overcomers. Dress in your favorite      music and dance to great inventions, there
we’ve had!                                 20’s Era style and don’t forget the secret   were many courageous women and men
                                           password (which is industrious) or we        during that Golden Age and we’ll
September’s luncheon was festive and       might not let you in. Just kidding… we’ll    celebrate them in style! Looking forward
bright with Bunco. As we officially        let you in, but do play along and tell the   to seeing you there! Also, this month our
welcome in the Fall, prepare to fall back  password.                                    Hui has a team for the Susan G. Komen
to the “Roaring Twenties” at our October                                                “Race for the Cure” in Honolulu. Feel
luncheon. This is going to be a good      If you are looking to score additional        free to join our team and/or donate for the
energy soiree of sorts with reminders of  opportunity tickets… brush up on your         cause.
why we, as women, are so fabulous and     20’s trivia. From the delight of new

                  From the Desk of Our 2nd VP
Kòman ou ye tou?                           the opportunity to grow as a club-keep it  a chance to win additional opportunity
                                           coming!                                    tickets and select your choice of great
In Hawaii all greetings are started with                                              prizes. Thanks to our amazing vendors,
Aloha, In Louisiana, we start with “and    Who is as excited about October’s
                                                                                      we couldn’t do what we do without you!
how are you?” It starts your day with a    Roaring 20’s luncheon as I am? Make
smile and lets the person know you                                                    Members be sure to check out their tables
                                           sure you have the secret password to gain
genially care about them and their family-                                            for all their fall specials, new items and
                                           entrance into the ballroom’s-very
the same way we do at the Hui                                                         inventories, I hear there are lots of new
O’Wahine! I missed the September           important! I can’t wait to see everyone
                                                                                      goodies to view!
luncheon, but heard many great things as dressed up and who will win the best
well as feedback in areas we could         dressed costume? Oh the anticipation!      See you all there-Candice
improve. I love the feedback, it give us   Brush up on your 20’s historical trivia as
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 6
Hui Spirit                                               September 2011                                                       Page 7

                                 Walking Club
                                 Leader: Nicole Roames    

                                 The Walking Club will meet on Monday mornings from 8:30-9:30 and Wednesday
                                 evenings from 6:00-7:00 at the Fort Shafter Flats walking track. If you have any
                                 questions or would like to be added to the Walking Club please email Nicole.

                                 Quilting Club
                                 Leader: JoAnne McPherson

                                 Water Sports                   
                                 Leader: Eva Taylor (808) 782-6123
                                 Welcome to the Water sports Club!! We will be exploring the following water
                                 sports: 6 man outrigger canoeing, stand Up Paddling (SUP), snorkeling, 1 man
                                 outrigger canoeing, kayaking and surfing. For our first adventure we will be
                                 heading down to the Rainbow Marina at Pearl Harbor to try 6 man outrigger

canoeing. All you need to wear is something you don’t mind getting a little wet and
water shoes or sandals.
         We will not be getting in the water, but you might get splashed. We will meet
at 8:10 on October 14, 2011. Directions to Rainbow Marine it is just past the Pearl
Harbor Memorial next to the scuba shop before you get to the Admirals launch area.
         A little bit about outrigger canoeing history. The outrigger frame work is the
essential design modification that sets outrigger canoes apart from all others. It has
evolved over thousands of years of experimentation as the most efficient way to
stabilize a dugout canoe. Traditionally, the outrigger frame has always been fitted on
the left side of the canoe. The stabilizing framework attached to the canoe hull across
canoe spreader bars by means of traditional lashing techniques using cordage, consists
of two iako or spars, at the outer end of which the ama or float is attached.
         Outrigger canoe racing evolved as a natural extension of the peoples of Oceania's use of these amazing craft for
their everyday survival in fishing the oceans and in traveling between island groups, culminating in epic journeys of up to
and over 3000 miles, journeying in double hulled voyaging canoes.
         Canoe racing became an important part of island life, as much pride and prestige was placed on victory. By 1908
the first outrigger canoe clubs were founded - Outrigger Canoe Club of Hawaii and Hui Nalu. Hawaii became the
birthplace of contemporary outrigger canoe racing; with a governing body being established in 1950, the Hawaiian Canoe
Racing Association. Looking forward to seeing you ―on the water‖!
Hui Spirit                        September 2011                            Page 8

             Scrapbooking Club
             Leader: Tiffany Johnson

             Mai Tai Club
             Leader: Shauna Gould

             Golf Club
             Leaders: Angie Dickinson
                      Etie O’Connell

             Book Club
             Leader: LaKisha Cannady-Toussaint

                 Hiking Club
                 Leader: Connie Kadetz (931) 220-2537

                 We’ll be starting soon! Get your hiking shoes ready!
Hui Spirit                                                   September 2011                                                            Page 9

                                              Tour and Lunch Club
                                              Leader: Beth Harter

                                    Bunco Club
                                    Leader: Linda Payne


                                Movie Night Club
                                Interim Leader: Marcie Andrews

                        Activity Clubs News Flash!
        We are still searching for leaders for Bowling, Tennis and Movie Night. If you are interested or know of anyone-let us know!
        Contact Candice at Leaders if you wish to post in the newsletter, all submissions must be
        forwarded to Jenny Martin at by the 20th of each month.
Hui Spirit                                            September 2011                                                 Page 10

                              Surfing Club                   
                              Leader: Peggy Jo Muratsuchi
                              Aloha all! Our second Board meeting will be on October 20 th at White Plains
                              beach. As of now, we have 8 lessons reserved. If you plan to join us, I do need to
                              know by October 17th, so I can confirm whether or not we have 8 people, and if we
                              need 2 instructors. As always, beach bunnies are welcome! But I do like to know if
                              you plan to show up, just so I can be on the lookout for you!

White Plains beach is in the middle of nowhere on the leeward coast. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a
snack or lunch, in addition to towel, sunscreen, and other beach necessities. Lesson starts at 10:15, so be there
by 10am. If you need directions to White Plains, email me, and I will send them to you. Parking is free, and there
are public restrooms and showers.
I will be off-island October 6-17, Questions? Please call me (before October 6) at 235-4146.
October 6 NO surf club ( I will be off island)
October 20 – white plains beach—8 lessons available: reservation (thru me) required
Hui Spirit                                 September 2011                                   Page 11
Please review the 2011-12 Hui O’Wahine Budget prior to the October 13th. We will be voting on the
budget at the luncheon. For questions please contact Nicole at
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 12
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 13
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 14
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 15
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 16
Hui Spirit            September 2011                                     Page 17

  Happy Hui O’ween!

                                             Tina Diane Sterling
                                                 Client Advisor
                                       Street Address 777 Kapiolani Bolevard
                                                 Honolulu, HI 96813
                                                 T: (808) 597-1225
Hui Spirit   September 2011   Page 18
Hui Spirit                                     September 2011   Page 19

Hui O’ Wahine
4285 Lawehana St
PMB # A-8
Honolulu, HI 96818-3128

Please Deliver to:

Visit us on the website at


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