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					                                   Sushi in the Sukkah

Name: Audrey Bloomberg                                School: Michigan State University

Name/ Date/ Location of Event: Sushi in the Sukkah, October 2005 MSU Hillel

Program Information

Program Description: celebrating Sukkot with eating kosher, vegetarian sushi in the
Sukkah and having a short program using a Dr. Seuss style poem.

Program Goals: first large program for the year for KOACH, get students excited for
KOACH programming

Target Population: students interested in KOACH programming as well as the general
student population

Frequency of program: once

Number of students who participated in program: approximately 35

Planning process: we were able to find a Kosher Sushi restaurant in the Metro-Detroit
area that was able to cater all of the sushi for us. Had to coordinate getting the sushi from
Detroit to East Lansing. We also arranged to have tables and chairs inside of Hillel incase
of inclement weather, which on the night of, it rained so we were unable to be outside in
the Sukkah.

Supplies: paper goods supplied by Hillel, Sushi was brought in,copies of Dr. Seuss
Sukkah poem

Budget: $250 for food, copies made at Hillel

Publicity: on monthly calendar, in the weekly Hillel email, flyers around Hillel,
announced at the previous Shabbat dinners, made phone calls, used palm cards
distributed in the dorms to Jewish students, word of mouth.

Program Follow up

Suggestions for someone who plans a similar program:
If possible making the sushi would be more fun then just getting it catered, also the
program can be done while making the sushi, that way students are learning about Sukkot
while making their own sushi rolls.

How did program impact students:
Due to the large turnout, it gave a very good impression of KOACH programming and
helped to kick off the year right. With the success of this program, KOACH was able to
have a successful KOACH Shabbat program and other programs on MSU’s campus.

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