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									                At last, we=ve moved into our home in     Christmas season, along with our adults and handbells.                11 Mae Brooks - Sunday School        Mary N., Lisa & Tracy,
                                                                                                                                    Gerald & Bonnie Lee - Worship    Jordan, Jill
                Midland. There are still boxes to         Watch your calendars carefully. You won=t want to miss
                                                                                                                                18 Felix & Carolyn Hinson - Sunday   Meredith & Scott, Lori,
                unpack and things to put up, but it is    any of the special Christmas programs and activities.
                                                                                                                                    Sch.                             Bill & Sonya
                beginning to feel like home. I want to    This is my favorite season as we joyfully celebrate                       Jim & Cheryl Cameron -
                thank   you    for   giving   us   this   Christ=s birth and the hope which is in our hearts                        Worship

                opportunity and thank the deacons         because of Him.                                                       25 Tom Hill - Sunday School          Jim & LeeAnn, Cory &

 Watts         and others for helping us physically                                                                                 Harold & Louise Floyd - Worship Abby, Jamin & Janna

  Up??         move our heavy furniture, including two    Finally, I want to thank everyone for participating in our
               pianos and a pump organ. We couldn=t       pictorial directory. We had a great turnout and eagerly
have done this without your help. I also want to thank    await the arrival of our best book ever.
                                                                                                                                   Dec     Deacon of the Week         Stewardship – Dec.
you for providing the parsonage for us to use for the
             Love Pastor Terrell                                                                                                      7         Gerald Lee                Jim Cameron
last ten years. We are already missing the convenience
                                                                                                                                                Felix Hinson
of living so close to the church. The parsonage has                                                                                 14                                     Ann Burgess

been appraised, and a recommendation about this                                                                                      21         Ted Parker            Jan. – Harold Floyd
property will be presented soon.                                                                                                     28        Danny Poplin             Betty Huneycutt
                                                              De            Church Greeters             Nursery - Worship
                                                                                                                                  Jan 4         Alan Smith                Usher – Dec.
We have so much to be thankful for as a church. God
                                                                                                                                     11       Chip Alsobrooks              Wes Tucker
                                                                7 Felix Hinson - Sunday School     Jane G., April, Ashley,
continues His work here in a wonderful way. Now that
                                                                    Deborah Tucker - Worship       Tinker, Doris                     18        Doug Burgess                Usher - Jan
permits have been obtained, we can get to work on
                                                              14 Daren & Stacie Stoker - Sun.      Angie, Matt & Melanie,            25         David Efird               Todd Craven
completing renovations on the Davis Building for our                Sch.                           Marilyn, Danny & Julie
Youth.                                                              Jamin Brown - Worship

                                                               21 Margaret Tyson - Sunday School   Ronell, Shannon, Bonnie,

I am amazed at the growth of our children=s choir and               Charles Kippes - Worship       Amber, Dot A.

                                                               28 Edith Coble - Sunday School      Kayla P., Thomas & Nicole,
                                                                    Jennifer Eaglen - Worship      Tucker W., Gale

                                                               Ja Telia Baucom - Sunday School     Kay & Cody, Ashlea, Kayla
                                                                n Todd Craven - Worship            H., Paige, Wes & Rebekah
youth choir. They will be sharing with us during this
                      We    continue      to   extend     our    drop off your donations in the large box located in the            Ajourney@ is free, but you=ll be responsible for your
                      prayers,    love,    support,      and     basement kitchen area.                                             meal. Please sign up for this outstanding depiction of
                      Christian sympathy to the familes                                                                             the nativity.
                    of   Vivian   Lorch,       Lewis    Efird,
                    Croppsie Barnhardt, and Junior               You missed it!! If you didn=t go to see AThe Real
                    Morton.                                      Christmas Story,@ then you truly missed a great time               Ladies,    don=t        miss      the
                                                                 and wonderful music and drama. We hope to go again                 Women=s         Bible   Studies   on
                                                                 in the spring to see another show at Narroway which                December 8 and January 12 at
For December, we are collecting toiletries such as toilet        illustrates the miracles of Jesus. More information later.         6:30 p.m. in the basement of the
tissue, paper towels, cleaning supplies, shampoo,                We will be traveling to China Grove on December 12,                church. Dianne Hudson continues to lead our study. If you
toothpaste, soap, deodorant & personal hygiene for the           leaving at 5:00 p.m. to drive through AJourney to                  need any information, please contact Amy Boger.
Stanly Community Christian Ministries (SCCM). Please             Bethlehem@ and have dinner at Gary=s BBQ. The
                 In memory of Dot Smith,                                               Mary Jo Elting                                                                        Lorch by:
       donations were given to the Building Fund by:                                    Rachel Furr                                                                       Margaret Tyson
               Scott & Meredith Broadaway                                            Tony & Joy Helms                                                                   Wiley & Joyce Little
                 Matt & Melanie Hudson                                                Pamela Wellons                                                                  Jim & Cheryl Cameron
                    Bud & Teresa Smith                                            Lewis & Frances Davis                                                                Ted & Jewell Parker
                                                                                                                                                                       Clyde & Doris Hatley
                   Betsy Stewart Heath                                             Terry & Patty Whitley                                                         Oakboro High School Class of 1959
                    Rick & Linda Smith                                                  Ruth Turner                                                                     Jim & Shelbie Davis
                       Amy Whitley                                                Clinton & Marie Teeter
                     Margaret Bowers                                                  Margaret Tyson                                                             In memory of Croppsie Barnhardt,
                   Jim & Shelbie Davis                                             Harriet & Bill Archer                                                      contributions to the Building Fund were
                                                                                        Amy Whitley                                                                           given by:
A donation was made to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering           Jerry & Doris Eudy & Family, Harding & Cora Eudy,                                                       Mae Brooks
    by Clinton & Marie Teeter in memory of Dot Smith.                         Dwight & Zelma Eudy & Family                                                             Doug & Ann Burgess
                                                                                   Dan & Eleanor Brooks                                                    Wiley & Joyce Little
                                                                                                                                                          Ted & Jewell Parker
             In memory of Margie Huneycutt                                          Jim & Shelbie Davis                                                   Tom & Bertha Rogers
       donations were given to the Building Fund by:                                                                                                     Chip & Dot Alsobrooks
                 Matt & Melanie Hudson                                Contributions were given to the Building Fund by                                       Margaret Tyson
                  Wilson & Aline Tarlton                          Bud & Teresa Smith and Jim & Shelbie Davis in memory of                                 Larry & Judy Tucker
                 James & Dianne Hudson                                              Mildred Huneycutt.                                        Clyde & Doris Hatley
                   Doug & Ann Burgess                                                                                                         Keith & Barbara Drye
                   Bud & Teresa Smith                                                                                               Charles & Louise Berg and Mazeppa Boy
                       Pat Almond                                 In memory of Dwight Hill, a donation was given to the Building                 Scout Troop 167
                                                                                 Fund by Betsy Stewart Heath.                                Wilson & Aline Tarlton
              Rella Huneycutt, Zoe Burleson,                                                                                                      Evelyn Hatley
            Stephen Burleson, & Shanna Crump                      In memory of Vivian Lorch, in sympathy of Elizabeth Arrowood             Miky & Marilyn Huneycutt
                   Betsy Stewart Heath                           Family, contributions were made to the Building Fund by Wilson &              Jim & Shelbie Davis
                   Robert Eggleston Jr.                                                    Aline Tarlton.                                First Baptist Church, Oakboro
                       Peggy Davis                                                                                                  Hazel Brattain Snider, Raymond & Prue
               Ronald & Christina Huneycutt                       Donations were given to the Building Fund in memory of Vivian      Snider, Jerry & Kathy Snider, Janice &
                                                                                                                                                 Douglas Harris
                                 Louise & Ernest Witherspoon                       Keith & Barbara Drye                                            Mae Brooks.
                                       Michael Redding                              Ted & Jewell Parker
                                    Jack & Bea Goodman
                                 A memorial was given to the
                                NC Baptist Children=s Homes
                   by James & Dianne Hudson in memory of                                                                     ATo Our Church Family,
                            Croppsie Barnhardt.
                                                                 In honor of Ola Helms=s birthday, a gift was presented to        During our time of loss you have been such a
                 Contributions were made to the Building Fund                     the Building Fund by                        blessing. From prayers, visits, cards, phone calls, food
                        in memory of Lewis Efird by:                                  Mae Brooks.
                        Mae Brooks                                                                                            and flowers. We appreciate all of you! Even now that
                    Wiley & Joyce Little
                   Ted & Jewell Parker                                         In honor of The Brotherhood,                   a month has passed, you continue to show love and
                                                                          Mae Brooks made a donation to their fund.
                     Margaret Tyson
              First Baptist Church, Oakboro                                                                                  support you will never know how much that means to
                                                                  A donation was made to the Baptist Children=s Homes of        us. During the last year of grandmother=s life her
In memory of Lewis Efird, Brooks & Jane Barnhardt made a
                                                                   North Carolina by Geraldine Stewart in honor of Vera                       mind was deteriorating. Thank you for
      donation to the NC Baptist Children=s Homes.                                                                                             making her feel she was fine. Again,
 In memory of Billie Crisco, and Harold Curlee, a donation         In honor of Deborah Tucker=s birthday, Ted & Jewell                       thank you for everything. We love you
   was given to the Building Fund by Jim & Shelbie Davis.             Parker gave a contribution to the Building Fund.
    In memory of Junior Morton, donations were made             Sonja Linthicum made a donation in honor of the Ladies #2                              Dot Smith=s Family
                to the Building Fund by:                        Sunday School Teachers: Evelyn Hatley, Hope Gaston, and
                       Mae Brooks
                                                                Christmas programs and the Oakboro Parade and                the West Stanly Players Cast and Crew (so much
                                   Families Involved
                                                                festivities.                                                 talent!) and their tremendous productions of AMurder
From the Jenkins family of          in Serving Him
                                                                                                                             Is Fun!@ and AKilling Mr. Withers.@ We attended
Oakboro to your family: May
                                                                Here=s some CONGRATS. Gavin Phillips was inducted            opening night Thursday, November 20, and everything
God bless you at Christmas and always. We are really
                                                                into the Beta Club at their respective schools, and          was AWESOME! Judy & Larry Tucker and Kim Goodman
excited about celebrating Jesus Christ=s birth with our
                                                                Preston Flowers, Hannah Privette, Allison Efird, Hailey      spent much time preparing for the guests with great
precious Oakboro family! We encourage you to
                                                                Bates, Brooke Harvey and Daniel Jenkins are all in           food and hospitality! Thank you, thank you!
remember the reason why Jesus came to Earth, and we
                                                                their second year of Beta Club at their schools. We
all have much to do before the Lord returns. Our
                                                                admire their good grades and hard work and are so            THANK YOU for helping provide 19 Operation
middle-school youth Sunday school lessons have been
                                                                very proud of you! Congratulations also to Ashlea            Christmas shoe boxes. That will
very deep and intense on the need to ALive Out Loud@
                                                                Watkins, who has been accepted to the University of          make 19 kids VERY HAPPY! ~~
with the message from Romans 15:30 ASo reach out
                                                                North Carolina at Greensboro. We love and appreciate         Dana Jenkins & Amy Boger
and welcome one another to God=s glory.@ Please ask
                                                                you so much! (Let Dana know of your achievements!)
people that you see every day if they are Christians and
                                                                                                                             Merry Christmas to ALL the boys and girls and ALL
have a daily relationship with the Lord. Please pray for
                                                                More BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Wes Tucker and all               the families of First Baptist Oakboro.
this community. I=m looking forward to all of the
Big Youth Events Coming Up!                                                                                                                food once inside arena.
       All Youth 6th - 12th Grades and Youth Leadership        You=re Invited: We invite EVERYONE to come and hear          Mandy Smith & Dana Jenkins are going to take the
are invited                                                    the presentation of   ALord, I Lift Your Name on              group of Youth in lieu of Youth Choir that night.
                       December 13                             High@, written by Karla Worley & Steven Taylor by the
                                                               6th - 12th grade Youth Choir of First Baptist Church. You     Groups include: Hawk Nelson, NewSong, Toby Mac,
                      5:00 - 9:00 pm.
                                                               will be blessed by this service of worship ON               Brandon Heath, Stephanie Smith, Francesca Battistelli &
                   Meet at and return to the church
                                                                                                                                         Tony Nolan (guest speaker)
                                                               December 16 at 6:00 p.m.
              Dress with coats, hats, scarves & gloves
                                                               JOIN US! The Preschool and Children=s Choirs will
Each individual is asked to bring a total of 4 canned          sing on Sunday morning, December 7, and then will
                                                               present AChristmas Songs@ and ACase of the Missing            30 Youth and Adults from First Baptist have made
goods or non-perishable items: 1 for each course of
                                                               Christmas@ written by Dennis & Nan Allen. ALL               reservations for Winter Weekend in West Virginia for
the night. We will collect canned goods at 5:00, then
                                                               preschoolers and children and their families are                         February 27 - March 1, 2009
              progress to various locations.
                                                               invited to a AHappy Birthday, Jesus@ party after the                       (Reservations are closed!)
                                                               evening service at 6:00 p.m.                                  We are excited about the great weekend planned.
    Food         Middle School              High School
                                                                                                                               Please pray about what God will reveal to us!
Appetizer Families of Preston          Families of Andrew      The Children=s Choir has been invited to present ACase
s          Flowers & Zach              Smith & Kayla           of the Missing Christmas@ and sing at two other             A mailbox will be operated by our GA=s and RA=s and
           Broadaway                   Plummer                                                                             is located on the first floor of the educational building.
           Location: 213 Glenwood      Location: 1171 N.                                                                   Please donate 424 for every Christmas card you would
                                                               December 8 - Children=s Choir as usual and 4:00
           Dr.                         Main St
                                                               performance at Spring Arbor.                                                      want to mail to someone in the
Salads     Families of Elizabeth       Families of Hunter      December 15 - Children=s Choir as usual and 4:00                                  church family and help support
           Maness and Jade &           Harvey and Ashlea                                                                                         the   Lottie      Moon      Christmas
                                                               performance at Stanly Manor
           Gavin Phillips              Watkins
                                                                                                                                                 offering.   The    church    goal   is
           Location: N Main Street     Location: 130 Osborne
                                                                            Winterjam Tour Spectacular                     $6,200, so please send cards to your church family
                                                                                For all 6th - 12th graders                 through this project, which will help achieve our goal
Main                        Fellowship Building                           Sunday night, January 11, 2009                   this year. We do ask that you place them in alphabetical
Entree                          LASAGNA                           Charlotte, North Carolina @ Time Warner Cable            order. THANK YOU!!
Desserts                Home of Jenkins Family
                             812 Meadow Dr.                    Doors open early; we will meet at church at 4:00 p.m.       The GA=s and Mission Friends made some beautiful
                                                                 You need $10 cash for ticket plus any money for           Christmas ornaments, and for every $300 the church
                                                             BBQ Donations                               509.35
                                                             Country Store                               318.32
receives for the Lottie Moon offering, an ornament will      Scholarship                                  50.00
                                                             Youth Ministry                               20.00
be placed on the small tree in the fellowship building.
             Sights and Sounds of                                                  Janice Watts
                                                                   and Bethel Baptist Church - Mr. Wes Watts

                                                               December 21 - 4th Sunday of Advent ALOVE@
                                                            11:00 a.m. - Adult Choir, Instrumentalists, Handbell
   December 7 - 2nd Sunday of Advent ~ APEACE@                         Message - Dr. D. Terrell Watts
      11:00 a.m. - Adult Choir, Instrumentalists            6:00 p.m. - First Baptist Church Adult Choir Presents
       Preschool Choir (ages 2-5 years) Songs                     AJoy, Joy, Joy@ at First Baptist, Oakboro
        Children=s Choir (K-5th grade) Songs
                                                                         December 24 - 11:00 p.m.
            Message - Dr. D. Terrell Watts
                                                                              Christmas Eve Service
   6:00 p.m. Preschool Choir presents AChristmas
                                                                       Candles, Carols & Communion
   Children=s Choir presents ACase of the Missing
               written by Dennis & Nan Allen
                                                                                    From the Entire Staff
   (Happy Birthday, Jesus! Party will follow service)
   December 14 - 3rd Sunday of Advent ~ AJOY@
      11:00 a.m. - Adult Choir, Instrumentalists,
        Youth Choir Praise (6th - 12th grades)                           Tithes & Offerings
            Message - Dr. D. Terrell Watts
    6:00 p.m. Youth Choir (ages 6th - 12th grades)
          ALord, I Lift Your Name on High@
             by Karla Worley & Steven Taylor

              December 19 @ 7:00 p.m.
     Community Presentation of AJoy, Joy, Joy@
               written by David Clydesdale
  presented by Adult Choirs of First Baptist Oakboro-Mrs.

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