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                                                                                                                 D DDDD
                                                                                A uNiVerSAL eMOTiON
                                                                           Wednesday, December 8, 2010
                                                                         12:00–1:30pm, Room MC-C2-131
                                                                            Speaker: Roger Segalla, PhD

                                                                 A    nger is a universal and natural emotion that can be
                                                                      a reaction when we think that something unfair has
                     SubScribe!                                  been done to us. Anger becomes a problem when we
   Sign-up to receive Healthbeat by e-mail                       don’t manage it in a healthy way and can interfere in our
                                                                 personal and professional relationships. Dr. Roger Segalla,
HealthBeat, HSD’s monthly newsletter of health news,             a psychologist and Director of the Institute for Contempo-
events and activities is now available by e-mail and on-line.    rary Psychotherapy (ICP&P), will describe the nature and
Just type “healthbeat” into your browser’s address line,         experience of anger, when it can be useful, destructive,
where you can sign-up to receive HealthBeat each                 and how to better manage it in the workplace and in one’s
month by e-mail.                                                 personal life. Anyone can become angry—that is
                                                                 easy. But to be angry with the right person,
            MArK YOur cALeNDArS                                  to the right degree at the right time, for the
                                                                 right purpose, and in the right way—that is
           FOr LAST SeSSiON OF 2010!
                                                                 not easy. Aristotle
  understanding and using Your World bank
                                                                 No registration necessary to attend this lecture. For ques-
        Health benefits and Services
                                                                 tions contact

W      e offer this session for new staff and spouses,
       but we encourage anyone who wishes to have a
better understanding of how to maneuver through the
US health care system including billing, selecting physi-
cians, networks, etc., to attend. Also, if you have been
contemplating changing your MIP enrollment, attend
this session to make an informed decision.

This presentation offers information on the benefits avail-
able under the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) with particular
focus on the delivery of health care in the US, understand-
ing billing, selecting physicians, networks, etc. The Health
Services Department, will also share information on their
services available for staff and families.

LAST OFFERING before Medical Insurance
Plan Change Season: Thursday, December 9,
2010 from 10:00–11:30am. Register by send-
ing e-mail to:

HealthBeat is a monthly publication for staff and their families of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund.
HealthBeat is published by the Health Promotion Office, Joint Bank Group/Fund Health Services Department. Comments are
                            welcome and may be submitted to the Editor at
     How to Find Us?                                   AMericAN reD crOSS – bLOOD DriVe
      Clinical Services:
                                                  Give the Gift of Life this Holiday Season!
         Main Clinic
          458-0822                                           Wednesday, December 15, 2010
         IFC Satellite                                              9:00am to 2:00pm
         Personal &                                          H Auditorium (600 19th Street)
 Work Stress Counseling Unit
          458-4457                                   You must schedule an appointment in advance.
   Country Health Services      Call now to schedule your Life Saving appointment in advance at 1-800-448-3543.
          458-5183                                     Check eligibility at: http://giveblood
Ergonomics/Work Environment
 Health Promotion Programs
          458-1354                                      MArK YOur cALeNDArS FOr 2011!!
          458-1337                                    Weight Watchers At Work – Winter 2011
  Travel Medicine Pick Up:     Registration will be held on Wednesday, January 19, 2011
          MC Clinic            from 1:00–1:30pm in Room MC-2-520. Free eTools for
          458-1373             19-weeks is included during this series—some restrictions apply.
                               A non-refundable fee of $186.00 is needed at the time of registra-
         IFC Satellite
                               tion. Bank/IMF registered WW participants can join the group
           473-2791            meetings on Mondays at the IMF location (HQ2-5A-812), or
                               Wednesdays at the Bank location (MC-2-520) whichever day
      Our Web Sites:           suits your schedule for that week. Please note, the IMF registra-
    Health Services Dept.
                               tion will be on Monday, January 17, 2011, from 1:00–1:30pm
          http://hsd           in HQ2-5A-812. For more information email:
        Travel Health
 HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
     http://hivworkplace       The breast cancer Support Group of the bank and Fund
                               is made up of 100 staff members, retirees and spouses from 25
                               countries who come together for monthly meetings and by email
  SUBSCRIBE NOW!               exchanges, to give each other mutual support, information on breast
                               cancer treatment, and outreach to newly-diagnosed women. We meet
  Want to receive              every second Tuesday of the month, from 12:00-1:00pm.
  HealthBeat                   All that is said and written in connection with these meetings is
  each month by email?         strictly confidential. How do you join? Send an email to Lorraine
  Go to                        Nagy ( and request to be included in
  http://healthbeat            the distribution list for notification of upcoming meetings. For more
  to subscribe.                information, call (202) 458-4505.

                               YOur cOMMeNTS AND SuGGeSTiONS, PLeASe…
                               HSD has a form on its web site for sending comments or
                               suggestions about the various services and programs we of-
                               fer. The form is anonymous—your identity is not transmitted
                               with your comments unless you choose to provide your name
                               and contact information. So next time you use one of our ser-
                               vices, we’d like to know what you think! Access this form at:

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