Science Education at the NIH by Y2IpDE


									Science Education at the NIH

• Bruce A. Fuchs, Ph.D., Director
  National Institutes of Health
  Office of Science Education
NIH Office of Science Education

•   Founded in 1991
    •   Office of the Director/ Office of Science Policy / OSE
•   Programs                                                     Collaborators
     • National
                     • NIH Science Education Exhibit Booth           (ICs)
                     • OSE Web Site                                  (ICs)
                     • NIH Curriculum Supplements Series             (ICs)
                     • Women in Science Posters                      (ORWH)
                     • Women are… video and poster series            (ORWH)
                     • Health Science Curriculum Online              (ORWH)
                     • LifeWorks                                     (ORWH, NIDCR)

    • Local:
                     • NIH Mini Med School                           (ICs)
                     • Science in the Cinema                         (ICs)
                     • NIH Speakers Bureau                           (ORWH)
                     • HHMI/MCPS Student-Teacher Internships         (ICs)
Science Education at NIH

• Why is the NIH investing in time and money
  in K-12 science education programs?

  • NSF spending on health and medicine
  • The Scientist Shortage
  • International Student Comparisons
     • TIMSS
     • PISA
  • Economic Arguments
Why?– NSF Mandate

• NSF is not supposed to spend its
  money on projects related to health or
Why?–The Scientist Shortage
Is There Really a Shortage?

• RAND Report: Will the Scientific &
  Technical Workforce Meet the
  Requirements of the Federal Government?

• Chronicle of Higher Education:
  Is There a Science Crisis? Maybe Not
International Student Comparisons

• TIMSS-2003
  • Data to be released in December 2004

  •   OECD “Program for International Student Assessment”
  •   PISA 2000-Reading
  •   PISA 2003- Math (Date released in December 2004)
  •   PISA 2006- Science
TIMSS: Science Scores

4th Grade   8th Grade   12th Grade
TIMSS: Math Scores

4th Grade   8th Grade   12th Grade
Why?– Economic Arguments

• Teaching the New Basic Skills
  Richard J. Murnane and Frank Levy

• Skills need for a Middle Class Job
   •   Read at a 9th grade level
   •   Math at a 9th grade level
   •   Solve problems where hypotheses required
   •   Ability to work in groups with diverse people
   •   Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
   •   Ability to use personal computers for basic tasks

• 50% (or more) of students will not get these skills
 Why?– Economic Arguments

• “It is obviously just a matter of time before the
  bulk of our workforce will require a much higher
  level of problem-solving skills than is currently
  evident. And while we have been fortunate to
  attract so many skilled young people to our
  shores, we must nonetheless strive to increase
  math and science achievement so that our students
  can take advantage of the considerable
  opportunities that will exist in tomorrow’s labor
  market. In that way, we can realize the potential
  of technological change for bringing substantial
  and lasting benefits to our economy.”
                             • Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Board of Governors of the
                             Federal Reserve System before the House Committee on
                              Education and the Workforce, September 21, 2000.
Science Education at NIH

•   Office of Science Education
•   Alcohol Education (NIAAA)
•   Mental Health (NIMH)
•   SBIR Grants
Office of Science Education
NIH Curriculum Supplements Series

•   Created by contract competition

     •   NIAID

     •   NHGRI

     •   NCI

     •   NIDCR

     •   NIEHS

     •   NIDA
Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA)


• Located in the National Center for Research Resources

• Largest K-12 and informal science ed grants program

• Least restrictive in terms of topic

• Must form a partnership

• Motivated program director (Dr. L. Tony Beck)
Science Education Drug Abuse
Partnership Award (SEDAPA)


• Located in the National Institute for Drug Abuse

• Must address addiction and the brain

• Highly creative program director
  (Dr. Catherine Sasek)
Community Outreach and
Education Programs (COEP)


• Must focus on environmental health education

• Not currently making awards

• Program director- Liam O’Fallon
Newer Grants Programs

• NIAAA (Alcohol)
  • Announced July or 2004- K-16 orientation
  • Program Director- Jason Lazarow, M.Ed.

• NIMH (Mental Health)
  • Not primarily aimed at K-12

• Small Business Innovation Research

  • Increasing number of Institutes are using
    them to fund education projects

  • Must be a for-profit organization

  • Contact me if interested
NICHD Learning Research

• 30 year history of reading research

• Math and Science Cognition and Learning


• Program Director- Dr. Dan Berch
What’s Up Elsewhere?

•   NASA
•   DOE
•   DOEd
•   CDC

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