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									Special Events Overview:
Thank you for your interest in hosting a Special Event at INVESCO Field at Mile High. On the attached
pages you will find information that will assist on reviewing our space options for Special Events, catering
services and ancillary items that may be of assistance in planning your event. Upon receipt and review
please call for additional information and space availability. On behalf of our team, we appreciate your
consideration of INVESCO Field at Mile High for your Special Event and look forward to the opportunity
to service you!
When selecting to host your event at INVESCO Field at Mile High you will work with a team of
professionals to produce an award winning experience. The Special Events team at the stadium will
coordinate all internal logistics and those of your vendors. Additionally you will work directly with the
Director of Catering with one of our two caterers to finalize the food and beverage service.
Please visit which offers an array of photos of the event space, room
diagrams and select event photos from some of our events to date! Additionally this site offers parking
maps, an events calendar and more for public interests at INVESCO Field at Mile High!

Facility Rental Rate:
The rental rates are inclusive of self-parking, room rental, in-room audio/visual, tables and chairs for indoor
events, housekeeping and engineering services, security personnel and all applicable taxes. Rates are
quoted per event based on the setup needs along with timing of the event. Additional to the facility rental
fee will be any upgraded audio/visual services, specialty staffing, food and beverage service along with
linen rentals.

Food and Beverage Service:
INVESCO Field at Mile High is pleased to partner with two of the best caterers in the city, Epicurean
Entertainment and Centerplate Catering. Enclosed please find information on each company and contact.
Please contact them directly for sample menus and pricing.

Special Events Contact Information:
    Special Events Manager                                               Special Events Manager
    Anna Marie Martinez                                                        Devon Vandervort
    (P) 720.258.3067                                                            (P) 720.258.3039
                                     Main Phone: 720.258.3000
                                        Fax: 720.258.3050

Billing Address:                                                Shipping Address:
INVESCO Field at Mile High                                      INVESCO Field at Mile High
1701 Bryant Street                                              1801 Bryant Street
Suite 700                                                       Suite 700
Denver, CO 80204                                                Denver, CO 80204

           ♦   Certificate of Insurance required.
           ♦   100% deposit due thirty days prior to the event.
           ♦   Shipping and Receiving arrangements must be made in advance, service fees may apply.
           ♦   All Stadium rules must be adhered to and are subject to change.
           ♦   Additional stadium use policies outlined at

.                                                                                                            1
                                                  Special Event Space Specs
 Event Space                      Square Feet            Width        Length          Ceiling         Reception         Banquet
 Entire United Club Level         67,000                                                          8,000                 3,600
 East Club Lounge                 21,941                varies     varies         9’ to 27.5’     3,000                 1,260
 West Club Lounge                 21,941                varies     varies         9’ to 27.5’     3,000                 1,260
 Budweiser Champions Club         6,063                 31’        varies         8’              200                   180
 Suite Promenade (East or West)   4,000                                           8'              550                   400
 South Deck                       18,164                52’        varies         15’ to open     500                   300
 Sports Legends Mall              29,808                69’        432’           N/A             3,000                 1,500
 CO Sports Hall of Fame*          2,800                 38’        32’            8’              100                   60
 Visitors Locker Room             6,486                 47’        138’           12’             250                   175
 Counties Gateway Plaza           74,100                60’-130’   390’           N/A             2500                  1,000
 Post Game Hospitality            4,704                 84’        56’            12’             150                   100
 Media Room West                  1,518                 33’        46’            12’             100                   50
 Party Suites                     1,600                 45’        36’            8’              58                    50
                                  *For inquiries on The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, please call 720.258.3888

                                            Facility Space Set Up Guidelines:
On the following page you will find a list of prices outlined by set up as well as time of the event. The prices are based
on day events concluding by 4:00pm and evening events concluding by 12:00am.

               Existing Set:      The room setup will be as is, without relocating the existing furniture.

               Partial Set:       One half of the room will remain with the existing set up and the other half will be converted.

               Full Set:          All existing furniture will be removed to accommodate the required set up.

               Prices are based on:
                    •    (4) Hour use of the room, two hours for set up and two hours for tear down.
                    •    Purchase of Food and Beverage Services from one of our two in-house caterers.

                    •    Additional hourly rates are $500.00 per hour for the Club Level and $250.00 per hour for all other space and
                         not pro-rated.
                    •    Special rates apply when using multiple spaces and when contracting for multiple events.
                    •    Within 3 days of the event, change orders may incur additional fees.
                    •    Discounted Holiday Rates for events held Monday – Thursday.

               .                                                                                                                        2
                                                Facility Rental Rates
                          Event Space                       Partial Set                        Full Set
                 Entire United Club Level                   $15,000.00                        $20,000.00
                 East or West Club Lounge                   $4,000.00                         $5,000.00
                 Budweiser Champions Club                   $2,500.00                         $3,000.00
                 Suite Promenade (East or West)             $2,000.00                         $2,500.00
                 Visitors Locker Room                       $1,500.00                         $1,500.00
                 Post Game Hospitality                      $1,500.00                         $1,500.00
                 Home Media Room                            $1,000.00                         $1,000.00
                 Party Suites                               $1,000.00                         $1,000.00
                 Players Pavilion                           $7,500.00                         $7,500.00
                 Outdoor Space
                 Sports Legends Mall                        Set Up N/A                         Set Up N/A
                 South Deck                                 $1,500.00                          $1,500.00

                          Event Space                       Partial Set                        Full Set
                 Entire United Club Level                   $7,500.00                         $10,000.00
                 East or West Club Lounge                   $3,000.00                         $5,000.00
                 Budweiser Champions Club                   $1,750.00                         $2,250.00
                 Suite Promenade (East or West)             $1,500.00                         $2,000.00
                 Visitors Locker Room                       $1,000.00                         $1,000.00
                 Post Game Hospitality                       $750.00                           $750.00
                 Home Media Room                             $750.00                           $750.00
                 Party Suites                                $750.00                           $750.00
                 Players Pavilion                           $5,000.00                         $5,000.00
                 Outdoor Space
                 Sports Legends Mall                        Set Up N/A                         Set Up N/A
                 South Deck                                 $1,000.00                          $1,000.00

                                                   Seasonal (December 1 – 31)
                          Event Space                       Partial Set                        Full Set
                 United Club Level                          $20,000.00                        $25,000.00
                 East or West Club Lounge                   $7,500.00                         $10,000.00
                 Budweiser Champions Club                   $3,000.00                         $3,500.00
                 Suite Promenade (East or West)             $2,500.00                         $3,500.00
                 Visitors Locker Room                       $2,000.00                         $2,500.00
                 Post Game Hospitality                      $1,500.00                         $1,500.00
                 Home Media Room                            $1,500.00                         $1,500.00
                 Party Suites (evening)                     $1,000.00                         $1,000.00
                                            Multiple Event Discounts Available
                    December Events Scheduled Monday – Thursday Realize the noted Evening and Day Rates
    Prices based on a four-hour event, inclusive of 5' round tables and banquet chairs (based on availability), self parking, housekeeping
                         and engineering services, security personnel, in room audio/visual and all applicable tax.
                          *Outside Space may require additional costs based on set-up requirements.

.                                                                                                                                        3
                                Event Space Descriptions (Indoor)

                                  The United Club Level offers the largest inside event space at the stadium encompassing over
40,000 square feet of space offering two lounges on the East and the West. Both lounges have 40' windows overlooking the mile high
skyline and the Rocky Mountains, respectively. Both sides mirror each other in design and layout, with two main bar areas on each
side. The interior is a contemporary design with light oak, brushed steel accents and floor to ceiling windows. Each lounge is
equipped with video projection wall systems that can accommodate multiple in-house channels along with an array of presentation
applications. The rooms can be designed in such a way to accommodate up to 3,000 reception style or can be set for a smaller group
of 250 guests.

For groups that exceed 1,000 in attendance for a reception, dinner and entertainment, the suggested flow of the event starts in the West
Club followed by dinner in the East Club with the Denver city skyline serving as the backdrop and then returning to the West Club for
post dinner entertainment.

The United Club Level offers two lounges, East and West. The East Club overlooks the Denver skyline thru 40’ windows while the
West Club is ideal for morning meetings and also is more convenient for access from the parking lot. The interior is a contemporary
design with light oak, brushed steel accents and floor to ceiling windows. Each lounge is equipped with video projection wall systems
that can accommodate multiple in-house channels along with an array of presentation applications.

Both lounges offer the event design a plethora of options that are included in the facility rental rate. With three custom bars and a
collection of high and low cabaret tables, this room is ideal for receptions for 250 – 2,000 guests. For dining events, the Club Lounge
is designed with two alcoves, one smaller one is perfect for pre-dining functions and the other for the dinner festivities.

The Players Pavilion is the newest and largest space available for private events at INVESCO Field at Mile High! This space is
conveniently located on the field level with the players’ tunnels serving as the main entrance. Additionally, for event suppliers the
Players Pavilion is easily accessible with drive in, load in.

The rooms existing simplistic décor offers an event designer a blank slate in which to create an extravagant theme party or
presentation stage! The walls are painted white, the floor is a smoothed concrete and the ceiling displays a technical grid that can
simply be disguised with lighting or ceiling treatments.

For dining this space can accommodate up to 1,400 with sightline to a main stage or 2,000 for a reception. With direct access to the
field, the Players Pavilion is often used in combination with the Sports Legends Mall or the Field Track for larger events such as
awards dinner, convention celebration or picnic!

VISITORS LOCKER ROOM – This unique event space offers guests a glimpse of the “behind the scenes”, an opportunity
to see where it all takes place. The prep, the team and the celebration of victory! Guests will enter player Tunnel B on the South end
of the stadium, creating an experience where typically only the players and the coaching staff have access.

The Visitors Locker Room offers a creative backdrop for your event whether you are hosting a new product launch, sales kick off,
customer appreciation event or a rehearsal dinner! The lockers can be personalized with your guests names or creatively have
presentation materials or gifts displayed within.

With direct access to the field it is common for events in the Visitors Locker Room to incorporate field activities into the event.
Whether a punt or pass competition guests enjoy the opportunity to be out on the field while enjoying libations!

                                   The Budweiser Champions Club is the only space where guests have a full view of the interior of
the stadium, with the exception of party suites. Perfect for meetings, this space can accommodate groups of up to 200 for a reception
and is perfect for smaller groups that chose two areas to separate different activities for their event. The event space is conveniently
divided by a small window-lined corridor taking guests from one reception area to an adjoining dining room. Additionally, there are
225 seats outside protected by an overhang, so guests can step outside and enjoy the fresh Rocky Mountain air! Events in this space
have the option to incorporate scoreboard messages into their event among other visual dynamics. Multiple TV’s are positioned in the
room for additional flair.

SUITE PROMENADE - Located on the Suite Level at the North end of the building, this area is perfect for a reception and
dinner giving partial view of the city lights and access to executive suites where guests can view the interior of the stadium. There are
two areas, one which is perfect for a reception and the other offering a perfect semi-circle room for dining. With low ceilings and
lined with windows, this intimate area is perfect for a reception, luncheon or dinner. In utilizing this space Epicurean Catering
exclusively offers the food and beverage service, which can accommodate up to 400 guests dining.

.                                                                                                                                      4
                              Event Space Descriptions (Outdoor)
SOUTH DECK           – Located at the South end of the stadium, this outdoor space offers clients a panoramic view of the city and
mountains and is perfectly positioned above the Sports Legends Mall and directly below the South Stands. The South Deck is
accessible through public ramp ways and offers guests a more casual, open-air dining option.

                                   Located at the South entrance of the stadium, the Sports Legends Mall is a tree-lined pedestrian
thoroughfare. As the primary entry point to the stadium, this area has a permanent stage designed to host entertainment for all events
and is perfectly positioned at a slight elevation with the impressive multi-million dollar custom bronco statue serving as a backdrop.
Parking lots surround the area on two sides offering convenient access for groups. INVESCO Field at Mile High can provide a tent to
cover this area or a portion thereof, if you need.

The entire stadium offers more than 230,000 square feet of event space. In addition to the above facilities, other areas are available
that may be used for private events. These areas may be used in conjunction with another room or as the primary space.

.                                                                                                                                   5
INVESCO Field at Mile High offers in-house services for all of your event planning and promotional
needs. Some of our services and rates are noted below. This is just a portion of the services offered, please
discuss your needs with your event manager and they can provide a custom cost summary for your event.

Ancillary Services:
   • Parking Signage
   • Electrical
   • IT Fees
   • Telephone Services
   • Graphic Design Services
   • Shipping and Receiving

Creative Services:
In-House TV Display                                    $300.00/up to four hours*
* static or video loop
South Scoreboard Display                               $500.00/per hour
North Boards Display                                   $800.00/per hour
(3) Scoreboards Display                                $1,000.00/per hour
Audio Engineer                                         $300.00/per four hour minimum
Audio Technician                                       $300.00/per four hour minimum
Producer/Director                                      $1,000.00/ up to eight hours
Technical Director                                     $600.00/day
Tape Op Shader                                         $300.00/per four hour minimum
Video Editor                                           $300.00/per hour
Video Engineer                                         $50.00/per hour
Video Technician                                       $300.00/ four hour minimum
Control Room Rental                                    $500.00/hour
Camera Rental                                          Priced upon request
Please note these rates are not prorated and not subject to tax. Additional fees apply when we custom
design for your event, changes are made to what you have provided or if you need to have a visual display
on earlier than 30 minutes to the start of your event.

Rental Items
Banquet or White Wood Folding Chairs                  $1.25/per chair or $2.10/per chair
Tables                                                $6.00 - $10.00 per table
Oak Podium                                            $75.00 each
Staging 4’x8’x24” sections                            $50.00 per section
Tensa Barrier                                         $10.00, per 8’ section
Easels                                                $10.00 each
Bicycle Barricade                                     $15.00 per 6’ section
8’ Black Drape                                        $5.00 per foot
Two-way Radio                                         $25.00/day
Golf Carts w/ driver                                  $250.00/up to four hours
Scissor Lift                                          $250.00/day*
* must have proof of operators license

.                                                                                                          6
Audio/Visual Services
Podium/Wireless/Lavaliere Microphone                      $50.00/$75.00/$75.00
Small/Large Sound System                                  $150.00/$250.00
VCR Player                                                $35.00
DVD Player                                                $35.00
7’ Tripod Screen                                          $25.00
25” Television on Cart                                    $125.00
6’ Whiteboard                                             $50.00
LCD Projector                                             $300.00
Wireless Mouse                                            $25.00
Video Mixer                                               $350.00
Audio Technician, ½ day (up to four hours)                $250.00
Audio Technician, Full Day (up to eight hours)            $400.00
All rental prices are subject to a 7.8% tax billed after the program. All labor costs are based on a four hour event,
including rehearsals and equipment test. For a full day technician, an eight hour event is applicable.

Basic IT Services
High speed internet, wired cable                          $225.00/per computer $75.00/per additional day.
High speed internet, wireless connection                  $175.00/per computer $75.00/per additional day.
Shared T-1 Access                                         $1,500.00/per day
Dedicated T-1                                             $2,100.00/per day. $125.00 for each wireless access
                                                          point and $75.00 for each additional day per access
IT Technician                                             $250.00/ ½ day or $500.00/up to 8 hours

Basic Telephone Services
Phone Line Installation                                   $100.00
Data/Fax Line Installation                                $175.00
Speaker Phone Rental                                      $50.00
Telephone Technician                                      $50.00/hour

Basic Engineering Services
Single Phase
20 amps                                                   $75.00
60 amps                                                   $250.00
100 amps                                                  $500.00
Three Phase
20 amps                                                   $125.00
60 amps                                                   $500.00
100 amps                                                  $750.00
Extension cord                                            $10.00
Power Strip                                               $5.00
Cable Ramps                                               $5.00

Custom Services
Windmaster Signage                    $75.00, includes graphic, insert, stand and placement. Add $50.00 for
                                      double sided.
Website Promotion                     Complimentary
Graphic Design Services               Quoted upon request
Specialty Staffing
Tour Guides                                                         $50.00/hour based on two hour minimum
Parking lot attendants & Coat Check Staff                           $25.00/hour based on four hour minimum

.                                                                                                                  7
Tours of the Stadium
INVESCO Field at Mile High is excited to open its doors to the magic this impressive facility offers. Guests will gain
a behind the scenes perspective that a majority of fans never see. Lasting up to 60 minutes, this exclusive tour
showcases a Game Day Suite, Visitors Locker Room, Keg Room, Stadium Bowl, one of the Club Lounges and the
Field! Tours of INVESCO Field at Mile High are fully accessible for the physically challenged and with advance
notice, the request of wheelchairs can be accommodated.

For those events that would like to highlight the stadium tour in less than the traditional hour walking tour, the
following options are offered:

30 minute tour:
This tour is limited to highlighting attributes such as the Stadium Bowl from the Field and the Locker Room. Guests
will gain perspectives from players, fans and the media. Photo opportunities can also be built into the tour providing
your guests a keepsake.

45 minute tour:
This tour will include all that is covered in the 30 minute tour plus an executive suite and the keg room.

10 minute tour:
Guests will enter the stadium bowl to learn about the $400,000,000.00 stadium first hand from an experienced Guest
Relations Representative. As guests relax in the seats, points of interest will be highlighted including the impressive
European field design, the magnificent scoreboard along with how the history of the Mile High Stadium is incorporated
into INVESCO Field at Mile High.

Guest Relations Uniformed Staff Prices are $100.00 for two consecutive hours, minimum. Additional hourly rates are
$50.00 per hour. For a walking tour of the facility groups of up to 20 are permitted. For the 10-minute overview in the
stadium bowl, groups of 35-50 can be accommodated per staff member.

    INVESCO Field at Mile High is flexible in scheduling the tours to meet the needs of your event itinerary
                                          and those of your guests.

.                                                                                                                    8
Welcome to INVESCO Field at Mile High

Epicurean Entertainment, Denver’s premier special events and catering company for over 25 years has joined the team
at INVESCO Field at Mile High to bring you the best entertainment venue in Colorado. Epicurean is our exclusive
Catering Partner for all your food needs on the United Club Level and food and beverage services for all the suites.
Additionally, we proudly present menus for events held in one of the many others areas of the stadium where events are

Epicurean is a recent National Award Winner for both “Best Off Premise Event” and “Catering Operator of the Year”
as well as yearly local award winner for best caterer. Their pursuit of Excellence has helped them to become better as
they’ve become bigger. Epicurean and their Award Winning Team welcome the opportunity to show you what their
best can be.

We offer the following services at INVESCO Field at Mile High…

    •    Customized Menus and Event Planning for Every Taste and Budget.
    •    Discounts on Multiple Events (On or Off-Premise).
    •    Free China, Glassware, Flatware, Tables, Pipe and Drape and Beautiful Copper, Silver and Polished
         Aluminum Buffet Pieces.
    •    Creative Theme Development to make your event unique.
    •    Personalized Event Management so you can enjoy the event.
    •    Relationships with Denver’s Most Experienced Special Events Vendors from Florists to Photographers to
         DMC’s – we’ll help you find the best fit for your wants and needs.

Contact their team to provide sample menus, or make an appointment to tour INVESCO Field at Mile High event
space. They will design an event to remember.

                                       Epicurean Entertainment
                                     Kate Mobley – Catering Director
                                           Phone – 720.258.3568
                                            Fax – 720-258-3569
                                    Email –


.                                                                                                                   9
Beverage Service
Should you decide to offer a cocktail reception, let us help to make it a huge success. Our choice whisky, rum, gin,
vodka and beer are sure to please. INVESCO Field at Mile High is proud to feature products of Denver Broncos
Corporate Partners, Budweiser and Coca-Cola. As the official soft drink of the Denver Broncos, Coca-Cola, enjoys
exclusive pouring rights at INVESCO Field at Mile High. Special brands of liquor, wine and beer are available upon
your request.

    We remind you that Colorado State law prohibits the serving of alcoholic beverages to patrons under the age of 21,
            and no alcohol beverages may be brought for consumption into INVESCO Field at Mile High.

     Please ask your catering sales manager for an extensive wine list. Donated product permitted with applicable fees.

Centerplate Catering Services
Centerplate is one of North America’s largest providers of food, beverage, and merchandise for sports, convention
centers and entertainment venues. With approximately 120 client accounts and revenues approaching $500 million,
Centerplate serves the largest number of major conventions centers in the United States, and it is the largest provider
for NFL stadiums and Minor League Baseball parks. A private company, Centerplate is based in Spartanburg, S.C. and
has regional offices located though out the U.S. and Canada.

Centerplate is proud of its strong track record and assertive reputation. Since they began serving clients and customers
nearly 30 years ago, their mission to exceed customer expectations has never wavered. There can be no innovation
without focusing on their customers. They recognize needs and satisfy them at a level their customers are sure to boast

At INVESCO Field at Mile High, Centerplate’s catering team can help you plan your next event and provide quality
catering services throughout the stadium by designing menus that meet your expectations and budget! Menu packages
are available for your corporate picnic, client luncheon, appreciation reception and holiday party!

                                    For information on pricing or menus, please contact:

                                             Centerplate Contact
                                  Stephanie Amador – Catering Sales Manager
                                             Phone – 720.258.3555
                                              Fax – 720-258-3557
                                  Email –


.                                                                                                                     10
                                       Corporate Packages

                               Corporate Teambuilding Program
INVESCO Field at Mile High introduces our Corporate Teambuilding Program, Take it to the Field, for
groups of all sizes, abilities and time! Whether it be a Corporate Mini-Training Camp or the Quarterback
Challenge groups will have the option to learn the fundamentals of the game, challenge each other on the
field and experience a day in the life as a player, commentator or coach!

We custom design the program to meet your time and budget needs in addition to the ability of your guests.
Two-hour programs are available or we can design field activities that can be conducted in conjunction
with your event. For the two-hour program your team arrives, are directed to the locker rooms where they
will find their names above the lockers and supplies within. From here, they are escorted to the field,
introduced to the facilitators and the program! You may choose from a team photo, team cheer
competition, punt – pass – kick activity, scoreboard play calling, the helmet shuffle or the concessionaire
race. Celebrity appearances may be incorporated into your program or you may select to have a
motivational or informative briefing on the success of winning! Let the games begin!

If you are hosting a private event at INVESCO Field at Mile High and would like to incorporate field
activities into your event agenda please note a pass and kick contest is the most popular! Prizes can be
distributed to the best and worst kicker and passer!

                                     Monday Night Football Party
THE TEAM'S AWAY, IT'S TIME TO PLAY! Host a Monday Night Football Party at INVESCO Field
at Mile High throughout the season! During the season, you and your guests can sit back and relax in the
United Club Lounge or in Stadium Seats and watch the Denver Broncos play on Sunday or the Monday
Night Football Game of the week! Packages include complimentary parking, club style seating and the
game itself on the scoreboards, televisions and projection screens!
Enhance your event by adding one or more of the following:
        Stadium Tours                                Field Activities

        Denver Bronco Alumni                         Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

        Photos on the 50 Yard Line                   Trivia Contests

        Custom Messages on ThunderVision             Photos with Miles the Mascot

.                                                                                                       11
                                     Entertainment Options
INVESCO Field at Mile High is pleased to partner with the Denver Broncos to provide entertainment at
your special event, either home or away! Listed below is relative contact information that may be of
assistance. If you are interested in a current player or other personnel in the organization, please discuss
further with your special events manager.
Cheerleader Appearances                                        Alumni Relations
Contact: Teresa Shear                                          Contact: Billy Thompson
Phone: 720.258.3176                                            Phone: 720.258.3843

Miles the Mascot                                               Stadium Stampede - Drumline
Contact: Brad Post                                             Contact: Kelly Tilley
Phone: 720.258.3114                                            Phone: 720.258.3177

                   Club Seats and Executive Suites
                    INVESCO Field at Mile High
Club Seats
There are a limited number of Club Level Seats available for purchase for the 2006 season. With Reserved
Seats currently sold out and the Reserved Seat Waiting List over 18,000 accounts strong, Club Seats
present the only opportunity to acquire season tickets. Some of the Club Level amenities include: 20 inch
padded seats; exclusive entrance; concierge service; upscale concessions; climate controlled Club Lounge
and the opportunity to purchase Club Seats for other events promoted by Stadium Management Company,

Executive Suites
There are a limited number of Executive Suites available on a season and single game basis. All season
and single game Executive Suites are at mid-deck location and offer the best sight lines in INVESCO Field
at Mile High. Broncos Executive Suites have long been considered the best sports entertainment
atmosphere for guests and clients. If your corporate presentations need a unique environment, Executive
Suites have space for a pre-game presentation surrounded by Broncos’ style entertainment.

To make an appointment to see the available Club Seats or Executive Suites or for additional
information please call 720.258.3308.

.                                                                                                        12

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