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					                                School Newsletter
                                                                                                      Sept. - Oct. 2009
Welcome All Students!                  We are very excited for our ‘09-’10 school year! We can’t believe we are entering our
10th year in Hermosa Beach! We feel very fortunate to have been able to make a positive impact on many of our students lives.

                                                                                         3 Tips To Start O the Dance
  NEW NEW NEW!                                                                           Year on the Right Foot
                                                                                         As all of our dancer’s settle in to their classes, there
  Mommy & Me                  We have been o ering 2-3 yr. old classes for some          are a few things to keep in mind...
  time now which are not mommy and me classes that encourage toddler
  independence. However, we are now o ering dance classes for 1½ - 2½ yr.                Tip #1: If we feel that your have signed up in an
  olds. This class is geared toward the 2 yr. old that wants to dance with Mommy         incorrect level, then we will contact you after the
  in the class, or for those even younger that are already movin’ and boppin’ to           rst few weeks of classes.
  the music at 1½ . Dance helps develop your child's motor skills and enhances           Tip #2: If you feel the class is too easy or too di cult
  creativity through imaginative play, and story telling through movement. This          please give it a few weeks to test it out instead of just
  class teaches basic beginning tap and ballet movements and is limited to a             one class...our teachers use the rst few weeks to get
  maximum of 6 students.                                                                 their students acclimated to each class and will let us
                                                                                         know if they feel everyone is in their best t.
  Introducing Hip Hop & Shakespeare                                Any dancer will       Tip #3: It is also important to pick up a ‘Required
  tell you that Ballet and Jazz is important in developing balance, strength, and        Dancewear’ information slip at the front desk so you
    exibility, but Hip Hop is also important in developing a good sense of rhythm        can bring your dancer appropriately dressed for
  and controlled movements which will be used throughout one‘s life, and in              each class. If you see others not appropriately
  social settings such as a family party or your child’s rst school dance. Our Hip       dressed yet, do not worry, they will be contacted.
  Hop classes utilize age appropriate music that not only includes the latest            Please be aware that after a few warnings, we will
  hits (some hits are edited before classroom use) but new this year we                  not allow a dancer to participate in class if dressed
  will feature songs that are a fusion of Hip Hop music with standards based             inappropriately. Remember, just as you might wear
  academic content…including Shakespeare! Please check out the website                   a karate belt and Gi for karate, dancewear is also part
  www. for more information on music-based learning in the                 of the dance discipline.
  classroom. As we continue to support education through dance, your son or
  daughter might come home singing a di erent tune. To check out availability            Bring-A-Friend Week!
  in our Hip Hop classes, call or stop by the front desk.                                The week of Oct. 19-24 is our Bring-A-Friend Week
                                                                                         where students can invite one friend or family
  Saturday Music Lessons                   Due to popular demand we are now                                 member to join their dance
  o ering private music lessons on Saturdays! Saturday lessons begin this                                   class and/or music lesson. One
  September for Piano. If you are interested in having us o er another instru-                              week prior to Bring-A-Friend
  ment on Saturdays, please let the front desk know!                                                        Week, students will receive an
                                                                                                            invitation from their teacher to
  Added Fall Classes               We have just added about 20 new classes in                               give to the person they wish to
  August to our Sept ’09 – June ’10 school year schedule. Remember that the                                 invite. Visiting students must
  most updated schedule can be found on our website and feel free to call or                                bring the invitation with them
  stop by the front desk to check availability.                                                             to the dance class or music
                                                                                                            lesson they attend.

     If you are interested in joining either our Jr. Dance Team or Ballet Company, we are still accepting students through the rst 2 weeks
                    of the school year until Sept. 19th. You must sign up for either group as an added class at the front desk.

 Jr. Dance Team               Calling all dancers that want to experience      Ballet Company Any student who is interested in
 competition and add to their yearly performance! Anyone may join the Jr.      performing in a full length Ballet production in Feb. or Mar.
 Dance Team. Jazz & Hip Hop groups ( for 6-18 yrs) will be formed with a       may participate in our Ballet Company. Students must be
 limited number of students per group. Dance groups will concentrate           enrolled in a Ballet class to be part of the company.
                            on choreography, and perform at a Clippers         We welcome
                            game and 2 dance competitions. Rehearsals          all levels, ages
                            will be 1 hr. long on Saturday afternoons or       6-18 years old.
                            on the just added Friday night rehearsal           Most rehears-
                            option. No auditions will be held, but we will     als will be held
                            place students in their appropriate levels.        on Saturday
                            Requirements: Min of 1 hr. of dance class in       afternoons.
                            the same style as the group’s competition          Sign up as an
                            choreography. Sign up as an added class at         added class at
                            the front desk!                                    the front desk!

                  Hermosa (310) 318-6260 * Redondo (310) 406-1700 *
                                                                                                          School Newsletter
  Music School News
Students Attended Their First Music Competition                                    Motivational Music Goal System
                                  In order to o er our students additional         Last school year we introduced our 12-level motivational goal
                                  outlets for musical growth, we have coordi-      system and it was a success among our students and teachers.
                                  nated a competition option within our            This system incorporates a means to track progress on note
                                  music school. Any music student can join         reading, music theory, sight-reading and ear training activi-
                                  the program and can compete in music             ties in our private lessons. Students can complete the levels at
                                  events outside the school for a positive         their own pace and are rewarded at the end of each level with
                                  impact on his or her progress and perfor-        a medal and a CD containing an archive of themselves
                                  mance. This experience will help to              performing and recording their favorite songs from the year!
                                  motivate young musicians and give them           For more information on our Motivational Music Goal System,
                                  another performance opportunity and              please ask your teacher or visit the front desk.
                                  competition experience.
                                 Congratulations to the following students
                                 who just competed in their rst ever music
                                 competition, the Southwestern Youth Music
                                 Festival held at Cal State Long Beach...
Aidan Tyssee, Andrew Czuzak, Chloe Louie, Leah Taylor, Megan
Hwang, Morgan King, Nicholas Long, Sam Bogen, Skye Perranoski,
Talia Gerard and Taylor King!
For more info regarding the Music Competitions, please ask your teacher or visit
the front desk.

                                        PianoToons Preschool Piano Program
                                        Group Piano Lessons for Our Little Musicians
                                        PianoToons is our fun- lled preschool piano program for 4 & 5 year olds. It is geared toward children
                                        who are excited to start playing the piano but are not quite ready for private lessons. It’s the only
                                        piano-based preschool music program in the South Bay! It teaches your child to read notes, play and
                                        compose simple songs, and explore music through rhythm and sound. Each class is 30 minutes with a
                                        maximum of 6 students in each class.
                                        Pick up more information regarding our PianoToons Music Program and scheduling info at the front desk.

                                                                                                                  Can’t Find a Dance
Special Thanks To All Our 2009 Summer Campers!                                                                    Class Time That
  Princess                                                                                                        Works for You?
  Ballet                                                                                                          We will open a class for you and
  Camp                                                                                                            4 of your friends (depending on
                                                                                                                  studio availability). We have
                                                                                                                  many options for classes b/w
                                                                                                                  9am and 3pm. Please visit the
                                                                                                                  front desk to pick up a class
                                                                                                                  request form today. To check out
                                                                                                                  already scheduled classes, pick
                               Superhero             90-minute                All*Star                            up a Fall schedule at the front
                               Dance                 All-In-One               All-In-One                          desk or check out our website!
                               Camp                  Camp                     Camp

   Dance Intensive
   Camp                                                                      As well as some of our
                                                                             other camps...
                                                                             - Disneyland Parade Camp
                                                                             - Ballroom Camp
                                                                             - Dance Sampler Camp
                                                                             - PianoToons Camp
                                 Garage                                      - Violin Camp
                                 Band                                        - Adult Music Crash Course

                    Hermosa (310) 318-6260 * Redondo (310) 406-1700 *
                                                                                                    School Newsletter

  Dance & Music Frequently Asked Questions

      What do the numbers after the class titles                           What is the di erence between dance styles?
              mean? (example: Jazz II)                                    For students who are more serious about dance and want to
 Level I = Beginning, Level II = Intermediate, Level III = Advanced.     work on their balance and exibility, our Ballet and Jazz classes
  Please note that once a student jumps to the next age group,             should be their main focus. Those looking to work more on
 classes will naturally move at a faster pace and the student will        their rhythm and coordination should focus on Hip Hop. Tap
   continue progressing, even though the level number of the             requires a lot of concentration and less body conditioning, and
     class may be lower than what he/she was taking before.               is usually added last in a dancer’s weekly curriculum. You are
    (example: Sally currently takes Hip Hop III 6-9yrs and will turn      also welcome to watch and/or take a class to see for yourself.
    10 yrs. old in Sept...she may get promoted to either Hip Hop I/II      For more detailed class descriptions for you to better under-
          or Hip Hop II 9-12yrs. depending on her progress.)               stand the di erent types of classes, please visit our website.

How many dance classes per week should I take?                           Does My Class Have Additional Class Requirements?
More than half of our dancers take class once a week to enjoy             Some classes are required to be taken twice a week, or have
   learning the art of dance. Other dancers focus on more                     co-requisite classes. Be sure to check the schedule for
  serious training by taking more than once a week. Once a               asterisks (*) indicating these classes. If you are recommended
dancer is 6 yrs old we recommend choosing a technical class              to any of these particular classes, but are not able to take the
like Ballet or Jazz, in combination with a fun upbeat Hip Hop             additional required classes, you may stay in the current class
 class. As a dancer gets more serious, we recommend taking                 level that you are in and still progress as a dancer. You may
    3-6 times a week, adding classes in the following order:
 Ballet, Jazz, 2nd Ballet, Jazz Technique, Hip Hop, & then Tap.                always add additional classes later for an extra push.

    What if I already took
    the level my teacher
 Dance is an art form that does not
   follow grades like school does.
     Many of our most advanced
 dancers will take 2-3 years of the
  same level curriculum until they
    are ready to move to the next
    level. Please understand this
       when reading over your
       recommendation form.

 What Instrument Should I                         How Long Should My                   If I’m Not Quite Finished With My
 Learn & How Young Is Too                       Private Music Lesson Be?               Current Music Level In June, When
          Young?                                    Beginning music students                   Will I Get my Medal?
 Adults can start any instrument at                  should take a 30 minute            The Level Based Goal system was designed to
 any time. Their success is based on             private lesson once a week and           have an average duration of 10 months per
 how willing they are to commit to               may add more time depending           level. Since everyone progresses at a di erent
 practicing. For children, starting at           on how much they can devote            pace, it is expected that completion time will
the right age is a key element tothe              to practice each week. As the         vary. Once you do pass a level, the appropri-
    success of their lessons. The                student progresses throughout          ate colored medal, along with the CD of your
 following is a list of instruments &             the years to intermediate and        recorded songs will be presented to you at the
        their minimum ages:                        advance levels, their lesson          recital following the completion of the level.
   Piano and Violin (5yrs. – Adult),             time should increase based on         Everyone performing in the recital will receive
  Voice and Drums (7yrs. – Adult),                their teacher’s recommenda-             a performance pin. Just keep on practicing
     Guitar & Bass (8yrs. – Adult).                            tions.                            and your goals will be reached!

                       Hermosa (310) 318-6260 * Redondo (310) 406-1700 *
                                                             M ARK Y OUR C ALENDARS !
S EPTEMBER                2009    SCHOOL MONTH                                             O CTOBER             2009      SCHOOL MONTH

Sun       Mon         Tue            Wed            Thu             Fri       Sat          Sun           Mon      Tue              Wed      Thu        Fri         Sat
                                                                                                                  29               30       1          2           3

          7           8              9              10              11        12           4             5        6                7        8          9           10
          Labor        First day
          Day         of ‘09-’10

13        14          15             16             17              18        19           11            12       13               14       15         16          17
                                                                              Jr. Team/
                                                                              Ballet Co.

20        21          22             23             24              25        26           18            19       20               21       22         23          24

                                                                                                                        Bring-A-Friend Week!
27        28                                                                               25            26

September Reminders:                                                                       October Reminders:
• Sept. 8th — First Day of ‘09-’10 School Year!                                            • Oct. 19th - 24th — Bring a Friend Week
                                                                                                                       * Invitations for friends are distributed in classes
• Sept. 19th — Deadline to sign up for Jr. Team & Ballet Co.
                   * Just register as an added class at the front desk!                                                   the week before Bring-A-Friend Week

N OVEMBER             2009       SCHOOL MONTH                                              D ECEMBER              2009      SCHOOL MONTH

Sun      Mon          Tue           Wed             Thu            Fri    Sat              Sun       Mon         Tue           Wed         Thu         Fri        Sat
                      27            28              29             30     31               29        30          1             2           3           4          5

1        2            3             4               5              6      7                6         7           8             9           10          11         12
                      * Make sure not to miss class during this time!
8        9            10            11              12             13     14               13        14          15            16          17          18         19
                      * Make sure not to miss class during this time!
15       16           17            18              19             20     21 Dance         20        21          22            23          24          25         26
                                                                                                               Winter Break—School Closed
22       23           24            25              26             27     28               27        28          29            30          31          1          2

                             Thanksgiving Break—School Closed

November Reminders:                                                                        December Reminders:
• Nov. 2-7 & 9-14 — Costume Measuring Weeks (for June Dance Recital)                       • Dec. 20th - Jan. 3rd — School will be closed for Winter break
                                                                                                                             (classes resume on Monday, Jan. 4th.)
• Nov. 21st — Dance Recital Participation Deadline
        * Students must be enrolled & signed up for the recital at the front desk
          by this day in order to participate in the June 2010 Dance Recital
• Nov. 24th -29th — Thanksgiving Break—School closed

               Hermosa (310) 318-6260                    *     Redondo (310) 406-1700           *