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MCAAN Messenger Newsletter - PDF by laurarichert


									                    A n e w s l et t e r fo r sa i lo rs o f U S S M A R I A S , U S S C A D M U S, U S S A M P H I O N , U S S A R CA D I A

Volume 16 Issue 3                                                                                                                                         July 2009

                                  USS AMPHION, USS ARCADIA

       USS MARIAS                          USS CADMUS                                USS AMPHION                                   USS ARCADIA

Special Points of Interest
                                              HUMOROUS HAPPENINGS IN THE NAVY
•   See what your fellow ship-           Editor’s Note: Again we                    looked at my foot and                     training, summer of 1970.
    mates wrote as the funni-
                                         asked MCAAN shipmates                      looked at the steak—a                     During a “precision an-
    est thing that happened in
    the Navy. Our cover arti-            for help with stories for                  perfect match. I tied the                 chorage attempt,” we
    cles have their stories.             the newsletter. This time                  steak to the boot and pol-                dropped 60 fathoms
                                         we asked for funny sto-                    ished the cord with black                 (about 360 ft) of anchor
•   Bill Crutchfield shares an           ries that happened in the                  boot polish. I wore it that               chain exactly on the spot
    incident from the 2009               Navy. Here are the re-                     way for about a month                     designated.        Much
    reunion regarding Smokey,            sponses:                                   when at Quarters one                      “attaboys” going around
    complete with a picture.                                                        morning at sea, my Chief                  the ship for doing exactly
    See page 2.                          MR3 Bill Thompson:                         just happened to look at                  as we had been trained to
                                             I had just purchased a                 my shoes and made the                     do. That was short lived
•   Eight new names appear in            new pair of boots from the                 comment, “Thompson,                       however, when attempt-
    Welcome Mat on page                  Exchange and shortly                       what the heck do you                      ing to bring the anchor
    three. If you recognize one          thereafter, noticed that                   have on your feet!” So I                  back onboard. The an-
    of them, get in touch with
                                         the whole front end—from                   told him and why—                         chor windless motor failed
                                         the ball to toe tip was fal-               needless to say, he shook                 and would not operate. All
                                         ling off! I was really an-                 his head and ordered me                   hands were assembled
•   Learn about our newest
    Navy ship, the USS George            noyed, especially when                     to get another pair of                    on deck, including the
    H. W. Bush CVN 77, on                you only made $232/                        boots. He did like my in-                 Chiefs and Officers, to
    page four.                           month or thereabouts. At                   novation but certainly                    pull the anchor and chain
                                         the time, I had been work-                 wasn’t regulation.                        aboard. A manila line was
•   Veteran’s with Lou Gehrig’s          ing in the scullery aboard                        __________                         connected to the chain on
    disease can now get help.            the Marias circa 1970 and                                                            deck and all hands pulled
    See page four.                       was out at sea, when the                   Dick Lemon BTCS USN                       on the line for 6 hours
                                         front finally fell off. I was              (Ret):                                    before all the chain and
•   Dates for the 2010 reunion           scraping a tray and no-                       I was aboard the USS                   anchor was aboard.
    are on page four. Make               ticed that a guy had not                   Belknap DLG 26 in                                          (Continued on page 2)
    your plans now.                      finished his steak. I                      GITMO for underway
V OLUME 1 6 IS SUE 3                              THE MESSENGER                                                     PAGE 2

(Continued from page 1)                  purchased from her through our
Never before, or after, in my Naval      ship’s store was a carton of Lucky
career, was I required to pull up an     Strike “Greens” for $1.00. For peo-
anchor.                                  ple who don’t smoke, “Luckies”
           __________                    came in a white pack with the famil-

Francis Schmolke:
                                         iar red Bull’s Eye, however, during
                                         WWII there was a shortage of qual-
                                                                                        MAIL CALL
    This happened one nice mid-          ity white paper and Lucky Strikes         Bill Crutchfield, USS Cadmus
summer day in 1960. The 1st Divi-        were packed in dark green paper           AR14:
sion was chipping and painting the       still with the red Bull’s Eye. The
side of the Cadmus while up on the       American Tobacco Company adver-                    2009 MCAAN Reunion
quarter deck they beeped the Com-        tised them as “Lucky Strike Goes to            As I was walking through the
mander from Serveran Two aboard.         War.” These cigarettes had been in        Charleston Airport to meet my old
Within less than a minute they           Navy Ships Stores since World War         friend Lou Demino, I spotted Fran-
beeped man-over-board. One of the        II! I wish I had realized their poten-    cis “Smokey” Schmolke sitting with
seamen with poll in hand and 12 in       tial collectors’ value and never          a young blond girl. As they were
roll was painting the side of the ship   opened them, as they would be             sitting close together “looking at
from the pier. The ship was bobbing      worth quite a bit of money today. I       pictures,” my first impression was
up and down and he was right in          gave up smoking many years ago,           that Smokey was flirting with this
step. The crew on the quarter deck       but now and again I think of that         young girl.
was laughing, but the Commander          carton of Luckies.                             As Smokey spotted me watching
said, “Get that man out of the drink.”        One other amusing story con-         them, he waved for me to come
Oh, that nice and clean sea water in     cerns that visit. The Albemarle had       over to where they were sitting.
port!                                    some amazing cooks, and the food          When I got there, Smokey said,
                                         on the ship was very good. I am a         “Bill, I want you to meet Paul Ann
   The carrier Valley Forge tied up      native Philadelphian and most             Heih Bowlin.” He said that Paul
across from us at Pier 5. The Ma-        nights I could get Liberty, however, I    Ann’s dad, Robert Bowlin, served
rines had it for helicopter exercises!   always waited until after evening         on the USS Cadmus AD 23 and had
They were chipping paint on the side     chow. Mom’s meals were good, but          passed away just before the San
of the ship one day. The next day        the ship’s meals were better with a       Antonio reunion. So now Paul Ann
they were painting it. There was a       lot more variety! I never told my         and her family come to the reunions
nice breeze coming in off the bay.       mother about that, instead telling        when they can, in remembrance of
They were smarter than the Navy.         her that I wanted to wait for rush        her dad.
They spray painted it! So the cars on    hour traffic to dissipate and would            I asked Smokey why they were
the pier were a nice dotted battleship   just eat aboard.                          at the airport and he said they were
GRAY!                                                  __________                  there to meet Lou Demino and drive
                                                                                   him to the Sheraton Hotel.
    Tied up at Pier 5 in New York        Barney Wolfson:                                As I was driving back to the ho-
City, the seaman was manning his             I was an electrician mate on the      tel, I was thinking that it was nice of
watch at the head of the pier. Crews     USS Arcadia and that is why I was         Paul Ann to meet Lou and Smokey
from Brooklyn Navy Yard were there       high on the main mast to change a         at the airport and drive them to the
to help casting off the lines while we   light bulb. While heading back            hotel. Also I was thinking maybe
were leaving port heading for New-       down, I slipped and grabbed on to         Smokey will get lucky next year at
port, RI. Well, the seaman on the        the closest thing I could find, which     the reunion and meet another cute
pier was never relieved, so he got a     was a Radar antenna. When I finally       little blond girl, Good luck, Smokey.
nice ride to the Navy Yards, then a      was ready to find the steps again, a      Here’s a picture of Paul Ann and
train ride up to Newport, RI.            First Lieutenant saw me and               Smokey at the Charleston Airport.
              __________                 screamed that I had better let go of
                                         the antenna. I yelled back that I was
William (Bill) Heim, ETN3:               trying to save my life and that the
   Back in 1959, the Albemarle was       antenna was not even turned on.
in Philadelphia Navy Yard for a rea-     He then called back that he was
son which escapes me now. We             ready to turn it back on and if I con-
were tied up across the pier from the    tinued to hold on to it, I would be-
USS Currituck AV-7, which was be-        come sterile for life. I then found the
ing decommissioned. During this          fastest way down.
time, we were receiving equipment                    __________
and her stores. One of the items I
V OLUME 1 6 IS SUE 3                             THE MESSENGER                                                        PAGE 3

                                                                                        STATEMENT OF
                                                                                        The Messenger is the official

    WELCOME MAT                                       TAPS                          publication of the MCAAN Associa-
                                                                                    tion. From now on it will be pub-
                                                                                    lished quarterly in January, April,
    The MCAAN Group proudly wel-              The Messenger learned of the
                                                                                    July, October, subject to receiving
comes these recently located ship-        following shipmates’ deaths since
                                                                                    sufficient funding. The newsletter
mates. Welcome aboard! We hope            the last newsletter. The death
                                                                                    is funded by voluntary contribu-
you will become an active member in       may not have been recent, but we
                                                                                    tions from the membership. All
the association by contributing both      just learned of it. Every member
                                                                                    members are encouraged to sup-
financially and with stories for the      of the Association sends his
                                                                                    port the voice of The Messenger. A
newsletter. We look forward to seeing     heartfelt sympathy to the families
                                                                                    financial statement appears in
you at a reunion.                         and friends of the deceased.
                                                                                    each issue of the newsletter.
                                                                                        The newsletter is intended to be
         USS ARCADIA                       Larry Stauffer (USS Cadmus )             a vehicle for the members to ex-
Joseph Kocik (1963-66) SN S4 Div              (1948-52) BM3 2nd Div                 press opinions, make suggestions
           9 Grant St                          Died October 10, 2008                and especially share experiences.
     Binghamton, NY 13901                                                               Unless otherwise stated, the
         607-723-6630                    R. Gerald McAfee (USS Amphion)             views and opinions printed in the                     Died January 20, 2009                 newsletter are those of the article’s
                                                   __________                       writer and do not necessarily rep-
          USS AMPHION                                                               resent the opinion of the Associa-
   Larry Martin (1966-68) Fireman                                                   tion leadership or the Editor of the                                                         newsletter.
                                           FINANCIAL STATEMENT
                                                                                        All letters and stories submitted
          USS CADMUS                     Balance from 04/09 $1421.10
                                                                                    will be considered for publication,
William Hardifer (1952) E-3 Fireman      Funds received since 04/09 $40.00
                                                                                    except unsigned letters will not be
          5 Fleetwood Dr                 Funds available for 07/09 $1461.10
                                                                                    published. Letters requesting the
       Hamilton Sq, NJ 08690             Funds expended for 07/09 $92.99
                                                                                    writer’s name be withheld will be
           609-587-3547                  Balance remaining for 10/09
                                                                                    honored, but published on a space
                                                                                    available basis. Signed letters with
George Fitzhenry (1969-71) SK3 S-1 Div                                              no restrictions will be given priority.
            2 Essex Terr                    The Messenger is being mailed by
                                         USPS only to contributors and reun-            Letters demeaning to another
      Swampscott, MA 01907                                                          shipmate will not be printed; letters
                                         ion attendees who do not have e-                mail. All other contributors and reun-     espousing a political position will
                                         ion attendees will receive it by e-mail,   not be printed.
             Paul Hoskins                so be sure we have your current e-              ML&RS, Inc. is not responsible
            13944 US Rt 25               mail address. You are considered a         for the accuracy of articles submit-
            Bleton, KY 41094             contributor if you have donated            ted for publication. It would be a
                                         money within the last calendar year        monumental task to check each
            USS MARIAS                   from the time of the current newslet-
                                         ter. Please continue to support the
                                                                                    story. Therefore, we rely on the
          Charles Willbanks                                                         submitter to research each article.
                                         newsletter. Send contributions to
      (1957-61) Radarman 3rd Div                                                        The editor reserves the right to
                                         ML&RS, Inc. at the address below.
            616 Hooper Dr                                                           edit letters to conform to space
         Ringgold, GA 30736                                                         limitations and grammar.
            706-965-3447                 Published By:                                  You are encouraged to actively
                                         Military Locator & Reunion Service, Inc    participate in the newsletter family
Frederick Grady (1962-65) E-3 G Div      PO Drawer 11399                            by submitting you stories and sug-
          117 Skylark Dr                 Hickory, NC 28603
        Northford, CT 06472              828-256-6008 (voice)
           203-484-0629                  828-256-6559 (fax)
                                                                                        A sailor was training to swim in the
                                         E-mail contacts:
                                                                                    Olympics. He started out at the Santa
            Charles Smokey                                                          Monica piers and 23 hours later he got
             1465 Bryram Dr                                                         to the Catalina Islands! It took him only
          Clearwater, FL 33755                                                      15 minutes to get back to the Santa
                                         “Our Reunions Work So You Don’t
              __________                                                            Monica piers. His jockstrap was hung
                                         Have To”
                                                                                    up on the pier!
V OLUME 1 6 IS SUE 3                                THE MESSENGER                                                   PAGE 4

      USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH CVN 77                                                     HELP FOR VETERANS
                                                                                       WITH LOU GEHRIG’S
                                               The first aircraft carrier to be             DISEASE
                                           commissioned since the USS
                                           Ronald Reagan in July 2003, the
                                           new USS George H. W. Bush                  On September 23, 2008, Lou Ge-
                                           CVN 77 officially joined the fleet      hrig’s disease, amyotrophic lateral
                                           on January 10, 2009. Named for          sclerosis, was made a presumptive
                                           the 41st president, the 97,000-ton      condition for all veterans who served
                                           aircraft carrier was commissioned       in our armed forces for at least 90
                                           into the U.S. Navy in Norfolk, Vir-     days.
                                           ginia. At a cost of $6.2 billion the       This means that widows of those
                                           vessel is the 10th and last Nimitz-     veterans who died of Lou Gehrig’s
class nuclear carrier.                                                             disease in years past are eligible for
    Dorothy Bush-Koch, the former president’s daughter, is the ship’s spon-        the VA widow’s monthly benefit,
sor. She ordered the crew to “man our ship and bring her to life.” As the band     which is very substantial. Many peo-
played “Anchors Aweigh” the crew members ran up the gangplanks, and                ple are not aware that a veteran’s
lined the rails as military aircraft flew overhead, including an Avenger torpedo   death due to this disease is now con-
bomber like the one the former president flew during WWII.                         sidered service-connected. One
    President George W. Bush made his last scheduled trip as president one         claim recently involved an ALS death
Air Force One to attend the commissioning.                                         46 years ago, in 1963.
   “What do you give a guy who’s been blessed and has just about every-
thing he has ever needed? Well, an aircraft carrier,” the younger Bush said        Fred Campbell, American            Ex-
at the commissioning.                                                              Prisoners of War
    The warship will be permanently based in Norfolk once sea trials are                       __________
    Former President Bush told reporters, “My going into the Navy at a young
age was probably the best thing I ever did in my life.”
                                                                                         2010 MCAAN
    The USS George H. W. Bush will be home to about 6,000 Navy person-
nel. As of now, eleven of the Navy’s thirteen aircraft carriers are nuclear
powered. The ship can operate for 20 years without refueling and is capable
of carrying more than 80 aircraft and can reach top speeds of 30 knots. It is          APRIL 29—MAY 2
estimated that the service life of the vessel will be 50 years.
    Present at the ceremony also were then first lady Laura Bush, former first
lady Barbara Bush, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, then Vice President               PHILADELPHIA,
Dick Cheney, then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as well as other
dignitaries.                                                                                PA
    The ship’s commanding officer is Captain Kevin O’Flaherty and Master                MARRIOTT PHILADELPHIA
Chief Petty Officer Jon Port is the senior enlisted crew member.                           AIRPORT HOTEL

                               SHIP FACTS
                                                                                   •    Top speed exceeds 30 knots
                                                                                   •    Powered by two nuclear reac-
•   Towers 20 stories above the waterline with a 4.5-acre flight deck                   tors that can operate for more
•   1,092 feet long; nearly as long as the Empire State Building is tall                than 20 years without refueling
•   Home to about 6,000 Navy personnel                                             •    Expected to operate as Navy
•   Four bronze propellers; each 21 feet across weighing more than 30 tons              warship for about 50 years
•   Steering accomplished by two rudders, each 29 feet by 22 feet and              •    Typical Nimitz-class ship carries
    weighing more than 50 tons                                                          80-plus combat aircraft
•   Four high speed aircraft elevators, each more than 4,000 square feet,          •    Three two-inch diameter arrest-
    bring planes to the flight deck from the hangar below                               ing wires on the deck bring an
•   Enough food and supplies to operate for 90 days: 18,150 meals served                airplane going 150 miles per
    daily                                                                               hour to a stop in less than 400
•   Distillation plants providing 400,000 gallons of fresh water from sea wa-           feet
    ter daily, enough for 2,000 homes                                              •    Motto: Freedom at Work
•   Nearly 30,000 light fixtures and 1,600 miles of cable and wiring                           ___________
•   1,400 telephones, 14, 000 pillowcases and 28,000 sheets

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