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									                                                                            Camac Lever Harps (France)
                                                       (for further information and pictures)
                                         Finishes:                           **Bardic 22 & 27 String Harp – New**              Options & Guarantees:
                                         Our models are finished in         Introducing a new family of lever harps,           Telenn, Hermine, Melusine &
                                         either                             designed especially for the amateur, introducing   Korrigan are available with either
                                          -     Mahogany                    children to the Harp and the travelling Harpist,   legs or claw feet; please specify
                                          -     Cherry                      who will find the Bardic line the perfect light    your preference when submitting
2 Kingsland Road, Aldgate SA 5154         -     Walnut                      weight instrument to carry.                        your order.
Ph: + 61 8 8339 2000                     Subject to a supplement of         With their concert spaced nylon strings, full      Our Lever Harps have a two-year
Fax: + 61 8 8339 4535                    10% all our models can be          bodied tone, featuring the incomparable new        guarantee (Parts & Labour)
W:       supplied in either natural maple   Camac Levers, they can be used either as a Lap     against any defect in manufacture.
E:   or any other finish (Bardic,       Harp or will stand securely on its base or legs.
                                         Telenn, Hermine, Korrigan and      These Harps come with ruck-sack style padded
                                         Melusine).                         cover and is attractively priced to appeal to a
                                                                            wide market.
                                                                            Finishes: Mahogany, Cherry-wood, Natural,
 ** PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE                                                Ebony, Marine blue, Dark green, Apple green,
 WITHOUT NOTICE **                                                          Orange or Violet. Woods used: Birch and Beech
                                                                            for the body, spruce for the soundboard.

                                                                    PRICE LIST JULY 2009

 HARPS                                                              Description                                                                 Price (AUD)
 **Bardic**                                 22 Strings              Nylon Strings                                                                 2,400.00
 **Bardic**                                 27 Strings              Nylon Strings                                                                 2,800.00

 The New Vintage
 Telenn                                     34 Strings              Gut Strings                                                                   4,500.00
 Hermine                                    34 Strings              Alliance Strings                                                              4,500.00
 Melusine                                   38 Strings              Nylon Strings                                                                 5,000.00
 Korrigan                                   38 Strings              Gut Strings                                                                   5,200.00
 Concert Melusine                           38 Strings              Nylon String                                                                  6,600.00
 Aziliz                                     34 Strings              Alliance Strings                                                              6,900.00
 Stivell                                    38 Strings              Gut Strings                                                                   7,500.00
 Mademoiselle                               40 Strings              Gut Strings                                                                   7,500.00
 Janet                                      34 Strings              Nylon Strings                                                                 7,500.00

 Little Electrics
 Electro Harp Baby Blue                     30 Strings              Alliance Strings                                                              6,900.00
 Electro Harp Baby Blue                     36 Strings              Nylon Strings                                                                 7,750.00
 Blue Light                                 32 Strings              Alliance Strings                                                              7,750.00
 Blue Light                                 32 Strings              True Fire Finish                                                              9,000.00

 ACCESSORIES                                                        Leather Holster for Tuning Key                                                   40.00
                                                                    Transport Cover for Lever Harps                                                 400.00
                                                                    Transport Cover for Electro Harps                                               750.00
                                                                    Harp Preamp single channel                                                      300.00
                                                                    Harp Preamp dual channel                                                        475.00
                                                                    Tripod for Electro Harp                                                         490.00
                                                                    Harness for Electro Harp                                                        400.00
                                                                    Flight-case for Electro Harp                                                   2000.00

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