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									                                           EXPLANATION OF
                                                   LIONS HISTORY:                        WHO ARE THE CRANBURY LIONS:
     WHO WE ARE . . .                      Our Name is: The International                        We are diverse group of men
         Lions are 1.4 million men and     Association of Lions Clubs.                   and women, with a young outlook. We
women in 190 countries and                                                               are from all walks of life, dedicated to
geographical areas who volunteer           Our Motto is: “We Serve”.                     helping those less fortunate in the
their time to humanitarian causes.                                                       community, the state, and the world.
You will find us in the hinterlands of     Our Emblem: A gold letter “L” on a            Since 1932, when the Cranbury Lions
Australia and Brazil and in thriving       circular purple field. The word               Club was founded, we have been
urban centers like New York City and       “Lions” appears at the top, and               contributing to our community and
Beijing. We speak dozens of                “International” at the bottom.                state.
languages and vary in nature,              Bordering this circular gold area are                 Some of our charitable local
customs, and creeds.                       two lion profiles at either side facing       endeavors have been: to Charter and
         We share a common spirit.         away from the center. Symbolically,           support Boy Scout Troop 52 and Cub
Since our beginning in 1917, we have       the lions face both past and future:          Pack 52, help support the Cranbury
been united in a single cause, helping     proud of the past and confident of the        Girl Scout Troop, Little League,
those less fortunate. Hence our motto      future.                                       Cranbury Recreation Committee, the
is „We Serve‟. We are tackling the                                                       Cranbury Educational Foundation,
tough problems like blindness, drug        Our Slogan is: Liberty, Intelligence,         and Quest; we help support our First
abuse prevention and diabetes              Our Nation‟s Safety.                          Aid Squad, our volunteer Fire
awareness. We are also helping to                                                        Company, the Cranbury Food Bank,
provide assistance and training for the    Our official colors are: purple and           the Golden Age Neighbors, Friends of
blind, the deaf, the disabled, the         gold. Purple stands for loyalty to            the Library, our Historical Society, and
elderly and the underprivileged. In        friends and to one‟s self; and for            the Cranbury Arts Council.
fact, whatever the community's needs       integrity of mind and heart. Gold                     Just a few of our local Civic
are, we are there to help.                 symbolizes sincerity of purpose,              Projects are two annual scholarships,
         We are the youngest major         liberality in judgment, purity in life, and   a Community Service Award, a
service organization, yet we have          generosity in mind, heart, and purse          college loan program, a disaster relief
grown to be the world‟s largest. We        towards humanity.                             fund, the Todd Beamer Memorial, the
are succeeding because we have                                                           Cranbury website, the annual
embraced all those committed to                                                          Memorial Day Parade, and the annual
building a brighter future for the world                                                 Children‟s Halloween Party.
and for themselves. Today, with a                                                                But, we‟re not just fundraisers
new generation of enlightened                                                            – as a group, we also have fun and
members worldwide, Lions are                                                             build camaraderie. We have two
working smarter and faster with a                                                        annual dinner dances, an “open-to-all”
greater commitment than ever before.                                                     summer picnic at the Cranbury Swim
Do you want to serve your fellow man,                                                    Club, and we sponsor an annual
woman, or child who may be less                                                          outing to a Trenton Thunder Baseball
fortunate or just suffered a major                                                       Game.
In Cranbury, we also support Lions
District Projects within the state.
                                           So, you can see that the Cranbury             THE CRANBURY
        Some of these are: Camp            Lions are actively involved in Local,          LIONS CLUB
Nejeda, a juvenile diabetic camp for       District, and State Projects. “We
children located in Sussex County;         Serve” is a living motto for us.
Deborah Hospital, a heart & lung care                                                   Serving Our Community
                                           Coming from various walks of life,
center located in Browns Mills; Music                                                         Since 1932
                                           our members are as diverse as our
Association for Visually Impaired          projects. Our membership includes
Students (MAVIS), an association that      Accountants, Artists, Attorneys,
provides music lessons & instruments
                                           Business Owners, Corporate
for blind students located in Perth
                                           Managers, Contractors, Doctors,
Amboy; and Eye & Ear Clinics located
                                           Engineers, Pilots, Plumbers, Real
at Robert Wood Johnson and other
                                           Estate Agents, Retirees, Scientists,
area hospitals, and ambulatory care
                                           Stock Brokers, Teachers, and more.
centers that provide those less
fortunate, with eye exams,
                                                  Do we have your interest?
eyeglasses, and hearing aids.
                                                  Do you want to be part of the
                                                   largest service organization in
        Some of the Lions State
                                                   the world?
Projects that we support are: Camp
                                                  Do you want to help those less
Marcella in Rockaway, a summer
camp for blind children ages 8 to 18
                                                   Do you have a Lion in you?
yrs old; the Juvenile Diabetes
Foundation in Waldwick, that provides
                                           If you answered “yes”, then contact us       “Help the Lions
research funds; Lions Eye Bank of
New Jersey in Springfield, that
                                           today. Please call:                              Help the Blind”
                                           Lion Mike Kaiser – (609) 977-6160 or
provides 70% of the corneas for
                                           Lion George Smith – (609) 655-5361
transplant needs in New Jersey; Lions
Eye Bank of Delaware Valley in
                                                                                        ~WE SERVE~
                                           We meet twice a month on the 1st &
Philadelphia, PA, that serves the tri-
                                           3rd Wednesday, at the Cranbury
state area with corneas for transplant;
                                           Station Restaurant, on Route 130 in at    Find us at:
New Jersey H.L.A. Registry, that
                                           7:00 P.M.
provides an international registry for
bone marrow transplants; St. Joseph’s                                      
School for the Blind in Jersey City,       Make a difference in your life and
that provides residential facilities for   the life of others. Come “Serve”
blind students; and Helen Diller           with us. Call us; you will be glad
Vacation Home for Blind Children in        you did!
Avalon, that provides two week
summer sea shore vacations for blind

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