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									             Systems Analyst Job Description
 Systems analyst job profile and description
        The systems analyst is basically the one who analyze resources and design
solutions in order to increase the productivity of the firm for example in the IT industry, a
systems analyst analyses the computer systems, operating system, hardware and software
and makes plans to optimize profits of the company and increasing the efficiency
between company and the clients by using the available computer resources. This job
offers good scope for self-employment.

 Systems analyst duties and responsibilities
    The job offer good source of employment so the duties and responsibilities of a
systems analyst are as follows:

        GATHER THE INFORMATION OF RESOURCES: He or she has to gather
         information to make an evaluation of available resources

        PROPOSING PLANS AFTER STUDYING: He or she has to study the details of
         the computer systems to propose development plans

        PREPARE DATA: He or she has to prepare statistical data of the computer
         resources in the company

        KNOW ABOUT THE CLIENT’S NEEDS: He or she has to interact with the
         clients to ascertain their needs and prepare relevant solutions

        CREATE NETWORK: He or she has to create an internal network among the
         systems present in the company

        ENSURING THE SAFETY MEASURES: He or she has to install safety
         measures in the computers to be very ensure about the safe data transfer

 Systems analyst skills and specifications
       The candidate desiring for the job should have following skills and specifications:

        He or she should Excellent knowledge about the hardware, software and
         networking of systems

        The candidate should have very Good communication skills both written and
         verbal, organization, analytical and logical skills.
     He or she should have excellent troubleshooting abilities in the stress full

     The candidate should be able plan after analyzing the things and implement
      solutions with utilizing the resources.

     He or she will be able to install safety measures so should have excellent
      knowledge about systems security measures

 Systems analyst education and qualification
  The education and qualification required for the job of a systems analyst are:

     BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree required for the job is a bachelor’s degree in
      computer science or information technology

     It will be added as an advantage if the candidate has a master degree in computer
      science which will also help in good future prospects

     The candidate should have some past working experience so Training in systems
      analysis is necessary for experience

 Systems analysts salary
     The salary of a systems analyst depends on his skill and experience.

     It may range between $35,000 and $90,000 per annum.

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