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					  Vol. 3 Issue 8                                                           AUGUST 2009

         Community Events                                 Aloha !!!
          Weekly Senior-Cize                            August is traditionally a family time.
     Wednesdays, 10:15 – 11:00am
                                                 The end of summer and the last of summer
   For reservations call (216) 587-8138
                                                 vacations before we get back to the back to
       Maple Hts. Music in the Park
                                                 school theme.
  Sponsored by The Village at Marymount
                                                        Here at Villa St. Joseph we’re spending
  Tuesday, August 4th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
      Everyone is welcome to stop by!!
                                                 our days enjoying a tropical theme.
                                                        Aloha Phil starts off the month and
   “A Summertime Picnic” Supper Club
                                                 Raisin Canes is bringing their luau show.
  Wednesday, August 19th, 3:00 - 5:00pm
    For reservations call (216) 587-8138
                                                 There will be many special outings for fun in
                                                 the sun.
     Senior Safari at the Cleveland Zoo
                                                        We’ll spend the month making friends
Friday, August 28 -Free Admission for Seniors
          Come stop by our booth!
                                                 and getting to know one another better.
                                                 Don’t forget the Bedford Band Concert is
                 Villa Fest & Car Show
                                                 Monday, August 10 at 7:00pm in the Main
 Saturday, August 29th, 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Come enjoy a pierogi/kielbasa dinner and a car   Courtyard (weather permitting).
show along with fun & games for children, side          The month ends with our very first
       boards, and a Chinese auction!            Villa Fest featuring the Barto Band,
                                                 cornhole, pierogi & kielbasa dinners, side
           Speaker Series                        boards, Chinese auction, and car show!!
    “Colon Cancer: The Importance of
      Early Detection” Presented by
     Bryon Coffman, MD, Oncologist
 Tuesday, August 11th, 11:30am - 1:00pm
     Complimentary light lunch included.
    For reservations call (216) 587-8138.

“Spirituality: Tapping into Your Inner
        Peace and Strength”
     Thursday, August 27th, 3:00pm
   For reservations call (216) 587-8141.
                   Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear……
                                            Marymount Place
      August 2, 1922    Genevieve Leciejewski                       Room 232           87 Candles
      August 8, 1914    Helen Turza                                 Room 133           95 Candles
      August 10, 1914   Henry Dombrowski                            Room 128           95 Candles
      August 10, 1934   Loretta Alonzo                              Room 316           75 Candles
      August 15, 1924   Marion Karwoski                             Room 121           85 Candles
      August 16, 1917   Adele Stevens                               Room 224           92 Candles

                                                Villa St. Joseph
      August 9, 1912       Geraldine Kaftan                           MCU Room 6            97 Candles
      August 15, 1926      Florence Andreatta                         MCU Room 2            83 Candles
      August 21, 1921      Essine Shibley                             CCU Room 202          88 Candles
      August 21, 1927      Georgeanne Wenneman                        MCU Room 23           82 Candles
      August 22, 1918      Stella Szymanski                           MCU Eoom 17           91 Candles
                                                   Clare Hall
      August 2, 1929       Sr. Angeline Kubit                         Room 2-16             80 Candles
      August 13, 1914      Julia Krach                                Room 2-73B            95 Candles

If anyone would like to volunteer their time to                        Our deepest sympathy to
          play the organ or help usher during                          the friends and family of
           4:00pm Saturday Mass, please call                            Bernard Collingwood
              Sister Betty at (216) 332-1389                               Theresa Zorc
                                                                           Joseph Fejtek
            For Marymount Place Residents!                                 Theresa Pflug
                 If we are doing your
                                                                     Just a reminder…
          laundry, please remember that
                                                             if you enjoy reading this newsletter and
you need to provide laundry soap, fabric softener           have not received it, we are updating our
sheets, and a labeled laundry basket.                       mailing list. So please call (216) 332-1100
                                                             or (216) 332-1070 so we can be sure you
                                                            are on our mailing list or you can visit us
               We do not provide personal                   at
                      light bulbs.                               to view the newsletter and
                                                                     monthly calendars!

*Please note that the Activity Calendar inserted in the newsletter is the Marymount Place Activity Calendar.
 While everyone is invited to every activity, there are separate calendars for the different units. Please refer
         to your loved one, or to our website, for the other activity calendars for the different units
     throughout the Village. Please contact the Activity Department with any questions. (216) 332-1100
            New therapy program with Rudy gets seniors back on their feet
       We have long known the health benefits of having pets. The Center for Disease Control
says pets can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and feelings of loneliness. Pets also increase
opportunities for exercise and socialization. You've probably seen service dogs helping the blind or
disabled or perhaps you've come across a therapy dog bringing emotional support to hospital and
nursing home patients.
       And then there's Rudy. He's not professionally licensed or certified, but he sure knows how
to get physical therapy patients motivated and back on their feet. Jesse Caver of Bedford had a
knee replaced last week. He recently did his rehab here at The Village at Marymount. Usually you
could find Jesse with a physical therapist in the therapy gym, except on Tuesdays. That's when
Jesse worked with Rudy, the four legged therapist. Rudy is a 1 1/2 year-old silver Labrador
retriever. He belongs to The Village of Marymount's physical therapist Jennifer Trecaso.
                                     The Village at Marymount began its new Therapy Program
                              With Dogs on June 1. The program is designed to improve a therapy
                              resident’s balance and functionality by allowing them to perform
                              routine tasks. Jennifer got the idea for the program when she saw how
                              responsive the residents were to the puppy of a rehabilitation
                              technician. The rehab tech brought her puppy to visit the residents in
                              rehab and they all responded well to playing with the dog.
                                     The Village at Marymount began its new Therapy Program
With Dogs on June 1. The program is designed to improve a therapy resident’s balance and
functionality by allowing them to perform routine tasks. Jennifer went to Silvia Stillion, Director
of Rehabilitation, and the two implemented the program. The Rehabilitation Department currently
offers the Dog Therapy Program once a week – at 2 p.m. each Tuesday – with plans to add more
days, Silvia said. “By throwing the ball to Rudy, the resident has to walk, balance themselves, and
use their strength,” Jennifer said. “Many of our residents who are receiving therapy have a pet at
home. They may not have been sure if they can walk or play with their dog. This program allows
them to do so – and so much more - when they return home.”
       “There has been a lot of research done on the physiological effects of pet therapy in a
person’s rehabilitation process,” Silvia said. “Pet therapy can lower endorphins and serotonin
levels in the brain, allowing them to do better during therapy.”
       "They're getting up. They're bending over. They're working on their endurance, strength,
range of motion, flexibility which pretty much encompasses all of therapy but it makes it fun,"
Jennifer says. All of the exercises Rudy helps them do are things residents must do when they go
home, Jennifer says.

Summer Pleasures at The Village…
      Waffle breakfasts, picking fresh vegetables from the garden, exercise in the
courtyard, summer potlucks, barbecue lunches, bus rides for ice cream cones,
baseball days, lunch in the park, a game of bocce ball, summer movies, trip to
the ice cream parlor for butter pecan ice cream, men’s sports group, summer
color days, walk to the shrine, arranging flowers, home grown green beans, fresh
zucchini bread, gardening, and sitting outside with a friend...
                          Find the under lined wo rds o nly !

       F     O      R     D      D     W      S     O     Q      I     L      C     Z      U     K
       I     Y      B     U      R     N      E     T     T      I     H      E     K      E     M
       E     L      O     A      Z     A      Y     K     R      O     Y      D     L      H     J
       L     B      N     Q      M     D      L     B     I      L     B      L     G      Y     I
       D     C      A     E      S     A      R     L     N      E     E      U     Q      C     M
       S     A      P     F      R     M      L     G     E      R     A      L     D      L     I
       H     M      A     P      X     S      D     B     U      N     B      X     U      I     S
       I     P      R     O      C     K      E     F     E      L     L      E     R      N     C
       R     B      T     M      V     L      O     H     Y      R     J      T     R      T     N
       L     E      E     X      T     K      P     R     N      K     T      U     L      O     F
       E     L      A     J      V     D      H     X     B      J     B      F     D      N     L
       Y     L      S     G      P     Y      C     M     M      X     Q      S     N      Y     V
       Y     M      C     W      A     T      T     Q     B      A     E      E     S      L     L
       T     V      Q     R      U     N      Q     Q     N      Y     L      V     Q      T     X
 DON ADAMS                             JULIUS CAESAR                         JUDY GARLAND
 EDDIE ALBERT                          GLEN CAMPBELL                         HELEN KELLER
 TIM ALLEN                             BILL CLINTON                          STEVE MCQUEEN
 DAN AYKROYD                           W.C. FIELDS                           BARACK OBAMA
 NAPOLEON BONAPARTE                    HENRY FORD                            RONALD REAGAN
 CAROL BURNETT                         GERALD FORD                           DAVID ROCKEFELLER
 GEORGE BURNS                          JIMI HENDRIX                          SHIRLEY MACLAINE

   “Left-handers are wired into the artistic half of the brain, which makes them imaginative, creative,
   surprising, ambiguous, exasperating, stubborn, emotional, witty, obsessive, infuriating, delightful,
 original, but never, never, dull.” James T deKay and Sandy Huffaker from The World’s Greatest Left-Handers

“The right half of the brain controls the left half of the body. This means that only left handed people are
                                       in their right mind.” Anonymous

Can you name residents or staff throughout The Village at Marymount who are left-handed??
            Greetings from the Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF
        It’s August already – where has the summer gone, how can it be half over?! Flower
  beds are starting to be at their prime, showcasing the blossoms that were planted and
  tended with care just months ago. The best of the sweet corn is now coming from the local
  farmers, and home grown vegetables are the order of the day…

        It seems our lives are a little bit like the seasons, doesn’t it? Almost before we are
  ready we find that we have “grown” from our youth and through the “prime” years of our lives
  and begin to experience those telltale signs of another season yet to come – the golden or
  “harvest” years as they are often called. Right along with some new aches and pains we
  also come to recognize the wisdom and grace we carry within us that enriches our days and
  which we still have to offer.

         For us here at the Village at Marymount, it is important that we not let any part of our
  lives or any day go by without celebrating the best of what has been and looking forward to
  the best that is yet to come. Just as our good God has created the beauty of nature all
  around us, God has also created each of us as unique and wonderful individuals. One of the
  most physically, spiritually and mentally healthy things we can do is to express our gratitude
  daily for the beauty around us, the goodness of the people in our lives, and for every good
  thing we’ve ever been able to do. God is good, and so are you – live in peace and enjoy
  each day. God bless!

The next Speakers’ Series event is “The Benefits of
 Medicare Part A,” presented by featured speaker             On Thursday, August 27th at 3pm,
 Alyssa Moore, Director of Provider Relations with    Hospice of the Western Reserve will
    Crossroads Hospice. The program, which is         present Spirituality: Tapping into Your
                                                      Inner Peace and Strength at Villa St.
  sponsored by Crossroads Hospice, will be held       Joseph. This program focuses on ways
from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 4 in the       people can tap into their inner strength
  main dining room of The Village at Marymount’s      and resources to find hope, new meaning
Memory Care Unit, 5200 Marymount Village Drive in     in life and ways to cope with adversity
  Garfield Heights. Call 216-332-1751 to register.    and disappointment. All are welcome!!
               Free lunch provided!!

                                             Knitting Circle News
                                                   Our knitting circle gladly welcomes back
                                             Lorain!! She is truly an asset to our group as she
                                             helps and teaches others during our weekly
                                             gatherings. Along with the hundreds of baby hats
                                             donated to the hospital every year, our Knitting
                                             Circle will also begin making Prayer Shawls and
                                             Prayer Quilts! Thanks to everyone who has
                                             contributed! Please watch our website and
                                             newsletter for new patterns and updates!
                      Do you wish to be taken off our mailing list? If so please call 216.332.1070

                                                                       Call: (216) 332-1100
                                                                       For More Information:

                                                                                            Garfield Hts., OH 44125
                                                                                            11960 McCracken Road
                                                                                         Marymount Health Care Systems

    PERMIT NO. 1884
     NON-PROFIT                   Return Service Requested

                                                             AUGUST 4                   Aloha with Island Jeff
                Adele                                        AUGUST 5                   Raisin Canes Luau Show
               Stevens                                       AUGUST 6                   Tropical Trivia & Limbo
                                                             AUGUST 7                   Aloha Friday Bingo
Room: MMP 224
                                                             AUGUST 8                   Ice Cream Parlor
Birthday: August 16, 1917
                                                             AUGUST 10                  Bedford Band Concert
Religion: Catholic
                                                             AUGUST 11                  Village T-Shirt Day
Family: 1 daughter, 2 sons                                                              Lunch & Learn
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio                                    AUGUST 13                  Parrot Visits
Nationality: Polish                                                                     Woodworking Rick & Lori
Occupation: Telephone Operator                               AUGUST 15                  Family Bingo
Hobbies: Belonged to Bridge Club                             AUGUST 16                  Mass at the Shrine
Favorite Animal: Dog                                         AUGUST 18                  “Name That Tune”
Favorite Color: Pink                                         AUGUST 19                  Supper Club
Favorite Memory: Everything pertaining to                    AUGUST 20                  Italian Day with Fred Svillo
                     my kids!                                AUGUST 21                  Birthdays with Jim
Best Advice: Love One Another!                               AUGUST 26                  Ralph Szubski &
Life at the Village: Can’t complain,                                                    Rootbeer Floats
                    everyone treats me nice!                 AUGUST 27                  Woodworking Rick & Lori