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                                                                      August 2009

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                                                                                    JULY 2009
                                                            Quote for the Month:

                                                            “To invent, you need a good imagination and
Nuclear Science Symposium 25–31 October 2009                a pile of junk.”
                              The Nuclear Science                                ~ Thomas A. Edison
                              Symposium (NSS)
                              offers an outstanding         A Special Women in Engineering (WIE) Session will be
                              opportunity for               held on October 28 at the 2009 IEEE Nuclear Science
                              scientists and                Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference. Dr. Karen
                              engineers interested or       Panetta, WIE Committee Chair, will give a talk
                              actively working in the       about the WIE Society and will participate as a panelist.
                              fields of nuclear             The theme of the WIE session is: "Fostering Better Use of
 science, radiation instrumentation, software and           the Talent Pool of Women in Science & Engineering". A
 their applications, to meet and discuss with               brief description of the WIE Session is available on the
                                                            website: http://www.nss-mic.org/2009
 colleagues from around the world. The program
                                                            under Special Focus Workshops. A detailed agenda of the
 emphasizes the latest developments in technology
                                                            session will be available in due time.
 and instrumentation and their implementation in
 experiments for space, accelerators, other radiation
 environments, and homeland security.                       IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award: Nomination Deadline -
                                                            January 31 . The IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award was
 Topical Workshops cover areas of specific interest.        established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1986 to
 Within the framework of an educational scientific          recognize outstanding contributions to space
 program, Short Courses are organized focusing on           engineering, within the fields of interest of the IEEE.
 topics of interest for the scientific community. Authors   This award is presented to an individual or team, with
 are invited to submit papers describing original           preference given to an individual. The Award is named in
 unpublished works in the topics areas listed below:        honor of IEEE Member Judith Resnik, who was a Mission
                                                            Specialist on the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger, which
       Accelerators and Beam Line Instrumentation           exploded on 28 January 1986. Dr. Resnik was a biomedical
       Analog and Digital Circuits                          engineer and staff Fellow with the National Institute of
       Astrophysics and Space Instrumentation               Health when she was selected by NASA in 1978 to join the
       Computing and Software for Experiments               Space Program.
       Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
                                                            She first flew as a NASA Mission Specialist on the maiden
       Gamma-ray Imaging
                                                            voyage of the orbiter Discovery, which, during 96 orbits of
       Gaseous Detectors                                    the earth, deployed three satellites and removed hazardous
       High Energy Physics instrumentation                  ice particles from the orbiter using the Remote Manipulator
       Instrumentation for Homeland Security                System, a Shuttle 50-foot robot arm for which Dr. Resnik
       Instrumentation for Medical and Biological           developed operational Procedures and Software. Among
       Research                                             other NASA projects, Dr. Resnik developed deployment
       Neutron Imaging and Radiography                      procedures for a Tethered Satellite System.
       New Detector Concepts and Instrumentation
       Nuclear Measurements and Monitoring                  Recipient selection is administered by the Technical Field
       Techniques                                           Awards Council of the IEEE Awards Board. In the evaluation
       Nuclear Physics Instrumentation                      process, the following criteria are considered:
       Nuclear Power                                        developments, inventions, systems or methods of
       Photodetectors and Scintillation Detectors           significance in the field of space engineering for which
       Radiation Damage Effects                             candidate deserves principal credit, together with the
       Semiconductor Detectors                              approximate year in which these were accomplished, and
       Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation                the quality of the nomination. The award consists of a
       Trigger and Front-End Systems                        bronze medal, certificate and honorarium. For more
                                                            information, please visit
For more information, please visit                          http://www.ieeecss.org/awards/resnik.html.

                   Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                        Page 2
                                                                                        JULY 2009
This year’s IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award recipient is
Surendra Pal (F’IEEE) - Outstanding Scientist/Program
Director, Satellite Navigation Program / Dy. Director, Digital
& Communication Area, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore,
                                                                 WEPAN Knowledge Center
                                                                 The center is a great new resource for people
AREE On-line Publication now Available. Announcing
                                                                 looking for information about women in
that the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of the Annals of
                                                                 engineering. The WEPAN Knowledge Center
Research on Engineering Education (AREE) (Volume 4,
                                                                 (WKC) provides a publicly accessible tool for
Number 3) is now available at www.AREEonline.org.
                                                                 accessing information related to women in
Your participation is invited in the ongoing dialogue on the
                                                                 engineering and a professional networking platform
process of conducting engineering education research by
                                                                 for registered users. WEPAN's Knowledge Center
posting comments on the structured summaries and
                                                                 offers in one place:
reflective essays.

With the publication of this issue, AREE is entering an          Access to cataloged and fully cited information
indeterminate hiatus. While there is general agreement on        resources including research reports, data and
the value of the venture, finding a sustainable economic         statistics, agenda papers, bibliographies, best
model has been difficult. Nonetheless, AREE continues to         practices, key programs, and more.
explore options for maintaining this channel to facilitate the             Direct access to resources housed in the
strengthening of the engineering education research                        Knowledge Center
community and for aid in the translation of research into                  Links to resources housed on other sites
improved practice.                                                         Advanced search capabilities
                                                                           Easy uploading procedures for additional
AREE is a project established under the Center for the                     resources you contribute
Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education
(CAEEE), the first operating center of the National Academy      An online Professional Community for
of Engineering. For more information, visit                      networking, collaborating, identifying subject matter
http://www.nae.edu/CASEE                                         experts, and sharing information.
                                                                         Build and maintain your own profile
                                                                         Join or establish professional interest
Now Available: IEEE Expert Now Online Continuing                         groups
Education Courses Newsletter - May 2009. To keep you                     Monitor and post calendar events
up to date about the IEEE Expert Now Online                              Communicate via blogs, discussion
Continuing Education Courses Program, the IEEE is                        boards, online chat, or e-mail messages
happy to share with you the second issue of the IEEE
Expert now Online Continuing Education Courses                   Special online events.
Newsletter, which highlights new developments in                        Panel discussions and interviews with
various portions of the program. Topics covered in the                  subject matter experts
May issue of the newsletter includes:                                   Webcasts and Webinars
         New Courses Released
         * Courses Coming Soon                                   The WEPAN Knowledge Center is a publicly
         * Top Courses                                           accessible website. Access to the professional
         * LMS Update                                            community is available for registered users (no fee
         * Upcoming Activities                                   required). Development of the WEPAN Knowledge
         * eLearning Outreach Program                            Center was funded by a grant from the National
         * Partnership Opportunities                             Science Foundation (National Science Foundation
         * IEEE Expert Now Staff                                 Engineering Education and Centers Grant
                                                                 #0648210) and support from corporate sponsors.
         Visit IEEE Expert Now Online Continuing Education       Visit WEPAN's new online knowledge center.
         Courses Program at

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                                                                                          JULY 2009
                                                                  NASA Postdoctoral Research Position at the University
                      TryEngineering.org Profiles
                                                                  of Maine. Electrical and Computer Engineering
                      Practicing Engineers.
                                                                  Department at the University of Maine (UMaine) invites
                        TryEngineering.org is a resource for      qualified applicants with a PhD in Electrical and
                        students (ages 8-18), their parents,      Computer Engineering to apply for this cutting edge
                        their teachers and their school           research position funded by the National Aeronautics
                        counselors. This is a portal about        and Space Administration (NASA). Applicants with a
                                                                  background in one or more of the following areas are
                        engineering and engineering
                                                                  strongly encouraged to apply: Wireless communications
careers, and it is hoped that it will help young people
                                                                  systems and devices; Coding theory and practice;
understand better what engineering means, and how
                                                                  Stochastic signal processing; and, System integration and
an engineering career can be made part of their future.           implementation.
This portal is brought to you by engineers and educators,
and is a collaboration of engineering associations, industry,     This is an excellent opportunity to interact with researchers
and teacher/counselor organizations. We all believe that          at UMaine, two NASA field centers, and space industry
engineering is an exciting and rewarding profession, and          partners to develop the next generation wireless sensor
invite you to share in our enthusiasm about this rich and         networks for manned space explorations. The successful
influential discipline. The website for TryEngineering.org        applicant will get the opportunity to work with PhD and
also offers a means to find out what it takes to be a             Master’s students to develop necessary leadership and
successful engineering student and professional engineer          supervisory skills in research and project management.
through “Explore Engineering: Life of an Engineer” which
offers a series of profiles of practicing engineers to help       This is a two year position (Aug 2009-11) with a competitive
people understand the challenges and rewards they might           salary and an attractive benefits package. Interested
face in becoming any engineer. Visit                              applicants should submit their resume in PDF format
www.tryengineering.org to learn more.                             including names and e-mail addresses of three references
                                                                  to Dr. Ali Abedi at abedi@eece.maine.edu. Review of
                                                                  applications will begin immediately, therefore, early
Applications Open for Systers Pass-It-On Awards.                  submissions are encouraged. The University of Maine is an
Applications for the spring 2009 Anita Borg Systers               EO/AA Employer. Minorities and Women are strongly
Pass-It-On (PIO) award cycle opened on June 20 and                encouraged to apply.
close on November 4, 2009. PIO applications are open
to women in any country who are over 18 years
old and in or aspiring to be in the field of computing.           Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Applications are encouraged for both individual needs such        (STEM) Workshop scheduled for October 19-20, 2009.
as education, job transfers and other life transitions; and       The University of Washington's ADVANCE Center for
group projects designed to train, mentor or inspire girls and     Institutional Change received an award this year from
women interested in computing technology. On the PIO              the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program to
 web page                                                         hold professional development workshops for Ph.D.-
                                                                  level women in industry, research labs, consulting, or
program, you'll find complete information including
                                                                  national labs who are interested in transitioning to
application guidelines and a poster you can use to help
spread the word.                                                  academic careers in STEM.

                                                                  The first workshop will be held October 19 and 20, 2009.
Introducing - IEEE Online Professional Development.               This workshop will be very helpful to women interested in
The IEEE Online Professional Development web site                 making the transition to academia. The workshop speakers
has been developed to serve as a central point to                 will primarily be successful women faculty members who
identify opportunities offered by IEEE Organizational             began their post-PhD. careers in industry, research labs,
Units. Available for review are many different types of           consulting, or national labs. The attendees, speakers, and
offerings including webinars, multimedia tutorials, and           workshop organizers will form a community who can
podcasts. Also available are online opportunities that            support each other during the job application period, the
cover technical topics as well as management and                  interview process, the startup negotiations, and the first
career planning activities. Suggestions for additions to          years in academia.
the professional development activities included on this
site are invited. For more information, please visit              The workshops will be limited to 30 participants. If you are
http://www.ieee.org/web/education/prodev/index.html.              interested in attending this workshop, please visit
                                                                  http://engr.washington.edu/onramp/mail-list.htm and fill out
                    Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                               Page 4
                                                                                       JULY 2009
the mailing list request form. You will be contacted at a later
date about a simple application process. Submitted by
Eve Riskin riskin@u.washington.edu                                  WIE “Love” Engineering! Do “You”
                                                                    Love Engineering, Too? Do Tell….
Scholarship Opportunity for WIE Region 8 Members -                Do you go to work everyday and do what you
“IEEE Women in Engineering Confirm Top Business
                                                                  love? Do you love what you do? Do tell. WIE
School Agreement : 50.000€ in Scholarships for WIE
Members”. In May, a leading initiative was launched               want to hear about it! WIE are excited about
between the IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) and one               Engineering and the many women that are a part
of Europe's top institutions of higher learning. As part          of WIE! Women, who go to work everyday and
of the agreement R8 IEEE members who are also                     do what they love, and love what they do.
members of WIE, can apply for a scholarship towards a
master program at IE Business School.
                                                                  You are the essence of the WIE, the heart and
The IE Foundation, the institution's non-profit organization,     soul of what makes the purpose and mission of
has earmarked 50.000€ in scholarships for IEEE WIE                the WIE a reality. WIE delight in your success
members in the 2009-2010 academic year. So if you are             and your zest and passion for Engineering. And,
looking to add a top-level designation in business                we want to hear your personal stories so that
management (MBA or other master) to your engineering
training, this is the time to take advantage of a benefit
                                                                  they might be a means to guide, mentor, and
available to you, as an IEEE member and WIE member in             encourage other women in engineering. In
Region 8. Complementary financial support is also available       today’s world, communication is at its peak, and
through IE Financial Aid.                                         so are technological advancements. But, behind
                                                                  all of this and the key to making this a reality are
Please use the following links for additional information:
                                                                  “people”, and they have a story to tell…. WIE
More Information About Scholarships:                              want to hear about it.
                                                                  WIE would like to profile your accomplishments
More Information About Programs: www.ie.edu/business              in the monthly publication of the WIE Newsletter.
IEEE WIE Contact: Dr. Pilar Molina Gaudó
                                                                  WIE know that we have members out there who
(pimolina@ieee.org)                                               are doing a great job in the many fields and
                                                                  faceted disciplines of Engineering, and we want
IE Business School Contact: Mr. Joël McConnell                    to recognize you within the WIE Community. If
(joel.mcconnell@ieee.org)                                         you or someone you know would like to share
Application Deadline for Scholarships: August 30, 2009
                                                                  their story, WIE would be delighted to hear from

                                                                  Please provide the person’s name, job title,
                                                                  employment information, a picture, a summary of
                                                                  what the person does, and what the person likes
                                                                  about Engineering to be included in the monthly
                                                                  newsletter. WIE would like to profile members
                                                                  working in all facets of engineering, ranging from
                                                                  doctors, scientists, educators, engineers,
                                                                  analysts, technicians, support functions, etc.
                                                                  WIE will profile one to two individuals monthly.
                                                                  Send all correspondences to Keyana Tennant at
                                                                  keyana.tennant@ieee.org or Paulette January at

                    Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                         Page 5
                                                                                         JULY 2009

       “Engineer Your Future:
    Sharpen a Competitive Edge”
                                                                 WIE Around The World
       25–27 September 2009
                   Crowne Plaza Hotel                                    News from IEEE WIE Section
                    White Plains, NY                                     Affinity Groups
               914-682-0050 or 888-444-0401

Hosted by the New York Section & Co-Sponsored                    Egyptian WIE First Forum: Innovative Ways
                with Region 2                                    to Achieve Work-life Balance
  Friday Night Chocolate Buffet/Wine
                                                                 The WIE Egyptian Women in Engineering Affinity
             and Cheese                                          Group is holding its first forum to raise awareness of
  Saturday Evening- Broadway Show                                women working in science and technology with the
               (optional)                                        importance of work-life balance, to come up with
 FULL CONFERENCE $75.00 IEEE members/$90.00 non-IEEE             innovative ideas for companies to help women -in
                        members                                  science and technology- achieve work-life balance,
  SATURDAY ONLY $45.00 IEEE members/$60.00 non-IEEE              and to show how work-life balance could save the
       IEEE CEU's available ($15.00 per participant)
                                                                 industry under financial crises.
                 HOTEL $119.00/night
                                                                 The WIE Egyptian Women in Engineering Affinity Group
                                                                 is proud to be part of a nation-wide movement to
                 INVITED SPEAKERS
          Greg Bradley, VP of HR & Diversity, Metro North        promote work-life balance awareness. The group hopes
                  Corinna Cortes, Ph.D, Google                   to benefit its community and further the cause of
               Cathy Dwyer, Ph.D. Pace University                engaging more women in the science and technology
             Constance Knapp, Ph.D. Pace University              field. In doing so, the group envisions more women
               Laura Jennings, The Jennings Group
          Howard Michael, Ph.D., IEEE Region 1 Director
                                                                 sharing in the cycle of development.
         Karen Panetta, Ph.D, IEEE WIE Committee Chair
                        Bala Prasanna, IBM                       The forum will be held on August 3, 2009 at Cairo
                     Dru Reynolds, Region 1                      International Conference Center -in Nasr City- during the EED
      Charles Rubenstein, Ph.D., IEEE Region 1 Director-Elect
                    Jeff Rude, RSR Solutions
                                                                 "Egyptian Engineering Day" one of the biggest Engineering
Carol S. Rudman, Ph. D., Rudman Associates Management Training   events in Egypt under the auspices of three Egyptian
       Ronald Saporita, MTA Office of Construction Oversight     ministers. The Event is a gathering for Academia, Media,
          George J Sierchio, Action Business Partners, Inc       NGOs and Industry. Forum Detailed Schedule is at the link
 Bring your Family to the conference to enjoy the local
              attractions of the NYC Area
           For registration and information:
        www.ieee.org/go/wiepds2009 ��email:

                 Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women
                 Alternative Energy Debate                                                            Page 6
               Developing Leadership Skills
                  Emotional Intelligence
           Engineering Ethics and the Workplace
             So You Want to Be a Consultant
      Risk Management for Engineering Professionals
                                                                                         JULY 2009
IEEE Region 7 Teacher In-Service Program                        Don't start thinking about what PowerPoint slides to include
                                                                or what to wear. And, I was quite serious with my answer,
Workshop (Ottawa Style)                                         given that is how it happened for the Ottawa Section.

                                                                I attended my first TISP workshop in 2004 (held by Region 1
                                                                in Boston), and I was an invited guest speaker at the
                                                                Education Summit held in Munich in November 2007. From
                                                                my experience, I knew that it would be pointless to hold a
                                                                workshop about education without having the educators
                                                                themselves introduced, engaged, and involved. When
                                                                putting together the Ottawa Section delegation, it was
                                                                important to have a balance of volunteers and interested

                                                                Through one of my speaking engagements (my first WIE
                                                                Carleton event) in Ottawa, I met Rosalyn Seeton and found
                                                                out that she is the coordinator of Youth Science and
                                                                Technology Outreach Program (YSTOP). YSTOP is a
                                                                government program that funds projects to connect youth
                                                                with science and technology mentors, and is well
From left to right: Barbora Dej, Carleton University M.
                                                                represented by all of the Ottawa school boards. Through her
Eng. Candidate, Carleton WISE External Affairs
                                                                contacts and many emails later, I e-introduced myself and
Executive; Laura Mutu, Carleton University B.Eng                IEEE, briefly. Eventually, after securing funding from the
Candidate, WIE Carleton Chair 2009-2010; Jennifer Ng,           SSIT (Society on Social Implications of Technology) local
Project Manager, Abbott Point of Care, WIE Ottawa               chapter, I invited the school board representatives and a few
Chair 2009; Rosalyn Seeton, Carleton University                 IEEE volunteers to an informal dinner where I could give
M.A.Sc., Research Assistant, Carleton WISE Outreach             them more information about IEEE and TISP. The dinner
Officer                                                         was very well attended, and we were able to casually
                                                                discuss our common goals and initiatives, as well as, make
The IEEE Teacher in-Service Program (TISP)                      plans for the upcoming TISP Region 7 event in Montréal.
Development Workshop is designed for enthusiastic
IEEE members, pre-university teachers, and any other            My advice to all aspiring TISP champions and volunteers out
individuals who wish to increase the level of                   there: First, seek to understand (à la Stephen Covey) what
technological literacy in their local schools and               your local educators need before trying to overwhelm them
encourage pre-university students to pursue technical           with all the greatness of IEEE and TISP. Educators follow a
careers (including Engineering). The goal is for IEEE           curriculum set by the government bodies - while
members to develop and conduct TISP training                    enthusiastically engaging the next generations to follow
sessions with teachers so that teachers can conduct             Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
the sessions with their students. The volunteer-teacher         (STEM) careers - while our role is to assist in filling any gaps
interaction is what makes TISP unique. This year, the           or any incertitude that they might encounter.
Region 7 IEEE TISP Workshop occurred on May 15-16 in
Montréal, Québec. For more information about the 2009           I am quite lucky to have a very active small group of WIE
TISP Workshop held in Montréal, including the agenda,           members in Ottawa who continuously amaze me with their
presentations, and pictures, please visit the following link:   ideas, talent and energy. Please read on to what they have
http://www.ieee.org/web/education/preuniversity/TISPMontr       to say about their perspectives on the event.
                                                                TISP Online Resources (by Barbora Dej)
How do you get in touch with your local educators or
education representatives? Ask them out to dinner...            www.TryEngineering.org, the IEEE pre-university education
(by Jennifer Ng)                                                portal for counselors, teachers, parents, and students, is the
                                                                main resource for the TISP program and is available in 7
While on the discussion panel at the Montreal TISP Region       languages: Chinese, German, Portuguese, Russian,
7 event, one of attendees asked me and other panelists,         Japanese, Spanish, French, and English. I browsed through
"So, how do you recommend for us (IEEE) to prepare and          the different resources and provided a run-down of the
get in touch with the local education people?" My tongue-in-    website's features:
cheek response was "Ask them out to dinner and talk to
them". Sometimes, the simplest solution just works best.

                    Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                              Page 7
                                                                                               JULY 2009
- opportunities to explore the field of engineering including       The first activity we did was called "All About Electric
how to become an engineer, what it's like to be an engineer,        Motors," and we got a chance to build an electric motor.
what are the different engineering disciplines, as well as          The suggested age range is 10-18 years and this lesson
information about engineering societies.                            addressed principles of electric motors, magnetism, and
- a university search for accredited engineering programs all       electric currents. A toy motor kit with all the required parts
over the world.                                                     was provided to each participant and the main task was
- opportunities to ask an expert (an engineer or                    assembling the kit appropriately. While this may sound
undergraduate) a question, which includes a Frequently              simple enough, the activity was actually fairly challenging
Asked Questions section.                                            and most participants did not get the chance to successfully
- approved lesson plans for teaching engineering and                complete their motor in the allotted time.
design (many translated in the available languages).
- student opportunities ranging from summer camps and               An extraordinary amount of dexterity, patience, attention to
competitions to internships and research positions.                 detail, and perseverance are needed in order to achieve a
- links to online engineering games.                                positive outcome from the assembly of the motor. There is a
- a mailing list and newsletter.                                    substantial amount of supporting documents for this lesson
                                                                    that explore the principles and applications of electric
Unfortunately, I found very few listings in Canada in the           motors. I would recommend it as an activity for older
student opportunities section: 4 pre-university (all in             students (grades 10-12) or for advanced classes. The
Toronto), 0 undergraduate, 0 graduate. Now I'm very proud           lesson can be enhanced if a class were divided into small
of all that Canada has going on for students in engineering,        groups, each group with a mentor that has performed the
and this almost empty list just doesn't cut it. So I'd like to do   assembly before, to guide the process and keep student on
something about it, but I need your help. I invite you all to       track avoiding a lot of potentially painful mistakes.
submit major listings in your regions by clicking on "submit a
listing". So far, as part of her very valuable role as Carleton
University WISE outreach officer, I asked Rosalyn Seeton to
submit major pre-university opportunities available in
Ottawa. With the millions of hits this website gets per year, I
think Canada deserves to be better represented.

Hands-on TISP Activities at the Event (by Rosalyn

During the Region 7 TISP meeting in Montreal, all
participants had the opportunity to try out two hands-on
TISP activities from the approved lesson plans available
online at tryengineering.org. Activities are designed with an
age guideline so that competencies are matched
appropriately, but all TISP Montreal participants were adults
and had either an engineering or a teaching background.             The second activity was "Build Your Own Robot Arm". The
                                                                    age level for this lesson is 8-18 years, and aims to teach
                                                                    design concepts, the impact of technology on
                                                                    manufacturing, and soft skills like teamwork and problem
                                                                    solving. This activity has a very different feel to it; while the
                                                                    electric motor activity requires following a very strict set of
                                                                    instructions in order to succeed, the robot arm activity has
                                                                    no right or wrong answers. The basic activity is to build a
                                                                    mechanical arm with everyday household materials. The
                                                                    arm should have the ability to pick up objects by way of
                                                                    actuators that can be controlled by an operator at the
                                                                    opposite end of the arm. In keeping with design principles,
                                                                    an accompanying sketch of the prototype is also required.

                                                                    The activity was presented to our group as a mission
                                                                    charged to us by the Canadian Space Agency, but it could
                                                                    easily be adapted to other scenarios such as creating a
                                                                    prosthetic arm for an amputee, or making the oscilloscope
                                                                    arm for a surgical robot. This activity was much more

                     Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                                   Page 8
                                                                                             JULY 2009
imaginative from start to finish and focused more on                easier and more enjoyable than at first glance through
physically exploring what works and what doesn't. We were           persistence and positivism.
not told how to design anything, but were simply given a set
of requirements. It was up to us to figure out what we would
achieve with the materials in front of us. When the facilitator
deemed that it was time to add more challenging
requirements, he had us witness one side of a phone call
from head office in keeping with the Canadian Space
Agency theme.

The neat thing about this activity is that so many different
solutions emerged from the challenge as each group
approached the problem in a unique manner. Teammates
worked together and utilize each other's strengths, and while
the designing and building required a certain amount of
focus, there was also the opportunity to interact with other
groups at the table. In general, I think this activity positively
illustrated what engineers do and it highlighted the
teamwork, communication, and problem solving aspects of
                                                                    While leaving the beautiful city of Montreal, we suddenly
the job.
                                                                    decided to turn back and visit the old port. Unfortunately, our
                                                                    guide lost her compass, most certainly because of the
Participants also inadvertently learned about material
                                                                    heavy rain, so after an hour or so of driving around the
properties such as strength, stiffness, and flexibility. I think
                                                                    outskirts of Montreal, being delayed by stop signs, red lights
this activity would be appropriate for all age groups. Though
                                                                    and one way streets, we decided to let go and head back to
younger children may find the assembly aspect to be more
challenging, they might be less rigid in their thought process,     Ottawa. Submitted by Jennifer Ng, IEEE WIE Ottawa
and find it easier to come up with creative solutions than          Section Affinity Group
older people might. I think it would be interesting to run this
activity with a group, teach them some of the principles
covered by the activity (such as how an actuator works or                    News from IEEE WIE Student
how to strengthen a material by manipulating it
appropriately), then have them do a similar activity again                   Section Affinity Groups
with their enhanced knowledge of the design.

Behind the Scenes (by Laura Mutu)                                   Polytechnic of Namibia Women in
                                                                    Engineering Workshop held in Windhoek,
The weather in Montreal was amazing on the first day of the         Namibia, South Africa
conference. It was a perfect day to experience the city
before the conference, which is what Carolyn, Rosalyn,              The WIE Student Affinity Group of the Polytechnic of
Barbora, and I did. After a few hours of exploring, we ended        Namibia has had an extremely successful and
up meandering around the streets of downtown searching              entertaining first semester full of activities for the WIE
for the perfect Montreal chicken place. We would share, but         members. WIE staff counselor, Ms. Smita Francis,
our guide compelled us to keep it secret. All we can say is         senior lecturer at the Department of Electrical
that it was worth the wild goose chase. Fortunately, we             Engineering, succeeded in getting a sponsorship to the
came back just in time to help at the registration desk,            tune of 37,000 N $ from Petrofund Namibia.
where we were happily impressed by the diversity of the
attendees’ backgrounds and also, of the speakers.                   On March 13, 2009, this WIE group organized the
                                                                    “Engineering Day for Women” celebration in recognition of
During the dinner and the activities especially, we all had the     International Women’s Day. The event received support
chance to meet IEEE volunteers from all over Canada and             from the Engineering Council of Namibia and established
the world. I found this to be a very enriching experience           women engineers in Namibian industries. Women
since we had the opportunity to learn about the different           engineers, namely Ms. Sophia Tekie, Manager, Roads
academic structures and the way various people perceive             Authority-Namibia, and Ms. Chie Wasserfall, Manager,
outreach. We all had a positive experience and left thinking        Telecom-Namibia, were invited to share their experiences in
about the ways in which we can contribute to the TISP. This         the male dominated field of engineering with the budding
conference showed us that the path to success can be                engineers at Polytechnic of Namibia.

                     Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                                Page 9
                                                                            JULY 2009

Women Engineers enjoying snacks!! (Ms. Kapolo, Ms.
Mwatange, Ms. Katurota)
                                                      Workshop participants: Polytechnic staff, Engineering
                                                      students, High School Learners

Participants at the workshop (High School Learners)

                                                      Academic Achievers (Left to Right): (Ms. Shimwafeni,
                                                      Petrofund representative, Ms. Ankita Francis, B.Eng-
                                                      Civil, 2 years, Ms. Magdalena Zauna, B.Tech-
                                                      Mechanical, 3 years)

Participants: Khomas High School Learners

                                                      Chairpersons of Ceremonies: Ms. Albertina Namwandi,
                                                      B.Tech Electronic Engineering and Ms. Smita Francis,
                                                      Coordinator, Women in Engineering Affinity Group

Engineering Students: Women in Engineering Affinity

                 Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                 Page 10
                                                                                           JULY 2009
                                                                revelation. All of the school learners left the Polytechnic of
                                                                Namibia feeling positive about Engineering, and the WIE
                                                                members are enjoying their mid year recess.
                                                                Submitted by Ms. Smita Francis, Coordinator, Women
                                                                in Engineering, Senior Lecturer, Department of
                                                                Electrical Engineering - Polytechnic of Namibia

                                                                IEEE WIE-GCUF Student Branch Affinity
                                                                Group of Lahore Report in Faisalabad,
Vote of thanks: (Ms. Selma Shilongo, B.Eng Civil,
second year)                                                    Greetings from the WIE of Government College
                                                                University-Faisalabad (WIE-GCUF) in Pakistan. The
Ms. Sophia Tekie addressed the gathering stating,               WIE-GCUF has held many spectacular events during
Women’s lack of progress and proficiency has been due to        the January through June 2009 time frame. Peak in for a
their need of equal education and opportunity. The              birds-eye view below:
happiness of mankind will be realized when women and
men coordinate and advance equally for each other as the
complement to the other. According to the spirit of age,
women must advance and fulfill their mission in all
departments of life, including engineering.”

Ms. Chie Wasserfall was all praises to Polytechnic of
Namibia and Women in Engineering for providing a
networking resource to support the members. The event
provided exposure beyond the academic community. Ms.
Wasserfall said to the engineering students, “Female
engineers aren’t men in skirts, rather they have their own
sets of needs, dreams, ambitions and God-given talents that
they bring to their roles as engineers.”

The WIE Affinity Group of the Polytechnic of Namibia
organized a one day workshop entitled, “Community
Outreach Workshop: Introducing Engineering to High
School Female Learners.” The objectives of the workshop
                                                                  IEEE WIE-GCUF TEAM 2008
was to introduce female high school learners in grades 11
and 12 to Engineering and Information Technology (IT), to
expose them to the exciting and challenging career              WIE-GCUF Advisor: Farah Batool
opportunities available to women engineers and ICT
specialists in today’s technology-driven world, and to          Chairperson: Mariam Naseem
improve female representation in the traditionally male-
dominated fields of Engineering and IT.                         Section Officers
The WIE society invited most of the high schools in the         Vice Chairperson: Mehvish Zahoor
Windhoek, Namibia area to participate. There were forty         Secretary: Sundus Muzmmal
high school girls from ten different high schools in Windhoek   Treasurer: Ayesha Umer
participating in the workshop. At the workshop, the
participants were welcomed by the Rector of Polytechnic of
                                                                Where WIE are:
Namibia, Dr. T. Tjivikua. The participants, accompanied by
WIE volunteers, were given a customized tour of the School
                                                                Student Branch: IEEE-GCUF
of Engineering. They were provided the opportunity to
observe and participate in demonstrations held at the           Section: IEEE Lahore Section
Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, and Civil Laboratories.    Region: Region 10
The participants were; in general, glad that they got the
chance to explore the possibility of taking up Engineering as
a career of choice, and felt that the workshop was a

                    Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                              Page 11
                                                                                   JULY 2009
WIE-GCUF General Meeting held on January 25, 2009:
IEEE WIE-GCUF gave an introductory seminar to new WIE
members, and reviewed the past activities and planned
future activities for 2009.

                                                         Organized Activities: GEN-WAR
                                                         Mehvish Zahoor, vice-chairperson of IEEE WIE-GCUF,
                                                                                     initiated a new activity entitled
                                                                                     “GEN-WAR” (Genetic War), a
                                                                                     quiz competition. GEN-WAR
                                                                                     was organized by WIE-GCUF
                                                                                     members on February 10,
                                                                                     2009. GEN-WAR is an
                                                                                     interactive bioinformatics quiz
                                                                                     competition which highlights
                                                                                     both the technical and fun
                                                                                     brainstorming aspects to first
                                                         year students of Bioinformatics, featuring some of the basic
                                                         courses information.

                                                         Goals and Aims: The basic purpose of this competition
                                                         was to create a sense of competition and revision of
                                                         courses just before the final term exams of first semester
IEEE Orientation Session at IEEE-GCU Lahore
                                                         students. It challenges students to test their knowledge and
Student Branch: IEEE WIE-GCUF members
participated in an inter branch activity on January 3,
                                                         Theme: “Hunt 4 the Best”; Mr. Amir Zahoor, student
                                                         section representative for the IEEE Lahore Section, shared
                                                         his experiences with the group and also noted appreciation
                                                         for the management. He encouraged the students to
                                                         participate in such relevant events to their field of study. The
                                                         chairperson of IEEE-GCUF, Mr. Saad Zafar Khan,
                                                         presented an introduction to the IEEE, explained the
                                                         benefits of the program, and how to accomplish
                                                         membership. He also shared the activities and
                                                         achievements of the student branch.

                                                         Some of the branch members also joined in the WIE
                                                         activity. They displayed a motion picture, and the students
                                                         really enjoyed that. Final results of GEN-WAR were
                                                         announced by Dr. Tayyaba Sultana, head of Bioinformatics
                                                         Department. All of the guests and judges were thanked for
                                                         supporting this event. At the end of the event, chief guest,
                                                         Dr. Shaid Nadeem, congratulated the winners and
                                                         organizers, and gave a flower gift to the winning team.
                                                         Mehvish Zahoor, vice-chairperson of IEEE WIE-GCUF and

                   Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                        Page 12
                                                                                    JULY 2009
event head, thanked the judges, guests and participants for
their presence and took feedback from them.

                                                              Seminar on Bio-Informatics Tools: A seminar named
                                                              “Seminar on Bio-Informatics Tools” was conducted on
                                                              February 16, 2009.

                                                              Presenters: Sobia Ajaz, Bioinformatician
                                                              Topic: Central Dogma Analysis Tool Kit (CD, Kit)
                                                              Umair Seemab, Bioinformatician
                                                              Topic: Web Application & DNA Analysis Tools & Database
                                                              Participants: 14 faculty members and 150 students
                                                              attended the activity.

                   Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                       Page 13
                                                                                  JULY 2009
IEEE-WEEK 2009 at National University Lahore (FAST):
IEEE WIE-GCUF actively participated in WIE-DAY. As part
of WIE, members participated in many activities including
graphic designing competition, programming competition,
and CS quiz competition”.

                                                            Leadership Workshop at Lahore University of
                                                            Management Sciences (LUMS) on April 3, 2009: The
                                                            WIE-GCUF members participated in Leadership Workshop
                                                            training held at LUMS in Lahore, Pakistan.

Integration Activity for new members of IEEE & WIE:
IEEE WIE-GCUF members participated in an Integration

                                                            Recreational Visits of WIE-GCUF in year 2009:

                                                            Tour to historical Shahi Fort at Lahore on January 3,

                   Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                      Page 14
                                                                                         JULY 2009
                                                                  - Seminar held entitled “Open Source Software
                                                                  Engineering”: WIE- GCUF members participated in the
                                                                  software engineering seminar at National University Lahore
                                                                  (FAST) on May 9, 2009.
                                                                  - Celebrate 125 Anniversary of IEEE held on May 13,
                                                                  2009: WIE-GCUF celebrated the official 125 Anniversary
                                                                  of IEEE on May 13, 2009 and conducted the following

                                                                  “Cripple House Visit”: WIE-GCUF organized a visit to a
                                                                  home for crippled children where nuns treat handicap
                                                                  children as well as educate them.
Visit to Khewra Salt Mine on May 27, 2009

Tour to Wahag border on April 6, 2009                             Seminar: A seminar was organized by WIE-GCUF
                                                                  members on the topic, “Time Management for Successful
Softech 2009 April 4–5, 2009 at National University
Lahore (FAST): IEEE WIE-GCUF members participated in
the “Programming Competition” at Softech 2009.

                                                                  After that, IEEE WIE-GCUF also participated in a “Cake
Workshop at the University of Engineering and                     Cutting Ceremony” that was organized by IEEE-GCUF.
Technology, Lahore (UET) held on May 9, 2009
covering this topic, “Next Generation Paradigms”:
Thirteen members of WIE- GCUF participated in workshop
organized by IEEE-UET on the following topics: Cloud
Computing, Map Reduce, Parallel Programming, Multi-Core
Architecture, and Virtualization. The following activities were
also held.

                    Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                             Page 15
                                                           JULY 2009
                                    Participation in IEEE Pakistan Student Congress (PSC)
                                    2009 and Olympiad 2009 from May 28-30, 2009: IEEE
                                    WIE-GCUF members participated in IEEE PSC 2009.

                                    “Techtalk” organized by IEEE Communications Society
                                    (COMSOC)-GCUF: Four Techtalks were organized by
                                    IEEE COMSOC-GCUF, with WIE-GCUF actively
                                    participating in all of the four talks as follows:

                                       1. “Computer Viruses” held on May 12, 2009.
                                       2. “Ubiquitous Computing” held on May 19, 2009.
                                       3. “How Neural Network is the Core of Intelligent
                                           Systems” held on June 9, 2009.
                                       4. “Machine vs. Brain” held on June 16, 2009.
                                    Submitted by Mehvish Zahoor, Vice Chairperson, IEEE
                                    WIE-GCUF Student Branch Affinity Group, Faisalabad,

Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                Page 16
                                                                                       JULY 2009
IEEE WIE Committee. The IEEE Women in                          WIE RESOURCES.
Engineering Committee (WIEC) consists of 10 voting
members appointed by the Board of Directors. The WIEC is              Scholarships, Internships, Grants & Awards
responsible for facilitating the development of programs and                            For Girls
activities that promote the entry into and the retention of                     Informative Publications
women in engineering programs, enhance the career                                        History
advancement of women in the profession, and promote IEEE                   Women in Engineering Statistics
membership and retention of IEEE women members.                     Women in Science/Engineering Societies & Groups
                                                                         Mentoring & Educational Resources
2009 WIE Committee Members                                            National Engineers Week/EWeek Activities
                                      Mary Ellen Randall       More Interesting Links
  Karen Panetta, Chair 2009
                                           (MGAB)              Electronics & Electrical Engineering Laboratory (NIST)
 Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou                                    Science and Technology Resources
           (EAB)                    Natalia Dultra-Raposo
                                                               Engineer Your Life
                                                               Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
        Irena Atov                     Jane Lehr (TAB)
    Ramalatha Marimuthu             Susan Murphy (GOLD)
       Joan Carletta                      Sule Ozev            IEEE Quick Facts.

                                                                    The IEEE has:
   WIE Liaisons, Regional Coordinators, and Society
     Coordinators, and Newsletter Editor for 2009                       more than 375,000 members including nearly 80,000
                                                                        student members in more than 160 countries.
    Emily Anesta, SIT                 Linda Katehi, MTTS                324 sections in ten geographic regions worldwide.
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, UFFC        Susan K. Land, Computer              1,784 chapters that unite local members with similar
                                            Society                     technical interests.
      Aude Billard, RAS            Susan K. Land, Computer              1,616 student branches and 452 student branch chapters
                                            Society                     at colleges and universities in 80 countries.
   Carole Carey, IEEE USA           Carolyn McGregor, EMB               38 societies and 7 technical councils representing the
 Daniece Carpenter, Product             Karen Miu, P E S                wide range of technical interests.
 Safety Engineering Society                                         390 affinity groups consisting of Consultants’ Network,
      Maria Chiok, R9              Bozenna Pasik-Duncan,            Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD), Women in
                                              CSS                   Engineering (WIE), and Life Members (LM).
Pau-Choo (Julia) Chung, CAS          Susan H. Perkins, R7
    Camerla Cozzo, VT              Ferdinanda Ponci, PELS
      Holly Cyrus, R2                  Darlene Rivera, R1      LET’S ANSWER A RIDDLE.
      Ruth Dyer, IM                  Emily Sopensky, ITSS      What do you tell young dogs when they make noise
       Lisa Edge, RS                   Patti Sparks, MAG       outside your tent? Answer: Hush, puppies!
Mohamed E. El-Hawary, PSPB          Ramalatha Marimuthu,       (Compliments of Riddles & More)
       Janet Flores, IAS                Lynne Slivovsky,
                                       Education Society
                                                               CAN YOU FIGURE THIS RIDDLE?
     Anu A. Gokhale, R4                Mary C. Baker, R5       Why did the camper put his tent on the stove? (Tune in
    Diana Huffaker, LEOS              Usha Varshney, EDS       next month for credits and the answer.)
   Pamela Hurst, OE & SEN          Parveen Wahid, R3 & AP
   Paulette January, WIE              Stephanie M. White,
                                                               IEEE GEOGRAPHICAL EVENTS AND
      Newsletter Editor                Computer Society        ACTIVITIES
    Allan Johnston, NPS                 Heather Yu, COM        MGA - Region Meetings Calendar
   Elizabeth Johnston, R6              Shaimaa Yehia, R8

                    Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                           Page 17
                                                                              JULY 2009
DID YOU KNOW? ……… WIE Affinity Groups
There are two types of WIE Affinity Groups: IEEE Section Affinity
Groups and Student Branch Affinity Groups. Find one in your local
area below. If there is not a WIE Affinity Group in your local area,
consider forming one. Affinity groups provide the opportunity for
members to network at a local level. Activities may include guest
speakers, workshops and seminars. All members are encouraged to
join and participate in their local group activities to promote growth
within the WIE. Currently, there are over 150 WIE Affinity Groups

        Region 1 – Northeastern USA
           Region 2 – Eastern USA
        Region 3 – Southeastern USA
           Region 4 - Central USA
        Region 5 – Southwestern USA
           Region 6 – Western USA
             Region 7 – Canada
 Region 8 – Europe, Middle Eastern & Africa
          Region 9 – Latin America
         Region 10 – Asia & Pacific

What Every Engineer Needs to Know About
Leadership and Management. Landing the
perfect engineering job often means being able to
showcase key leadership and management skills,
according to an article from IEEE-USA Today’s
Engineer. Most engineering positions will
require engineers to negotiate, plan, influence, direct,
estimate and resolve conflicts – all important
management skills. The technical skills that an
engineer’s job requires are often only a small percentage
of the competencies that are needed to be successful.
As engineers advance, leadership and management
competencies become more important, regardless of
whether or not they are on the “management” track.
Learn more Excerpt from What’s New @IEEE

                      Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women           Page 18
                                                                                                                    JULY 2009
you want you to have some

                                                                                                    Maeling Tapp           Monique Frize
                                                                                                  Materials Engineer Bioengineering/Biomedical

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                                             kinds of sports and                                                              website below for
                                             hobbies.                                                                         Engineer Girl at:


                           Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                                                Page 19
                                                                              JULY 2009

            IEEE Women in Engineering Congress 2009
                       WIE'CON '09
     “Meeting the global challenges of the next generation”

                                              “Meeting the global challenges of the next
                                  The Congress will focus on global challenges faced by the next generation and
23 & 24th Oct 2009
                                  is intended to involve WIE Members, Scientists, Engineers and Research
                                  students in a cohesive drive in various domains like technology, social
                                  responsibilities, energy, automobile & power sector.
Place:                             Who Should Attend
Bangalore, India                      IEEE Members, Women engineers in particular, WIE Members, Scientists,
                                      Engineers and Research students who can directly interface with Women
                                      Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Industry Captains and Academicians to get a
Venue:                                fair exposure to the experts and their expertise in their respective domains.
Sri Venkateswara College of           Provides a platform for WIE Members, Scientists, Engineers and Research
                                      students to create a good network and relationship among them, which can
Engineering,   Bangalore              be leveraged for years to come.

Organized by:                      Why IEEE WIE Congress 2009 in Bangalore?
IEEE Bangalore Section ,              Technopolis of India
                                      Talented resources, good educational institutions and technological
Bangalore                             prowess.
                                      Bangalore is considered as the Silicon Valley of India, the IT Capital of India,
To register, please RSVP :            the garden city of India which can boast of having the best R&D Institutions,
                                      R&D intensive Industries, academic
First Name Last Name at
                                      A hub of Women Engineers and entrepreneurs.
Payment by DD in favour of IEEE    Proposed Venue /Accommodation
Bangalore section, payable at     Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering, NH 7, Vidya Nagar Cross, Near
Bangalore                         Yelahanka Air force Station NH7, Bangalore, Karnataka 562157

          Please visit our website at http://www.ieee.org/women                            Page 20
                                                                                                 JULY 2009

                                                   Registration: WIE/IEEE/Non-IEEE members &
                                                                  IEEE/Non-IEEE Student members
Call for Papers in the following areas: Full
                                                                IEEE-WIE members                           INR 1,250
papers no longer than 4 pages of A4 size
in word format may be submitted by 30                           IEEE members                               INR 1,500
Jun 09 by email along with topic chosen                         Non IEEE members                           INR 2,000
to ieeewie.blr@gmail.com                                        IEEE Student members                     INR 750
                                                                Non IEEE Student Members                   INR 1,000
All submissions must be in English only.

         Criteria for submission: Atleast            Registration : International Participants
         one IEEE-WIE/girl student
         member or woman (non-IEEE                              International Participants                  $100.00
         member/non-IEEE          student
         member) as author/co-author.
Aeronautics                                        Congress sponsors are welcome
        Aerospace innovation       through   re
        configurable Electronics                      Provides a platform for visibility among WIE Members, Scientists, Engineers
                                                      and Research students across various domains like nanotechnology,
                                                      biotechnology, energy, automobile, power and telecom sectors.
        Emerging trends in Bio detection
        technologies                                  For sponsorship please contact convener.
        Trends in Bioprocess engineering
        Biomedical Engineering                     Committee for IEEE WIE Congress 2009
        Challenges in bio computing
                                                          General Chair Mr. Ramakrishna K, Chairman, IEEE Bangalore Section
Business & Innovations                                    Organizing Chair Dr. Ramalatha Marimuthu, R10 WIE Coordinator &
        Modern management Practices &                     Chair, WIE IEEE Chennai Section.
        Information Technology Trends                     Convener Dr. YVS Lakshmi Chair, WIE IEEE Bangalore Section.
        Business architecture

Energy                                             Important Dates
         Smart Grid applications
         Fuel Cells & Green Power                         June 30th 09– Full Paper Submission deadline
         Power electronics – connecting to                July 30th 09– Paper acceptance and intimation
         future energy                                    August 20th 09– Last date for registration for Congress participation
Information Technology
         Research challenges in Information
                                                  Oct 23 & 24 2009 IEEE WIE Congress 2009
         Global challenges in Nano science
         Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless
         Networks and Communications
         Wireless Communications, Networking
         and Mobile Computing
         Wireless Sensor technology

                             Please visit our website at www.ieee.org/women
                                                                                    JULY 2009

IEEE WIE Region 8 Clementina Saduwa Award

Date: __________________________ Year: ____________________________
Section Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Current Section Chair: _____________________________ Signature: _________________________
Nominated Candidate: _________________ Job Title: _______________________
Organization Name:
Home Address: ___________ Tel: __________________ Fax: __________________
Work Address: ________ ___Tel: __________________ Fax: __________________
Email: _____________________ IEEE membership No. _______________
WIE member Yes____ No ____
Reference (1):
Name: ___________________________ Email: ____________________________
Job Title: ___________________ Organization: ____________________________
Reference (2):
Name: __________________________ Email: _____________________________
Job Title: _______ ________________ Organization: ________________________

  Please note that Nominator has to fill the application form and send it to shaimaa.yehia@ieee.org
as well as the statement (750 words document) and the two signed endorsement letters from
References (1) and (2).

 Deadline for application submittal for 2009 will be September 15th, 2009

 For any information contact Ms. Shaimaa Yehia, IEEE Region 8 WIE Coordinator at


                     Please visit our website at www.ieee.org/women
                                                                                   JULY 2009

Call For: IEEE Women in Engineering Region 8 Clementina
Saduwa Award
Deadline: September 2009
Objectives of the Award:
To recognize a women engineer in Region 8 who, through her engineering and career
achievements, has demonstrated noteworthy support for women in the profession and
have established a benchmark of engineering excellence.
Eligibility and Selection:
Selection Criteria will be reviewed by the IEEE Region 8 WIE and Awards and Recognition
Subcommittees. The eligible candidate must be;
1. An active female engineer working in one of the fields of interest of IEEE.
2. An IEEE member whose engineering and career achievements are performed in one of the
countries belonging to the IEEE Region 8.
3. The submitted application must provide a statement (750 words maximum) that reflects her
career goals, challenges and obstacles she faced in her career and describes how she had
overcome them.
4. The nominator (who could be a non-IEEE member) has to submit at least two signed
endorsement letters from individuals (References) who are qualified to evaluate her success
(Work colleague, teachers, etc). Additional optional endorsement letters from public or private
establishments can be provided.
5. Award can be offered to candidate one time only.
The nominations have to be sent to Region 8 WIE Coordinator . The selection award Committee
of Region 8 director, four members chosen by Region 8 WIE Coordinator and two members chosen

The selection award committee can suspend the attribution of the award in an year if it estimates
there is no candidate fulfills the award objectives.
Judgment by the selection committee will be based on the review of the applications, endorsement
letters and statement sent by the nominator.
Selected candidate will receive the following;
A grant of $2000 ( $ 1000 offered by Ericsson and $1000 offered by Region 8)
An IEEE plaque
An Award Certificate
IEEE R8 Publicity Plan:
IEEE Region 8 has to publish the call for the award, the selection committee decision as well as
the biography for the award recipient in an E-Notice in the IEEE Region 8 News and in the IEEE
Region 8 Website.

                    Please visit our website at www.ieee.org/women
                                                                                                JULY 2009

                    Powering the Electrical Revolution: Women and Technology.
                    Meet the exceptional women who overcame social barriers to make achievements in the
                    fields of math and science and the ordinary women who made contributions to the
                    telegraph, telephone, industrial manufacturing, and computing industries.

                               Awards, Scholarships and Competitions
IEEE offers a variety of awards, competitions, contests, scholarships and fellowships. Many are offered to IEEE
student members, such as the Regional Student Paper Contests and the Student Enterprise Award. You will find
contact information for each award listed when you click on the link. Two Student Branch awards to get you more
involved include the Darrel Chong Student Activity Award and the IEEEXtreme 24 hour Programming Challenge.

                    Reach. Respect. Recognize.

                    Welcome to the National Engineers Week Foundation Online.
                    More E-Week News at www.eweek.org

                              The IEEE and IBM have created a new Web site that combines information on
                              engineering careers with interactive activities.

                              Intended for pre-university students, parents, teachers, school counselors, and the
                              general public, TryEngineering.org lets visitors explore how to prepare for an
                              engineering career, ask experts engineering-related questions, play interactive games,
                              and more. Visit www.tryengineering.org today!

IEEE Education Partners Program (IEEE EPP)
                              Through resources provided by the IEEE Education Partners Program (IEEE EPP),
                              IEEE members can take continuing education, certificate and graduate degree
                              courses from quality providers at up to a 10% discount. Learn more.

                         Please visit our website at www.ieee.org/women
                                                                                                       JULY 2009

                                 Career and Employment Resources
The IEEE offers a range of opportunities for members and others interested in advancing their careers or finding
employment. If you don't find what you're looking for here at http://careers.ieee.org, be sure to visit the IEEE Education
section or IEEE-USA for additional resources to support your professional journey. IS YOUR SALARY ON TARGET?
Check out the IEEE-USA Salary Service... Click on this link to take the 2007 IEEE-USA Salary Survey.

                                                                                                 Call for Articles
                    View Premiere Issue of IEEE Women in
                    Engineering Magazine

IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine includes topics that show the cross-cutting and interdisciplinary nature of
engineering, containing articles that integrate engineering with current issues facing society such as Careers,
Health Care, Medicine, Law, Governance, as well as international women’s issues. For advertising, visit
http://www.ieee.org/ieee-media and scroll down to the WIE Cover.

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                                    2009 Global Marathon
                                    For, By and About Women in Engineering
                                    March 11-12
                                    Join us in a live worldwide forum on topics for, by and about
                                    current and future generations of women in engineering.


                                   IEEE Expert Now offers over 70 online continuing education courses
                                   covering a variety of topics on cutting edge trends and emerging
                                   technologies in a wide array of disciplines. Learn more

                           Please visit our website at www.ieee.org/women
                                                                           JULY 2009
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                              IEEE WIE NEWSLETTER

      Paulette January                              Keyana N. Tennant, MPA
      Editor, paulette.january@drs-c3.com            Associate Editor, keyana.tennant@ieee.org
      +1 850 302-3383                               +1 732 981-3423
      DRS Technologies, Inc.                         Women in Engineering
      DRS C3 Systems                                IEEE Educational Activities Department
      645 Anchors Street                             445 Hoes Lane
      Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548                    Piscataway, NJ 08854

                                  Dr. Karen Panetta
                      IEEE Women in Engineering Committee Chair

                    Please visit our website at www.ieee.org/women

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