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									Christian Louboutin sale sparked
Christian Louboutin is a footwear designer from France famous for his brand of high-end women's shoes
launched in 1991.Born January 7th, 1963, it didn't take long for young Christian to take an interest in
shoe design. By the time he started middle school, he would spend most of his free time sketching his
most favorite designs.His creative passion finally Christian Louboutin sale sparked one day when he
entered a museum at the age of sixteen and read a sign that warned women not to scratch the floor
with their heels. This imagery stayed with him for quite a while until he designed a shoe with
compressed bucklers and soles to ensure that women could have high-end shoes and still be allowed to
walk where they wanted.Of note in his career are the red lacquered soles that have come to serve as his
signature. Also, Christian Louboutin is said to be the herald for the return of the stiletto style heel back
in the late 90's. His goal was to make women Christian Louboutin SUPER 100MM look as beautiful as
possible and have her legs look as long as he could.To date, christian louboutins has designed three
Barbie dolls as well as an extensive set of footwear for each.Louboutin's first doll has a Parisian look
from head to toe in an entirely black outfit. Her makeup is done in a sleek style reminiscent of Marylin
Monroe. Barbie's hair is a voluminous array of locks with a fiery red tint. Christian Louboutin. Finally,
four pairs of shoes of Louboutin's own design are included.His second doll, titled Dolly Forever Barbie,
has the same touch of style that Louboutin comes to symbolize. Barbie sports a khaki safari dress with a
lace up front and a matching golden chain hip belt. Completing the look are a pair of bright pink thigh
high fringe Christian Louboutin Shelley 90mm Black&Red boots with his signature red soles. Another
three pairs of Louboutin's shoes are included to complete the set.Anemone Barbie is the third doll from
Louboutin's series. In this design, Barbie sports a magnificent lime green gown with a purple bow that
trails behind the dress. A glimmering silver bracelet, shoulder length red hair and a pair of lavender
shoes complete her look. As he has done with his other Barbie dolls, three more pairs of Louboutin's
best shoes Christian Louboutin TSAROUCHI 100MM are included.A stand-alone set of nine shoes is also
available. These shoes run the gambit of Louboutin's most famous designs and each pair comes with a
shoe box and matching miniature shoe bag.

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