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                                                                 Prairie Lodge Lifestyles published monthly by:
                                                               Sun City Community Association of Huntley, Inc.
                                                        12880 Del Webb Boulevard • Huntley, IL 60142 •

In This Issue...                                   Business Hours/Contact Information
Business Hours                 4
                                                                                                       Open to all Residents
Staff & Board Members          6    (847) 515-7650                                                     Monday – Friday ........9am - Dusk or 8:45pm
                                    MAIN CONTACT

General Information           6-7   (847) 515-7303 FAX (Official Association                           Saturday ........................9am - Dusk or 7:45pm
                                    Business)                                                          Sunday ..........................................9am - 6:45pm
                                    Monday - Friday                     8am-5pm
                                                                                                       Prairie Lodge Outdoor Pool Hours
                                    (847) 515-7748
ARTICLES                            Exterior Modifications Assistance
                                                                                                       Monday-Friday............9am – Dusk or 8:45pm
                                                                                                       June-September (weather permitting)
Executive Director             8    Resident Business Center                                           Saturday ......................9am – Dusk or 7:45pm
Governance & Standards              Monday – Thursday                 9am-12pm                         Sunday ........................................9am – 6:45pm
Director                       8    All desks will open at 6:30am on the first day
                                    of registration.
Lifestyles Director            9                                                                       (847) 669-2392
                                                                                                       Railroad Club Room

Information                         (847) 515-7773
                                    Prairie Lodge Member Services

Technology/Communications                                                                              (847) 515-7680
                                                                                                       Whisper Creek Golf & Gift Shop
                                    Monday - Friday                8am-9pm
Coordinator            10-11        Saturday                       8am-6pm
                                    Sunday                        10am-6pm
                                                                                                       The Wellness Center by Centegra Health
Website Ad                    12                                                                       (847) 515-2078 • Fax (847) 515-2334

Showcase Ad                   13    12980 Meadow View Court                                            Monday, Tuesday,
                                    Meadow View Lodge Member Services

                                    (847) 515-7695                                                     Wednesday and Friday                8am-4pm
Communications Coordinator 14                                                                          Thursday                            8am-6pm
                                    Monday - Friday                    8am-9pm
                                    Saturday*                          8am-5pm                         Saturday                           8am-12pm
Director, Administration      14
                                    Sunday                             8am-5pm
Wellness                      15                                                                       (847) 515-7675
                                                                                                       Walleye Grill Restaurant
                                    *Open until 9pm for private parties
You’re Not Alone Ad           16    Resident Business Center Fax
                                    (847) 515-7244                                                     Monday-Saturday                               11am-3pm
Food Services                 17                                                                       Sunday (Breakfast Buffet)                9:30am-1:30pm
Bulletin Board                18    (847) 515-7635                                                     Monday-Thursday                                      3-8pm
                                    Prairie Lodge Fitness Center

Election Ad                   19    Monday - Friday                              6:30am-9pm            Friday-Saturday                                      3-9pm
                                    Saturday                                        7am-8pm            Sunday                                            1:30-8pm
Neighborhood Advisory               Sunday                                          8am-7pm
Council                       20
                                                                                                       (847) 515-7344
                                                                                                       Drendel Ballroom Banquet & Catering
Free Seminars                 20    (847) 515-7692
                                    Meadow View Lodge Fitness Center

                                    Monday - Friday             6:30am-8pm
Extended Travel               21    Saturday                       7am-5pm                             (847) 515-7200
                                                                                                       Del Webb Sales Department

                                    Sunday                         8am-5pm
Fitness                     22-27
Art & Craft Faire             28                                                                       (877) 850-2547
                                                                                                       Del Webb Customer Relations

                                                                                                       Service Hours by Appointment
                                    Cardio-Strength Room, Prairie Lodge Pools

Special Events              29-34
                                    & Walking Track

Trips                       35-39   Anytime during regular operational hours
                                    Adult Guest Hours:                                                 Billiard Room & Outdoor Facilities:
                                                                                                       Pavilion & Eakin Field
Educational Opportunities 40-43
                                                                                                       Maintain the same hours as Prairie Lodge
                                    Monday - Friday                                  3pm-5pm
                                    Family Swim
Lifestyles Calendar           45
                                    Saturday & Sunday                                1pm-4pm
                                                                                                       Tall Oaks Tennis Club

Charter Clubs               46-51
                                                                                                       6am - 10pm (Weather Permitting)

Election Candidates           51
                                    Meadow View Aquatic Center Hours
                                                                                                       (847) 669-2384
                                                                                                       Millgrove Woodshop
                                    A RESIDENT ONLY POOL
                                    June-September (weather permitting)
Resident Special Interest           Lap Swimming and Classes
Groups                      52-53   Monday – Sunday ..................................9-11am
                                    The material contained within Lifestyles is checked for accuracy, however, may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may
                                    not be complete or current at the time of printing. Sun City Community Association of Huntley, Inc. will assume no (and hereby
                                    disclaims any) responsibility for any errors or omissions of this newsletter’s content. Nor shall we be responsible for any damages
                                    incurred as a result of the content or use of this newsletter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

4       SEPTEMBER | 2010                       A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
    Your Wentworth Management Team Contact Information                                                                            MAIN NUMBER: (847) 515-7650

ADMINISTRATION:                                                                        GOVERNANCE & STANDARDS:

Bill Pennock                              847-515-7754                                 Deanna Loughran                             847-515-7664

                                                                                                                                   847-515-7226 (FAX)
Executive Director                                                                     Governance & Standards Director

Debby Seger                               847-515-7671

Director, Administration                                                               Amy Essig                                   847-515-7748
                                                                                       Community Standards Advisor

FINANCE:                                                                               Sharon Lorenz                               847-515-7678

Bruce Carr                                847-515-7638                                 Office Clerk, New Res. Orientation
Finance Director

Delores Drees                             847-515-7636                                 MAINTENANCE:

Assistant Controller                                                                   Dave Osborn                                 847-515-7618

Lesia Pedersen                            847-515-7309                                 Maintenance Director

Membership, Billing Inquiries                                                          Joe Bottalla                                847-515-7612
                                                                                       Landscape Services Supervisor

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/COMMUNICATIONS:                                                 Ron Johnston                                847-515-7751

Kathleen Flannery                847-515-7765                                          Landscape Services Associate
Information Technology/                                                                APN Landscaping & Snow Removal
Communications Director                                                                Neighborhoods 1B, 8, 13B, 32A, 34

Ollie Arseneau                   847-515-7656                                          Mail Box Services

Publications Assistant                                                                 Russell Woodside                            847-515-7761

Robert Laird                     847-515-7241                                          Landscaping Services Associate
Advertising Sales Representative                                                       APN Landscaping & Snow Removal

Richard Pawlicki                 847-515-7658                                          Neighborhoods 19, 20, 22, 38
Communications Coordinator                                                             Driveway Seal Coat Services
                                                                                       Waste Removal Services

LIFESTYLE:                                                                             Mary Wood                                   847-515-7224

Lifestyles Director, One Day &            cynthia.o’
Cynthia O’Connor                          847-515-7654                                 All APN Exterior Buildings
                                                                                       Maintenance Requests
Extended Travel Programs

Jane Tennant                              847-515-7619                                 BUILDING SERVICES:

Special Events Coord., Classes                                                         Larry Mann                                  847-515-7655
 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday                                                         Building Services Director

Joan Grant                                847-515-7651                                 Maria Cruz                                  847-515-7660
Customer Service Manager                                                               Room Scheduling

Mary Hartje                               847-515-7343
Lifestyle Assistant Coordinator                                                        *The Maintenance Page on the website now has a direct link for submitting

Rosemary Fermo                            847-515-7621                                 warranty work requests.
Land Classes/Fitness Coordinator
Bernadette Fortnum                        847-515-7669
Aquatic Fitness Coordinator     

Duayne Manz                               847-515-7615
Desk Coordinator

Community Association                                                                  Arcadia Terrace Homes Condo Association
Governing Board Members & Terms                                                        Board of Directors
Jim Roberts (2009-2010) ..............................President, 847-659-1569          President........................................................Tony Troy, 847-669-1461                                                             Vice President/Secretary............................Mike Rich, 224-569-6374
Bill Berendt (2009-2010)......................Vice President, 847-669-8628             Treasurer....................................................Joe Gwozdz, 847-669-6032
Bill Ziletti (2010-2011)..................................Treasurer, 224-569-3692
Pat Oakley (2010-2011) ................................Secretary, 847-669-6090
                                                                                       THE AED UNITS ARE INSTALLED IN                                                                Prairie Lodge
                                                                                       THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS:

Jim Henley (2009-2010)..................................................847-961-5729   Sales Center, 1st Floor Restroom Corridor                                      1 Unit                                                               Fitness Center, Cardio Strength Room                                           1 Unit
Jerry Kirschner (2010-2011) ..........................................847-669-6007     Member Service Desk, Mobil Units for Check Out                                3 Units                                                                   Resident Business Center, Inner Wall Mount                                     1 Unit
Harry Leopold (2009-2010) ..........................................847-669-7984       Whisper Creek Golf Gift Shop Desk/                                                                Hallway by restrooms                                                        2 Units

                                                                                       Non-Lodge Locations
Board Meetings                                                                         Arcadia, 2nd floor at the end of the elevator hallway                          1 Unit
The Board of Directors Meetings are open to all residents and                          Woodshop, Restroom Corridor                                                    1 Unit
are held in the Prairie Lodge, Drendel Ballroom.                                       Meadow View, Aquatic Center Storage Room                                       1 Unit

                                                                                       Meadow View Lodge
                                                                                       Main Level, Members Service desk                                               1 Unit

                                                                                       Lower Level, Fitness Desk Corridor                                             1 Unit
September 15-1pm, October 27-1pm, and November 17-1pm.

                                                                                       The Maintenance Page on the website has a link to an AED demo.

6        SEPTEMBER | 2010                                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                   Power Outages/Service ComEd            1-800-334-7661
Waste/Recycling Removal                                            Gas Service           NICOR Gas        1-888-642-6748
Services                                                           GE Appliance Service  General Electric 1-800-GE-CARES
Day of Week Neighborhoods                                          Registration Information
Monday      25, 30, 31, 32A, 32B, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 41       New Activity Registration begins as soon as Lifestyles is
Tuesday     11, 12, 15, 16, 19, 23, 27, 28 & 38                    Delivered during Regular Activity Registration Hours as
Wednesday   1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 7, 8, 9, 10,
                                                                   posted on page 4: REGISTRATION CLOSES 1 HR PRIOR
            10A, 13A, 13B, 26
                                                                   TO LODGE CLOSING.
Thursday    14, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 & 29
Friday      No Service
                                                                   - Bringing your Activity I.D. card
                                                                   PLEASE HELP US BY:

Items may be placed outside for pick-up after 6pm the day          - Having your registration form completed before arriving
before or by 7am on the day of pick-up. Please refer to the        - Type of payments accepted are cash, check, Visa,
Maintenance Department Section on the website for                    MasterCard, Discover and American Express
additional information on holiday schedules and recycling

                                                                   Please complete an Activity Registration Form and submit
or call Waste Management at 800-796-9696 with any                  HOW TO REGISTER FOR ACTIVITIES

                                                                   payment at any Member Services Desk at either lodge. You
questions or concerns.

                                                                   may register for your household and one other household
Memorial Day • Independence Day • Labor Day
                                                                   each on a separate form. Your receipt is your entrance ticket to
Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day • New Year’s Day
                                                                   events. Ticket Sales are now available to the surrounding
                                                                   communities. Resident registration is an exclusive privilege
These holidays may delay your pick-up by one day.
                                                                   for the first 10 days for any newly published Drendel
Yard waste is picked up the first week of April through the        Ballroom event. Residents can sign up their guests for the

last week of November on the same day as waste/recycling.          next 7 days as space allows. Thereafter anyone can register
Yard waste stickers are available for $2.50 at the Meadow          for our theatre shows and non-residents would pay a $5 per
View and Prairie Lodge Member Services Desks.                      person ticket fee over and above any resident fee.

Additional recycling bins are available for $8.50 at the Prairie
RECYCLING                                                          Please indicate special seating needs on the registration form.

Lodge Member Services Desk.
                                                                   The Member Services Desk adheres to the “No Refund” policy
                                                                   REFUND PROCEDURES

                                                                   established by the Board of Directors. If an event or activity is
You may leave your waste and/or recycle bins at the top of
                                                                   cancelled, all monies will be refunded. Refunds under $10pp
your driveway just outside your garage door. Waste                 will receive a credit coupon that can be used for a future event
Management will empty your bins and bring them back.               or activity.

 Customer Relations and
                                                                   For your convenience, once an activity is filled or final
                                                                   CANCELLATIONS & WAITING LISTS

                                                                   reservations are given, a waiting list is started. If you need to
 Emergency Procedures (877) 850-2547
 All homeowners who have a warranty concern with their             cancel, please contact the Member Services Desk immediately.
 home will call one centralized number and utilize one             A copy of the waiting list will be shared. Let us know when
 email address for assistance. This will allow us to handle
 your concern more quickly and accurately.
                                                                   you have sold your ticket and the name of the resident to

 The new Customer Service phone number is 877-850-2547.
                                                                   whom it was sold so we can add their names to the trip

 In the event of an emergency in your home you should use

 the new number as well, day or night.
 The new Customer Service email is
                                                                   Event Locations, Trip Departure & Return                                       Unless otherwise noted, all Activity and Fitness Department
                                                                   events take place at the Prairie Lodge. Please arrive a
 All calls for emergency service must be limited to those
 which are threatening, such as: total power failure (if
                                                                   minimum of 15 minutes prior to any trip departure time.
 storm related, please call your utility company); lack of
 heat (unless storm related); total plumbing blockage; leaks
 that might flood the home; or any problem that would
 make your home dangerous or uninhabitable.
 In the next column is a list of contractors’ phone numbers
 you may call directly, thereby saving time and possibly
 affording a quicker resolution of any problems within their
 areas of responsibility.

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                7
                           Bill Pennock                                                      Deanna Loughran
                                       Executive Director                                           Governance & Standards Director

BUDGET TIME ROLLS AROUND AGAIN                                         September…Already???
It is hard to believe that as I write this, almost half of the month   I can’t believe the children are back to school and fall is just
of August is gone, which means that school starts soon and that        around the corner. In August, I took my oldest daughter to grad
preparation for the 2011 SCCAH budgets is upon us.                     school in Ohio, and my middle daughter to Waukesha, WI to
                                                                       attend Carroll University. I know most of you will understand
One of the things that has impressed me very much since I              when I say…time passes too quickly!!!!
arrived at Sun City Huntley in December 2008 is the financial
controls of the Association. A big part of those controls is the way   As summer comes to an end, please be reminded that all
that the annual budgets are prepared. The budget is really a 12        modification projects must be completed within 120 days of the
month process. The Departmental Directors receive monthly              date of approval. If a project is not completed during this time
financial reports and are responsible for forecasting their            frame, the approval is void and the project must be resubmitted to
Indicated Actual expenses for the year. These figures are              the Modifications Committee [Article IX of the Declaration of
compared to the current years’ budget and notes are made for           Covenants, Conditions and Restriction for Del Webb’s Sun City].
future budgets, if there are material variances.
                                                                       National Night Out 2010 was a success! Thank you to all those
The real fun starts in August, as the Departmental Directors           who were involved. The turnout was impressive, and a great time
submit and present the first draft of their Operating budgets and      was had by all. This event is one example of the police
Reserve requests to the Finance Director and the Executive             department’s efforts to strengthen their partnership with this
Director. This is at least a two day long process. The budgets are     community and increase their presence. If you are interested in
reviewed line item by line item and the Director must defend and       becoming involved in the Neighborhood Watch program, please
rationalize any material change from the previous years’ budget.       contact your Neighborhood Committee Member.

The budgets are then agreed upon internally and then the               September Fact From Around the World: according to
Directors present their budgets to the Finance Committee (FC), Respect-for-the-Aged Day is a Japanese holiday
over the course of a two day period. The FC goes through the           celebrated annually to honor elderly citizens. This national
budget line item by line item and material questions are asked         holiday traces its origins to 1947, when Nomatanimura (now
and answered by the respective Department. Once the FC and             Yachiyocho), Hyōgo Prefecture (government body of Japan)
Staff develop a draft of a budget that they are both satisfied with,   proclaimed September 15th Old Folks' Day. Its popularity spread
the FC and Directors present the budgets to the SCCAH Board of         nationwide, and in 1966 the holiday took its present name and is
Directors at an all day presentation.                                  currently celebrated on the third Monday of September.

The SCCAH Board, the FC and Staff all work on any parts of the
budget that raise questions and come up with a final draft. The
final draft will be presented to the membership in open budget
hearings sometime in mid November, these meetings are
informational to the membership and allows the Board to hear
members reaction to what is being proposed. The final draft is
then formally presented to the Board of Directors for adoption,
sometime in early December and the new assessment rate is
billed out for the first quarter of the following new year.

No one likes to have their
obligatory costs continue to
escalate, however by the time
you receive your billing
statement for the first quarter
of any given operating year,
you can rest assured that the
number represents hundreds
                                                                       Middle aged and elderly Japanese exercise during a health promotion
of hours of review from
                                                                       event to mark Japanese Respect-for-the Aged Day.
leaders in the governance
structure and is an accurate
representation of what it
takes to operate this beautiful
community to the standard
that most members expect.

8      SEPTEMBER | 2010                             A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                      A few of the ideas, or topics mentioned by the focus group
                                                                      members, are currently taking place. Examples of these ideas are
                                                                      “Try a Class for free” before you sign up! If you are interested in
                  Cynthia O’Connor                                    trying a class, stop by the desk to receive a complimentary
                                       Lifestyles Director            coupon. Although we encourage advance registration, we realize
                                                                      that at times, this is not convenient for all. Therefore, we do offer
                                                                      single passes good for one visit to a drop in or one visit to a
                                                                      session class. One visit for a drop-in class is $3. One visit pass for

                                                                      a session class is $8.
The Fitness/Wellness Survey published in the May Lifestyles,
asked four simple questions and five “Questions About You!” At
that time, 20 respondents indicated they would volunteer to take      In future articles, whether it appears in this column or in the
part in a small focus group meeting to review the survey results.     Fitness Coordinators column, we will continue to highlight other
More importantly, participants discussed their needs and/or the       areas and ideas generated from these groups.
needs of their neighbors and how the community could continue
to support their active adult lifestyle. Held in June and July, the   In 2009, members of the Fitness and Wellness Sub-Committees
two focus groups were conducted by the Aging in Place                 formed a sub-group now known as “Aging in Place Volunteer
Committee volunteers who followed the same information                Committee”. Under the direction of the Lifestyle Department,
format at both meetings.                                              the volunteers are reaching out to identify resident needs to help
                                                                      support the continuation of your active adult lifestyle.
The Aging In Place Volunteers collected eighty-seven (87)
Fitness/Wellness surveys with the majority collected at the May       FRIENDLY REMINDER: REGISTRATION IS ACCEPTED
26 Feeling Great is Ageless Expo. The female/male ratio was 70        AT MEMBER SERVICES AT 8AM ON MONDAY
female / 16 male and 75% of the total respondents ranged in age       THROUGH SATURDAY. EARLY REGISTRATION IS
from 66 years to 79 years. The majority did not work either part      ACCEPTED AT THE FITNESS DESKS ANY DAY OF THE
or full time. Answers to the four simple survey questions were:       WEEK!
Seventy (70) respondents exercise or partake in regular physical
activity; Sixty-six (66) exercise three or more times per week;       ON-LINE REGISTRATION IS HERE!
Thirty (30) responded they have some type of physical                 Please read IT/Communications Director, Kathleen Flannery’s
limitations; and 20 respondents have a physical limitation that       article on the new on-line registration. As mentioned, like the
prevents them from participating in regular physical activity.        new website, on-line registration is a “work-in progress” since it
                                                                      is necessary for us to make this system work for the community
Both focus groups resulted in dynamic conversation with               due to the “uniqueness” and flexibility we provide for our
positive energy and many suggestions. In this article, one of         residents vs. park district like programs that are cut and dried
suggestions is featured. One idea now appears on the fitness          when defining residents and non-residents. At Sun City Huntley,
pages within the new website! When you view             we allow residents to register their guests at the same cost. Only
the fitness classes on the website, you will notice a picture of      non-residents or “general public” are charged a $5 guest fee over
“barbells” following the title of each fitness class. Like the        the resident ticket price. This also required us to propose to the
“shoes” after each one-day trip, the number of barbells indicates     board, when a resident can register their guest and when the
the level of the class: 1 barbell equals low intensity, or just       general public can register. Due to the many open seats for shows
starting to exercise-beginning level class; 2 barbells equal          and classes, we have published over the months that early
moderate intensity, or you are a beginner who is now regularly        registration has not caused “show sell outs” on the first day.
exercising, 3 barbells equal and intermediate level class, and 4      Therefore, there is no evidence that allowing resident guests and
barbells is for advance level exercisers. If you have a specific      the general public to register at the same time will cause any
question for any of our classes, please contact the Fitness Program   negative effects. During this introductory period, we appreciate
Coordinators Rosemary Fermo, or Bernadette Fortnum.                   your patience and understanding as we enter a “new age!”

The “barbells” are a direct result from suggestions by the focus      ON A PERSONAL NOTE…. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR
groups that was easy to incorporate. In the near future, we also      KIND WORDS AND WELL WISHES FOR MY SON,
plan using the “barbells” in Lifestyles. In addition, also            “DREW”!
suggested by the focus groups, the Fitness team is working with       By the publication time, Drew is now in his dorm room at
the instructors to improved class explanations. Since printing        Northern Illinois University! I will cherish your kind words, and
space is involved, we are working with the Communications             the stories you have shared of your children’s college
Associates to see how we can expand the program descriptions.         departure(s). I should have also included one other note — a
                                                                      caption below the picture which read: “Yes, Cynthia is wearing
                                                                      high heels!” Thank you all!

                                             Lifestyles Department Mission
                  To uphold a welcoming, accepting environment instituting a diverse array of recreational/
                       educational and fitness opportunities for discovery and exploration celebrating
                                            individuality and community spirit.

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                        9
                                                                         The first time you log into the system the password will be the
                                                                         primary owners Last Name. In the case where there are multiple
                Kathleen Flannery                                        last names in the family, look to the number preceding the slash
                                Information Technology/                  “/”. If the number ends in “1”, or in the case of renters “7”, then
                               Communications Director                   this is the primary name used for the password.

September 24th
Online Registration —
Information and Instructions
Starting September 24th, residents may choose to register for a
program or activity electronically; whether at home or at work — a
computer and internet access is all that’s required. Simply go to our
website, and click on the registration tab on the
left-hand side.

The web-based registration program is simply an extension of the
software program that we use in the Lodges to register residents. It
                                                                                                          Primary Card Holder

is not a function of the website software, but a separate program. Its   In this example the login process would be as such:
official name is Webtrac, but for simplification, we call it On-line            Household ID: 40947
Registration.                                                                   Password:        Flannery

The web-based system was designed to coincide with the Lifestyles        **This is another reminder to regard your Member ID card the same
publication. Programs are categorized by type and listed in              as that of a credit card and consider all information on it as
chronological order for easy search capabilities.          Detailed      confidential. That said, the Member Services Desk will not provide
descriptions are provided, along with the basic functions including      Household ID numbers over the phone.
time, location, and cost.
                                                                         When logging in for the first time, do not select the “Click here to
To put those without computers at ease, the system does allow for        register!” link. Registering for an account is for Non-Residents
quotas to be established, restricting the numbers that can enroll        only. Certain programs will be available for the general public,
from the web; there will be enrollment spots available for those that    thus, this option is a means for them to register and create an
still wish to make the visit to the Lodges. However, this                account. Members of the community with the current ID card (see
functionality is at the discretion of the Lifestyles department and      example) are currently listed in the registration database. If a
will most likely be based on previous enrollment history.                resident of the community registers in this fashion they will create
                                                                         a non-resident household account. This causes problems for both
                                                                         the Lifestyles Department and the actual members of the home. It
You will need the following:                                             will split up their current household, creating another account—
Membership ID Card                                                       thereby losing all associated history of activities and possibilities for
Your Member ID card is vital to the registration process. New cards      incentives down the road. It will also regard the household as
were issued last year, so if you have not received a new Member ID       “non-resident” status, which then correlates payment of activities
card (see photo for example) please make it a point to have one          with the non-resident rate and dates for registration—a major
taken at the Prairie Lodge Member Services Desk.                         disadvantage to the resident. Always have your member ID card
                                                                         handy when registering online. If you need assistance with the
The registration process requires a login, which will consist of your    login, click on the “contact our office” link or visit a Member Service
Household ID and the Last Name of the primary owner.                     Desk for help.

Each member of your house should have the same Household ID
number. This is a five digit number located at the bottom of your
                                                                         “Update My Account”
                                                                         Once you have logged into the system, make sure you go to the top
card following the slash ( “/”). Thus each person recorded as an         menu bar and update your information under “My Account”. The
active member will use the same number to login into the                 most important items are to enter your email address and change
registration program. ONLY one login and password per residence.         your password. Remember when changing your password that
                                                                         you share it with all members of your household. Plus, when
                                                                         entering an email address, use the one that you will check the most
                                                                         often. Only one email address can be entered and used.

                                                                         Search for Program, Activity or Event
                                                                         The system is very intuitive, in that it allows you to search for
                                                                         criteria in multiple ways. You can browse through the types of
                                                                         events, such as Dance, Trips, Special Events, etc., look up a
                                                                         particular program number, or search on a key word to find the
                                                                         desired activity or program. A great deal of information is
                                                                         displayed in the description portion, showing program number,
                                         Household ID                    dates, times, locations, and cost. All sections of the activity are

10        SEPTEMBER | 2010                              A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
Kathleen Flannery’s article continued...                                  Guest and Non-resident:
listed and those that are full are indicated as such. You are even
                                                                          Website Online Registration Policy
                                                                          As with most out of the box software programs, very few have the
allowed to enroll on the waitlist when available.                         ability to conform to our membership structure and pricing. We are
                                                                          simply bound to work within the restrictions of the program. In this
Enrolling members                                                         case, the online registration program can’t distinguish between
Once you have decided you wish to register, you must select the           “guest” and “non-resident” status and/or price structure. This is
Enroll button found within the program description. At this point         not a glitch in the program, but more of a variation in standards of
you will find that all members of the household with an active            operation on our part. With the program geared for facilities like
status have already been imported into a Family Member drop-              park districts, gyms and schools where you are either a
down list. When enrolling, you must choose the family member              member/resident or not, there is little or no room for the
that is to partake in the program or activity. The system only allows     in-between such as “guests”. And to be frank about it, there is no
you to select one member of the household at a time to enroll in          program on the market that fits into our process as much as this
such an activity. To register another person for the same activity,       one. So we take advantage of the features that work best for us, and
you must go back to that activity number and choose the other             learn to work with the minor drawbacks.
member. You must repeat the process yet again for all remaining
members. All activities selected are added to a “shopping cart”           For most, registering guests is not an issue. It is something that
which can be viewed at any point during the process.                      happens few and far between. The IT and Lifestyle Departments,
                                                                          with the assistance of the software vendor, have come up with
Payment                                                                   possible solutions.
Once you have added all items into the shopping cart you may                    1. For the purpose of online registration, guests will be
proceed to the checkout where you will pay for your items. The                  treated like non-residents—waiting until the Non-resident
only acceptable method of payment at this time is a credit card.                enrollment date to begin, as well as paying the non-resident
Eventually the system can be modified to allow for coupons and gift             rate.
cards, but these will be considered a future enhancement to the site.
                                                                                2. Guests can be registered by the resident as long as it is done
History and Calendar Features                                                   in person at either Prairie or Meadow View Lodge.
Can’t remember what you registered for? Want a copy of the                      This will be the process for registering guests at this time.
receipt? Need the location of the class? Looking for a monthly
calendar of household activities? This program does it. These             Try it!
features are listed under My Account. Just remember… this is not          This product is simply an awesome tool and convenience. No
tied directly to the website, and thus will not             longer do you need to drive in, wait in lines, or wonder if there is
include charter club or general community activities. The My              availability. It’s all at the tip of your fingers, anytime, anywhere, as
Account information is strictly for association related activities that   long as you have a computer with internet access.
members of the household registered for.

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                            11
12   SEPTEMBER | 2010   A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
   Sun City Huntley’s
     Fall Consumer
      Thursday, October 28
         10am to 6pm

          Once again you will have access to more than 100
            essential vendors to help you open that door.
            Prairie Lodge will be filled with ideas for your
           homes, finances, travel and general well-being.

          Join us for an exciting day of adventure, drawings,
                    good fun, and much information!
                      All in one day, in one place.
              Invite your family and friends — it’s FREE!

        For information, contact Bob Laird at 847-515-7241 or
              OR Rich Pawlicki at 847-515-7658 or

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                               13
                     Richard Pawlicki                                                                    Debby Seger
                             Communications Coordinator                                                      Director, Administration

So far the new Website is being well received by the community.        “GETTING TO KNOW THE TEAM”
Resident feedback has been very positive. Based on the number          Our Wentworth Management Staff here at Sun City Huntley is
of member sign-in actions, the activity far exceeds the level on the   made up of many talented and interesting people. This month we
old Web Portal. Even advertisers are asking how they could be          are highlighting one of our newest members, Mary Hartje. Mary
apart of this amenity. More in-depth usage statistics are on my        started in June as the Lifestyle Assistant Coordinator. Her energy
to-do list as the site matures and the start-up issues settle down.    and positive attitude make her a bright addition to the Lifestyle
Starting up a new Website has its issues that need time and
patience to work through. There has been a high number of
Contact-Us messages that require research and responses.
Numerous classified ad requests needed to be composed and
posted, which is a completely different process than before.
                                                                                                   MARY HARTJE
Group Administrators needed to be trained and supported
throughout the process of building the individual pages for the                                    Rolling Meadows.
                                                                                                   Where do you live?

Charter Clubs, Neighborhoods and Resident Special Interest
Groups. Public pages continue to be reviewed and modified to
improve their value.
                                                                                                   Do you have any kids? If so, what

                                                                                                   Yes — Kyle and Kara.
                                                                                                   are their names?

This new Website is a “living” amenity that will continue to grow
and change throughout its life. Keeping the information fresh and
pertinent to the Sun City lifestyle is an on-going effort. The
                                                                                                   What is your hometown and how

public aspect of this Website furthers the effort to continue to                                   I grew up in Jackson, MO, and lived
                                                                                                   long did you live there?

market the Sun City Huntley lifestyle and all it has to offer to the                               there for 20 years.
general public, thereby supporting property values and attracting
advertising sponsors.                                                                              From your past experience, what

                                                                       My job as a Graphic Designer at Harper College was very
                                                                       was your most interesting job and why?

                                                                       interesting, challenging and fun. While I worked there I
         This new website is a "living"                                volunteered teaching art at the Hunting Ridge Elementary
       amenity that will continue to grow                              School – which tops the scale on my FUN chart!
        and change throughout its life!
                                                                       Summertime it is gardening, winter time I enjoy home
                                                                       What is your favorite hobby?

                                                                       improvements and crafts.
                     CHECK IT OUT!
                                                                       I enjoy bowling and volleyball.
                                                                       Favorite Sports?

In order to stay informed and to maintain your contacts
throughout the community, please take a moment to sign in and
                                                                       What is the most unusual place you have visited or would like

update your profile with your current e-mail address. This, and        I took my kids to the Bahamas in 1998 and have always thought
                                                                       to visit?

all of your other personal information in your profile is private to   that would be a wonderful place to revisit.
the membership of Sun City Huntley and your can even choose
what can be shown to them as well. Please remember that your
user name is in the form of firstnamelastname without any spaces       I am a certified Aqua Fitness Instructor and work 4 nights a week
                                                                       What is something most people don’t know about you?

or special characters and your password is the letter ‘p’ followed     with that. I have a granddaughter and a brand new grandson,
by your birth date in the form of pMMDDYYYY. Don’t forget the          who I adore.
‘p’, the two digit month, the two digit day or the four digit year.
You can change this information in your profile by going to
Manage Profile in the upper right corner of every screen, and then                  Congratulations to Staff Associates
going to Edit Bio. This is also where you can select what to not                      celebrating 10 years of service
show to others in your profile.                                                            with the Association:

Watch for additional features in the months to come and stay                       Annie Schoenfisch – Fitness Monitor
tuned to the ever changing and active lifestyle that is Sun City                    Marvin Stern – Building Services
Huntley.                                                                            Joe Bottalla – Landscape Services

14       SEPTEMBER | 2010                             A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                             Wednesday, September 15, 9am-1pm

                     Nancy Turngren                                          The Wellness Center

                                                                           WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH...?
                                                                           We asked women who came into our office what they would like to
                         Wellness Center Program Manager
                        847-515-2078 •              hear a gynecologist talk about and these were some of their responses:
                                                                           Do I really need a pap smear, sex when you’re old, bladder issues, and
                                                                           what’s the deal with everything dropping! Dr. Alissa Erogbogbo,
SEPTEMBER 2010                                                             gynecologist with Centegra Primary Care will be here to answer these
Personal Awareness Month                                                   questions and more! Let us know your questions, and we will make
                                                                           sure they are answered at the lecture! Registration begins now.
We decided to make this month Personal Awareness Month because
we have a variety of screenings and lectures this month to help create
personal awareness. Of course, the screenings result in an increase in
                                                                             Thursday, September 16, 6:30-7:30pm

physical awareness. The lecture by Dr. Erogbogbo will help women
                                                                             Prairie Lodge, Multipurpose Room

understand what is going on with their bodies, and our lecture this

month for the Live Your Life Well series may bring about a different
kind of personal awareness. “Getting into Flow” is a vogue term used       BLOOD DRIVE: HEARTLAND BLOOD CENTER
now to describe a state of mind you achieve when you are fully             Consider becoming a donor and head over to MVL to give the gift of
immersed in a task. This lecture may be my favorite one of the year, so    life. The drive is open to everyone who meets the eligibility
don’t miss it!                                                             requirements. Call the Wellness Center for an appointment time.

For those of you that want to continue to learn more about yourself, I
                                                                             Thursday, September 23, 9am-1pm
would suggest researching your emotional intelligence or “EQ”. Self-
                                                                             Meadow View Lodge, Oak/Elm Room
Awareness is one component of emotional intelligence. Daniel
Goleman popularized emotional intelligence in 1995 when he wrote
the book, “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ”.
                                                                           LIVE YOUR LIFE WELL SERIES: GETTING INTO FLOW
                                                                           Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines “flow” as “living in fullness, without
If you aren’t familiar with the term emotional intelligence (and even if   waste of time and potential, expressing one’s uniqueness, yet
you are), I would highly recommend starting a journey of self-explo-       participating intimately in the complexity of the cosmos”. Flow occurs
ration!                                                                    when people feel completely immersed in the moment, when they are
                                                                           spontaneous, creative and joyful. Finding paths for expressing
          “The greatest discoveries are those that shed                    yourself creatively provides opportunity for “flow” to occur. Art
           light unto ourselves.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson                     therapist and Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapist, Andrea
                                                                           Alto will discuss creative thinking as it relates to problem solving,
VASCULAR DISEASE SCREENING                                                 flexibility, adaptability to life’s challenges and to self expression.
This will include three different screenings: Abdominal Aortic             Andrea will also lead the group in activities which will encourage the
Aneurysm, Carotid Artery, and Peripheral Arterial Disease. The             creative process to be unleashed for each individual. Be prepared to
abdominal aortic aneurysm and the carotid artery screenings are            create and express! Prize drawing sponsored by Centegra Home
completed using ultrasound imaging technology. The peripheral              Health Care. Get an entry in the Grand Prize for the series just by
arterial disease screening is performed by using blood pressure cuffs      attending. Privilege Plus Member registration begins now. Open
on your ankles and arms which measure an Ankle Brachial Index. This        registration begins September 7th.
index indicates the likelihood of having atherosclerosis which
increases your risk of heart disease. Registration begins now.               Thursday, September 23, 6:30-7:30pm
                                                                             Prairie Lodge, Multipurpose Room
  Friday, September 10, 8:30am-4pm                                           Privilege Plus Members: Free / Non-members: $4
  Centegra’s Mobile Health Unit
  Bringing services to Your Neighborhood
  Parked in Hemlock Court (N.34) from 8:30am-Noon                          BRIDGE TO WEIGHT LOSS
  Parked in Birdie Drive (N.9) from 1-4pm                                  (New and improved version of Healthy Self incorporating physician expertise)

                                                                           A weight-loss program designed to help individuals make lasting
  Privilege Plus Members: $79 / Non-members: $99

                                                                           changes in their lives. We have partnered with the Fitness Center to
DIABETES SCREENING                                                         offer this fabulous program to you. Our program combines elements
Find out your blood glucose level and if you are at risk for diabetes.     of behavior modification, nutrition education, physical activity, and
We will do a finger prick blood test with immediate results. Just          group support to create an environment for success! You will meet as
walk-in…no appointment required.                                           a group with a registered dietician, a licensed clinical professional
                                                                           counselor, and a personal trainer from the Fitness Center to accomplish
  Friday, September 10, 8:30am-Noon                                        your weight loss goal. New: Includes a Special Education session with
  Centegra’s Mobile Health Unit Parked in Hemlock Court                    Dr. Barbara Amsler of Centegra Primary Care! This eight-week session
  Free                                                                     meets three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am.
                                                                           Registration begins now!
Are you taking your medications safely? Bring your medication vials
                                                                             Session Starts: September 27th
and find out at our “Pharmacist Brown Bag” session. You will have an
                                                                             Privilege Plus Members: $100 /$120 Non-Member
opportunity for a private 30-minute consultation with a pharmacist
from CVS/pharmacy to review all your medications. Get answers to           ON-SITE PHLEBOTOMY (BLOOD DRAW) HOURS
your questions including when the best time is to take your
medications, and what food or drug interactions you should avoid. The
                                                                            Mondays and Tuesdays 8-4pm

consultation is free; however, appointments are necessary. Registration
                                                                            Wednesdays and Thursdays 8-12pm
begins now.
                                                                            Thursday afternoons until 6pm by appointment

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                                15
16   SEPTEMBER | 2010   A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                  Brian Jason                               Kathryn Schultz
                                                  General Manager of Foodservices           General Manager of Walleye Grill


                       Walleye Grill closed on Labor Day, September 6!
                                        Pub opens at 11am with the Pub Menu

Mondays in September:
All-You-Care-To-Eat                                                      EVERYDAY IS A SPECIAL DAY
Pizza Night in the                                                       AT THE WALLEYE GRILL!!
All-you-care-to-eat pizza, salads and
pasta buffet—cheese, sausage,
                                                                         MONDAYS: All-You-Care-To-Eat Pizza Night
                                                                         Over 50 different ingredients, soup or sald and dessert.
pepperoni, everything pizza, and two                                     $8.95 ($9.95 without Walleye Card)
specialty gourmet pizzas.
  $8.95 ($9.95 without Walleye Card)                                     TUESDAYS: $4.00 Certified Angus Burger & Fries
  Take a 12” pizza with all the toppings                                 WEDNESDAYS: Pasta Specials and Pasta Night
  home for $9.95                                                         September 15
                                                                         THURSDAYS: All-You-Care-To-Eat Broasted Chicken
                                                                         Choice of Soup or Salad. No to-go boxes will be given on
                                                                         reorders. $9.95 ($11.05 without Walleye Card)
                  Tuesday is Burger Day
                  All day, certified Angus burgers and french
                  fries are $4.00. Must purchase a beverage and          FRIDAYS: “Oh My Cod” All-You-Care-To-Eat Fish Fry
                  no other discounts allowed.                            Includes Soup or Salad. No to-go boxes will be given on
                                                                         reorders. $12.55 ($13.95 without Walleye Card)
                                                                         SATURDAY DINNER SPECIAL: Prime Rib with
Wednesdays Changes in Pasta Night
Pasta Night is a little over two years old – so we figured we need
                                                                         Mashed/Baked Potato Bar

to change it up a little. Look for new salads, different ingredients     SUNDAYS: Brunch Buffet, 9:30am-1:30pm
and more food. And also Music by Mario.                                  Adults: $14.35 ($15.95 without Walleye Card)
                                                                         Children (age 4-10): $6.69 ($6.95 without Walleye Card)
                                                                         Unlimited Champagne: $3.00
  Wednesday, September 15, 4:30-8pm
  The Now World Famous (ok, not “world”, but pretty darn
  75 ingredients, Soup or Salad and Dessert
                                                                             All of our menus are on our website
  $14.35 ($15.95 without Walleye Card)

                            Sunday Brunch Buffet
                            Coffee is included in the price of your
                            Walleye Grill Buffet. We have
                            Omelet’s Made to Order, Waffles
                            Made to Order with blueberries,
                            strawberries and whip cream, Chef
                            Carved Virginia Ham, Eggs Benedict,
                            Potato of the Day, Roasted Turkey,
                            Bacon & Sausage, Vegetables, French
                            toast, Apple stuffed pancakes,
                            Smoked Salmon display, Fresh Made
                            Salads, Fresh fruit, Cold cereals,
                            Yogurt, 50 foot dessert display with
Cascading Chocolate fountain, assorted sweets, cakes, cookies,
pastries, Coffee, Orange juice, and Milk.

  Adults: $15.25 ($16.95 without Walleye Card)
  Children (age 4-10): $6.69 ($6.95 without Walleye Card)
  Unlimited Champagne for $3.00

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                   17
Community                                                                B u l l e t i n                    B o a r d

MY SECRET GARDEN                                                    NATIONAL NIGHT OUT
Join the Pencil & Palette Club on Saturday September 18, as      AGAINST CRIME AND ALL STAR
they show their works of art at The Gardens of Woodstock.
See page 50 for more information.                                 SOFTBALL GAME A SUCCESS!
                                                                   National Night Out Against Crime and the Sun City All Star
                                                                       Softball Game were held on August 3, at Eakin Fields.
Sew ‘n Sews Picnic                                                 A large crowd of supporters was on hand to cheer their teams
                                                                    and enjoy the hot dogs and refreshing water thanks to our
The Sew ‘n Sews will hold their annual picnic on Monday,                   sponsors — Citizen's Bank and Drendel Mobil.
September 13 in Drendel Ballroom from 12 – 2pm.
                                                                            A special thanks to the Huntley Police and
Those with Last name starting with A-G, please bring a                       Fire Departments for their participation.
main dish. Last names starting with H-O, please bring
dessert, and P-Z, please bring an appetizer.                           The final score was the American League 9 and the
                                                                         National League 1. After seeing the game, you
Call Joanne Sauter, 847-669-1785 or email                           understand why these players were voted on to the teams. with food selections.                              Outstanding plays were made on both sides of the ball.

                                                                    Thanks to all participants for making the evening a success.
Dave Germaine will be speaking on Defensive Signaling, at
11:30am, September 3, in the Multipurpose Room.                 Model Railroad Club
                                                                The Kishwaukee Valley and Eakin Creek Model Railroad Club of
                                                                Sun City will be sponsoring their Fall Open House on Sunday
Sing with the Sun-Tones                                         October 10, 2010. The event will be held in the basement and the
Sun City’s Mixed Harmony Barbershop Ensemble is looking         adjoining rear yard of the Millgrove Woodshop at
forward to expanding it’s membership. If you would like to      13400 W. Sun City Blvd in Huntley IL. See page 49 for details.
broaden your horizons, get back to singing again, learn 4
part a cappella harmony, then come “sit in” with us during
rehearsal and give it a try. Contact: Dennis Quinn –            5K Cancer Walk: Saturday, October 2
224-569-6224.                                                   Co-hosted by the Breast Cancer
                                                                Support Hour Group and SCCAH

                                                                Two fabulous hand made prizes
                                                                Lifestyles Department
One Blanket CAN Make a Difference
                                                                will be raffled off during The
Huntley Service Organizations are working with needy            You’re Not Alone VIII 5K Cancer
families and are collecting 500 New Blankets, to be             Walk on October 2. A beautiful
distributed to both children and adults.                        hand made Queen Size Quilt and
                                                                a stunning Stained Glass
Drop them off at Arcadia Condo (next to Meadow View             Creation by Bruce
Lodge) 12950 Meadow View Court Unit 307, Huntley, or in         Armstrong.
the lobby, now through September 30. Please put your
name & address on the blanket and indicate if a donation        Raffle tickets to be sold at Lodge
receipt is needed.                                              Registration and on the day of the
                                                                Walk. See page 53 for details.
Blankets will be distributed starting October 1.
Questions: call Diane Naples 224-569-6055

18       SEPTEMBER | 2010                          A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley

                         The Election Committee
                         will sponsor a forum on
                         August 30th in Drendel
                         Ballroom from 7:00
                         to 9:00pm

                         The Current Events Club
                         will sponsor a forum on
   BRIAN JASON OF        September 14 in
                         Drendel Ballroom at

              bring your questions
Neighborhood Advisory Council                                          Neighborhood Advisory Council Executive Committee: Myron Shellist, Chair;
                                                                       Jim Van Fleet, V. Chair; Bonnie Bayser, Recorder; Ed Kukulski; and John Pleban
                                                                 See your Neighborhood Council member for the date and time of your Neighborhood Election.

    Pat Haglund              Dave Haraburda*            John Sala                Joe McCutcheon                Kathy Beadle              Dottie Bobzin*
   Neighborhood 1            Neighborhood 8         Neighborhood 14              Neighborhood 21             Neighborhood 28            Neighborhood 34

    847-669-2233               847-515-1954           847-961-6715                 847-659-1022                224-569-2888               847-515-8671
    Jean Frame*              Herbert Mueller         Glenn Groebli*              Dick Rasmussen*              Ralph Wehnes*              Frank Geister
    847-669-8813               847-515-7551           847-515-8336                 847-669-9655                224-569-2808               847-515-4736
   Margie Swanson             Alice Murphy             Bob Keno                   Karen Kennedy                  Ron Hull                 Bob Peterson
    847-515-7511               847-515-1991           847-669-1900                 847-669-9366                847-659-1326               847-515-3118

    Charleen Kelly            Nick Damalas              Ed Frazier                  Ellen Butler               Fred Miller*             Dolores Fischer*
   Neighborhood 2            Neighborhood 9         Neighborhood 15              Neighborhood 22             Neighborhood 29            Neighborhood 35

     847-669-7024             847-515-8225            847-515-3222                 224-654-2080                224-569-3970               847-659-9891
  Elizabeth Legenza            Bill Clanton            Jack Stone*                 Jim Belmont*                Carol Hieber              Diane Novak
     847-372-5205             847-961-6679            847-669-2767                 847-669-9556                847-961-5092               847-659-9866
     John Panella*             Jay Daniels*                                         Anita Karm                Warren Brody                Darryl Smith
     847-669-6215             847-669-2445                                         224-569-6859                847-669-1610               847-669-5706
                                                       Terry Hora
                                                    Neighborhood 16

                               Pete Walton*                                                                   Larry Liddle*
                             Neighborhood 10                                                                 Neighborhood 30
      Betty Frank                                     John Pleban                 Judy Spencer*                                          Chris Hubbard
   Neighborhood 3                                                                Neighborhood 23                                        Neighborhood 36

     847-515-1007              847-659-1185           847-669-1829                 847-961-6943                224-858-4395               847-515-1398
  Carolyn Bergstrom*          Dick Schmidt           Donna Roloff*                  Jean Spears              Claudia Morgan               Ken Leverenz
     847-669-3357              847-669-2431           847-669-2811                 847-515-3868                847-669-3575               847-669-7475
     Joyce Zemba              David Novosel                                       Pat Wallenberg               Fran Ferraro              Judi Fellmann*
     847-515-8465              847-669-5484                                        847-669-8386                847-515-7095               847-659-9174
                                                     Pat Kirschner*
                                                    Neighborhood 17

                           Bonnie Fiala Bayser*                                                                Patti Ciesla*
                            Neighborhood 11                                                                  Neighborhood 31
    Kim Fischer*                                     Jim Van Fleet                  Betty Clark                                         Marie Hasanov*
   Neighborhood 4                                                                Neighborhood 24                                        Neighborhood 37

    224-402-0508              847-515-1602            224-569-2726                 224-569-4000                847-845-5090               224-858-4416
    Vern Bremer               Diane Vavra            Myron Shellist               Janet Massett               Mary Crorkin                 Betty Smith
    847-515-1275              847-515-3053            847-515-8545                 847-669-5571                224-858-4104               847-515-1692
     Jim Barron                                                                   Walt Sterrett*              Pamela Busch               Sandra Fleming
    847-669-9930                                                                   847-961-5295                847-659-9469               847-515-2061
                               Bob Rueter*             Jack Barrett
                             Neighborhood 12        Neighborhood 18

                               847-515-8782           847-515-1484
                               Grace Phelps           Julia Schalk                                            Joseph Quinn*
                                                                                                            Neighborhood 32A
     Ray Zielinski                                                                   Jean Haak                                            Marilyn Gillis
   Neighborhood 5                                                                 Neighborhood 25                                       Neighborhood 38

     847-515-1379              847-515-2479           847-669-5523                  847-669-3556               630-642-0216               847-659-8691
                              Warren Higgins         Carl Pfalzgraf*               Rennie Higgins           Margaret McMahon
   Richard Buchman                                                                                                                       Dennis Phelps*
                               847-669-5089           224-858-4101                  847-961-6677               847-659-9180
     847-515-8312                                                                                                                         847-669-7557
   Lachlan Stewart*                                                              Richard Lockwood*           Janice Simmons              Lucinda Nelson
     847-515-1911             Single Family                                         847-659-9620               847-669-2341               847-659-1608
                            Neighborhood 13A
                                                      Phyllis James
                                                    Neighborhood 19

                                Doris Yale                                                                   Diane Merchut
                               224-569-6456                                                                    847-669-3961
 Katherine Postemski                                Connie Shepherd*              Kathy Martelli                                        Kraig Klopfenstein*
  Neighborhood 6                                                                 Neighborhood 26                                         Neighborhood 40
                               708-533-5764           847-515-3414                 847-659-9543
    847-515-8034                                                                                                                           847-772-7557
                             Marilee Payne*            Alice Molo                                            Richard Tabatt*
                                                                                                            Neighborhood 32B
    Sharon Little*                                                                Diane Pawelek                                            Judi Llapitan
                               847-659-9086           847-515-1497                 224-569-4142               847-515-1579
    847-961-6172                                                                                                                           847-659-9833
                              Joel Forpanek                                        Larry Wojtas*              Nancy Cihlar
 Luanne Lukazewski                                                                                                                        Linda Murphy
                               708-533-5764                                        224-654-2111               847-515-3903
    847-659-1728                                     Dennis Bober                                                                          847-659-1504
                                                    Neighborhood 20
                                                                                                             Carole Coltman
                                                      847-961-6169                                            224-569-6410
                            Neighborhood 13B
    Denney Roper                                       Carol Love                   Alan Scott                                              Dana Rich*
   Neighborhood 7                                                                Neighborhood 27                                            ARCADIA
                               Jerry Young            847-515-1389                 847-669-9902
    847-515-3320                                                                                                                           224-569-6374
                              847-340-0620          Mary Victorson*                                             Dave Nash
                                                                                                             Neighborhood 33
     Fred Olson*                                                                 Gary Rohrbaugh                                            Bonnie Kuhrt
                              Mittie Pickens          847-669-6970                 847-669-8980                847-669-9311
    847-669-5356                                                                                                                           847-961-5082
                              847-669-1301                                        Dave Dibblee*               Diane Ghilardi
    Yvonne Bartz                                                                                                                          Joseph Gwordz
                                 Art Lott*                                         224-569-3499                847-659-1736
    847-515-3526                                                                                                                           847-669-6032
                              847-961-6541                                                                   Sharon Mizialko*

              Business seminars are presented "free" to Sun City residents and gives our advertisers an opportunity
                            to meet and explain their products and services on a more personal basis.

 ■ CRUISES INTERNATIONAL EXPEDIA                  ■ ADVANCED DENTAL & IMPLANT                            ■ FILTERS USA
 CRUISESHIPCENTERS                                CARE                                                   Thursday, September 9, 8:30am
 Thursdays, September 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30,          Tuesday, September 7, 10am                             Drendel Ballroom
 10am                                             Prairie Lodge Drendel Break-out Room                   The leader in replacement filters for your
 Prairie Lodge Game Room                          We want to help you achieve a beautiful smile          home! Unmatched customer service and
 Save on thousands of the hottest cruise lines    that will last forever. 847-854-1200                   filters always in stock. 847-669-3175
 and itineraries! Call us at 847-303-2020.
                                                  ■ CARY TRAVEL EXPRESS                                  ■ VNA HEALTHTRENDS
 ■ SENIOR CITIZEN'S SERVICES                      Wednesday, September 8, 6:30pm                         Friday, September 10, 1pm
 Tuesday, September 7, 1pm                        Prairie Lodge Multi-purpose Room                       Drendel Break-out Room
 Prairie Lodge Drendel Break-out Room             Our staff prides themselves on personalized            Dedicated to serving the needs of individuals
 Learn more about Medicare Supplements,           service. 847-639-3300                                  and families by providing compassionate,
 Long Term Care and the uses of Life Insurance                                                           innovative, and comprehensive home care
 and Annnuities. 815-790-8564                                                                            services. 866-676-3931

20        SEPTEMBER | 2010                            A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                                                             OCTOBER 11-13, 2010

                                                           MICHIGAN escape
                                                           Day 1
 Highlights:                                               We depart this morning for Indiana                 the mid-1800s through the mid-
                                                           where we have a guided tour of                     1900s inside a Victorian storefront.
 • 4 Meals: 2 Deluxe Continental                           the University of Notre Dame                       We arrive back at our hotel with a
   Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner                           campus. We continue to the South                   free evening for those that want
 • Notre Dame Guided Tour                                  Bend Chocolate Company for a                       to explore the Four Winds Casino.
 • South Bend Chocolate Company                            factory tour with samples. We then                 Marina Grand—New Buffalo, MI
 • Saugatuck Dune Ride                                     drive into Michigan and our hotel                  (DCB)
 • Saugatuck Free Time                                     for the next 2 evenings. Dinner is
 • Apparel From the Past                                   included this evening.                             Day 3
 • Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm Guided                           Marina Grand—New Buffalo, MI (D)                   We drive east and enjoy a guided
   Tour                                                                                                       orchard tour in their “Folkswagon”
 • Tabor Hill Winery Lunch and                             Day 2                                              at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm. We
   Guided Tour                                             This morning we enjoy a ride on the                continue to the Tabor Hill Winery
 • $15 Fancy-Free Holidays Travel                          ever-changing sand dunes aboard                    for an included lunch followed by
   Rewards                                                 a comfortable dune buggy. We                       a winery tour and tasting. We
                                                           continue to Saugatuck for lunch on                 depart for home and arrive late
   Cost per person with home pickups
   and returns:
                                                           your own and shopping in this                      this afternoon. (DCB, L)
     $604 Double      $594 Triple                          well-known art colony. We then
     $744 Single
                                                           stop at Apparel From the Past with
   Price includes a $57 trip cancellation/                 over 1,000 vintage garments from
   interruption insurance premium.

Southwest Michigan E s c a p e | O c t o b e r 1 1 - 1 3 , 2 0 1 0
                                                                                                                                       Please contact Reservations
                                                                                                                                           Fancy-Free Holidays
Name:                                                                                                                                  24 W 500 Maple Ave., Ste. 216
                                                                                                                                            Naperville, IL 60540
Address:                                                                                                                               630-778-7010 • 800-421-3330
                                                                                                                                               Group #964
City:                                                                   State:                Zip:
                                                                                                                                                 Cancellation Policy:
                                                                                                                                          If insurance is NOT purchased,
Phone:                                                Roommate:                                                                       cancellation charges will be assessed
                                                                                                                                       as follows—61 or more days prior to
Cost per person with home pickup: J Double $604 J Triple $594 J Single $744                                                           depature: full refund; 60-22 days prior
                                                                                                                                     to departure: $100; 21 days or less prior
                                                                                                                                        to departure: no refund. Insurance
Deposit: $157 per person. This deposit amount includes at $57 premium for trip cancellation/interruption insurance.                          premium is not refundable.
If you choose not to include this benefit, please deduct $57 from deposit and sign below.
J Yes, I want to include trip cancellation/interruption insurance.
J Enclosed is a check for $157. J Please charge my $157 deposit to my credit card.
J No, I do not want to include trip cancellation/interruption insurance.
J Enclosed is a check for $100. J Please charge my $100 deposit to my credit card.

Credit Card #:                                                                   Expiration Date:

Signature:                                                                       Security Code:
                                                                                 (3 digits on back of Visa/MC/Discover or 4 digits on front of AmEx)

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                                                       21
                                       Bernadette Fortnum                                                  Rosemary Fermo
                                                    Aquatics/Fitness Coordinator                           Land Classes/Fitness Coordinator

                                                                           The Wellness Center is offering a temporary swim special for Sun City
September Fit News                                                         Huntley residents who would like to use the Centegra Huntley pool
                                                                           until we finish the maintenance schedule, please see the Wellness
Did you Know How Labor Day came About,                                     Center for prices and details.

                                                                           At this time, we are unable to set exact dates. Look for updates in
and What it Means?
Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor
                                                                           October. Meanwhile, keep enjoying the facilities!
movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements
of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the
                                                                           Thank you for your understanding!
contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and
well-being of our country.
                                                                           Guest Hours and Fees for Prairie Lodge Outdoor Pool:
                                                                           Adults $5 / Children under 16 years of age $2 / Children over 4 years
                                                                           are allowed to enter the water /Children under 4yrs are not
More than 100 years after the first Labor Day observance, there is still
                                                                           permitted in the water, but are still subject to guest fees / Children
some doubt as to who first proposed the holiday for workers.
                                                                           under 4 yrs, can not sit along the edge of the pool. Sorry, no
Some records show that Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a cofounder of the
                                                                           For Adult guests (16 years and older)........................Monday – Sunday
American Federation of Labor, was first in suggesting a day to honor
                                                                                                             Anytime from opening until close.
those "who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur
                                                                           Family Swim Hours: Prairie Lodge only ..........Monday-Friday, 3-5pm
we behold."
                                                                                                                      Saturday and Sunday, 1-4pm
• Meadow View Lodge will be closed
                                                                           *During busy family swim times (generally on the weekends), guests are
• Prairie Lodge will be open regular hours of operation
                                                                           required to wear wristbands. Please understand that wristbands easily
• Both Outdoor Pools will be opened (Weather Permitting)
                                                                           identity guests who have already checked-in as they enter in and out of the
• Family Swim will be 1-4pm on Saturday and Sunday
                                                                           building. Thank you in advance.
• Monday Labor Day Family Swim 3-5pm
• No Drop-in or Session Classes
                                                                           THE GRILLMASTER
                                                                           Last Day for the Summer Sunday Sept. 5th
                                                                           Enjoy poolside grilling on the Holiday Weekend,
AQUATIC NEWS                                                               Saturday and Sunday 11:30am until 4:30pm
The Meadow View Aquatic Center will close for the
summer Tuesday, September 7, 2010.
Labor Day September 6, 2010 will be the last day of operation.             CARDIO CORNER
(Weather permitting)
                                                                           DROP-IN CLASS MUSIC AND MOVES
                                                                           Will be temporarily suspended Sept. 4th - Oct. 16th Class will resume
Prairie Lodge Outdoor Pool set to Close for the Season —                   on Saturdays, October 23 at 9am.
Sunday Oct. 3, 2010 (Weather Permitting)
                                                                           ANNOUNCING...NEW STRUTTERS’ DANCE CLASSES,
Final Aquatic Splash Class Friday, August 27, 2010
Wear your silliest hat to this final class party. Thank you for
                                                                           BASIC BEGINNER TAP, BALLET AND JAZ CLASSES
participating, see you next summer!
                                                                           850403-09 Jazz I Beginner Monday 3pm $6 for 3 weeks
                                                                           822303-09 Ballet I Beginner Thursday 5pm $8 for 4 weeks

                                                                           Guys and Gals, if the shoe fits, indulge your fantasy and learn to
                                                                           822003-09 Strutters Tap I Beginner Monday 12pm $6 for 3 weeks
Grandparents —
                                                                           dance the way the Strutters began!! We are offering an introductory 4
Please Keep This in Mind While Visiting our Pools:
Prairie Lodge outdoor and indoor pools have many family swim
                                                                           week course of very basic classes with no experience necessary.
times for your families to enjoy. Please be reminded, pool staff
                                                                           Progression will be based on the over-all class ability. No special
members are NOT lifeguards and flotation equipment should be used
                                                                           shoes required – just a desire to learn to dance.
by younger children if necessary. During family swim time, please be
sure children are supervised during their visit to our pools. As always,
                                                                           See if these new exciting Tap, Ballet, or Jazz classes are what you have
the safety of our residents and their guests is management’s
                                                                           always dreamed of doing. You will have a great time with fun loving
paramount concern.
                                                                           people, learning the basics, and enjoying a great form of aerobic
Indoor Pool Cleaning and Maintenance along with the Pool Pak

                                                                           Registration begins when you receive your September Lifestyles with
Installation rescheduled until mid to late October
During this time, we must cancel all indoor aqua classes, swim
lessons, and open swim. Indoor classes will resume when work is            the 3 and 4 week class running from 9/9 - 9/30. No class on Monday,
complete. To allow water workouts to continue, weather permitting,         Labor Day. All classes at Meadow View Lodge Studio B
outdoor aqua classes will be conducted in the Prairie Lodge Outdoor        Please refer to the following for class registration:
Pool. An aqua class schedule will be available at the Fitness Desk in
early September.                                                           850403 Jazz I Beginner MVL Studio B, Monday 3pm,
                                                                                9/13, 9/20, 9/27

22        SEPTEMBER | 2010                               A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                            WEIGHT LOSS BUDDIES
                                                                            Carole Wechet, left, and Sherry Perkey, right, used the Weight Loss
September Fit News continued...
822303 Ballet I Beginner MVL Studio B, Thursday 5pm
                                                                            Buddy inquiry forms available in the fitness centers to find each other
     9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30
                                                                            to exercise together. Research from the University of Pittsburgh
822003 Strutters Tap I Beginner MVL Studio B, Monday 12pm
                                                                            School of Medicine showed the emotional support in a buddy helps
     9/13, 9/20, 9/27
                                                                            people shed pounds. In fact more weight was lost and they were more
                                                                            likely to complete their diet program and maintain their weight loss
                                                                            over time. Request your inquiry forms today to have more success.
$8 for 4 weeks • Tuesday, 10-10:50am • 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28

Novice Level: The Cued Dance Exercise Beginning class introduces
Instructor: Sid Sampson

basic dance cues to two step and waltz music rhythms. If you have
never exercised by doing ballroom dance cues by yourself before, this
class is for you. You are set free to dance without worrying about what
to do or what anyone else is doing. Try it.


Intermediate Level: The Cued Dance Exercise Intermediate class
Tuesday 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28 • 3-3:50pm • Instructor: Sid Sampson

features a wider variety of cued dance exercises. In addition to more
two step and waltz rhythms and steps, exercises will include cha-cha,
tango, and other ballroom rhythms and steps.


Effective in September this Ethnic Dance class will be a novice class –
$12 for 4 weeks • Thursday, Noon • 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30

just for those residents who have had no exposure to Ethnic Dance.


Effective in September this Ethnic Dance class will be an intermediate
$12 for 4 weeks • Tuesday, 7pm • 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28

class – just for those who have gained proficiency in Ethnic Dance.

$5 per class
Sept. 9, Thursday, at 4:30pm at MVL Fitness Center
Sept. 13, Monday, at 5pm at MVL Fitness Center
Sept. 18, Saturday, at 9:30am at MVL Fitness Center
                                                                                                     Spa Corner
August’s Fitness Focus class will focus on upper body exercises,
Sept. 24, Friday, at 10am at PL Fitness Center

involving the head, arms, shoulder, upper back and chest. Learn how           Welcome to our newest Massage Therapist, Julie Adam. Julie
to develop a toned upper body to help with everyday activities such           comes to us with a background in massage focusing on
as reaching and lifting while maintaining good posture. All classes           Swedish and Deep Tissue. During Swedish massage she
are 30 minutes long and the same instruction is repeated. To reinforce        uses a very relaxing, soothing and gentle touch. Her
your new skills, register for additional dates! Personal Trainers are the     approach to Deep Tissue is much more rejuvenating. She
instructors.                                                                  focuses her massage on breaking up knots that tend to form
                                                                              in the upper and mid back and loosening all muscle tension
896003-09 BOOTCAMP                                                            throughout the body. She strongly believes in the 3 R’s that
                                                                              benefit from massage – rest, relax and rejuvenate.
TIME AND DURATION CHANGE—Effective on September 13
$13.50 for 3 weeks • Monday, 6pm • 9/13, 9/20, 9/27

Boot Camp Exercise Games will go from a 30 minute class to a 45               Massage is a second career for Julie as
minutes class and it will start at 6pm on Monday’s. No class on Labor         she wanted to be able to help people.
Day. Join personal trainer Jackie Shireman to play exercise games and
                                                                              She wants to help people feel better
perform fun exercises to increase your aerobic capacity and tone and
                                                                              physically and emotionally. She also
shape your body. Equipment will include medicine balls, cones, lad-
                                                                              wants to make a difference in their
ders, tubes, air ropes, dots, pods, and other fun toys.
                                                                              lives. Julie is looking forward to
                                                                              meeting everyone and is excited to be
                                                                              part of our team here at Sun City.
$18 for 4 weeks • Tuesday, 7pm • 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28
Kettlebells Now 45 Minutes Long!
Participants of this class requested it be longer so we are giving them       LABOR DAY Spa Special
what they want. The class will now be 45 minutes long. Personal               Purchase a gift certificate and save $5 on a one hour massage.
trainer, Pat Collins, will take you through more exercises with the           This special will last for only 2 weeks. Purchase your gift
kettlebells which will enhance both your cardio and strength.                 certificates at the fitness desks from August 30 – September
                                                                              12 and enjoy the savings. Think of the person who labors for
                                                                              you and give them a reward. They will be glad you did.

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                            23
                                                                                                      Drop-in Class/Punch Passes: $3 single class
                                                                                                   Passes available: 20 for $60, 10 for $30 and 5 for $15

 Aerobics & Aquatic                                                                                    Drop-in punch passes work for both Land
                                                                                                                  and Aquatic classes.
                       MVL (MEADOW VIEW LODGE) 847-515-7692 • PL (PRAIRIE LODGE) 847-515-7635

                                           Class minimums overall average 10 people per class. Class averages that consistently fall below that number
                                           will be monitored then evaluated. Drop-In Classes may become Session Classes.

                                                               CARDIO SCULPT                                                          TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT
This high energy class with a low-impact approach is           This low-impact aerobics class focuses on boosting                     A challenging workout with lots of variety.
designed for persons with specific limitations who             your cardiovascular endurance by doing upper body                      Alternate intervals of walking the inside
may need focus on boosting your cardiovascular                 strength moves with light handheld weights. Core                       track and strength training.
endurance.                                                     exercises and stretches are also included.                                Level               All Levels Welcome
  Level              Intermediate/Advanced                        Level              All Levels Welcome                                  Day(s)/Time         Sat., 7:45am
  Day(s)/Time        M/T/F, 8am                                   Day(s)/Time        W, 9am                                              Location            PL, GR
  Location           MVL                                          Location           MVL
                                                                                                                                      CADIO STEP AND TONE
MUSIC AND MOVES                                                FOREVER FIT                                                            Spin-off from Cardio Jam with
Music from different eras gives us the variety we need         This class consists of an easy-to-follow, low-impact                   toning/strength moves for the second half.
to get us moving! Slower warm-ups and cool downs.              weight bearing aerobics routine followed by strength                      Level              All Levels Welcome
This Cardio class is a great way to start your weekend.        training and stretching.                                                  Day(s)/Time        T/Th, 6pm; Sat., 9am
   Level               All Levels Welcome                         Level                Beginner                                          Location           MVL
   Day(s)/Time         Sat., 9am                                  Day(s)/Time          M/W/F, 10am
   Location            MVL Studio A                               Location             MVL

  (No classes September 4 - October 16)

CROSS CURRENTS                                             AQUA INTERVALS                                                       AQUA FORM & FLEX
This class focuses on strength training with a splash      For those who want more, try this truly amazing                      This class focuses on progressive improvement
of aerobics! Cross training combined with sustained        total body workout by adding the element of                          of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Instructor
periods of aerobic activity will keep you coming           strength training in the water. This unique                          will show options for lower intensity.
back for more.                                             approach uses the low impact of water for the                           Level         Beginner/Intermediate
   Level         Intermediate/Advanced                     foundation of muscle development. Focusing on                           Day(s)        T/Th
   Day(s)        F                                         specific muscle groups in short intervals, with                         Time          10am
   Time          8am                                       cardio sprints this workout is one of a kind.
                                                              Level         Intermediate-Advanced                               FREE VOLLEYBALL TIMES
HYDRO POWER                                                   Day(s)        M/T/Th                                                Day(s)   M/F/Su
This water class uses high power moves for a great            Time          6pm (M); 8am (T, Th)                                  Time     7-8:30pm (M); 5-7pm (F);
cardiovascular workout. The instructor will vary                                                                                           10am-12pm (Su)
the intensity of the exercises to keep you                 AQUA FIT
challenged. This is a great class to increase your         This class offers intervals of strength training and
endurance.                                                 aerobic conditioning using noodles, aqua bells,                          801003 SWIM LESSONS
   Level          Intermediate/Advanced                    paddles, balls or kickboards.                                            Joanne Mayer and Joan Souchek will gently
   Day(s)         M/W/F                                       Level          Intermediate                                           instruct residents who want to conquer their
   Time           10:30am                                     Day(s)         M/W                                                    fear of the water and learn how to swim.
                                                              Time           8am                                                       Level         Beginner
HYDRODYNAMICS                                                                                                                          Day(s)        Sa
This fun filled class utilizes a variety of pool           AQUA BURNER                                                                 Time          11am
equipment and a program to stimulate both the              This is a high intensity workout with sustained
cardio and respiratory system. This class                  cardio activity with intervals of strength training
emphasizes definition and toning. Come join the            using aquatic exercise equipment.
Hydronauts for fun and better health!                         Level          Intermediate/Advanced
   Level          Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced              Day(s)         T/Th
   Day(s)         T/Th/S                                      Time           9am
   Time           6pm (T & Th); 8am (S)
                                                           AQUA STRENGTH & STRIDE
                                                           Give yourself a good workout by lengthening your
                                                           walking stride in the pool and challenge yourself to
                                                           the distance you walk. Combined with toning and
                                                              Level        Beginner/Intermediate
                                                              Day(s)       M/W/F
                                                              Time         9am

24       SEPTEMBER | 2010                                         A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
Fitness, Mind & Body                                                            2010                                                      MVL=Meadow View Lodge
                                                                                                                                          PL=Prairie Lodge
TRY ONE FREE! You may always try out a session class before you buy the session. Register now                                             847-515-7635
for one or all sessions. See Fitness Center for details!

                              Session Fitness Classes                           This class uses weighted bars, bands, free           partnering with each other to accomplish
   General                    Gentle Strength                                   weights and other great accessories, in order        program goals. All Levels MVL B
                              This chair-based class will contain 30 minutes    to get fit. All Levels, MVLA
   Information for            of strengthening using weights, bands,                                                                 Mat Pilates
   all Fitness, Mind,         tubing or balls. Ends with stretching and         Balance Training                                     This class is a mind and body experience that
   Body & Dance:              relaxation. Beginner/Intermediate, MVL A          Balance training is linked to stability training,    works every muscle. Focus is on the intrinsic
                                                                                because when you work on balance, your               core muscles of the body. All Levels, MVL A
                              Sit N’ Fit                                        work on the muscles on both sides of your
   Program fees vary          This class will provide a total body workout      joints, creating more balance. We will work          Mind and Body Session Classes
   due to nature of           while seated in chairs. Personal trainers will    with both progressive balance devices such           Tai Chi Ch’uan
                              lead exercises to improve mobility. Choose        as balance pads, balance pods, balance discs         Intermediate class is for those who have
   program.                   Monday or Wednesday or both! Beginner,            and perform drills to improve your balance           completed basic movements in the beginner
                              GR/PL                                             and lessening the fear of falling. All Levels,       class. Beginner class is for those who are new
   Please check the                                                             MVL B                                                to Tai Chi which is a system of movements
                              Zumba                                                                                                  designed to energize the body, reduce and
   posted schedules           Easy to follow choreographed dance steps          Kettlebells                                          manage stress, improve balance,
   for times and              combined with various Latin based rhythms         Using the essential elements of core strength        coordination and flexibility. Regular
   locations. Schedules       for a fitness flair. Wear aerobic or dance        training and cardio vascular exercise you will       practice can facilitate harmonious energy
                              shoes. Please no running or black soled           develop stability, flexibility, balance and          flow. GR/PL
   are also available on      shoes. All Levels, MVL B                          agility. Movements are ballistic or swinging
   the website—see the                                                          moves or press and pull exercises. You will          Yoga for Everybody
   Fitness Center tab.        Super Sculpt                                      firm up your legs, glutes, back, arms and            A yoga class designed to meet the individual
                              This class will increase your strength and        abdominals. 30 minute class.                         needs of each participant. The instructor will
                              endurance while defining your muscles.            All levels. MVL B                                    focus on the specific needs of the class as a
   Classes that have          Begins with a warm up and then on to all                                                               whole. Join us; each week will differ from
   not met their class        resistance training for a full body workout.      Fall Proof                                           the last.
                              Using dumbbells, body bars, stability balls       This 50 minutes class will work with you to
   minimums three             and body weight to sculpt your body from          enhance posture and the sensory systems of           Yoga Flow
   days prior to class        both a standing and mat positions. All Levels     the body that are used to anticipate changes         This class will practice smooth free-flow
   start date will be         MVL A                                             that affect balance and initiate appropriate         Vinyasa yoga postures in balanced sequence.
                                                                                responses to those changes.                          Intermediate, MVL A
   cancelled. You will        On The Ball                                       All levels. MVL B
   be notified via            These classes focus on the development of                                                              Light Yoga
   a courtesy phone           core strength by using muscle stretch and         Boot Camp Exercise Games                             Focusing on stretching the whole body while
                              endurance on a stability ball. Beginner/          All are welcome to participate in this boot          incorporating yoga poses to develop inner
   call and refunds/          Intermediate, MVL B                               camp style class which will include working          strength and mind-muscle connection. Also
   credits will be                                                              all muscles, some aerobic exercise and some          integrates visual imagery and relaxation
   issued.                    AM Power Workout                                  stretching while burning tons of calories. It        techniques. Bring a blanket and warm socks.
                              This strength training class is for all levels.   can be as challenging as you want it to be.          Beginner/Intermediate, MVLA
                              In order to prevent bone loss and build           We’ll toss some balls, do some drills using
                              additional bone you must strength train.          agility ladders and cones and have some fun

    CODE     CLASS                      LOCATION           DAY        TIME          SEPT.                 OCT.                   NOV.              DEC.             COST
    800403   AM Power Workout             MVL A              F         9am        9/10-10/1             10/8-10/29           11/5-12/3 $25   12/10-12/17 $10         $20
    800203   On The Ball                  MVL B             Th         9am         9/9-9/30             10/7-10/28             11/4-12/2      12/9-12/16 $10         $20
    800703   Gentle Strength              MVL A             M         11am      9/13-9/27 $15           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $25   12/6-12/13 $10          $20
    800803   Gentle Strength              MVL B              F        11am        9/10-10/1             10/8-10/29             11/5-12/3     12/10-12/17 $10         $20
    800003   Mat Pilates                  MVL A             W          5pm         9/8-9/29             10/6-10/27             11/3-12/1      12/8-12/15 $10         $20
    885003   Sit N’ Fit                 Game Room           M         11am       9/13-9/27 $9           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $15     12/6-12/13 $6         $12
    885103   Sit N’ Fit                 Game Room           W         11am         9/8-9/29             10/6-10/27           11/3-12/1 $15     12/8-12/15 $6         $12
    800103   Super Sculpt                 MVL A             M          9am      9/13-9/27 $15           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $25    12/6-12/13 $10         $20
    830303   Tai Chi Plus               Game Room            M         9am      9/13-9/27 $15           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $25    12/6-12/13 $10          $20
    830003   Tai Chi Basic              Game Room            M        10am      9/13-9/27 $15           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $25    12/6-12/13 $10          $20
    830203   Tai Chi Plus                 MVL B              W         9am        9/8-9/29              10/6-10/27          11/3-12/1 $25     12/8-12/15 $10          $10
    830103   Tai Chi Intermediate         MVL B              W        10am        9/8-9/29              10/6-10/27          11/3-12/1 $25     12/8-12/15 $10          $10
    830603   Yoga Flow                     MVL A             T        1pm          9/7-9/28             10/5-10/26          11/2-11/30 $25    12/7-12/14 $10          $20
    830503   Yoga Flow                     MVL A             F        11am        9/10-10/1             10/8-10/29          11/5-12/3 $25    12/10-12/17 $10          $20
    810203   Light Yoga    NEW!            MVL A             M        1pm       9/13-9/27 $15           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $25    12/6-12/13 $10          $20
    810503   Yoga NEW!                     MVL A            M         2pm       9/13-9/27 $15           10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $25   12/6-12/13 $10           $20
    810303   Light Yoga                    MVL A             T       12pm         9/7-9/28              10/5-10/26          11/2-11/30 $25   12/7-12/14 $10           $20
    810403   Light Yoga                    MVL A            Th        8am         9/9-9/30              10/7-10/28            11/4-12/2      12/9-12/16 $10           $20
    810603   Yoga For Everybody            MVL A            Sat     10:30am       9/11-10/2             10/9-10/30          11/6-12/4 $25    12/11-12/18 $10          $20
    801103   Zumba                         MVL A             T        11am        9/7-9/28              10/5-10/26          11/2-11/30 $25    12/7-12/14 $10          $20
    801303   Zumba                         MVL B             T        6pm         9/7-9/28              10/5-10/26          11/2-11/30 $25    12/7-12/14 $10          $20
    801003   Swim Lessons NEW TIME! PL Pool                 Sat       11am           ---                10/9-10/30            11/6-12/4            ---                $20
    897503   Fall Proof NEW!        MVL B                    T         9am        9/7-9/28              10/5-10/26          11/2-11/30 $15         ---                $20
    896503   Kettlebells NEW!       MVL B                    T        7pm         9/7-9/28              10/5-10/26          11/2-11/30 $15    12/7-12/14 $9           $12
    896003   Boot Camp Ex. Games    MVL B                   M         6pm       9/13-9/27 $9            10/4-10/25          11/1-11/29 $15    12/6-12/13 $6           $12
    892509   Fitness Focus              MVL Fitness        Varies    Varies                                                                                            $5

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26   SEPTEMBER | 2010   A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                       FITNESS / DANCE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS
 General Information for all Strutters                       American Smooth Dancing and finalists in the              Beginning Level: If you are comfortable with the very
 Dance Classes:                                              Championship International Standard Competition.          basic steps, have great coordination, but never line
 The Strutters are made up of Tap, Jazz and Ballet           Singles and couples welcome. Come and learn some          danced before, this level is for you!
 dance with each area having at least two levels of          of the popular dances so you will feel confident at       Instructor: Nancy Buhr
 expertise from which to choose. During each of these        local ballroom dance events, class reunions, cruises,     Wednesday 12pm/Friday 1pm
 classes, dance steps and moves will be studied, and         weddings, anniversary parties and more. It is a lovely
 instruction given on specific steps in order to create a    way to exercise your body and your mind.                  Intermediate Level
 dance routine. Come and join this fun and talented                                                                    Instructor: LeeAnn Cooper, Tuesday 4pm
 group where improvement in endurance, muscle tone           Ethnic Dance                                              Angie Milella, Thursday 6:30pm
 and brain function will be experienced.                     This class is designed for those who have had little or
                                                             no ethnic dance experience. Exercise both your body       Advanced Level
 Hoofer & Hunks Tap Classes                                  and mind through music and dance. Come join a new         Volunteer Instructor: Elaine Rodgers
 The Hoofer and Hunks tap classes focus on fun and           circle of friends and learn dances from many different    Wednesday 3:30pm
 fitness through dance. The classes are taught by            countries such as Israel, Greece, Romania, Sweden,
 volunteer instructors Sandy Oldham, Carol Kaiser,           etc. Basic steps will be taught which will gradually      Leather or smooth soled shoes needed for all line
 Dana Rich and Judy Thierer. The One Step Up Class           build into a repertoire of dances. No partners            dance classes.
 is open to residents year round. The newest class the       needed! The class is taught by a seasoned resident
 ‘Hoofer Hunks’ is the “men only” group.                     instructor, Nancy Kristan.                                Cued Dance Exercise Class
                                                                                                                       Cued dancing is dancing to cues. The instructor, Sid
 Hoofer and Hunks classes run year round. Please             Line Dance Classes!                                       Sampson, has taught cued dancing for years and has
 contact Sandy Oldham if you are interested!                 Want to learn to line dance? We can teach you how!        taken advantage of that experience to create an
                                                             Try one of our line dancing classes and you will be       opportunity for you to exercise while dancing in a
 Hoofer Tap Classes run year round. Although the             dancing in no time! Dance parties are held six times a    unique format. If you can walk then you will have
 class began in November, interested residents can join      year in Drendel Ballroom coordinated by a volunteer       fun in this class. The exercise comprises dancing by
 at any time! Please call Sandy Oldham so together           team led by volunteer, Nick Damalas. Look for             yourself to cues drawn from various types of
 you can determine which class is best for you! See          announcements throughout the year!                        ballroom dances such as two step, waltz, cha-cha,
 the Dance Class Listings and sign up for one session                                                                  etc., and even square dancing. The tempo will be a
 or all listed! Due to program growth, on occasion           Novice Level: New to line dancing? This is the class      slow, or as fast, as the class desires so everyone will
 class schedules may change.                                 to start breaking in those new country boots! The         be able to participate. Since you dance by yourself,
                                                             very basic techniques that are common to all line         everyone is welcome. Meadow View Lodge Studio B
 Tap Two: some experience with tap dance.                    dances will be reviewed in this class.
 Tap One: Most experience with tap dance.                                                                              Beginner Level – Tuesday at 10am
                                                             Instructor: Nancy Buhr                                    Intermediate Level – Tuesday 3pm
 Ballroom Dance                                              Friday, 12pm
 Learn to Ballroom dance from professional dancers,
 Barb and Jim Finn, Amateur Elite Champions in

 For all dance programs, come dressed in dance attire, or aerobic clothing, something loose and comfortable.

  Cost is per 4 week session, however you can purchase all sessions posted! Adjustments are made for sessions with fewer weeks. Price of a single session class is $8.

  CODE     CLASS                             DAY   ROOM       TIME          SEPT.              OCT.         NOV.                   DEC.                COST
  850003   Jazz III                           T    MVL-A       10am        9/7-9/28        10/5-10/26 11/2-11/30 $10                ---                 $8
  850103   Jazz III                           T    MVL-A       2pm         9/7-9/28        10/5-10/26 11/2-11/30 $10                ---                 $8
  850303   Jazz II                            T    MVL-A       11am        9/7-9/28        10/5-10/26 11/2-11/30 $10                ---                 $8
  850403   Jazz I-Beginner                    M    MVL-B        3pm      9/13-9/27 $6       10/4-10/25 11/1-12/6 $10                ---                 $8
  822403   Ballet II                          M    MVL-A       12pm      9/13-9/27 $6      10/4-10/25 11/1-12/7 $10                 ---                 $8
  822503   Ballet III                         T    MVL-A        9am        9/7-9/28         10/5-10/26 11/2-12/6 $10                ---                 $8
  822303   Ballet I-Beginner                  Th   MVL-B         5p        9/9-9/30         10/7-10/28 11/4-11/18 $6              12/2 $2               $8
  822703   Ballroom Dance                     W    MVL-A      6:30pm       9/8-9/29        10/13-10/27   11/3-11/17                 ---             $66/$99 cpl.
                                                                           Swing &           Fox Trot & Tango & Bolero                           $49.50/$74.25 cpl.
                                                                             Waltz            Mambo

  823903   Cued Dance-Novice NEW!             T    MVL-B      10am         9/7-9/28         10/5-10/26    11/2-11/30 $10      12/7-12/14 $4             $8
  823803   Cued Dance-Intermed. NEW!          T    MVL-B      3pm          9/7-9/28         10/5-10/26    11/2-11/30 $10      12/7-12/14 $4             $8

  823503   Ethnic Dance-Novice               Th    MVL-A      12pm         9/9-9/30         10/7-10/28      11/4-12/2         12/9-12/16 $6             $12
  823703   Ethnic Dance-Intermediate         T     MVL-A       7pm         9/7-9/28         10/5-10/26    11/2-11/30 $15      12/7-12/14 $6             $12

  820003   Line   Dance-Novice                F    MVL-A       12pm        9/10-10/1        10/8-10/29      11/5-12/3              ---                  $12
  820203   Line   Dance-Beginner              F    MVL-A       1pm         9/10-10/1        10/8-10/29      11/5-12/3              ---                  $12
  820303   Line   Dance-Beginner             W     MVL-A       12pm         9/8-9/29        10/6-10/27      11/3-12/1         12/8-12/22    $9          $12
  820403   Line   Dance-Beginner             W     MVL-B        7pm         9/8-9/29        10/6-10/27      11/3-12/1         12/8-12/22    $9          $12
  820503   Line   Dance-Novice               W     MVL-B        6pm         9/8-9/29        10/6-10/27      11/3-12/1         12/8-12/22    $9          $12
  820603   Line   Dance-Intermediate         Th    MVL-B      6:30pm        9/9-9/30        10/7-10/28      11/4-12/2         12/9-12/16    $4           $8
  820703   Line   Dance-Intermediate         T     MVL-A        4pm         9/7-9/28        10/5-10/26    11/2-11/30 $15      12/7-12/14    $6          $12
  820803   Line   Dance-Advanced             W     MVL-A      3:30pm        9/8-9/29        10/6-10/27    11/3-12/1 $10       12/8-12/15    $4           $8

  900303   Line Dance Party:                 M     Drendel     6pm             ---             10/4             ---                12/8                 $6
           Monster Mash

  824503   Hoofers Tap Dance-Tap 1           M     MVL-A      4:45pm     9/13-9/27 $6            ---     10/25-11/29 $12      12/6-12/13    $4          $8
  824403   Hoofers Tap Dance-Tap 2           M     MVL-A      5:45pm     9/13-9/27 $6            ---     10/25-11/29 $12      12/6-12/13    $4          $8
  824303   Hoofers TapDance-1 Step Up        M     MVL-A      6:45pm     9/13-9/27 $6            ---     10/25-11/29 $12      12/6-12/13    $4          $8
  824103   Hoofers Tap Tech.-Tap 1           Th    MVL-A        3pm      9/9-9/23 $6             ---     10/28-12/2 $10       12/9-12/16    $4          $8
  824203   Hoofers Tap Tech.-Tap 2           Th    MVL-A       4pm       9/9-9/23 $6             ---     10/28-12/2 $10       12/9-12/16    $4          $8
  824003   Hoofers Tap Tech.-1 Step Up       Th    MVL-A       5pm       9/9-9/23 $6             ---     10/28-12/2 $10       12/9-12/16    $4          $8
  824903   Huntley Hunks                     Th    MVL-A      7:30pm     9/9-9/23 $6             ---     10/28-12/2 $10       12/9-12/16    $4          $8

  821603   Strutters   Tap   Tech Ensemble   M     MVL-B       8am       9/13-9/27 $6       10/4-10/25     11/1-11/29         12/6-12/20 $6             $8
  821203   Strutters   Tap   Tech III        M     MVL-B      10am       9/13-9/27 $6       10/4-10/25     11/1-11/29         12/6-12/20 $6             $8
  821303   Strutters   Tap   Tech II         M     MVL-B      11am       9/13-9/27 $6       10/4-10/25     11/1-11/29         12/6-12/20 $6             $8
  821703   Strutters   Tap   Ensemble        Th    MVL-A       9am         9/9-9/30         10/7-10/28    11/4-11/18 $6          12/2 $2                $8
  821803   Strutters   Tap   III             Th    MVL-A      10am         9/9-9/30         10/7-10/28    11/4-11/18 $6          12/2 $2                $8
  821903   Strutters   Tap   I               Th    MVL-A      11am         9/9-9/30         10/7-10/28    11/4-11/18 $6          12/2 $2                $8
  822003   Strutters   Tap   I-Beginner      M     MVL-B      12pm       9/13-9/27 $6       10/4-10/25     11/1-11/29            12/6 $2                $8

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    Sun City Huntley Resident

 Join the fun & add your photographic             The contest deadline is Friday,
                                                                                       has a new theme!

 touch!                                           December 31, 2010.                              The theme for this year is "Life (at Sun City
 An exciting opportunity for your photos to be    Winners will be notified and announced in the   Huntley) is a Celebration!" Feature residents
 in our Annual Sun City Huntley Resident Phone    March 2011 Lifestyles, on the website and       enjoying themselves in many ways both
 Directory or elsewhere! The Publisher has        Channel 96.                                     indoors and outside; like at parties, dances,
 graciously offered prize money for winning                                                       events, playing at sports, neighborhood
 entries. Winning photos are featured in the      RULES:                                          gatherings, club events or whatever. Try to
 annual resident directory.                       • Contestants must be residents of Sun City     "focus" on their happy faces. Landscapes and
                                                  Huntley.                                        scenic photos would not meet the theme
 1st Prize: $250.00 Plus your photo on the        • Entries must be original photographs (high    criteria unless people "celebrating" are the
 cover of the directory                           resolution digital preferred or 3x5 or 4x6      central part of the subject matter. Include a
                                                  prints) and be in good taste (no professional   description of the photo and the names of the
 2nd Prize: $75.00 Plus your photo published      studio photos).                                 subjects where appropriate.
 in the directory                                 • Entrant’s name and address must be on the
                                                  back of each photo print submitted. Digital     If you have questions or need further
 3rd Prize: $25.00 Plus your photo published in   pictures can be e-mailed to                     information, please contact Rich Pawlicki at
 the directory                                      (847) 515-7658.
                                                  • Limit of 4 pictures per entrant.
 In the event of a tie, the prize money will be   • Entries must be received at the Community     Sun City Community Association of Huntley, Inc., reserves
                                                                                                  the right to use any entries in any of its publications and
 split. Honorable mentions may be published as    Association office by the deadline.             website at any time and will make a reasonable effort
 well.                                                                                            to give credit to the photographer when an entry is used.
                                                                                                  There is no commitment that every entry will be used.
                                                                                                  Print entries will be returned to the photographer within a
                                                                                                  reasonable time after completion of the contest.

28      SEPTEMBER | 2010                              A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                     CROSSWORD PUZZLE TOURNAMENT IN 2011?
                                                                     The Triple L (Life Long Learning) Committee is interested
                            Jane Tennant                             in your feedback on a potential Crossword Puzzle
                                                                     Tournament that we would like to host in Drendel
                                                                     Ballroom sometime in early 2011. Doesn't this sound like
                     Special Events & Classes Coordinator
                                                                     fun on a cold, dreary winter day? Please let me know if
                                                                     this would interest you (see email and/or phone number
Special Events                                                       above) or speak to any of our Triple L committee members
                                                                     when attending our regular Friday morning (10am,
                                                                     generally at our MVL location) lectures! Thank you!
Open Registration – Immediately upon
delivery of the Lifestyles Magazine
                                                                             Mark Your Calendars!
NEW TICKET PROCESS                                                       SLEEPY HOLLOW CHILDREN’S
The new ticket (TKT) process is going well and the
feedback we are hearing is that you are loving the way it
                                                                         CHORUS AND CHOIR CHIMES
                                                                    Last spring this wonderful group of young people from
streamlines everyone into our Drendel Ballroom events
                                                                      Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in West Dundee
without bottle-necking at check-in tables! We will
                                                                     delighted us with an entertaining performance in the
continue to roll out more and more programs with tickets
                                                                      Social Lounge. Now they are returning for a short
(TKT) as time goes by. Our ultimate goal is to be able to
                                                                       Holiday Show to spread the magic of the season!
assign seats as the tickets are purchased, but this is in the
future. For a few months we have allowed those with
receipts (instead of tickets) to gain entry, but soon this will
                                                                                Friday, December 10, 10am
go away and our larger Drendel Ballroom programs will
                                                                                Prairie Lodge Gallery • Free
be TICKETS ONLY! We encourage you to get into the
habit of safeguarding and bringing your tickets to all TKT
events to ensure there are no hiccups at the door. IF you
cannot find your tickets, bring your receipt and go
immediately to the CAM desk for verification. We want
to make sure that you and you alone are gaining
admission! Smaller events, programs and classes will              TKT 6000-07 AMY YASSINGER
continue with our regular receipt process as your form of         JAZZ QUARTET: A TRIBUTE
entry. While your name will appear on the activity roster,
having your receipt close at hand is helpful.
                                                                  TO ELLA FITZGERALD, PEGGY
                                                                  LEE SARAH VAUGHAN &
                                                                  ROSEMARY CLOONEY - THE
PLEASE STEP FORWARD...                                            LADIES OF JAZZ
                                                                  Amy Yassinger is a versatile Chicago
I would like to form a group of 20-25 willing residents to
be on my "ULTIMATE PARTY PLANNERS" Committee! I
                                                                  Jazz, R&B, and Pop vocalist. Her
know there are many creative, helpful, enthusiastic               love for music has provided opportunities to perform at
community members out there that I would be delighted             Carnegie Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, the National
to work with! Our goal would be to plan, decorate and             Inventor’s Hall of Fame, Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium
cleanup after any major events. Many hands would make             and many Chicagoland Jazz Clubs. Prepare to be engaged
light work, and I would greatly appreciate the help!              by her passionate voice and sound interpretation of the
Events like the upcoming Barbara Rinella "Salute to First         music and lyrics of legends Ella, Peggy and Sarah!
Ladies" breakfast program, the Fall Fashion Luncheon
and Show, and the Halloween Costume Party & Dance
                                                                    Thursday, Sept 16, 7-8:15pm
would be events that I could sure use your help with!!              Drendel Ballroom
Ladies, are all welcome to be a part of this           $8pp early registration / $13 at the door
committee as we ramp up the creativity and glitz to select          Min. 100 / Max. 380
special events. Please contact me if you are interested in
joining this group or if you have additional questions. My        TKT 6001-07 THE FOUR PREPS PERFORMING
phone number is 847-515-7619 (Monday afternoon,                   AMERICA’S FAVORITE POP HITS Featuring
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) or email me at                   Original Lead Singer BRUCE BELLAND I would LOVE to hear              Here’s what Dick Clark has to say about the Four
from you!!                                                        Preps….“Their energy and enthusiasm guarantee a great
                                                                  time every time!” Don’t miss this fantastic show filled with
                                                                  many of your all-time favoritetunes...Remember 26 Miles
                                                                  (Across the Sea), Big Man, Down by the Station, Gidget, Sh

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                        29
FAVORITE POP HITS Featuring Original Lead Singer
                                                                     Friday, October 29
Boom, Unchained Melody, Little Darlin, Runaround Sue,
                                                                     Cash Bar / Drendel Ballroom Doors Open: 6pm

Go Away Little Girl, Blue Velvet...and on and on! Register
                                                                     Dancing to The New Invaders: 6:30-9:30pm

early because this show will surely sell out!
                                                                     $23pp / Min. 100 / Max. 250

  Wed. Oct 6, Doors Open & Cash Bar, 6:30pm                        TKT 6006-05 IDES OF MARCH
                                                                   FEATURING JIM PETERIK
                                                                   On October 16, 1964; a basement in
  Show Begins 7-8:30pm (with 15 minute intermission)

                                                                   Berwyn, Illinois played host to four
  Drendel Ballroom

                                                                   schoolboys, guitars, drums, and their
  $22pp early registration / $27 at the door

                                                                   dreams. From that meeting sprang platinum hits, Grammy
  $27/$32pp for general public

                                                                   awards, and a common bond that has lasted ever since.
  Min. 100 / Max. 380

TKT 5804-08 FUN NITES SUPPER AND                                   The IDES OF MARCH are best remembered for their 1970
ENTERTAINMENT BINGO, Co-Sponsored by                               smash “Vehicle”, and have had hit records in each of the
Huntley Realty and Tom Hall                                        decades since that humble beginning. Remember the
Another terrific evening w/supper, dessert, beverages and          rousing sports anthem “Finally Next Year” that cheered the
entertainment bingo games, raffles, prizes and lots of fun!        Cubs throughout their red-hot 2003 season? In concert, the
Be sure to register early! NOTE: New and slightly used             IDES remain a powerhouse rock and roll band that all of
items are always welcomed for donation toward future               the members (save one) are on the plus side of 50 years of
prizes.                                                            age. With the 2005 chart-topping success of “Vehicle” as
                                                                   recorded by American Idol’s Bo Bice, the IDES OF MARCH
                                                                   are once again in the nation eye…and appearing for us in
This is the last Bingo for 2010! See you in January
                                                                   Drendel Ballroom! Get your tickets now!
  Wednesday, October 13th
                                                                     Wednesday, November 10
  Doors Open: 4:30pm only!
                                                                     Doors Open: 6:30pm / Show: 7-8:30pm (no intermission)
  Jumbo Hot Dog Nite: All guests will enjoy a jumbo hot
                                                                     Drendel Ballroom
  dog, chips, potato salad, dessert, coffee and cold drinks.
                                                                     $25pp / Max. 380
  Drendel Ballroom
  $12pp / Max. 250
                                                                   TKT 6001-08 CHICAGO
                                                                   KOREAN DANCE COMPANY
                                                                   Spend a once-in-a-lifetime evening
                                                                   experiencing the culture and beauty
Tony Spavone is a concert artist whose thrilling voice,
                                                                   of Korea! Be mesmerized by the
charming manner and showmanship embrace audiences
                                                                   grace of the dancers and their exqui-
whenever he performs. With a unique style of projection
                                                                   site costumes of ancient Korea! ADL
for all types of songs, an engaging stage presence and a
                                                                   Korean Dance Institute’s mission is to develop Korean
certain elegance of the heart, Tony is equally at home with
                                                                   cultural heritage through various traditional dance
Continental love songs as well as American, Italian and
                                                                   performances thus uniting and connecting with other
Spanish songs of passion. Tony insists on including
                                                                   cultures. ADL Korean Dance Institute was established in
contemporary songs in his show along with audience
                                                                   2008 by the art director of Chicago Korean Dance
favorites. This is an evening you will remember for a
                                                                   Company, Ae-Deok Lee Ph.D. Do NOT miss this
lifetime! Register early!
  Wednesday, October 20, 7-8:15pm
                                                                     Saturday, November 13, 7-8pm
  Drendel Ballroom
                                                                     Drendel Ballroom
  $15pp early registration / $20 at the door
                                                                     $17pp / Max. 380

  Min. 100 / Max. 380
                                                                   TKT 6000-09 “SONGS THAT MAKE YOUR HEART
                                                                   SMILE” - KATHIE NICOLET, CHICAGO PIANIST
                                                                   From "You Made Me Love You, Second Hand Rose and I'm
Dig out that old costume, get a
                                                                   Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" "Unforgettable,
new one or come without…but whatever you do, put on
                                                                   Phantom Of The Opera, It Had To Be You" and more.
your dancing shoes! The New Invaders will be in the
                                                                   Chicagoland’s most beautiful and talked about
house to help us get our “groove on”! There will be prizes,
                                                                   celebrations have enjoyed the unique artistry of Kathie
snacks and a cash bar.
                                                                   Nicolet since 1983. This Chicago Pianist connects with her

30      SEPTEMBER | 2010                           A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
KATHIE NICOLET, CHICAGO PIANIST CONT.                        featuring Entertainment by Sharon Leslie
                                                             Enjoy an evening of Games, Holiday Songs and Santa
audience - giving a part of herself to each and every
                                                             Claus! Entertainer Sharon Leslie will delight you with her
listener. Join us for a magical, musical, memory that will
                                                             lovely voice and program! And, according to our North
last a lifetime!

                                                             Pole connections, Santa will be available for pictures after
  Monday, November 15, 7-8:15pm                              the show. Just bring your own camera and we’ll take the
  Drendel Ballroom                                           picture for you. (Won’t the grandkids be impressed?!) To
  $8pp / Min. 100 / Max. 380                                 make the evening complete, there will be refreshments,
                                                             dessert & coffee…a small holiday gift for everyone, and a
5300-08 LET’S DANCE W/THE LET’S DANCE                        contest for the prettiest and the most unusual Christmas
BAND Co-Sponsored by Huntley Realty and Tom                  sweaters! Don’t miss this fun night and register early!

Hall and The Lifestyle Department
Let’s Dance is an 18 piece band and comprised of members
                                                               Monday, December 13, 6pm
of our Sun City Concert Band. They performed for you the
                                                               Drendel Ballroom
first time in the afternoon in December 2009 and again in
                                                               $10 / Max. 200
May. Over 200 people attended and were awed by the
talent. Swing and Ballroom Dancers attended and had a
                                                             TKT 6006-09 IDOLS ENCORE HOLIDAY
wonderful time asking for ‘more’. Some came just to listen
                                                             REVIEW & DINNER SHOW
                                                             Sun City’s beloved Idols Encore are back for another
and watch the dancers. Don’t miss out! Register early!
                                                             memorable performance with highlights from their 2009
Put the dates on your calendar and get ready to ‘swing’ or
                                                             and 2010 sell-out shows along with some favorite holiday

                                                             tunes! Begin the evening with a
Minimums must be met by the dates indicated so we have       delicious sit-down dinner of Pan
an accurate count for refreshments, tables and chairs.       Seared Breast of Chicken with
Thanks for your cooperation. You are in for an awesome       Sautéed Wild Mushroom & Herbed
evening at each of these dances.                             Boursin Cream Sauce, Salad, Seasonal Vegetable, Freshly
                                                             Baked Rolls with Butter, Coffee and Herbal Tea. Complete
                                                             the night by enjoying a wonderful show that is sure to add
  Thursday, November 18, 6:30-9:30pm

                                                             to your holiday spirit!
  Drendel Ballroom
  $8pp Discounted Early Registration/$13 at the door
  Min. 100 must be met 2 weeks prior to the event/             Wednesday, December 15
  Max. 200                                                     Drendel Ballroom
                                                               Doors Open: 5:30pm (Please be on time if you want to
TKT 6005-09 BACK HOME AGAIN –                                  sit together) / Dinner Served Promptly: 6pm
A TRIBUTE TO JOHN DENVER                                       Approximate dinner and show time is 2 hrs. 45 minutes
featuring Tom Becker, former member                            $29pp / Max. 250
of the legendary Folk Group - The New
Christy Minstrels!
This intimate, concert-style performance is a
                                                             TKT 6002-09 DICKENS CAROLLERS –

musical journey into the many facets of John Denver’s song

                                                             A CHRISTMAS VISIT TO MERRY OLD ENGLAND
                                                                                     Another fine performance by one of
writing. Tom and his band bring back the foot-stomping                               your favorite holiday groups!
fun of “Thank God, I’m a Country Boy”, the tenderness of                             Beautiful costumes, scenery and a
"Annie’s Song”, and the sweeping grandeur of “Eagle and                              great musical show with a surprise
the Hawk" in an uplifting and powerful tribute. The show     visitor. Get in the spirit and be sure to bring the children,
provides the perfect blend of well-known and                 grandkids, family and friends. You will love the
lesser-known Denver songs, and features music and stories    atmosphere this show creates. This group has been called
from Tom’s days as a member of The New Christy               the best kept secret in McHenry County!

                                                               Monday, December 20, 7-8:45pm with a 15 minute
  Saturday, November 20, 7-8:15p                               intermission
  Drendel Ballroom                                             Drendel Ballroom
  $9pp / Max. 380                                              $8pp / Min. 100 / Max 380

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                    31
   new                  TKT 6003-09 BILL HUDSON’S
                        HOLIDAY SHOW "DO YOU
                        HEAR WHAT I HEAR?”
                        Produced and directed by Bill
Hudson of Bill Hudson Entertainment, this show will be
dramatic production that takes a different look at the
                                                                THE NEW TRADITION CHORUS Presents SONGS
                                                                OF THE DECADES! CONT.
                                                                internationally recognized barbershop chorus, and 2010
                                                                Illinois District Champions, The New Tradition Chorus
                                                                presents some of your favorite songs from the forties,
                                                                fifties, sixties and seventies. You will hear songs like Big
meaning of Christmas. All your Christmas favorites will be
                                                                Band Days, Tuxedo Junction, Java Jive and Sentimental
performed by singer, musician and songwriter Bill
                                                                Journey from the 40’s; a medley of favorites from the 50’s,
Hudson. Also included in the show will be guest
                                                                and Happy Together and a Simon and Garfunkel Medley
appearances by excellent additional musicians and
                                                                from the 60’s, as well as songs of the seventies like
performers to round out this season's holiday production
                                                                Calendar Girl and I’d like to Teach the World to Sing. The
of "Do You Hear What I Hear?” Unlike shows in the past,
                                                                New Tradition will also perform their 2010 International
this year's production will include audience participation
                                                                Contest Package. Also featured are Sun City’s own Sun
in singing all your favorite Christmas and holiday songs.
                                                                Tones and One More Time and Huntley High School’s boys
The show will also pay tribute to our American Troops who
                                                                and girls quartets. This is a “can’t be missed” performance
selflessly defend our freedom and liberty. Please purchase
                                                                so get your tickets NOW!
your tickets early because this show will sell out quickly!
                                                                  Sunday, September 19, 2pm; Doors open at 1:30pm
  Tuesday, December 21
                                                                  Huntley High School Performing Arts Center
  Doors Open: 6:30pm with Dessert, Coffee, Cash Bar /
                                                                  13719 Harmony Road
  Show: 7-8:45pm
                                                                  $12pp early registration / $14 at the door / Students: $8pp
  Drendel Ballroom
                                                                  PURCHASE EARLY REGISTRATION TICKETS AT
  $16pp / Min. 100 / Max. 250
                                                                  THE MEMBER SERVICES DESK, PRAIRIE LODGE
                                                                  Max. 670

            morning                                             5803-07 Sec-T FALL FASHION SHOW LUNCHEON
             afternoonprograms                                  featuring LITTLE TRAVELERS FROM GENEVA
                                                                Plan ahead, mark your calendars and get your table
                                                                registrations in fast!…this is our most popular event of the
                                                                year and it sells out the 1st day of registration! The owner
                                                                of Little Travelers who also owns The Merra-Lee Shops in
Barbara, a former educator from the North Shore, will
                                                                Geneva is pulling out all the stops to present a great
dramatize and bring to life many of our history’s First
                                                                fashion show for everyone. Coupons, door prizes, and
Ladies as seen through the eyes of Margaret Truman.
                                                                table favors will be a special treat for all. Little Travelers
Margaret Truman had wonderful first-hand knowledge of
                                                                will setup a display area in the Gallery where lovely
first ladies from Grace Coolidge to Hillary Clinton. Barbara
                                                                merchandise will be available for purchase. Our luncheon
Rinella will become many of our First Ladies as she
                                                                menu will consist of Broccoli Soup, Chicken Salad in
dramatizes the characters of this fascinating book. A
                                                                Cantalope halves, Fresh Baked Rolls with Butter, New York
history lesson has never been this much fun! Join us for a
                                                                Cheesecake, Coffee and Tea. Registration will begin July
lovely buffet breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, Hashed Browns,
                                                                8th at Meadow View Lodge and will be a ‘drop-off’. Fill out
Country Pork Sausage, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon,
                                                                the reserved seating form and attach a check and ‘drop-off’
Assorted Breakfast Pastries, Fresh Fruit Display, Assorted
                                                                at MVL. Registrations will be numbered in the order they
Juices & Coffee & Hot Tea. Barbara Rinella’s delightful
                                                                arrive. Register Early as this was a first day sell-out last
presentation, “Salute to First Ladies” will commence
                                                                year. This special event will open to the public on July,
following the breakfast.
                                                                20th for $30pp. Registration cut-off is September 10.
  Wednesday, September 15
                                                                  Thursday, September 23—SOLD OUT!
  Doors Open: 8:30am / Breakfast: 9am /
                                                                  Open for Registration Friday, September 24
  Performance: 10-11am
                                                                  Doors open at 11:30am each day with food service
  Drendel Ballroom
                                                                  immediately beginning / Fashion Show will begin as
  $23pp / Max. 260
                                                                  soon as dessert is served
                                                                  Drendel Ballroom
                                                                  $25pp / Maximum 250
Get ready to enjoy some of your favorite songs from the
40’s, 50’s and 60’s, right here in Huntley in a return
performance by The New Tradition Chorus. The

32      SEPTEMBER | 2010                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
PET PARADE AND EXPO                                             AUDIENCE RESERVED                 SEATING        FOR      PET
Last year’s parade and expo was an astounding success.          PARADE CONT.
This year promises to be even bigger and better!
Be sure to visit our blog at www.suncityhuntley
                                                                  Saturday, September 25, Parade begins at 1:30pm to see photos from last
                                                                  Pavilion and Sales Parking Lot

year’s event. This year we will expand the event with more

                                                                  $3pp / Min. 25 / Max. 50

vendors and more entries in the pet parade. Hot dogs,
hamburgers, chips and cold drinks (to include a cash bar
offering bottled water, wine and beer) will be available for
sale. There will be a great prize raffle, our mascot
                                                                6005-08 VOLUNTEER
                                                                APPRECIATION LUNCH &
                                                                SHOW WITH JEORGE
                                                                HOLMES, SOLOIST
Dalmation for photos, ‘Bobbing Games’ for dogs and a            Join us for an afternoon as we celebrate our wonderful 2010
‘Dog Treat - Stacking’ contest for humans. The Mavericks        volunteers with a light buffet and show following. Be sure
Band will treat us again to their great music.                  to register by the deadline, Wednesday, September 22!
                                                                When registering give your name, BOD advisory and/or
                                                                program volunteer committee. To ensure our volunteers
  Saturday, September 25, 10am-2pm
                                                                get registration priority due to space limitations, you can
  Pavilion and Sales Parking Lot
                                                                register one guest for a $5 fee. At registration, choose one
                                                                hamburger, or one (small) hot dog, chips, soda and a
                                                                cookie. As in past years, seating is theatre style to allow for
                                                                as many volunteers as possible. Thank you to Twelfth
We invite you again this year to participate in the THIRD
                                                                Night for their special consideration of this important
ANNUAL 2010 PET PARADE! Trophies will be given to
the best entries in each of the 5 categories.
                                                                  Monday, September 27
                                                                  Check-in: 12 noon / Lunch: 12:30pm / Welcome by Bill
                                                                  Pennock, Executive Director and others: 1:15pm /
  (No Costume)
                                                                  Show begins: 1:30pm Drendel Ballroom
                                                                  Free to 2010 volunteers / Guests: $5 (can register on
                                                                  September 17, if space allows)
All entrants receive a gift. Please pick up your application
at the CAM Desk brochure area to turn in when you
                                                                6202-08 MICHAEL PAYNE – HGTV
register. Pre-registration is required. Should it rain, the
                                                                CELEBRITY INTERIOR DECORATOR
                                                                Design tips can’t get any better than this! Michael Payne
parade will not be rescheduled and the Expo will go on as
                                                                will be attending our upcoming October Consumer
planned but in Drendel Ballroom. Monies collected less
                                                                Showcase as a guest of Jan Hoeft from Exciting Windows!
expenses will be donated to the Huntley Animal House
                                                                by Interior Motives in Huntley. The following morning he
Shelter – A No-Kill Facility. Pets must live in Sun City. SEE
                                                                will be presenting a 90 minute workshop packed full of
                                                                great designing ideas, tips, solutions
“Talented Pets – Trick Training Class” in the General
                                                                and inspirations to transform or
Interest section found on page 39.
                                                                enhance your own home. There will
  Saturday, September 25, 10:30am-12:30pm                       also be a portion of the presentation
  Parade Begins at 1:30pm (Expo is from 10-2pm)                 where he will take questions from
  Registered Pet Owners Must Check-in at the Pavilion           the audience. His expertise is with
  $5 per pet                                                    furniture, bedding, mirrors, lighting,
                                                                art, sculptured wall art, architectural elements and rugs
5802-07 AUDIENCE RESERVED SEATING FOR PET                       and he is a spokesperson for ‘Exciting Windows!’ Michael
PARADE                                                          was the original host and interior designer of HGTV’s hit
Because it was so popular last year, we will again offer the    show “Designing for the Sexes” which aired for nine years
special benefit of Audience Reserved Seating for the Pet        and he became known not only for his interior designer
Parade. If you would like us to rent a chair for your use       talents but also his ability to solve difficult design
during the parade, please register now. Reserved chairs         dilemmas and custom design furniture and accessories.
will be placed in the FIRST ROW for viewing and will have       Don’t miss out on this special event!! Michael will help us
your name on them. Limited Number Available. SECOND             all with the age-old question, ”What’s a window to wear?!”
ROW will be for those who would like to stand or bring
their own small chairs w/o a fee.
                                                                  Friday, October 29, 10-11:30am
                                                                  Drendel Ballroom
                                                                  $15pp / Max. 380

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                         33
                                                                AN AFTERNOON AT THE MOVIES CONT.
                      an afternoon
                        at the
Requested donations for all movies is $1.
registration is strongly recommended to avoid
                                                                5401-09 Monday, October 11:
                                                                SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE
                                                                (2 hr, 8 Min., PG-13 for sexual
                                                                content & brief nudity)
                                                                Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is an aged
                                                                music industry exec with a reputation for
                                                                dating girls a third his age. Taking Marin
cancellation. Most movies begin at 1:30pm in Drendel
                                                                (Amanda Peet), his latest belle, back to her
Ballroom and will be held monthly when space is
                                                                beach house for the weekend he is taken aback
available. Please check for time for each movie listed.
                                                                when her mother Erica (Diane Keaton)
                                                                unexpectedly turns up. Suffering a heart attack while
5406-07 Wednesday, September 8:
                                                                romancing Marin, Harry finds himself housebound with
INVICTUS (2 hr. 13 Min., PG-13)
He was imprisoned 27 years for his heroic
                                                                Erica his nurse and only companion. As they grudgingly get
fight against apartheid. So what does Nelson
                                                                to know each other something starts to stir, though as the
Mandela do after he is elected president of
                                                                hospital doctor (Keanu Reeves) who treated him has taken a
South Africa? He rejects revenge, forgives his
                                                                shine to Erica, Harry could have serious competition.
oppressors and finds hope of national unity in
an unlikely place: the rugby field. Clint Eastwood (the
National Board of Review’s 2009 Best Director choice)           5403-08 Wednesday, October 20:
powerfully directs an uplifting film about a team and a         THE BUCKET LIST (1 hr. 37 Min., PG-13)
people inspired to greatness. In a performance that won         You only live once, so why not go out in style?
him NBR’s Best Actor Award and an Oscar nomination,             That’s what two cancer-ward roommates, an
Morgan Freeman portrays Mandela, who asks the national          irascible billionaire (Jack Nicholson) and a
rugby team captain (Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee         scholarly mechanic (Morgan Freeman), decide
Matt Damon) and his underdog squad to do the impossible         when they get the bad news. They compose a
and win the World Cup. One team, one country. The               bucket list – things to do before you “kick the
universal language of sports has never spoken so                bucket” – and head off for the around-the-world adventure
thrillingly as in Eastwood’s Invictus.                          of their lives. Sky dive? Check. Power a Shelby Mustang
                                                                around a racetrack? Check. Gaze at the Great Pyramid of
5402-08 Tuesday, September 21: HIDALGO                          Khufu? Check. Discover the joy in their lives before it’s too
(2 hrs. 16 Min., PG-13)                                         late? Check.
A sandstorm of epic proportions. A swarm of locust so
massive it obliterates the relentless sun. Deadly traps that
defy imagination. These are just a few of the astonishing
obstacles Frank T. Hopkins, the greatest long distance racer
                                                                       GET YOUR CHRISTMAS
ever, faces in the rousing aaction-adventure Hidalgo. Based
on a true story and starring Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the
                                                                           LISTS READY!
Rings Trilogy), Hopkins and his mustang Hidalgo enter the               The Sun City Art and Craft Faire is Coming
              ultimate extreme sport of its time – the Ocean
              Of Fire. Underdogs challenging the finest
                                                                        Sunday October 11, 10am – 4pm
              Arabian horses and riders, they must not only
              survive the grueling race across 3,000 miles of
              the Arabian Desert’s punishing terrain, they
              must thwart the evil plots of competitors who
              vow victory at all costs! A great story of
personal triumph, amazing special effects and memorable
characters make Hidalgo one of the most thrilling
adventures ever.

                                                                     A show and sale of Sun City residents selling their
                                                                     own original works of art and hand crafted objects
                                                                           OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
                                                                   Invite your friends and family – It’s Free

34      SEPTEMBER | 2010                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
One Day Trips                                                               WAIT LIST TRIPS
                                                                                      9/7 Patsy Cline (1101-06)
                                                                                      9/15 Four Lads (1102-06)
Please check the featured news article at                                     9/16 Wine & Harvest Festival (1402-06) for current availability                                               9/22 Billy Elliott (1201-07)
information.                                                                    9/29 A Chorus Line (1103-06) Bus 1
                                                                            10/19 Dining at Kendall College (2200-07)

– Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time.
FOR ALL TRIP PARTICIPANTS, PLEASE REMEMBER:                                   10/21 Million Dollar Quartet (1108-08)
                                                                         10/28 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1105-07)

– Those bringing wheelchairs, please arrive 30 minutes
  We will leave on time!

  early so your caregiver/partner can load the equipment            A Few Tickets May Still Be Available
  onto the bus.                                                                  9/10 Cubs vs Brewers (1001-03)
                                                                                10/3 Back to Sock Hop (1104-07)
– Wear your Sun City I.D. badge for easy identification.                   10/28 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Bus 2
– There are no wheelchairs or walkers available for trips.
  Please bring one if needed.
– If you are registered to go on a trip and are unable to        ATTENTION: Those attending the "Seven Brides for
  attend, please contact the Member Services Desk as             Seven Brothers" on October 28, the buses will depart
                                                                      from and return to Meadow View Lodge!
– Trips may be cancelled due to low enrollment.
  soon as possible!

– At registration, please let us know if you have special
                                                               1802-06 MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY,
– Seating priority is given to those who pre-register and
  seating needs.
                                                               CHICAGO, IL
                                                               Our day will begin with a guided 45 minute Highlights Tour
  bus. Also note, the number of special seating requests
  use canes, walkers, or place wheelchairs under the
                                                               where you will learn some of the Museum’s history and visit
  on any given day, will determine if an able-bodied trip      favorite exhibits such as the Burlington Zephyr, Chick
  partner will be able to sit with one who has made the        Hatchery, Boeing 727 and the newest one, Science of Storms.
  special seating request.
                                                               In this extraordinary hands-on exhibit you can trigger an
– Friends, if you would like to sit together be sure to have
                                                               avalanche, unleash a tsunami wave, control a 40-foot
  the staff enter the names when registering. We will try
                                                               tornado and make your own giant rainbow. After the tour
  our best, but we cannot guarantee all seats will be
                                                               you will have free time to return to any of the exhibits that
                                                               particularly interest you. Lunch is on your own in the food
– PLEASE NOTE: Please respect the bus company's

  alcohol policy. Alcoholic beverages are not to be            court where you can purchase stir-fry, fresh-made pizza,
  consumed on the bus unless prior arrangements are            made-to-order deli sandwiches, salads and more.
  made.                                                          Wednesday, September 8
 Guest registration available two weeks after first              Depart: 9:15am / Return: 5:15pm
 announcement. Guests will be required to sign a waiver          $34pp/ Includes admission, guided tour, driver tip and
 before boarding the bus.                                        transportation; lunch is on your own
 Please note! Meet the bus at the designated times
                                                                 Min. 35 / Max. 52
 listed. If you are delayed or have an emergency, please
                                                                 Escorts Gerry & Jan Smith
 have someone call the emergency numbers given. If you
 do not return to your bus seat by the departing time, you
 may need to provide your own return transportation
 and/or be charged additional transportation costs.            1905-06 MILWAUKEE CHURCHES, TIFFANY
 Thank you for your cooperation!                               WINDOWS, ETC. WITH BILL HINCHLIFF
                                                               We will see the architectural qualities of St. Paul’s Episcopal
The following shoes will indicate the amount of walking        Church with their unique collection of stained glass with
for each trip.                                                 terrific Tiffany! The Church of the Gesu German windows
Little Walking                                                 are outstanding representatives of the Prophets and
                                                               Patriarchs of the Old Testament. At Plymouth United
Some Walking                                                   Church of Christ all the Tiffany windows are signed! Of
Lots of Walking                                                course, no tour of Milwaukee windows would be complete
                                                               without a stop at the magnificent Basilica of St. Josaphat with
Extensive Walking                                              the amazing Chicago history connection and the extremely
Stairs                                                         ornate interior.

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                          35
                                                                    Hollywood blockbusters like The Dark Knight and The
Once again we have our amazing docent, Bill Hinchliff! Bill         Fugitive, Chicago favorites like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and
will educate us on the various types of stained glass, steps in     The Blues Brothers and classics like North by Northwest and
making a stain in or on glass and best of all, showing us these     The Sting. At each location we will watch scenes come to life
examples while he describes the topic of each window and            on multiple video screens located on the bus while getting up
the history of each artist.                                         close and personal with these memorable locations. Lunch
                                                                    will be at O’Brien’s on Wells St. where Tom Cruise and Paul
LUNCH: Lake Park Bistro is overlooking Lake Michigan
                                                                    Newman filmed a scene for the Color of Money. Upon
with a magnificent view of the Milwaukee skyline. Our light
                                                                    registration please select Chicken Caesar Salad, ½ lb Angus
lunch includes a salad and your choice of entree. Salad of
                                                                    Burger or Chicken Pot Pie. All meals include O’Brien’s
Mesclun field greens & sweet herbs with Roma tomatoes
                                                                    famous bread pudding and soft drinks.
tossed with a rice wine vinaigrette. CHOOSE ENTREE AT
TIME OF REGISTRATION. Salmon with whipped
potatoes, seasonal vegetables and rich wine butter sauce or
                                                                      Tuesday, September 28

Beef tenderloin sautéed with field carrots, mushrooms,
                                                                      Depart: 9am Return: 3:30pm

onions & red wine served over Yukon Gold potato puree.
                                                                      $71pp includes tour, professional guide,
                                                                      lunch, all gratuities & transportation
                                                                      Min. 35 / Max. 48
  Tuesday, September 14
                                                                      Escorts: Gerry and Jan Smith
  Depart: 7:30am / Return: 5:30pm
  $78pp / includes docent, church tours, lunch, tax and
  gratuity, driver tip & transportation
  Min. 35 / Max. 51
                                                                    1402-07 WISCONSIN’S NORWEGIAN
  Escorts: Karen Richardson & Mary Fiala
                                                                    ATTRACTIONS, Mt. Horeb, WI
                                                                    Mt. Horab is rich in Norwegian history. The Fall Heritage
                                                                    Festival starts with an authentic Host Frokost (big country
                                                                    breakfast) provided by the Sons of Norway Vennelag Lodge
                                                                    that can consist of Norwegian pancakes, heart waffles with
                                                                    lingonberries, eggs, ham, dried beef, salami, cheeses, herring,
                                                                    salmon, fruit soup, lefse, breads, Norwegian cookies, cakes
                                                                    and desserts. On your own, discover the treasures of the
                                                                    Trollway (historic Main Street) with life-sized mythical
Join us for a wonderful
                                                                    creatures often pointing to shops or places to relax. Fine
blend of food, music and
                                                                    artists and crafters will be lining the Trollway. Our next stop
the arts. Journey with us to the Peninsula Chicago, a world
                                                                    is in the Valley of the Elves to visit Little Norway, a charming
class hotel, where our festive afternoon begins with an
                                                                    and unique outdoor museum. Guides in Norwegian
elegant presentation of finger sandwiches, pastries, and
                                                                    costume will lead our walking tour and explain the history
other sweets served on a 3-tier tray. We invite you to be
                                                                    of the original 1860's buildings and the Stavkirke (church)
charmed along with the soothing sounds of harps and
                                                                    which was exhibited as the Norway Building at the 1893
violins. Then, on to Chicago's art scene, at the MUSEUM of
                                                                    Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.
CONTEMPORARY ART. Be inspired, or take in a live JAZZ
CONCERT, featuring, Josh Berman, on THE TERRACE. A
"must do" Chicago experience!
                                                                      Saturday, October 2
                                                                      Depart: 8:15 am / Return 5:30 pm
                                                                      $53/pp includes breakfast, tax, gratuity, Little Norway
  Tuesday, September 21
                                                                      admission, tax, all gratuities, & transportation
  Depart: 12:30pm / Return: 8:30pm
                                                                      Min. 35 / Max. 52
  $76pp / Includes afternoon tea, finger sandwiches and
                                                                      Escorts: Don & Ellie Espeseth
  pastries, tax, gratuity, transportation and drivers tip
  Min. 35 / Max. 52
  Escorts: Pat Morgan and Susan Carlins
                                                                    1106-07 DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS AT THE
                                                                    THEATRE AT THE CENTER, MUNSTER, IN
                                                                    This is a 1st area premier production, a comedy/musical
                                                                    based upon the popular 1988 film. The Tony Award winning
1902-07 CHICAGO FILM TOUR, Chicago, IL
If you enjoy movies this is the trip for you. The Chicago Film
                                                                    play centers on two con men living on the French Riviera.
Tour is the first of its kind in the Chicagoland area and is both
                                                                    The first is the suave and sophisticated Lawrence Jameson
entertaining and educational. We will pass by more than 30
                                                                    who makes his lavish living by talking rich ladies out of their
sites where over 50 movies were shot. Movies range from

36       SEPTEMBER | 2010                           A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
                                                                   You don't want to miss meeting the fast-talking traveling
money. The other, a small-time crook named Freddy Benson,
                                                                   salesman, Harold Hill (Starring Bernie Yvon), as he cons the
more humbly swindles women by waking their compassion
                                                                   people of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and
with fabricated stories about his grandmother's failing
                                                                   uniforms for a boy's band he vows to organize. Join the
health. An attempt to work together as a team fails miserably
                                                                   townspeople as they perform such hummable tunes as "
and a bet leads to a hilarious battle of two cons that will keep
                                                                   Seventy-Six Trombones", "Gary, Indiana', "Ya Got Trouble",
you laughing, humming and guessing until the end.
                                                                   and "Till There Was You". Make meal selection of Beef,
The extensive luncheon buffet at 1pm will include carved           Salmon or Chicken when making reservation.
roast, ham, chicken, dressing, pasta, vegetables and potatoes.
A dessert table (to kill for) has pies, cakes, many dessert
                                                                     Wednesday, November 3 (Show: 8pm)
squares and fresh fruit.
                                                                     Depart: 5pm / Return: 11:45pm
                                                                     $78pp / Includes dinner/show, driver tip &
  Sunday, October 10                                                 transportation
  Depart: 10:45am / Return 6:45pm                                    Min 35 / Max 52
  $81pp / Includes buffet, tax, tip, show, drivers tip &             Escorts: Eugene & Carolyn Rhodes
  Min. 35 / Max. 52
  Escorts: Julie & Bernie Kloep
                                                                   1110-08 MAGICAL WORLD OF DANCING
                                                                   HORSES, DELAVAN, WI
                                                                   The Dancing Horses Holiday Show is a spectacular
1903-07 DUBUQUE HISTORIC SITE TOUR AND                             performance you won’t want to miss. First some truly
PROGRESSIVE DINNER                                                 amazing exotic birds will entertain you with their athleticism
The City of Dubuque is among the oldest settlements west of        and antics. Our meal is served at tables around the show
the Mississippi River. We will spend the day learning more         area and consists of a dinner salad, roll, stuffed chicken
of its history and touring some of its 19th century historic       breast, mashed potatoes, vegetables, ice cream cake and
sites, as well as enjoying a delicious Progressive Dinner          coffee, tea, lemonade or water. The Dancing Horses Theatre
(vegetarian entree is available, please request when               presents an enchanting Vegas-style performance
registering for trip.)                                             unparalleled anywhere else. From the moment the show
We will start the day at the National Mississippi River            opens until the finale, the audience of all ages sits
Museum; then tour the Mathias Ham House (appetizer,)               spellbound, applauding each equine performer and trainer,
Redstone Inn (homemade garden vegetable soup & bread,)             exclaiming in wonder, chuckling at the humor, and even
Stone Cliff Winery (entree,) and the Mandolin Inn (dessert.)       wiping the occasional tear when a moment of connection
It is approximately a 2-1/2 hour trip to Dubuque, so feel free     touches a heartstring. The show concludes with the Dancing
to bring a snack for the morning trip.                             Waters, which features hundreds of water jets that are
                                                                   choreographed to music and presented in a brilliant
  Wednesday, October 13                                            kaleidoscope of changing lights.
  Depart: 7:30am / Return: 6:30pm
  $86pp / Includes dinner, tour, all gratuities & transportation     Saturday, November 13
  Min. 35 / Max. 52                                                  Depart: 2:30pm / Return 9pm
  Escorts: Karen Richardson & Mary Fiala                             $76/pp / Includes exotic bird show, dinner, dancing
                                                                     horses show, tax, gratuity, driver tip and transportation
                                                                     Min. 35 / Max. 52
                                                                     Escorts: Don & Ellie Espeseth
1501-09 POTAWATOMI CASINO, Milwaukee
Join your neighbors for a winning trip to Potawatomi Casino
in Milwaukee. Lunch and $10 bonus play. Register at Prairie        1108-08 MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET AT APOLLO
Lodge Member Services Desk only. No Website registration.

                                                                   THEATRE/LUNCH AT LA VILLA RESTAURANT
                                                                   On December 4, 1956, at Sun Records' storefront studio in
  Tuesday, October 26                                              Memphis, the four legends, Jonny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis,
  Depart: 9am / Return: 6:30pm                                     Carl Perkins & Elvis Presley united for the only time in their
  $30pp / Includes lunch, $10                                      careers, for an impromptu recording session that embodied
  bonus play, driver tip, and transportation.                      the birth of rock 'n' roll and has come to be known as one of
  Min. 70 / Max. 104                                               the greatest rock jam sessions of all time. Million Dollar
  Escorts: Gene & Carolyn Rhodes                                   Quartet captures the excitement & thrilling sounds of a time

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                           37
                                        date                     PALMER HOUSE TOUR AND LUNCH, Chicago, IL
                                                                 garlic and sage and Cherry Trifle for dessert. Afterwards we
                                                                 will have approximately 1 ½ hours of free time. You can relax
when four of popular music's most extraordinary talents,         in the lobby, walk 1 block to shop or view the holiday
came together for a night that would raise the roof! Either      windows at Macy’s or watch glass blowers and wood
before or after the performance, we will dine at LaVilla         carvers at the German Christkindlemaket alongside
restaurant. Our Italian dinner will consist of minestrone        Chicago’s Christmas Tree at Daley Plaza.
soup, house salad, pasta, chicken breast, roasted potatoes,
coffee or tea, & ice cream sundaes.
                                                                   Tuesday, November 30
                                                                   Depart: 9am / Return: 5pm
  Sec. 3 - Sunday, November 21                                     $83pp / includes DVD presentation, tour, lunch, all
  Depart: 3pm / Return: 10pm                                       gratuities & transportation
  $85pp/ Includes meal before the show, theatre, all               Min. 35 / Max. 52
  gratuities & transportation                                      Escorts: Gerry and Jan Smith
  Min. 35 / Max. 52
  Escorts: Pat Morgan & Susan Carlins

  Sec. 2 - Wednesday, January 12, 2011                           1112-08 A FIRESIDE CHRISTMAS,
                                                                 FORT ATKINSON, WI
                                                                 Each holiday season Fireside in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin,
  Depart 11:45am / Return 7:45pm

                                                                 delights us with a show that will rekindle the true Christmas
  $85pp / Includes meal after the show, gratuities, show

                                                                 spirit. Act One marks the return of the beautiful gowns,
  tickets, driver tip & transportation

                                                                 colorful costumes, breath-taking dances, exciting medleys of
  Show: 2pm Center Section Seats

                                                                 beloved Christmas songs in a fast-paced, jolly, delightful
  Min. 35 / Max. 45

                                                                 potpourri of holiday cheer. In Act Two, through a wonderful
  Escorts: Karen Richardson & Mary Fiala

                                                                 combination of intimate storytelling and acoustic music, we
                                                                 will experience the first Christmas as seen through the eyes
                             1907-07 PALMER HOUSE                of Joseph, Mary’s husband.
                                                                 The featured menu will be Cream of Shitake Mushroom
                             TOUR AND LUNCH,
                                                                 Soup, flavored with Spanish Sherry, freshly baked bread
                             Chicago, IL
                            The story of Chicago’s Palmer
                                                                 from the Fireside ovens, Boneless Short-ribs of Beef braised
                            House is one of romance and
                                                                 in red wine and Skinless Breast of Chicken marinated
                            undeniable charm. Business
                                                                 southern style, whipped Yukon gold potatoes and garden
                           magnate Potter Palmer built
                                                                 vegetables. Dessert is a medley of fresh fruits in an Almond
                           the hotel as a wedding gift for
                                                                 Lace Basket garnished with whipped cream and house-made
                          his wife Bertha, a legendary
                                                                 English toffee presented on Crème Anglaise flavored with
                          socialite, arts patron and
                                                                 Grand Marnier. Call ahead if you want to place a special
                         philanthropist. Through a DVD
                                                                 bakery order-800 477-9505.
                         presentation we will learn the
                         history and importance of this            $94 pp (for Wednesday or Sunday)
                              glorious hotel in the                Includes meal, performance, driver tip & transportation
                              rebuilding of downtown
                              after the Great Chicago Fire
                                                                   Wednesday, December 1
                               of 1871 and how and why it
                                                                   Depart 8:30am / Show: 1:30pm / Return: 6pm
                               attracted the cultural elite of
                                                                   10am arrival with time for shopping before the 11:15am
                               the world. Our walking
                                tour will include the
                                                                   Min. 35 / Max. 52
                                ballrooms with garnet-
                                                                   Escorts: Gerry & Jan Smith
                                 draped        chandeliers,        Sunday, December 5
                ceilings of magnificent Grecian frescoes           Depart: 12:30pm / Show: 5:30pm / Return: 9:30pm
and Tiffany’s 24-karat gold chandeliers and majestic               2pm arrival with time for shopping before the 3pm
“Winged Angels” in the world-famous lobby. Our lunch               midday meal
served Palmer House style in the ballroom consists of              Min 35 / Max. 52
Millennium Park salad with champagne vinaigrette, Free             Escorts: Karen Richardson & Mary Fiala
Range Chicken Breast marinated in rosemary, elephant

38       SEPTEMBER | 2010                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
PLACE - CHICAGO                                                   During the tour she will lead us in singing carols, play some
Experience the beauty of this festive time without the hassle     holiday related games with prizes, and a “goody bag”. Mary
of driving or the expense of parking. Our 1st stop will be        will regal us with her stories of the owners and her personal
near State and Randolph right in the heart of Chicago’s holi-     sharing of how and why each house started their lightings
day celebration. Visit Macy’s animated holiday windows.           along with some family history.
Have lunch under the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room.
Watch glass blowers and wood carvers at the German
                                                                    Tuesday, December 14
Christkindlemarket on Daley Plaza along side Chicago’s
                                                                    Depart: 5pm / Return: 10pm
Christmas tree and train display. After the State Street drop-
                                                                    $50pp / Includes tour, goody bag, beverage & cookies,
off we will immediately depart for Chicago’s premier shop-
                                                                    prizes, docent & tip, driver tip & transportation.
ping destination, Water Tower Place, with over 100 stores for
                                                                    Min. 35 / Max. 52
your shopping delight. This trip is scheduled later in the day
                                                                    Escorts bus #1: Karen Richardson & Mary Fiala
so we can enjoy the holiday lights at night! At registration
please indicate your choice of drop-off location.
  Tuesday, December 7                                             1113-08 GRAND GENEVA/CHRISTMAS IN THE
  Depart: 12pm (noon) / Return: 8pm                               COUNTRY, LAKE GENEVA, WI
  $23pp includes driver gratuity & transportation                 With spectacular costumes, creative choreography, and
  Min. 35 / Max. 52                                               amazing music performed with a live band, " Hooray for
  Escorts: Gerry and Jan Smith                                    Holidays!" is sure to put a little holiday spirit in your day.
                                                                  The energy of the holidays comes alive with the enchanting
                                                                  display of decorations, a holiday lunch, and holiday tea and
                                                                  carolers at the GRAND GENEVA. We get back on the bus to
1104-09 WHITE CHRISTMAS, JACOB HENRY                              relax and enjoy over a half million lights and animated
MANSION THEATRE, JOLIET                                           displays as we leave the GRAND GENEVA.
The day begins with a delicious lunch of fresh garden salad

   new                    & house dressing, Holiday Chicken,
                                                                    December 9 (Escorts: Eugene & Carolyn Rhodes) or
                          seasoned breast of chicken dressed
                                                                    December 15 (Escorts: Pat Morgan & Susan Carlins)
                          with a delicate cranberry-orange
                                                                    Depart: 10:30am / Return: 6:30pm
                          sauce on seasoned rice with
                                                                    $84pp / Includes lunch, musical review, holiday tea,
vegetables, rolls, butter, coffee or tea and a special dessert.
                                                                    driver tip & transportation
Then sit back and enjoy Irving Berlin’s classic holiday tale
                                                                    Min. 35 / Max. 52
White Christmas which comes to life as a delightful stage
show. Full of hits like Blue Skies, The Best Things Happen
While You’re Dancing and of course White Christmas, it is the
story of two former Army soldiers now showbiz buddies
                                                                  1101-09 "LUNCH AT BOB CHINN'S CRABHOUSE
putting on a show in a quaint Vermont inn to help their
                                                                  PLUS BROADWAY'S HELLO DOLLY"
                                                                  This 10 time Tony Award wining playr, is America's favorite
former Army general and finding their perfect mates along
                                                                  musical comedy with many show stopping numbers, with
the way. It is full of dancing, laughter and great music.
                                                                  full orchestration, at the Light Opera Works in Evanston.
                                                                  Lunch is at 11:30am in Wheeling at Bob Chinn's beginning
  Wednesday, December 8
                                                                  with soup or salad, then choose from their 7 entree luncheon
  Depart: 9:15am / Return: 4:30pm
                                                                  menu, with dessert and beverage.
  $72pp / Includes lunch, show, gratuity, tax, driver tip

  and transportation
  Min. 35 / Max. 52                                                 Wednesday, December 29
  Escorts: Don & Ellie Espeseth                                     Depart: 10am / Return 7pm
                                                                    $80pp / Includes lunch, tax & tip,
                                                                    show driver tip & transportation

                                                                    Min. 35 / Max. 52
                       1401-08 HOLIDAY LIGHTS                       Escorts: Julie & Bernie Kloep
                       TOUR OF SUBURBS WITH A
Mary Edsey has researched the best lighted houses around
and has published a book. She has been escorting bus tours
of these beautifully lighted houses, neighborhoods and
towns. Her Christmas Decorated Luxury Bus will pick us up.

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                          39
                                                                3710-09 ELDER LAW
                                                                When a loved one goes into a
                                                                nursing home or needs care at
OPPORTUNITIES                                                   home, do you know what questions
LECTURES AND CLASSES                                            to ask? Do you know what resources are available to pay
                                                                for that care? Come for a general discussion about
Learn Something!                                                Veteran’s benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Powers of
                                                                Attorney and lots more.

Please sign up early and often so we can continue to offer
“ALL RESIDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME”                                    Friday, October 1, 10am

these quality programs at affordable costs and still meet
                                                                  Meadow View Lodge / Willow

our fiscal responsibilities.

                                                                3100-09 FALL YARD CLEAN UP & SPRING
                                                                CHORES WORKSHOP
                                                                The Sunflower Garden Club is pleased to sponsor this
                                                                timely presentation by their own Master Gardener, Ed
     Entertain the Mind Lectures
                                                                Schuckert. Come and join Ed and the Garden Club and
                                                                learn what to do to make your yard ready for Fall. You will
These lectures are scheduled on Friday at Meadow View

                                                                also be a step ahead for Spring 2011 when you follow Ed’s
Lodge at 10am. Unless otherwise noted below, a minimum

                                                                advice. A question and answer session will follow the
of 25 per class is needed. Lectures are $5pp unless otherwise


Join us as our own Sun City resident Don Kundich                  Monday, October 11, 6:30 to 8pm
provides insight into the future of NASA as he sees it. This      Drendel Ballroom
will be an informative presentation!                              $2pp / Max. 200

On April 15, 2010, President Barack Obama gave a speech
entitled “Space Exploration in the 21st Century” in which he
                                                                3710-07 HOW TO RUN A SYMPHONY

stated in part: “Now, I’ll close by saying this. I know that
                                                                Dr. Dale Lonis, CEO of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra will
some Americans have asked a question that’s particularly        offer an informative and insightful look at the inner
apt on Tax Day: Why spend money on NASA at all? Why             workings of a successful and highly acclaimed symphony.
spend money solving problems in space when we don’t lack        No matter if you are a music lover or more fasinated with
for problems to solve here on the ground? And obviously         the business operational aspects of the ESO, you’ll leave
our country is still reeling from the worst economic turmoil    the lecture enlightened and with increased appreciation.
we’ve known in generations. We have massive structural
deficits that have to be closed in the coming years. But you      Friday, October 15, 10am
and I know this is a false choice. We have to fix our             Meadow View Lodge/Willow
economy. We need to close our deficits. But for pennies on        $5pp / Max. 50
the dollar, the space program has fueled jobs and entire
industries. For pennies on the dollar, the space program has    3702-08 LANCE BROWN’S WILL ROGERS – WIT &
improved our lives, advanced our society, strengthened our      WISDOM COWBOY
economy, and inspired generations of Americans. And I            It’s a journey into the roots of the American experience.
have no doubt that NASA can continue to fulfill this role.      This highly entertaining portrait of a gentle American hero
But that is why — but I want to say clearly to those of you     honors Will Rogers in words, theater and song. After years
who work for NASA, but to the entire community that has         of study, Lance has at his command a fascinating collection
been so supportive of the space program in this area: That is   of Will Rogers' newspaper articles, radio monologues and
exactly why it’s so essential that we pursue a new course       off-the-cuff comments that still ring true today. After years
and that we revitalize NASA and its mission — not just with     of performing as Rogers, Brown wears the role like a
dollars, but with clear aims and a larger purpose.”             second skin. This performance brings you history, heroes
                                                                and hilarity, a few rope tricks and a few tears, but mostly
                                                                the irrepressible spirit of Will Rogers and hope for our
  Friday, September 24, 10am
                                                                troubled times.
  Meadow View Lodge/Willow
  $5pp / Max. 50
                                                                  Friday, November 12, 10am
                                                                  Meadow View Lodge / Oak Elm
                                                                  $5pp / Max. 120

40      SEPTEMBER | 2010                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
Chicago Tribune columnist and WGN radio host Rick Kogan        Lyric Opera
will introduce you to such famous Chicagoans as Mike
Royko, Studs Terkel and Ann Landers and such unusual
characters as Blagojevich’s barber! Don’t miss this one!!
                                                              Each season, more than 450 presentations are given by
                                                              Lyric Opera of Chicago docents in 90 different venues to
  Friday, November 19, 10am                                   more than 10,000 people! We’re so fortunate to have Sun
  Meadow View Lodge, Oak/Elm                                  City resident Gerald Budzik presenting his insightful
  $5pp / Max. 120                                             lectures this year. Whether you plan to attend the opera
                                                              or not, attend the class and learn about these magnificent
    Art & Music Appreciation
                                                              3713-07 CARMEN
3704-06 ART APPRECIATION –                                    Carmen is the most popular opera in the world! One look
TOULOUSE LAUTREC                                              from this seductive gypsy temptress and any man she
Diane Wlezien, McHenry County College                         wants is hers – driving them mad with desire and flicking
Continuing Education Art instructor will                      them aside like cold cigarette ash when her fickle ardor
take us on an enlightening journey                            cools. Carmen opens at the Lyric Opera of Chicago
through French artist Toulouse Lautrec's                      beginning October 13th.
biography, study of the artist's work of
Parisian nightlife and a discussion of how
                                                                Friday, October 22, 10am

Lautrec changed art during his lifetime.
                                                                Meadow View Lodge / Willow
                                                                $5pp / Max. 40
  Thursday, September 9, 10am
                                                              3714-07 GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST
                                                              Gold Rush fever is running high, and every miner in
  Meadow View Lodge/Willow

                                                              camp hopes to claim the heart of Minnie – the pistol-
  $5pp / Max. 50

3711-07 MUSIC APPRECIATION – DUKE ELLINGTON                   packing, poker-playing proprietress of the Polka Saloon.
Diane Wlezien, McHenry County College Continuing              Even Sheriff Rance is in hot pursuit,
Education instructor will broaden our appreciation and        but Minnie’s in love with a tall dark
respect for the music of Duke Ellington.                      stranger, who’s really the notorious
                                                              bank robber Ramerrez in disquise!
                                                              Girl of the Golden West opens at the
  Thursday, October 7, 10am
                                                              Lyric Opera of Chicago on January 22,
  Meadow View Lodge/Willow
  $5pp / Max. 50

                                                                Friday, January 7, 2011, 10am
                                                                Meadow View Lodge / Willow
                                                                $5pp / Max. 40

                                                               Arts & Craft Classes
                                                              BASKET-MAKING SERIES
                                                              You will learn all the techniques by instructor Mary Price
                                                              and receive all the supplies necessary to create beautiful
                                                              practical baskets for your home. Fee includes all
                                                              The minimum per class (including both baskets) will
Join Diane Wlezien for a morning discussion of the works of
                                                              always be 2 and the maximum will be 10. If we do not

artist Winslow Homer and his role in the       evolution of
                                                              have the minimum by Wednesday of the preceding week,

American Landscape Art.
                                                              the instructor will cancel the class. Registrations will
                                                              end 5 days prior class date! No exceptions!
  Thursday, November 11, 10am                                 The following classes are held in the Meadow View
  Meadow View Lodge/Willow                                    Lodge, 9am-4pm, rooms subject to change.
  $5pp / Max. 50

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                  41
BASKET-MAKING SERIES CONT.                                      3004-07 TOPIARY TREE
                                                                Do you have a fireplace mantle or wall shelf that needs that
                                                                extra special something? This beautiful topiary tree is
There was an error in the pricing of the following

                                                                made with natural products and will be a “one of a kind”
baskets. Correct prices are listed below.

                                                                handmade treasure you’ll get many compliments about.
                                                                Students will need to bring wire cutters and hot glue gun.

                                                                All other supplies will be provided.
3804-07 Sept. 13 Coffee Table Basket                 $39
                 Braided Charm                       $27
3805-07 Sept. 27 Indian Corn                         $37          Tuesday, October 5, 10am-1pm
                 Square Serving Basket               $33          Meadow View Lodge / Oak
3806-07 Oct. 11  Fall Leaves                         $37          $18pp / Min. 5 / Max. 15
                 French Bread                        $33
3807-07 Oct. 25  Fancy Magazine                      $55
                 Sugar Baby                          $19
                                                                  General Interest Classes
                                                                3302-06 “GREEN NEIGHBORS” ENERGY SAVERS
                                                                In our 2nd “Green Neighbors” workshop it’s all about
3810-04E      Monday, Oct. 4         $20
                                                                saving money and conserving energy. Being Green and
3810-04F      Monday, Nov. 29        $20
                                                                Saving Green is not only good for our world but it’s really
                                                                good for our wallet too. You’ll learn how to calculate your
                                                                carbon footprint, all about phantom loads and how they
                                                                are costing you money as well as many other energy
Learn to make an Everlasting
                                                                wasters. Become aware of the many ways you can reduce
Wreath that you will use and
                                                                your energy usage and costs. We will also discuss the
love for years to come! This
                                                                further financial rewards of going green by identifying the
lovely wreath is made with all
                                                                tax incentives and credits you can take advantage of by
dried natural products such as
                                                                increasing your energy efficiency. As always there will be
dried flowers, leaves, herbs etc.
                                                                time for “Green Neighbor Tip Sharing”.
Students will need to bring wire
cutters and hot glue gun. All                                     Friday, September 10, 10-11:15am
other supplies will be provided.                                  Meadow View Lodge, Willow
                                                                  $5pp / Min. 10
  Tuesday, September 14, 9am-12noon
  Meadow View Lodge / Oak
                                                                3400-07 CLUELESS IN THE KITCHEN COOKING
  $22pp / Min. 5 / Max. 15
                                                                In today’s fast paced world 7 out of 10 people eat out or
                                                                even worse, end up at the drive-thru. Often time was not
                   3006-06 STAMPING CLASS:
                                                                the motive for these eating alternatives. When asked why,
                   MAKE 4 CARDS EACH SESSION!
                   We are pleased to continue offering the
                                                                the most frequent response was…”I’m CLUELESS IN THE
                   personally     crafted   cards    classes
                                                                KITCHEN”. Clueless in the Kitchen is designed to teach
                   throughout 2010. Be creative by making
                                                                ANYONE to prepare restaurant quality appetizers, entrees
                   your own cards for those very special
                                                                and desserts in the comfort of your own home at a fraction
                   occasions. Instructor Sharon Bergren and
                                                                of the cost. Classes are demonstrated by Clueless in the
her daughter will delight you with new ideas every time!
                                                                Kitchen Studios Culinary Team is led by well-known
Select a session or better yet…attend all four classes! All
                                                                Executive Chef and founder Will Rogers. Chef Will’s
classes will be held at Meadow View Lodge.
                                                                portfolio includes training with Le Cordon Bleu Institute
                                                                and CHIC Chicago. Clueless in the Kitchen Studios is
                                                                based in a kitchen with twice the equipment of any
  Sec. C Saturday, October 2, 9-11:30am – Oak

                                                                cooking show on TV combined with the comforts of home
  Sec. D Wednesday, November 3, 6:30-9pm – Willow

                                                                while educating you to broaden your horizons with
  $20pp each session / Min. 5 / Max. 15

                                                                everyday recipes! Recipes/transcripts are provided for
                                                                each participant. Substantial tasting of all recipes
                                                                prepared! Attendees will be responsible for their own
                                                                transportation. So get some friends together and carpool.

42      SEPTEMBER | 2010                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
CONT.                                                        To raise awareness, the Training Section of the Illinois
                                                             Secretary of State Police Dept. will provide a presentation
                                                             for our community so we have a better understanding of
                                                             how identity thieves operate. The presentation provides
  Wednesday, Sept 22, 11-12:15pm
                                                             information on how to reduce the risk of Identity Theft and
  • Cincinnati Turkey Chili
                                                             what a person should do if they suspect they may have a
  • Chef Will’s Slick Willy Chili (it’s outstanding!)
Sec. B SOUP, SOUP & MORE SOUP!                               problem. Handouts and any additional questions will be
  Wednesday, October 20, 11-12:15pm                          answered during and after the presentation.
                                                             While nothing can guarantee you won't become a victim
  • Homemade Chicken & Dumplings
                                                             of identity theft, you can take specific steps to minimize
  • Chef Will’s famous Grilled Corn & Potato Chowder Soup
Sec. C RE-DISCOVER THANKSGIVING!                             your risk, and minimize the damage if a problem develops.
  Wednesday, November 17, 11-12:15pm                         Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the
  • Sausage Stuffed Turkey Breast & Herbed Cabernet Gravy    country that everyone needs more information about. This
  • Chef Will’s Classic Pumpkin Canolis                      class will raise awareness so we have a better
Sec. D A MEAL TO IMPRESS!                                    understanding of how identity thieves work.
  Wednesday, December 15, 11-12:15pm                         The three D's of identity theft can make it more difficult for
  • Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions with Maple Mustard         identity thieves to steal your personal information.
  • Pan Roasted Broccoli & Gruyere Cream                     DETER identity thieves by learning how to safeguard your
                                                             information. DETECT suspicious activity by routinely
                                                             monitoring your financial accounts and billing statements,
  $25pp per session / Classes are held at Clueless in the

                                                             you can DEFEND against identity theft as soon as you
  Kitchen, 4095 W. Algonquin Rd., Algonquin, (just east

                                                             suspect a problem by taking the steps outlined in the class.
  of Tom’s Nursery)

  Min. 5 / Max. 20
                                                               Friday, October 8, 10-11:15am
Beginners and intermediate students will learn how only a
                                                               Drendel Ballroom

few chords are needed to play thousands of songs. It real-
                                                               $2pp / Max. 300

ly is easier than you think! Learn how and where to place
your fingers on the guitar, and actually play some chords!
                                                             3501-08 BRIDGE I: LEARN, PLAY & HAVE FUN
                                                             It’s been recently proven that the game of Bridge
Soon, and of course with some practice, you will be on       significantly reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. But
your way to playing your favorite songs! So, dust off that   more than that, it’s a lot of fun. Bridge is a game you will
old guitar and bring it along…OR…use one of our rentals      never tire of and it offers challenges to people at all levels
for the class!                                               of play. Instructor David Germaine’s seven week session
                                                             will get you playing on your own and you’ll have had a lot
                                                             of fun in the process. The lessons are play centered. No
  Tuesday, September 28, 10-11:30am

                                                             lectures or blackboards. You’ll be turning up cards from
  Meadow View Lodge, Willow

                                                             beginning to end. It is suited to absolute beginners as well
  $5pp (if you are supplying your own guitar) /

                                                             as people who haven’t played the game in many years.
  $20pp (with guitar rental) / Min. 5 / Max. 12

                                                             Sign up alone or with 3 friends and form your own bridge
So much makeup…how do I choose…how do I apply it?
In this class, Eira Michelutti will help you apply your
                                                               Friday, October 8 to Friday, December 3

make-up tailored to your needs. Join this “hands-on” class
                                                               (No class on Friday, November 26), 9-11am

and learn the correct way to select and use your products
                                                               Multipurpose Room

to enhance “your” features. Bring your “challenges”, your
                                                               $85pp (includes handouts at each session)

make-up and a mirror to class. With step-by-step instruc-
tion, you will be applying your own make-up and will feel
                                                             3304-07 EBAY 101 – SELLING BASICS CLASS
                                                             Have you collected a lot of “stuff” over the years? Learn
confident with your new found knowledge!                     how to turn your “stuff” into cash by selling on eBay
                                                             part-time (nights & weekends) in this authentic eBay
                                                             University eBay Selling Basics class. You will learn how to:
  Wednesday, October 6, 10am

                                                             *Open eBay and PayPal accounts, *Do Research and Create
  Meadow View Lodge, Oak

                                                             listings, *Take Digital Photos, *Set Pricing That Sells, *Pack
  $6pp / Min. 8 / Max. 12

                                                             and Ship Your items, Complete Your Transactions,*and
                                                             Stay Safe Online. Presented by Jack Waddick-an eBay

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                     43
University instructor and active eBay Power Seller with
                                                                COURSE– TAUGHT BY AARP VOLUNTEER
                                                                The AARP Driver Safety Course is an eight-hour classroom
over 3,000 successful eBay sales. Beginners are Welcome.
                                                                refresher for motorists aged 50 and older. The course will
No eBay experience necessary. Register today for this fun
                                                                provide a review of driving skills and techniques, as well
and informative class. Optional eBay workbook available
                                                                as strategies and tips to help you adjust to normal
in class for $20.
                                                                age-related physical changes that may affect your driving
  Tuesday, October 12, 8:30am-1:00pm                            ability. Pre-registration is required along with attendance
  Meadow View Lodge / Willow                                    both days to qualify and receive your class certificate.
  $48pp / Min.10 / Max. 40                                      AARP membership is not required. However, bring your
                                                                AARP card to class the first day. The instructor needs to
3303-08 WHERE ARE MY KEYS?®                                     record your number. This is a long class so be sure to bring
A fun, interactive, memory training                             water or coffee as you desire. This is a two-day class of 4
session!     BACK BY POPULAR                                    hours each day. See class prices and registration fee below.
DEMAND!!!!! Judy Marcus, Memory
Lady,       makes        remembering
                                                                  Monday, November 8 & Tuesday, November 9
unforgettable! Say good-by to being a
                                                                  8am-12noon each day / Meadow View Lodge, Oak Elm
“scatterbrain” and say hello to a great
                                                                  $2pp registration PLUS: bring a check payable to
memory! You’ll laugh as you learn
                                                                  AARP to class and turn it in at the door on the first day
brain-friendly lifestyle strategies to
                                                                  of class. Sorry, no cash or credit cards!
clear away the cobwebs, increase your
                                                                  $12pp AARP members / $14 non-AARP members
mental energy, and remember everything you choose to
remember, instantly, upon demand! (like names, ideas that
just pop into your head, where you parked your car, and
even where you left your cellphone…). Author of WHERE
ARE MY KEYS?®, creator of the LOVE Memory Method®,
and member of the National Speaker’s Association, Judy’s
powerful lessons for business and every-day life are easy
to learn, fun to do, habit forming, and best of all – they
work! Don’t forget to check out her website:
  Friday, October 29, 10-11:30am
  Meadow View Lodge, Willow
  $18pp (includes workbook) / Min. 15 / Max. 30

As a part of a state grant, Nancy Gullickson, Advanced
Spanish teacher from Jacobs High School is bringing her                           SUN CITY’S
small group of dedicated 5th Level students to our
community to offer a series of 3 interactive classes for               3        ANNUAL PET PARADE

Beginners! Having successfully offered this course last                          Saturday, September 25
year to Dundee senior citizens, we are now delighted they                       Parade Begins at 12:30pm

are coming to Sun City Huntley!
No previous language background
needed, just a desire to have fun,                                          Register your pet between
learn basic conversation and                                                  10:30am and 12:30pm
pronunciation and receive one-on-one help. Handouts and                $5 Per Pet • Pre-registration required
review materials will be available for each lesson. No
grades, no homework, ALL FUN!                                          This Parade gets bigger and better every year!
                                                                           Come see the spectacular array of pets
  Wednesday, November 3, 10 and 17, 10-10:45am                                    that reside in Sun City.
  Meadow View Lodge, Willow
  $10pp (for entire series of 3 classes) / Min. 12 / Max. 25         Many vendors to visit, music, games and food, too!

                                                                   JOIN US AT THE PAVILION AND SALES PARKING LOT
                                                                         FOR A GREAT SATURDAY AFTERNOON!
                                                                        Bring your family and friends — IT’S FREE!

44      SEPTEMBER | 2010                        A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
September 2010                                                                                                   Lifestyle Calendar
             S U N D AY                      M O N D AY                        T U E S D AY                 W E D N E S D AY                   T H U R S D AY                 F R I D AY                  S A T U R D AY

              AH    Activity Hall           FVA Fountain View            RR    Wall Street Reading Room
              AR    Art Room                    Ampitheater              SPL   Sales Parking Lot
                                                                                                          1                               2                            3                             4
              CCR   CAM                     FVP Fountain View            SR    Sewing Room                 6:30am New Activity                                         8am Election
                    Conference Room             Pavilion                 SL    Social Lounge                  Registration/PL/MVL                                        Committee/MVL
              CDR Card Room                 GAL Gallery                  SOL   Solarium                    8am AARP Driver Safety                                      9am Bridge Class: Dip Into
              CPR Ceramics & Pottery        GR  Game Room                TC    Tennis Club                    Refresher Course/MVL$                                      Duplicate/MPR$
                    Room                    LLC Lower Level Conference   WG    Walleye Grill               8:30am VTEC Committee                                       9am Charter Club Presidents
              DB    Drendel Ballroom        MGW Millgrove Woodshop       WL    Wildflower Lake
                                                                                                              Meeting/MVL                                                Meeting/MVL
              DB-BO Drendel Ballroom        MPR Multipurpose Room

                    Breakout                MVL Meadow View Lodge                                          10am Cruises
                                            OP  Outdoor Pool                                                  International/GR

  5                                    6                                 7                                8                               9                            10                            11
                                                                         10am Greeters Meeting/GR         8:30am Depart: Museum of        10am Toulouse Latrec/MVL$    8am Election Committee
                                       Labor Day                         12:45pm Depart: Patsy               Science & Industry/$         10am Cruises                    Meeting/MVL
                                       All Administration Offices           Cline/$                       1:30pm Afternoon at the            International/GR          9am Bridge Class: Dip Into
                                          Closed                                                             Movies Invictus/DB$          1pm Website Committee           Duplicate/MPR$
                                       MVL Closed                                                                                            Meeting/MVL               10am Green Neighbors/MVL$
                                                                                                                                                                       1pm VNA Healthtrends
                                                                                                                                                                       4pm Depart: Cubs vs.

  12                                   13                                14                               15                              16                           17                            18
  10am Porcello Estate                 7:30am Finance Committee          7:30am Depart: Milwaukee         8:30am Barbara Rinella          10am Cruises                 8am Election Committee        9am Depart: Wine & Harvest
     Buyers/MPR                           Budget Meeting/DB-BO              Churches/$                       Presents: First Ladies/DB$      International/GR             Meeting/MVL                  Festival/$
                                       1:30pm Wellness Committee         9am Everlasting                  10am Depart: Four Lads/$        1pm Finance Committee        8:30am New Resident
                                          Meeting/SOL                       Wreath/MVL                    1pm Board of Directors             Meeting/MVL                  Lifestyle Orientation/DB
                                       7pm Neighborhood Advisory                                             Meeting/DB                   7pm Amy Yassinger Jazz/DB$   9am Bridge Class: Dip Into
                                          Committee/DB                                                    1pm Triple L Meeting/SOL                                        Duplicate/MPR$

  19                                   20                                21                               22                              23                           24                            25
                                                                         10am Fitness Advisory            8am Front Desk                  10am Cruises                 7:30am Finance Committee
                                                                            Committee/LLC                   Meeting/MVL                      Interantional/GR          Budget Meeting/MVL
                                                                         12:30pm Depart: Tea at                                           11:30am Fashion Show         8am Election Committee
                                                                            Peninsula Hotel/$                                                Luncheon/DB$              Meeting/MVL
                                                                         1pm APN finance sub-                                                                          9am Bridge Class: Dip Into
                                                                            Committee/MVL                                                                              Duplicate/MPR$
                                                                         1:30pm Afternoon at the                                                                       10am Future of NASA/MVL$
                                                                            Movies: Hidalgo/DB$

  26                                   27                                28                               29                              30
                                       8:30am Basket Class/MVL$          9am Depart: Chicago Film         8am Lifestyle                   10am Cruises
                                       12pm Volunteer                       Tour/$                          Assembly/MVL                     International/GR
                                          Appreciation                   10am Introduction to
                                          Luncheon/DB                       Guitar/MVL
                                                                                                                                                                           Never Forget
                                                                                                                                                                           September 11

Please call the Fitness Center (847) 515-7635 or Member Services (847) 515-7773 if you have any questions. Check for further details and the latest updates on all events.
                                    CHARTER CLUB CONTACT LIST
           Club                     Day                     Time                 Contact Name               Phone         Bldg./Rm.*

Anglers                         2nd Wednesday              9:30am                 Jerry Cieciwa           224-858-4323        MVL
Bicycle Club                      3rd Tuesday               7pm                     Burl Cohn             847-961-5967        MVL
Bocce                               Seasonal                                      John Diebold            847-515-2782         BC
Book Discussion (fiction)        2nd Monday                 10am                    Mary Fiala            224-569-2686        MVL
             (non-fiction)        4th Tuesday               1pm                     Mary Fiala            224-569-2686        MVL
Bridge Club                                                                        Nancy Riley            847-515-1288        MPR
 Evening Contract                  Tuesdays                 6:30pm              Larry & Geri Dale         847-659-8227        MPR
 ACBL Dup                        1st & 3rd Sat             12:30pm                Ron Hopman              847-659-1780        MPR
 Fun Bridge                        Tuesdays                 8:30am               Gloria Goldberg          847-515-3201        MPR
 Contract                        Wednesdays                12:30pm               Harry Leopold            847-669-7984        MPR
 Duplicate                          Fridays                12:30pm               Harry Leopold            847-669-7984        MPR
 Duplicate                         Mondays                 5:30pm                Bill Macomber            847-961-5985        MPR
 Triple Play                 1st Wed. of the month          6-9pm             Elaine (Cookie) Zacks       847-515-8354        GR
 Triple Play                 3rd Wed. of the month          6-9pm             Elaine (Cookie) Zacks       847-515-8354        MPR
 Triple Play                        Tuesdays               12:30pm            Elaine (Cookie) Zacks       847-515-8354        MPR
 Triple Play                       Thursdays                 9am              Elaine (Cookie) Zacks       847-515-8354        MPR
 Triple Play                         Fridays                 1pm              Elaine (Cookie) Zacks       847-515-8354        GR
Celtic Club                       1st Thursday               6pm                   Betty King             224-858-4264        DB
 Ceramics                     Monday & Thursday             9:30am               Cheryl Rotermund         847-961-5905         CPR
 Figure Sculpting                    Tuesday               12:30pm                Jackie Forpanek         708-533-5764         CPR
 Pottery                           Wednesday         9:30am-12pm & 1:30-4pm           Al Drogosz          847-669-3490         CPR
Chess Club                          Thursdays                  6pm                  Paul Dehnert          630-747-1422          CM
Concert Band                       Wednesdays                2:30pm                Donna Bressler         847-669-7373         MVL
Computer                           1st Saturday              8:30am                 Barry Marcus          847-961-5231          DB
Crafting Memories            2nd & 4th Wednesday             4-9pm                    Carol Tellin        847-659-9491         MPR
Cribbage                           Wednesday                   9am               Carol Charpentier        847-515-2674         MPR
Cue Club                          See Schedule            See Schedule                Clark Jones         847-669-1992        MGW
Current Events                       Tuesdays               10:30am              David Rosenfeldt         847-669-7144          DB
Euchre Club                         Thursdays               12:45pm                 Linda French          847-515-1563         MPR
Genealogy                         2nd Tuesdays                 7pm                   Johna Brand          847-308-3893          GR
Golf Club                         See Schedule                                     Rich Ouradnik          847-669-6578          WC
Grandma Grandpa & Me                  1st Wed                  7pm               Karen Czerwinski         224-569-6253         MPR
Investors                      2nd & 4th Monday                2pm                    Al Brewer           224-569-4151          GR
Railroad Club                     2nd Monday                   7pm                  Don Espeseth          224-569-3539         MVL
Mahjongg                            Thursdays               12:30pm               Shelley Esterson        847-515-7099          GR
N Y Metro                          1st Tuesday                 7pm                Dave Rosenfeldt         847-962-8586         MVL
Pencil & Palette Club             See Schedule                  ---            Nancy Brandenburger        847-515-8255          AR
Pickleball                      Monday-Friday                2-4pm                George Michaels         224-330-8361   H. Parks-Gym/TC
Pinochle                             Mondays           8:30am & 11:30am             Dan Bressler          847-669-7373         MPR
 Double Deck                        Thursdays                  6pm               Helen Szybowski          224-569-3034         MVL
Prairie Singers                      Tuesdays                  7pm                  Dwight Esau           847-254-7848          DB
RV Travelers                      See Schedule                                     Allen Gableson         847-961-6678
Scandinavian                      See Schedule                                      Dick Larrison         224-569-6635
Scrabble                             Tuesdays                  1pm                  Peggie Weber          224-569-2576        GR
Sew’n Sews                         1st Monday                  9am          Chris Sweeney, Co-President   847-659-8314        DB
Skip Bo                               Fridays                6:30pm                Nancy Visconti         847-669-7900       MPR
16" Softball                         Seasonal                                       Bob Kennedy           847-669-9366        EF
Sun City Historians                 3rd Friday                 1pm                Hermann Faubl           847-515-7418       MVL
Sunflower Garden Club             3rd Thursday                 9am                 Penny Wronski          847-659-8413        DB
S C Singles                      2nd Thursday                  7pm                    Betty Loid          847-669-6355       MPR
Stingrays                         2nd Saturday              10:30am               Virginia McCann         847-669-9499        GR
Symposium                     1st & 3rd Mondays              2-4pm                George Sebastian        847-515-8853        GR
S C Squares                        3rd Monday                  7pm            Sid Sampson, President      847-669-0642        GR
SC Sportsmen's Club                3rd Monday                9:30am                James Van Fleet        224-569-2726       MVL
Tennis Club                            Daily               6am-10pm                 Sharon Little         847-961-6172        TC
Theatre Company                   See Schedule                                       Linda Davis          847-515-1430        DB
Woodchucks                       1st Wednesday                 7pm                    Don Keene           847-669-7395       MVL
 Wood Carvers                 2nd & 4th Thursday               1pm                  Bob Janninck          847-515-1158       MGW
 Wood Turning                       1st Friday                10am                    Don Keene           847-669-7395       MGW
                                                 *SEE CALENDAR PAGE FOR ROOM ABBREVIATIONS

 46        SEPTEMBER | 2010                           A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
newsletter is the FIFTH DAY OF THE MONTH! Whenever possible, please e-mail your
Deadline for written articles, announcements and events for club and group news in the next

Charter Club or group news and information to: and copy New copy will be accepted monthly to encourage new
readership! Past articles included only as space allows.

We reserve the right to edit all submissions for grammar, content, and/or space. In an effort to
provide all clubs with equal space we ask that you please keep submissions to 75 words or less
and conform to our design layout.

             Charter Club Presidents
            Council Monthly Meetings
                                                                                 Celtic Club
       Next Meeting: Friday, September 3, 9am,
                                                                                  MONTHLY MEETING INFORMATION:

        Oak/Elm Room, Meadow View Lodge
                                                                                  OCTOBER 7th MEETING - "BEATLES
                                                                                  UNPLUGGED!" Whether or not you're a
                                                                                  Beatles fan, you'll loved the "Beatles

    Anglers Club                                                                  NOVEMBER 11th MEETING - Note: November meeting is 2nd
                                                                                  Thursday in November!!! Tribute to all arms of the service for our
     The September meeting will be held on                                        Vets! Judy Mercer will wow you with WWII songs. Don't miss this
    Wednesday, September 8th, at 9am at the Meadow                                wonderful night that will be dedicated to all of our Vets.
    View Lodge. A short business meeting will be held and we will
    then proceed to Wildflower Lake for a few hours of "serious"                  SPECIAL EVENTS:
    fishing.. Shore Lunch will be served at the Pavilion at 1pm.                  SEPTEMBER 2nd - Instead of our regular meeting we will host our
                                                                                  annual 'ANNIVERSARY DANCE' - We will have an "Island
                                                                                  Theme" Emerald Isle/Caribbean Islands. Irish Jig & Limbo
                 Jerry Cieciwa, President, 224-858-4323
                                                                                  Contests! YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT! AS ALWAYS,
                Rich Wille, Vice-President, 224-569-6214
                  Bob Gorski, Treasurer, 224-569-3745                             WE WILL HAVE GREAT FOOD and FUN! (Bring an Appetizer.
                Carol Cederberg, Secretary, 847-669-4824                          Sandwiches, Dessert & Coffee provided.) ENTERTAINMENT BY
     Meets: 2nd Wednesday of the month, 9am, Meadow View Lodge.                   OLD'S COOL BAND. For more information, or a sign-up sheet call:
                                                                                  Sheila Gillis @ 847.961.6615 or Betty King @ 224.858.4264.

                                                                                                   Betty King President, 224-858-4264
   Book Discussion Club                                                           Meets: First Thursday of the Month @ 6PM in Drendel Ballroom
                                                                                Bring Treats to share with your fellow Celts! Coffee Provided - Cash Bar
                                                                                               Dues $10 per year - ALL ARE WELCOME!
                                                                                    See our Page on the SUN CITY WEBSITE for news and pictures!
   September 13, we will discuss “City Of Thieves” by David Benioff
   at 10am in Meadow View Lodge.

   Non- fiction:
   We will discuss “The Dull Knives of Pine Ridge” by Joe Starita on
   September 28, in Meadow View Lodge.                                            Pottery
                                                                                  RAKU DAY, SEPTEMBER 25
                        Mary Fiala, 224-569-2686                                  Sign up sheet on the bulletin board.
    Fiction Group: 2nd Monday of month, 10am-noon at Meadow View                  **Must be members of the Clayground Club.
    Non-fiction Group: 4th Tuesday of month, 1-3pm at Meadow View                 Judy Eriksen, 847-669-6739 for information

                                                                                  2010 POTTERY CLASS AND REGISTRATION SCHEDULE
                                                                                  Current session September 1-October 6
       If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.              Last session in 2010
                            —Abraham Sutzkeve                                     October 20-December 1        Registration: October 6, 12-1:00
                                                                                  (no class 11/24)
                                                                                  Classes are held 9:30-12:00 and 1:30-4:00. Both instructor directed
                                                                                  and independent projects are offered during class sessions and
                                                                                  include demonstrations, discussion, as well as one-on-one
    Crafting Memories Club                                                        instruction. The cost for a six week session is $54. New students
                                                                                  are required to join the Clayground Club, annual dues $25, and to
     The club will meet September 8 and 22 from 4-9 pm in the                     attend a one hour studio orientation prior to the first class.
     Multipurpose Room at Prairie Lodge. The September 8th meeting
     will be a general crop. On the 22nd Marion Matthews will help                Beginners are always welcome! Potters are a friendly and helpful
     members make holiday cards for our servicemen and women.                     group. Visit a class or stop in during Open Studio. Times are
     New members of all levels welcome. We have tools and supplies                posted on the Pottery room door. Student work is displayed in the
     to share. For more information contact Carol Tellin (847-659-9491)           Clayground Studio windows. For information, call Sandra Buhl,
     or Kathy Granias (847-515-3205).                                             847-515-1436
                    Carol Tellin, President 847-659-9491
                   Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 4-9pm                                             Al Drogosz, Coordinator, 847-669-3490
                    Multipurpose Room – Prairie Lodge                                          Meets: Wednesdays 1:30-4pm & 6-8:30pm
                            Dues: $12 per year                                                         Ceramics, Pottery Room

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                                    47
 Computer Club                                                            Current Events
 Benefits of Sun City Huntley Computer Club                               PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THIS EVENT
 Membership:                                                              The Current Events Club will sponsor a forum on September 14 at
 • Keep current with technology                                           10:30am in Drendel Ballroom. Meet the Candidates…Be
 • Free computer diagnostic help                                          Informed… Bring Your Questions. We will be voting on-line again
 • Free help with hardware issues                                         this year! Paper Ballots will still be available for those who choose
 • Free help with software issues and programs                            to use them. VOTING DATES ARE OCTOBER 1 THROUGH
 • Monthly programs featuring tips and topics of interest                 OCTOBER 19.
 • No class fees
                                                                          Brian Jason of Twelfth Night Catering will again this year be
                  Barry Marcus, President, 847-961-5231                   giving us a discount certificate for Walleye Grill. The certificate
               Meets 1st Saturday, Drendel Ballroom, 9am                  will be handed out at the conclusion of each forum.
                      Coffee and donuts at 8:30am
                      Dues (July 1 to June 30: $25).                      Coming in Next Month’s Lifestyles!
                  Special rates for spouses of members
                                                                          More Information On How and When to Vote
          Classes are open to all residents (Free to members).
                                                                          Candidate Information and Schedule for Dates and Times for the
        Lab times: Monday, Thursday, and Friday: 9am to noon.
                                                                          Help Desk.
                            Tuesday: 6 – 9pm
            Lab times: Tuesday, 9:30am – noon, computer lab
                                                                                               David Rosenfeldt 847-669-7144
                                                                                                 Meets: Tuesdays, 10:30am

 Concert Band
                                                                                                   Multipurpose Room

                                                                          Sun City CyclePaths Club
 The hazy lazy days of summer are almost past and the Concert
 Band is busy preparing for their fall concerts.
                                                                          This dynamic club offers rides for all levels of biking. Whether a
 On Sunday, September 12, at noon, they will be performing at the         beginner, short distance rider, or a seasoned long mileage rider you
 Scandinavian Festival in VASA Park in South Elgin for the third          will find good companionship, great routes, and the encouragement
 year. The Band will be celebrating the Scandinavian culture by           we all need to enjoy biking. Besides a great way to exercise, other key
                                                                          benefits of biking include physical & mental growth, relaxation, stress
 playing a variety of current and standard favorites. The festival        reduction and an improved connection with nature. Finally, we have an active social
 features, booths with delicious Scandinavian foods and arts and          network that includes parties and luncheons, community involvement and charity work.
 craft items.                                                             All this for only $5 per year – you can not beat the price.

 The Concert Band has again been invited to play at the Huntley
 Fest in Deicke Park on Saturday September 25th at 2pm. Residents         SPECIAL BEGINNER-INTRODUCTORY RIDE ON SAT SEPT 11:
 are invited to attend this festival of musical entertainment, arts and   Join members and prospective members for a short tour of Sun
 crafts and delicious refreshments.                                       City; geared to the person who maybe has not ridden for a long
                                                                          time - bring your helmet and bike to the Meadow View Lodge
 Mark your calendars for the Concert Band's Winter/Holiday                parking lot at 9am.
 Concerts in Drendel Ballroom on Thursday, December 9 at 7pm
 and Saturday, December 11 at 1pm.                                        BIKING SCHEDULE: Every Saturday three different groups, from
                                                                          the casual to advanced rider, leaves from the Meadow View Lodge
 Instrumentalists who are interested in playing fun music are             parking lot promptly at 9 am – call Annette Cohn at 847-961-5967
 invited to drop in on our rehearsals at Meadow View Lodge on             for more details. The intermediate and advanced rides also
 Wednesday afternoons at 2:30pm. If you haven't played in some            include breakfast at a local restaurant. Also, every Wednesday
 time, we'll be happy to help you get back into musical shape.            there are alternating morning road and trail rides, which usually
                                                                          includes breakfast or lunch at a restaurant – call Bob Hinkle at
                                                                          847-669-4651 for more details.

 RV Travelers                                                             Be sure to see our page on the website at for
                                                                          extensive resources and information; or call Greg Ward at
 Summer is flying by and we only have two outings                         224-715-0582.
 Rapid City, South Dakota, 5 nights Wednesday,                                                      Burl Cohn, 847-961-5967
 September 8, thru Monday September 13
 Bill & Memory Burris, Hosts and Al & Karen Gableson, Co-Hosts

 Terre Haute, IN/Covered Bridge Festival, Monday October 11,              16”Softball
 Friday October 15, Gene & Marge Hinners, Hosts and Frank &
 Susan Willard, Co-Hosts.                                                 The Sun City 16 inch. Softball playoff games will begin on Monday,
                                                                          September 20. With the final four championship series being
 The Outings Planning Committee for 2011-12 has been chosen and           played on Saturday, September 25. This year there will be two
 are working on putting together a schedule for next year. More           Champions crowned, one American League and one National
 information to follow.                                                   League team. Playoff times and final teams will be posted on the
                                                                          website as we get closer to the end of the season.
                     Allen Gableson 847-961-6678
                   Dues: $10 per rig/family per year
     Meets: May-October, Monthly outings; Nov.-April, As scheduled

48       SEPTEMBER | 2010                              A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
 Genealogy Club                                                          Grandma, Grandpa & Me
 “Preserving our past, and loving it”                                    The Grandma, Grandpa and Me Club's general meeting will be on
 Our families will thank us…someday.                                     September 1 at 7 PM. After the meeting Susan Snyder and a member
                                                                         of the Crafting Memories Club will show us techniques on
 Our Program on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14, at                                 Scrapbooking. Please bring a scissor as we will be doing a hands-on
 7pm will be guest speaker Jane Haldeman                                 project.
 WEBSITES SUCCESSFULLY”.                                                 Celebrate Grandparents' Day with your grandchildren on Sunday,
                                                                         September 12, at the Meadow View Lodge from 1 until 3PM. This
 Ms. Haldeman is a Professional Genealogist and is a featured            activity is free. There will be cake walks, games, entertainment and
 speaker at the IL State Genealogy Society Fall Conference in Peoria.    refreshments for everyone.

                                                                         Your membership dues must be paid before you can attend any
 Send us your primary email address and we will include you in
                                                                         Grandma, Grandpa & Me event. NO DUES WILL BE ACCEPTED
 our monthly Newsletter “E” mailing. (An easy way to check us
                                                                         THE DAY OF THE EVENT.
 out and there is NO obligation).
                                                                         Meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month in the
 Join us on field trips; several members just got back from the
                                                                         multipurpose room at 7 PM. You must be a member of the Grandma,
 Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, IN and the Wisconsin
                                                                         Grandpa & Me Club to attend our events. Annual membership is $15
 Historical Library in Madison.
                                                                         per household and runs from July 1st to June 30th. Events (not the
                                                                         monthly business meetings) are open to the grandparents,
 Business meetings are short, 7 to 7:30pm.                               grandchildren and/or significant other child and their parents.
 Programs are one hour presentations, 7:30 to 8:30pm
 Visitors/Guests are ALWAYS welcome to visit, learn and share.           For more information contact Karen Czerwinski at 224-569-6253.

                 Johna Brand, President 847-308-3893                                Karen Czerwinski, President 224-569-6253
                 Meets 2nd Tuesday, 7pm, Game Room                        Meets: 1st Wednesday of the month, 7pm, Multipurpose Room
                          Dues: $15 per year                                         Annual Membership $15 per household
                                                                                           Events are members only

Sun City Golf Club
The Sun City Golf Club monthly meeting will be Wednesday,               Kishwaukee Valley Eakin
September 15, 7 pm, at Meadow View Lodge. The September
discussion topic is winter golf destinations. This is the last day to   Creek Model Railroad Club
register for Year End Outing!!
                                                                        Open House Sunday, October 10
                                                                        The Kishwaukee Valley and Eakin Creek Model Railroad Club of
The Year End Outing & Banquet, at Whisper Creek Golf Club &
                                                                        Sun City will be sponsoring their Fall Open House on Sunday,
Drendel Ballroom, Wednesday, September 22. Shotgun start at 9am.
                                                                        October 10, 2010. The event will be held in the basement and the
Cost: $75 (for Sun City Golf Club Members only)—This includes
                                                                        adjoining rear yard of the Millgrove Woodshop at
Golf, Cart, Lunch on course, Dinner, Dancing and Prizes! Dinner &
Dancing only $35 (for guest). Dinner in Drendel Ballroom at 6:30pm.     13400 W. Sun City Blvd in Huntley IL.
Cocktail hour starts at 5:30pm, with a cash bar.
                                                                        This traditional fall event will include a number of added features
This is an 18 hole, HANDICAPPED event, limited to 144 players.          to our Garden layout including new bridge detail and additional
Winners for both men and women Low Gross and Low Net.                   flowers and shrubbery furnished by the Sunflower Garden Club.
Foursomes will be made up by the committee. The sign up                 Enhancements have also been added to our N, HO, and O scale l
DEADLINE is Sept. 15!                                                   ayouts.

                                                                        All Sun City residents as well as family, friends, model railroaders
                Rich Ouradnik, President 847-669-6578                   and garden enthusiasts from across the area are cordially invited.
                                                                        We simply ask that all children be accompanied by adults. The
                                                                        hours of operation are 11 AM until 4 PM. Finally, please note that
                                                                        the Club has added an answering machine. Residents and guests
                                                                        may call 847-669-2392 to stay abreast of our upcoming events.

                                                                                             Don Espeseth, 224-569-3539
                                                                                             Meets: 2nd Monday, 7pm
                                                                                               Meadow View Lodge

                                                                                       Next to doing a good job yourself,
                                                                                     the greatest joy is having someone else
                                                                                     do a first class job under your direction.
                                                                                                 —William Feather

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                               49
 Pencil & Palette Club                                                  Pinochle Club
 ART SHOWING IN “MY SECRET GARDEN”                                      The Sun City Pinochle Club will be conducting a single deck
 All residents and their guests are invited to experience a             pinochle tournament on Sunday, October 10, starting at noon in the
 pleasurable afternoon and evening among these beautiful and            multipurpose room at Prairie Lodge. You may sign up with a
 unique gardens viewing the fine art work presented by the Pencil       partner or without. Current members may sign up starting
 and Palette Club. Stroll among the gardens, view our paintings,        August 30, between the two Monday sessions. Other residents of
 enjoy a glass of wine, indulge in some chocolate while listening to    Sun City may sign up beginning September 20. Registration will
 soft jazz. Saturday, September 18, 3 to 8pm                            end on October 5. Entry fee is $5 nonrefundable. Prizes will be
                                                                        awarded to the first place team, $100, second place team, $50, and
 The Gardens of Woodstock is located at 5211 Swanson Road               $20 to the team with the highest round, excluding the first and
 (SW corner of Rt. 47 & 176).                                           second place winners. Refreshments will be provided. For
                                                                        information contact Bob Begora, 847-515-3287 or Dan Bressler.
 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 22, 29 and OCTOBER 6 – 6 to 9pm
 Oil painting drop-in workshop led by Angie Caner. Members only
                                                                                           Dan Bressler, 847-669-7373
 $5 per session. Pay as you go.                                                           Meets Mondays, 8:30 & 11:30am
                                                                                              Multipurpose Room
 PLEIN AIR PAINTING (weather permitting). Meet in Art Room
 9am Monday mornings
 to car pool to a designated spot. Bring your painting gear and
 lunch.                                                                 Prairie Singers
 LIVE MODEL DRAWING/ PAINTING - First Tuesday –                         LIFT YOUR VOICE!
 9:30 - 11:30am                                                         The Prairie Singers begin rehearsals for the December 2010
 WATERCOLOR NETWORK: Second and fourth Thursday – 1pm                   holiday concert at 6pm Tuesday, September 14th in
 PENCIL/COLORED PENCIL/PASTEL NETWORK: First and                        Drendel Ballroom. During the social hour new
 third Wednesday – 1pm                                                  members will be voice placed, dues will be collected,
 ACRYLIC NETWORK: Second and fourth Monday – 1pm                        and music for the holiday concert will be distributed.
 OIL NETWORK: Every Friday – 9:3oam                                     Our meeting will begin at 7pm with the introduction of
 COLLAGE NETWORK – Second Wednesday – 10am                              officers and volunteers, followed by a review of the new
 STILL LIFE DRAWING/PAINTING: Second Tuesday –                          music. Experienced singers interested in joining the chorus
 9:30am to Noon                                                         should contact Jeannie Bulmahn at 847 515-7147. New members
 VARIOUS ART MEDIA DEMOS (TBA) - Third Tuesday –                        must be voice placed no later than the September 21st rehearsal.
  9:30am to Noon
 INSTRUCTIONAL DVD/DISCUSSION - Fourth Tuesday,                         Our holiday concert dates are Saturday, December 18th and
 9:30 am – “Landscapes Through Time” with David Dunlop –                Sunday, December 19th. We're looking forward to another great
 second segment                                                         year!

                                                                                            Dwight Esau, 847-254-7848
 The mission of the Pencil and Palette Club is to nurture the artist

                                                                        Sun City Singles Club
 at all levels, the hobbyist, beginner, intermediate and advanced, in
 a stimulating social environment. Workshops in various media are
 offered at a moderate rate.
                                                                        Thursday, September 9, monthly meeting held in Prairie View
                                                                        Lodge 7pm Come and play Bingo.
                                                                        Thursday, September 16, come and enjoy the Annual Singles Picnic
                                                                        at the Pavilion time 5 to 9.
             Nancy Brandenburger, President, 847-515-8255
     Meets 4th Wednesday, quarterly - 9:30am, Art Room, Dues: $15
                                                                        Friday, September 24, an afternoon movie and dinner afterwards.
                                                                        Movie will be decided by attendees. Carpooling available.
                                                                        Contact Betty Loid 847-669-6355
                                                                        Monday, September 27, join us for Brunch at Burnt Toast 11am.
 September is an important month for pickleball. Our annual             Carpooling available. Contact Julie Principata 847-659-9473.
 tournament is Saturday and Sunday September 11 & 12. If you
 haven't signed up yet, call or e-mail Diane Olsen at 847-515-8574 or                  Betty Loid, President, 847-669-6355 September is the start of the next                   Meets 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm, Game Room
 3-month indoor pickleball program at Cosman Rec Center, $25 entry
 fee to be paid to the Rec Center. Yearly Pickleball Club dues of $10
 should have been paid by now. Must be a Club member to play
 outside on tennis courts 3 & 4 which are reserved for Monday-

                                                                                    To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short.
 Friday daily play from 1 to 5 pm. Free lessons given at the Rec

 Center Monday & Friday at 1pm and outside Tuesday & Thursday
 at 4pm with a call to George Michaels, 224-330-8361 or John
 Wronski, 847-669-8413. Winter and bad weather play is at the
 Cosman Rec Center Monday to Friday, 2 to 4pm.

50       SEPTEMBER | 2010                             A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
 Scandinavian American Club                                                Tall Oaks Tennis Club
  The Scandinavian American Club is a congenial social club open to ALL    Session III lessons, leagues and playgroups end on September 18.
 residents of Sun City. Scandinavian ancestry is not a requirement. Its    Team Tennis has its final competition on September 19. An end
 purpose is to spark an interest in Scandinavian culture as well as just   of the season tournament will be held September 25 & 26 – Mixed
 having fun and fellowship.                                                Doubles one day and Women’s and Men’s Doubles the other.
                                                                           Don’t miss the final opportunity to test your skills against your
 Upcoming Events:                                                          fellow club members.
 Miniature golf at Lippold Park on Rt.176 (east of Rt.47) in Crystal       Join us for our annual Tennis Banquet, at Pinecrest Golf Club, on
 Lake at 11am followed by a cold sandwich buffet with meats,               Wednesday, September 22. It begins at 6pm. with Social Hour
 salads, dessert and beverage at 1:15pm in Walleye Grill. Club will        and a Cash Bar. Dinner is at 7pm. followed by entertainment by
 pay for members golf; non-members cost is $4 - payable at golf            our fellow Sun City resident, Rich Antonelli. All members and
 course. Cost of buffet for all is $15 (tax and gratuity included). For    guests will enjoy a great evening of socializing, dining, dancing
 buffet reservations mail check payable to SAC to P.J.Knudsen,             and entertainment.
 12806 Oak Grove Drive, Huntley,IL 60142. Must have check by
 Sept.5! Questions call P.J. at 847-669-2301. If not a golfer, reserve a   Plan on attending our End of Season Membership Meeting on
 spot at buffet and enjoy a little fellowship.                             Tuesday, October 5, at 7pm. at Meadow View Lodge. We will be
                                                                           electing members to the club’s Board of Directors, reviewing the
 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15                                                        past season with an opportunity for members to provide their
 Trip to MILLIES in Delavan, Wisconsin (car-pooling) for lunch in          input, and discussing plans for our 2011 season.
 Victorian Room followed by a show entitled "RADIO DAYS", a
 nostalgic look back thru the golden age of radio presented by
 entertainers, Mark and Gretchen Hiladish. Cost of show $10; lunch
 on own. To make reservation mail check payable to SAC to Ruthe
 Harder, 11634 River Terrace Lane, Huntley,IL 60142. Questions call
 Ruthe at 847-515-3976.                                                    Theatre Company
                                                                           The Theatre Company will be selling tickets for its fall production
 Mark WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1 on your calendar for the                       of Carousel on Monday, October 4, 9am to 2pm in the Drendel
 annual CHRISTMAS SMORGASBORD - an evening of good food,                   Breakout Room and Wednesday, October 13, 9am to Noon outside
 Glogg, raffle of Scandinavian gifts and entertainment by the              the Reading Room in Prairie Lodge. Tickets are $15 for Adults and
 NORDIC VOICES OF CHICAGO.                                                 $10 for Children. Performances will be November 4 thru 7.

               Dick Larrison, President 224-569-6635                       For information call 847-515-8545 or 847-515-1583.
                   Dues: $10 per year per person
             Check the website for club news & pictures                                   Linda Davis, President, 847-515-1430


     The candidates for this year’s Board of Directors Election are:
                  Robert Beaupre Harry Leopold
             Jim Henley Larry LaBeau Anthony Troy

        Ask questions and get to know the candidates at the Candidate Forum
                 on September 14th at 10:30am in Drendel Ballroom
                     (as part of the Current Events Club meeting)
           Please submit questions in advance to:

                     Online Election begins October 1st thru October 19th
                            Help Desk also available for manual voting
                        Watch your mailbox for more election information!

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                              51

    BOWLING                                                                 RELIGIOUS                                                               ETHNIC

                                                                            Marlyn Smock       847-669-0697
    Huntley Merchants                                                       Christian Fellowship
                                                                                                                                                    Nettie Manibog    847-515-7450
                                                                                                                                                    Filipino-American       F-7pm

    Rod Lear        847-515-3012
    Sr. Men's           Th-1pm

                                                                            Sandra Galassi                       224-569-6440
                                                                            God's Girls                               T-10am
                                                                                                                                                    Herbert Seifert 847-659-9237
    Monday Mixed

    Judy Mulcahy                        847-515-4158
    Bowling                               M-9:30am
                                                                            Jeanne Henley       847-961-5729
                                                                            Precept Inductive Bible Study

                                                                                                                                                    John Papaleo     847-669-3740
                                                                                                                                                    Italian-American   M-6:30pm
                                                                            Progressive Catholics Call To
    Frank Mrozek     630-709-3485
    Resident’s Bowling   W-10am
                                                                            Andy Graff          312-404-1046
                                                                            Action             3rd Sat.-1pm
                                                                                                                                                    Stan Borucki      847-515-2711
                                                                                                                                                    Polish-American 3rd M-1:30pm

    *Thursday Morning
                                                                            Ron Dahlman                          847-961-5823
                                                                            SonShine Boys                           F-8:30am

    Judy Mulcahy    847-515-4158
    Ladies            T - 9:30am
                                                                                                                                                    Fred Leznek                         847-515-3221
                                                                                                                                                    Shalom                                 F-6:45pm

                                                                            Matt Meyer                           847-669-2345
                                                                            Spiritual Health                       Th-3:45pm

    HOBBY & COLLECTORS                                                       SOCIAL & MISC.
                                                                                                                                                     Andrea Berebitsky                    847-669-7076
                                                                                                                                                     Breast Cancer                          1st W-1pm

                                                                                                                                                     Sherri Manz                          847-669-3688
    Allen Pollock                       847-659-1563
    Astronomy                            4th M-7pm
                                                                             Property Assessment Council
                                                                                                                                                     Care of the Care Giver

                                                                                                                                                     The Wellness Center 847-515-2078
                                                                                                                                                     2nd & 4th M-11am

    Lou Soest                           224-569-3401
    Aviation                             3rd Th-7pm                          Rainbow Pride Diversity

                                                                             Greg Ward       224-715-0582
                                                                             Network         4th Sat.-5pm

                                                                                                                                                     The Wellness Center 847-515-2078
                                                                                                                                                     Diabetes           4th M-9:30am
    Write On            1st & 3rd F

    Mary Kennedy       847-515-3857
    (Creative Writing)
                                                                                                                                                     Matt Meyer                           847-669-2345
                                                                                                                                                     Grief Support                             F-10am
                                                                                                                                                     Parkinson's Disease                   1st M-10am

                                                                            Rosemary Larson 224-569-3851
                                                                            Heifer International M-7pm

                                                                                                                                                     Rose Hamann        847-961-6295
                                                                                                                                                     Mental Health           M-7pm
    Music Mavericks Jazz

    Art Fitzgerald   847-669-4625                                           Jack D. Anderson 847-669-3933
    Band                    Alt. F                                          Lions          T-7pm/Th-6pm
                                                                                                                                                     Stroke Survivors Support

                                                                                                                                                     Phyllis Wit          847-659-8335
                                                                                                                                                     Group*              3rd T-1:30pm

                                                                            Charles Molitor                     847-659-9411
    ENCORE String and                                                       Marines                                 Th-2pm

    Jo Broz         224-569-6045
    Wind Ensemble                                                                                                                                    TOPS (Take Off Pounds

                                                                                                                                                     Rose Hamann        847-961-6295
                                                                                                                                                     Sensibly)               T-11am

                                                                            Jan Hardy                           847-515-8327
                                                                            P.E.O.’s                              Sat-Lunch
                                                                                                                                                     VISA (Visually Impaired Support

                                                                                                                                                     The Wellness Center 847-515-2078
                                                                                                                                                     & Assistance)       3rd M-10am
                                  * NEW Resident Special Interest Group
The Lifestyles publication is privately owned and managed by the Sun City Community Association of Huntley, Inc. (hereinafter “SCCAH”). The decision to list or not list a Resident Special Interest Group (here-
inafter “Group”) is an accommodation extended at the sole discretion of SCCAH. SCCAH reserves the right to not accept or to remove a Group at any time and for any reason. Furthermore, SCCAH does not
accept responsibility for the actions of any Group listed. The listing of Groups is not to be interpreted as an endorsement or an affiliation with SCCAH. Participation in any of the Groups is at one’s own risk and
SCCAH disclaims any and all liability for any damages arising out of or in connection with one’s decision to participate in any of the Groups listed herein.

 52            SEPTEMBER | 2010                                                  A Monthly Publication For The Residents of Sun City Huntley
Deadline for group news in the next newsletter is the FIFTH DAY OF THE MONTH! Whenever possible,
please email your group news and information to: and copy Articles are limited to 75 words. We reserve the right to edit as
necessary. New information will be considered and past articles included only as space allows. Contact Rich
Pawlicki for further information, 847-515-7658.

The Lifestyles publication is privately owned and managed by the Sun City Community Association of Huntley, Inc
                                                                                                                        Resident Special
(hereinafter “SCCAH”). The decision to list or not list a Resident Special Interest Group (hereinafter “Group”) is an
accommodation extended at the sole discretion of SCCAH. SCCAH reserves the right to not accept or to remove a
Group at any time and for any reason. Furthermore, SCCAH does not accept responsibility for the actions of any
                                                                                                                        Interest Groups
Group listed. The listing of Groups is not to be interpreted as an endorsement or an affiliation with SCCAH.
Participation in any of the Groups is at one’s own risk and SCCAH disclaims any and all liability for any damages
arising out of or in connection with one’s decision to participate in any of the Groups listed herein.

                                             where you can rent an instrument if                                                     – Indoor Pool and Spa Party at the
                                             need be. Visit our rehearsal and                                                        120-Acre Musgrave Estate in Huntley.
BREAST CANCER SUPPORT                                                                      POLISH AMERICAN GROUP
                                                                                           The September 20th meeting will
The next meeting will be on                  make music as well as new friends.
                                                                                           begin at 1:30pm in the lower room at
Wednesday, September 1, in the               We rehearse in the Community Room             the AMERICAN                              MONTHLY SOCIALS: 4th Saturday
meeting room of the PNC Bank on              of the Citizens Bank on Mondays of            COMMUNITY BANK. This is the               of each month in a large beautiful
Route 47 at 1pm. Nancy Brown will            each month. Call Jo Broz, 224-569-            Ninth Anniversary of the Polish           home atmosphere. Format includes
be our hostess. Please reply to Andrea       6045 for information                          American Group. A guest speaker is        a potluck dinner, plenty of friendly
by email at or                                                           scheduled. The Miniature Golf             conversation, occasional speakers and
phone 847/669-7076 by August 30.                                                           Outing at Lippold Park is September       one or more movies in the media
                                             President: Herb Seifert, 847-659-9237
                                             GERMAN-AMERICAN GROUP
All members must be present at this                                                        8 at 10am. The cost is $4 per person.     room. Information: Contact Greg
important meeting on our annual              Annie Schoenfisch, 847-669-6009               Sign-up with Tom Mendralla. The           Ward at 224-715-0582, email to
“You’re Not Alone” 5K Cancer Walk            Lisa Yost, 2229-659-3624                      Club Picnic is scheduled for     or see
on October 2. We will finalize the                                                         September 26 at the Pavilion from 2       our extensive site at
time slot sign up for working                Upcoming Events:                              to 5pm. The menu includes: Pulled
registration tables on September 7           September 17, General Meeting Has             Barbecue Pork, Fried Chicken, Polish
                                             Been Canceled
                                                                                                                                     RESIDENTS BOWLING LEAGUE
through 10 and T-shirt pick up on                                                          Sausage & Sauerkraut, German
                                             October 2: Octoberfest, Drendel
                                                                                                                                     PLAYS AT BRUNSWICK ZONE
September 30.                                                                              Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Jell-o
                                                                                                                                     IN ALGONQUIN
                                                                                           with Fruit, Dessert, Coffee and           Wednesday's at 10am. New season
At the July 7 meeting of the Breast          5:30pm: Bar Opens: 6:30pm, Dinner             Bottled Water. The cost for members       begins September.8 and runs 27
Cancer Support Hour of Sun City,             Music by Austrian Express from                and guests is $8.50 per person. Please    weeks. We already have a full league
Huntley, the group presented a check         Milwaukee                                     make checks payable to the Polish         as of now, but we can always use new
for $500 to the Centegra Health                                                            American Club and give or send            substitutes or replacements as the
System Foundation. This donation                                                           them to Stan Borucki.                     need occurs. The cost of bowling is
                                             God's Girls Women's Bible Study
                                             GOD’S GIRLS
was given in support of the new                                                            For information, call Stan Borucki at     $12 per person per week and
Centegra Gavers Breast Center                begins their 7th year at Sun City.            847-515-2711.                             substitutes are responsible to pay $7
opening in the fall of 2010 in Crystal       This Fall Beth Moore will lead via                                                      for their bowling fees each week they
Lake.                                        video her popular teaching of "                                                         bowl. Please contact Frank or Chris
                                             ESTHER" followed by discussion                                                          Mrozek at 630-709-3485 if you have
                                                                                           PROPERTY ASSESSMENT

This group meets the first Wednesday         with facilitators. Meetings are                                                         any interest. Asap
                                                                                           The Sun City Property Assessment
of every month and is open to all            scheduled September-November                  Council is a group of residents who
breast cancer survivors who are              every Tuesday from 10am-12Noon at             have volunteered to act as a property
                                             the PNC Bank across from the Sun
                                                                                                                                     THE SONSHINE BOYS
residents of Sun City. For information                                                     assessment information resource for       Interested in learning what the Bible
on this group, please call Sherri Manz       City entrance next to Culvers. For            Sun City homeowners. The work of          says about life. Come join us for a
at 847-669-3688.                             information call 224-569-6440.                the Council can be viewed at              weekly investigation into God’s Word
                                                                                  or on the new             at the Citizens Bank from 8:30 –
                                             ITALIAN-AMERICAN GROUP                        website The                10am. every Friday. Currently
                                             Upcoming events:                                                                        studying the Gospel of John.
                                                                                           Property Assessment Council Group
                                             September 16, Golf Outing, Contact:                                                     Questions? Contact Harlan Newkirk
The Christian Fellowship Group of                                                          will be listed under "Resident Special
Sun City has invited the drama team          Joe Scorn                                     Interest" found on the navigation bar.    at 847-659-8742
from Overshadowed Productions to             September 27, Regular meeting,                Questions:
perform "John - His Story", the life of      Arthur Ruffino Guest Speaker
                                             Bingo following, time permitting
                                                                                                                                     THURSDAY MORNING LADIES
Jesus according to the gospel of John.                                                                                               BOWLING LEAGUE
All are invited to the event which will                                                                                               The Thursday Morning Ladies
                                                                                           PRECEPTS INTERNATIONAL

be held at Shepherd of the Prairie           October 12, 2010 Lou Malnati's,                                                         Bowling League is looking for 2
                                                                                           INDUCTIVE BIBLE STUDY
                                                                                           Leader/Teacher – Nancy Lorenz
Lutheran Church on Sunday,                   Contact: John/Mimi Papaleo                    (815) 385-7414                            ladies to fill vacancies on 1 team
September 26 at 6:30 p.m. followed                                                         The Gospel of John Part 2: Abiding        when we start bowling at Bowl-Hi
by a dessert bar. Reservations               October 25, Regular Meeting,                  in the TrueVine ... One With Him          Lanes on Thursday, October 7 at
required by September 17. Cost is            Appetizers/Desserts                           The first class will be on Tuesday,       9:30am. We finish April 28, 2011, just
$10.00 per person. Contact Gloria at         Contact: Ann (Danno) Benker, Carol            September 7th (due to Labor Day).         in time to start golfing. We can
847-515-3378 for details.                    Martorano                                     Then back to our Monday evening           always use subs also! Contact Judy
                                                                                           schedule on September 13th.               Mulcahy at 847-515-4158 or Ingrid
                                             November 15, Regular Meeting,                 Classes meet weekly on Mondays            Kiss at 847-961-6652.
                                             Turkey Shoot
                                                                                           from 6:30pm. to 8:30pm at
The Encore String and Wind
                                                                                           Heritage Woods, Dining Room.
                                             December 16, Christmas Dinner
                                                                                                                                      VISUALLY IMPAIRED SUPPORT
Ensemble performed at the First                                                            13 Lessons/Weeks
                                             Dance, Contact: Ann (Danno) Benker,
                                                                                                                                     & ASSISTANCE GROUP (V.I.S.A)
Congregational Church of Dundee on                                                         1st class Tuesday. September 7, then      To help residents with low vision &
Sunday, July 25, at their regular            Carol Martorano, Details to Follow            on Mondays, Sept. 13th -- Nov.29th)       their family members, the next free
church service. A variety of religious                                                     Call Jeanne Henley for information        meeting will be held on Monday,
songs and hymns were played.                  MONDAY MIXED BOWLING                         (847) 961-5729                            September 20. From 10 to 11am at
                                             LEAGUE                                                                                  Prairie Lodge's Drendel Ballroom
The ENCORE String and Wind                    The Sun City Monday Morning                                                            Breakout Rooms, the group will meet
Ensemble is made up of seven string          Mixed Bowling League is looking to                                                      to provide support, information, and
                                                                                           RAINBOW PRIDE DIVERSITY

players, six wind players and a              fill 2 teams when we start bowling at                                                   education to people who are
                                                                                           Our goal is to create a better sense of
French horn player. We play classical        Bowl-Hi Lanes on Monday, Oct. 4 at            acceptance and inclusion for all          experiencing Macular Degeneration,
as well as popular music and are             9:30am. We finish April 25, just in           persons at Sun City; and provide a        Diabetes, Glaucoma, and other vision
open to playing for neighborhood             time to start golfing. Teams consist of       positive social outlet for gay and        issues. Resource List is provided. Call
parties or social events.                    2 men and 2 women or 3 women and              lesbian persons, their families and       Nancy Turngren at the Wellness
                                             1 man. Contact Judy Mulcahy at                friends. We welcome everyone to our       Center at 847-515-2078.
We are always in need of string              847-515-4158 or Kim Fischer at                meetings; and celebrate the fullness      Transportation by Lions Club, if
players and invite string players to         224-402-0508. Subs are always                 of lives of people of every sexual        needed.
dust off their instruments and join          needed and appreciated.                       orientation and gender identity.
us If you have not played in many
years, we can help you get into                                                            MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR
musical shape. We can even tell you                                                        SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 AT 5pm

NEW WEBSITE! CHECK IT OUT!                                                                                                                  53

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